P_Riggsmgs jvlb here we are at the meeting01:24
jvlb\P_Riggs Yo!01:25
c_smithjvlb /msg <name>01:27
c_smith /me throws away trach01:42
* c_smith throws away trash01:42
* P_Riggs 01:43
* P_Riggs anything01:43
P_Riggswhat ?01:44
c_smithalso, don't mind us, I'm teaching this guy IRC basics01:44
* blkperl is puppeting the centos, because ubuntu isn't supported by the CAD vendors01:45
bkerensanathwill: you called in man the guy didnt pay =/03:10
bkerensacalled it*03:14
bkerensaoh well :)03:14
=== P_Riggs is now known as p_riggs
imnotadoctorso, hows everyone doing tonight06:25
bkerensaimnotadoctor: good how are you?08:44

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