waltmanjedijf: ?00:17
waltmanI was, in fact, listening to Funky Friday at 17:2500:18
rmg51Happy SFD :-D08:59
waltmanoh, today's SFD?10:58
JonathanDjedijf: what time at pacs?11:10
JonathanDwaltman: are you going?11:10
JonathanDor rmg51, what time?11:10
JonathanDI didn't see any time on pacnet.11:10
waltmanThere's something to go to?11:10
JonathanDTheres an all day thing at pacs.11:11
JonathanDIn willow grove.11:11
waltmanoh, today's pacs?11:11
JonathanDPJ is speaking about arduinos11:11
JonathanDcome figure out what to do with your teensy.11:11
waltmanUgh, it starts at 8 am?11:13
JonathanDDoes it?11:13
JonathanDI should get moving.11:13
JonathanDwaltman: where'd you find that?11:13
waltmanhis talk isn't until noon11:14
JonathanDI want to get there ealry.11:14
JonathanDThe funeral for the boys grandfather is today, I need to be out by about 1:3011:15
waltmanoh, sorry to hear that11:15
waltmanon their mom's side, I take it?11:15
JonathanDHe was on my exes side.11:15
JonathanDWe were not super close to him, to grandmom though yeah.11:15
JonathanDHe was a good and funny guy.11:16
waltmanI'm generally not that interested in pacs. Seems too newbie. Also expensive.11:16
InHisNameexpensive ?11:16
JonathanDToo much windows :p11:16
waltmanoh, it's only $10/year11:17
InHisNameduh! the world is too much windows11:17
InHisNamethat's expensive ?11:17
waltmanI thought it was more.11:17
JonathanDyeah, it's not expensive :p11:17
InHisNameUsed to be $35 or 4011:17
JonathanDI'm gonna get moving, I guess.11:17
InHisNameOur rooms are $0 per year now.  Costs dropped dramaticly11:18
JonathanDInHisName: will you be there today?11:18
JonathanDis Pacs on freenode?11:19
InHisNameYes, trying to arrive by 8.11:19
InHisNameonly Pacslinux is11:19
waltmanI was just about to make some coffee and have breakfast.11:19
InHisNameI'm about to have b'fast11:19
waltmanmaybe I'll swing by around noon. maybe not.11:19
JonathanDhmmm, is there hot breakfast in giant?11:20
InHisNameonly 25 minutes away counting the walk from the car to meeting romm11:20
JonathanDI could maybe swing andys if I leave soon.11:20
waltmanmmm, andy's11:20
InHisNameYes and lunches too11:20
InHisNameA food court in there11:20
rmg51just got back from my morning shopping11:25
rmg51JonathanD: whenever you get there is good11:25
rmg51I try to be there around 8:3011:25
waltmanso what are you doing special for SFD?11:27
rmg51waltman: nothing special12:14
rmg51time to pack up the lappy and head out12:14
rmg51see you there12:14
jedijfyeah come see pj's arduino talk waltman, then stay for arduino class, then do mom's lawn12:27
Traveler__I'm in social media - on video blogging with google+12:38
Traveler__anyone else already @ pacs, too?12:41
Traveler__is everyone sleeping or driving to pacs & too busy to type?12:47
Traveler__Cost randy12:47
Traveler__cept randy12:47
teddy-dbearI just got here12:47
Traveler__stupid spell fixer12:48
Traveler__ho ho ho12:55
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rmg51any text editor you want16:34
rmg51forget that16:35
rmg51my screen scrolled up on it's own16:35
waltmanWhy did he make the code so small? He's got tons of wasted space on those slides.16:42
JonathanDwaltman: in case someone mounts the projector sideways.16:44
waltmanOh duh. Thanks.16:44
rmg51picky picky picky16:45
JonathanDI should probably write up a canned fosscon pres.16:45
JonathanDJust in case.16:45
waltmanrmg51: Well, he showed up half an hour late and his slides are completely unreadable.16:45
rmg51I never cared much for slides16:46
waltmanaside from that it's a great talk!16:46
teddy-dbearI'm mad because they took my table away :P16:47
JonathanDI want a table :P17:06
JonathanDI've gotta bail shortly anyway.17:06
teddy-dbearonce again MutantTurkey doesn't make it to SFD17:34
MutantTurkeywas that today?17:35
MutantTurkeyseptember 15th?17:35
teddy-dbearwhere do you think I am?17:35
MutantTurkeyI'm being dragged about my by girlfriend clothes shopping for rosh hashanah17:35
teddy-dbearI has chocolate17:36
teddy-dbeartime to pack up and go home18:50

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