bsilvereagleI just installed mythbuntu 12.04 and set the output on my video card to S-Video...before realizing that I don't have any S-Video devices. Is there a way to change that to VGA? I'm ssh'd into the box at the moment.14:25
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ballAre there any general htpc or streaming media channels on Freenode?16:22
qwebirc95259hello, does mythbuntu work with cctv cameras ?16:57
ballI like that question.17:04
ballbrb, lunch17:06
tgm4883qwebirc95259, there is mythzoneminder, which is a plugin for  zoneminder, which is probably what you want17:29
qwebirc95259ok thanks17:43
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Vijay1hi everyone I am installing mythbuntu backend (with fronted) and keep getting access denied.  this is ona network so i changed ip to a non 127.0.0123:41
Vijay1tried reconfiguring via mcc also via shell for mysql to make sure passwords were ok23:42
Vijay1also telnet into the address on port 3306 works fine23:44
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