jribjenia: when I say "install", I mean "install using APT"00:00
wilee-nileesharpy, sda loads the mbr and gives the OS that is run in control of the boot, sda5 would not.  If you are referring to the command I ran a correct on refrence this please, we are already way out on a limb in explaining this.00:00
jeniaokay thanks.00:00
jenianow, i 'm running i python3 and it uses pyton 2.7 as its interpreter. ill try to uninstall it and re-install it to see if it'll use the 3.3 interpreter instead00:01
andrebjrib looking at the screen here seeing some err http://us.archive.ubuntu.com precise/universe amd64 packages00:03
andrebits almost to the point at which it stops00:03
abby_jis there a location type manager for ubuntu?00:03
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pepeeandreb, you could try editting the sources.list manually while upgrading00:06
pepeebut I'm not not sure how to do that :/00:06
xanguapepee: don't suggest thing like that please00:06
skorketd'oh, included an include directory I shouldn't have00:06
pepeexangua, qué?00:07
xanguaandreb: if us servers don't work try to change to the main server: software center, edit, sources00:07
pepeexangua, why? what's wrong with that?00:07
pepeexangua, you should try to understand the problem before talking00:08
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JonathanDoeGiving Away Free Team Fortress 2 Items (One Per Person Everything In My Inventory That's Not Equipped) PM me if interested and add me on Steam @ http://steamcommunity.com/id/supadupa42000:08
JonathanDoeGiving Away Free Team Fortress 2 Items (One Per Person Everything In My Inventory That's Not Equipped) PM me if interested and add me on Steam @ http://steamcommunity.com/id/supadupa42000:08
JonathanDoeGiving Away Free Team Fortress 2 Items (One Per Person Everything In My Inventory That's Not Equipped) PM me if interested and add me on Steam @ http://steamcommunity.com/id/supadupa42000:08
JonathanDoeGiving Away Free Team Fortress 2 Items (One Per Person Everything In My Inventory That's Not Equipped) PM me if interested and add me on Steam @ http://steamcommunity.com/id/supadupa42000:08
FloodBot1JonathanDoe: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:08
andrebxangua to what server00:08
xanguaandreb: to the Main server00:09
NickWeberDoes anyone know why i can't install ubuntu 10.10 on my IBM Aptiva?00:09
andrebits an the main server atm with those errors00:09
andrebi am using kpackagekit as the software manager00:09
NickWeberDoes anyone know why i can't install ubuntu 10.10 on my IBM Aptiva?00:10
jribNickWeber: 10.10 is no longer supported00:10
wilee-nileeNickWeber, 10.10 is end of life.00:10
andrebjrib i cant seemt o copy andf paste the whoe output :(00:10
NickWeberI'm downloading 12.04.1, But it will take a long time00:10
andrebxaguna i have it looking for the best servers by doing a "select best server"00:11
NickWeber Sadly00:11
jribandreb: copy as much as you can, starting from the end00:11
NickWeberYou could use pastebin, Also00:11
NickWeberandreb: you could paste in on pastebin then paste the link here00:11
wilee-nileeNickWeber, Are you sure that computer has enough you need a gig of ram at the least and the kernels are pae, I don't think it will run on that unit.00:12
andrebjribguys i have been posted the paste bin links .00:12
Fernesthow can I remove the last three characters ".py" from a variable in the shell?00:13
jribFernest: ${var%.py}00:14
sstan_at_homebasename ?00:15
sstan_at_homebasename /u/dee/desktop/cns.boo .boo00:16
sstan_at_homeresults in : cns00:16
Fernestjrib: thanks!00:16
Fernestjrib: what language is it, so I can search for further questions?00:17
jribFernest: bash substring removal I guess.  Try #bash for some good bash resources (see topic there)00:18
jribFernest: note that sstan_at_home gave  you an alternative00:18
sstan_at_homejrib: not as specific as yours ... but certainly valid, and potentially more useful00:19
Fernestyes. but you gave me the universal solution :-)00:19
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sstan_at_homeFernest: are you new to Bash ?00:20
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FernestBefore today I did not knew about the use of it.00:21
kraetzjamy xorg.conf just got messed up and i lost all resolutions but minimum, whats the fix?00:21
Fernestbut now I am amazed!00:21
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jrib!cli | Fernest00:21
ubottuFernest: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal or type in it: man intro00:21
Dr_williskraetzja,  see if theres a backup xorg.conf in /etc/ but in most cases the system should auto configure if there is no xorg.conf00:21
sstan_at_homeFernest: it can do wonders :)00:21
FernestYes. Very useful. I wrote some git short-cuts some hours ago.00:22
Fernestsomething like:00:22
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Fernestftodo load_database do_calculations write_files (which creates three new feature branches and such)00:22
Fernestor some other f____ commands for all those git commands I use dayly00:23
sstan_at_homeFernest: a tip : find how to use the "source" command. Useful if your scripts become too huge00:23
oren_Hey guys big problem here (hope you don't mind a lot of text) : I had dual booted Ubuntu and Linux before but my Windows partition got that new Java exploit trojan thing and it got completely trashed so I thought I'd try and reinstall windows, tried that but it didn't work at all (kept resetting itself as soon as it loaded windows) so I thought "bugger it, I'll just install Ubuntu as the only OS", so I got my usb key, loaded up00:24
oren_ubuntu and reinstalled it over my old Ubuntu (which I could no longer get into because the windows installation ruined the grub thing) and it installed on my 350gb drive or whatever it was and all was fine for a while until I reset my computer and nothing loaded at all, until I booted from the same USB key that I had to install ubuntu. Now I can only load my ubuntu via that usb key (but! you might think that I installed it on the00:24
oren_USB, but I obviously didn't because I remember reinstalling Ubuntu over my old existant ubuntu that I just could no longer get into because grub was dead and even when I take the key out, it's absolutely fine). What is going wrong here? Any help would be greatly appreciated00:24
FloodBot1oren_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:24
Fernestsstan_at_home: ok I will. Although I will start learning with small things. Like "Run a certain python function in the current document of gedit"00:24
sstan_at_homecool! good luck00:25
jrib!grub | oren_00:25
ubottuoren_: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)00:25
oren_that doesn't help at all00:25
jriboren_: try just restoring grub, though it's not clear what your situation is exactly00:25
oren_I can only load my ubuntu via the usb key00:25
jriboren_: so you've reinstalled grub to your hard drive?00:25
oren_I just want ubuntu as my sole OS00:26
jriboren_: well that's what the first link tells you.00:26
pepeeoren_, I think you installed grub on the USB drive. when you do that, the old grub install doesn't work anymore00:26
burnthi, can I get some command line help? its probably pretty simple ... in a bash script, if the command line ... youtube-dl --get-title (url) gets a title of a youtube video ... how can I assign that to a variable00:26
Dr_willisthat boot-repair tool is very handy to have also. it can fix a lot of grub issues00:26
Fernestsstan_at_home: ok. finished :-D00:27
oren_I'll try that guys00:27
oren_thanks for the advice00:27
Fernesthere the code for it:00:27
Fernestf=${GEDIT_CURRENT_DOCUMENT_NAME%.py} a=`zenity --entry --title="Run Python Function - gedit" --text="Function to run"` python -c "import $f; test.$a"00:27
j`eyis it possible to get a newer gcc on 9.04 *easily*?00:27
pepeeoren_, make sure you are installing in the hard drive00:27
Dr_willisburnt,     You mean use a variable  for 'URL' ?00:27
Fernestups. typo00:27
Fernestf=${GEDIT_CURRENT_DOCUMENT_NAME%.py} a=`zenity --entry --title="Run Python Function - gedit" --text="Function to run"` python -c "import $f; $f.$a"00:27
burntno a variable for what it returns00:27
burnteg, it returns "nasa talk"00:27
sstan_at_homeburnt: variable=` some command here `00:27
jribFernest: since you are a "newborn" in linux (what a wonderful time), I will also send you the rute book which, although some parts are outdated, is very comprehensive and gives you a preview of many powerful aspects of linux: http://rute.2038bug.com/index.html.gz00:28
arandburnt: or VARIABLE=$(youtube-dl --get-title <url>)00:28
Dr_willisburnt,  MYVAR=$(thecommand)00:28
Dr_willisbash basics ;) well not basics.. but rather fundamental00:28
arandburnt: either `*` or $(*) works interchangably00:28
Dr_willis$() is a little differnt then `` but i cant recall how.. but it definatly IS easier to read. :)00:29
burntthanks ... im trying to edit this script ... http://jeffreyv.hubpages.com/hub/Youtube-to-MP3-on-Ubuntu-Linux ... so typing the url only downloads the mp3 and renames the mp3 on title of video00:29
jribj`ey: 9.04 is not supported anymore, time to upgrade00:29
jrib!upgrade > j`ey00:29
ubottuj`ey, please see my private message00:29
jribDr_willis: afaik the only difference is you can't nest ``00:29
wilee-nileeoren_, So you are in the ubuntu install via the usb booting you in?00:29
j`eyI dont want to go through the hassle of doing that00:29
Fernestjrib: Thank you. I will look into it. Although I am not new to linux. Before today I never had enough time to experiment with all the stuff like bash scripts (I often used python to do the stuff which could be done with bash scripts, just because I had no time to learn the syntax)00:29
j`ey(at this point in time)00:29
jribj`ey: well 9.04 is not supported, so there's no support...00:29
j`eyjrib: no *official* support00:30
jribFernest: ah00:30
oren_wilee-nilee: I installed ubuntu to my hard drive (350gb) over my old ubuntu (apparently that's what the install said) but I can only run it when the USB live ubuntu thing is inserted00:30
oren_for whatever reason00:30
wilee-nileeoren_, So you are booted to the install right?00:30
andrebxaguna i got it to work00:31
wilee-nileeoren_, run sudo fdisk -l and pastebin the results, we can load the mbr from the desktop.00:31
jribandreb: by the way, when you post a pastebin, you need to give the link in the channel00:31
oren_a link to the channel?00:32
andrebjrib i figured it out.. the http: link it was using had an extra "/" ... its passed the point it was sticking at00:33
oren_the fdisk thing isn't very big, is is possible to paste here?00:33
wilee-nileeoren_, is it showing sda as the HD?00:34
jribandreb: cool... but how/where did you remove the extra "/"?00:34
oren_I'm not sure, I'll just pastebin it00:34
wilee-nileeoren_, cool00:34
resnoim trying to setup appletv remote with ubuntu, anyone know how?00:34
oren_(sorry not so good with this stuff)00:34
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:35
nevada i am lord nikon slackware server1 it is me nevada smith00:36
oren_here we go http://paste.ubuntu.com/1205944/00:37
oren_though, I thought my HD was 500gb in total...00:38
wilee-nileeoren_, cool so from that install not a live cd open a terminal and run sudo grub-install /dev/sda   then sudo update-grub    yoiu should be able to boot from the HD then.00:38
pepeeandreb, could you upgrade ubuntu?00:38
oren_wilee-nilee, thanks man - Do you have any idea where the rest of my hd went though?00:39
wilee-nileeoren_, not really install gparted and have a look.00:39
oren_is that in the repositories?00:39
oren_ah apprently it is00:40
wilee-nileeoren_, yeah sudo apt-get install gparted  looks like 320 gigs though as read00:40
rytyanyone recall the command to remove parentship of a terminal to a process started from that terminal?00:40
oren_wilee-nilee, ah okay... I'll install gparted and see what I can do about this bad boy00:41
wilee-nileeoren_, cool have fun. ;)00:41
oren_alrighty, lets look at this gparted thingo00:42
oren_very interesting00:42
oren_it just shows those ones that fdisk did00:43
oren_but I know this HD is 500gb00:43
wilee-nileeoren_, you can take a screenshot of gparted and put it in a imagebin if you would like us to look at it.00:44
jribryty: disown00:44
unless__How do I figure the distribution name of the Ubuntu version I am running at my computer now?00:44
jribunless__: lsb_release -c00:44
unless__jrib, thank you.00:44
wilee-nileeoren_, looks like 320 gigs from here.00:45
resnoanyone know much about lirc around?00:46
oren_ah wait00:46
oren_apparently it is 320gb00:46
rytyjrib, thank you00:46
oren_...that was my other laptop00:46
oren_*slaps head*00:46
wilee-nileeoren_, hehe.00:46
bekorhi using ubuntu 12.04 after update lost my compiz windows effects on my gnome classic desktop, any suggestions?00:47
oren_wilee-nilee, alright I'll reset my laptop now and see what happens00:47
oren_thanks for your help man00:47
wilee-nileeoren_, cool you must mean reset the bios, no problem.00:47
WeThePeoplebekor, can you access the compix gui00:48
pepeeresno, there is a lirc channel:  #lirc00:48
bekorsorry how do i do that?00:48
WeThePeoplebekor, maybe use the hud and type  compiz00:48
WeThePeoplei am on lucid00:48
bekorsorry what is hud?00:49
resnopepee: haha, why didnt i think of that?00:49
unless__Is it too bad if I add a line at /etc/apt/sources.list in order to upgrade virtualbox since it moved from non-free to contrib?00:49
Dr_willisyou can use the command 'compiz --replace' or 'compiz --restart' to restart compiz if it crashes00:49
Dr_willisunless__,  normally one uses the /etc/apt/sources.list.d/files one per new repo.00:50
pepeeresno, I remember using lirc, but I don't remember what I did :(00:50
Dr_willisthe vbox guide shows how to install it from the vbox homepage i belive00:50
ubottuVirtualbox is a virtualizer for x86 and amd64 architectures. It's available in the package "virtualbox" in the !repositories, and you can download the Virtualbox Extension Pack for additional, non-Free functionality at http://virtualbox.org . Additional details can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox00:50
unless__Dr_willis, yes, and thats exactly what it says.00:51
drupinI want to install the OS what i should keep the partition sizes on 8GB flash drive00:51
unless__Dr_willis, "Add one of the following lines according to your distribution to your /etc/apt/sources.list: "00:51
Dr_willisthey may have ppa instructions also. Ive not needed the vbox from their homepage in ages.00:51
Dr_williswhy do you need it?00:51
wilee-nileedrupin, a full install?00:52
drupinyes wilee-nilee00:52
unless__Dr_willis, what do you mean? VB?00:52
Dr_willisunless__,  its in the repos last i looked..00:52
Rezzahwilee-nilee, hey it's Oren here - it works!00:52
wilee-nileedrupin, I would make one partition for the OS one for swap if you need a swap.00:52
Rezzahthanks so much for your help00:52
wilee-nileeRezzah, cool.00:52
unless__Dr_willis, yes, it is but not updated.00:52
Dr_willisthe extension pack is about the only extra thing i needed.00:52
wilee-nileeno problem Rezzah00:52
Dr_willisunless__,  so what newer feature does it have that you need?00:53
drupinwilee-nilee: and boot?00:53
Rezzahwilee-nilee, much much appreciated00:53
wilee-nileedrupin, boot will go to the mbr.00:53
drupinok wilee-nilee so i dont keep a seperate /boot partion .. what is good swap size00:54
wilee-nileedrupin, YOu want to do a manual something other install make sure grub is pointed at the usb like sdb etc whatever it is no partitions for grub.00:54
unless__Dr_willis, good question.00:54
Dr_willisdrupin,  if using suspend/sleep = about the size of ram + a littlebit  is common.00:54
wilee-nileedrupin, The swap normally is equal to the ram if you want to hibernate, what is your ram and do you need a hibernate?00:55
drupindr_jesus_: wilee-nilee: hibernate ya means keep idle00:56
drupinohh that the reason current install is freezing now... swap is now 1GB and ram is 2.5GB00:57
wilee-nileesuspend does not y=use the swap I believe only hibernate, which I think now has to be turned on.00:57
Dr_willisI got less then 10 sec boot times. :) i dont use any of them.00:57
drupinmy current install crashes if too much apps loaded00:58
wilee-nileeDr_willis, you left out the nah nah nah nah nah00:58
Dr_willisswap=ram is a safe bet. if you have 'just' 2.5 gb of ram.. you may want  3gb of swap00:58
Dr_willisIts amuseing when the POST testing takes longer then the OS booting00:58
drupinwill then 5 GB good for the rest of OS00:59
Dr_willis5gb for / ? thats way tiny.00:59
Dr_willisperhaps doable.. but i wouldent think you would get much work done00:59
drupincoz flash drive is 8GB00:59
unless__Is it possible to download Ubuntu using wget command?01:00
blackshirtit was enought if other part reside on another partition01:00
blackshirtUnless, yes01:00
jagginessunless__,  is it possible to walk on water? :)01:00
Dr_willisYou can put swap file or partion on a hard disk on the internal drives. :)01:00
unless__blackshirt, and how do I figure the URL ?01:00
Dr_willisor a seperate USB01:00
drupinunless__: there is pozilla better than wget to resume also and it splits files also01:00
Dr_willisdrupin,  picked up a 32gb usb flash just today on sale for $2001:01
unless__jagginess, well, haven't minded over it, right?01:01
blackshirtunless, you can copy link address from ubuntu iso01:01
blackshirtAnd pass it to wget01:01
jagginessdrupin, if you load alot of apps in memory and your system freezes. Try running a memory test.01:01
unless__drupin, where do I find more info about it?01:01
blackshirtUnless_ i have doing that more than twice01:02
drupini never did that jagginess but i went the recovery mode so many times01:02
jagginessdrupin, well if you never done that, then I guess everybody says something not worthy :).. SO TRY IT :)01:02
VinnyAtaidehey, is this the place recommended for resolving ubuntu instalation problems?01:02
MonkeyDustVinnyAtaide  yes01:03
VinnyAtaideokay, can I just type it here? it`s pretty simple01:03
VinnyAtaideI've just installed windows, it took all my HD (600gb) so I've shrinked 100gb for linux, but my ubuntu instalation isn't recognizing01:04
VinnyAtaideIt says that I dont have any SO installed01:04
wilee-nileeVinnyAtaide, can you boot to anything?01:05
jagginessVinnyAtaide, um.. i hope you used a simple gui tool to shrink your partitions, like gparted live cd..01:05
VinnyAtaideYeah I boot windows normally01:05
jagginessVinnyAtaide, well you must of chosen the option of using the whole drive for ubuntu01:05
Dr_willisVinnyAtaide,  is that 100gb partion unallocated? or in a ntfs filesystem?01:05
taohi, all https websites are not working for me, bank, fb, etc please help01:05
taoi am using wifi connection01:05
drupinunless__: a min01:05
VinnyAtaideI've used the windows built-in partition manager01:05
unless__drupin, ok01:05
rytytao, which browser?01:06
VinnyAtaideits unnalocated01:06
taoryty,  fire fox01:06
Dr_willisVinnyAtaide,   use the custome/somthing else   item in the installer to delete that 100gb partion and partion it how you want.01:06
wilee-nileeVinnyAtaide, you resized ubuntu with the windows partitioner?01:06
jagginessVinnyAtaide, when you use-> fdisk -l<enter> does it say "loopback" anywhere?01:06
rytytao, when you say not working, what do you mean exactly?01:06
Dr_willisVinnyAtaide,  also be sure you dont have more then the 4 primary partions limitation01:06
VinnyAtaideI've installed windows first, so I've used the windows built-in partition manager to shrink 100gb from my HD01:07
VinnyAtaideWhat's strange is that Ubuntu doesn't even recognize the windows at all, it's just a big 600gb partition01:07
Dr_willisfdisk -l information may shed some light on it01:07
MonkeyDustVinnyAtaide  are you now in windows or in a ubuntu live session?01:07
VinnyAtaideubuntu live session01:07
drupinunless__: http://ashu-geek.blogspot.in/2012/01/how-to-install-prozilla-download.html01:08
taoryty,  for example when i try to go to https://www.chase.com, i get the prompt, firefox can't establish a connection to server at www.chase.com01:08
blackshirtvinnyataide, i think you shouldn,t format shrinked partition01:08
unless__drupin, reading. Thank you.01:08
jagginessVinnyAtaide, wubi?01:08
MonkeyDustVinnyAtaide  type sudo fdisk -l|pastebinit andd paste the url here01:08
drupinunless__: http://www.ubuntubuzz.com/2011/10/install-prozilla-download-accelerator.html01:08
* jagginess thinks VinnyAtaide is using wubi.01:09
Dr_willisyou did boot the cd? or what exactly VinnyAtaide ?01:09
VinnyAtaideI've booted from my usb driver01:10
VinnyAtaideusing unetbootin01:10
wilee-nileethe ppa:tldm217/tahutek.net drupin is only supported up to oneric01:10
jagginessVinnyAtaide, so you ran the ubuntu installer before from the windows desktop or from cd?01:10
Dr_willis/dev/sda2          206848  1039132671   519462912    7  HPFS/NTFS/exFAT   is not unallocated. ;)01:11
jagginessVinnyAtaide,  it's normal to have linux installers running from fat3201:11
VinnyAtaideI had Xubuntu before I deleted all my data to put windows01:11
jagginessum.. ok VinnyAtaide boy01:11
ubottuXubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels01:11
VinnyAtaidethanks bye01:12
wilee-nileeto many helpers here hehe on one problem.01:12
derekvanyway to finish booting if i'm in initramfs shell due to wrong root uuid01:13
derekvI tried setting root= and then exit but it just loops01:14
drupinunless__: http://ashu-geek.blogspot.in/2012/05/prozilla-download-accelerator-and-apt.html01:14
wilee-nileederekv, just reinstall grub or use suprgrub to get in and fix it.01:15
wilee-nileereinstall to the mbr that is01:15
derekvI did resintall grub but it copied a in a config from a different machine01:16
derekvbah i'll just reboot01:16
derekvjust wondered if there was a way to fix it from inside ash01:16
wilee-nileederekv, you can manual boot yes.01:16
VinnyAtaidenobody is answering on xubuntu channel...01:16
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)01:16
unless__drupin, sounds cool, thank you.01:17
VinnyAtaidedoes anyone saw the fdisk that I've posted here? any highlights?01:18
whoeverdoes k9copy stil use libdvdcss2 for decoding dvds or some other lib, using ubuntu 12.04 and i loose audio but can play the dvd that i am tring to copy . can someonee iassist01:18
Dr_willisVinnyAtaide,  i saw 1 drive with 2 ntfs partions. none unallocated.01:18
blackshirtvinnyataide, i don't see anything01:18
drupinok unless__ tey it01:18
VinnyAtaidewow, but windows says its unnalocated01:19
VinnyAtaidegonna run gparted01:19
drupinunless__: use torrent prolly if its available01:19
Dr_willisor is windows saying its UNFORMATED01:19
VinnyAtaideIdk, ill check now thanks brb01:19
Dr_willisdelete the partion from ubuntu/fdisk/gparted. and restart theubuntu installer.. it should auto partion theunllocated space01:20
jnixhey guys.. anyone particularly good with grub2?01:21
bekorhi friends, using ubuntu 12.04 i have gnome classic as well as ubuntu standard desktop environments recently my windows effects stopped working after a update it seems compiz works, everything but windows effects like magic lamp for example. but everything works fine with the ubuntu unity environment i would rather have all the effects working on gmome classic because i hate unity. any advice?01:22
wilee-nileejnix, many are ask your question01:22
jnixi've cloned my OS disk to the 2nd hard disk in my server. installed lvm2, and redid the partitions and copied the os back over to the newly created lvm.. now i can't get it to boot!01:22
blackshirtjnix, just ask here,someone with respectable capability would try to help you01:22
jnixis there something special i have to do to get grub2 to boot from lvm?01:22
unless__drupin, I can find jigdo and zsync at repositories.01:22
jnixi'm not using the uuid in grub.cfg, using the /dev/mapper node for mountpoint01:22
unless__drupin, what do you mean with tey it?01:23
drupinunless__: i never use it though found this morning only01:23
jnixi'm just trying to boot into the lvm container now, once i get that i'll get grub2 sorted01:23
unless__drupin, I also like the idea of torrent format.01:24
jnixim a RHEL guy, but ubuntu has better openstack support....01:24
blackshirtjnix, you were right01:24
blackshirtDebian too01:24
jnixcourse i intend to use rhel vm's but.. :P01:25
jnixstick with what i know..01:25
asgoo1looking for some security advice, alright to post a question?01:25
blackshirtasgoo1, what the problems01:26
MK`Is there a command to list all folders I am sharing over a network?01:26
drupinis there any way i can remove the swap and merge in main partition01:28
sankeyubuntu-12.04.1-desktop-i386.iso   <-- is that a liveCD? It's certainly a CD (700MB), but does it have a live environment?01:28
drupintry unless__01:28
blackshirtsankey, usually that was live cd01:29
MK`drupin, you can repartition your drive, yes01:29
jnixha! did a chroot, ran update-grub and it fixed itself01:29
drupinMK`: how?01:30
jnixwell, thanks anyway! :D appreciate it nonetheless01:30
drupinwill i need go to live mode again MK`01:30
asgoo1just moved into a house with a load of gamers, already got the internet set up. just wondering to what extent they can monitor my browsing and how private easypeasy is keeping it for me...01:30
=== bullet is now known as Guest92457
MK`drupin yes, you can't alter a partition you are using.01:31
=== stringlau is now known as whatpasa
=== whatpasa is now known as caca
=== caca is now known as Cascador
drupinhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/1206004/ MK`01:33
=== Cascador is now known as MISS
asgoo1 whats the best program to keep my wifi data encrypted?01:33
WeThePeopleasgoo1, ssh01:33
WeThePeoplewith auth01:34
MK`you made the first partition extended, drupin?01:34
=== MISS is now known as Pendor
MK`in any event you should be able to merge it with the partition after it, just make sure to back up that partition01:35
drupini dont know what i did MK`01:35
drupinpoint me any article MK`01:36
=== Pendor is now known as stringlau
=== stringlau is now known as fmartin
asgoo1any1 know about 3d acceleration with poulsbo chipset01:37
MK`drupin: look up gparted, that's an excellent partitioning tool. It's on the liveCD01:37
drupini used it the swap was 1 Gb i reduced it to 500 MB to merge in main partition01:38
drupinwas unable but01:38
drupini just want to remove the swap now01:38
drupinit is freezing my OS01:38
=== fmartin is now known as stringlau
drupinhow i fix this extended one01:39
VinnyPotterhey, sorry for the time I took, I'm on windows now01:40
VinnyPotterthis is the situation of my partition by Windows01:40
=== stringlau is now known as dancing_bananas
=== VinnyPotter is now known as VinnyAtaide
MK`drupin you'd need to repartition the whole drive, you can't really move an extended partition around, it'd be a bit risky.01:41
=== dancing_bananas is now known as stringlau
wilee-nileedancing_bananas, can you fix your client to stay with nine nick.01:41
drupinMK`: means mount and all stuff01:41
wilee-nileeone* nick stringlau01:41
drupinits not freezing so far01:42
drupinor the system freezes01:42
bin_bashHi there. I have a Crapbook Pro 8,1 and it says on the website that the Thunderbolt port "won't work"01:45
bin_bashbut that's not true01:45
Dr_willis'on the website'  meaning......01:45
Dr_willisif its a wiki page. you can correct/change things.. it maybe for older releases01:46
Dr_willistheres also a ubuntu docs channel i belive01:46
bin_bashIt's not a wiki page01:46
bin_bashBut the information is incorrect no matter what version you're using.01:46
usr13bin_bash: It says, "You can contribute to this wiki, see Wiki Guide for details"01:47
bin_bashWell I'm not going to explain how it works01:48
bin_bashI just wanted to tell you it was wrong01:48
bin_bashI don't even use Ewbuntu01:48
usr13bin_bash: What DO you use?01:48
Dr_willisetch-a-sketch? ;)01:48
usr13Ok, I'm lost....01:48
bin_bashThat was quick.01:49
wilee-nileemaybe you could change the wiki to say crapbook01:49
bin_bashNot everyone thinks Apple is shit01:49
usr13wilee-nilee: excellent01:49
bin_bashIt might be offensive to some of the hipsters in here.01:49
TorpedoSkyline<3 Apple01:50
wilee-nileeno just your rhetoric is all01:50
bin_bashTorpedoSkyline, your opinion is bad and you should feel bad.01:50
usr13bin_bash: certainly not me.  (I was being facetious.)01:51
* TorpedoSkyline shanks bin_bash with a paper towel holder.01:51
bin_bashusr13, you asked me what I was using. I said "Arch".01:51
bin_bashWhat is so confusing about that01:51
TorpedoSkylineArch is like so 1979.01:52
usr13bin_bash: This is the #ubuntu channel.01:52
bin_bashTorpedoSkyline, what01:52
bin_bashusr13, I came in here to correct your data.01:52
TorpedoSkylineno one in here wants to deal with an OS you have to piece together to run.01:52
usr13bin_bash: Usually, people here are discussing ubuntu systems.01:52
zester1Isn't this a support channel? Shouldn't we I don't know...... Talking about support related stuff and not apple bs?01:52
usr13bin_bash: It is not my data.01:52
TorpedoSkylinezester1 we should be.01:52
TorpedoSkylineTake this to #ubuntu-offtopic.01:52
ratcheerTorpedoSkyline: +101:53
bin_bashzester1, it /is/ a support issue because someoe might come in quoting that page and you all will cling to it like some kind of bible01:53
moxieor #ubuntu-losers01:53
bin_bashand it's blatantly incorrect.01:53
bin_bashI use the thunderbolt port to output to my LCD TV01:53
jribbin_bash: and you're on natty?01:54
TorpedoSkylinebin_bash then change it and contribute to society.. stop complaining. xD01:54
TorpedoSkylinejrib, no Arch.01:54
jribTorpedoSkyline: ...01:54
usr13jrib: He is not a Ubuntu user.01:54
bin_bashjrib, it doesn't matter what I'm using, because it's a kernel issue and it was updated with the 3.4 kernel01:54
jribbin_bash: verify it works on the *natty* version of ubuntu (which doesn't have 3.4 iirc), then feel free to fix the page.  Not sure what else you expect here.  This channel is for ubuntu support.01:55
bin_bashjrib, there's literally no reason that apt-get update shouldn't update the kernel01:55
bin_bashand if it doesn't01:55
CelsoHi there! Does sommeone has a bug on the ubuntu 12.04.1 on the left bar that isn't showing the app name when we put the mouse on top of the icon?01:55
bin_bashthen your distro is bad and you should feel bad.01:55
jrib!sru | bin_bash01:55
ubottubin_bash: Stable Release Update information is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates01:55
Dr_williswe all feel bad for you bin_bash.01:55
jribbin_bash: thanks for your opinion.  Do you have an ubuntu support issue we can help you with?01:55
TorpedoSkylinebin_bash. Thank you for the information. Your job of notifying the Ubuntu community is complete.01:56
bkc_bin_bash: stop bitching... you're giving Arch-users a bad reputation! -.-01:56
zester1I just don't want to see any more fighting ;) I see enough of it other places.01:56
* wilee-nilee loves the ignore01:56
CelsoDoes sommeone has a bug on ubuntu 12.04.1 on the left bar that isn't showing the app name when we put the mouse on top of the icon?01:57
Dr_willisCelso,  just a few apps or all apps?01:57
Celsoalmost all but its random01:58
zester1Celso: What graphics card and driver are you using? Intel, Ati, Nvidia. OSS or Binary Blob?01:58
delinquentmecp is the copy/paste command ja???01:58
Dr_willisCelso,  ive not heard anyone else mention it.  was wondering if it was just Java apps. :)01:58
Dr_willisdelinquentme,  cp copies..01:58
Dr_willisdelinquentme,  man cp    for details of it.01:59
Celsowith the intel 3000HD card and intel i3 processor01:59
Dr_willispaste - is more of a 'move/rename' operation.01:59
zester1Do they flicker?01:59
Celsohum...  weird....01:59
Celsoif i put the mouse, sometimes it shows, sometimes not....02:00
Celsobut with the 2D version i am not having it02:00
Celsoanny problem02:00
zester1Try upgrading your ubuntu, sounds like a bug with compositing.02:01
Celsoi am using ubuntu 12.04.1 full updated02:01
wilee-nileeCelso, You might try resetting the unity desktop, have you tweaked it in any way?02:02
Dr_willistest with a newly made user.02:02
Celsonop. just installed the pc, and installed the updates and the language. nothing more.02:02
Celsomaybe something related to a bug on language pack?02:03
zester1No that wouldnt be it.02:04
zester1Its more than likely a bug in unity's compiz. I have no idea why they choose that as a foundation for unity it has always been extreamly buggy.02:05
Celsoshowld i report it?02:07
zester1Yes I would02:07
VinnyAtaidehello, it's me again, sorry for bothering you guys for so long02:07
Celsook. i will report it.02:07
Celsothanks for the help02:08
zester1Sorry we could be more help ;)02:08
VinnyAtaideI have a screenshot from my windows partition manager showing all my partitions. I hope this way the situation could be better for me. I don't wanna delete my windows files02:08
zester1could = couldn't02:08
Celsono problem02:08
jagginessVinnyAtaide, well backup your stuff.. cuse the xubuntu installer is not something i ever tried (you should try #xubuntu if you're using xubuntu)02:09
Celsoi was searching for this bug but didn't find anything so, i was wondering if anyone here would hear something about it02:09
wilee-nileeVinnyAtaide, the windows partitioner will leave out actual partitions, you want to post a gparted view here.02:09
Celsoor experienced the same bug02:09
zester1I have experanced it before.02:09
VinnyAtaideI'm not using Xubuntu, xubuntu was before I formatted with windows02:09
jagginessVinnyAtaide, http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php02:09
usr13jagginess: It is not different from the Ubuntu installer.02:09
zester1A few times I just switched to using a differant window manager.02:10
jagginessusr13, maybe, but I never used it.02:10
VinnyAtaideyeah, ubuntu kubuntu and xubuntu share the same installer02:10
Celsoand how you got it fixed?02:10
VinnyAtaidecan you see the link that I've posted?02:11
zester1Ummm I bought a Nvidia card and used the binary drivers from nvidia or you could try a differant wndow manager like xfwin02:11
GycklarnWhen I use apt-get upgrade, are my nvidia drivers updated as well? I never thought about it until now.02:12
zester1 VinnyAtaide: How do you propose your going to backup 400+GB of data?02:12
blackshirtgycklarn, no,you should reinstall nvidia driver again02:13
VinnyAtaideI would, but it's funky, thanks guys I'll learn by myself and if I find the answer I'll post here =)02:13
zester1No one here installed when you upgrade if there is an avalable update its installed.02:13
allan_Hi, I has installed Xubuntu on my PC but I Like Ubuntu Desktop02:14
zester1blackshirt: What makes you think you have to re-install NV drivers when you update. I02:14
usr13allan_: install ubuntu-desktop02:15
allan_How I can Install the Ubuntu Desktop?02:15
zester1Download normal ubuntu would be the easyest way.02:15
chriswardRunning apt-get upgrade on x64 ubuntu, and a few packages are being held back and no reason is provided anyone know how to fix/isn't a problem? Apt output: http://pastebin.com/FBxeMKCy02:15
Celsook. i will report it. thanks guys!02:15
jagginessallan_, you mean um unity?02:15
allan_Ubuntu Desktop or GNome, What is the best?02:15
jagginessallan_, again here with ya man.. I have no idea if unity is on xubuntu!!!!!02:15
VinnyAtaidexubuntu have xfce02:16
usr13jagginess: Sure it is.  The repos are same.02:16
allan_yes Xubuntu have Xfce,but I like Ubuntu Desktop02:16
allan_My PC no support PAE02:16
zester1allan: Try both and you decided it comes down to preferance there is no one is better than the other.02:16
wilee-nileeallan_, Here is a lionk for removing xubuntu and installing unity.  http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/pureubuntu02:16
allan_I hate Xfce,Lde and Kde02:17
wilee-nileeallan_, check the release is the same if you use it.02:17
allan_is ugly02:17
usr13xfce4 rocks!02:17
VinnyAtaideallan_ xfce is fast and clean, unity is slow"er" and prettier, and have some accesibility advantage02:17
zester1There all ugly ;)02:17
allan_12.04 Xubuntu x6402:17
allan_xfce is ugly02:17
chriswardRunning apt-get upgrade on x64 ubuntu, and a few packages are being held back and no reason is provided anyone know how to fix/isn't a problem? Apt output: http://pastebin.com/FBxeMKCy02:17
allan_Sorry is x8602:17
trismchrisward: the openjdk-7 update added new dependant packages, you need to: apt-get dist-upgrade; to pull them in02:17
chriswardthank you02:18
delinquentmeSOOoooo I've got a rather large copy/paste operation going on ... on a server I'm SSHed into .. and I'm wondering about the progress02:18
allan_Gnome is best for me?02:18
allan_I have 1GB RAM02:18
delinquentmeis there a better way to have done a cp operation ... something perhaps a bit more transparent as to what happening?02:18
delinquentmeALSO .. is a CP operation a heavy thing in an ubuntu OS?02:18
chriswardtrism, worked, thanks *gives cookie*02:19
trismchrisward: yum02:19
zester1 You guys want to see my Desktop Environment?  Its my own custom creation everything written from scratch by me :)02:19
zester1From the window manager on down.02:19
allan_What is the best for me?: Unity or Gnome Desktops?02:19
VinnyAtaidethe best way is just reinstall ubuntu, if you install ubuntu on xubuntu you're gonna have a bad time with the many options of softwares that do the same thing (my opinion =p)02:20
Wildbatis there a log for crontab ~ i have set one to auto update but it don't seems to working ~ how should i debug it ?02:20
bball-how can I install gcc-3 on ubuntu 12.04 ?02:20
allan_In 1GB RAM, 1.7GHz Processor02:20
allan_I have other Question02:20
OerHeksbball-, install build-essentials02:20
bball-that installs gcc-4.602:20
bball-and the oldest version in the repo seems to be gcc-4.402:21
GycklarnWildbat, You could always check /var/syslog02:21
allan_Ubuntu 12.10 requires PAE?02:21
OerHeksbball-, why do you need that old stuff ?02:21
bball-gcc-4.x can't buidl wireshark02:21
bball-the compielrs crash02:21
GycklarnWildbat, What command have you set it to run?02:21
bball-I've tried both 4.4 and 4.6 with the same result02:22
OerHeks!info wireshark02:22
ubottuwireshark (source: wireshark): network traffic analyzer - GTK+ version. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.6.7-1 (precise), package size 801 kB, installed size 2138 kB02:22
OerHeksit is in the repo's02:22
bball-I need to build it from source02:22
allan_Help Me!!02:22
bball-I'm making modifications to the code..02:22
=== g00se is now known as Jellyg00se
bball-and I need a recent version (cloned from the git repo)02:23
OerHeksbball-, if the compiler 'crash' or end with an error, the error inclides the solution02:23
bball-the compiler is not erroring due to a problem with the source code.. the compiler itself is crashing02:23
MK`Is there a command to list all folders I am sharing over a network?02:24
zester1This is what 1-1/2 years of work looks like writing a "Window Manager, Desktop, Desktop Panel" from scratch using Qt https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-NqwiT4QUODs/UFPmcBMZcdI/AAAAAAAAAaI/wk9Q21h4kTE/s747/Untitled.png02:24
zester1Fastest/Most responsive Linux DE that exists to date ;)02:25
bball-the solution is to install gcc-3.x :-)02:25
VinnyAtaidehttp://i.imgur.com/3vZva.png !!! look at this, the system itself see all my files but the installer don't!02:26
OerHeksVinnyAtaide,  the installer does not see windows files.02:28
zester1It should detect that window is installed.02:28
allan_thanks for the link02:28
VinnyAtaideI mean not the files, just the partition, it should have the option to install next to windows02:28
allan_Ubuntu Requires kernel PAE?02:29
OerHeksVinnyAtaide, did you select the right hdd ?02:29
zester1 VinnyAtaide: Correct it should.02:29
VinnyAtaide0erHeks, what you mean? there's no option for that before. And there's only one HDD02:30
allan_How I can Uninstalla Xfce Desktop when I have Ubuntu desktop?02:30
maverickhello all02:30
maverickam having this peculiar problem with my ubuntu 11.1002:30
zester1Vinny: Try restarting the ubuntu install cd can act funny sometimes.02:30
OerHeksVinnyAtaide, then is must be something else, like your Sata hdd is set in the bios to IDE mode. change it to AHCI02:30
VinnyAtaideI just did 3 times02:31
morganhow do I remove 3d unity and install 2d unity D:02:31
OerHeksmorgan, log out, change gdm to unity 2D and log back in again.02:31
zester1morgan: You dont 2D unity is discontinued do to a bunch of problems02:31
wilee-nileemorgan, 2d is already there in a dropdown at login, you can't just remove the 3d.02:31
morgani tried that, I don't see the 2d02:31
zester1I wouldnt do it ;) Trust me its even worse than 3D02:32
morganthere is only 'Ubuntu' in the drop down thing02:32
wilee-nileemay be gone not sure really02:32
morganI dono all of a sudden everything is kinda laggy and I've just re-installed the nvidia drivers02:32
VinnyAtaideI'm gonna check what 0erHeks said02:32
maverickam a new ubunru user02:33
mavericki get the menu sccreen in this way02:33
solifugusI lost my irc password.. how can I have it mailed to me?02:34
OerHeksmaverick, click the 3 pencils next to the white house, for more programs02:34
morganshould I try using the driver from nvidia.com or should I use whatever is recommended in system settings > additional drivers ?02:34
maverickit's not that :)02:34
OerHeksmorgan, use additional drivers, so you get updates02:34
mavericki used to get in full screen02:34
IdleOnesolfijoin #freenode and ask them to send a reset email.02:35
IdleOnesolifugus: ^02:35
mavericknow only half of the screen02:35
wilee-nileemaverick, see the 3 buttons in the top left corner.02:36
maverickthanks wilee.. :) solved02:37
GycklarnIf I want to discuss unity vs cinnamon on ubuntu, is this the place? Or should I go somewhere else, like #ubuntu-offtopic ? I'm still trying to figure out my bearings.02:37
wilee-nileemaverick, no problem.02:37
maverickit didn't occur to me that we can minimize that too XD02:37
maverickit's not in windows :P02:37
Denilton_santosFinalmente Entrei02:38
zester1Gycklarn: Ill talk custom desktops but im not interested in eather of those ;)02:38
maverickcan any one tell me how to  add my oracle drivers to ubuntu?02:38
Denilton_santosKd geovanny?02:38
maverickplease check this :)02:40
chewI see no progress in the bar I think measures progress.  I see it saying "copying files" but how do I check to make sure it works?02:41
chew(I tried it without installinng then install with programs running alongside)02:42
maverickplease check this ppl :)02:42
L1I'm writing a shell script = how can I put the output of a command into a variable? I have:   status = $(sudo service mysql status)  echo $status     but it doesn't seem to be working02:42
wilee-nileemaverick, This might help there is also a ppa for installing the oracle java 7 as well.02:42
mavericki have the oracle java :)02:43
mavericki can run java programs02:43
maverickbut while connecting to DB i get this error02:43
trismL1: you shouldn't need sudo on: service name status;02:43
GycklarnL1, I02:43
GycklarnI'd remove the spaces02:44
Gycklarnsurrounding the =02:44
VinnyAtaideoh cmon, the HDD was already AHCI02:44
L1trism: Thanks. Gycklarn: That was the issue - working now, thank you very much :)02:44
OerHeksVinnyAtaide, then i have no explanation why the installer does not see your windows partitions.02:45
=== solifugus is now known as iceworm
mavericki think i need to add a class path..02:46
VinnyAtaidehaha, I will find brother02:46
=== megabitdragon is now known as zz_megabitdragon
VinnyAtaideIt has to do with the Xubuntu I had before installing windows. It changed my HDD forever =p02:46
NullzeroHi guys, anyone feel like being tech support for me?02:47
bazhangNullzero, ask the channel02:47
NullzeroI've got a broadcom wireless  issue.  Everything I'm seeing is talking about drivers, but mine isn't even showing up in the lspci02:48
maverickanyone?? :)02:48
NullzeroSo i'm not sure where to go from there if I can't even see the hardware02:48
maverickwhich broadcomm drivers are you using NullZero02:48
Nullzeroright now none are installed as far as I can see02:49
maverickpost your lspci output02:49
OerHeksNullzero, is it a laptop, with a FN key to disable wireless ?02:49
Nullzerophysical slider02:49
maverickor a hardware key02:49
Nullzeroits in the on position02:49
Nullzerolet me jump on here from the laptop02:49
maverickhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/   : post lspci o/p here02:49
xcervohello guys what is the best ftp client for ubuntu?02:50
peepsalothow do i configure what happens when i plug in my android phone.  it opens file browser and media player and i don't want either, i just want to charge it02:50
=== adie is now known as Incest_Adie
phyrexianslug@maverick: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8103725/java-lang-classnotfoundexception-when-executing-java-code02:50
tucemiuxanyone seeing flash videos even though the web page is minimized? o.O02:50
bazhangpeepsalot, plug in where02:50
maverickthanks phyrexianslug02:51
peepsalotplug in USB to charge it02:51
bazhangpeepsalot, how does this connect to ubuntu support02:51
=== Incest_Adie is now known as Adie
maverickNullzero post your lspci o/p02:51
Gycklarnpeepsalot, I think you do that on the phone?02:51
Nullzero-laptopi'm trying one second02:51
VinnyAtaidetucemiux, like creating a new window?02:51
peepsalotbazhang, i'm plugging into my ubuntu laptop, and ubuntu is opening file browser and rhythmbox02:51
Nullzero-laptop00:00.0 RAM memory: NVIDIA Corporation C51 Host Bridge (rev a2) 00:00.1 RAM memory: NVIDIA Corporation C51 Memory Controller 0 (rev a2) 00:00.2 RAM memory: NVIDIA Corporation C51 Memory Controller 1 (rev a2) 00:00.3 RAM memory: NVIDIA Corporation C51 Memory Controller 5 (rev a2) 00:00.4 RAM memory: NVIDIA Corporation C51 Memory Controller 4 (rev a2) 00:00.5 RAM memory: NVIDIA Corporation C51 Host Bridge (rev a2) 00:00.6 RAM 02:52
tucemiuxVinnyAtaide, no, i minimize the browser then open up the command prompt and i can see the flash video in the terminal o.O02:52
maverickall u are getting is ur gfx card o.O02:53
Nullzeroone second it locked up on me02:54
VinnyAtaideOkay I'm gonna format my pc and install windows first, but how can I assume this isn't gonna happen again? can I have a real format option that will make my hdd really new?02:54
mirajVinnyAtaide : yes02:54
VinnyAtaideokay, how is it02:55
mirajVinnyAtaide : from the linux "dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sd? bs=1m count=?"02:55
Nullzero-laptop_lspci -nn 00:00.0 RAM memory [0500]: NVIDIA Corporation C51 Host Bridge [10de:02f0] (rev a2) 00:00.1 RAM memory [0500]: NVIDIA Corporation C51 Memory Controller 0 [10de:02fa] (rev a2) 00:00.2 RAM memory [0500]: NVIDIA Corporation C51 Memory Controller 1 [10de:02fe] (rev a2) 00:00.3 RAM memory [0500]: NVIDIA Corporation C51 Memory Controller 5 [10de:02f8] (rev a2) 00:00.4 RAM memory [0500]: NVIDIA Corporation C51 Memory Cont02:56
deanfxQuestion -- Everytime I am connected to my ubuntu box via VNC, I freeze up alot and Compiz freezes. Any ways of fixing this?02:56
mirajVinnyAtaide : replace the question marks with appropriate values02:56
Nullzero-laptop_00:00.4 RAM memory [0500]: NVIDIA Corporation C51 Memory Controller 4 [10de:02f9] (rev a2) 00:00.5 RAM memory [0500]: NVIDIA Corporation C51 Host Bridge [10de:02ff] (rev a2) 00:00.6 RAM memory [0500]: NVIDIA Corporation C51 Memory Controller 3 [10de:027f] (rev a2) 00:00.7 RAM memory [0500]: NVIDIA Corporation C51 Memory Controller 2 [10de:027e] (rev a2) 00:02.0 PCI bridge [0604]: NVIDIA Corporation C51 PCI Express Bridge [102:56
VinnyAtaidewhats the value for count?02:56
mirajVinnyAtaide : that will make your harddrive really like new02:56
OerHeksNullzero-laptop_, use paste.ubuntu.com please02:56
mirajVinnyAtaide : use a count value of however many megabytes your hardrive is02:57
VinnyAtaideok thanks miraj02:57
VinnyAtaidebye all02:58
FaithfulHey guys VirtualBox looks real ugly in 12.04.1 Desktop.  The screen draws are terrible02:59
Nullzero-laptop_No broadcom coming up which is what this latptop uses from all the other pavillion dv600002:59
Nullzero-laptop_posts i've been seeing02:59
jameswwhat is overhead of an encrypted home folder? i see my home folder taking up as much space as th e encrypted version, is it as simple as that, the price is that you have to have an encrypted copy of everything? or am i misreading?02:59
Nullzero-laptop_I found one post from someone who had the same issue but it was never solved.03:00
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lotuspsychjeNullzero-laptop_:whats the default Os on that laptop?03:04
wilee-nileeNullzero-laptop_, Here is a 12.04 link. http://askubuntu.com/questions/125529/wireless-doesnt-work-on-a-broadcom-bcm431203:05
lotuspsychjeNullzero-laptop_:did you install broadcom drivers correclty?03:05
Nullzero-laptop_There are no drivers installed at all, I don't know which ones to use because it doesn't show up in lspci03:06
lotuspsychjeNullzero-laptop_:try the additional drivers section, or software centre or synaptics03:07
Nullzero-laptop_All I know is that this laptop normally uses a broadcom wireless card03:07
mirajmust not count as pci, maybe it counts as pcmcia or cardbus?03:07
Nullzero-laptop_any way I can find out?03:07
Nullzero-laptop_command not found, not part of the standard install?03:08
mirajI thought it was a standard package03:08
Nullzero-laptop_yeah it says its installed03:09
Nullzero-laptop_found it lspcmcia03:12
Nullzero-laptop_no output03:12
mirajsorry, it was just an idea03:12
bekorhi using ubuntu 12.04 gnome classic. some how compiz not fully functional somehow, windows animations  not working anymore03:13
Nullzero-laptop_so that's basically where I am at.  If i had anything in lspci i'm pretty sure I would have had this working, but since its not in there at all I'm out of ideas03:14
bkc_Nullzero-laptop_: tried lsusb?03:15
mirajhas anyne else with that model got it working with any distro of linux?03:15
Nullzero-laptop_bkc hub and camera03:15
Nullzero-laptop_yes, from what i'm reading in the forums everyone else has a broadcom wireless adapter03:16
Nullzero-laptop_and then they just have to install the correct drivers03:16
xkillndis wrapper?03:16
mirajyou said the wireless had a physical switch?03:17
Nullzero-laptop_Only one thread I saw had someone without anythign in his lspci output and there was no solution on that one03:17
Nullzero-laptop_first thing I checked was to make sure it was in the on position03:17
mirajwhat happens if you jiggle the switch a little?03:17
xkillis the card PnP compliant? is this a super old card? is the cardbus? is the laptop ancient?03:18
Fernestnot a question about ubuntu, but does one know, why I can't send messages to channels like #python and #c++ ?03:18
xkillare you registered and identified?03:19
bkc_Fernest: are you registerd with NickServ?03:19
lotuspsychje!register | Fernest03:19
ubottuFernest: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode03:19
FernestThis was quick! I love this channel :-) Thanks guys03:19
peepsalothow do i configure the actions that ubuntu takes when my phone is plugged in over USB03:19
bkc_peepsalot: udev-rules?03:19
Nullzero-laptop_laptop isn't ancient, like I said there are a lot of threads with people having driver issues on this laptop but they just needed to correct their drivers, all of them had the card show up in the lspci and it was a broadcom03:19
Nullzero-laptop_I've cycled the physical switch a few times to see if that was the issue03:20
mirajis there any chance the power-saving controls has it turned off?03:21
drupini am now on the persistence live system03:21
peepsalotbkc_, i don't see anything related in /etc/udev/rules.d03:21
drupini can keep using this?03:21
Nullzero-laptop_hmm let me check miraj03:21
Nullzero-laptop_i would have thought even if that were the case it would still see it on the bus03:22
bkc_peepsalot: nothing there because you havn't put anything there... defaults and so on...03:22
peepsalotbkc_, rhythmbox automatically opens up, i don't want it to03:22
peepsalotalso nautilus, i don't want anything to open automatically03:22
peepsaloti actually uninstalled rhytmbox thinking that would stop it.  now vlc opens up03:23
bkc_peepsalot: that has nothing to do with udev... it's default applications03:23
bkc_under settings03:23
bitbarronMy Mozilla Thunderbird has started to become unresponsive when I start it up in Ubuntu.  How can I troubleshoot this problem?03:23
mirajbitbarron : unresponsive in what way(s)?03:24
Nullzero-laptop_I don't see anythign in the power settings that would point to the wireless03:25
bitbarronmiraj, When I open it, it immediately "hangs", and when I try to quit by clicking the "x", it says it is not responding and asks if I desire to "force quit"03:25
xkilldrupin: you can not re-use disk space. deleting files just gets them out of your face but you dont regain the space03:26
zester1OMG have you seen the new Redmond Linux Distro!!!!!!!03:26
wilee-nileebitbarron, try opening it with the terminal running thunderbird and look for errors03:26
mirajNullzero-laptop_ : don't know, it's a mystery. If you have any wifi pc-cards, you could use one of them03:26
bitbarronmiraj, by "hangs", I mean I cannot navigate around the user interface of the program such as move from one email to another, or even open the menus03:27
xkillit works till you run out of disk space03:27
DracoDanLRPChow do I set the default runlevel with upstart?03:27
bitbarronwilee-nilee, good idea03:27
drupinxkill: means once place is blocked so its permanant03:27
peepsalotbkc_, thanks i found the settings03:27
Nautilus__anyone familiar with K3b?  How do I make it show hidden files so I can select them?03:27
bkc_peepsalot: np :)03:27
bkc_Nautilus__: Alt+.03:27
Nullzero-laptop_@miraj ok, thanks for the help, I'll have to see if I cna get a usb or pcmcia card03:28
bitbarronwilee-nilee, No errors seem to be coming up in terminal.  Also, the screen dims????03:29
xkillit is very simple to over come the 4GB filesystem limit. use a linux partitioner to partition the drive into a 2GB FAT16 partition and a second ext2 partition as large as you like labeled "casper"  (or "live-rw" if it is debian)03:29
Nautilus__bkc_: hm, doesnt seem to do it, and I hit refresh after03:29
Nautilus__bkc_: Is it in the GUI anywhere?03:29
mirajbitbarron : something must have got corrupted, maybe a virus. mozilla products are bad for that.03:29
bkc_Nautilus__: 2sec...03:29
wilee-nileebitbarron, same look as well? Not sure here really if it was me I would purge it and reinstall, but I keep nothing in my thunderbird.03:30
danmichelwow, congrats to the folks at Ubuntu. I havent touched Linux in like 5 years. This is amazing03:30
mirajbitbarron : sylpheed is a pretty good email program ...03:30
danmichelback in the wobbly windows days03:30
bkc_Nautilus__: Alt+. works just fine for me... K3b 2.0.2... you have to select the filemanager-part thou03:31
bitbarronmiraj, Really?  Well, what you say is what it seems likely.  I didn't know viruses took hold on mozilla distros running on linux03:31
wilee-nileemiraj, mozilla products are bad for what?03:31
drupinxkill: plz i need article on it03:31
bkc_wilee-nilee: memory-leaks... it has more holes than a swiss cheese ...03:31
mirajmozilla products can be corrupted with specially crafted xml files03:32
bitbarronwilee-nilee, By purge, you simply mean uninstall and reinstall, correct?03:32
Nautilus__bkc_: huh I just installed this and it's 1.91.003:32
wilee-nileebitbarron, sudo apt-get purge thunderbird   then reinstall03:33
bkc_Nautilus__: note, that I said <alt>+<dot> as in the key between / and , :)03:33
bkc_Nautilus__: I'm also assuming you're talking about K3b, the cd/dvd-burner app in KDE :)03:33
wilee-nileememory leaks possibly a xml crafted unlikely03:33
Nautilus__bkc_: I missed the dot!03:34
bitbarronwilee-nilee, Since I am running Thunderbird as IMAP, my emails should all be uneffected, correct?03:34
bkc_Nautilus__: ;)03:34
Nautilus__bkc_: that works just fine, thanks!03:34
bkc_np :)03:34
bitbarronwilee-nilee, By that I mean, I am not deleating all my prior emails.03:34
Nautilus__wish I could set it as default03:34
wilee-nileebitbarron, AS long as they are on the original server no03:34
bitbarronwilee-nilee, I think that is the case.  It's gmail.03:35
wilee-nileebitbarron, I have university address used this way myself.03:35
bkc_Nautilus__: poor default-value actually :)03:35
Nautilus__bkc_: nah, if it's off I won't know if I missed something03:36
bkc_Nautilus__: also... that value is remembered for that directory by the KDE framework... just so you know ;)03:37
mirajit could be gmail's fault, bad network packets causing tbird to lockup03:37
Nautilus__bkc_: just the one tho? ugh03:37
Nautilus__bkc_: now I have a symbolic link warning and don't know what to do...4 options :(03:38
bkc_it's awesome actually :)03:38
morganwhat can I do to make the desktop less laggy? D:03:38
bkc_Nautilus__: you probably want to copy the files then :)03:38
bkc_morgan: what graphicscard are you using?03:38
blackshirtmorgan, disable some desktop effects03:38
morgannvidia gtx 46003:39
morgani7 930 @ 4.2 ghz03:39
bkc_what driver? nouvoue or nvidia?03:39
Nautilus__bkc_: "Add link to project", I think?03:39
bkc_morgan: (open source or propeitary)03:39
xkilldupin; http://www.pendrivelinux.com/create-a-larger-than-4gb-casper-partition/03:39
blackshirti thinks, nvidia user gets more trouble compared to intel or ati one03:40
bkc_Nautilus__: I'm guesing not... that will keep it as a link...03:40
morganbkc_, the recommended one03:40
bkc_morgan: then turn of a few (or many) desktop effects...03:40
morganbkc_, ok I'll try that. where/how do I do that please?03:40
bkc_blackshirt: because Ubuntu havn't up'ed the driver-version yet to >302 -.-03:41
blackshirtmorgan, maybe related to compiz effect03:41
Nautilus__bkc_: Options: "Follow link now" then? Actually I just have 2 choices, then rest of the 4 add "Always" to the action03:41
blackshirtbkc_ you are right03:41
morganI'd like to turn off all effects etc03:41
bkc_morgan: I'm guessing you're using unity? then I have no idea :/03:41
bkc_Nautilus__: yes, that one :)03:42
blackshirtmorgan, maybe better and test them step by step03:42
bkc_I'd turn of compiz entirely then, if you're not gonna use it anyway :)03:42
PedrolitoI'm trying to enable the html 5 mode in youtube, but youtube claims that the firefox 15 in ubuntu doesn't have WebM.  Is that correct?03:42
blackshirti mean,add some effect step by step03:42
Nautilus__bkc_: Thanks!  Looks like it's going now03:42
morgani dono what compiz is D: how do I turn it off and on to see the difference03:42
bkc_Pedrolito: that major BS ^^03:43
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ubottuCompiz (compositing window manager), for a howto see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager and more help #compiz03:43
morganbtw I've been windows user for last 10 years, I've been on Ubunutu for about 5 days now03:43
Pedrolitobkc, does that mean that the html 5 mode should work without any modifications?03:43
bkc_morgan: try this in a terminal: metacity --replace03:44
blackshirtmorgan, forf firts time using, you should familiarize your new environment :d03:44
bkc_Pedrolito: yes03:44
morganbeen trying but I have no idea what stuff is called lol took me a while to fighre out dnome was the GUI03:44
xanguabkc_: morgan do not03:44
xanguamorgan: bkc_ if you don't want to use compiz log out and select unity 2d in the little ubuntu icon next to your username03:45
wilee-nileexangua, good catch I saw that and said what?03:45
morganI don't see unity 2d03:45
bkc_morgan: I'd goto http://wiki.ubuntu.org and http://help.ubuntu.org and pay good attention at the Beginners-section :)03:45
bkc_xangua: what's wrong with metacity --replace?03:46
roothorickI'm having an issue where some font glyphs get corrupted when I resume from suspending to RAM. Where do I even begin on this?03:46
blackshirtmorgan what version ubuntu are yoy03:46
Nautilus__Pedrolito: I had trouble getting the YouTube player embedded on a page as HTML5, is that what you're doing?  Have a good reference URL?03:46
blackshirtmorgan what version ubuntu are you  usi ng?03:46
bkc_xangua: refering to this page: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager#Window_Managers_.26_The_Commands_To_Start_Them_Manually03:46
blackshirtMorgan, then you arw using unity desktop03:46
PedrolitoNautilus__,  yes, I'm trying to have youtube play the videos in html 5 mode, but it doesn't work, I always get the flash mode03:47
morganI'm looking in synaptic and unity 2d is not installed03:47
Nautilus__Pedrolito: that was my problem :(03:47
PedrolitoNautilus__, how did you fix it?03:47
morganis unity like gnome? or they are different?03:47
wilee-nileebkc_, unity is a plugin in compiz.03:47
Nautilus__Pedrolito: I haven't.  And it's not just firefox03:47
blackshirtmorgan, they are different thing03:47
bkc_Pedrolito: actually, html5 is only available to a sub-section of all videos... try another one :)03:48
Nautilus__bkc_: really? maaaan03:48
bkc_wilee-nilee: ooh... didn't know that... stoped using ubuntu when they switched to unity ^^03:48
wilee-nileebkc_, hehe I used it for awhile. ;)03:49
bkc_Nautilus__: Pedrolito: however they pop the number by a few thousand each day :)03:49
bkc_wilee-nilee: I said "s**** this, I'm moving to KDE..." and then "s**** this, I'm moving to Arch" ^^03:49
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morganas long as I can use Synapse I don't care about unity or launcher or dash or any of that stuff03:49
Nautilus__bkc_: what about apple users with the many NO Flash devices?03:50
mirajmorgan, you can try other window managers in ubuntu03:50
xangua!language | bkc_03:50
ubottubkc_: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.03:50
morganmiraj, which would you say is the 'lightest'03:50
bkc_Nautilus__: guess why youtube are moving towards html5 & webm :)03:50
bkc_xangua: hence the censuring...03:50
mirajmorgan, the absolute lightest windows manager would be twm, but you probably wouldn't want to use it03:51
Nautilus__bkc_: thanks, I've been wondering about that for months03:51
bkc_xangua: or were you refering to Arch ;)03:51
Nautilus__Pedrolito: we may be out of luck until YT does their thing03:51
mirajmorgan, somewhere in the middle are compromise solutions, like xfce or afterstep03:52
morganoh I think I tried xfce in xubuntu and hated it, it was super choppy and laggy for me03:52
Pedrolitobkc_, you're right, I found a video which allows to use the html5 player, and it's working fine03:52
mirajmorgan, don't know what xfce would be choppy and laggy, ubless you've got hw problems. it's got no eye candy extras really03:53
bkc_morgan: how can xfce be laggy and unity not? ... that is physically impossible...03:53
xkillxfce on ubuntu w/ USB flash 4 hard drive = smooth and nice  (weird thing though, other laptop that is 10 years older, runs faster. faster USB flashdrive maybe?)03:53
Nautilus__is there a way to tell which ones work, without embedding them one by one? Some field on the YT page for the video?03:53
nexusguy59you around shaladore?03:54
morganI dono but video and stuff etc was super choppy03:54
bkc_Nautilus__: not to my knowledge no... havn't looked into it :)03:54
jameswwhat is overhead of an encrypted home folder? i see my home folder taking up as much space as th e encrypted version, is it as simple as that, the price is that you have to have an encrypted copy of everything? or am i misreading?03:54
Pedrolitomorgan, xfce is super smooth for me, it makes my netbook usable, unity was wayyyyyy to slow03:55
bkc_morgan: bad configuration then... or just not installed the correct nvidia-driver :)03:55
Nautilus__Pedrolito: what specific YT video did you fid that does HTML5, and how did you find it?03:55
xkillthe overhead depends on the encryption strength and if it's padded03:55
PedrolitoNautilus__, I search for the 'html5' keyword in youtube, and the first video I tried used the html5 mode03:55
xkillwhat alg?03:56
Nautilus__Pedrolito: ok, heh03:56
morganeverything was default03:56
PedrolitoNautilus__,  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzPxo7Y6JyA to be specific03:56
bkc_morgan: then there's your problem... you need to install the nvidia-driver :)03:57
morganthat was definitely installed03:57
xkillthats like bitching about progman or explorer when you where running on standard vga driver03:57
jameswxkill how can i find the alg?03:58
morganI'm not that noob D:03:58
machiolatwhat does it mean if i'm superuser and yet an .sh script won't run, i.e. permission denied03:59
jameswwhatever was default alg xkill03:59
machiolati've tried su, su sudo, sudo03:59
machiolatchanged permissions and everything and still get permission denied03:59
xkillthen it would be very small international 56bit non padded encryption03:59
WeThePeoplemachiolat, try sudo i03:59
WeThePeoplesudo -i03:59
Nautilus__Pedrolito: Interesting, I'm on that video's YT page and it's embedded via flash.  I wonder if they show Flash by default if the browser supports both? (I'm in FF).   bkc_: any thoughts there?04:00
xkillidk what ubuntu uses by default but i assume its about as easy to crack as wep04:00
machiolatwith sudo -i it says no such file or directory now? wtf...04:00
machiolatafter telling me permissoin denied for a hundred other things04:01
WeThePeoplemachiolat, reset terminal and type sudo -i04:01
bkc_Nautilus__: If you're in the beta-program for html5 then no, it should default to html5/webm and revert to flash if and only if the video isn't converted to webm yet...04:02
machiolat-bash: ./Fritzing: No such file or directory04:02
machiolatand yet, there it is04:02
WeThePeoplesudo -i isnt a file or dir.04:02
bkc_machiolat: paste the output of "ls -alF"04:03
Dr_willisYou are spelling it right? ;)04:03
Dr_williscase matters.04:03
PedrolitoNautilus, maybe you're using an extension that changes your user agent string.  That is my case, and I had to make it send my real user agent to youtube for html5 to work04:04
machiolatyeah i'm using Tab, so it's spelling it for me04:04
Dr_willismachiolat,  try 'file thatfilename'04:04
Dr_willisif its a 32bit binary.. and you are on a 64bit os...04:04
Nautilus__bkc_: 10-4, thanks _again_04:05
Dr_willisor visa-versa04:05
bkc_Pedrolito: has nothing to do with user-agent... it's a javascript-thingy that checks for html5-support04:05
machiolatthis is the 64 bit package, but ok... let me check04:05
machiolatand i've tried with the 32 as well04:05
machiolatsame issues04:05
Pedrolitobkc, I'm just saying that on my firefox, I'm not getting the html 5 if I block my user agent04:05
machiolatFritzing: POSIX shell script text executable04:06
Dr_willisalso you said it was a 'sh' script. so whats the first few lines.. the #!/bin/whatever  lines04:06
bkc_machiolat: and you do have the #!/bin/bash line at the top... right...04:06
bkc_and not just #!/bash...04:06
WeThePeoplemachiolat, you cd into a dir. >>04:06
Pedrolitoso maybe Nautilus has some kind of interfering extension such as noscript or the like04:06
machiolatcontents of the actual script http://bpaste.net/show/rbNd7vFLP0W5f384ZkVf/04:07
bkc_machiolat: change the first line to #!/bin/bash instead...04:07
bekorcompiz windows animations not working any suggestions?04:07
bkc_also... what does that script accomplish? o.O04:07
Dr_willisive also seen where you get weird messages like this when your bash script encoding/end of lines get messed up with  the dos encoding..04:07
bkc_^ true04:08
Dr_willishad a script once someone edited in notepad.exe that got extra cr/lfs on the end.04:08
bkc_and a break-line at the end of the file :)04:08
Dr_willistook us forever to figure it out.04:08
bkc_hexedit <304:08
xkillits not a windows fs is it?04:08
Dr_willisI think 'geany' and 'fte' can also show the whitespace/eol characters04:08
WeThePeoplebekor, do you know how to access compiz gui04:08
Dr_willisnight all.04:09
bkc_xkill: has nothing to do with fs...04:09
machiolat-bash: ./Fritzing: No such file or directory , :-( .. same thing04:09
limeDoes anyone know of good techniques to link pdfs with notes/files that may be associated with them.  I'm running into the issue, that if I create folders to put all my hundreds of pdf into, or start trying to organize them become unmanagable.04:09
machiolatthe install instructions for this program are basically just extract and run from CL or double click on filename in folder, and i've tried both04:09
blackshirtmachiolat, what are you try to search?04:09
WeThePeoplebekor, idk 12.0404:10
limeMaybe a way to link files together?04:10
machiolatwhen i double click nothing happens04:10
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bekorwhat is idk?04:10
WeThePeoplei dont know04:10
WeThePeoplein the terminal type compiz04:10
WeThePeopleorth hud04:10
WeThePeopleor the04:11
blackshirtmachiolat, this is not windows :d04:11
xkillright click on the file -> properties -> mark as executable -> apply & ok  -> then try clicking04:13
WeThePeoplemachiolat, in Lucid its under apperence04:14
nicekiwi_how do I share files and folders between 2 computers on the same network in ubuntu?04:14
bkc_!samba > nicekiwi_04:16
ubottunicekiwi_, please see my private message04:16
limeAnyone have some smart techniques to organize files in ubuntu?04:20
limeOh maybe index files so there are more quickly and easily searchable?04:20
nicekiwi_how do I share files and folders between 2 computers on the same network in ubuntu? NOT WINDOWS NETWORKS04:21
bkc_!nfs | nicekiwi_04:21
ubottunicekiwi_: nfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.04:21
m4k4r0n3Como instalo o Unity no Xubuntu?04:21
bkc_!sshfs | nicekiwi_04:21
ubottunicekiwi_: sshfs is a !Fuse based filesystem which allows you to mount a remote system over !SSH - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHFS for instructions04:21
ricochetI'm trying to install google-earth-stable on 12.04 amd64.  searching google shows tons of reports of problems with ia32-libs.  anyone familiar with the issue?  also lsb-core says its dependencies don't want to install.04:21
bkc_!es | m4k4r0n304:22
ubottum4k4r0n3: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.04:22
xkillsudo apt-get install unity04:22
bkc_I just guessing here thou...04:22
sin_taxIs there an easy way to aggregate/concatenate several folders into a single read only samba (or other?) share? For example I might have /media/movies/ on two disks, but I would like to share /media/ as one share that aggregates those two disks /media/ folders together.04:23
bkc_xkill: actually... ubuntu-desktop...04:23
xkillreally? theres a seperate unity package04:23
m4k4r0n3ubuntu-destop its better.04:23
nicekiwi_bkc_: seems a lil ultra complicated..04:23
xkillits linux04:23
m4k4r0n3what you prefered? Ubuntu or Xubuntu??04:23
bkc_xkill: unity-package is unity *only* ... ubuntu-desktop has nautilus or whatnot and the rest...04:23
gnar_Killer13Hi guys I need help with my wlan004:24
bkc_nicekiwi_: it really isn't...04:24
gnar_Killer13not showing up on ifconfig04:24
xkillxubuntu cuz im homeless and dont have nice computers04:24
bkc_m4k4r0n3: I prefer ArchLinux... but it's just a preference...04:24
WeThePeoplegnar_killer13, type lshw in terminal and copy paste to paste.ubuntu.com04:24
m4k4r0n3ArchLinux ? I never use Arch.04:24
m4k4r0n3its complicated.04:25
bkc_It isn't... if you know linux like your back-pocket ^^04:25
m4k4r0n3xubuntu is very sad. kkk04:25
m4k4r0n3dont have effects. =(04:25
xkillthats not what it's for04:25
bkc_effects... -.-04:25
Janossin_tax, nothing exactly like that comes to mind, but how about you create /shared and create two links under it to each of your media dir and then share the /shared directory with you favorite file sharing protocol04:26
xkillxfce is a lightweight no thrills run on anything windows manager04:26
bkc_sin_tax: just share /media? o.O04:26
m4k4r0n3i think what Unity is a better xfce.04:26
sin_taxJanos, that would sort of work, but I have similar subfolders in many of the drives so I would still have to 'hunt' for the content I want unless I know ahead of time which drive it is on04:26
jessersHello guys04:27
sin_taxbkc_, because I have a /media folder on multiple drives04:27
xkilluntill you try running unity on a pentium I04:27
Janossin_tax, sorry, didn't quite get that last part04:27
m4k4r0n3but my computer is a intel i3, ram memory 4gb and memory hard disk  tb04:28
jessersI need help with my wlan0 not showing up on ifconfi04:28
m4k4r0n3its a configuration good. really good. kkk04:28
davidwhat is the best way to install gnome 3 in ubuntu 12.04 without breaking anything?04:28
jessersYet. I am able to connect to wirless networks04:28
xkillthen why are you using xfce if you have a nice comp and what eye candy? thats not what it's for!04:28
bkc_david: sudo apt-get install gnome04:28
bkc_jessers: don't use ifconfig... use ip04:29
bkc_jessers: also, try ip addr show wlan004:29
Janossin_tax, you still have to figure out what you want to share no matter what04:29
davidin this command what does gnome represent. Someone else told me sudo apt-get install gnome-shell so I am a little confuse04:29
WeThePeopleip no work in linux04:29
m4k4r0n3Correct. i go to the install ubuntu-desktop04:29
m4k4r0n3and now, i very happy. hAhaehea04:29
jessersbkc_ ok let me try it04:29
bkc_WeThePeople: it does... ip addr show, ip link etc...04:30
bkc_WeThePeople: wasn't referring to ipconfig... -.-04:30
WeThePeopleyeah i know04:30
MeXTuXI'm trying to build a C++ code and link it against /usr/lib/libmysqlpp.so but always get /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -llibmysqlpp error I'm using -L /usr/lib -llibmysqlpp does this have something to do with ldconfig?04:30
bkc_ifconfig is depricated and should be killed with fire imho...04:30
xkilldavid; "sudo apt-get install gnome-shell"  will download and install the Gnome window manager (Ubuntu uses the Unity window manager by default)04:31
sin_taxJanos, basically, I have multiple drives (3 now, more later) with a similar /media structure.  So disk 01 might have /media/television/show_a and disk 02 might have /media/television/show_b and I would like to have a 'concatenated / aggregated' /media share that shows both subfolders from disk 01 and 02... Otherwise I have to guess which disk (or sub-share if I do a /allmedia share which has all my disks in it) the content is on...04:31
bkc_MeXTuX: it's -lmysqlpp04:31
bkc_sin_tax: glhf ^^04:31
davidso I want to try gnome 3. which command do I use04:32
xkillpress the Tab key to show your options04:32
bkc_david: is it installed?04:32
m4k4r0n3thanks guy!!04:32
sin_taxThanks bkc_ ^__^;   It seems greyhole is close to what I want but I don't care about redundancy04:32
xkillTab key autocompletes or presents options04:32
davidhow can I check?04:32
davidim on Ubuntu 12.0404:33
bkc_david: sudo apt-get install gnome04:33
bkc_it should either install it, or tell you it's already installed04:33
xkillin that shell while you are typing the command gnome-04:33
jessers_bkc_  I got this04:33
jessers_o command 'ipconfig' found, did you mean:04:33
jessers_ Command 'tpconfig' from package 'tpconfig' (universe)04:33
jessers_ Command 'iwconfig' from package 'wireless-tools' (main)04:33
jessers_ Command 'ifconfig' from package 'net-tools' (main)04:33
jessers_ipconfig: command not found04:33
Janossin_tax, raid0 or raid5 might be more what you need04:33
m4k4r0n3gnome is better what unity?04:33
bkc_david: if it's already installed you can select it at the login-screen :)04:34
jessers_This is my output fro ifconfig :04:34
jessers_eth0      Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 78:ac:c0:cc:14:8b04:34
jessers_          UP BROADCAST MULTICAST  MTU:1500  Metric:104:34
jessers_          RX packets:0 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:004:34
jessers_          TX packets:0 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:004:34
jessers_          collisions:0 txqueuelen:100004:34
jessers_          RX bytes:0 (0.0 B)  TX bytes:0 (0.0 B)04:34
jessers_          Interrupt:44 Base address:0xc00004:34
jessers_eth1      Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr ac:81:12:41:5b:9a04:34
jessers_          inet addr:  Bcast:  Mask:
jessers_          inet6 addr: fe80::ae81:12ff:fe41:5b9a/64 Scope:Link04:34
xkilli like KDE better than Gnome04:34
jessers_          UP BROADCAST RUNNING MULTICAST  MTU:1500  Metric:104:34
jessers_          RX packets:196436 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:145792604:34
bkc_m4k4r0n3: unity is more effects than gnome04:34
jessers_          TX packets:136242 errors:62 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:004:34
jessers_          collisions:0 txqueuelen:100004:34
jessers_          RX bytes:216281810 (216.2 MB)  TX bytes:20388219 (20.3 MB)04:34
jessers_          Interrupt:1604:34
bkc_!enter | jess04:34
jessers_lo        Link encap:Local Loopback04:34
bkc_!enter | jessers_04:34
ubottujess: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!04:34
jessers_          inet addr:  Mask:
ubottujessers_: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!04:34
jessers_          inet6 addr: ::1/128 Scope:Host04:34
xkillKDE and Unity has the most effects04:34
jessers_          UP LOOPBACK RUNNING  MTU:16436  Metric:104:34
jessers_          RX packets:6748 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:004:34
bkc_jessers_: PASTEBIN!04:34
jessers_          TX packets:6748 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:004:34
jessers_          collisions:0 txqueuelen:004:34
jessers_          RX bytes:664594 (664.5 KB)  TX bytes:664594 (664.5 KB)04:34
jessers_No signs of wlan0 , yet I am connected wirelessly04:34
sin_taxJanos, yeah, that would do it but I have a fear of catastrophic data loss in the case of losing some drives in a RAID array.  And it is difficult to grow the array by adding drives with some RAID solutions.  Thanks for you help though04:35
bkc_anything more than 2 lines... paste it on a pastebin-service -.-04:35
WeThePeoplejessers_, use paste.ubuntu.com04:35
WeThePeopleno flood bots, hmm04:35
bkc_jessers_: it's there... eth104:35
jessers_cool!  thanks bkc_04:36
bkc_jessers_: iwconfig should tell you the same...04:36
jessers_iwconfig  output this : lo        no wireless extensions.04:36
Pinkamena_Dhi guys04:36
jessers_I have a network adapter and a wireless network adapter04:37
bkc_jessers_: iwconfig should also say something about eth0 and eth1...04:37
MeXTuXbkc_: thank you04:37
bkc_Pinkamena_D: o/04:37
bkc_MeXTuX: np04:37
jessers_I'm connected wirelessly though   : /04:37
Janossin_tax, all linux raid solutions are easy to grow, and if you are worried about data loss, the more reason to use a raid configuration, just make sure you don't use raid 0 for that04:37
M4k4r0n3Im back using Unity.04:38
sin_taxJanos, is it possible to create an array (using mdadm or whatever) without obliterating the data already on the drives?04:39
Janossin_tax, yes sir04:39
M4k4r0n3whats better language of programation: php or python?04:39
jessers_Does anyone know if there a way for UBUNTU to download and install the drivers for my wireless adapter through terminal?04:39
bkc_M4k4r0n3: not related to ubuntu04:40
Pinkamena_Di know the chances anyone has done this here are rather slim, but anyway, i am trying to install halo (the first one) on ubuntu. I got wineinstalled and followed the online guides fully. I have seen some other people are having the same problem i am, but no one seems sto have found a solution for them04:40
bkc_jessers_: not that I know of04:40
Pinkamena_Dthe problem is that after you start the programs and the intro videos pass, you can hear the background muchs but its just a black screen04:40
Janossin_tax, also, i don't know what software do you use to play your media, but i know that xbmc can create a library to which you can just add file system paths and it will scan them, every now and then for changes, this keeps everything in one place even if you have files all over the file system04:40
Pinkamena_Di am guessing only some people have it because its something with the video driver or video card04:40
bkc_Pinkamena_D: you need to install DX-support through winetricks04:41
Janossin_tax, i'm pretty sure other media players have this functionality04:41
bkc_and select it in winecfg04:41
jessers_It is weird it all started after I partitioned my HDD for a dual-boot with   Ubuntu \ Windows04:41
sin_taxJanos, I use Plex, which does the same, but I have been having some issues with it so was looking for a fall-back plan that just allows me to browse media via a samba share04:41
M4k4r0n3i want to program in python on Ubuntu04:41
M4k4r0n3anyone know any really good IDE?04:41
joejackwifi not connecting. ifconfig shows only inet6 address but no intet addr does that help to debug the problem?04:41
bkc_M4k4r0n3: sudo apt-get install python04:41
M4k4r0n3python 3.2?04:42
glassresistorhave this weird problem with bluetooth headset in 10.04 but can't think of a way to google for it04:42
Pinkamena_Ddo you know where that "dx support" option is located offhand?04:42
bkc_M4k4r0n3: yes04:42
jessers_joejack i f you do ifconfig on terminal do you see a wlan listing?04:42
Janossin_tax, well then you have at least 3 options, raid, fix your current media player or get a new one that :)04:43
bkc_Pinkamena_D: not of the top of my head no, but it's under install programs... give me a sec and I'll have a look04:43
xkillsudo apt-get install bluefish04:43
M4k4r0n3how to respond like you?04:43
joejackyeah wlan0 that is the listing that is not showing a inet addr just an inet6 addr04:43
glassresistorbasically whenever I switch the program using sound saw going from hulu to youtube or just changing pages or changing the sound/movie im watching the A2DP high fedelity sound stars clipping and sounding bad..04:44
joejackjessers_ that comment was for you04:44
sin_taxJanos, thanks again =]04:44
bkc_joejack: the inet6-address is probably the default address...04:44
glassresistor... but if i toggle to hsp then back to a2dp it works great04:44
jessers_Try this joejack go to Terminal & type : dhclient eth004:44
glassresistoranyone have any ideas? i've noticed similar problems with multicast and pulse audio04:45
jessers_It is the same as ipconfig/ renew in Windows OS04:46
jessers_Did it work?04:46
Janossin_tax, just one piece of advice, if you decide to go with raid, try to simulate the procedure on a VM first, wrong step here and you loose you data :P04:46
joejackjessers_ it came back operation not permitted04:46
bkc_Pinkamena_D: winetricks -> Select the default wine-prefix -> Install a Windows DLL or component -> dx<something>04:46
glassresistorso bluetooth audio works but i have to toggle the sound between each track change, any ideas?04:46
jessers_Try it as root04:46
jessers_sudo dhclient eth004:46
Pinkamena_Dthank you very much, i will try it out now04:47
joejackok true haha04:47
=== dark3n is now known as dark3n|off
joejackjessers_ it seems to be just hanging now04:48
glassresistorits it pulseaudio or the bluetooth drivers I should be looking at?04:48
joejackyeah jessers_ that command is just hanging04:49
zed_hi I am using kubuntu 12.04 on this laptop and >I am having problems with the wireless04:49
jessers_So it did not renew your address04:49
zed_there is no network manager app on the taskbar, and I can't find it in the menus04:49
jessers_Hi zed_04:49
zed_hey jessers_04:49
jessers_Welcome to the club!!  LOL04:49
zed_why is this a common problem ?04:50
zed_there is no icon or app anywhere for accessing the net04:50
joejackjessers_ no ifconfig still only shows an inet6 addr for wlan004:50
vkasdoes anybody have an idea about this weird problem -  working in gnome-classic session and had a panel in the right side of the screen which i deleted. now i cannot reach in the area that was covered by the panel. the area is kind of cut-off from the desktop - even on the login screen. screenshot of the whole screen also omits the area04:50
jessers_I don't know man...my netbook was working fine and I connect wirelessly yet my wireless adapter doesn't show up on terminal04:50
Pinkamena_Dtheirs a whole bunch of d3dx9 and d3dx10 ones04:51
jessers_ok hang on joejack04:51
Pinkamena_Dill start with a generic dx9...04:51
jessers_zed_ so if you are already connected to a network all you need is a browser, correct?04:52
jessers_joejack , let's try flushing your DNS cache04:53
jessers_type this on terminal :  /etc/rc.d/init.d/nscd restart04:53
glassresistoris anyone using bluetooth headsets without the problem?04:53
joejackjessers_  it says no such file or directory04:56
joejackjessers_ what now04:58
jessers_I'm searching04:59
jessers_joejack try this :  sudo /etc/init.d/dns-clean start05:01
jessers_So nothing seems to happen but we cleared your DNS cache05:03
jessers_Now try restarting your wireless adapter, porfavor05:03
joejackjessers_ ok did the command and still nothing05:04
Janosjoejack, sorry, what's the issue again ?05:04
joejackmy wifi is not connecting and ifconfig does not  show in inet addr for wlan005:04
Janosjoejack, network manager working ?05:05
davidin trying to install gnome3 i get an error: Errors were encountered while processing:05:05
david man-db05:05
davidE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)05:05
davidwhat does this mean05:05
joejackJanos yeah it shows all the available wifi etc05:05
Janosjoejack, paste the output of 'sudo dhclient wlan0' somewhere please05:06
joejackJanos it is flaky too, sometime the wifi works for a while, then it stops for a while, right now it is not working of course05:06
duckDuckGoosehey all, I am trying to create a freenas VM on a ubuntu server install (12.04) with virt-manager, when I specify eth0 for the shared device (bridge) I get this error: Unable to complete install: 'Unable to add bridge eth0 port vnet0: Operation not supported'05:06
duckDuckGooseany help?05:06
joejackJanos ok05:06
kermoojoejack, paste the output of 'sudo dhclient wlan0' somewhere please05:06
kermooJanos it is flaky too, sometime the wifi works for a while, then it stops for a while, right now it is not working of course05:06
kermoohey all, I am trying to create a freenas VM on a ubuntu server install (12.04) with virt-manager, when I specify eth0 for the shared device (bridge) I get this error: Unable to complete install: 'Unable to add bridge eth0 port vnet0: Operation not supported'05:08
twigduring installation scratches heard, no inpur response, so what can I do05:08
joejackkermoo and Janos that command is just hanging05:08
Janosjoejack, no output at all ?05:08
kermooany help?05:09
kermooJanos ok05:09
joejackJanos just hanging i do not get the promp back gotta crl C it05:09
jessers_What about this one  guys?  sudo lshw -C network05:09
jessers_  05:09
Janosjoejack, iwconfig wlan005:09
joejackJanos ok did that command05:10
joejackit does not come back with much05:10
joejackwhat do you want to know about its response05:10
twigubuntu turned my computer into a doorstop05:10
drupinhttp://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1206194/ i am not able to update05:11
evilytwistedHi, my friend has a 64 bit pc, it is a laptop curently we are trying to get rid of linux and switch back to windows... IS it possible to install windows as 32 bit.. then upgrade it to 64 bit later?05:11
jessers_twig what type of install you used?05:11
Janosjoejack, ESSID, Mode, Access Point ?05:11
twigdvd edubuntu05:11
jessers_evilytwisted you can only install Win 64 bit if the processor support x64 OS05:11
IdleOneevilytwisted: Windows support in ##windows05:12
jessers_Did you format the HDD ?05:12
joejackJanos ESSID:off/any05:12
drupinevilytwisted: no you cannot both 32bit and 64bit are diff architecture05:12
twigi got it going and then i come back, no response, going to check again for further inights perhaps05:12
joejackJanos Mode: Managed Access Point: Not-Associated Tx=Power=20 dBm05:12
jessers_Your install is stuck, right? Can you tell me at which point?05:12
joejackJanos what now05:13
Pinkamena_Dwell i installed everything possible directx related but still no luck05:13
mactruckdoes dual display still not work on Ubuntu 12.04?05:13
jessers_joejack I forgot to ask you a question, are you able to connect wirelessly without any issues using other devices?05:14
cloudy_nzmactruck: I know of 2 people who have had persistent dual-monitor problems in Unity05:14
black_13_what does hdmedia mean when related to a preseed file?05:14
joejackjessers_ yes or example right now I am using my mac05:14
duckDuckGoosehey all, I am trying to create a freenas VM on a ubuntu server install (12.04) with virt-manager, when I specify eth0 for the shared device (bridge) I get this error: Unable to complete install: 'Unable to add bridge eth0 port vnet0: Operation not supported' anyone familiar with proper bridge setup?05:14
mactrucklame, yeah I can't get it to work05:15
Janosjoejack, iwlist wlan0 scan should show the available access points, is this correct ?05:15
cloudy_nzmactruck: what we fixed it with was eventually a whole new PC with different graphics card, etc.05:15
Janosjoejack, sudo that05:15
=== bkc_ is now known as bkc
cloudy_nzfor me, however, the dual-monitor freezing went away after several weeks of ubuntu updates05:16
twigi didi not format the hard drive disk instead i wanted edubuntu & slackware together on the same disc.  i have run the procedure for installing over and over and i just have it overwrite and install over the same partition05:17
twigI reinitialized the installation procedure05:17
Janosjoejack, does sudo iwlist wlan0 scan shows the available access points including the one to want to connect to ?05:18
=== bkc is now known as bkc_
kermoojoejack, does sudo iwlist wlan0 scan shows the available access points including the one to want to connect to ?05:18
jessers_joejack I looked in an Ubuntu forum and found this :05:18
kermoojoejack I looked in an Ubuntu forum and found this :05:18
jessers_damn it05:19
kermoodamn it05:19
mactruckcloudy_nz: lame... my mobo doesn't have built in video card05:20
kermoocloudy_nz: lame... my mobo doesn't have built in video card05:20
nikozzzzzzanger misery your blood belongs to me!05:20
evilytwistedquit! lol05:20
kermooanger misery your blood belongs to me!05:20
kermooquit! lol05:20
NeoNiksleave #ubuntu05:20
kermooleave #ubuntu05:20
joejackJanos the iwlist command returns unknown command05:21
kermooJanos the iwlist command returns unknown command05:21
evilytwistedwheres the op when we need one?!05:21
joejackwell it said unknown command for the wlan0 part05:21
kermoowheres the op when we need one?!05:21
kermoowell it said unknown command for the wlan0 part05:21
mactruckhe is fast05:21
kermoohe is fast05:21
evilytwistedhes immitating all of us :/05:22
kermoohes immitating all of us :/05:22
nikozzzzzzkermo makes me wonder:o05:22
kermookermo makes me wonder:o05:22
nikozzzzzzhes a bot05:22
kermoohes a bot05:22
evilytwistedyeah we know05:22
kermooyeah we know05:22
IdleOneAlright people, just ignore it for now.05:22
kermooAlright people, just ignore it for now.05:22
evilytwistedjust stop talking and itll go away :P05:22
kermoowho the hell is a bot?05:22
kermoojust stop talking and itll go away :P05:22
jessers_damn it05:22
kermoodamn it05:22
nikozzzzzzhey you are not a bot then why do you do what you do05:23
kermoohey you are not a bot then why do you do what you do05:23
kermoowhat I do?!05:23
evilytwistedwhat do you mean what did you do?!05:23
kermoowhat do you mean what did you do?!05:23
IdleOnekermoo: please stop05:23
kermookermoo: please stop05:23
nikozzzzzzyou repeat ppl messages05:23
kermooyou repeat ppl messages05:23
kermoowhat is wrong?!05:23
evilytwistedNow hes trolling..05:23
kermooNow hes trolling..05:23
nikozzzzzzfunny funny yeah05:24
kermoofunny funny yeah05:24
nikozzzzzza pro05:25
kermooa pro05:25
Janosjoejack, does iwlist works or not ? command not found sounds like if it was not installed05:25
kermoojoejack, does iwlist works or not ? command not found sounds like if it was not installed05:25
cloudy_nzkermo is a bot, doo-dah, doo-dah...05:25
kermookermo is a bot, doo-dah, doo-dah...05:25
* mactruck thinks he can truck him05:25
nikozzzzzzhow do we know you are not kinda sophisicated bot chat05:25
kermoohow do we know you are not kinda sophisicated bot chat05:25
daklanthat is extremely annoying05:25
kermoothat is extremely annoying05:25
machicolawhat is the typical way to go about handling a 'symbol lookup error' when trying to run a program.... the error i'm getting is symbol lookup error: /home/thetentmaker/fritzing-0.7.7b.linux.AMD64/lib/sqldrivers/libqsqlite.so: undefined symbol05:25
kermoowhat is the typical way to go about handling a 'symbol lookup error' when trying to run a program.... the error i'm getting is symbol lookup error: /home/thetentmaker/fritzing-0.7.7b.linux.AMD64/lib/sqldrivers/libqsqlite.so: undefined symbol05:25
cloudy_nzscript kiddies who write bots suck x 205:26
kermooscript kiddies who write bots suck x 205:26
zed_hi I have a acer 5755G-6620    can't get the wireless to work....05:26
* mactruck just us the me command he cant copy that05:26
kermoohi I have a acer 5755G-6620 can't get the wireless to work....05:26
zed_using kubuntu 12.0405:26
kermoousing kubuntu 12.0405:26
nikozzzzzztry googling your wireless card05:26
kermootry googling your wireless card05:26
joejackJanos it is thinking the wlan0 part is a command05:26
kermooJanos it is thinking the wlan0 part is a command05:26
zed_not even sure what it is05:26
IdleOnekermoo: I want you to know have earned yourself a 3 month ban soon as I can gain ops05:26
kermoonot even sure what it is05:26
kermookermoo: I want you to know have earned yourself a 3 month ban soon as I can gain ops05:26
gogetafriggin yaaic isnt working have to use webcat05:28
kermoofriggin yaaic isnt working have to use webcat05:28
luckysmackanyone willing to help? i cant fix a broken install. I tried to install java7 using a ppa from these instructions http://www.webupd8.org/2012/01/install-oracle-java-jdk-7-in-ubuntu-via.html which has worked before. but my internet died in the middle, and now i cant recover. here is what I have tried: http://bpaste.net/show/6JksJM2aZVpv6dgyN9zT/05:30
kermooanyone willing to help? i cant fix a broken install. I tried to install java7 using a ppa from these instructions http://www.webupd8.org/2012/01/install-oracle-java-jdk-7-in-ubuntu-via.html which has worked before. but my internet died in the middle, and now i cant recover. here is what I have tried: http://bpaste.net/show/6JksJM2aZVpv6dgyN9zT/05:30
luckysmackive also tried `sudo dpkg --reconfigure -a` which appeared to help some, but I still cant fix it. I am on ubuntu 12.0405:30
kermooive also tried `sudo dpkg --reconfigure -a` which appeared to help some, but I still cant fix it. I am on ubuntu 12.0405:30
ankurhey guys05:31
kermoohey guys05:31
nydelanyone here use vimprobable?05:32
ankurwhat's that05:32
nydelankur: it's a vi improved editor-like web browser05:32
ankurnydel, lemme see05:32
IdleOnethank you05:33
ankurnydel, you know shell scripting?05:33
daklanthat bot sure was annoying05:33
nydelankur: sh, bash, lush, a bit of csh, lisp, perl, php05:33
random777Anyone here use a Steelseries sensie mouse?05:33
nydelankur: lisp & bash mostly05:34
zed_Intel Centrino  Advanced-N 620505:34
zed_can't get that to work05:34
ankurnydel, why are you using vimprobable? O.o05:35
nydelzed_: what can't you get to work exactly?05:35
zed_nydel: well I have kubuntu 12.04 installed. and05:35
zed_the network app doesn't give me the option to enable wirelesss05:35
zed_its greyed out05:35
daklandriver not loaded?05:35
zed_hardware drivers shows nothing05:35
nydelankur: i look at a lot of textual websites and am on a minimal kick right now. it's actually a really great browser, vimprobable is. much faster than any other browser i've used.05:36
zed_not sure where to get the drivers from i guess i have to manually install them from the manufacturers website ?05:36
ankurnydel, yeah if you're reading text then it's great.05:36
luckysmackanyone know how I can fix apt-get in 12.04 ? my router crashed when installing java, and now i cant install or recover apt-get. http://bpaste.net/show/6JksJM2aZVpv6dgyN9zT/05:37
nydelzed_: that's really unfortunate, i'm sorry to hear that didn't work automatically. you'll have to install the drivers, are you able to find them?05:37
daklanzed_: should be supported out of box, it seems. what does lspci say about it?05:37
ankurnydel, but then when it comes to multimedia it would suck05:37
bkc_nydel: what's the difference between vimprobable and say luakit? :)05:37
ankurluckysmack, try reopening your terminal05:38
zed_03:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation Centrino Advanced-N 6205 (rev 34)05:38
daklanluckysmack: tried "apt-get install -f"?05:38
ankurluckysmack, it usually works for me05:38
nydelankur: i really dislike how multimedia www/http has become. i miss the old days. i wanna meet with my friends on a telnet bbs or shell, not facebook. ideas, not identity.05:38
daklanzed_: so the kernel recognizes it. Try lsmod|grep iwlagn05:38
nydelbkc_: i know vimprobable is built on lua.. i'm not sure how to answer your question in full05:39
zed_daklan: absolutely no output from that command05:39
bkc_nydel: luakit is the same, just that all config-files are written in lua... also all plugins/whatnot :)05:39
daklanzed_: modprobe iwlagn05:39
luckysmackdaklan: yea tried that. did some stiff but didnt work.05:39
daklanyou'd need sudo privileges for that, zed_05:39
zed_daklan: nothing05:39
ankurnydel, haha i don't think that's gonna happen.05:39
luckysmackankur: something that simple seems to have worked...05:40
daklanluckysmack: what errors are you getting?05:40
TheMinimalistWhat is the difference between the Minimal CD and the regular 12.04 LTS if the Minimal CD will still result in a 5GB install? I ask because I'll be getting a netbook ( 1.6GHz processor dual-core, 1GB RAM ) and am looking for the smallest install and memory footprint05:40
nydelankur: it will! you'll see! (i don't even believe me)05:40
zed_daklan: nothing05:40
ankurluckysmack, haha i know :D05:40
zed_no output05:40
nydelbkc_: i never learned anything about lua. should i?05:40
bkc_TheMinimalist: If you want small... don't go for ubuntu...05:40
ankurnydel, let us hope soo. I hate multimedia taking too long to load up :P05:40
daklanzed_: try lsmod|grep iwlagn again05:40
bkc_nydel: yes, it's a nice language :)05:40
zed_daklan: sudo ?05:41
luckysmackdaklan: i pasted them in my link. but closing and reopening the terminal after those were run, seems to have fixed it.05:41
daklanzed_: nope05:41
daklanluckysmack: good! :)05:41
zed_daklan: nothing no output05:41
nydelankur: and 99.(loop for i from 0 to (get-universal-time) do (format t "9")% of the media is crap05:41
TheMinimalistbkc_: What would you personally recommend then? Ubuntu seems amazing for a server ( 500MB total install? ) but seems bloated for a desktop ( 5GB? )05:41
daklanzed_: interesting05:41
zed_daklan: http://pastebin.com/Re3R6H1x05:41
ankurnydel, didn't understand a word :\ not much of a geek05:42
nydelankur: 99.99999999% of the media that takes so long to load is crap05:42
bkc_TheMinimalist: I'd recommend xubuntu, if at all ubuntu...05:42
ankurnydel hahaha true that05:42
TheMinimalistbkc_ May I PM you?05:42
bkc_TheMinimalist: sure05:42
nydelbkc_: nice for what, or, what sort of programming do you do? is lua easy to use for gui?05:43
bkc_nydel: lua is something you use for embedded scripting... not as a separate program :)05:43
ankurguys i want to create my own operating system as my final year engineering project, i'm clueless from where to start. Any ideas?05:43
daklanzed_: sudo modprobe iwl496505:43
bkc_ankur: GLHF, you'll need it ^^05:43
nydelankur: do you use any of the popular web servers, like facébook, twiddler etc05:43
zed_daklan: nothing05:44
zed_remmber this is kde05:44
daklanzed_: then look it up using lsmod. If no output, you may need to Google exactly what package provides that module05:44
daklanzed_: won't matter if it's kde. looks like you're just missing the driver05:44
nydelbkc_: could it be useful for collecting a program written in different scripting languages?05:44
nydelbkc_: often i write a portion in lisp & a portion in ba/sh or perl, my methods of combining them are messy05:45
daklanzed_: i wonder if the shipped kernel includes that module. It may not05:45
zed_daklan: yeah I don't know05:45
daklanzed_: sorry, which version are you running?05:46
pupilhello everyone, my x server is error05:48
zukirepdoes anyone know if its possible for me to have switched my f2 button at boot to go to boot loader instead of the bios menu?05:48
Janoszed_, i think the module for that card is iwlwifi, try sudo 'modprobe iwlwifi'05:48
pupilis there anyone can help?05:49
pupilmy xserver won't start05:49
drupinDuplicate sources.list entry http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ precise-security/universe i386 Packages (/var/lib/apt/lists/security.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_precise-security_universe_binary-i386_Packages)05:50
drupinhow i remove this05:50
Rootbrianthere seems to be an issue with Cheese. It just will not start at all. All I get is it crashing all the time and I'm curious as to when a fix will be released soon.05:50
thufir_I'm using DAR to create DVD backup slices.  How large should the slices be?   There's a slight problem with large files:  http://askubuntu.com/questions/187954/dar-slice-size-for-dvds  because ISO 9660 doesn't allow for large files.  I'm looking for the most space efficient slice size.05:50
daxdrupin: check in /etc/apt/sources.list and /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* for a duplicate entry that looks like that05:50
bkc_thufir_: just use split and cat :/05:50
drupinok dax a min05:51
thufir_bkc_:  heh.  wow, that sounds quite painful.  it's just that everytime I do the arithmetic to minimize wasted DVD space, it's either too large or too small.05:52
bkc_how hard can it be? just divide the files into parts that together completely fills up a DVD :/05:53
ankurbkc_, you mean the magazine?05:53
ankurnydel, i use fb twitter g+05:53
nydelcool i'm running awesomewm for the first time05:53
ankurnydel, helps me stay connected and updated05:53
thufir_bkc_: I'm not sure that you understand my question, thank you, though.05:53
bkc_ankur: magazine? o.O05:54
ankurbkc_, what's glhf?05:54
nydelankur: me too, but i don't like any of them. they don't help me stay connected or updated at all. if anything they create distance between myself & friends i might make an effort to see (& vise versa) if these social bits didn't exist05:55
RootbrianI'm using gnome-fallback. Usually I have gnome-panel running within fluxbox. It's just brilliant. No need for compiz.05:55
bkc_thufir_: I think I do... you can't put files bigger than 2GB on an iso9660-fs, so you have to split the files to be less than 2GB but at the same time use al available space on the disk...05:55
bkc_ankur: Good Luck, Have Fun05:55
phyrexianslugGLHF -> Good Luck,  High Five05:55
luckysmackankur: ok maybe it didnt work.05:55
ankurbkc_, haha, tq05:55
ankurluckysmack, what didn't work05:55
bkc_thufir_: correct?05:56
luckysmackit will download and attempt to install a package, then beore it finishes, it wil tell me: E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)05:56
thufir_bkc_: yes, that's the problem.  1024MB perhaps?05:56
ankurnydel, it surely makes you lazy and not get you to meet them, but then everything has it's pros and cons05:56
nydelof course, yeah, you're right ankur05:56
luckysmack `sudo dpkg --configure -a' will again try to install them, but give the same error.05:56
nydelbrb switchign back to cinnamon05:57
ankurluckysmack, umm are you on live session or what?05:57
=== user___ is now known as rootbrian
bkc_thufir_: how is 1024*4 4.7? that would be 4GB... you have to divide them at a npot value... 1604MB would almost completely fill each DVD...05:57
rootbrianfigured the /name command didn't work in chatzilla.05:57
ankurluckysmack, try this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=164217305:58
daklanluckysmack: try to uninstall the package that's causing the issue (using -f)05:58
bkc_thufir_: actually, just remembered that most DVDs are only 4.5GB, so that would be 1536MB / splice05:58
luckysmacki get: E: Could not get lock /var/lock/aptitude - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)05:58
bkc_thufir_: I'd go for 1500, to be on the same side :)05:58
ankuranyone here aware of shell scripting and stuff?05:59
daklanluckysmack: you have a stale aptitude process05:59
Janosankur, i know about stuff :)05:59
ankurdaklan, yeah that can be the case, luckysmack are you using software centre to maybe download or maybe ubuntu is updating05:59
daklanluckysmack: look for any aptitude processes using ps05:59
daklanluckysmack: then kill that sucker :)06:00
luckysmackthe only thing i have been using is terminal and chrome06:00
ankurJanos, i wanted to make an operating system for my final year engineering project i don't know where to start06:00
thufir_bkc_:  ok, thanks06:00
ankurJanos, mind tipping?06:00
Janosankur, at the beginning ? :P06:01
ankurJanos, yeah and where is that? :P06:01
luckysmackankur: in regards to the link you sent me :http://bpaste.net/show/PPj4IUPs7jNlG680XiuX/06:02
hficif ur having issues with /var/lock why don't u just delete the file from lock?06:03
thufir_if you leave out the -p flag for DAR (Disk ARchive), and the hard drive fills up, will DAR pause and prompt you to remove files, press enter, and then continue after user input?  Or, is it not quite that smart?06:04
daklanluckysmack: some proc is using that config.dat. lsof|grep <whatever> file and see if that process is something that should be running06:05
bkc_thufir_: I've never used DAR... I use dd, split and cat06:05
luckysmacki tried killing aptitude and its still shows up with ps. not doing it right? I tried 'sudo killall aptitude' and 'sudo kill 21704' (the pid)06:05
daklanluckysmack: kill -9 <pid>06:05
hfickill -9 pid06:05
thufir_bkc_: ok, thaks I'm trying that slice size you suggested.  I think it will be close enough for gov'mt work.06:05
drupin/etc/apt/sources.list.d two enteries of dvd.list06:05
bkc_thufir_: also, for an automated backup-system, that's a really bad idea...06:05
thufir_bkc_: why is that a bad idea?06:06
bkc_thufir_: the pause-and-wait-for-user-input-thingy that is...06:06
thufir_oh, yeah, I'm just backing up an entire hard drive in order to format it.  It's a one-time backup.06:07
bkc_thufir_: then I'd suggest a removable harddrive instead :)06:07
thufir_lol, yes, that would make more sense. I'm not always known for doing things the sensible way...06:08
luckysmackdaklan: `lsof | grep config.dat` doesnt come up with any results06:08
bkc_thufir_: have a look att clonezilla, it's a live-distro built for exactly this purpose :)06:08
thufir_will do, thanks :)06:08
xkillredo is easier06:08
luckysmackdaklan: kill -9 pid killed aptitude, but still same error.06:09
Janosso i have not been paying much attention to file systems lately and suddenly i find this /run directory, ls -lid tells me it shares the same inode as /var/run which leaves me with two questions: first, is it possible to hard link directories on ext4 ? and more importantly, why the hell do we keep putting more stuff in / ? :P06:09
ankurluckysmack, i am no expert bro, sudo apt works when i restart my terminal06:09
luckysmackwould a simple restart fix this?06:09
ankurluckysmack, from what i can see it's the half installed program that' causing the problem, try uninstalling it06:09
daklanluckysmack: tried to uninstall the package you were trying to install?06:09
Pazziehi all, i want to add my additional hdd (existing one) i can see him but if i want to mount it it keeps saying in correct filesystem, what happend was i reinstalled my system and now i want to add the harddrive again06:09
daklanankur: good insight :)06:09
luckysmackyea i have tried.06:09
bkc_thufir_: http://clonezilla.org/ :)06:09
Pazziei my previous configuration it was a lvm06:10
luckysmack ill post the output06:10
drupinthe double enteries not moving out06:10
drupinin the PPA06:10
xkillsudo dpkg --configure -a && sudo apt-get autoremove06:10
ankurdaklan, how much of coding do you know on linux?06:10
daklanPazzie: specify the correct file type using -t parameter06:11
xkillthufir_: http://redobackup.org/06:11
daklanankur: by "coding", you mean scripting?06:11
Pazziedaklan: in the fstab file?06:11
daklanankur: run of the mill shell scripting, python, some other stuff06:11
daklanPazzie: mount -t06:12
daklanPazzie: add your special ingredients to that command06:12
luckysmacki closed my terminal, and tried again. here are my results, still broken: http://bpaste.net/show/1sltGB5f9h5og1qouRYL/06:12
daklanPazzie: in fact, "man mount"06:12
daklanluckysmack: sudo apt-get remove --purge man-db06:13
Pazziewell what i did was this, i put the uuid in the fstab file (since i can see the harddrive) and then i do sudo mount -a06:13
daklanluckysmack: it's getting stuck at that point06:13
daklanPazzie: try it first using "mount", then modify your fstab according to what worked with mount06:13
thufir_xkill: thanks. I think DAR will suffice for tonight, but good to know.06:14
alqasmeysudo apt-get autotremove06:14
ankurdaklan, any tips for a noob aiming to make an OS06:14
JanosPazzie, just my two cents, if you had a lvm config on this drive you can't mount it directly AFAIK, you have to assemble the lvm first and then mount the lvm device06:14
daklanPazzie: you may be specifying the wrong fs type, or you specified the entire drive when in fact you want to mount a partition06:14
daklanankur: an OS? big dreams there, brother06:15
daklanankur: and no, you can't clobber an OS together using shell scripting06:15
Pazziedaklan: yes thats te error message i am receiving06:15
daklanPazzie: inspect the partitions on that drive using fdisk -l06:16
daklanPazzie: my guess is that your drive is partitioned, and you're trying to mount /dev/sda instead of /dev/sda1 (as an example)06:16
Pazziedaklan: if i do fdisk -l nothing happends (do i need to type the hdd behind it?06:17
xkillshould have listed the drives06:17
xkillsudo fdisk -l06:18
hficPazzie, you need sudo06:18
daklanPazzie: yep. "man fdisk" for more info06:18
daklanyeah, and whatever the other folks said06:18
jmstickdak is apt-get purge program the same as apt-get remove --purge program06:18
ankurdaklan, yeah i know but i need to start with something. and we need to dream big, haven't you heard? Shoot for the moon, don't worry even if you miss you'll land amongst the stars :P06:18
Pazziedaklan: yes that is correct, but i have read, that nowdays ubuntu mounts on uuid instead of /dev/sdb for example06:18
luckysmackdaklan: running `sudo apt-get remove --purge man-db` will uninstall my ubuntu-desktop and a lot of other things. : gnome-user-guide* man-db* ubuntu-desktop* ubuntu-docs* ubuntu-standard* yelp*06:19
daklanPazzie: yes, that's if you reference the correct uuid06:19
daklanluckysmack: wow, use dpkg instead06:19
xkillsudo dpkg --configure -a && sudo apt-get autoremove06:19
hficPazzie, blkid will show u UUIDs06:19
daklanxkill: dpkg is failing on the configure step, that won't work06:20
luckysmacksudo dpkg --configure -a doesnt work.06:20
Pazziedaklan: i see the drive with fdisk -l (/dev/sdc1 system GPT) but i dont see the filesystem it is06:20
hficPazzie, sudo blkid06:21
daklanluckysmack: dpkg -r06:21
luckysmackdpkg gives me this: http://bpaste.net/show/52q4AYLP288zruBq2lpc/06:21
daklani had to man that stupid flag, haven't used dpkg by itself in a while :(06:21
Pazziehfic: this is what i now see: /dev/sdc1: UUID="wttki2-9ggl-b4Zx-7dRc-T522-SfFl-BnSHNP" TYPE="LVM2_member"06:21
daklanPazzie: oh, it's LVM06:21
hficPazzie, your drive is LVM06:22
Pazzieyes, i have tried it in my last configuration06:22
Pazziebut i dont want that anymore06:22
Pazziei dont need lvm06:22
jmstickluckysmack fuser -v /var/cache/debconf/config.dat to find out which process is using this file.06:22
luckysmacksudo dpkg -r man-db gives me this: http://bpaste.net/show/Xj6jfPNpF9TweN4pz79S/06:23
Pazziebut there is still data on the drive06:23
luckysmackjmstick: no results06:23
jmsticksudo dpkg --configure -a doesnt work?06:24
luckysmackjmstick: no that gives me: http://bpaste.net/show/52q4AYLP288zruBq2lpc/06:24
daklanluckysmack: tried the -f flag?06:25
Pazziehfic: or daklan any idea? i just want to access the data and after that i can repartition the drive if needed06:25
luckysmackdaklan: aptitude install -f  ? yea i have06:25
daklanPazzie: never tried mounting lvm on a separate machine. I'm sure there's a way, just haven't tried it06:26
Janosluckysmack, what's the status of the package ? dpkg --get-selections <package>06:26
luckysmackif i do that with aptitude, it wants to remove ubuntu-desktop, since it wants to now remove man-db06:26
hficPazzie, do pvs06:26
Pazzieanyone? hfic06:27
ankurdaklan, there?06:27
jmstickluckysmack tryed a restart and or: sudo apt-get install -f && sudo apt-get clean && sudo apt-get autoclean && sudo apt-get update06:27
JanosPazzie, pvs, vgs and lvs should give you more info06:27
Pazziepvs? just as a command?06:27
daklanPazzie: tried this? http://linuxers.org/howto/how-mount-linux-lvm-volume-partitions-linux06:27
hficPazzie, type pvs, and it will show the groupname the LVM belongs 2 and mount it by the group06:27
daklanankur: yep06:27
ankurdaklan, read my last reply :D06:27
luckysmackJanos: oracle-java7-installerpurge06:27
luckysmacki asked about a restart, but people were still feeding me ideas to try and fix. so not not yet06:28
daklanankur: hard to do that when you're ssh-ing to a headless server and there's tons of text scrolling in your window06:28
Janosluckysmack, according to your paste, the package with the problem seems to be man-db, not oracle-java06:28
raymond_Upgrading from 12.04 to 12.10 beta06:29
raymond_wish me luck ;)06:29
hficraymond_, #ubuntu+1 if u have issues :)06:29
raymond_hfic, thanks :)06:29
hficraymond_, gl06:29
daklanluckysmack: i'd do a dpkg -rf man-db, but i'd make sure it doesn't take the other dependent packages with it06:29
ankurdaklan, anyways any tips as to where i should start??06:30
luckysmackyea i know. i didnt touch man-db until someone mentioned to see if removing it would help. i didnt install it myself. it either was on the system, or some other package installed it. ubuntu-desktop depends on it.06:30
daklanankur: start with robot rtos06:30
Janosluckysmack, dpkg --get-selections man-db ?06:31
ankurdaklan, what's that06:31
daklanankur: you'd learn a lot about the hardware if you start with robot kits. I mean you need an in-depth knowledge of hardware for you to delve into OS programming06:31
luckysmackJanos: man-dbdeinstall06:32
ankuri know about computer organization06:32
daklanankur: you know those robot kits that they sell? they come with RTOS development environments - real time operating system06:32
ankurdaklan, yeah iknow06:32
luckysmackbut i think thats because i was asked to try and remove it. the reason its on deinstall06:32
Janosluckysmack, sudo apt-get install man-db ?06:32
Pazziedaklan: hfic  i am now a little bit futher06:33
daklanPazzie: great!06:33
Pazzienow i get this if i want to mount it: sudo mount /dev/s-ftp/Data /media/Downloads mount: special device /dev/s-ftp/Data does not exist06:33
luckysmackJanos: that didnt break. looked like it worked. but man-db status is still deinstall06:33
luckysmackJanos: http://bpaste.net/show/1TFEjyhz1rtmJIhntsMc/06:34
Janosluckysmack, echo 'man-db install' | sudo dpkg --set-selection, and then try to update or whatever you were trying to do in there first place06:35
Pazziedaklan: /dev/s-ftp/Data is the lv name i get when i did:sudo lvdisplay /dev/s-ftp06:35
luckysmackok ill try06:36
JanosPazzie, can you pastebin the output of pvs, vgs and lvs ?06:36
ankurdaklan, how to start with that?06:36
PazzieJanos: yes gimme a sec06:37
=== daklan is now known as daklan-away
daklan-awayg'night, boys and girls06:39
Janosdaklan-away, take care06:40
PazzieJanos: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1206265/06:40
daklan-awayJanos: will do, you do the same :)06:40
Marzatagood morning from Europe!06:40
blackshirtmarzata, good afternoo from asia :d06:40
luckysmackJanos: i think that may have worked. not getting any errors with some of the other commands anymore. trying again.06:41
blackshirtwhere do you come from marzata06:41
Marzatanow in Oslo, Norway06:41
Marzatablackshirt: you?06:41
blackshirtmarzata, amazing country :d06:41
newbieI just did a bleachbit as root.  Since then, aMule doesn't work any more.  How could I fix that?06:41
PazzieMarzata: i am from the netherlands :D06:41
blackshirti'm from indonesia marzata06:42
JanosPazzie, you are missing a physical disk, don't think it's possible to start and lvm like that06:42
Marzatablackshirt: ah, a Java developer?06:42
Marzataand the Netherlands are to low06:42
blackshirtmarzata, ah.. You make a joke :d06:43
blackshirti come from java island :d06:43
luckysmackok it looks like this fixed it: echo 'man-db install' | sudo dpkg --set-selection06:43
blackshirtBut it was not related to java programming languages06:43
newbieAnd aMule worked before that, so bleachbit did something06:44
luckysmackthanks for the help Janos jmstick daklan-away06:44
luckysmacki appreciate it very much.06:44
Janosluckysmack, you got it06:44
nbubuntuI need a  bit help , I can't get galaxy tab mount on ubuntu , not sure the reason was , installed gmtp and it doesn't get connect06:45
PazzieJanos: what happend is, when i first installed ubuntu, i choose to use lvm, (i had 4 disks, 1 os and 3 data) but i sized my os disk to small, and i needed to extend it, but with gparted it was not possible so i then thought to reinstall my system with a bigger hdd. (since it is a vm, i removed my os disk and i have kept my 3 data disks) but now i want to add my hdd disks but the system is not allowing me06:45
hficnewbie, bleachbit overwrites data rendering it complete garbage that can't be recovered. If you did something to a program try reinstalling06:46
JanosPazzie, pastebin cat /proc/partitions06:47
newbiehfic: I was hoping that I could just remove something or do a command and recover the program.  I remember with Thunderbird I had a similar problem and I had to delete something and it worked after that06:47
PazzieJanos: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1206274/06:48
hficnewbie, without knowing what was deleted or changed reinstall is the quickest option.06:48
msmith0957have a new install of ubuntu on an old laptop, but can't get audio working :/ the card is shown under aplay -l but not shown in the vol control as a 'hardware output device' :/06:50
JanosPazzie, now i need sudo fdisk -l /dev/sda06:50
msmith0957It is indeed selected properly from alsamixer, but otherwise isnt seen from vol control or heard06:51
PazzieJanos: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1206277/06:51
JanosPazzie, did you reinstall ?06:52
PazzieJanos: yes06:52
=== joe____ is now known as xerox1
JanosPazzie, well bad news, you erased one of the partitions of your LVM Physical Volume i don't know how to recover that, not sure it's even possible without recovering that partition06:54
Pazzieno... sda is empty that is okay the data i need is on sdb1 and sdc106:55
MK`Is there a command to list all folders I am sharing over a network?06:57
Janosyes but sdb1 and sdc1 along with sdaN where the components of the Volume Group named s-ftp and now the sdaN is no more, so the Volume Group s-ftp won't start, which means the Logical Volumes Data and Software won't start either :(06:57
PazzieJanos: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1206285/06:58
blackshirtmk' , what the share you was used?06:58
MK`blackshirt: samba06:58
hficMK`, smbtree06:59
MK`thank you06:59
JanosPazzie, what's wrong there ?06:59
PazzieJanos: that is the disk that i am trying to mount07:00
Asad2005i am getting this error "postdrop: warning: unable to look up public/pickup: No such file or directory"07:00
PazzieJanos: but you are saying, i cannot access the data anymore on the drives? and i need to wipe them, to be able to mount them?07:01
JanosPazzie, the error you are seeing there is just because fdisk doesn't support GPT, you can use parted to list the partitions of that disk like this, sudo parted -l /dev/sdb07:01
JanosPazzie, but there is nothing wrong with sdb or sdc according to LVM, the problem is a missing physical partition that is no longer on the system and i assumed was on sda and got erased, and like i said, if all the parts of a Physical Volume are not available, this volume won't start07:03
random777Can anyone help me a mouse problem ?07:03
buhmanso I'm not understanding why ubuntu archive mirrors have the ubuntu -> . symlink07:04
buhmanseems rather stupid07:04
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nbubuntuI need a  bit help , I can't get galaxy tab mount on ubuntu , not sure the reason was , installed gmtp and it doesn't get connect07:06
bkc_nbubuntu: did you set the tab to usb-drive mode?07:07
nbubuntubkc_: how to do that ?07:08
PazzieJanos: is there any way that i can just read the disk with some sort of livecd, like knoppix?07:09
nbubuntubkc_: doesn't have that . Using Honeycomb android 3.107:09
PazzieJanos: i just need to copy some files07:09
bkc_nbubuntu: then no idea... google :)07:09
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JanosPazzie, sorry man, the physical partitions right now have data that only LVM understand, they don't have any conventional file system that you can mount directly, if lvm does not read it, no one else can, so i have no idea what else to do here07:11
PazzieJanos: and what about install a new ubunutu system with lvm? (with the same name i used before and then try to mount it? )07:12
nbubuntubkc_: weird case , bot hare under linux kernal , libmtp panic , dont know why :-/07:13
blackshirtpazzie, i think you were familiar with lvm setup on ubuntu07:14
Pazzieno i am a expert with windows, but a newbie with ubuntu i just installed it with the default options07:14
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blackshirti don't play bit a deep with lvm, but if you familiar with lvm,i think you can recover07:15
drupinI am installing on 8GB USB there is something Casper I read some where for persistence...... and suggestions07:16
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moahhello #ubuntu, i have 12.04 on my laptop, everyting works except the terminal window is not updating really well, do you have an idea what might be causing this?07:18
Janosnbubuntu, i don't think it's possible with ubuntu stock, my S3 won't work either, work is on the way, but to get it working right now you would have to do some compiling, here is a link that came up on google http://research.jacquette.com/jmtpfs-exchanging-files-between-android-devices-and-linux/07:18
nbubuntuJanos : thanks . will try that07:20
alkisgI've set up contacts syncing between thunderbird and gmail, but ...I don't remember how I did it, or how to add new google address books. I suspect I've set them up in evolution in previous Ubuntu versions, and thunderbird is seeing them via the preinstalled EDS (evolution data server) Contact Integration plugin.07:20
alkisgSo, my question is, is it true that thunderbird by default on Precise has no way at all to sync with google contacts without manually installing a plugin?07:20
RPG-MasterI aught not ask general networking questions here, should I?07:20
JanosPazzie, that would not work but you can always try :)07:21
bkc_RPG-Master: shoot07:21
RPG-MasterI have this cheap but supposedly decent wireless router I got from Monoprice, which I use as a bridge from my parent's room (source of the cable) to the rest of the house. It works great... but it drops it's connection to the main router at what seems to be random. What could the problem be, and how can I troubleshoot it?07:22
RPG-MasterI hear that the monoprice router runs some sort of Tomato, if that helps07:22
bkc_RPG-Master: It propably overflows in a buffer somewhere... start by checking if UPnP is turned on in the router-config (both of them), and if it's on turn it off :)07:23
RPG-Masterbkc_: checking now07:23
bkc_UPnP is garbage, right up there with Avahi and ZeroConf...07:23
Elthommohi, anybody here good with dual boot ?07:26
bkc_Elthommo: shoot07:26
Elthommocool. win 7 with ubuntu. I have set up 4 primary partitions07:27
Elthommowin, ubuntu, shared space and swap07:28
Janosbkc_, they ideas behind them are quite nice, the implementations not so much :P07:28
RPG-Masterbkc_: Ah, the main router, a Netgear, has UPnP turned on. What will happen if I turn it off?07:28
bkc_Janos: ofc. as usual then ^^07:28
Janosbkc_, yeah nothing new there ...07:29
bkc_RPG-Master: unless you have it to open up ports and backdoors, nothing :)07:29
PazzieJanos: thnx for all your help, and off the record, i hate lvm... it just cost me my keepass database and my document with al my license keys....07:29
RPG-Masterbkc_: Hmm... seems I remember using it for my torrents...07:29
bkc_RPG-Master: just manually open the port you use for torrents... UPnP is a _*huge*_ securityrisk anyway...07:30
ElthommoI have Windows in place, now doing ubuntu. questin - do I put bootloader on /dev/sda or on /dev/sda2  - the partition I have formatted ext4 for ubuntu ?07:32
bkc_Elthommo: /dev/sda :)07:32
bkc_bootloader should always be in the MBR, Win7 has it's garbage elsewhere :)07:33
=== gcunha is now known as GuilhermeCunha
JanosPazzie, glad i could help or not help :(, anyway lvm is really useful, just got a remember to remove the physical partition from the lvm before wiping out the disk next time, if it makes you feel any better we all have our "LVMs" mine was with solaris meta devices :)07:34
RPG-Masterbkc_: OK, I turned it off... now I'm wondering how to test it out on the bridge router.07:34
bkc_RPG-Master: put some huge load on it, preferable with lots of new connections (connect/disconnect much) :)07:35
bkc_some kind of network benchmark :)07:35
bkc_for ~6-8h ^^07:35
bkc_netpref is nice :)07:35
PazzieJanos: well no more lvm for me... i also dont need it, since i have all my data allready organised on my different drives07:35
PazzieJanos: it also makes things more difficult07:36
RPG-Masterbkc_:  Hmmm.... would several linux iso torrents be a good test?07:36
bkc_RPG-Master: sure :)07:36
JanosPazzie, agree with that, usually extra functionality brings extra complexity07:37
bkc_RPG-Master: add some regular surfing onto that and you're done :)07:37
Janosso bkc_, any idea what's up with this new /run dir and if it actually is a hard link to /var/run ?07:41
bkc_no idea... havn't used ubuntu in ~6months now :)07:42
Janosahh, i see, tinkering with something new ?07:43
buhmans/L/ L/07:44
bkc_buhman: what ever ^^07:44
Janosnice, i have to take Arch for a spin one of these day, been reading a lot of docs from their wiki lately and at least that part is really good, somehow everything i look up about linux shows up in their wiki :P07:45
buhmanJanos: arch sucks by the way07:45
buhmanJanos: just not quite so much as ubuntu :P07:45
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:45
bkc_Janos: their wiki is god-like :307:45
Janosyeah, it actually reminds of the gentoo docs, i love gentoo doc07:46
buhmanJanos: ^ generally oversimplified, and even outdated or just completely inaccurate in places.07:46
bkc_auronandace: there's no-one here with a question so give it rest will ya :)07:46
bkc_buhman: not oversimplified... just enought for a novice->advanced user to understand ^^07:47
msmith0957Anyone know anything about alsa audio drivers ? Need help debugging my no-audio issue :/ http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=093cfd18ead70526bc477a48d6aad53f84a74d9907:47
buhmanJanos: gentoo docs: so old and crusty they grow varities of fungus that have been extinct elsewhere for several thousand millenia.07:48
RPG-MasterSo, while still working on my network, I notice most of my torrents are paused due to an error. My external, named "Main Drive" is being called "Main Drive1" by several apps. Come to find out, under /media/ their is both a Main Drive and a Main Drive1, with Main Drive having a gray x in the corner of it.07:48
buhmanbkc_: yes oversimplified.07:48
bkc_RPG-Master: it probably disconnected and the connected the harddrive kinda fast :)07:49
bkc_msmith0957: I'll need more than "no sound" to help you :)07:49
buhmanJanos: not to mention the elderliness of the portage tree itself.07:49
JanosRPG-Master, remove the drive, remove both dirs if they still exists, connect it back again07:49
RPG-Mastergonna try07:50
Janosbuhman, wait Arch uses partage as in gentoo portage ?07:50
buhmanJanos: no, you mentioned gentoo07:50
mn2010Is there a ubuntu Development Channel(i forget) i need assistance on a dev release issue07:50
buhmanI'm talking about gentoo07:50
msmith0957bkc_: aplay -l lists my sound card, alsamixer also allows me to mess with levels, but the actual vol control only shows the 'dummy output' hardware playback device, not my REAL card07:50
auronandace!12.10 | mn201007:50
ubottumn2010: Ubuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) will be the 17th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+107:50
Janosbuhman, ahh ok, so the oversimplified docs, were about gentoo too ?07:51
msmith0957bkc_: someone had a similar issue here, with very similar hardware: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alsa-driver/+question/190509 but their solution did not appear to help me07:51
buhmanJanos: no, that was archlinux07:51
Janoslol ok07:51
mn2010thanks auronandace, i never use IRC...07:51
buhmanJanos: I apologize my "gentoo docs:" transition was not explicit enough07:52
auronandacemn2010: no worries :)07:52
bkc_msmith0957: I'm guessing you're using regular ubuntu 12.04? then it's probably PulseAudio's fault...07:52
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buhmanmsmith0957: agreed ^07:52
msmith0957yes, i've heard some very negative things about PA :?07:52
msmith0957So, what to do ?07:52
buhmanmsmith0957: speaking of cruft...07:52
bkc_Damn Lennartware... -.-07:52
lotuspsychje!gksudo > lotuspsychje07:53
ubottulotuspsychje, please see my private message07:53
buhmanmsmith0957: 1) disable it 2) profit07:53
RPG-Masterwoo, fixed that :D07:53
Janosso elder huh, well can't really say at this point, haven't use gentoo in around 10 years, but back then they actually had all the new toys, and they easiest package manager i have ever build a package for07:53
RPG-MasterThanks Janos :)07:53
msmith0957buhman: i believe i've actually killed it once, and made sure auto spawning was disabled. but didnt see any immediate benefit, would a reboot be necessary ?07:53
alkisgIs gnome-contacts used at all in Ubuntu?07:53
JanosRPG-Master, sure thing07:54
msmith0957Im guesing yes.07:54
buhmanmsmith0957: you'll essentially want to stop the pulseaudio daemon, remove it from update-rc.d or however ubuntu does things. Then you need to change your asoundrc/asound.conf07:54
buhmanmsmith0957: "change" meaning "make your default output device plug:dmix rather than pulse"07:54
auronandace!info gnome-contacts | alkisg07:54
ubottualkisg: gnome-contacts (source: gnome-contacts): Contacts manager for GNOME. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.4.0-1 (precise), package size 309 kB, installed size 1482 kB07:54
buhmanmsmith0957: reboot: absolutely not07:54
msmith0957buhman: i'll give it a go, I think I tried this same thing yesterday, sans the asound.conf change07:55
buhmanmsmith0957: modifying asound.conf is the most important part :P07:55
buhmanmsmith0957: without it, you'll then be trying to send audio to a daemon that no longer exists.07:55
alkisgauronandace: ah, it was installed in my setup because I did an upgrade, I just saw that it's not preinstalled by default. So, why is evolution-data-server still preinstalled? Thank you.07:56
Janosanyway the only bad thing about gentoo were actually the things that made it shine, packaging for it very fun, having to compile firefox and X from source, not so much07:56
lotuspsychje!ot | Janos07:56
ubottuJanos: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:56
auronandacealkisg: thats optional too07:56
buhmanmsmith0957: pulse will likely have control of hw0.0; but once you stop it, you can even specify dmix/hw0.0 manually.07:57
auronandacealkisg: thunderbird is default in 12.0407:57
alkisgauronandace: so it's not needed by any core components like ubuntu one, and I can remove it... Thanks :)07:57
dzupwho gives floodbots channel op if services are down?07:58
alkisgauronandace: yeah, the problem was that thunderbird got my contacts from evolution-data-server, and I couldn't find any ways to add new eds addressbooks07:58
buhmanmsmith0957: if that still doesn't work, likely your mixer is still mis-configured, and pastebinning the output of "amixer" would be beneficial.07:58
alkisgSwitching to gcontactssync :)07:58
msmith0957buhman: ok, i'll try all that and see what happens07:58
lotuspsychjedzup: try #freenode for this kind of questions07:58
VinnyAtaidehello, anybody here07:58
* buhman switches to gmailfs07:58
lotuspsychje!ask | VinnyAtaide07:59
ubottuVinnyAtaide: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:59
buhmanmsmith0957: if it doesn't work you're doing it wrong07:59
buhmanmsmith0957: it is unlikely you have hardware that is completely unsupported and/or are encountering a legitimate alsa bug.08:00
VinnyAtaideIs there a way to hard format all my HDD? because my partitions where harmed by windows, and I can't install ubuntu next to windows.08:00
buhman(with the exception of those winmodem sound card pieces of crap from 1997)08:00
buhman(but nobody has that hardware anymore)08:00
msmith0957buhman: yes, i completely agree lol08:00
lotuspsychjeVinnyAtaide:you can choose wipe whole hd and install ubuntu in the installer08:02
bkc_buhman: I have that hw! ^^08:02
bkc_my old IBM 760 has it >.<08:03
JustAliceDoes anyone know how I can fix my trackpad. I installed Ubuntu on my macbook but the trackpad wont work anymore.08:04
msmith0957buhman: i can't seem to locate any 'asound.conf' or 'asoundrc' files/folders on my system08:04
bkc_msmith0957: it's a hidden file in /home/$USER08:04
VinnyAtaidelotuspsychje : but will Ubuntu do a hard format? I'm worried about future changes, because I can't install windows and linux next to each other now so I want to fix this issue on the future. That's why I asked to do a really hard format.08:05
msmith0957yeah, thats what i found online, but i dont have a .asoundrc08:05
bkc_msmith0957: create one?08:05
Janosmsmith0957, just create it08:05
lotuspsychjeVinnyAtaide:is your purpose to install ubuntu alone on 1 hd?08:05
msmith0957Oh, ok.08:05
random_how can i remove a program and all its dependencies ?08:05
VinnyAtaidelotuspsychje no, I want to install windows after08:06
bkc_VinnyAtaide: don't... Windows first, Linux second08:06
lotuspsychje!dualboot | VinnyAtaide08:06
ubottuVinnyAtaide: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot08:06
auronandaceVinnyAtaide: you should do windows first08:06
hficrandom sudo apt-get purge pkage08:06
VinnyAtaideok. I know about the grub issue, but when I formatted with windows my linux can't see my HDD now.08:07
JanosVinnyAtaide, use ubuntu live cd to "format" your drive with the disk utility, install windows and then install ubuntu08:07
VinnyAtaideI'll do it again08:07
VinnyAtaidethanks Janos08:07
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hficservices must be back08:07
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JanosVinnyAtaide, don't create any partitions, just create a new disk label, or "format" as you call it08:08
VinnyAtaideJanos ok08:09
random_hfic,  thanks that helped. i was having a problem with a package not install for some reason, and then constanly causing errors.08:09
mikk0where can i download older versions of ubuntu?08:09
Romancehello help me !!, I have dualboot Ubuntu 32bit from Windows 7 64bit, and it works fine, but when i tried to boot into Windows 7 (in GRUB it said windows 7 loader /etc/sda3/ something like that) , but it gave me error "Windows failed to start. Please insert your installation disc blabla" , help me !08:09
buhmanmikk0: older than?08:09
buhman8.04 is still being circulated iirc08:09
bkc_mikk0: why would you want old software?08:10
mikk0older than 12.045LTS08:10
lotuspsychjeRomance:try that update-grub08:10
mikk0err 12.04LTS08:10
buhmanmikk0: yeah, normal cdimage mirrors have up to 8.0408:10
Janosmikk0, http://mirrors.kernel.org/ubuntu-releases08:10
zalhow do i tell cmake to make psp xor ps vita dev suite studio project and makefiles08:10
mikk0Janos: thanks08:10
zal07:09.0 Multimedia controller [0480]: Philips Semiconductors SAA7131/SAA7133/SAA7135 Video Broadcast Decoder [1131:7133] (rev d1) Subsystem: Creatix Polymedia GmbH Device [16be:0010] Control: I/O- Mem+ BusMaster+ SpecCycle- MemWINV- VGASnoop- ParErr- Stepping- SERR- FastB2B- DisINTx- Status: Cap+ 66MHz- UDF- FastB2B+ ParErr- DEVSEL=medium >TAbort- <TAbort- <MAbort- >SERR- <PERR- INTx-08:10
zalhow to install that so it works with a tvserver ?08:10
hfic!pastebin | zal08:10
ubottuzal: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.08:10
VinnyAtaideJanos when I created a label it just says "unallocated" is that right?08:11
bkc_!xmbc | zal08:11
zalhow do i link hw to the tv tuner ?08:11
zalgot xbmc08:12
JanosVinnyAtaide, correct, now boot windows and do the rest08:12
bkc_zal :tvtime should pick it up automagically :/08:12
zalhow ?08:12
zalno signal !08:12
VinnyAtaideJanos ok thank you very much sir. You are a gentleman and a scholar!08:12
bkc_press I for input-selection08:12
zaltelevision no signal08:13
JanosVinnyAtaide, welcome08:13
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bkc_zal: have you plugged in the cable? :)08:13
zali think so last time i checked08:13
bkc_check it again ;)08:14
bkc_If it says "no signal" then it finds the card...08:14
zali have no software signal but cable is connected08:14
Romancelotuspsychje : update-grub ?08:14
bkc_rest is up to you and not relevant to ubuntu :)08:14
zalhow does it finds the card ?08:14
zalhowto install the card in ubuntu08:15
bkc_it is installed08:15
zali dunno08:15
lotuspsychjeRomance: yes from ubuntu terminal try sudo update-grub08:15
zalmaybe i messed it up08:15
bkc_no... I mean "it is already installed"...08:15
zalits not as thers no signal08:15
bkc_the card *is* installed, otherwise tvtime would give you an error-message and quit...08:15
zal[ 3206.604517] [drm] nouveau 0000:02:00.0: Setting dpms mode 3 on tmds encoder (output 3)08:16
bkc_you have to tune the channels thou to make it work08:16
zal[ 1863.296213] tda827xa_set_params: could not write to tuner at addr: 0xc008:16
zalhow do i tune the channels then ?08:16
bkc_in tvtime...08:17
bkc_in the menues08:17
bkc_zal: Channel Management -> Scan Channels for signal08:17
zali have saa7135 and 7133 is installed08:18
bkc_same driver08:18
xkillRomance: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair#A2nd_option_:_install_Boot-Repair_in_Ubuntu08:19
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zalbkc_: ther must be some way to troubleshoot08:21
RomanceI think i messed up with the partition, i installed the ubuntu into the Windows 7 partition, and i set another empty partition as a windows 7 loader08:21
zalmedion hyvbrid08:21
Romancebecause i tried to find/mount the Windows partition , but it is not there08:21
liranlet there me much rejoicing, for i am back08:22
zalany clues for tvtuner ?08:22
xkillromance: sudo fdisk -l08:23
Romanceyou want me to pastebin it xkill?08:25
xkilldo you see any ntfs partitions?08:25
msmith0957bkc_: buhman: i'm not exactly sure what belongs in this new asound.conf file i had to create.08:26
Romancexkill : http://pastebin.com/a5ty9k7d08:28
bkc_msmith0957: here's mine, I have dual soundcards thou and is set the card #2... : http://codepad.org/GXGUmC0808:29
bkc_msmith0957: also, it's .asoundrc, not .asound.conf :)08:29
Janoszal, i have one of those at home and in 10.04 i had to pass some manual parameters to the module because it was been detected as something else, had to do something like, modprobe card=x tuner=y08:29
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Janoszal, here is a list if cards/tuners you can use http://www.techsupportteam.org/forum/linux-alternative-os/5417-saa7134-pci-tv-tuner-cards-linux.html08:30
Janoszal, i'm sure there is a complete list somewhere in the kernel docs, still looking for a link, but you get the idea08:30
msmith0957bkc_: its not ~/.asoundrc/asound.conf ?08:31
idefixmy clipboard seems broken, I can only paste with the middle mouse button but copying won't work with ctrl-c08:32
xkillromance: you will need to run some recovery software. it looks like your ntfs partition is broken08:32
bkc_idefix: in the terminal? that's normal :)08:33
xkillall the stuff is there, but only recovery software can get to it08:33
bkc_linux has 2 clipboards :)08:33
idefixbkc_ well I got an error window of some program08:33
zalJanos: but cableguy installer passed by was watching prime08:33
xkillphotorec is a good linux option that is easy to use08:33
zaland now no more watching08:33
msmith0957bkc_: hmm. Neither .asoundrc or /etc/asound.conf is normally required. You should be able to play and record sound without either (assuming your mic and speakers are hooked up properly). If your system won't work without one, and you are running the most current version of ALSA, you probably should file a bug report. lol, should i file a bug report ??08:34
idefixbkc_ with the request to e-mail it to the makers and it says to cut and paste so it should work08:34
Janoszal, found it, http://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/video4linux/CARDLIST.saa7134 basically you have to modprobe saa7134 card=x tuner=y to manually tell the module which card you have in case the autodetect breaks, once you find it you can add it to /etc/module with the parameters you found to work08:34
Romancexkill : are you sure i didnt formatted my windows 7 partition? :(  ,what do you recommend for recovery software08:34
zali isnt it saa7135 ? cuz thats what it is in lspci ?08:34
xkillthe filesystem is listed as "unknown" yes. formatting it would have put it into a known filesystem08:34
bkc_a tip to any op in here... set mode to -q $a, just incase ChanServ/NickServ goes down again... they seem unstable atm08:35
zalwhats the command i should issue for tuner card settings ?08:35
Janoszal, yes but the kernel driver saa7134 also handles 7135 cards08:35
pentagonpiejust installed ubuntu 12.04, the screen image is out of my screen08:36
Romancexkill : thanks ^^ , any recommendation for recovery software , i told you i have Windows 7 bootable usb, tried to repair/recover from it, but failed08:36
VinnyAtaideHello, I am back, just installed windows and then came here to the live cd, linux still didn't found my windows partition08:36
VinnyAtaideIt's like windows and linux are seeing two different devices.08:36
zalJanos: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1206397/08:37
xkillwell if you are to recover you data, you will need a drive that is as big as all the data you wan to recover (either connected to that machine or to a networked computer)08:37
zalwhat does every pony do ?08:38
Janoszal, sudo rmmod saa7134, then sudo modprobe saa7134 card=x tuner=y, where x is a value from the list i just gave you and y is a value from this list http://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/video4linux/CARDLIST.tuner08:38
xkilland stop using that drive immediately. make a bootable USB that has a live linux on it so you dont write anything more to that disk08:38
Romancexkill : i dont get it, any tutorials08:38
zalERROR: Module saa7134 is in use by saa7134_alsa08:38
Janoszal, remove that other module then08:39
pentagonpiejust installed ubuntu 12.04, the screen image is out of my screen08:39
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zalsame error08:39
idefixbkc_ what could be the matter with my clipboard?08:39
bkc_idefix: nothing... linux works that way...08:40
Janoszal, sudo rmmod saa7134_alsa08:40
zalfrom tvtime videoinput: Driver refuses to set norm: Invalid argument08:40
zalsudo rmmod saa7134_alsa08:40
zalERROR: Module saa7134_alsa is in use08:40
Janoszal, close all program that might be using the card before trying to remove the modules08:40
zaltvserver ?08:41
VinnyAtaidehttp://i.imgur.com/mD2Go.png tihs is my windows, and http://i.imgur.com/RPwFC.png this is my linux live-cd08:41
pentagonpieubuntu 12.04 is out of range for my screen, what should I do?08:41
Janoszal, i would say something with a tv in it's name applies :)08:41
zali have no clue tho08:41
zalnothing is running but its busy08:42
Janosclose everything you can, it wont let you remove it otherwise08:42
zalonly have terminal and firefox open08:42
Janostry it again08:42
zaltry what again ?08:42
zalERROR: Module saa7134_alsa is in use08:43
zalfindout whouses saa7134_alsa08:43
msmith0957bkc_: so my .asoundrc file simply reads "pcm.card0 { type hw  card 0 }" . also, only reason why i was mentioning asound.conf earlier is because buhman mentioned earlier the change i would be required to make would be in there. After adding those few lines above, is there anything i have to restart?08:45
Janoszal, you can try sudo rmmod -f saa7134_alsa08:45
bkc_msmith0957: buhman was refering to 2 separate files, not a file in a directory :) and no, nothing has to be restarted :)08:46
msmith0957bkc_: so, there is an 'asound.conf' i have to create/modify somewhere ? Still no audio :/08:47
bkc_asound.conf is just an optional name for .asoundrc08:48
msmith0957oh ok08:48
moteHow do i in mount a disk in fstab if theres Spaces in the label: "WD 1Gb RED"08:48
LantiziaHey, I know you can make an image file, partition the file, install DOS in to it - and have GRUB boot it.  (useful for BIOS updates)08:49
LantiziaIn theory could I do the same with Windows (useful for other firmware updates)08:49
=== gerrit is now known as Guest34953
msmith0957bkc_: what's next? i'm not sure what i should be trying here08:50
xeliHi, I've got a laptop with 12gb ram, and I'd like to be able to hibernate. But I don't want to lose 12gb of my ssd all the time, is there a way for ubuntu to only use 12gb when im hibernating?08:52
xeli12gb would be used by swap obviously08:53
Janosmsmith0957, can you pastebin, aplay -L and aplay -l08:53
Janosmsmith0957, and cat /proc/asound/cards, sorry08:54
msmith0957Janos: with pleasure: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1206424/08:56
Janosmsmith0957, so your problem is, you can't select your card in sound gui right ?08:59
synfin1I've been trying to install 12.04 onto a Dell 14z-5423 (Inspiron).  The computer has an SSD for windows, and a 500gb sata.  Ubuntu can see the 500gb sata via fdisk.  But it cannot see it from the installation menu when selecting partitions.  Any ideas?08:59
lotuspsychjesynfin1:did you change BIOS to ahci?08:59
msmith0957Janos: yes, that was the original problem, the actual hardware device for the card wasnt being populated in the vol control gui08:59
msmith0957But since then, the gui is disabled now that PulseAudio has been killed09:00
synfin1lotuspsychje: I will try that and see what happens.09:00
ontoHi! I am running Ubuntu 10.04 and I tried installing rstudio (http://rstudio.org/) and the installation went fine but when I run rstudio, it gives the following error:09:01
lotuspsychjesynfin1:ok mate good luck09:01
=== Abbas| is now known as Abbas-
ontosymbol lookup error: /usr/local/lib/libgobject-2.0.so.0: undefined symbol: g_key_file_unref09:02
Janosmsmith0957, well pulse is a bit resilient and i think it's still running, pactl info ?09:02
msmith0957Janos: sorry, not familar with pactl, but you wanted me to run 'pactl info' ?09:03
Janosmsmith0957, right09:04
msmith0957nvm that..09:04
msmith0957mike@MikeM7700:~$ pactl info09:04
msmith0957Connection failure: Connection refused09:04
msmith0957pa_context_connect() failed: Connection refused09:04
FloodBot1msmith0957: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:04
msmith0957eh, "Connection FailureL connection refused. pa_context_connect() failed: Connection refused."09:05
Janosonto, that sounds more like a rstudio issue09:05
ontoJanos: so it's not libgobject?09:05
Janosmsmith0957, ok, it's dead then, let's try to start it again and make it work, pulse might suck, but at this point is probably easier to remove ubuntu than pulse :P, do 'pulseaudio --start'09:08
krababbeldoesn't the pulse daemon start automatically when needed?09:08
msmith0957had it killed temporarily ;)09:09
msmith0957but, its started now09:09
synfin1Ok, I tested ahci for sata, and it can still only see the ssd.09:09
bkc_synfin1: are you using raid?09:10
Janosonto, well it's weird that rstudio u suppose to work with ubuntu 10.04+ and yet it's looking for a symbol that does not exists in the libgobject library that comes with your ubuntu 10.04, so my guess here is, that it probably needs a newer version of this lib, try it with 12.04 and if it works, report a bug to rstudio09:10
Janosmsmith0957, ok, now pactl info again pls09:10
krababbelmsmith0957: when you do pulseaudio -k to kill it, it will start itself when any program needs audio, like pavucontrol for example. Btw. I always started it wit pulseaudio -D09:11
msmith0957Janos: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1206456/09:11
ontoJanos: for the record, I had upgraded libgobject manually once because it was a dependency of some software (and the repository didn't have it)09:11
synfin1bkc: No.  The SSD is 32gb, sata is 500gb.  I believe teh ssd is just for windows to boot quickly.  If I run fdisk I can see both hard drives, but the Ubuntu installation screen only sees /dev/sdb (ssd)09:11
msmith0957krababbel: yes, it would normally, but not if you disable autospawning09:11
krababbelyou can also do 'pacmd list' msmith095709:11
krababbelof course msmith095709:12
Janosonto, then i think we found the problem :)09:12
bkc_synfin1: try checking "partition manually" and continue :)09:12
msmith0957Janos: krababbel http://paste.ubuntu.com/1206459/09:13
krababbelmsmith0957: what is the issue, you only got dummy output?09:14
msmith0957yes sir09:14
synfin1bkc_: There isn't any such icon on the screen.  It is the "Installation Type" screen.  It has options to create new partition table, add, change, delete, revert, as well as boot loader installation choice.  But none of the new/add/change buttons work09:14
ontoJanos: so what's the solution? :)09:14
synfin1they are just "frozen"09:14
MonkWithTheFunkhello channel. ubuntu 11.10 for intel64 installed on my desktop doesnt work well. ubuntu freezes on my acer ax170009:14
bkc_MonkWithTheFunk: upgrade :)09:15
MonkWithTheFunkit works fine on my laptop though09:15
krababbelmsmith0957: I got that using xdm, or lightdm too maybe, at boot something takes control of the audio device before pulse can, that's what #pulse told me. For me slim login manager worked. I guess it is a bug in boot process.09:15
makro_hi, I have a asrock ad2700 itx board (Cedarview). Running 12.04.01 LTS, the graphicscard is not supported / not accelerated. Installing the proprietary drm driver and rebooting results in 1/4 screensize, the rest of the screen is black/white pixel. Installing the 3d acceleration driver results in black screen after rebooting.Currently I have deinstalled both drivers. Searching the web had no helpful hints for me so far. What can I do to get my g09:16
makro_raphics running?09:16
msmith0957krababbel: i'm running a fairly stock install of ubuntu. its been a no-go ever since installation, which was only a few days ago09:16
MonkWithTheFunkwell eset security wouldnt currently support an upgrade. 12.04 LTS is to new09:16
synfin1MonkWithTheFunk: ESET being antivirus software?09:17
Janosonto, reinstall the library package from the ubuntu repo and that should work, probably the other stuff will break though09:18
synfin1MonkWithTheFunk: You don't need antivirus software with Linux.09:18
lotuspsychjesynfin1:did you correctly installed sata cables to mainboard?09:19
MonkWithTheFunki prefer to use it09:19
krababbelmsmith0957: mine is a minimal installation, and the others had the standard too probably. Also some, including me, had problems getting xdm or lightdm to load automatically sometimes too. msmith0957: Is the card in /proc/asound/... ? Some generic onboard I guess?09:19
synfin1 lotuspsychje: It is a notebook computer.  Windows boots fine.09:20
ontoJanos: Thanks for the help!09:20
ucbs i am texting now09:20
ucbscan u see my text09:20
bkc_ucbs: yes09:20
ucbsty are u here09:20
lotuspsychjesynfin1:thats really odd, the ssd dont show then hmm09:20
ucbshi bkc09:21
lotuspsychjesynfin1:whats default Os the notebook?09:21
ucbs hi all09:21
msmith0957krababbel: its an ALC880 (Intel HD) on an alienware m7700 aka clevo d900t laptop09:21
synfin1MonkWithTheFunk: They are you CPU cycles and money.09:21
synfin1lotuspsychje: Windows 709:21
krababbelmsmith0957: ALC880 sounds like realtek, I had 888 and 889, they should work great09:21
SunSunnyhello all..am facing problems trying to make a home ftp server09:21
synfin1lotuspsychje: I'm trying for dual boot.  I'm running out of ideas though.  Fdisk does see the disks.  The installatio menu does not09:22
lotuspsychjesynfin1:you trying singleboot ubuntu?09:22
msmith0957krababbel: i wish it worked great =p, yes realtek, and on board09:22
bkc_msmith0957: found your problem... it's a Dell ^^09:22
synfin1I could chroot I guess and pull something off, but I really didn't want to do that09:22
msmith0957bkc_: NO! this was before it was dell ;)09:22
ucbs hi hiost do  u know some interesting room for me thanks09:22
MonkWithTheFunki prefer to use ESET for linux synfin109:22
SunSunnywill really appreciate if anyone can help me out09:22
lotuspsychjesynfin1:there are several known issues with dualboot and win7, i think if you try singleboot it will show09:22
ucbsi aM CHATING with someoone in irssi u can try it09:22
SunSunnyis this the right room to ask for ftp server help ?09:22
bkc_!ask | SunSunny09:23
ubottuSunSunny: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience09:23
lotuspsychje!test | ucbs09:23
ubottuucbs: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use #test )09:23
synfin1lotuspsychje: OK, I'll try dd'ing the partition to blank it out and then try booting with linux alone09:23
SunSunnylol ok :)09:23
cute_bettonghi i have a samsung series 7 chronos and it has an odd sound problem, if i plug the microphone jack in all the way there's no sound, but if i pull the jack out just a tad both laptop speakers and external speakers run, alsa-hda-dkms_0.201209142343~oneiric1_all.deb seems to fix the problem but interfears with IDJC, can anyone help me find a proper solution?09:23
maxxxxxi need help09:23
ucbscan u see me ty09:23
lotuspsychjesynfin1:many dualboots with win7 also cant grub into win7 anymore either09:23
krababbelmsmith0957: you could install another login manager and get it working I'd guess09:23
ucbsare u here ty2001hk09:24
ucbsdo u like this color09:24
krababbelmsmith0957: there are bugs in plymouth with the boot process they told me here09:24
maxxxxxi have BT5r3 on my mac,  and the updates center tells me that i could update ubuntu to 12.04.09:24
msmith0957krababbel: so you're saying someone else got a lock on the audio prior to login, so now pulse can't access the resource ?09:24
lotuspsychjesynfin1:your ssd contains also part with win7 my guess right<?09:24
jp_HraniceHallo. There is some curious behaviour of online accounts on my machine. It doubles accounts amounts. But nex time launch is averithing all right. Have I raise bug on launchpad ?09:24
maxxxxxwill this erase my bt ?09:24
=== ucbs is now known as richyoungrush
krababbelmsmith0957: yes09:25
maxxxxxcan any1 help me please ?09:25
richyoungrushhelp what09:25
bkc_!backtrack | maxxxxx09:25
ubottumaxxxxx: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition09:25
synfin1lotuspsychje: yes, just part of the OS09:25
cute_bettongwhats your question maxxxxx09:25
Janosmsmith0957, ok next thing here would be to increase logging to almost pornographic detail and see if we can find something there, from now on this is what i would do to find the problem, no idea what it's though :P09:25
user82hi. can i install kde without installing the kubuntu boot screen?09:25
lotuspsychjemaxxxxx:join #backtrack-linux09:25
synfin1lotuspsychje: I was trying to install it on the sda (sata), but it wouldn't see it.09:25
maxxxxxi have BT5r3 on my mac,  and the updates center tells me that i could update ubuntu to 12.04.09:25
maxxxxxwill it erase bt ?09:25
richyoungrushbut i like a dos system i like it09:26
cute_bettongso does anyone have any idea as to my issue?09:26
msmith0957Janos: that does sound graphic. are we talking something along the lines of launching pulseaudio -vvvv ?09:26
richyoungrushand u ?ty09:26
krababbelmsmith0957: I guess the livecd did have sound?09:26
SunSunnyi've setup a local ftp server on my Windows 7 machine using ftpzilla server...i can access the ftp server from the LAN but not from WAN :( however if i try to access my local ftp server from net2ftp.com I can access it but not the usual way of ftp://xx.xx.xx.xx from wan..please help09:26
msmith0957krababbel: i dont recall it having any, no :/09:26
maxxxxxi cant't post in backtrack-linux09:26
synfin1lotuspsychje: I will try flushing the drives and see if it works09:26
lotuspsychjesynfin1:i think the netbook is designed to run the Os from ssd default09:26
msmith0957krababbel: it did in XP before the reinstall !09:26
=== amogorkon is now known as piratenagchat
richyoungrushno i am chatting with u in irssi by cam09:26
cute_bettongim having a sound issue with my laptop's headphone jack, it works fine in win 7 but dosen't work right in ubuntu 12.04, anyone have any ideas?09:26
=== Matt- is now known as MattsTechUK
bkc_SunSunny: did you open the ports in the router?09:27
bkc_SunSunny: also, not related to ubuntu :/09:27
SunSunnyyes i did that09:27
lotuspsychjesynfin1:maybe its the time to loose the windows for good :p09:27
jp_HraniceThere is some curious behaviour of online accounts on my machine. It doubles accounts amounts. But nex time launch is averithing all right. Have I raise bug on launchpad ?09:27
SunSunnyok can you suggest me the right room to ask sorry09:27
richyoungrushhow can i split windows thanks09:27
synfin1lotuspsychje: I can't, I'm building this for a friend :( .  I already did that on my personal notebook.09:27
MonkWithTheFunkwindows is a pretty good platform09:28
bkc_SunSunny: try #ftpzilla, or check their website for any irc-channels :)09:28
maxxxxxi cant't post in backtrack-linux09:28
lotuspsychje!register | maxxxxx09:28
ubottumaxxxxx: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode09:28
SunSunnythanks bkc09:28
bkc_SunSunny: np09:28
cute_bettongmaxxxxx, whats your problem?09:28
krababbelmsmith0957: pulse -vvvv may just tell you it loaded the dummy sink, since pulse can just act as a server without any card I think09:28
lotuspsychjeMonkWithTheFunk:thats not really the channel for that09:28
Janosmsmith0957,  i was thinking pulseaudio --log-level debug not sure if -v does the same thing here09:29
krababbelmsmith0957: just replacing the login manager worked for me09:29
Janosmsmith0957, can you pastebin the output pls09:30
=== JoFo_ is now known as JoFo
msmith0957krababbel: i'll look at that if none of this works :/09:30
richyoungrushhow can tell me where do i rush for chatter09:31
lotuspsychjesynfin1:i think it might help if you would install win7, and make new partition from there to use for ubuntu afterwards09:31
cute_bettongso does anyone know the answer to my question?09:31
msmith0957Janos: anything I should do besides just running it, and then killing it ?09:31
synfin1lotuspsychje: I don't think I was clear.  THe problem is the installation procedure does not see the disks.  Ubuntu itself (via fdisk) can see it just fine.  But when I double click on "Install 12.04 to hard drive" (sic), that tool cannot see the drive09:32
lotuspsychjecute_bettong:maybe a driver needed install?09:32
lotuspsychjesynfin1:yes i understood it good, i think the drive not showing means the drive belongs to win7..try single boot at first09:33
msmith0957Janos: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1206483/09:33
cute_bettonglotuspsychje, well i installed alsa-hda-dkms_0.201209142343~oneiric1_all.deb and it did fix the issue, but it made IDJC audio all choppy, the minute i removed it it went back to being geeky with the headphone jack, plug the headphones in all the way and no sound, pull the plug out just a tiny bit and there's sound but it's low quality09:33
lotuspsychjecute_bettong:any var/log errors that can help us?09:33
cute_bettonglotuspsychje, i don't know what you would need or how to get the log09:34
lotuspsychjecute_bettong: you can try /var/log/syslog to see if audio got issues09:34
joshmcTesting for an irc plugin. Hi, ubottu.09:34
joshmc... and here I was hoping for a response.09:35
lotuspsychjecute_bettong: or do a tail -f /var/log/syslog and start messing with it to see whats happening09:35
lotuspsychje!test | joshmc09:35
ubottujoshmc: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use #test )09:35
cute_bettonglotuspsychje, there's alot of stuff in there, what am i looking for? or do you want me to paste the entire log to pastebin?09:36
Janosmsmith0957, do you have any wav file around we can use for testing ?09:36
joshmcty lotuspsychje. Looks like I have to tweak the triggers again.09:36
Janosmsmith0957, if not, get one on google, no matter what09:37
msmith0957Janos: i'm playing pandora continuously as ive been debugging this. but need a wav specificaly ?09:37
msmith0957speaker-test ?09:37
Janosmsmith0957, sounds good, also give me, ls -l /dev/snd/09:37
lotuspsychjecute_bettong:maybe kernel msges about audio card09:38
msmith0957Janos: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1206489/09:38
houmanHi, I have just compiled git (with make) and it created lots of git related directories into my home (e.g. bin, lib, libexec, share and each includes git related files)  Do I have to run 'make' with a prefix to avoid this mess? Why didn't it keep everything in the /usr/local/src as expected?09:39
houmanThe idea is to commpile it in to a debian package09:39
bekkshouman: You have to run configure with a specific prefix to avoid that.09:40
lotuspsychjecute_bettong:did you take a look in 'additional drivers' if your audio card got an alternate driver?09:40
drupindo i partition my flash drive ....before to install the live on in it to gain more than  4Gig of space as mentioned here http://www.pendrivelinux.com/create-a-larger-than-4gb-casper-partition/09:40
cute_bettonglotuspsychje, yes, there's one for my video card, but im using the drivers from ATI website09:41
xkillyou can do it before or after09:41
drupinor it should have the live OS persistant from before09:41
cute_bettonglotuspsychje, also nothings showing up when i insert or remove the headphone jack09:41
joshmcdrupin: I'm not sure, but I think the pendrivelinux articles are fairly old. Is that dated?09:41
jribhouman: why compile git?  It's in the repositorise09:41
houman@bekks: ah I see. but there is no ./configure in git's source. What shall I do then?09:41
xkilldupin: best to partition before hand so you dont need another live disk to do it later09:41
bekkshouman: Best thing is to use git from the official repos.09:41
lotuspsychjecute_betong:maybe this can help: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Audio/PreciseJackDetectionTesting09:42
houmanjrib: I was just feeling I could do it. ;) I was wrong09:42
Janosmsmith0957, now kill pulse and do aplay -L and tell me if there is anything other than null09:42
lotuspsychje!triggers > lotuspsychje09:42
drupinxkill: so with what sizez i assign the drives.. xkill09:42
drupinjoshmc: no date given?09:43
xkillthe system will be installed onto a !!2GB Fat16!! partition and the rest of the disk as an ext2 partition labeled casper09:43
drupinprimary partion i give fat16 how much space?09:43
houmanhttp://git-scm.com/ kind of intrigues you into installing the latest version. :)09:43
msmith0957Janos: the Pulse Audio Sound Server is still there, but I belive it is affectively killed. vol controls wont open bc "unable to connect to Pulse Audio"09:43
drupin2Gb is enuff xkill09:44
xkill2GB cuz thats the most you can get with fat16, and fat16 cuz it a lot faster than Fat3209:44
drupinwhat i name this partition09:44
Janosmsmith0957, and aplay -L ?09:45
xkillthat fat16 partition; it doesnt matter, the USB creator will name it. the ext2 must be labeled casper09:45
drupinok i make it 2 gigs a min09:45
msmith0957Janos: null,  Discard all samples (playback) or generate zero samples (capture)..... pulse, PulseAudio Sound Server09:45
xkill2 gigs cuz thats all Fat16 can do. you want Fat16 cuz it is a lot faster than Fat32.09:46
drupinxkill: do i align to cylinders09:46
xkilldont mess with that (what are you using that it's asking you te mess with the cylinders?)09:47
=== Abbas- is now known as Abbas|
drupinlol ... its gparted.... xkill09:47
drupincylenders looks cool but...09:48
drupinbut i wont try it09:48
msmith0957drupin: if you're formatting a flash drive (?) i dont believe there are any real 'cylinders' anyway ;)09:48
drupinyes ... its just flash memory09:49
drupinok now primary is fat16 with 2 Gigs...09:49
drupinnow the second drive mu make casper or casper-rw as per this article http://www.pendrivelinux.com/create-a-larger-than-4gb-casper-partition/ the live persistant usb usb i am on now also has file named casper-rw09:52
Janosmsmith0957, well, pulse does see your card, and according to the log, it's able to get a lock on the card, so what krababbel mentioned should not be the issue, al i see is pulse trying to open devices that do not exists, and not trying the devices that do exist09:53
xkillyup thats right09:53
drupinext2 or ext409:54
drupinext4 will be faster ?09:54
msmith0957Janos: when I was reading through the log output that i pasted, it seemed like there were a ton of errors relating to opening the devices via a particular format09:54
drupinand is swap good or bad to keep09:55
msmith0957and then eventually failed that the card had failed to load the module09:55
drupinmy previous install used to freez when the swap was there09:56
Janosmsmith0957, i'm going to take a wild guess here, but i think this might be related to udev not naming devices correctly, this should definitively be reported at launchpad09:56
xkillif you are going to use swap, its better to have it on a diff USB09:56
drupini dint get .. diff usb?09:56
msmith0957Oh noes :/09:56
drupinmeans one usb dedicated to swap itself09:57
xkillif you are going to have a swap partition, do it on a second USB flash drive. or dont do it at all09:57
msmith0957Janos: was it you earlier that said this was almost definitely not a bug ? lol09:57
Janosmsmith0957, now to fix it, yes i would try to remove pulse and wait to see if ppl at launchpad find anything, but removing pulse is not a task i should be doing at 4 am in the morning, so i think i'm going to call it for today09:57
drupinok i dont do it09:57
msmith0957Janos: yes i concur.. 6am over here ! time for bed..09:57
Janosmsmith0957, mm don't remember that :P09:57
msmith0957well, anyway, thanks a lot, appreciate your kind support09:58
drupinthis casper is extended or primary... the first fat16 was primary09:58
xkillprimary is better but it wont care either way09:58
drupinboth can be primary?09:59
xkillthey can be09:59
drupinok i keep primary09:59
krababbelmsmith0957: it should be easy trying a different login manager, you can add another, and set it as default10:00
msmith0957krababbel: yeah, i might give that a try as well tomorrow, but it seems like that may not be the issue ?10:00
krababbelmsmith0957: it is an easy try, I did not see that log Janos mentioned10:01
drupinxkill: primary->noname-fat16 / primary->casper-rw -ext2 .... correct10:01
hichami have a problem10:01
msmith0957which log, from running pulseaudio debug output ?10:01
krababbelmsmith0957: if that won't work, you just remove the login manager you added10:01
hichami want to install ubuntu with windows 710:01
xkilldrupin; correct10:01
krababbelmsmith0957: not sure, the one where Janos saw pulse getting lock on the card10:01
Janosmsmith0957, no problem, good news is, your audio device is working, so all you have to do now is get rid of pulse, hint, start here /usr/share/alsa, make sure you backup everyything in there and simply start breaking apart everything that has to do with pulse :P10:01
=== kn4ve is now known as knave
hichamhow i can protect windows directory when i using fedora10:01
krababbelmsmith0957: but I am really new to linux and ubuntu too10:02
xkillhicham; so do it10:02
drupinok i apply it now10:02
Janoskrababbel, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1206483/ there, look for lock10:02
krababbelmsmith0957: and removing pulse would be the last thing I'd do10:02
msmith0957Janos: that sounds terrifying haha10:02
hichamXkill when i using fedora may be a malware download to my pc if i run windows so gonna infected10:02
hichamhow to protect windows directory when i using ubuntu10:02
krababbelJanos: it locks Audio0, could be the dummy output, I don't know10:03
hichamsorry not fedora i mean ubuntu10:03
xkillubuntu isnt going to give windows a virus10:03
hichamXkill i don't mean that ubuntu give windows a virus i mean when im using browser may be a malware or virus download to my pc and ubuntu don't read it but if i start windows it very danger ?10:04
Janoskrababbel, check the rest, it's trying to open devices that don't exist and the device is working on is "alsa_card.pci-0000_00_1b.0" that name looks a lot like a sound card to me10:04
xkillno winows is safe no matter how many viruses ubuntu downloads10:04
drupinok xkill now i install selecting the f16 partition10:04
hichamthank you bro :) happy life for and i hope everything good for you bro10:05
drupinfull install10:05
hichamyou are good man :)10:05
zal99-oh scam10:05
xkillddrupin; using a usb creator that supports live mode right? (like linuxl live usb creator)10:05
zalno still cant scan channels10:05
Janosmsmith0957, it's terrifying, last time i did it was because i needed digital pass through on my xbmc and it work, but never had to courage to do apt-get upgrade ever again :P10:06
hichamabout me i will install it with webi :10:06
zalif i can scan can i then server to ?10:06
zalhowto scan ?10:06
msmith0957Janos: so with the device names being mismatched, youre saying that because pulseaudio is trying to open /dev/snd/pcmC0D0p which doesnt exist?10:06
xkillhicham; that'll be just fine.10:06
krababbelJanos: pulse will always try to open devices automatically as far as I know10:07
xkillhicham; but if windows breaks, so will your linux10:07
drupinxkill: i am inside the persistent installed usb in live mode10:07
zalcmake for ubuntu win psp psvita ps3 ?10:07
msmith0957Janos: bc I only have pcmC0D6c, and pcmC0D6p , along with controlC0 / hwC0D0/1 but doesnt appear to be trying to acces those10:07
Janosmsmith0957, correct, i have no idea where pulse is getting that info from, apparently is from udev but, should be udev the same that name the device files under /dev in the first place10:08
krababbelJanos: could be it tried opening the real card first, and then trying "others"10:08
xkillive never done it that way. i always end up with junk a blank screen instead of booting10:08
drupinI used the startup disk created to make this live persistent USB10:08
krababbelmsmith0957: Janos got to go now too10:09
xkillcool. its never worked 4 me10:09
jeremysti have trouble loging in to ubuntu 12.04, i have to login to unity2d first before i can login to unity.10:09
msmith0957krababbel: its only trying 1 though10:09
Janosmsmith0957, exactly, dunno why it tries that ones that don't exists, and not the ones that do exist10:09
krababbelmsmith0957: you could try asking that in #pulseaudio maybe10:09
Janoskrababbel, kk thanks for the help10:09
msmith0957yeah, i'll have to take a look10:09
zalthank u come back gain10:09
krababbelgood luck :)10:09
jeremysti have trouble loging in to ubuntu 12.04, i have to login to unity2d first before i can login to unity.10:09
msmith0957but yeah, i'm out of here as well, peace10:10
jeremystthat was before and after installing fglrx.10:10
zalhowto tuner install tvtime autoscan.xml ?10:10
Janosnight everyone10:10
Kira-TIs it possible to keep a widget above all windows?10:11
Kira-Tunder kubuntu10:11
drupindownload updates while installing select or deselect10:11
jeremysti have trouble loging in to ubuntu 12.04, i have to login to unity2d first before i can login to unity.10:13
jeremystthat was before and after installing fglrx.10:13
zalhow does one install and login to unity gain ?10:13
t4bI've got a software RAID with two 1TB drives. There is one partition on it, which I've encrypted with Truecrypt. Now suddenly the RAID stopped being assembled automatically on boot, but "mdadm --assemble --scan" works fine. According to "mdadm --detail /dev/md0" it should be working fine. But when I try to mount the partition with Truecrypt it claims the password would be wrong; or there would be no truecrypt volume (or, I assume, the truecrypt vo10:13
t4blume could be broken). What could have happened and what can I try to fix it?10:13
bekkst4b: Which raid level diod you use?10:14
zalmaybe a node surveillet some probs10:14
t4bbekks: It's mirrored. 1.10:15
tingazikHow do i disable this annoying resize the window when you drag it to the sides thing?10:15
xkilldrupin; i've only done this with unetbootin, linux live usb creator, and universal usb installer.10:15
zalµxkilTinyLinuxUb plz10:16
blackshirtkeep polite zal10:17
zalUSBLinux or ubuntu for psp ps3 xbox psvita xor mum10:17
N03LHey guys10:18
N03LAny of you experts on PS3s?10:18
blackshirtmaybe someone10:18
jeremysti have trouble loging in to ubuntu 12.04, i have to login to unity2d first before i can login to unity.10:19
jeremystthat was before and after installing fglrx.10:19
blackshirtjeremyst, maybe you need reinstall your graphic card10:19
drupinit is saying no root file defined in fat1610:19
jeremystbut it also happened before i have installed ati driver.10:20
tingazikHow do i disable this annoying resize the window when you drag it to the sides thing?10:20
drupinroot file system10:20
jeremystthat was fresh install.10:20
blackshirtdrupin, fat16?10:20
drupininstall on fat16 USB10:20
drupinblackshirt: primary->noname-fat16 / primary->casper-rw -ext2 ....10:21
drupinthe options in change is /dos /windows10:22
zallike /linux /autowindow or lindows ?10:24
jhkerhello :)10:24
drupinmount point of fat16 i kept as /10:24
zaljust came to say hello10:24
jhkerhoping someone can give me some simple advice... i think i stuffed my VM10:24
N03LI got ylod for my ps3 recently, and all my data (save files) are stuck on the drive.10:24
drupinand for ext2 home is fine?10:24
N03LI've heard that there's no way to read the files from your ps3 hdd via PC.10:25
zalUSBBoot Linux or ubuntu for ps3 :)10:25
zalUsbCobra Ubuntu loader ?10:25
N03LBut was wondering if there was anyway to try a DIY repair to, hopefully; bring my ps3 back to life, long enough at least, to retrieve all my data via usb plugin.10:25
drupinxkill: ?10:26
zalits dead ?10:26
zalN03L: what about putting it in service mode by holding power button a minute for servecie mode10:26
zalik ben met jou nie getrouw10:27
jhkerIt would seem I'm chown'd my files from /etc/ to myself... not i can't sudo at all... i can't change it back either..10:27
zalniet van je houden je eiegen10:27
zaldit en dat10:27
jribjhker: reinstall10:27
zaldat je gaat10:27
jhkerits a remote machine...10:27
jhkerjrib: what are my options here?10:28
jribjhker: yep.  That's the fastest way since otherwise you'd need to get some reference for what the ownership of each file /should/ be and then apply it.  If you choose to go this route, it will take you more time, but you could use any other working system (with at least all the packages that the broken system has) and the setfacl command with --restore10:28
zalhjHKER the universe10:29
esingIs there something similar to Autoit/AutohHotkey in Linux?10:29
jhkerjrib: you mean reinstall ubuntu... i.e. scratch!10:29
N03Lzal: Cheers for that. I'll give it a try.10:29
jribjhker: if you don't have sudo access, don't have root access, and don't have physical access then there's not much you can do anyway10:30
N03LCan the 'hairdryer' fix help?10:30
zalcant cobrausb ?10:30
jhkerjrib: what does "Su" do ?10:31
xkilldrupin; to use the ext2 partition, first delete the casper-rw file then boot from the drive10:31
jribjhker: "su" by itself will attempt to change to the root user10:31
bekksjhker: It makes you the "_s_uper _ u_ser"10:31
jhkerhmm - so is there a chown function for SU?10:32
jribjhker: functions are not different when you are root.  Are you root?10:32
jhkeri.e. su --> chown --> /etc/ --> root10:32
drupinxkill: primary->mount point "/" -fat16 ...... primary->label-casper-rw mount point /home -ext2 ....10:32
ardian_Hi how do I know what graphic driver I am using10:32
jribjhker: by the way, it's a good idea to use "su -" instead of "su"10:32
drupinxkill: this is completely new install no file on this flash drive to delete10:33
jhkernot and don't seem to be able to get root anymore since I chowned /etc/10:33
zalmaybe ur removed from active suid10:33
jribjhker: chowning /etc should not affect your ability to do "su -" if you've set a root password for some reason10:33
xkillyou are using a different tool. i cant help you with a tool i've never used10:33
zalsudo su10:33
timposeyI am having trouble getting a Nexxt USB 54 G wireless device connected to my ubuntu 10.04 machine.  I used the ndiswrapper and it has detected the device, however in the NetworkManager Applet, no wireless devices are listed.10:33
zalsu root10:33
drupinok let me try10:33
MonkeyDusttimposey  you may need usb-modeswitch10:34
N03Lzal: just read up on cobrausb, thing is I have to bring my ps3 to life before I'm able to transfer data.10:34
jhkeryes - luck i set a root password... i 'su root' now have root access10:35
jhkerso i might be good.10:35
bekksjhker: Thats not supported, since sudo is the preferred way to get root access on Ubuntu.10:36
jhkerbekks: what's not supported?10:36
bekksjhker: Using su onstead of sudo :)10:37
bekksjhker: But what did you do with /etc/ so far?10:37
jribjhker: it's still going to take you longer than a reinstall, and you should use "su -" not "su" or "su root"10:37
bekksjrib: You cant use su at all on Ubuntu be default, since by default, there is no root pw set.10:37
bekksSo sudo is the only way to goi :)10:37
jribbekks: yes...10:37
jhkerbekks; jrib: I just chown'd /etc/ by accient to modify a single file... ideally i'd like to chown back to root (?)10:38
jribbekks: jhker has messed up the ownership of his /etc/sudoers so he can no longer use sudo10:38
drupinxkill: let me show you screen shot.. i am now on Ubuntu installer http://www.picpaste.com/Screenshot_-_09152012_-_10_34_47_AM-8bsu8tDi.png10:38
jhkerjrib : correct10:38
=== mimor_ is now known as mimor
jribjhker: I assumed you had recursively chowned all of /etc.  If that's not the case (you just chowned /etc itself), then you should be good10:38
jhkerchown -R jhkier /etc/10:39
jhkeri figure not i have root i can: chown - R root:root /etc/ (?) and all good?10:40
esingif I click alt+F2 I get into a terminal10:40
esinghow do I go back to normal desktop?10:40
jribjhker: nope, not all things have root: ownership10:40
bekksjhker: What was the command you issued to change ownership?10:40
bekksjhker: So you messed it up.10:41
=== PaRtH is now known as Guest42012
jhkerbekks: sudo chown -R yourusername /var/www/10:41
jhkersorry / etc/ was my actual directory10:42
timposeyMonkeyDust  I looked at modeswitch but it seems to just be for devices that have the driver onboard the device, I actually have the driver installed and the driver in ndiswrapper is actually saying the device is present, when I remove the device it says that it is not available, but nothing in the network manager applet.10:42
xkilldrupin; sorry. looks like everything should be in the fat16 partition but you may need to add a --persistence to the boot10:42
ripdisk_hey, I'm trying to help my buddy get his stuff back from his ntfs partition, and for some reason it says th efile type is unknown....it's a win7 partition10:43
xkilldrupin; this is absolutely NOTHING like how i make my live USB drives10:43
ripdisk_i figured i'd mount with -t ntfs or wahtever10:43
jhkerwooo hooo... i think it worked.10:43
ripdisk_but it's like10:43
xkillso i cant help any further10:43
jhkeri just changed back to root, and now i can sudo again.10:43
drupinit wont get more than 4 GB if i put to use all of one partition10:43
ripdisk_why would it say UNKNOWN when i know it's NTFS10:44
jribjhker: yes, but like I said, not all files in your /etc may be owned by root...10:44
ripdisk_cuz now it won't let me mount10:44
jhkerjrib: can you please clarify this further - i'm not sure i understand10:44
jribjhker: there are files in your /etc that have ownership other than root, not sure what else I can say10:44
xkilldrupin; right cuz its not making a normal .iso that you would download from the website10:44
drupini am doing a full install to the USB from the live usb in in now10:45
jhkerjrib: 'other than root' do you mean I've created another problem by making them all 'root' ?10:45
ripdisk_I'M trying to mount an ntfs partition..... but it looks broken because the informationa bout the partition says it's an unknown filesystem..... but it's a win7 partition so it should be ntfs.....when I mount using the -t ntfs or wjhatever it says not a valid ntfs, but when I Take that part away, it says I have to specifi the type of filsystem.10:45
jribjhker: it depends on what you have installed.  Some packages will install files in /etc that have different ownership10:45
jribjhker: most (and I think all the default files in /etc) will be owned by root10:46
ripdisk_anybody have any clue why it would say UNKNOWN when I Know the filesystem of the partition is NTFS?\10:46
xkillyou said you just wanted to overcome the 4gb limit for persistent live mode. if all you wanted to do was install all you had to do was install to a blank USB and be done with it10:46
jhkerjrib: understood - well this has definitely been a lesson in being loose at my fingertips...10:46
jhkerjrib: you mentioned something about using 'su -' instead of 'su' whats the reason for this?10:47
jribjhker: su - will simulate a login and reset the environment10:47
andornautI'm connected to two networks - LAN and Wireless (using gnome network manager). With both connected i can only connected to devices via the LAN connection, not to the Internet which is through the wireless connection. Anyone know how to get internet requests to route through the wireless instead?10:50
jhkerjrib: many thanks for the help. I seem to be back on the move...10:50
nikozzzzzzi didnt understand your question.. you need to go to the internet over wireless not over lan cable ?10:52
nikozzzzzzthen you try to remove the default route from your lan connection10:53
nikozzzzzzjust an ip address and a netmask to be left for your lan10:53
thufir_is it still "startx" to start the GUI?10:53
nikozzzzzzyep it starts XSERVER10:54
andornautnikozzzzzz: yep10:54
andornautnikozzzzzz: ah, so remove the gateway from the lan connection settings ?10:54
nikozzzzzzopen your network properties a10:54
nikozzzzzztry this. i think it should help10:55
nikozzzzzzwhen a OS sees two gateways it has no idea through which one to go10:56
systemclientAs a user I can enable the wifi card using `nmcli nm wifi on`. How can I enable the wifi card as root?10:56
nikozzzzzzso we should deprive itfrom one gateway10:56
nikozzzzzztype sudo in front of yiur command10:56
nikozzzzzzsudo ifup wlan0 up10:57
nikozzzzzzthis could also do the trick10:57
systemclientnikozzzzzz: there is no wlan0 interface at that point10:57
thufir_nikozzzzzz: I dunno, I thought there was something which changed a few years ago about that.  it wasn't deprecated?10:58
thufir_nikozzzzzz: startx I mean10:58
nikozzzzzzno startx runs ok as i know it.10:58
nikozzzzzzthen insert your wlan instead of wlan010:59
andornautnikozzzzzz: I couldn't get it to work via network manager, so I just disabled hotplug for eth0 and set it up via /etc/network/interfaces (left wlan0 managed by netman). Works now, thanks.10:59
systemclientnikozzzzzz: if I type ifconfig, it only shows eth0 and lo10:59
nikozzzzzzor type  'sudo' in front of your command10:59
thufir_nikozzzzzz: thanks11:00
systemclientnikozzzzzz: I just did sudo -s11:00
nikozzzzzzsystemclient yes it should do it. nomatterhow you obtain root previligies)11:00
systemclientnikozzzzzz: the thing is: if I call that nmcli command from my user, it works. When I call it as root, it works. But if I as root call `bash -c 'nmcli …' me`, it does not work11:01
nikozzzzzzpity i dont have a pc for 6 month already.. i cant feel all the fun in finding new questions and new things in linux11:02
=== Abbas| is now known as Abbas-
nikozzzzzzwhat does it say when it doesnt work ?11:03
nikozzzzzzwhat error11:03
ardian_Hi All how do I know what graphic driver I am using, my card is nvidia11:03
nikozzzzzzmaybe you should write a full path to the program you run from root11:03
nikozzzzzzyou are using nouveau if you installed ubuntu11:04
systemclientnikozzzzzz: it works now … that is strange …11:04
nikozzzzzzit works when? you did somth or it just worked?11:05
systemclientnikozzzzzz: I entered it into the console and it worked …11:05
systemclientnikozzzzzz: but my udev script does not work yet …11:05
systemclientnikozzzzzz: at least I did not see it work yet …11:05
AceKingI installed 12.04 onto a HP Pavillion DV-5500 laptop, and it keeps freezing. I think it's the graphics card that's causing it, which is a Nvidia GeForce Go 7150M. Anyone have any ideas on getting this to work?11:05
nikozzzzzzthat is strange o.o11:05
nikozzzzzzit may be the kernel11:06
nikozzzzzzthat freezes your notebook. or the fancontrol.do your fans spin?11:06
systemclientnikozzzzzz: well udev call script A as root, which then calls script B via `su -c B --login me`11:07
esingHow can I switch audiospeakers in Ubuntu by key11:07
systemclientnikozzzzzz: oh … I tested it with bash -c, not with su -c …11:08
systemclientnikozzzzzz: so yeah: su -c 'nmcli nm wifi on' me does *not* work11:08
systemclientalthough as me, I can run that command11:08
nikozzzzzzscript calls script..hm11:08
nikozzzzzzdid you try searhing google for the problem?11:08
systemclientnikozzzzzz: since udev is root, and my script should run as the logged in user11:08
=== Abbas- is now known as Abbas|
systemclientnikozzzzzz: I guess I just call nmci from A, that would work11:09
nikozzzzzzsorry cant help you with that(( i dont have a deep enough understanding11:10
nikozzzzzzthere must be other ways for udev to run as user11:10
nikozzzzzzif this one dosent wok11:11
=== sergio_ is now known as Guest78767
cyberorghi, i've just added ubuntu live iso support to https://github.com/cyberorg/live-fat-stick so spamming here just in case it is useful to any of you11:12
nikozzzzzzgoodbye people thatks for chat. i have togo , a new client arrivedto my office11:12
zap_hi. it seems that lc_collate=C ls does not sort files as it used to do, namely dot files and directories first11:14
zap_anyone with the same experience?11:14
zap_ls --group-directories=first is not what i want as the dot files appear after the non-dot directories11:16
PlectoHow can having a harddrive plugged in make the xbmcbuntu stall indefenitly even before ever choosing to install anything to the drive?11:18
=== mimor is now known as mimor_
acerhi all ! can anyone tell me if I should have in hosts file at line localhost.localdomain localhost domain.com domain  ?11:19
drupini have primary->mount point "/" -fat16 ...... primary->label-casper-rw mount point /home -ext2 ....11:22
drupinit says files system cannot be mounted on / as its not a fully-functional unix file system11:23
gordonjcpdrupin: / being fat16 does sound pretty much insane11:24
gordonjcphow on earth did you get to this situation?11:24
drupinsome one told be here its fast11:24
gordonjcppouring a gallon of petrol on the floor and lighting it is a fast way of warming your house up11:25
gordonjcpit doesn't mean that's a good idea11:25
drupinso i make fat 3211:25
gordonjcpfat filesystems are too limited to use for Linux11:25
gordonjcpneeds to be ext2, ext3 or ext411:26
gordonjcpthere's no good reason not to use ext4 on modernish disks11:26
drupinok i use ext2 then11:26
gordonjcpno, use ext411:26
gordonjcpext2 is ancient11:26
=== Abbas| is now known as Abbas-
gordonjcpdrupin: unless your root filesystem is on an SD card or similar, use at least ext311:26
drupinflash drive 8 GB11:27
gordonjcpdrupin: not an SSD, just flash?11:27
drupinok i make ext311:27
=== xazax is now known as Guest83684
gordonjcpyes what?11:27
systemclientwhat about btrfs?11:27
gordonjcpright, use ext2 then, the journal will hammer your write cycles11:28
acerI get (may be forged) did not issue MAIL/EXPN/VRFY/ETRN during connection to MTA11:28
systemclientbtrfs should have the nicest load balancing …11:28
gordonjcpdrupin: ext2 is dangerous because if you don't unmount cleanly you can lose data11:29
gordonjcpdrupin: the solution is, try not to do that11:29
drupinthen ext311:29
drupinwhat mount point i give to casper-rw drive11:30
acerI get in the mail.log ...(may be forged) did not issue MAIL/EXPN/VRFY/ETRN during connection to MTA... when I try to send a email from my mail client11:30
aceranyone could help me see what is the problem please ?11:30
drupinprimary->mount point "/" -ext3 ...... primary->label-casper-rw mount point /home -ext2 ....11:31
drupinis this correct11:31
=== rowan is now known as Guest34306
metti_hello together11:31
flokatihello. i need some help .. i ve changed some seetings on samba yesterday. and since then my pc restarts all the time cause i ve "lost" my root passwd. im on LiveCD now and i cant acceess my mounted HDD. thanks in advance .11:32
=== Abbas- is now known as Abbas|
Troy^I'm getting some weird buffering streaming media over my samba server to xbmc.. Server is wired and the HTPC is 802.11n but i was even testing with 720p media.. Most of the time with 1080p DTS stuff it is flawless then it goes into these spurts of buffering while even watching 720p content. Is there any setting to put in the smb.conf that would help performance for this?11:33
metti_do u need to recover ure pw first?11:33
flokatiyes :/ i had a message like "who are you?" and ofc all permissons denied11:35
metti_yes yes11:35
iqualfragilehi, im trying to follow the instructions given at https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/openldap-server.html but i get some error at the very beginnig: when entering ‚ldapsearch -Q -LLL -Y EXTERNAL -H ldapi:/// -b cn=config dn‘ it returns ‚ldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s: Local error (-2)‘11:35
metti_everything is possible on ubuntu or better to say on linux but it shouldnt to be just as simple as count from one to thre11:36
metti_I would guide you through the process but I just have not the time11:37
flokatiaww :/11:37
flokatibut there is a way right?11:38
metti_afurthermore I can not be shure its just realy youre pc11:38
metti_try google11:38
MonkeyDustmetti_  don't sya 'try google' please11:38
metti_I think just this problem is solved in over hundreds of blogs11:38
gordonjcp!password | flokati11:39
ubottuflokati: Forgot your password? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword What's the root password? See !sudo. Don't see *** in password prompts? That's normal. Sudo doesn't ask for your password? It remembers you for several minutes. Please use strong passwords, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/StrongPasswords11:39
metti_I am just new here11:39
flokatii havent forgot my psw11:39
gordonjcpflokati: I thought you said you had...11:39
metti_what happened exactly11:39
iqualfragileare you referring to my problem? i have allready used google11:39
flokatithe problem is it just started by saying "UI=100011:39
flokatiand "unknown user"11:40
ukebaneHello, I've got a problem with my gnome-shell, I edited my /usr/share/gnome-shell/js/ui/panel.js and messed up, now my panel won't load.11:40
ukebaneI tried reinstalling gnome-shell but that didn't work11:40
BluesKajHiyas all11:40
flokatii was folloiwng a post in ubuntu forums to make visible my ubuntu to a windows network11:40
iqualfragileapt-get purge gnome-shell && apt-get install gnome-shell11:41
ukebaneiqualfragile: I did that, thanks though11:41
flokatiand now.. im on LiveCD and my hdd is mounted but i cant access it11:41
Romancei really need Microsoft office 2007, which one is the best option - use WINE or use virtualbox to install Windows and Microsoft office on it11:41
gordonjcpflokati: from your livecd, mount the hard disk and check all the changes you made11:42
iqualfragileuse wine11:42
gordonjcpflokati: what do you mean, you can't access it?11:42
MonkeyDustRomance  try both, see which you prefer11:42
PlectoHow can having a harddrive plugged in make the xbmcbuntu stall indefenitly even before ever choosing to install anything to the drive? I really wan't to make this work :(11:43
gordonjcpPlecto: "stall" before it even boots?11:43
Plectogordon: It boots the cd, then it stalls where it says "xbmc" with some dots moving back and forth11:43
PlectoBefore any options occur11:43
gordonjcpoh, okay11:43
flokatii cant acceess "root" folder  to /dev/sda1 from LiveCD cause it says "permisson denied" a11:43
metti_sorry need to go now11:43
metti_see another time11:44
gordonjcpflokati: go root and try it11:44
esingWhat is the name of Ubuntu unities Video player?11:44
gordonjcpflokati: sudo -i11:44
flokatii did that11:44
MonkeyDustPlecto  there's also the channel #xbmc-linux, some 170 people there11:44
esingI want to start it in command line , therefore I would need its exact naming11:44
Calinouesing: google it?11:44
esingCalinou I googled 5 minutes and then gave up11:44
gordonjcpesing: think it's totem11:45
flokati-su: /dev/sda1: Permission denied11:45
Calinoutotem, esing11:45
PlectoMonkeydust: Ill give that a shot, thx11:45
gordonjcpflokati: what are you actually typing in?11:45
gordonjcpflokati: pastebin exactly what is in your terminal11:45
ldiamond_is it possible to login as someone from a guest session?11:45
=== kaktuskuchen is now known as Guest89274
esingOh I could have clicked Info in the video player itself11:46
gordonjcpesing: yes, you could ;-)11:46
esingI'll remember that :)11:46
flokatiroot@ubuntu:/# sudo -i11:47
iqualfragileflokati: you need to mount that drive before you can access it11:47
flokatiroot@ubuntu:~# /dev/sda111:47
flokati-bash: /dev/sda1: Permission denied11:47
gordonjcpflokati: okay, I'm not sure what you're doing there11:47
flokatimount: /dev/sda1 already mounted or /media/761ebb48-ea53-4104-9647-118fa5adf89c busy11:47
flokatimount: according to mtab, /dev/sda1 is already mounted on /media/761ebb48-ea53-4104-9647-118fa5adf89c11:47
iqualfragilewell then: cd /media/76…11:48
gordonjcpso if you do "cd /media/761<tab>"11:48
blackshirtflokati, your sda1 has been mounted11:48
flokatithats my hdd.. but when the system boots it says  No root account blah blah and restarts all the time11:49
flokatinotice that now im on LiveCD11:49
gordonjcpflokati: yup11:50
=== Guest20938 is now known as elky
gordonjcpflokati: did you edit /etc/passwd?11:50
flokatii was trying yesterday to make some settings on samba11:50
flokatibut i didnt change any paswords at all :S11:51
gordonjcpflokati: sounds like you've hosed /etc/passwd11:51
flokatisudo gedit /etc/samba/smb.conf    after saving this file.... i lost my root account11:52
blackshirtflokati, what are you doing on samba?11:52
flokatiand my pc restarts all the time . but i didnt make any changes at all.. i just wrote "workgroup"  in the correct place after following instructions on ubuntu forum11:53
blackshirtFlokati, you was doing a bad thing11:54
RomanceMy friend says the partition is simply not correctly labled as an ntfs, but it IS there, and he did everything he could but we couldn't seem to mount the ntfs partition to ubuntu.11:54
flokatiafter that it instantly said to my (after trying to sudo)  "who are you?" and permissons denied... and by the first restart ... poof..11:54
idefixit test11:55
gordonjcpflokati: it sounds like you've hosed /etc/passwd11:55
gordonjcpflokati: open two terminals and open /etc/passwd and /mnt/whatever/etc/passwd11:55
flokatii never typed that in my terminal :/11:55
gordonjcpflokati: compare the two files11:56
flokatiok a sec11:56
* idefix tests11:56
blackshirtflokati, yoy messed up with running gedit with sudo11:56
random_I've installed a couple of themes, but have not been able to switch to them, im not to sure what is going wrong11:58
sudhiI added the equinox ppa `sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tiheum/equinox` and then `sudo apt-get update`, but when I try `sudo apt-get install equinox-theme` it says package not found?? any idea?11:58
flokatiroot@ubuntu:/# etc/passwd11:59
flokati-bash: etc/passwd: Permission denied11:59
sudhithe ppa repo shows the package (checked the launchpad page of the author) though it seems apt-get is not happy with it11:59
random_Anyone able to help me with themes ?12:00
hjreessahello all, can you please tell me what should I type if I want to make the terminal usable without opening new tabs on it after I type a command to open an application12:01
hjreessafor example if I type gedit it opens it but I can not longer use the terminal without closing gedit12:01
sudhirandom_: same question here, thought it'll be easy, but looks like people dont really care about the theme12:01
hjreessathere was a sign or some other thing that I used to add to the command to free the terminal but I forgot it12:01
blackshirthjreessa, open in new tab12:02
sudhihjreessa: add & at the end, e.g. : $ gedit &12:02
hjreessaman please read what i want to know12:02
hjreessasudhi:  THANK YOU12:02
Troy^where do i set the connection protocol in filezilla client to connect to sftp?12:02
sudhihjreessa: welcome, though some debug/stderr might disturb your terminal12:02
blackshirtflokati, you have been messed up by your self12:03
esingUm... I found a big bug :(12:03
sudhiesing: really? how big, I wonder :-?12:03
blackshirtesing, what bug?12:03
esingI can't access my data at all through command line on the second HDD each time I reboot.12:04
guntbert_!bug | esing12:04
ubottuesing: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.12:04
sudhiguntbert_: looks more like mounting issue to me, than a bug12:05
random_sudhi, yea idk.. i cant see any of the themes i've installed..12:05
blackshirtesing, that was not bug, but your stupidity..lol12:05
esingI feel stupid12:05
guntbert_sudhi: ack :-)12:05
esingBut I see the drive and files in Nautilus12:06
=== piratenagchat is now known as amogorkon
esingOnly accessing it with command line does not work12:06
sudhiesing: either fix-up your fstab or let nautilus/gnome mount it; then you can use CLI to access (ls /media/MyHDDvolume/blah/blah)12:06
guntbert_Troy^: open the site manager, there under "protocol"12:07
sudhiesing: look under /media12:07
sudhiin fact, browse using nautilus, go to File System -> media12:07
sudhithen under there you will see your second HDD with partitions and all, and their respective labels12:07
esingYes, after I entered the drive with nautilus I can access them with command line but opening it each time first through nautilus is not practical12:08
sudhithats the exact path you will be able to access from CLI; cd /media/MyVolume/some/path/file.doc12:08
Troy^guntbert_: thank you very much12:08
guntbert_Troy^: You're welcome12:08
sudhiesing: then fix up your fstab12:08
blackshirttrying tou mount your disk manually12:09
sudhiguntbert_: don't we have a botentry for fstab? esing can definitely use some !fstab12:09
esingsudhi Thanks, I will read about that12:09
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions12:09
sudhiesing: ^12:09
sudhibut be careful, not a good idea to play around with filesystem/partitions; feel free to drop in this channel if you are not sure about any small detail12:10
Dr_willisbackup your original fstab file in any case. ;)12:11
dzupdominis patris espiritus santi ...12:11
sudhithe best way is to put their mount location at the install time itself, just use any random /data1 or /windows1 etc. letters12:13
esingHow do I find the UUID of my harddrive out?12:14
ubottuTo see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)12:14
esingoh I could have googled that. sry12:14
iqualfragileso: does anybody have an idea why that happens? (LDAP)?12:15
blackshirtiqualfragile, what happens?12:16
sudhiDr_willis: is ntfs-3g installed by default? or the kernel support for ntfs(RW) has gotten better?12:16
iqualfragilehi, im trying to follow the instructions given at https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/openldap-server.html but i get some error at the very beginnig: when entering ‚ldapsearch -Q -LLL -Y EXTERNAL -H ldapi:/// -b cn=config dn‘ it returns ‚ldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s: Local error (-2)‘12:16
Dr_willissudhi,  has been for ages.12:16
Dr_willissudhi,  worked fine for the last 3+ years i belive12:16
iqualfragileblackshirt: i have allready posted that some minutes ago12:17
blackshirtiqualfragile, you don't describe something12:17
blackshirtiqualfragile, sorry guys, i just join here for a seconds12:17
iqualfragileah, sorry, didnt see that12:17
iqualfragileim having a fresh installed ubuntu 12.04 server edition12:18
blackshirtyes, so what happen12:18
iqualfragilei followeld the instructions from https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/openldap-server.html12:19
iqualfragileso i have first changed /etc/hosts12:19
blackshirtyes, i have read it more a times12:19
iqualfragile127.0.0.1       localhost12:19
iqualfragile127.0.1.1       name.domain.local name12:19
iqualfragile# The following lines are desirable for IPv6 capable hosts12:20
ukebaneiqualfragile: I fixed my gnome-shell problem12:20
yeatsiqualfragile: have you looked at the openldap site?  they have a FAQ page that might help: http://www.openldap.org/faq/data/cache/53.html12:20
blackshirtBut i can't follow your link for now, because i'm on handheld device12:20
iqualfragileyeats: yeah, but it seems like there could be a fault in the server-guide, so im asking here12:21
blackshirtiqualfragile, so ...?12:21
ukebaneI downloaded gnome-shell-3.4.2.tar.xz and extracted the panel.js, fixed my problem :)12:21
iqualfragilenow i have installed the open-ldap-server12:21
iqualfragileapt-get install slapd ldap-utils12:21
yeatsiqualfragile: this channel is *mostly* desktop support - there is also #ubuntu-server, but it sounds like your problem is with the program not the platform (i.e., the OS)12:21
blackshirtyeats, it doesn't a matter..12:22
blackshirtiqualfragile, just to the point what the problem is12:22
esingCan I put my UUID in here or is that sensible information?12:22
iqualfragileand then i tried to execute "ldapsearch -Q -LLL -Y EXTERNAL -H ldapi:/// -b cn=config dn " copied 1:1 from the guide (i just removed the sude at the beginnig as im having a root-shell)12:22
iqualfragileand now it says:12:23
iqualfragileldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s: Local error (-2)12:23
yeatsblackshirt: I'm just trying to direct him to where he might get the best expertise12:23
esingIs this correct?             UUID=76E8B1B9E8B175C7 /ntfs         defaults,nls=utf8,umask=007,gid=46  0       012:23
iqualfragilewhen runnig it with -vvv it says:12:23
sudhiiqualfragile: I think #ubuntu-server people or much better #ldap folks will help you out12:23
blackshirtyeats, sure ... Just suggest him12:23
iqualfragileldap_initialize( ldapi:///??base )12:23
iqualfragileldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s: Local error (-2)12:23
yeatsblackshirt: I did12:24
esingAlso does it matter how many spaces I have between the words, or does it not matter and the table figures itself out?12:24
sudhiiqualfragile: try #openldap than #ldap12:24
gsteinertafternoon all =)12:24
iqualfragileif blackshirt is unable to help me im gona look there12:24
sudhiesing: put the mount point in front of /12:24
blackshirtiqualfragile, that looks you have been something wrong12:24
sudhiesing: lest you are mounting the ntfs drive as root :P12:25
gsteinerti'm having some rather odd samba-related issues. i have a couple of samba shares on a linux box. When accessing these shares from my windows 8 machine (and a windows 7 laptop i have lying around) the files display and work correctly, but any folders are shown as zero-length files. I have tried enabling WINS support as found in one forum post, but nothing else I could find on google describes12:25
gsteinertmy particular problem12:25
iqualfragilebut there is not much to do wrong…12:25
gsteinerthas anyone had any similar problems?12:25
esingsudhi Oh if I would have rebooted like this my PC would have been messed up?12:25
yeatsgsteinert: try #samba12:25
=== Aristide is now known as NeuhNeuh
sudhiesing: prolly yes, but who knows :P12:25
blackshirtiqualfragile, check your command agains ... Because i can't check them12:25
blackshirtmaybe missing some options12:26
=== Adeeel is now known as A|}EEL-P-K-Tun
esingIs this correct?             UUID=76E8B1B9E8B175C7  /media/philipp/ntfs         defaults,nls=utf8,umask=007,gid=46  0       012:26
iqualfragilei have copy-pasted them from the terminal12:26
=== A|}EEL-P-K-Tun is now known as Adeeel
gsteinertyeats: i have done, it seems to be rather dead in there. no worries, I'll keep trying google =)12:26
esingAlright i reboot now and see if it works12:27
blackshirtiqualfragile, i have play with that guide and nothing goes wrong12:27
sudhiesing: yes, that sounds better, but does the directory /media/philipp exists? why don't you save your fstab and issue "sudo mount -a"?12:27
blackshirtiqualfragile, your error says some local error12:28
sudhithat'll tell you if there are any problems12:28
esingsudhi That directory does not exist. Because the drive is already mounted so mount -a does not work12:28
sudhiesing: then unmount it (make sure you aren't accessing it from browser/player), and repeat12:29
blackshirtesing, you should passing remount options to mount command if you want to remount12:29
esingI created the folder now I will try to unmount now12:29
sudhiblackshirt: nah, he just wants to check his fstab, no need to remount12:29
demonoid_comi need advice12:30
demonoid_comfor ubuntu12:30
sudhi!hello > demonoid_com12:30
demonoid_comi want install on my pc ubuntu 12.0412:30
demonoid_combut i have dual core with 4 gb ram12:31
yeatssudhi: that factoid was removed a while back12:31
demonoid_comand good nvidia video card12:31
demonoid_comi need lite gnome12:31
yeats!enter | demonoid_com12:31
ubottudemonoid_com: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!12:31
esingIt worked12:31
demonoid_comubottu ok sorry12:31
sudhiesing: what does plain 'mount | grep philipp' returns?12:32
esing/dev/sda1 on /media/philipp type fuseblk (rw,nosuid,nodev,allow_other,default_permissions,blksize=4096)12:32
sudhiesing: congrats, you just fixed up your fstab, now your "second hdd" will always be mounted on /media/philipp12:32
sudhican you read/write to it?12:32
esingsudhi Thanks!12:32
esingsudhi yes12:33
sudhiesing: good, and you're welcome :)12:33
demonoid_comit is possible install ubuntu 12.04 with classic gnome 2?12:33
=== xazax is now known as Guest95655
esingsudhi is there a way to copy selected text in terminal without right clicking it ?12:33
esingctrl+c does not work12:33
yeatsdemonoid_com: no, but there are alternatives like cinnamon and MATE (which are mostly not supported here)12:34
yeatsdemonoid_com: most people who want a gnome2-like desktop have moved to xfce12:34
Dr_willisor Lubuntu/lxde12:35
demonoid_comyeats:ok 10x becouse i need develop apps for android and i need free resurce12:35
frappyi want to disable my trackpad while typing. it seems i need to get the trackpad recognised as a trackpad, but xinput lists it as a mouse. how can i get it recognised correctly?12:35
=== ansi is now known as Guest39504
frappyi'm using xubuntu 12.0412:36
Dr_willisdemonoid_com,  lightest desktop would be Lubuntu, or just using a window manager.12:36
User___Hello, I'm wondering if anyone knows if there is a wireless driver for my mother board... it's a Asus Maximus V Formula. I have googled and had no luck.... anyone ???12:36
xiacloIs there a way to see "hidden" memory usage?  If I total up the memory usage column from ps, I get 44%, but free/top/htop says I am using 65% … what gives?  This is 4GB RAM, so not a small amount12:37
demonoid_comfrappy:and you are pleased with xubuntu12:37
frappydemonoid_com: it's grand12:37
Guest39504there is a bottom task bar appearing in ubuntu 12.04 but i also have cairo dock so its getting behind it.. i dont want it how do i get rid of it.. can someone please help12:37
frappybasically i have this setup: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=11141211&postcount=112:37
iqualfragileblackshirt: i know now what was the problem, i missunderstood one instruction12:37
frappyi.e. my trackpad is treated as a psmouse12:37
Guest39504can anyone help me with this one12:37
iqualfragileyou need to append this line to /etc/hosts12:37
iqualfragileinstead of replacing one12:37
Guest39504there is a bottom task bar appearing in ubuntu 12.04 but i also have cairo dock so its getting behind it.. i dont want it how do i get rid of it.. can someone please help12:37
frappybut this isn't what i want12:37
User___Wireless anyone ?12:38
demonoid_comfrappy:10x man!12:38
Guest39504there is a bottom task bar appearing in ubuntu 12.04 but i also have cairo dock so its getting behind it.. i dont want it how do i get rid of it.. can someone please help12:38
frappydemonoid_com: huh?12:39
somanHi all. Where I can find wxWidgets help files in Ubuntu 12.04?12:39
frappyman man man man man man man man man man12:39
blackshirtiqualfragile, congrats12:40
Guest39504there is a bottom task bar appearing in ubuntu 12.04 but i also have cairo dock so its getting behind it.. i dont want it how do i get rid of it.. can someone please help12:40
iqualfragilebut now im running into problems one line later…12:40
frappyGuest39504: probably you want to kill gpanel or gnome-panel or something12:41
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
Guest39504yes sir frappy...12:41
Guest39504i think so .. how can i12:41
frappyGuest39504: find a graphical process manager, find the process and then kill it12:41
Guest39504how do i do that frappy??12:42
Guest39504where do i find a graphical process manager frappy???12:44
Guest39504frappy : where do i find a graphical process manager sir?12:44
frappyGuest39504: i dunno, it depends which desktop you're using12:44
Guest39504Frappy i am using gnome..12:44
frappyGuest39504: isn't there some sort of search panel thing you can use to find applications?12:45
drupinohh know installer just crashed at final stages12:46
=== y4h0_ is now known as m1h0
Dr_willis!info htop12:47
ubottuhtop (source: htop): interactive processes viewer. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.1-1 (precise), package size 64 kB, installed size 180 kB12:47
Dr_willisthe panels most likely will restart if killed.12:47
Guest39504Frappy : No its nothing to do like a search panel.. but its just a simple bar which appearing on the bottom of the screen just behind cairo dock and it has 4 tiny desktop windows at the right corner12:49
frappyGuest39504: oh well12:50
Dr_willisthats the gnome panel12:50
Guest39504Frappy: u know what this is??12:50
esingSearched through compiz and keyboard shortcuts but I do not find the hotkey settings for placing a windows left or right, standard hotkey is: ctrl+SUPER+arrowLEFT/RIGHT12:50
Guest39504Frappy: how do i get rid of this man!! its so frustrating12:50
Dr_willisGuest39504,  you can alt-click and drag it to another edge i belive, or set it to auto hide. I dont use the gnme classic mode.12:51
Dr_willisand guest nicks may want to change to a real nick.. its getting full of guests in here12:52
frappyGuest39504: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=remove%20gnome%20panel%20ubuntu%2012.0412:52
Dr_willislast i looked Cairo Dock added its own entries to the Lightdm login screen to start a session with Just the dock12:52
Dr_willisor that might have been AWN.12:53
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=== lavial_b is now known as tistou
jamesbondin which file does the modem manager writes logs in ubuntu 12.0?13:03
BluesKajjamesbond, did you look in /var/log ?13:07
=== mimor_ is now known as mimor
=== rkh is now known as rodrigo
iwerthi ;y keybeord is set to belgiu; and ;y keybeord is belgiu; however its its qwerty now13:15
=== rodrigo is now known as Guest85114
njrHi, For some strange reason I cant apt-get ruby-redcarpet, even though google tells me it exist... any idea why?13:15
e-v-oI am trying to convince my gf to install latest Ubuntu alongside her sluggish 4 year old Vista on a laptop. But she says no since I cannot guarantee a 100% risk free install. Help!13:16
tsimpsone-v-o: use the wuby installer, it allows you to install Ubuntu directly from windows (as if it was an application) and will not touch any partitions etc13:16
tsimpson!wuby | e-v-o13:16
=== Guest85114 is now known as z0rr0
ubottuWubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug. For Ubuntu Oneiric/11.10 http://releases.ubuntu.com/oneiric/wubi.exe13:17
tsimpsonyes, spelling is required :)13:17
e-v-otsimpson: where does it install it to?!13:17
jribnjr: google lies :x13:17
tsimpsone-v-o: to a file on the disk13:17
tsimpsone-v-o: it even comes with an easy uninstaller13:18
e-v-oso it runs virtualised over windows?!13:18
e-v-oisn't that slow, specially on an old already slow machine?13:18
iwertsudo apt-get install skype, there is no skype on ubunto?13:18
jrib!skype | iwert13:19
ubottuiwert: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga13:19
tsimpsone-v-o: no, it's fully native, it's just that instead of running from a partition, it runs from a file13:19
truexfan81ok funny question13:19
tsimpsone-v-o: the system fully boots into Ubuntu, just from a file located on the windows filesystem13:19
e-v-odo you still get dual boot?13:19
truexfan81i'm installing 12.04 minimal on my pc right now13:19
tsimpsone-v-o: yes, you get the option of Windows (default) or Ubuntu13:19
truexfan81my question is, if i choose not to install a de, will it automatically install xorg when i add the ppa and install mate later?13:20
tsimpsone-v-o: it actually uses the windows boot loader, rather than grub, so it's just using the existing windows boot process13:20
e-v-owhat if we decide to wipe windows in the future?13:20
jribtruexfan81: it should, unless the packager did something weird...13:20
truexfan81i think that is what i will do then13:20
=== Guest95655 is now known as xazax_
tsimpsone-v-o: you can just put the Ubuntu CD in and reboot, then do an install. think of wubi as a test-drive, but without the slow live CD13:21
truexfan81keep it as minimal as possible for max speed, even tho its a dualcore 2.9 lol13:21
truexfan81was using mint 13 before, deicded i wanted something lighter/faster13:21
BluesKaj!xorg | truexfan8113:21
ubottutruexfan81: The X Window system is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart X, type 'sudo /etc/init.d/lightdm' on an ubuntu system. replace with kdm on Kubuntu. To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution . Also see !xorgconf13:21
saviohey pals13:22
BluesKajtruexfan81, xorg.conf is no longer default afaik13:22
BluesKajbut you can generate on if you wish13:22
e-v-otsimpson: what's the risk of damage to Windows is I use bi as compared to normal dual boot install?13:23
savioi having problem on my dell inspiron  15r while chaging my brightness cause system to freez13:23
savioi refer this link http://askubuntu.com/questions/140002/brightness-keys-in-dell-n4010-14r-causing-freezes but not really applied it13:23
truexfan81oh, yeah it will make one when i run sudo nvidia-xconfig after installing the nvidia drivers13:23
tsimpsone-v-o: well, as wubi doesn't touch any partitions, there's really no real risk at all13:23
saviois this helpful or anyone has any solution13:24
BluesKajtruexfan81, yup13:24
jribnjr: so where did you read that you could install it with apt-get?13:24
Romancewhat does "Block size 18874368" means ?13:24
truexfan81BluesKaj:  i've been running ubuntu/mint for a year and a half so i know a little13:24
e-v-oso the only downside is that if I want to remove windows in the future Ubuntu will also be wiped and require a fresh installation?13:24
njrjrib: sorry, I misread... its only available as a package for 12.10. Sorry for the trouble13:25
jribnjr: no problem13:25
tsimpsone-v-o: yes, because the Ubuntu "disk" is just hosted on the already existing Windows filesystem, and there's no easy way to get that on to a physical partition13:26
truexfan81BluesKaj: the fun part will be typing that long mate ppa link in text only mode lol13:26
BluesKajtruexfan81, I assume ppl  do have some knowledge , but it's difficult to know where and how much13:26
iwertwhats a good IDE on ubuntu?13:27
truexfan81BluesKaj:  i hear ya13:27
e-v-ook. how about installing Ubuntu on a USB drive? How does the speed compare to hdd installation?13:27
ChogyDaniwert: never was able to figure that out myself13:27
rsserhow do you know if your wireless card supports ad-hoc network on ubuntu?13:27
tsimpsone-v-o: that mostly depends on the hardware, USB 2.0 will be quicker than USB 1, but other than that it's not too different13:28
truexfan81BluesKaj:  i do use a seperate home partition, so this way i will be able to restore my de and app settings with a copy/paste from my mint home folder :)13:28
truexfan81ok one question, what is UTC?13:29
truexfan81so i know what to tell the installer13:29
Estragonhi, im on 12.04 and metacity is crashing every time a launch a fullscreen java swing frame13:29
e-v-otsimpson: if I install on a USB drive, can I then plug that drive on any machine and take Ubuntu wherever I want?13:29
BluesKajiwert, eclipse , C++ ...it's up to you to research and choose13:29
prova21I've just updated my ubuntu lucid to Precise 12.04.113:29
tsimpsone-v-o: for the most part, yes. as long as the system can boot from USB, and it's configured to do so13:30
DJonestruexfan81: UTC is a a timezone, Universal Co-ordinated Time13:30
BluesKajtruexfan81, dual booting mint and ubuntu then ?13:30
truexfan81wiped out mint, just kept my home folder13:30
truexfan81picked a different username for this one13:31
e-v-otsimpson: and the differentt system spec is not a problem? I thought Ubuntu got the specific required drivers for machine upon installation.13:31
ubottuhama: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».13:31
prova21I've noticed there are 2 kernels: one with -pae support, the other without it.  Can I remove the other, because of the uselessness and lack of space too?13:31
BluesKajjust install ubuntu to / , truexfan8113:31
ChogyDantruexfan81: why are you switching away from mint?13:31
prova21!it | hama13:31
truexfan81BluesKaj:  no, had was already partitioned to have a seperate /home partition13:31
CalinouChogyDan: it's obvious 8)13:31
truexfan81ChogyDan:  wanted something lighter/faster13:32
tsimpsone-v-o: most drivers come pre-installed, so that's not a problem13:32
Calinouiwert: depends on the language: I recommend codeblocks for C(++) personally13:32
Calinounothing forces you to use an ide, you can use a text editor too13:32
=== Dad_ is now known as Guest8075
BluesKajtruexfan81, yes but your actual OS install is to / , right ?13:33
prova21I've noticed there are 2 kernels in Precise: one with -pae support, another without it.  Can I remove the not-pae, because of its uselessness and lack of space?13:33
truexfan81BluesKaj:  correct13:33
rsserhow do you know if your wireless card supports ad-hoc network on ubuntu?13:33
BluesKajthat's what i was suggesting , truexfan8113:33
e-v-osweet! thank you very much for your help. Now on a different topic, how risky is it to install Ubuntu alongside OS X on a macbook pro 2011?13:33
Boffyhello! does anyone know if Asus Eee PC 1015BX works well with Ubuntu (or one of it's derivatives) and also how strong is actually AMD FUSION DualCore C60-1.0Ghz? Let's say compared to P3 800 or something sicne i dont' know these new CPU much13:33
iwertwhat is this gedit window, its a blank window13:34
truexfan81ok am in the new text only install lol13:34
truexfan81BluesKaj:  i'm about to do this http://askubuntu.com/questions/87040/how-to-install-mate13:34
BluesKaje-v-o, any new install comes with risks13:34
truexfan81actually i think i'm gonna do a apt-get update/upgrade first13:35
prova21I've noticed there are 2 kernels in Precise: one with -pae support, another without it.  Can I remove the not-pae, because of its uselessness and lack of space?13:35
prova21I've noticed there are 2 kernels in Precise: one with -pae support, another without it.  Can I remove the not-pae, because of its uselessness and lack of space?13:35
prova21I've noticed there are 2 kernels in Precise: one with -pae support, another without it.  Can I remove the not-pae, because of its uselessness and lack of space?13:35
FloodBot1prova21: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:35
DJones!repeat | prova2113:35
ubottuprova21: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/13:35
e-v-oBluesKaj: I recognise that, hence why I'm trying to get an opinion front he community before jumping in ; )13:35
BluesKajtruexfan81, well , good luck ...prefer KDE myself :)13:35
* sddddddddddddddd irsso seems to be awful13:36
truexfan81why is it saying add-apt-repository: command not found?13:38
BluesKaje-v-o, there are lots of successful dual boots on macs these days , It's mostly positive from all accounts13:38
blackshirtwhat the problem truexfan8113:39
truexfan81blackshirt:  "sudo: add-apt-repository: command not found"13:40
Romancesudo apt-get install python-software-properties13:40
blackshirtare you working on ubuntu truexfant81?13:40
truexfan81blackshirt:  yes, 12.04 minimal13:40
blackshirtRomance, i think that was default installed13:41
truexfan81am in text only mode at the moment13:41
truexfan81blackshirt:  am attempting to do this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/87040/how-to-install-mate13:41
blackshirtOh no... You work on minimal system,and maybe like romance tells was not installed13:41
Romancehe is minimalist13:42
BluesKajtruexfan81, drop the quotes in that ppa , if that's whatyou're trying13:42
truexfan81BluesKaj:  what Romance said fixed it, installed python-software-properties13:43
BluesKajtruexfan81, I can't say i've ever seen that command13:44
JoshWell, How can I restrict application access from multiple users?13:44
truexfan81it works13:44
JoshThat is, say if I have tmux installed13:44
Josh(and I am admin) It can be used by anyone (any user on this computer) currently13:44
JoshHow to restrict that?13:45
Joshis it by doing chmod 700 ?13:46
truexfan81BluesKaj:  now waiting for it to download 468MB of new packages lol13:46
BluesKajtruexfan81, well, it is a DE13:47
esingWhich Antivirus tool is good to check windows trojans with ubuntu?13:47
truexfan81yeah, wasn't complaining13:47
truexfan81its installing them now13:48
pbjorklundI set shell of a user with chsh -s /bin/bash username. But when I login it doesn't load .bash_profile or .bashrc. When I source .bash_profile it says nothing but doesn't load anything. When I type "bash" it does load everything. Don't really know how to google this. Tips?13:48
RomanceJosh: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions13:48
truexfan81BluesKaj:  they download pretty quick on my 22megabit connection13:48
LantiziaLo, you know how you can make GRUB boot a file disk image that has DOS inside it so you can do BIOS updates?  Well can you do that but with Windows instead? (useful for other firmware updates)13:48
BluesKajtruexfan81, nice :)13:48
Lantiziaesing, you could give the Linux version of Avast! a go13:49
truexfan81forgot to turn cool and quiet off in the bios lol ohwell, i can do it next time i reboot13:49
esingLantizia My software center does not find AVAST13:51
pbjorklundNm, it "magically started working".13:51
Dr_willisLantizia,  grub2 can boot ISO images. there may be a freedos/dr-dos iso image out you could use13:52
Dr_willisLantizia,  you could try with a windows iso. but i doubt if it will work13:53
DoctorD90Someone know how force openssh to point to user's home trougth sftp, without disabled ssh?13:53
subcoolquestion... - ok can i install BIOS updates via Ubuntu and Wine?13:54
Dr_willissubcool,  i would doubt if that will work13:54
subcoolDr_willis: so i can only do a bios update via windows??13:54
subcoolthats kinda silly... :/13:54
Dr_willissubcool,  my pc's have a bios update feature in the bios..13:54
kingnebexhow can i clear youtube cookies on firefox?13:54
Dr_willissubcool,  totally depends on the pc/bios/mb/hardware13:55
subcoolDr_willis: im on HP's website, and i only have win.exe update with a crappy bios interface.. -13:55
subcoolill google it- maybe there is something- thanks..13:55
=== ventz is now known as gnbot
=== gnbot is now known as ventz
rsserwhere can I find support for RTL8187B driver?13:58
rsserwireless card13:59
eins11hi guys, i have a little question: I have an rsync backup script for backing up my vserver. this script should remount my backup drive as rw before running. On system boot it is mounted in fstab as rw,user. Now when the script runs it say that only root can mount the drive as rw. what can i do?13:59
subcoolDr_willis: ok, can i update the bios via a vmware image?13:59
bebojalternative for network-manager using wwan connection ?13:59
eins11no, on system boot it is mounted as ro, user <- sorry ;)13:59
krababbelsubcool: no, no access to real bios13:59
kingnebexgosh every 1 is bussy in here13:59
subcoolkrababbel: didnt think so..13:59
subcoolk- thanks..13:59
iwerti want to play minecraft14:00
iwertbut i need java6 jdk14:00
ubottuTo just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.14:00
esingWhat package should I download: RPM / DEB or TAR GZ . I would guess DEB because Debian and Ubuntu are similar?14:00
Dr_willisesing,  deb - but what are you downloading?14:00
esingDr_willis An Antivirus programm called "Avast"14:01
ChogyDaniwert: you probably want oracle java14:01
iwerti have the sdk14:01
esingDr_Willis I do not find it through my software center14:01
Dr_willisesing,  you really need it?  theres clamav in the repos.14:01
Dr_willisthe AVG company has really gotten me annoyed at them lately.14:01
esingDr_willis Not sure, if clamAV is sufficient I'd not need Avast14:01
iwertwhy is the software senter so outdated14:02
Dr_willisavast did have a live cd..14:02
Dr_willisiwert,  its not.. ubuntu has a 6 month release cycle. so every 6 mo stuff gets updated in the n ext release.14:02
esingDr_willis I want to check my Windows 7 parition with Ubuntu14:02
=== ventz is now known as gnbot
iwertsudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk14:02
Dr_willisesing,  the avast live cd may be worth grabbing.   i find it best to use several av apps.14:02
iwertisnt there anymore14:02
Dr_willisiwert,  blame oracle..14:02
Dr_willisoracle changed their licenses..14:03
iwertthis is the 3rd enconter of software that dousnt work14:03
Dr_willisthat !java factoid details how to install the various javas.14:03
iwertwhat do i do with an rpm file14:04
=== gnbot is now known as ventz
Dr_willisiwert,  i would delete it.. and find a proper .deb or other tar.gz14:04
yeatsiwert: you don't use it ;-)14:04
ubottuRPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous and unsupported)14:04
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!14:05
iwertgreat standerdized formot u got there14:05
failingkidhello all14:05
jribiwert: what do you actually want to know?  How to properly install java?14:05
Doxinwhat's the recommended app for using a tv-tuner card?14:05
Rad_AhemnHi there! Pm me if your a networking master. I am attempting to use my Ubuntu laptop and an old Linksys router as a wireless repeater and am having some troubles :-(14:05
Dr_willisiwert,  totally pointless comment.. deb is the debian package format.. not rpm which is what redhat and otehrs iuse.14:05
failingkidany reason for this problem?14:05
Dr_willis!info tvtime14:06
ubottutvtime (source: tvtime): television display application. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.2-7ubuntu9 (precise), package size 702 kB, installed size 1863 kB14:06
eins11I have an rsync backup script for backing up my vserver. this script should remount my backup drive as rw before running. On system boot it is mounted in fstab as ro,user. Now when the script runs it say that only root can mount the drive as rw. what can i do?14:06
Dr_willisfailingkid,  at least give a small summary of the problem.14:06
DoctorD90Someone knows well openssh-sftp? I need a little help14:06
iwertim just saying theres no straight and easy manual for this14:06
failingkidi did14:06
failingkidsee screenshot14:06
Dr_willisiwert,  you have looked at that java url given earlier>14:06
iwerti got the tar.gz file14:06
Dr_willisfailingkid,  most people will not go to some random url just tro read about a provblem if you cant even give a 3 word summary14:07
BluesKaj!pm > Rad_Ahemn14:07
ubottuRad_Ahemn, please see my private message14:07
behihi i need help , for install dvb-t14:07
jribiwert: why not read the link Dr_willis had ubottu give you on the wiki?14:07
failingkidits a screenshot14:07
jrib!java | iwert14:07
ubottuiwert: To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.14:07
failingkidthe file isnt found when its clealry there14:07
Calinou<esing> Dr_willis An Antivirus programm called "Avast"14:08
Calinouare you serious? since when avast exists for linux?14:08
Calinoualso, avast sucks. it's a bunch of privacy invading adware, nothing else14:08
Calinouuse clamav14:08
Dr_willisCalinou,  been out for some time.. and ive also had issues with clamav.14:08
Calinouperfectly sufficient and doesn't harm your computer's performance since there is no realtime scan14:08
Calinourealtime scan is flawed14:08
jribfailingkid: your screenshot doesn't indicate the file is "clearly there".  In any case #perl may be a better place for perl questions14:09
blackshirthi crancko14:09
cranckonetwork problems, can not connect to router14:09
Dr_willisi always suggest using several differnt av apps..ive had false posituves and stuff get overlooked befor.14:09
cranckotried to ping, network not available it says14:09
blackshirtcrancko, you should check it14:09
cranckowhat should I check out?14:10
failingkidhmm? well im there now14:10
cranckoI have checked cable, and I can connect to router from tablet14:10
failingkidi thought if i included the location of the file people would see14:10
esingHow do I install Jdownloader on Ubuntu. Instruction says I should activate PPA first "ppa:jd-team/jdownloader" ... do they mean I should put latter command into sources.list ?14:10
failingkidoh well, thanks anyways14:10
DoctorD90I use sftp of openssh, but when i try to point to user's home during sftp connection, ssh become unavailable....someone knows how to fix?14:11
cranckobut from buntu I can not connect14:11
iwertits not working14:11
tsimpsonesing: either use the GUI to add it, or use the "apt-add-repository" tool (with sudo)14:11
truexfan81now installing nvidia 304.43 drivers from the xswat ppa14:11
jribfailingkid: not sure what you are expecting people to see14:11
iwertnone of the comands work14:11
cranckoI tried to restart network-manager, I tried reboot still no network connection14:11
e-v-owhat's the easier way to install Ubuntu on USB pen drive?14:11
failingkidguess i should have done ll listing14:12
ThinkT510e-v-o: dd14:12
cranckounetbootin evo14:12
jribiwert: where did you find that link?14:12
Rad_Ahemn I have bridged my wireless connection with my Ethernet to use my laptop as a switch between a wireless network I am trying to boost and my wireless router, Linksys wrt110. However I can connect to my router fine, and connect to the original network well. I am having troubles getting my computer to connect to my router while the Ethernet and wireless is bridged, to form a repeater. Any ideas? Please use my name so I can see14:12
|Merlin|can anyone explain to me why I have LAN network access but no web access?14:12
cranckoe-v-o Unetbootin is easy14:12
iwertthey gave me here14:12
esingtsimpson like this? sudo apt-add-repository ppa:jd-team/jdownloader14:12
cranckocan someone explain why I dont have lan access?14:12
tsimpsonesing: yes14:12
jribiwert: not in this channel14:12
jribiwert: in any case, it seems sane.  What is it exactly that you do that doesn't work?  Use a pastebin to show what you type and full output14:13
e-v-ocrancko: isn't there an "out of the box" solution?14:13
iwerttar: jre-7u7-linux-x64.tar.gz: Cannot open: No such file or directory14:13
iwerttar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now14:14
jribiwert: you need to do the first step (download the file)14:14
iwerti am14:14
Boffyhello! does anyone know if Asus Eee PC 1015BX works well with Ubuntu (or one of it's derivatives) and also how strong is actually AMD FUSION DualCore C60-1.0Ghz? Let's say compared to P3 800 or something since i don't know these new CPU much14:14
jribiwert: then you need to be in the directory where the file is to run your tar command14:14
cranckohello I can not connect to me old linksys wrt54 router via lan cable, what 2 do?14:15
BlueWolfHi, I have a new Canon Pixma MG2140 all in one printer and when I use XSane to try scan documents it says - no devices available, how can I get it working?14:15
BlueWolfIt prints14:15
|Merlin|Crancko, do you have link lights on your NIC? What version of Ubuntu do you have installed?14:16
iwertoke instald 2 things of java14:17
behii need help for install driver dvb-t14:17
iwertits still not working14:17
cranckoMerlin; yes the light turns green when I plug in cable into pc - old 8.0414:18
jribiwert: you're being too vague.14:18
cranckoI just put in a brand new cable to router but still can not connect14:18
iwertyes i am i dotn understand what im doing14:19
|Merlin|Crancko, open a terminal window, type: sudo vi /etc/network/interfaces14:19
|Merlin|for dhcp ( if you have a reservation in dhcp server)14:19
|Merlin|auto eth014:19
|Merlin|iface eth0 inet dhcp14:19
|Merlin|then save the file and restart your network service, or restart the computer14:19
jribiwert: you say you "installed 2 things of java".  What things?  What exactly did you do?  (use paste.ubuntu.com if your reply is many lines).  You also say "its still not working".  What is not working?  How are you determining it is not working?14:19
cranckotks will try MERLIN14:19
_mike_crancko: is this 'old linksys' router the only router on your network? Does your PC have an IP address on the NIC connected to the router?14:20
pseudonymousI *know* I can't be the only one for whom Compiz insists on taking an unreasonable amount of CPU over time. After several hours my compiz process ends up taking 10% cpu steady even if I'm just staring at a terminal screen running htop (ncurses program) and all the real applications are tucked away elsewhere. I'm using an Nvidia card. Anyone found any way of fixing this ?14:20
iwertjdk and jvm14:20
Calinou|Merlin|: vi fanboy much? :P14:21
|Merlin|heck yeah! lol14:21
cranckoMerlin; in terminal I put iface eth0 inet dhcp and return; iface command not found14:21
|Merlin|Crancko, no, you type those commands when you open /etc/network/interfaces... you have to edit that file14:22
iwertThe file '/home/iwert/Desktop/minecraft.jar' is not marked as executable.  If this was downloaded or copied from an untrusted source, it may be dangerous to run.  For more details, read about the executable bit.14:22
blackshirtcrancko, read the guides given carefully14:22
iwertwhat dous that mean14:22
|Merlin|do you know how to use vi?14:22
cranckoMerlin oh ok I will do that14:22
blackshirtCrancko, i think you can more smart14:22
blackshirtiwert, that's mean you have been warning14:23
jribiwert: which part do you not understand?14:23
iwertwhy cant i go past that14:23
iwertits just minecraft14:23
jribiwert: if you right click on the file, you will see the permissions for it.  To execute a file, it must have the execute permissions14:23
jrib!permissions > iwert14:24
ubottuiwert, please see my private message14:24
cranckoBlackshirt; must have missed that guide, I will scan the screen to look for the guide14:24
blackshirtiwert, for some security measure, you should only run and download from trusted sources14:24
iwertwhy dint anyone tell me this14:24
iwerti instaled 2 things i dint need14:25
jribiwert: we can only answer the questions asked14:25
prashant_123456i have multiple files starting with two numbers lik 01 02 03 etc and now i have to rename all removing the numbers any suggestions14:25
iwertwel i said that mincraft ditn run14:25
blackshirtcrancko, you should open /etc/network/interfaces file and then edit some interface to use dhcp, not paste it on terminal14:25
BlueWolfHi, I have a new Canon Pixma MG2140 all in one printer and when I use XSane to try scan documents it says - no devices available, I have got it to print so how can I get it to scan?14:26
jribprashant_123456: if you know regex, the "rename" command will be your friend.  See « man rename » for some basic usage and examples.  Also note you should test what your command will do by running it with "-n" (it will do a dry run and only tell you what would happen if you omit the -n)14:26
iwertis there a video tutorial on ubuntu to know allot from since i dotn want to bother people to much here14:26
jrib!manual | iwert14:26
ubottuiwert: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/14:26
prashant_123456jrib, can u tell me how to do it14:26
jribiwert: I don't know of a video tutorial, but that manual along with help.ubuntu.com are good places to start14:27
=== ares_ is now known as Guest57289
prashant_123456jrib, it will be more helpful if u tell me how to14:27
blackshirtiwert, chmod u+x for that files14:27
jribprashant_123456: well... do you know regex?14:27
prashant_123456jrib, no sir14:27
jribprashant_123456: do you want to learn?14:27
prashant_123456jrib, yes14:28
prashant_123456jrib, please14:28
jribprashant_123456: ok.  Are you in a terminal with the files you want to rename?14:28
jribprashant_123456: ok.  Are you in a terminal IN THE DIRECTORY* with the files you want to rename?14:28
prashant_123456jrib, yes14:28
prashant_123456jrib yes14:28
cranckoMerlin after making changes to /etc/network/interfaces do I need 2 reboot?14:28
|Merlin|Yes, either reboot or restart the network service so it scans that file again14:29
cranckoMerlin tried to restart network-manager still no IP14:29
blackshirtcrancko, no..just restart networking scrip14:29
cranckorebooting old pc now14:29
cranckoold pc sloooow14:29
prashant_123456jrib, yes i m in my directory14:30
|Merlin|lol...I know that feeling14:30
blackshirtcrancko, you make a misunderstanding14:30
N03LAny Unix language experts?14:30
rsserwhere can I find support for 8189 realtek semiconductore corp. RTL8187B wireless 802.11g 54mbps network adapter?14:30
cranckoblackshirt, ok what did I get wrong?14:30
blackshirtn03l, what you need?14:31
rsserthe id is 0bda:818914:31
blackshirtCrancko, let's me explain14:31
cranckoyes pls14:31
jribprashant_123456: alright, well the basic syntax for rename is « rename -n 's/foo/bar/' file1 file2 ... » where "foo" is what you want to replace and "bar" is what you want to replace it with.  Now "foo" is a regular expression which is basically like globbing in the terminal but more powerful.  One example, is you can use character classes to mean "any character of this type".  So for example, "[0-9]" means14:31
jriband digit 0-9.  So let's try this for starters and see what the result is: rename -n 's/[0-9]/X/' *  .  It is very important that you remember the "-n" since this command doesn't do what you actually want to do (but is a good start)14:31
=== Guest57289 is now known as Ares99
jribprashant_123456: let me know when you are done with that and if you have any questions14:31
prashant_123456jrib,  wait please14:32
jribprashant_123456: sure14:32
CalinouN03L: unix is not a programming language, you mean shell?14:32
Calinouthis is not a programming channel14:33
blackshirtCrancko, for default desktop ubuntu, network was handled by network manager14:33
Congis there no way to empty the rubbish bin on a usb storage device?14:33
N03LWhat are the benefits of learning Unix?14:33
jribCong: unmounting doesn't do it?  I vaguely remember that suggestion once14:34
prashant_123456jrib, yes now i get what is foo and what is bar14:34
CongNope, jrib.14:34
prashant_123456but now i want to know that all my files are .mp314:34
clamscananyone using clamav?14:34
cranckoblackshirt; so How can I make needed changes?14:34
fidel!anyone > clamscan14:35
ubottuclamscan, please see my private message14:35
blackshirtcrancko, and /etc/network/interfaces was typically for server network configuration14:35
prashant_123456jrib, yes and also i have to remove first 2 characters14:35
andornautIm trying to position my external monitor (connected to my laptop) to the left of the laptop screen, but I can't get it to work. It works fine when positioned to the right. Here's my xorg.conf. If I switch the metamodes lines I get a cloned display instead of positioning it with the specified offset: http://pastebin.com/HLaHNUKn Any ideas?14:35
clamscanhow can i get a list of infected files after i 've run "clamscan -l logfile -rvi directory/14:35
cranckook, how to get old pc on home network via network manager?14:35
CongAren't there any ways to empty the bin without removing the usb storage?14:36
andornaut(note if I set it with xrandr --output LDVS-0 --pos XxY it works as expected, but not if those same settings are in xorg.conf14:36
fidelclamscan: try asking in #clamav aswell ;)14:36
blackshirtCrancko, if you want to use /etc/network/interfaces files instead through network manager configuration, you should set manage= false to NetworkManager.conf14:36
DoxinI'm having some trouble receiving tv using my tuner. plugging the cable into a tv finds ~20 channels. plugging it into my pc finds 4. what gives?14:37
clamscanfidel: ok, so what? have you ever used clamav?14:37
jribprashant_123456: cool.  So you see in its current state 's/[0-9]/X' replaces one digit with X.  We want to change that a bit.  First off we want to make sure the digit is at the beginning of the file name.  The '^' character is used to denote the beginning.  The other thing we want to do is match not just one digit, but exactly two.  We could do this by writing our expression as '^[0-9][0-9]', but there's a14:37
jribslightly nicer way.  We can use {2} to mean do the last type of match twice.  So our final result will look like '^[0-9]{2}'.  This means match at the beginning, exactly 2 digits (0-9).  And our final command will be: « rename -n 's/^[0-9]{2}//' * ».  Give that a try14:37
cranckoblackshirt I now try lilve cd first, then I will check ur tips14:37
jribprashant_123456: check and see if that looks right14:38
clamscanvery helpful -_-14:38
blackshirtcrancko, but if you need your network managed by network manager, you shouldn't configure your /etc/network/interfaces, or just for lo for loopback... And you can configure your network through network manager settings14:39
jribCong: I don't know then :/  What happens when you try to use the GUI to empty trash?  You could always just delete the relevant directory on the usb, but again, I don't know if there is a better way14:39
clamscanfound, the string is 'FOUND'. thanks anyway14:39
blackshirtcrancko, that's you should understand basically14:40
CongThat's the problem. I have stuff in the system rubbish bin, and the files from the usb get mixed with the ones on the system, and emptying it will remove the others that are in the other rubbish bin aswell, jirb.14:41
jribCong: I see.  Well is just deleting the trash directory on the usb a possibility?14:42
BlueWolfHi, I have a new Canon Pixma MG2140 all in one printer and when I use XSane to try scan documents it says - no devices available, I have got it to print so how can I get it to scan?14:42
CongI tried that. That still empties the system rubbish bin aswell.14:43
blackshirtbluwolf, not playing with scan and this devices before,sorry guys14:43
jribCong: that sounds odd.  What did you delete exactly?14:43
CongOh, you mean delete the Trash-xxxx?14:43
jribCong: yep14:43
CongNo hacks please.14:44
jribCong: ah.  Don't know then :)14:44
jribCong: you could log in as a new user and then empty the trash, though you probably consider that a hack too14:44
cranckoblackshirt + Merlin thx 4 all the hlp but I could not get it 2 work, my know how is to small - liveCD let me see the files I need14:45
=== ljkndlnalk is now known as sha512
fidelCong: you could (however) parse the trash-metadata in Trash/info and select based on that info - as those filescontains the original trash-item path (but that would be another scripted hack)14:45
tim442BlueWolf: not had experience with that device, but i've found on other printers, the scan button does not properly intiate a scan, but using the scanning application in ubuntu to initiate will properly start the scan14:45
blackshirtcrancko, not a matter ...14:45
|Merlin|crancko, you are welcome...sorry it didn't work but glad you got what you needed14:45
cranckoI use liveCD 4 now and learn later :)14:45
prashant_123456jrib, yes thanks14:46
CongThere should be a standard way to delete files from just the usb storage. For now there doesn't seem to be one.14:46
cranckoIs like stopping 2 smoke, or loose weight - there is always 2 morrow14:46
tim442Cong, show hidden files, delete .Trash folder?14:46
blackshirtcrancko, you were a greats people14:46
gaelfxI've got a fresh install of lubuntu 12.04 running here, and my sound doesn't work. I've installed pulseaudio and pavucontrol, and despite those going off without a hitch, still no sound, what else can I do to get sound working?14:47
blackshirtgaelfx, have you have restricted extras installed?14:47
BlueWolftim442: I did use a scanning application called Xsane, simplescan, scanner utility and scan tailor and they all fail to pick up the scanner. I have managed to get the printer to work well now it's just the scanner?14:47
BluesKajgaelfx, do aplay -l in the terminal ...need to know your card14:48
tim442BlueWolf: is it a network attached device?  or direct USB?14:48
BlueWolftim442: Direct USB.14:48
gaelfxer, can someone remind me how to send the output of one command as the input for pastebinit?14:51
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com14:52
gaelfxBluesKaj: thanks14:52
CongI've removed the usb storage. The rubbish bin file count is more than the actual files in the rubbish bin. Emptying it still show the filled icon.14:52
CongAs I recall there files aren't in that rubbish bin, they are in the usb storage.14:53
tim442BlueWolf:  it seems the german canon website lists a lot of linux related items, but the USA version has virtually nothing.  maybe some searching on the .de site will help you14:54
gaelfxBluesKaj: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1206950/14:54
=== amogorkon is now known as piratenagchat
BlueWolftim442: I'm not familiar with the .de site, Could you possibly paste the URL? I don't have to know German to read it do I?14:55
BluesKajgaelfx, looks like you hdmi output is the default..is this what you want , or dom you wnat the analog out as default ?14:56
ogra_BlueWolf, google translate ;)14:56
gsteinertBlueWolf: that's what google translate was made for =)14:56
BluesKajgaelfx, you can make the choice in pavucontrol14:57
BlueWolfgsteinert: ogra_: Thanks, I was hoping I would not have to go to that extra effort. ;-)14:57
gaelfxBluesKaj: definitely don't want the hdmi as the default, since I rarely use it, but I don't see where in pavucontrol I can choose that?14:58
=== mike_ is now known as Guest97825
N03LAnyone know a good site/book to learn about unix?14:59
CongN03L, what do you mean by Unix?15:00
ThinkT510N03L: unix is a very broad term15:00
BluesKajgae it should show in the port drop down in output devices15:00
N03LMy bad, unix commands.15:00
CongI think he means Posix.15:00
=== Guest97825 is now known as __mike__
blackshirtn03l, a lot of book and documentations availables on internet15:00
CongI think he means bash now.15:00
ThinkT510!terminal | N03L15:00
ubottuN03L: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal15:00
N03LAny in particular that you could recommend?15:00
blackshirtn03l, linuxcommand.org15:01
gsteinertN03L: i know there are people who will disagree with me, but I found the best way was to decide what I wanted to accomplish then google the hell out of it. you'll develop a much deeper understanding of the inner workings of unix/linux/wahtever it is you're using by fixing mistakes and errors that any book could ever teach you15:01
gaelfxBluesKaj: there's a Set as Fallback button on each device, but I'm not really sure which one is actually set as the fallback, the icons in there are kind of confusing :P15:01
_Trulloanyone able to help me find this file: jdk-6u5-linux-i586.bin ?15:01
ThinkT510!java | _Trullo15:02
ubottu_Trullo: To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.15:02
Dr_willisLinux/Unix can be thought of as being 'tool' focused. where you find what tools used in what order to get to the end goal you want.. windows tends to be 'task' focused. you find the one tool that does exactly what you want.15:02
gaelfxBluesKaj: I almost feel like something got botched on installation just because I selected to install the third-party mp3 software or whatever15:03
N03Lthanks guys15:04
BluesKajgaelfx, ok , in the terminal , sudo modprobe snd-hda-intel , if there's no output then the right module/driver is loaded15:04
N03Lgsteinert: yeah defs, of course, I'm just using all the resources I can, including this forum.15:04
BluesKajgaelfx, no 3rd party packages wouldn't have done that15:05
blackshirtn03l, good..you make some learning more awesome15:05
gsteinertN03L: IRC channels such as this are a lot more useful if you have a specific query you need answering, 'How do I learn unix' is about as vague as they come!15:05
gsteinertN03L: is there anything in particular you want to be able to do with your unix box?15:05
gaelfxBluesKaj: no output on that command15:05
N03LI want to learn how to check my emails via terminal.15:06
esingI want to remove shortcuts of my mounted drives on the starter. I tried to find gconf-editor, but I do not find it15:06
N03LI've tried a few methods, but always had problems with them.15:06
blackshirtgreats n03l15:06
BluesKajgaelfx, ok , sudo alsa force-reload . if there' no output you may have to reboot15:06
gaelfxesing: sudo apt-get install gconf-editor15:07
esing thanks15:07
zalso howto debug a tvtuner on ubuntu ?.?15:07
blackshirtn03l, you don't tell what are you doing to check email15:07
gaelfxBluesKaj: plenty of output on that one15:07
zalN03L: try to fix ur software with update on usb in service mode ?15:08
=== kaktuskuchen_ is now known as kaktuskuchen
BluesKajgaelfx, ok , now try your audio15:09
=== piratenagchat is now known as amogorkon
gaelfxBluesKaj: it's a no go15:09
=== kaktuskuchen is now known as Guest84462
gsteinertN03L: i guarantee that 90% of methods you try for anything will hit a snag somewhere. the important part is not to give up just becuase it didn't work first time. what problems were you experiencing?15:09
araxishey everyone, i have a question regarding ubuntu server if anyone has a moment :)15:09
zalubuntu tv server ?15:10
gsteinertaraxis: if you have a question, ask! don't ask to ask15:10
gaelfx!ask > araxis15:10
ubottuaraxis, please see my private message15:10
BluesKajgaelfx, reboot , or try toi set the pavucontrol to the setting with analog in it15:10
blackshirtaraxis, what the problems ?15:10
N03Lgsteinert: I haven't given up. I've just posponed.. LOL! I'll get back to you on that one.,15:10
araxisblackshirt, i was given a few older servers and i am planning to run 2 of them. i was wondering if its feasible to install ubuntu to both of them15:12
araxisi guess ermm, thats not a good description of what i want..15:12
blackshirthow older your server?15:12
dubacoHi, a friend has asked me to fix there px, i read an article from someone in a magasine about how they used a bootable usb to clean there windows drive from a virus, have you any idea how i can clean the windows drive on my friends machine. I have booted into a her machine via a usb drive, the graphics wont work can you help me scan the windows drive using clamav on the usb ubuntu?15:12
gaelfxBluesKaj: I just figured it out, it seems no matter which I set fallback to, it defaults to hdmi15:13
araxisi wanted to have these 2 servers work together or act as one system, i dont know if thats a reasonable expectation15:13
fidelaraxis: what for? or why?15:13
araxisthey're really old, like, original xeons i believe15:13
blackshirtaraxis, yes..you can15:13
araxisno particular reason fidel, i just got these servers because i wanted to play around with the hardware and stuff15:14
esingI followed this instruction but nautilus does not inhabit the options mentioned in the instructions http://www.techdrivein.com/2011/06/how-to-hide-mounted-drives-from-ubuntu.html15:14
blackshirtduraco, yes,15:14
zalubuntu tv server15:14
araxisi thought it would be cool to explore set up one server, then i thought it would be cooler to have multiple machines be connected together15:14
blackshirtesing, sorry, i can't follow your link given15:14
araxisthe long term goal isnt much, probably host my mud on it, and maybe others15:15
esingblackshirt solved, it was because the tutorial was for ubuntu 11 (not unity)15:15
esingblackshirt instead i need to use this command: gconftool --set /apps/compiz-1/plugins/unityshell/screen0/options/devices_option  --type=int 015:15
blackshirtaraxis, you will learn some great thing...15:15
gaelfxBluesKaj: any idea how I can change the default?15:15
blackshirtgreats esing15:16
BluesKajgaelfx, ok , open this file with root permissions , /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf15:16
araxisblackshirt its all about learning for me, and trying complicated stuff. if i break my installation, no worries15:16
araxiscomplicated for me anyway15:16
gaelfxBluesKaj: done15:16
fidelaraxis: you could do similar things with a pair of virtual machines - just as alternative idea15:17
blackshirtaraxis, it doesn't a matter ...15:17
jerrrysaraxis, i use an old server for my desktop machine, noiesy but i like it.  whats the make of yours?15:17
esingblackshirt thanks15:17
araxisfidel: well thats why im here! I really dont know what the best approach is, but i have 2 fully working servers with acceptable hardware, so im trying to figure out my options15:18
__mike__araxis, Have a google for "ubuntu cluster", or have a read of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Clustering15:18
N03LWhat other channels can I join besides ubuntu?15:18
N03LAre IRC like weechat only exclusive to  help forums?15:18
araxisjerrys: believe it or not, the systems are custom built and the cases are called "red wings"15:18
N03LOr can I sing into a social forum?15:18
blackshirtaraxis, you could make some clustering or load balancing15:18
BluesKajgaelfx, then at the bottom , add this line:  options snd_hda_intel index=015:18
araxisjerrrys: they are pentium 3 xeons i think, with raid scsi drives and 2gb ram15:19
gaelfxBluesKaj: haha, I was just gonna ask if that's what I should do :P15:19
ThinkT510N03L: /join ##linux if you want more broader linux based help15:19
araxisjerrrys: and each system is dual cpu15:19
blackshirtaraxis, you can maximize your server with linux15:19
fidelaraxis: well if its just about playing with tech AND no need to havethose servicesrunning all day long i would always go the vmway on my desktop. saves energy and isnt that different on the other hand ;)15:19
BluesKajgaelfx, save the file , then reboot15:19
ThinkT510N03L: this channel is only focused on ubuntu support15:19
blackshirtEspecially with full text mode,15:19
gaelfxBluesKaj: force-reloading alsa again won't fix it?15:20
araxisblackshirt: clustering is the key, got it15:20
N03LThinkT510: Makes sense. Thanks man.15:20
BluesKajgaelfx, you can try , but i think whatever you set in pavucontrol is over riding the alsa.conf settings atm15:20
araxisfidel: do you have a link i could look at? how would i do this for 2 rigs?15:20
gaelfxBluesKaj: actually, I just tried, and it did work!15:21
BluesKajgaelfx, ok15:21
gaelfxBluesKaj: thanks heaps, that was truly a wonderful session15:21
BluesKajyou have audio then , gaelfx? ..a bit surprising actaully , a reboot is usually required15:22
jerrrysaraxis, sounds usable, i just load the ubuntu desktop and play with it for a while.  got a video card?15:22
araxisjerrrys: indeed i do :)15:23
blackshirtaraxis, maybe better for server edition on it15:23
fidelaraxis: installing a virtual machine software on your desktop, start that vm-software and define 2 virtual hosts/machines. install any os you want in those vms - set the network up for all vm's and there you go. virtualbox or vmware are known vm-solutions. no need for having extra hardware powered up 24x715:23
fidelat the end its about what & how you want to play ... both virtual or real machines might do the job depending what you need/want. wasjust trying to point that out araxis15:24
araxisblackshirt: i currently only have 1 server running and it has server edition installed on it, 12.04. so far all ive done is setup ssh so i can use the command line from my desktop15:25
araxisjerrrys: my house is turning in to a sauna15:25
blackshirtaraxis, you making a greats step on learning15:26
gaelfxBluesKaj: yeah, it's definitely working, now I just need to voodoo some media key bindings15:26
araxisfidel: i see what you're saying, that sounds pretty cool actually. i have this long term vision of hosting my own mud on these servers and perhaps several other muds. or anything really, but that's a long way out15:27
BluesKajgaelfx, ok cool15:27
jerrrysaraxis, oh yes, for about the heat.  what are they, 5u's?15:27
araxisfidel: ive always wanted to host stuff because its fun, no other reason really15:27
araxisjerrrys: 4u's15:28
Congthere is no entry for Removal Drives and Media in my system/preferences!15:29
BlueWolftim442: I downloaded the package but which one do I install and how do I?15:29
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
araxisjerrrys: ive been pleasantly surprised by these servers performance. maybe i had a prejudice against p3's idk, i thought theyd be awful15:30
CongI'm reading UsbDriveDoSomethingHowto on help.ubuntu.com/community.15:30
araxisjerrrys: but when i started them up and they had windows 2003 server installed, they ran really smooth and quickly. im guessing i didnt give the dual cpu thing enough credit, or maybe its the scsi drives15:31
araxisjerrrys: not sure15:31
jerrrysaraxis, dual p3's sound like a good deal to me15:31
jerrryswhats the clock?15:32
yadirais tehre a program thath can clean mount points,,,,or refresh the mount point,,,i have this issue with my terra that was just working fine,,,,,,http://imagebin.org/22851815:32
AntIGlendahow to change font in alt+f1 console ?15:33
araxisjerrrys: if you want to see the case http://imagebin.org/22852015:33
araxisjerrrys: 1ghz15:33
CongAntIGlenda, ctrl + -/+, maybe?15:34
AntIGlendaee doesnt work15:34
yadirai get this when accesing my terra,,,,mount exited with exit code 13: $MFTMirr does not match $MFT (record 0).15:35
jerrrysaraxis, if i remember right, thats the top of the line p315:35
araxisjerrrys: its very close, they may have gone a little faster but not by much15:36
CongAntIGlenda, try the ones on the keypad.15:36
_Trulloneed to install this jdk-6u5-linux-i586.bin on my raspberry pi.. anyone wanna help me out?15:37
AntIGlendaCong: still doesnt work. this is pure console without X ctrl+alt+f115:38
ogra__Trullo, you are aware that the RPi is an arm based system and that your "i586" file is for x86 systems ?15:38
jerrrysaraxis, good luck, im out of here :)15:38
ogra_(read: that cant work)15:38
_Trulloogra, I have a program that is based on jdk 6u5.. is it possible at all to get this on my arm based system?15:39
CongAntIGlenda, is number lock on?15:39
ogra__Trullo, no idea, ask the distributor of the RPi image you use, ubuntu doesnt even run on the raspberry15:40
AntIGlendaCong: i even dont know how to name it properly, yes number lock is on15:40
CongAntIGlenda, on gnome-terminal view/zoom in or out.15:42
faiqhow i can upgrage ubuntu 10.04 lts to ubuntu 12?15:42
AntIGlendaCong: its not gnome-terminal15:42
CongI don't know what you're on so I can't help.15:42
AntIGlendaCong: this is text console15:43
=== zz_megabitdragon is now known as megabitdragon
AntIGlendaCong: default text console coming with every linux without X1115:43
CongHow many points do you think the font is?15:44
AntIGlendai wnat to change this font to something else and if it is possible to use regional settings15:44
AntIGlendawith proper local font15:44
_kudI've got two questions about ubuntu on virtualbox15:45
AntIGlendai dont know ;)15:45
_kudFirst of all, I don't succeed to mount automatically my shared folder via fstab15:45
truexfan81why is my sudo password not working for gksu?15:45
esingIs there already a burning program in Ubuntu 12.04 or should I install one?15:45
esing(I need to burn an iso )15:46
ThinkT510!burn | esing15:46
ubottuesing: CD/DVD burning software: k3b (KDE), brasero (GNOME), gnomebaker, xcdroast, wodim (command-line) | To burn ISO files, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto15:46
_kudeven with shared_folder /home/user/host vboxsf defaults 0 015:46
_kudin my fstab15:46
ThinkT510esing: i like xfburn15:46
andrealto98hi guys!15:46
_kudit's weird because sudo mount -t vboxsf shared_folder /home/user/host works perfectly15:46
araxisblackshirt: thanks for your help15:46
araxisfidel: thank you for the help!15:47
esingOh.. there is already a burning program in ubuntu 12.04 called Brasero ... did not know that!15:47
araxis!ask gaelfx15:47
araxis!ask > gaelfx15:47
andrealto98have you install ubuntu 12.10 alpha yet?15:48
ThinkT510!12.10 | andrealto9815:48
ubottuandrealto98: Ubuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) will be the 17th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+115:48
truexfan81ubuntu 12.04 minimal, my password that works for sudo does not work for gksu, i need help15:49
_kudOkay it works now15:49
ThinkT510truexfan81: what are you attempting to launch with gksudo?15:49
_kudThe second question is I would like to make my shared folder as /home/user15:50
andrealto98in your ubuntu version have you got Unity Gnome KDE XFCE or LXDE?15:50
ThinkT510truexfan81: you shouldn't need to, just right click the file and open with gdebi15:51
ThinkT510truexfan81: any reason you aren't using the repo?15:51
truexfan81ThinkT510: that works until i click the install button15:51
andrealto98ping -s 10 www.google.com15:51
truexfan81ThinkT510: i'm attempting to install inxi, its not in the repos15:52
ogra_truexfan81, what do you mean by "12.04 minimal" ?15:52
ThinkT510truexfan81: are its dependencies in the repo?15:52
ThinkT510!mini | ogra_15:52
ubottuogra_: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD15:52
andrealto98freenode join channel15:52
ogra_ThinkT510, ah, k,. so the mini.iso, i thought he might have used the ubuntu-core tarball (which comes completely unconfigured ... i.e. without the ubuntu sudo setup)15:53
ChewtwigTrying to install Edubuntu turned my computer into a doorstop >:C anyways I still want to, do I have to completely format my hard drive or do I need to burn another md5summed iso disc or get a new computer15:53
truexfan81ThinkT510: i got it installed using dpkg in terminal15:54
gigatropolis #brewtarget15:54
truexfan81System:    Host buntupc Kernel 3.2.0-30-generic x86_64 (64 bit) Desktop N/A Distro Ubuntu 12.04 precise15:55
truexfan81there we go15:55
CongAntIGlenda, do you get those load beeps from the system bell?15:55
CongI hate those.15:56
wilee-nileeChewtwig, what is the evidence of a doorstop?15:56
Conglaud beeps...15:57
Chewtwigno response as if locked in some sort of endless loop15:57
=== ichthus_ is now known as Music2Live4
unpersonWhen I run the release upgrade from upgrade manager, does it download packages from the mirrors normally used for other updates (specified in /etc/sources.list) or always from the official Ubuntu mirror?15:57
wilee-nileeChewtwig, do you get grub menu before this?15:57
Chewtwiginstalling not running15:57
ChogyDanunperson: I think from whatever mirror you have setup15:58
Chewtwigit fouls up jsut at the end :C15:58
wilee-nileeChewtwig, Ah, I have no idea what this :C means15:58
Chewtwigit means exaggerated displeasure15:58
Chewtwigin a childlike way15:59
wilee-nileeChewtwig, Ah, have you tried any other linux installs?15:59
Chewtwigslackware but that wont automatically detect my wifi or auto use it15:59
wilee-nileeChewtwig, It does  not sound like hardware problem if it has run other OS's, I guess you need one that runs, how old is the computer what is the ram and cpu?16:01
Chewtwigabout nigh old, with about 3 giggles of RAM & a processor of a couple or so gigahertz :316:02
Chewtwignot so old rly16:04
wilee-nileeChewtwig, If it was me I would investigate the graphics and wifi/ethernet card as far as releases I suppose, all you can really do and find a OS that should run. Ubuntu like others have lots of drivers. I assume here as well you are setting up the installs correctly, and know exactly the file and partition types. card16:05
Chewtwigit ran be416:05
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Anonalybuna ziua16:08
=== Gregor__ is now known as Boffy
rsserhow can I know if my system is PAE or NON-PAE?16:13
blackshirtrsser, your kernel or your cpu?16:14
rssermy kernel16:14
blackshirtrsser, usually, your kernel would named with pae on their name16:15
blackshirtpaste your uname -a16:15
xoxociao a tutti  ho nun prolema con la tanstiera16:15
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)16:16
blackshirtor dpkg -l | grep linux-image16:16
ubottuTo use more than ~3.2GB RAM on a 32bit system you can install the PAE-enabled kernel. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnablingPAE for more info16:16
ogra_that info smells a bit outdated :)16:16
droxightwhat is the topic?16:25
jribdroxight: ubuntu technical support16:27
virensir 4.1 channel speker does not working on my pc16:28
virenplz give me any solution16:28
_DiviC_Hello friends!16:28
name_while checking the signal strength of a CDMA modem, i get following error--> Error reading signal quality: org.freedesktop.ModemManager.Modem.General: Could not parse signal quality results16:28
scarrsviren: have you tried alsamixer?16:28
name_any idea what to do?16:28
vireni hd try sir16:28
_DiviC_A lost wanderer is looking for help. Anyone available?16:29
virenbut my rear speker not working16:29
scarrsis it muted?16:29
_DiviC_I got a P8Z68-V Pro/Gen3 motherboard. Now to the issue. There is no sound driver available from Asus own site, is there other drivers that might be useful?16:30
ogra__DiviC_, on linux you usually dont need vendor drivers16:31
Shirakawasuna_DiviC_: Here's the strategy I used back when I didn't buy thinkpads: type 'lspci' and find the sound card16:31
Shirakawasuna_DiviC_: then throw the entire line into google, in quotes.16:31
Shirakawasuna_DiviC_: it'll say something like 'audio device' in lspci16:32
_DiviC_Oh, I'll try that right away. While I'm doing that you could think of my other problem. Everything freezes in short periods where I can't interact with anything. The mouse and keyboard still works fine, but can't click or write anything.16:34
ThinkT510_DiviC_: either something is seriously taxing your cpu or its a graphics driver problem16:36
_DiviC_My CPU is fine. High end computer and from what I know, ubuntu isn't that heavy16:36
=== atrius_away is now known as atrius
_DiviC_Guess I'll have to dive into the gpu then16:37
gsteinert_DiviC_, you could try keeping a terminal window open with top or htop running, you'll be able to see the state of your CPU as and when things freeze up16:37
name_while checking the signal strength of a CDMA modem, i get following error--> "Error reading signal quality: org.freedesktop.ModemManager.Modem.General: Could not parse signal quality results" any idea on how to diagnose? i am using ubuntu 12.0416:41
jnbwhat is the command to install an autorun package from terminal16:44
iljohello, i have a problem setting up ubuntu 12.04 on my newly purchased dell inspiron 17R-572016:44
iljoi need a wireless driver, where would one find this16:45
jnbanyone know the terminal command to install a software16:47
gsteinertjnb, sudo apt-get install <packagename>16:47
Fuchssudo apt-get install packagename16:47
TheLordOfTimejnb, note you do need to know the package name16:47
jnbI downloaded the package from the internet16:48
jnbI am installing a printer16:48
ohmygoddessI upgraded to ubuntu 12.04, each time when I start, it said  no argument specified16:48
jnbI have the package downloaded to the desktop16:48
gsteinertsudo dpkg install <filename>16:49
gsteinert... i think16:49
gsteinertits been a while16:49
JyZyXELthere is a problem with grml-debootstrap on ubuntu:16:49
JyZyXEL * Executing: debootstrap --arch amd64 --keyring /etc/apt/trusted.gpg  sid /mnt/debootstrap.14681 http://ftp.fi.debian.org/debian/16:49
fideljnb: if possible - you should always try tp install using ubuntus paketmangement16:49
JyZyXELI: Retrieving Release16:49
ogra_if it is a .deb file16:49
JyZyXELI: Retrieving Release.gpg16:49
JyZyXELE: Release signed by unknown key (key id AED4B06F473041FA)16:49
_DiviC_During my freeze my CPU didn't get over 1%16:49
jnbit not available in software center or package manager16:49
jnbthis is the samsung unifed printer drivers for linux systems16:49
ogra_JyZyXEL, better ask in a debian channel16:49
JyZyXELogra_: grml-deboostrap ON UBUNTU16:50
fideljnb: so what file type is itß16:50
jnbI used cd to browse the folder16:50
JyZyXELin debian it works just fine16:50
jnbwhen I double click on it I dont have administrative priviliges16:50
ogra_JyZyXEL, and ? the release file comes from the debian server16:50
JyZyXELits ubuntu where it does not work16:50
jnbwithout enabling the root account16:50
jnbi would like to run this software16:50
jnbi am using terminal as sudo su16:51
jnbis it install or sudo I tried them both16:51
gsteinertjnb: you wont be able to install without using sudo or being loggedi n as root16:51
jnbwhat is the sudo command16:52
gsteinertwhat format is the file? does it have a .deb extension?16:52
jnbno autorun16:52
jnbI just need the admin command to install the autorun16:52
TheLordOfTimejnb, what software16:52
jnbSamsung Unified Printer Driver16:52
jnbfor linux os16:52
TheLordOfTimejnb, did they give you installation instructions?16:53
TheLordOfTimethey should ahve16:53
oratedHello! I'm trying to ssh to my linux system from outside its internal network. My connection setup is as follows - ADSL router followed by wireless router. Both the routers are configured for ssh on port 22. I'm able to ssh within systems in the same network but not from outside. I'm facing this problem only after trying dydns option in the routers. I later changed the config to its previous working state. Now, I always get "ssh_exchange_identification:16:53
orated Connection closed by remote host" error. How can I fix this?16:53
TheLordOfTimeand are you following them?16:53
jnbhowever they advise you log in as root user16:53
TheLordOfTimejnb, sudo [command] will do the same thing16:53
TheLordOfTimeubuntu has no root user per se16:53
TheLordOfTime!root | jnb16:53
ubottujnb: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo16:53
jnbwhat is the command16:54
Muelliwell. "sudo -s" or "sudo -i" will "log you in as root".16:54
jnbI am aware of sudo16:54
ohmygoddessHello, I just upgraded to ubuntu 12.04, each time I start , there is an error:  no argument specified16:54
gsteinertorated, seems like a network issue.. is port 22 being forwarded properly by both routers?16:54
Muelliohmygoddess: how do you that there is an error?16:55
phyrexianslugIf you ever want to set a root password:  sudo passwd root16:55
ohmygoddessif I restart my system, the error shows up16:55
ohmygoddesseven the windows system16:55
Muelliohmygoddess: where does it show up?16:55
gsteinertohmygoddess, does it get past the bootloader?16:55
jnbI just want to run autorun that came with the samsung package16:56
jnbsimple question16:56
oratedgsteinert: Yes, I checked that back again In the first router its forwarded to for SSH 22 TCP followed in next wireless router for port 22 to
gsteinertohmygoddess, by that i mean do you ever see anything that say linux, ubuntu or windows when booting?16:56
ohmygoddessyes, it get past the bootloader, I can press any key or not16:56
jnbwhat command allows your to run or install a software16:56
ogra_jnb, right, just follow the install isntructions they gave you16:56
Muellijnb: there is no such thing as "autorun". that doesn't make sense.16:56
jnbit needs me to log in as root user16:56
oratedgsteinert: Same configuration used to work before16:56
ogra_jnb, and where is say to do stuff as root you prefix the command with sudo16:56
jnbsudo and then what install16:56
ogra_jnb, if they want you to run all commands as root, just prefix all of them with sudo ;)16:57
jnbwill someone just answer the question what is the command to install in terminal16:57
ogra_jnb, the command from the instructions16:57
Muellijnb: use "sudo -s" and you're "logged in as root". done.16:57
ohmygoddessMuelli: it shows up before the accounts appears16:57
Muelliohmygoddess: well, can you make a screenshot or anything, because it's entirely unclear to me where you get "an error".16:57
sklohello, grub2 problem - every time i restart, i got messed up disks once is sdB another time sdC any1 has i clue how to fix it or manage it?16:58
gsteinertorated, it seems like the ssh server isn't responding - or refusing the connection. check the config and make sure it's listening on the right interface16:58
ogra_ohmygoddess, and what doesnt work for you (apart from you seeing an info message on the screen) ?16:58
Muellisklo: you use uuids. Not partition names.16:58
skloMuelli i thought i did16:58
skloMuelli ty thought16:59
ohmygoddessorga_: everything works fine, just the message is annoying16:59
Muellijnb: In Ubuntu we install software using the software centre or "apt-get install". If third parties do not want to go through the software centre, they need to provide sensible instructions as to how to install it. So I'd ask the vendor.16:59
=== plagerism_ is now known as plagerism
ogra_ohmygoddess, i seriously doubt that is an error, its likely just a program telling you it runs without arguments16:59
Muelliwell sklo. If you really want to fix the names, not recommended though, you can write a udev rule.16:59
jnbif you dont know say you dont know17:00
gsteinertsklo, your /etc/fstab file should show whether your system is using UUID's. dont go editing it if you dont know what you're doing though17:00
jnbi dont need opinions17:00
jnbI asked a simple question17:00
jnbwhat is the install command17:00
jnbif you dont know keep your opinions17:00
ogra_jnb, Muelli gave you the command to become root above ...17:00
ohmygoddessogra_: is there anyway to get rid of the message?17:00
jnbI am logged in as root17:00
jnbI am using the terminal17:00
ogra_jnb, great, so just follow their instructions17:00
gsteinertjnb, your question is like going into burger king and asking how to make a big mac17:00
fideljnb: either read the install instructions - or search the web on how to execute an .autorun file. but dont blame others for offering help ;)17:00
jnbyou dont know because this same file was executed in terminal with LMDE17:01
ogra_ohmygoddess, depends wheer it comes from ... i woudl start with filing a bug in launchpad and attaching logs you will be asked for by the devs17:01
jnbin the xchat session they advised to cd to the autorun file and type the following in terminal to execute17:01
ogra_once it ios clear where it comes from you can likely quieten it17:02
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
ogra_jnb, you cant cd to a file17:02
ohmygoddessogra_: I am a newbee, where I can find the log?17:02
ogra_you can cd to a directory17:02
skloMuelli I'm just reading about changing all to uuid, grub 1 was way esier in coniguring17:02
jnbyour reading to much into my comment ogra17:03
jnbi know that17:03
Muelliohmygoddess: are you logged in, when the problem appears? If so, you can make a screenshot by pressing the print button.17:03
jnbi am at the directory with the autorun17:03
jnbagain useless info17:03
ogra_ohmygoddess, just run ubuntu-bug ... it will do everything for you17:03
ohmygoddessMuelli, it is just before I logged in17:03
gsteinertsklo, the assignment of sd* names is done by udev, not grub. udev uses /etc/fstab to decide what to mount on startup17:03
ohmygoddessMuelli: it is after I choose windows or ubuntu to start, and before I logged in17:04
ogra_jnb, well, then help yourself, i wont waste my saturday evening for someone who cant express himself right and blames me for giving the proper hints based on that17:04
fidelogra_: +1 ;)17:04
gsteinertjnb: if you're just going to criticise the help you are getting, don't bother asking in the first place. people in here do this in their free time, they are not a paid for helpdesk... such is the linux community17:05
Zutenjnb: If it is an executable file you could run it with ./<filename>  where you exchange <filename> with the name of the file17:06
gsteinerthey nirav17:06
Zutenjnb: that is dot and slash before the filename17:06
ougogoHi all, I try to setup my TNT adaptator Avermedia Avertv Volar HD Pro. I've done this tuto ; http://forum.ubuntu-fr.org/viewtopic.php?pid=8928491#p8928491  But it doesn't work.... Anybody could help me please ? Thaank you !17:06
Muellinb: the file has to have the executable flag set, i.e. chmod a+x $filename17:06
Muelliougogo: how do you know it doesn't work?17:07
IRCMonkeyHi i am trying to install ubuntu, but it seams doesnot recognice the hard disk. how could i format it, or what can i do? thanks.17:07
daneshello, anyone knows if its possible to run the musicbrainz music tagger from terminal?17:07
MuelliIRCMonkey: can you pastebin us the output of "sudo fdisk -l" ?17:07
Dr_willisdanes,  thjat a linux app? windows app? what excatly?17:08
Muellidanes: probably. You can "locate musicbrainz" to see whether there is an executable at all.17:08
niravi am new in ubuntu..i downloaded theme which extention is tar.gz...after extracting ..i try to open with theme manager...it`s show invalid theme package..but now i cannot open any place from short cute...for example when i openhome,it show appearance manager17:08
gsteinertdanes: i did use it briefly and iirc it was a GUI app only... but things may have changed/my memory may be fuzzy17:09
danesDr_willis, picard is the app that runs musicbrainz but it is a gui version17:09
danesgsteinert, yes, it is a gui app as far as I know17:10
gsteinertnirav, have you tried opening the downloaded file instead of the extracted contents?17:10
niravi try both17:10
IRCMonkeyMuelli: how do i get the console?17:10
MuelliIRCMonkey: Ctrl+Alt+T17:10
gsteinertdanes, http://wiki.musicbrainz.org/MusicBrainzEnabledApplications <-- take a look at that, beets may suit your purpose17:12
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ougogoBonsoir, j'essaie en vain d'installer une clé tnt Avermedia Avertv Volar HD Pro ..... J'ai suivi à la lettre ce tuto ; http://forum.ubuntu-fr.org/viewtopic.php?pid=8928491#p8928491 Mais cela ne fonctionne pas :s Quelqu'un saurait-il m'aider ?17:15
ougogoHi all, I try to setup my TNT adaptator Avermedia Avertv Volar HD Pro. I've done this tuto ; http://forum.ubuntu-fr.org/viewtopic.php?pid=8928491#p8928491  But it doesn't work.... Anybody could help me please ? Thaank you !17:15
gsteinert!fr > ougogo17:15
ubottuougogo, please see my private message17:15
gsteinertnirav, .tar.gz often require building before they can be used. are there any install instructions in the extracted files?17:16
EckiGuten Abend17:18
=== dpac|away is now known as dpac
munskinghello, after installing nvidia drivers for my system(ubu 12.04, nvidia GTX 560ti) my second monitor displays a white screen with black X as cursor, rightclick works like on the desktop though17:24
munskingdoes anyone know a solution, or what the problem might be so i can find one myself?17:24
BoreeasIs there a way to reload the sound system without restarting the computer? Something crashed it, and all sounds are distorted now17:26
AndroUserHello people17:26
=== cantoma_ is now known as cantoma
AndroUser is there any one17:26
ogra_Boreeas, you coudl try running: pulseaudio -k17:27
ogra_Boreeas, but that wont help if anything is wrong on the underlying level (alsa)17:27
hficBoreeas, or just restart x17:28
=== amogorkon is now known as piratenagchat
munskingso, does anyone have any idea about the 2nd monitor problem?17:31
ougogoHi all, I try to setup my TNT device Avermedia Avertv Volar HD Pro. I've done this tuto ; http://forum.ubuntu-fr.org/viewtopic.php?pid=8928491#p8928491  But it doesn't work.... Anybody could help me please ? Thaank you !17:31
BoreeasRestarting pulseaudio did the job. Thanks17:32
=== willythewisp_ is now known as willythewisp
wilee-nileeougogo, I don't know how many here read french I don't can you you give a bit of s description in english.17:38
r3duxIf you're going to call yourself plagiarism, spell it correctly ;-)17:38
=== kaktuskuchen is now known as Guest17646
=== piratenagchat is now known as amogorkon
wilee-nilee!pm > ougogo17:43
ubottuougogo, please see my private message17:43
wilee-nileeougogo, The channel is better for help, my suggestion of a understandable description does not mean I know the fix, and I don't pm. ;)17:44
ougogoHi all, I try to setup my TNT device Avermedia Avertv Volar HD Pro. I've done this tuto ; http://forum.ubuntu-fr.org/viewtopic.php?pid=8928491#p8928491  But it doesn't work.... Anybody could help me please ? Thank you !17:44
TheLordOfTimeougogo, you didnt read that tutorial then, did you not notice it *lists* what cards it'd work for?17:45
TheLordOfTimethat device you mentioned isnt on that list.17:45
TheLordOfTimeor perhaps it does17:46
TheLordOfTimeougogo, did you check the ID of the device to make sure it matches?17:46
ougogoAVerTV HD PRO : it's my device, just less "avertmedia"17:46
TheLordOfTimeougogo, pastebin the output of "lsusb"17:46
TheLordOfTimeand check the "ID" field against the list of devices in that post17:46
ougogoYes yes, it(s the same ID : http://pastebin.com/0rSVqyHQ17:47
tkinghi please i have opera installed, but it wouldn't load when i try to launch it. From terminal i typed "opera" and i got opera this ------ [crash logging]: CRASH!! opera: error while reading system fonts, /usr/lib/opera/opera got signal SIGSEGV at address 0867098617:48
strawbmxHolaaaaaA! :)17:50
=== jlen is now known as palomer
strawbmxalguien? :)17:51
SpamiclesMy Asus 1201n won't suspend properly (screen goes dark but power button remains solid instead of blinking). I have to cycle power to get it come back on. I only found solutions from previous Ubuntu versions which included updating to a more current kernel (now an older kernel). Is there anything I can try to fix this?17:53
gsteinert!es ? strawbmx17:54
ubottugsteinert: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:54
gsteinertstrawbmx, hi strawbmx, this is an english only channel - if you ahve a question ask away17:55
gsteinertstrawbmx, Para los españoles, trate de #ubuntu-es (with thanks to google translate)17:57
black_13_what doe it mean hd-media in reference to a preseed file?17:57
strawbmxok ty17:57
notlraxxbuntu is good to use18:02
SpamiclesSo is there a channel to ask questions in that is a bit more populated?18:03
gsteinertthis is one of the busier channels =P what is your question?18:04
SpamiclesMy Asus 1201n won't suspend properly (screen goes dark but power button remains solid instead of blinking). I have to cycle power to get it come back on. I only found solutions from previous Ubuntu versions which included updating to a more current kernel (now an older kernel). Is there anything I can try to fix this?18:04
gsteinertSpamicles: judging by the narrow focus of your question, you'll be lucky to get an answer straight away. in this, I think forums may be your friend. a forum post is likely to be viewed far more over a longer time, you have a better chance of finding someone with the same problem18:06
Spamiclesgsteinert, is that the ubuntu launchpad?18:07
gsteinertlaunchpad is a bug repoting tool, but could work for you.18:08
Spamiclesgsteinert, so just google ubuntu support forum? =]18:08
gsteinerti think that's your best bet... and file a bug report too, especially if you can narrow down what is causing the problem at all. a bug report is more likely to be seen by the right people if it is filed correctly.18:09
Dr_willisaskubuntu.com  - is worth checking out also.18:10
Spamiclesgsteinert, another quick question. i installed the r statistics package (r-base), but cant figure out how to run it. when i install a package, how do i figure out the command to execute it?18:10
gsteinertyou could check the project website, or run `man <packagename>`18:11
crillyOK, I have re-installed the nVidia driver and everything goes blurry and crap, even in Fluxbox. Gah18:14
karamel4e_Question about gddrescue: when specifying the 'output file' should it be /dev/something or /media/somethin?18:16
anon_How can I kill the session of another user?18:20
anon_When I login as another user the GUI totally hangs. So I would like to kill it.18:20
lilVarateppopular terminal music players?18:22
OerHeksanon_, pkill -KILL -u <username>18:22
anon__How can I kill the session of another user? When I login as another user the GUI totally hangs. So I would like to kill it.18:24
gsteinertanon__: see OerHeks message above18:25
maaloHi, When I try Ubuntu Live, I lose internet connection because it is with a ".local" domain. What is it, is it fixable? Thanks.18:25
anon__gsteinert, I can not see it because when he posted it I got disconnected. Could you paste it?18:25
gsteinertanon__: pkill -KILL -u <username>18:25
miwa_okay, seriously, how do I make the 'update manager' stop appearing randomly?18:26
gsteinertmaalo: you mean you cant access .local sites but other websites work?18:26
karamel4e_Question about gddrescue: when specifying the 'output file' should it be /dev/something or /media/somethin?18:26
=== miwa_ is now known as miwa
gsteinertkaramel4e_: a quick gogle suggests its the device, not the mount point (/dev/sd-something)18:28
trismmiwa_: if 12.04, in dconf-editor, com.ubuntu.update-notifier, uncheck autolaunch, then you should get an indicator when updates are available but update-manager won't just pop up18:28
maalogsteinert: ethernet and wireless get disconected after some seconds after Unity is loaded because my provider uses a .local domain. I have no access at all to internet then.18:28
gsteinertkaramel4e_: http://onubuntu.blogspot.co.uk/2010/06/command-line-hard-disk-cloning-with.html18:28
gsteinertmaalo: how do you know it is because your provider uses a .local domain?18:29
miwatrism: thanks! what does the indicator look like?18:29
lilVaratepis there a command line visualizer ?18:29
lilVaratepya know, the thing that moves up and down as sound changes18:29
karamel4e_gsteinert, I thought it is only for the 'input file'. Thanks, it is written that it would destroy the data in output device. Also it is for ddrescue, do you think it will apply to gddrescue also?18:30
trismmiwa: depends on the update/icon theme, in faenza it is a white blob on normal updates and a red blob on security updates (I think it might be orange for normal and red for security in the default theme), you should notice it when it appears18:30
alecstgvim doesn't show up when i superkey-a search for it in 12.04. googled the problem and couldn't find anything. anyone have an idea why?18:31
maalogsteinert: after some seconds of being connected, unity shows a label for a couple of seconds saying that about .local domain, and I should call my internet provider18:31
karamel4e_gsteinert, sorry, my mistake for the gddrescue I wrote, thanks, I will take a look at it18:32
gsteinertkaramel4e_: i did miss that difference... the manpage should confirm it for you, run `man gddrescue`. and usually when providing a device as an output any data already on it will be destroyed18:32
gsteinertmaalo: could you post the exact message please?18:32
karamel4e_gsteinert, so when I try to make an image of a hdd which is 50Gb to a hdd which is 300Gb it will destroy the partition that I have there? I wanted to use only one of the partitions...18:34
maalogsteinert: I'll try. It goes away so quick that barely can read it with my bad English. I'll come back in other moment with the complete message. :)18:34
mafiaboyon installing a package i get this "http://pastebin.com/76Eu5QfA"18:35
gsteinertkaramel4e_: you'll have to check, but it may be possible to write to just one partition (specify /dev/sda1 instead of /dev/sda for example). but that is just a guess. i'd check the man pages fro confirmation before trying it18:35
karamel4e_gsteinert, I already checked them but it's not that detailed. I will need to do some more research probably :)18:36
gsteinertthe gddrescue website may help... look to see if they have a forum or irc channel18:37
karamel4e_gsteinert, I am trying to find such a channel for days - no success18:38
TheGentlemanHello everyone. I'm new here.18:38
gsteinertkaramel4e_: it all depends who developed it.. a one-man band has little use for irc, but a team will usually have at least a mailing list18:39
gsteinerthi TheGentleman18:39
TheGentlemanMe and a friend are comp sci majors, and we would like to contribute to ubuntu as developers. We've read through some of the beginner's team wiki, but are still a little lost.18:40
karamel4e_gsteinert, I was even unable to find an irc channel for rescuing data or whatever :(18:40
DJones!contribute | TheGentleman Hopefully something here will point you in the right direction,18:40
ubottuTheGentleman Hopefully something here will point you in the right direction,: To contribute and help out with Ubuntu, see http://www.ubuntu.com/community/participate and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu18:40
TheGentlemanAnd to be honest, our skills are a little lacking. So we also look forward to building up our skills while contributing to the team.18:40
fantaghiroTheGentleman, I think it is great idea to contribute to this software, I like theat idea, but I m still new to software programming18:40
=== Guest10726 is now known as slowz
TheGentlemanThanks for the links guys :D18:41
=== slowz is now known as Guest23351
gsteinertkaramel4e_: irc channels usually spring up around specific pieces of software rather than general topics unfortunately =(18:41
karamel4e_gsteinert, I see18:41
=== Guest23351 is now known as slowz
=== dpac is now known as dpac|away
fantaghirowell, do they use some git or something to allow people to contribute to Ubuntu? interesting topic - this contributing18:43
jimi_how do i fix this? syntax error: unknown group 'postdrop' in statoverride file18:43
karamel4e_gsteinert, funny, I just found another website where they say the 'output' should be with the mount point. I am confused18:44
cbg0I've been playing with Ubuntu without installing it. If I choose now to perform the install will I lose any files on it?18:44
gsteinertkaramel4e_: http://www.gnu.org/software/ddrescue/ddrescue.html18:44
gsteinertcbg0: i depends, where have you been saving your files?18:45
Dr_williscbg0,  You mean you have been using the live-cd session? from a cd? or usb?18:45
crillyNot sure why, but when I install the nVidia driver for my Ubuntu system, the resolution is all crap and blurry. I've tried creating an X11 config, but everything I re-run 'nvidia-settings' my monitor is always disabled in there. Not sure what is going on.18:46
cbg0I've been using it from a USB, I guess it's like a live CD thing, and I've put some files in /home/ubuntu18:47
Dr_williscbg0,  if you do an Install.. it does not move any files over.18:48
Dr_willisnor will it install any extra apps you installed18:48
gsteinertcbg0: your best bet is to put the files you ahve onto an external drive or network location before you install18:49
gsteinertthen compy them onto your new install once you are done18:49
Dr_willisUbuntu One account - is very handy ;)18:49
=== nowtz2 is now known as nowtz
karamel4e_gsteinert, reading..18:49
NewUserso...installing Ubuntu in the VirtualBox will allow me to access Ubuntu; without re-booting my computer?18:50
gsteinertDr_willis: i fear my ubuntu experience has been very much server-based lately. I haven't used a desktop version of linux in about a year now18:50
=== stephen is now known as grncdr_
ThinkT510NewUser: indeed18:50
gsteinertNewUser: that's the idea... although it will have to share your resources with the host OS18:51
gsteinertNewUser: great for switching between, but not so good if you want to use linux as your primary OS18:51
ougogo_Hi all, how can I resolve this error : http://pastebin.com/e5zd90Jk  ?18:51
anon__Anybody remembers the project where they try to create an uncensorable Internet by connecting all wifi networks around the world?18:52
ThinkT510ougogo_: what are you trying to compile?18:53
ThinkT510!checkinstall | ougogo_18:53
ubottuougogo_: checkinstall is a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall - Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page, and DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running!18:53
zykotick9anon__: freedombox is one such initiative18:53
anon__zykotick9, thx18:53
ThinkT510anon__: not sure about wifi. are you thinking of tor?18:54
zykotick9ThinkT510: "mesh" wireless networks... cool stuff really.18:54
mevvisanon__: remember idea, but not a name18:54
anon__ThinkT510, no. Not Tor. Creating an Interet that the government can not shut down. Wifi LAN routers make up the nodes.18:54
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ubottuTo contribute and help out with Ubuntu, see http://www.ubuntu.com/community/participate and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu18:55
gsteinertanon__: i remember reading something about it... mesh networking i think it is18:55
ThinkT510ougogo_: keep it in the channel please, others can see and help then18:57
signornessunohi i need to convert a video and i want to use fs option to limit the file size to be sure a dvd is enough but i get a message that ffmeg expect a different file size, what should i do?18:59
ougogo_I try to install Avertv Volar HD pro : http://forum.ubuntu-fr.org/viewtopic.php?pid=8928491#p892849119:00
ougogo_I've make "checkinstall make" but now ? What should I do ?19:00
zykotick9ougogo_: do you have a DEB file where you ran checkinstall now?  if so, install it.19:01
ougogo_Noo DEB file ....19:02
ougogo_Some error : http://pastebin.com/e5zd90Jk19:02
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zykotick9ougogo_: that's what checkinstall is suppose to do, create a DEB.  (FYI i don't go to pastebin.com, if you used paste.ubuntu.com i could see your pastes/links.19:03
ougogo_Error : http://paste.ubuntu.com/1207421/19:04
banishedHi, I want to do a bisect according to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/KernelBisection but I don't know where to get the debnian/ folder19:04
signornessunoany suggestion?19:04
zykotick9ougogo_: sorry, i haven't had to compile versions of v4l for a long time.  you're certainly getting some sort of build error, "cc1: some warnings being treated as errors" but i can't diagnose it, hopefully someone else has some better understanding.  best of luck.19:06
ougogo_Thank you.19:06
anon__Found it: Uncensorable Internet by wifi routers: https://code.commotionwireless.net/projects/commotion19:06
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leto_whois ryan5219:09
Frowardhey kids19:11
chimneyextractig an iso got me ";1" suffixes on everything19:11
Frowardin the file explorer (nautilus?) I have three headings, Devices, Bookmarks, Computer, and Network. Only the first two show up in an Open File dialog for chrome/firefox. How do I make Computer show up?19:12
FrowardIt has all my mappings for Pictures, Movies, etc19:12
chimneyextractig an iso got me ";1" suffixes on everything, how do I get rid of it?19:13
Frowarddoes my question even make sense19:13
chimneyFroward: nope not for me19:14
Frowardchimney: you mean on the end of the filenames, right?19:14
zykotick9Froward: option 1) bookmark what you are interested in.  option 2) don't rely on "computer", use mount points to access data - learn to mount things where you want them.19:15
Frowardzykotick9: now that you say it, it's blatantly obvious19:15
Frowardchimney: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=118662119:15
chimneyzykotick9: ^^ shouldn't ubuntu mount everything in /media that is important?19:16
zykotick9chimney: /media is the vfs mount point yes.  i don't use automounting myself.19:16
HofmanCan I ask for support thehe?19:16
gsteinertHofman: only if you don't ask to ask! =P19:17
Hofmanmy problem is with Neon programs19:17
chimneyFroward: thx :)19:17
Hofmanbut I use kubuntu and KDE19:18
chimneyzykotick9: where are the setting for the autmount rules?19:18
chimneyzykotick9: pardon my writing, its cold here {o.o}~19:18
zykotick9chimney: not really sure.  udev/fstab/other_ugly_option.19:18
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chimneyzykotick9: thx19:19
zykotick9chimney: if you use Labels then the automounter will show whatever your "foo" label is like /media/foo handy19:19
chimneyzykotick9: I like the automounting19:19
HofmanNeon updater and other Neon programs disappeared from my 'Start' menu19:19
chimneyHofman: if you give me $3M then you'll see them alive19:20
zykotick9chimney: i'm talking about automounting - automating will use whatever the label for the drive is (no relying on changing sdX# or having to use UUIDs)19:20
FrowardI think it might be /etc/fstab19:20
theadminOkay, need help. I'm on Kubuntu 12.04, *without pulseaudio* (it breaks my sound), and I only get sound in headphones.19:20
Frowardubuntu shows two partitions on my drive but only mounts them when I use them.. I don't know where that setting is.19:21
muelliwell. pulseaudio shouldn't break your sound and you should use pulseaudio, theadmin.19:21
zykotick9Froward: /etc/fstab is default mount stuff19:21
theadminmuelli: That is not an answer.19:21
chimneytheadmin: ok, graphical sufface or cli?19:22
muelliwell theadmin. Not using pulseaudio and then complaining is not right.19:22
Frowardmuelli: you're just being a whiny git right now ಠ_ಠ19:22
theadminmuelli: Okay, example: Someone asks why Flash doesn't work in Firefox, you tell them "Use Chrome, it works fine for me"19:22
theadminmuelli: Is that "right"?19:22
chimneymuelli: alsa?19:22
chimneytheadmin: alsa?19:23
Hofmanit doesn't exist /etc/fstab . only /etc/fstab.d19:23
Hofmanand it's empty19:23
chimneymuelli: sorry19:23
Frowardmuelli: this is you: http://www.xkcdb.com/?508819:23
zykotick9Hofman: what?  can someone confirm/deny - does ubuntu still use /etc/fstab for mounting?  OMG19:23
muellinope theadmin. That's different. First and foremost because Flash is third pary propriet