paulproteuspleia2: Interesting!02:11
paulproteusre: BALUG: I can't do it, as I will be on the east coast still02:11
pleia2paulproteus: ah ok, I think we might have found someone :)02:12
pleia2enjoy the east coast!02:12
paulproteusre: Cal Academy of Sciences.. can I come? (What does it cost?)02:12
pleia2$99 :\ but you get evening snack and breakfast!02:14
pleia2yes you should come02:14
pleia2and of course museum admission02:14
pleia2a place to sleep for the night :)02:14
pleia2plus, I shall bring my tauntaun sleeping bag, and that's worth seeing!02:15
scientespleia2, whats the event?04:32
scientesall i see on BALUG is the global jam that already happened04:32
pleia2scientes: a sleepover a cal academy (not linux related, but there are penguins05:00
scientespleia2, $99 bucks for a place to crash?07:19

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