derekvthat moment when you realize that it isn't a problem with network or sshd you just had the ip wrong for the last half hour00:06
derekvactually its not half as bad as doing sysadming or troubleshooting over ssh and realizing you're totally shelled into the wrong machine00:07
derekviow given I had the wrong IP, at least I was failing to connect and log in00:08
derekvso at least there's that00:08
jrwrenat least it wasn't a super important production server and you'd typed shutdown -h now00:40
jrwrenor ifdown eth0 :)00:40
paultagyo rick_h__01:52
paultagrick_h__: what did you think of coffeescript?01:52
snap-lwow, mramm in thehouse02:41
rick_h__paultag: ugh. I need to do a full project in it still but I've got mixed feelings.03:20
paultagheard that.03:21
rick_h__I think it's a great helper/aid and provides structure nad good practice for people that don't know JS03:21
rick_h__thinking along the lines of RoR or active record ORMs and the like03:21
rick_h__but fundamentally they can be limiting, force people into a single line of trained pattern/thought, and detrimental in the long run for true people that know/understand their stuff03:21
rick_h__see jquery03:21
derekvHow do I fix the feeling that I'm not a programmer, I just configure things.03:22
paultagderekv: write in ASM and relize "real" programming sucks ass. Be happy.03:22
rick_h__derekv: by building a library and getting someone else to use it03:22
rick_h__I think that's been the thing that's made me feel the most useful03:22
rick_h__even more than the whole Bookie web app is when someone finds my library to make XXXX work/simple is probably more meaningful as it helps their programming vs just providing a tool/service for them to use03:23
derekvI think the world needs a new lisp class programming language.03:23
paultagclojure is neat03:23
rick_h__kind of like you're now part of someone else's programing snowball03:23
paultagderekv: have you seen emacs-live?03:24
rick_h__heh, isn't the problem with lisp programming languages is that there's too many?03:24
derekvpaultag: no where is it?03:24
paultagI hate emacs, and that is the only reason i'd ever consider switching03:24
paultagderekv: https://github.com/overtone/emacs-live03:24
paultagderekv: http://vimeo.com/22798433[Bderhttp://vimeo.com/22798433[Bhttp://vimeo.com/2279843303:24
paultagGah! irssi!03:24
derekvpaultag: nice03:25
paultag(play-chord (chord :C3 :minor))03:25
paultagfreeking awesome.03:25
derekvwant to learn clojure and also continue learning haskell / CL03:25
derekvpaultag: there's been lisp music systems before03:26
paultagderekv: yes, I know.03:26
paultagderekv: but emacs-live + clojure is particularly awesome.03:26
derekvso the thing is that I also need to get better with javascript and with databases, and specific things we use at work03:26
derekvand I'm forcing myself to produce something non work related as well, which at the moment is android bookie, or else i'll just be a pit of learning03:27
rick_h__derekv: yea, welcome to the 'not enough hours' syndrome03:27
paultagI've got so much work I need to kill off03:28
rick_h__just takes time. I think it took me nearly 5 years before I felt adequate in the stuff I do today.03:28
rick_h__and I've just about always had some tinkering side project outside of work to do the things I need to learn but don't have time to do during the day job03:28
derekvas a standing request if anyone discovers a healthy, permement solution to having to dedicate time to sleeping ... or a magic "pause time so I can hack" trick03:28
derekvi will pay money.03:29
paultagderekv: i've got something that can do the trick03:30
paultagit's called crack, not too expensive03:30
rick_h__speaking of sleep, it's past my bed time. The boy will be up early all ready to go03:30
rick_h__paultag: does that answer your CS question?03:30
rick_h__unfortunately I've not used it extensively to be sold, but I think I *get* the attraction/idea03:30
paultagCS question?03:30
paultagI just wanted to get your take after you played with it :)03:30
rick_h__I'm a jquery hate too so maybe I just hate what the cool kids like :P03:31
derekvman starbucks here on woodward is a great place to peoplewatch04:47
derekvthese highschool students walked in, one gril with a football jersey, but bloused up , black pants leather boots curled hair and oddly done makeup, jock with about 2% body fat and calves that look like they weigh more than his entire upper body, and this other girl with a jean jacket craddleing a baby doll .04:49
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tony-smlrSMLR is live!! http://www.youtube.com/user/tbemus?v=A1950JVeQQ812:01
jcastro_mramm, ping14:06
mrammjcastro_: pong14:22
jrwrendid you guys get beer last night?14:39
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snap-lhello from Beaumont17:12
derekvtrying to decide what brakes to get for mtb17:54
derekvalways drooled over hopes.  guy at bike shop doesn't think i should due to difficulty getting parts in a timely fasion should I need parts17:54
derekvreviews for hopes are the most enthusiastic you can find, people who own them tend to be in awe of them18:03
derekvbut everyone says the shimano's are good18:03
derekv"If you are hacker and you have forgotten your password, click here."18:13
derekv"to post in this forum your post count must be 5 or higher" ok wtf so I'm supposed to post in the wrong forum then?18:21
rick_h__derekv: krondor was starting to get into mtn biking18:24
derekvthe DH rims were one of the best purchases I ever made18:26
derekvthose and lock-grips18:26
derekvit is MINDBLOWING how big of a difference grips make18:27
derekvi had no idea until I got the lockgrips, it was like I had a new bike18:27
rick_h__heh, yea I've got a set of ergo grips I love18:28
rick_h__with bar ends that make climbing a bit nicer18:28
derekvI can take or leave the bar end things18:34
derekvi had them on my first bike and would use them, but never got them on my current bike and never really missed them18:34
derekvi'm leaning towards the hopes just because of the drool factor18:43
derekvit may not be the most rational descision18:43
derekvi remember back in the day reading reviews of hope disk brakes18:56
derekva very common comment was that the first time they hit the brakes they went flying over the front handlebars18:57
derekvi think the issue isn't so much stopping power anymore as most disk brakes probably could do that now18:58
* snap-l wonders if he can even ride with you folks. JoDee and I have comfort bikes, with the wide tires20:15
derekvyou might not like to ride everywhere i'd ride20:19
derekvwhat you can do is take your bike out on a trail20:23
derekvfind the easier trails20:23
derekvsome parks label them like ski hills20:23
derekvride it and get off your bike and walk it anywhere you're not sure about20:23
derekvthis is how everyone starts mountain biking20:24
derekvyou decide you like riding on a trail more than on sidewalks and you start thinking about getting a different bike.20:24
derekvthats how it goes.20:24
derekvbut yea i have two bikes now, the single speed with road-only tires and the mountain bike with big, big knarly tires20:28
derekvthe later is needing some fixing up20:28

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