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Kiloskbmonkey, you awake at this time?03:27
Kilosthought so03:29
KilosMaaz, coffee on03:29
* Maaz puts the kettle on03:29
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!03:33
KilosMaaz, ty03:33
MaazYou are welcome Kilos03:33
Kilosinetpro, morning, how are the kids?05:25
magespawnmorning Kilos05:35
Kilosmorning magespawn 05:35
magespawnthe greeter program is working on iTwinkle in #linux-studies05:36
Kilosmagespawn, i think i dreamed it. did you or kbmonkey give a link for the greeter script05:36
magespawnkbmonkey did.05:36
Kilosi came on too late to get it05:37
magespawnhold on05:37
Kilosdid he link or mail it to you05:37
Kiloshave you put it in GC yet05:38
magespawnhe put the link in the channel05:39
magespawni took gc down so i will reinstall today maybe05:39
Kiloswow thats cute05:39
Kilosty sir05:41
Kilosif i miss him tell him to give it to the ibid guys05:41
Kilosim sure the weed will like it05:42
Kilostell / ask05:42
magespawnsuperfly has it on iTwinkle05:45
Kilosi mean for them to add it to ibid05:46
magespawnwill mention it05:47
magespawngotta run for work bbl05:48
Kilosgo well05:48
magespawnhey Kilos06:24
Kiloswb magespawn 06:24
magespawnso whats up Kilos?06:32
Kilosim trying to remember what all i had installed. did a clean install just before 8ta crashed06:33
Kilosnow qp doesnt wanna auth me06:33
Kilosand i didnt save how to set up everything06:34
magespawni think that might be because of the change of os version06:36
magespawnchanges the computer id06:37
Kilos12.04 really runs well with mate installed06:38
Kilosvery fast06:38
magespawnwhat are the machine specs?06:39
Kilosig ram06:39
Kilos2.8g cpu06:39
Kilos1g ram06:39
magespawnhave that old laptop, but it is much lighter than that06:40
Kiloscant use more ram, i dont think you get 1g ddr cards06:40
Kilosi have mate on my old pc too06:40
Kilos1.7g cpu and 640m ram06:41
magespawnthe lappy only has 512kb06:42
Kiloswill work06:42
magespawnrunning vanilla 9.04 at the moment06:46
Kilosyoure pcs in the shop, do they run windows?06:47
Kilospeeps wont understand linux will they06:47
magespawnthey run ubuntu and kde with xfce as the desktop06:49
Kilosi go sort sheep06:50
superflyit's actually mildly irritating06:57
Kiloswhat superfly ?06:57
nuvolarieek, I have to hit the road06:57
Kilosrun nuvolari 06:58
nuvolarigoing to be late for the DLUG get-together06:58
nuvolariI'll slip oom Kilos 06:58
nuvolariit's raining06:58
superflywe need to do the same...06:58
magespawnwhats up superfly? you not finishing your sentances07:13
superflythe greeter is irritating, it needs per channel config and to store its configuration in thed database07:15
superflyand we need to get going as well, a long day ahead of us07:15
magespawni am sure the problem with the greeter can be sorted07:16
magespawnas for long day, cannot help much there except to say 'sterkte'07:17
magespawnKilos how did you set up auth on QP?07:38
Kilosi have just purged her and starting again07:39
magespawnsuperfly another idea for the greeter is to have it respond to users /away and /back commands07:40
magespawnfor those who use quasselcore 07:40
magespawnwell that is one way to do it Kilos07:40
magespawnlooks like the amount of users for the channel have gone down again07:42
Kilosyeah 07:42
magespawnyou watching the rugby?07:43
magespawnjust got the live scores set up on the the other pc07:44
magespawni really would like them to stream this over the net07:45
Kilosthere are sites that do it07:45
Kilostara did it till she got a decoder07:45
magespawnyou usually have to pay07:45
Kiloshope one is free07:47
magespawnwill check it out ty07:48
magespawncool the first one has a free live link07:50
magespawnthe sound runs without a problem but the video has to buffer07:56
magespawninternet not fast enough07:56
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magespawnnot bad have it buffered now08:11
Kilosour kickers are sick today08:12
Kilosboth steyns08:12
magespawnalso took my streaming radio offf08:12
magespawnseems like it08:12
magespawnbut at least they seem to miss as well08:12
Kilos4 or 5 missed already08:12
superflymagespawn: I think one of the big needs of the greeter is per-channel configuration and nick memory08:22
magespawnwhat do you mean by nick memory?08:23
superflymagespawn: the greeter remembers nicks so that it doesn't greet them again08:23
magespawnmm might be good to have expiry on that08:24
kbmonkeyhello all, from dbn software freedon day meeting :D08:27
magespawnhey kbmonkey08:27
Kiloshiya kbmonkey 08:27
nuvolariwelcome from Durban :D08:29
magespawnhey nuvolari08:29
nuvolariWelcome to Softwarefreedomday as well08:30
kbmonkeyapologies for not being able to connect again last night08:30
magespawnno worries these things happen08:30
nuvolariugh, freakin vodacom is down on data08:30
nuvolariI can't do anything08:30
magespawn<superfly> magespawn: I think one of the big needs of the greeter is per-channel configuration and nick memory08:31
magespawnsome ideas from the fly08:31
superflyit also needs to use the db, and not rely on memory which gets wiped every time the plugin is loaded and every time the bot goes down08:32
magespawnwhere is the sfd taking place?08:34
nuvolariGloria Jean's, Davenport08:35
nuvolarimagespawn: are you going to join us? :p08:35
magespawnno up in hluhluwe unfortunately08:36
nuvolariag no c'mon magespawn :P we're here untill 14:0008:37
magespawn3 hour drive each way? if i leave now i will only get there at 14:0008:38
nuvolarifine, be like that08:42
nuvolariwe won't judge08:42
magespawnwhy not bring it all up here?08:42
nuvolariwe can do that on a long-term-planned stage, sounds good?08:43
magespawnthink that would limit the number of people who would come08:44
magespawni would like it 08:45
magespawnis there a channel for sfd?08:47
Kilosempangeni magespawn 08:53
Kilosno good in hulehule08:53
magespawnthats a compromise08:53
magespawnwhy not?08:53
kbmonkeyhello Kilos 08:54
Kiloshluhluwe too tiny man08:56
kbmonkeythere is a channel at #sfd :D08:57
magespawnnot many ppl there though08:58
kbmonkeyis it also raining that side magespawn?09:29
Kiloskbmonkey, when i get control of my bot i will ask you how to get your plugin going09:34
Kilosstupid thing tells me im not her boss09:34
Kiloswill purge the cow again now now09:35
magespawnpouring kbmonkey09:42
kbmonkeyicow? lol Kilos 09:43
kbmonkeyour internet is very very slow here. everyone is struggling. magic times!09:46
inetprogood mornings09:49
Kiloshi inetpro whats news09:50
inetproKilos: just got prescription from the doc09:50
Kiloswhat is it09:50
inetprobased on the symptoms gave stuff for scarlet fever09:51
inetproshe didn't even see the kids09:51
Kilosisnt he even sure?09:51
Kilosshe eish09:51
Kiloswonderful doc you got09:51
inetprowell the small one was there on Wednesday09:52
Kiloswhat antibiotics inetpro ?09:52
Kiloswrite it down09:52
inetproand based on the fact that the other kid in school was diagnosed yesterday09:52
inetproKilos: write down what?09:53
Kiloswhats in the meds09:53
Kilosstrengths etc and what types09:53
inetproamoxicillin tryhydrate09:55
inetproamoxicillin trihydrate09:55
Kilospenicillin yeah09:55
inetprosounds like you know the stuff?09:55
Kiloshad to learn a lot about meds  for stock farming09:56
Kilosand breeding dogs09:56
inetproat least it seems that the fever has broken for now09:57
Kiloswhen you can get a bottle of pure aspirin pills09:57
Kilosvery good for fighting fever and safe for kids09:58
inetprothe girl was on 40°C last night09:58
Kilosfunny they all got it together09:58
inetprowell, three of them09:59
inetpromy oldest daughter not really09:59
Kiloseat lotsa onion in everything09:59
Kilosthe rest of you09:59
inetprojust signs on the tong 09:59
Kilosweird that09:59
inetprobut not lots09:59
Kilosthe bugs are mutating09:59
inetprowell I guess even a healthy person can be a carrier10:00
Kiloswell as long as fever is broken thats a good sign10:01
inetprowell I just hope it stays away10:01
inetproson was ok yesterday afternoon but then got it later again10:01
Kilosthey must complete the course of meds hey10:02
Kiloson time as well 10:02
Kilosgotta keep the drugs level up in the blood10:02
Kilosthats how bugs mutate, peeps stop meds as soon as they feel better so bug only half dead and builds resistance to the drug10:03
Kiloshi Squirm 10:03
Kilosoh ya Squirm !10:03
Kiloswhat was your sound prob10:04
Kilosin bios10:04
Squirmdon't know how I fixed the first part of it10:04
Squirmthe 2nd problem I had was a permissions issue10:04
Squirmsound worked as root but not as a user. once I fixed that all was good10:04
Kilospermissions to get sound going?10:04
Kilosdid you chown that file10:05
Squirmtried adding myself to the audio group which owned the file, never worked10:05
Squirmso just made it world readable10:05
Kilosi dont understand that10:06
Squirmnow I just need to find out how to make it that more than one application can access the sound as well10:06
Kiloschown the snd file10:06
SquirmI set the permissions on /dev/snd/* to 666, the last 6 is so that everyone can read/write to it10:06
Squirmchown changes ownership10:06
Squirmchmod changes permissions10:06
kbmonkeyhi Squirm 10:07
Kilosoh dont you wanna own the whole thing10:07
SquirmKilos: if I create a new user sometime(which I probably won't though), then said user won't have sound10:07
Kilosmy xchat doesnt bloep anymore it goes pong10:11
SquirmI turn xchat sound off10:11
Squirmfind it annoying. if I get hilighted the icon flashes10:12
Kilosthen i miss when someone talks to me if im on pidgin or so10:12
Kilosdont see everything happening on the screen10:12
Kilosand look what im typing so easy to miss10:12
Squirmneeds to stop raining now10:16
Kiloshasnt started here yet10:17
Squirmrained yesterday, stopped at about 3/4pm. started again this morning10:22
Squirmterrible weather in Durban too10:22
Kiloshi acherv Cantide 10:23
Cantidehello '-'10:23
Kiloswish we had some of that water 10:23
Squirmguys were meant to play water polo in Scottburgh and that was rained out10:23
Cantidewatching Arg vs Aus now >_<10:23
achervKilos: hi10:23
achervKilos: i didnt go out10:24
Kilosout where acherv 10:24
achervKilos: no matter................. mistake10:25
achervKilos: how are u?10:25
Kilosgood ty and you?10:25
* Squirm turns heater on10:26
Squirmhello acherv, Cantide 10:26
Cantidehey Squirm '-'10:26
Kilosya very cold here as well;10:26
achervhi Squirm10:26
Kilosevil wind10:26
achervI am asking if that winter don't want to kill us 10:28
Kilosyeah been a cold one10:28
acherv u are in winter or in spring?10:29
Kilossupposed to be spring but a cold front hit us10:29
Kilosbut no rain here10:29
Squirmget to10:29
Squirmbath in brown water10:29
Squirmowe, playing my music too loud for my head10:30
Kilosmagespawn, you gotta go auth password10:43
Kiloshi not_found 11:07
Kilosyou well?11:07
not_founduncle Kilos , hello... 11:07
not_foundjust got to the big city, working here for the next two weeks... get to the hotel and my booking is only from tomorrow and they are full >:(11:07
not_foundin another one now...11:08
not_foundat least here are lots :p11:08
Kilosno b+b's there11:08
Cantidewhich city?11:08
Kilosarab land11:08
not_foundOh Abu Dhabi11:08
not_foundhi Cantide 11:09
Cantidehello :p11:09
Cantidewhat are you up to in Abu Dhabi?11:10
not_foundOh, just work... got to help out a new plant being built... doing a "Factory Acceptance Test" ... or helping out in any case...11:11
Cantidesounds like fun11:16
Cantidehow is Abu Dhabi? Hot and dry i'd imagine :p11:16
Kilosya they drink camel milk there and live on dates11:17
Kilosdates you eat not you go out on11:17
Cantidei've had neither for a long time11:18
Kilosme too11:18
Cantidewas supposed to have some in Korea...11:18
Cantidenot sure what's happening there now -.-11:19
Kiloshows the family not_found ?11:22
not_foundfine thanks uncle Kilos 11:22
Kilosmeeting monday hey11:23
Kilosnothing new to discuss i think but to stay inna good books well go on11:24
Kilosinetpro, als reg vir maandag aand11:24
not_found:) I should be there if the net connection here holds out and I remember :p11:27
magespawnKilos thanks for the update on the ibid auth13:04
Kilosnp magespawn 13:10
Kilosi struggled till i did that first then it all worked13:10
Kilosnow i have made a note of it13:10
inetproKilos: ai, ek was so afwesig hierdie maand en selfs langer, kan nie sommer net so weer inspring nie13:20
Kilosdie agenda is nog daar soos dit was13:21
inetproanyone here attending SFDZA at Wits today?13:21
Kilosniks anders om te doen nie ek dink13:21
inetproKilos: hmm...13:21
inetprosal moet kyk hoe dinge loop, kan nie nou al belowe nie13:21
Kilosvoel die kinders al beter?13:22
inetproKilos: net nog my seun is so bietjie af en  lusteloos13:22
inetprodie ander is almal weer vol lewe en goed ge-eet13:23
Kilosmooi hy het later begin ne13:23
Kilosmore is hy reg13:23
Kilosnet nie skiep op die meds nie13:24
inetpronee, hy't Donderdag begin terwyl die middelste ene Vrydag begin het13:24
Kilosoh so syne het verder gevorder voor hy meds gekry het13:25
inetproja kan wees13:25
inetpromaar nog steeds geen uitslag nie13:26
Kilossy gestel is sterker miskien13:26
inetprosal maar net dophou 13:27
inetproen hoop dat hy gou weer beter voel13:27
Kiloshy sal more13:27
Kilosmagespawn, ?14:15
nuvolarihrr, anyone tried to downlead ubuntu recently?15:08
nuvolariI seem to have the same issues on all mirrors15:09
nuvolariit downloads a couple of mb's then it refuse to go on15:09
nuvolarieg. 729067520 (695M), 717598340 (684M) remaining15:09
nuvolarino matter how many times I break the connection and try to continue15:09
nuvolari(using wget)15:09
Squirmtry a different mirror?15:10
nuvolarithe same issue15:11
nuvolariand with different versions15:11
nuvolariand http/ftp15:11
Squirm696M Apr 19 03:57 ubuntu-11.10-desktop-i386.iso15:13
Squirmok, I did download that while back15:13
nuvolarihmm, downloaded over 30mb on a different network, copied  that file over, and now the download resumes...15:16
nuvolariI hope it completes15:16
Squirmseems like your network was somehow timing out15:17
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inetpronuvolari: I would try it with the --no-cache option15:52
inetprocould be a upstream transparent proxy caching issue 15:53
magespawnhi Kilos got disconnected15:53
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Kiloshi smile Trix[a]r_za 17:41
KilosMaaz, coffee on17:41
* Maaz flips the salt-timer17:41
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!17:45
KilosMaaz, ty17:46
MaazYou are welcome Kilos17:46
smilehi Kilos :p17:50
* smile listens to Whitesnake - All I Want All I Need17:51
Kiloshi superfly is it a big job to put that plugin in an ibid17:55
superflyKilos: no, it's very easy18:14
Kilosah can you help me sometime with it please18:15
Kilosduring the week maybe18:15
Kilosor have you a link i can follow to do it18:16
superflyKilos: you just drop the file into the plugins directory18:18
Kiloscan i change the greeting just by removing that greeting and adding mine?18:18
Kilosty 18:27
smile4bye :)18:31
Kilostoods smile4 18:32
smile4see ya18:32
superflyOK, I seriously need to go to bed before I fall asleep on the keyboard18:32
superflynight all18:32
Kilosnight superfly sleep tight18:32
Kilosnight all. sleep tight18:52
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cesarwhos there?20:14
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