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MartijnVdSali1234: no, it means "declare the variable with this name in the current scope".. sure you don't have to without "use strict;" but with strict you need to declare a variable 'our', 'my', 'local' or 'state'06:00
pinky-coffee time06:37
* pinky- whispers to Azelphur "psst got any parsley?"06:40
MartijnVdSatomic parsley?06:40
pinky-I was just referring to the video clip he posted yesterday06:40
AlanBellbug 95016008:05
lubotu3Launchpad bug 950160 in OEM Priority Project precise "Unity blocks other programs from binding globally to Super+* or Alt+* (* = any key)" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/95016008:05
AlanBellwoot, HUD stealing alt from VMs might get fixed08:06
brobostigongood morning everyone.08:30
TheHustleHello, please could someone tell me, how to get an md5sum of a cd in the cdrom drive, thank you.08:31
TheHustlethank you pinky-08:34
pinky-more coffee required.08:44
Laneygetting out of bed required first08:48
Seeker`No! Coffee bad! Tea good!09:53
* Seeker` ponders which sort of tea to have this morning09:54
brobostigonnew Dr Who, and new QI XL, tonight, :)09:54
MartijnVdSthere was a program on trains last Thursday09:57
pinky-I need a slave to send to the shop for cake as "Time Team" marathon is on More 409:59
pinky-oh it's quite sunny here today so I'm off in garden, back later10:22
bittinmight not go to UK until next year10:34
popeyis that good or bad?10:38
MartijnVdSfor you or for him?10:38
Seeker`good. means more tea for us!10:40
bittinpopey, its okay i guess10:40
MartijnVdSSeeker`: hah, I have 2 trips to the UK planned already ;)11:10
bootinfdsdsAlanBell, Hi there ... love your G+ posts ...11:15
MartijnVdSAll the chicken ones?11:16
bootinfdsdsYep ... I like Alan Pope more though ( he's addicted to it !)11:17
AlanBellyeah, I like popey's posts more too11:17
MartijnVdSpopey: you do post quite a bit on G+ :)11:18
bootinfdsdsAre there any others that I dont know  about that do regular posts ?? - I could add them ...11:18
popeyI do?11:18
AlanBellspeaking of which, did you know that popey only has one facial expression? http://people.ubuntu.com/~alanbell/popey.jpg11:18
MartijnVdSAlanBell: http://wolk.vandestreek.net/~martijn/lolpopey.jpg11:19
bootinfdsdsChrist .. I always wondered what the guy with the ball was ...11:19
* bootinfdsds has struth moment11:20
bootinfdsdsMartijnVdS, Looks like he goes to my local college .. Hahaha.11:21
bootinfdsdsI wonder what happened to this guy ???? http://goo.gl/m9nlm11:23
bootinfdsdsSome ppl !11:26
bootinfdsdsAnyway , did everyone vomit at the apple keynote ?11:26
AlanBelldid anyone watch it?11:26
bootinfdsdsOh its software freedom day today !11:26
bootinfdsds#sfd looks decidedly roomy with only 12 people in the channel...11:29
bootinfdsdsrepresenting .. at least 450 people ... ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_Freedom_Day )11:33
bootinfdsdsAnything good on the radio at the moment ?11:41
MartijnVdSbootinfdsds: stop flooding, please11:42
bootinfdsds I have to say when-ever I think of the UK Ubuntu group I think of dad's army ... Is that an Apt description ?11:43
* bootinfdsds realises he's just insulted the entire room ... oh dear me11:44
bootinfdsdslots of 3pm games on today .. thought that was a tradition lost ?11:55
popeydavmor2, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/software-center/+bug/104989012:33
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 1049890 in software-center (Ubuntu) "Week 37 - Software center sends an icon to launcher even after the installation is cancelled." [Undecided,New]12:33
jacobwbootinfdsds: kinda accurate, see 'the wing commander'?14:06
popeyhong kong airport apparently uses ubuntu14:06
AlanBellupgraded my OLPC to the latest image with Gnome 317:25
AlanBellfallback mode only but it is nice17:26
jacobwAlanBell: how is compositing on an OLPC?18:00
AlanBellwell it all seems fine, no llvmpipe so it is just fallback without 3d stuff18:01
AlanBellrhythmbox on it won't talk to my phone in exactly the same way it doesn't on Ubuntu18:02
AlanBellthink I might take this to the office as an IRC machine18:04
* penguin42 wonders if there are any shortcuts in chrome to select a link within a webpage19:12
penguin42jacobw: Ah yeh, I've been thinking of trying one of the vi plugins, what do you do in that to select a particular link?19:18
jacobwin vimium, press f, each links will be subscripted with letters and you can use those letters to follow the link19:21
jacobwvimium is quite unintrusive compared to the firefox extensions, which IMO are cumbersome19:22
penguin42jacobw: I'm a bit worried though that since I use ff and chrome it'll be a pain to learn both19:23
penguin42nice thing about vi is it works everwhere19:23
jacobwthey're the same19:23
penguin42ah ok19:23
jacobwvimium is kind of a limited implementation compared to the firefox extensions, the firefox extensions try to make it possible to use everything accessible to an extensions with a consistent keyboard scheme19:26
jacobwthere's more bugs in the FF extensions that in vimium19:27
penguin42hmm nice, seems a bit odd to use HL for history forward and back and JK for tabs; tabs are horizontal19:32
jacobwvim doesn't make a great deal of sense if you ask why everything is how it is, but it's just easier that way :)19:33
penguin42jacobw: No, I mean vimiums use of HL/JK doesn't make sense to those of us who've used vi for about 50% of our lives19:34
jacobwwhich do you do more often?19:35
jacobwin my experience, vim prioritizes the things you have to do all the time19:36
jacobwlike all the things that are bound to capital letters19:37
penguin42jacobw: I use vi all the time, and quite often use hjkl to move around19:39
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penguin42jacobw: My point was purely that I'd have expected vimium to use HL to move between tabs, rather than JK since tabs are typically horizontal and there is the association of hl to move horizontally19:43
brobostigonQI XL :)20:09
Azelphurpinky-: nah I don't sell parsly, I don't want the police to take my car xD20:14
pinky-that's tickled me20:15
pinky-quite funny20:16
Azelphurpinky-: did you see the one about the washing machine? :P20:23
Azelphurpolice documentaries are funny xD20:23
pinky-no doesn't ring any bells20:23
Azelphurpinky-: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jh1asOpDZxk&t=58m20s20:24
pinky-yeah like you watch that docu for one hour then at end they say that....20:26
Azelphurindeed \o/20:27
pinky-I just laughed so hard it hurt20:28
AzelphurI have another one which is funny somewhere, trying to find it xD20:29
Azelphurpinky-: http://www.splicd.com/c_ZBlMM7qlI/2410/2420 is a good one20:31
Azelphurproactive policing right there.20:31
pinky-yeah lol I saw that one the other day20:31
Azelphurdid you see the one where the police were making funny noises?20:32
Azelphurthat's the one I'm trying to find xD20:32
pinky-no not seen it20:32
Azelphuryay here it is xD http://www.splicd.com/hOX_CJVh2uA/8/2120:33
pinky-actually I have a younger sister who is a copper from Durham and she writes on her facebook account all the time about gypsies:P20:34
pinky-you can choose your friends but not your family heh;)20:35
matttpinky-: did my first "fast" day today, bloody hungry :P20:47
pinky-when I'm really hungry and there's nothing I fancy I just sleep it off20:50
mattti'm not used to feeling hungry, as sad as that sounds20:50
pinky-yes if you are a regular eater, fasting is hard to do20:52
mattt<-- regular eater :P20:53
pinky-it's public logged in here and I can't really chat fully, but I take meds and when I do take them it's only time I eat.. when I don't take them I can't eat at all and can goes days and days20:54
matttah, that sounds tough20:55
hamitronnever heard a better reason to pop more pills ;D20:55
pinky-I'm addicted to coffee with sugar and that is what keeps my body weight up20:55
pinky-I have curtain health problems20:55
pinky-my meds rule my life so I tend to try and not take them if I have to20:56
pinky-but there comes a time when I must20:56
pinky-that's all I can really say in public20:57
matttfair enough20:57
pinky-I'm a bit shy:)21:00
lanboyi used to be shy21:00
pinky-with virtual strangers in the Ubuntu world where nobody really knows who everybody is:)21:01
lanboybut after i was forced to work with the public i became more open21:01
pinky-I'm really bad at food shopping as I tend to always buy everything in tins! .. If I buy freash produce for the fridge it always spoils before I get round to thinking about eating it21:06
pinky-so I stopped buying freash aprt from milk21:07
lanboybuy stuff thats easy to add into stuff21:07
lanboypeppers and onions etc21:07
pinky-I tend to drink a lot of fruit smoothies in place21:07
pinky-in place of21:07
lanboyi've got peppers, tomatoes, spring onions and chinese cabbage right now21:08
matttor frozen veggies21:08
pinky-if the Mylan calandar is correct and the world ends on December 21st at 10:30pm get to my place cos I've got all the tins!21:10
pinky-also incase of Zombie outbreak21:13
lanboydont frozen vegetables negate the reason for having vegetables21:13
lanboyi had a canned soup today and it was pretty awful lol21:13
MartijnVdS*cue canned laughter*21:14
lanboyoh you21:14
lanboywhat're you guys up to tonight anyway?21:28
pinky-take over the world like we try to every night21:31
lanboyi'm having a discussion on the internet with some enraged girl on youtube21:34
* popey hugs pinky- 21:49
matttlanboy: frozen vegetables are perfectly good :D21:56
lanboyi thought they lost a lot of their vitamins and good stuff through being frozen an unfrozen21:58
guest72446i have issue with my webcam22:12
lanboywhats the issue?22:22
brobostigonnos da everyone, sleep well.22:55
Azelphuranyone know how I'd change the application that opens magnet links?22:57
lanboyopening from browser?22:59
lanboyor system?22:59
Azelphurlanboy: browser23:02
lanboythen i dont know :P23:03
GoshawkHi guys, is there a linux version of windows 'scan disk' and if so, how do I do it?23:03
Azelphurno idea what windows scan disk does, elaborate :P23:03
ali1234scandisk does a lot of things23:03
lubotu3fsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo touch /forcefsck && sudo shutdown -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot23:04
Goshawkah ok, cheers23:04
ali1234that's more like chkdisk though23:04
ali1234or dskchk or whatever it's called23:05
penguin42Goshawk: So the question is what do you want to check/fix - fsck checks for inconsistencies in the fileystem structures, not anything to do with say a bad physical disk or fragmentation say23:07
Goshawkactually all of the above23:07
penguin42Goshawk: Well for physical disk issues I'd use smartctl to ask the drive to do a self test and see the error logs23:08
penguin42Goshawk: And generally on Linux you don't need to do any fragmentation fixing23:08
Goshawkok cool23:09
lanboypenguin42: you seem to be quite knowlegable, could you explain why i only get disk space back when i ctrl+del, del only removes the file visably23:10
lanboypenguin42: sorry shift+del23:10
penguin42lanboy: That shouldn't happen unless there is some program that has the file open23:10
penguin42lanboy: If a program has the file open then it won't really be freed up until the program ends23:10
lanboypenguin42: does nautilus count?23:11
penguin42lanboy: Not for a directory normally - but if it's say a tar or iso that has actually been mounted/unpacked to view it by nautilus then probably yes23:12
lanboypenguin42: i seem to have just lost disk space from deleting things in the past, is there anything i can do to sort it out /defrag?23:14
penguin42lanboy: No, because it shouldn't happen23:14
penguin42lanboy: Are you sure you've not just moved it to a trash can somewhere you haven't emptired?23:15
lanboypenguin42: i deleted the files then emptied the trash23:15
penguin42that should work23:16
Azelphuraha, got it23:16
Azelphurchrome uses xdg-open, so I did a little hack to make xdg-open do what I wanted \o/23:16
lanboypenguin42: thanks for the info23:18
Azelphurnow I click magnet links and it ssh's my torrent box and adds them, automagically \o/23:19
lanboypenguin42: heh i should probably reboot, havent done in 120 days :P23:19

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