smartboyhwlen-dt: You said we will have an ISO tmr. The answer I think is no since I received YET another build failure email:(13:19
smartboyhwIn yesterday I mean13:20
len-dtsmartboyhw, that would be today now. The failure yesterday has been fixed and the fix released so we should have a new ISO today. ailo fixed it.14:13
smartboyhw_Yeah let me wait:)14:14
=== smartboyhw_ is now known as smartboyhw
len-dtailo, some more thoughts on the xchat icon. It could be annoying to have a popup every time or do you have it set up so it can go straight through?14:14
smartboyhwNow where do I download the ubuntu Studio menu code?14:15
smartboyhwI wanna fix sth, even the Ubuntu Studio Information icon is missing...14:16
len-dtsmartboyhw, ? It is just a file.14:16
smartboyhwAdd a Ubuntu Studio icon to it please:)14:17
len-dtThe Studio info icon is not missing it is in a studio sub menu14:17
len-dtWe point at the website. It would be nice to have a better system, but that would take someone with the vision to do all the work required to get there.14:22
len-dtsmartboyhw, what I would like is someone with a colorimeter to be able to test things we have.14:28
smartboyhwWhat is a colorimeter?14:29
len-dtWe have added the software to use the device but have no way of knowing if we have it set up right to work "out of the box"14:29
smartboyhwNot understand14:30
len-dta colorimeter is a device that goes on the display and allows the user to make the display output the same color as it thinks it is.14:30
len-dtto calibrate the display in other words14:30
smartboyhwOh OK14:30
len-dtThis is very important for people doing graphics or photography14:31
ailolen-dt: Yeah, sounds like a good idea. A toggle for "Do not show this again"18:13
ailoA file written in .config/ubuntustudio/irc_warning_off18:13
ailoI'll try to finisht that tomorrow18:14
ailothis should then be apart of the same package as the links then18:14
len-dtailo, -settings18:24
len-dtHey all, New ISOs available. Small size increase... maybe we have all our metas now.18:51
len-dt:P Our photo and publishing apps are still not there. The scroll bars are back in our slide show after having been gone for a month.22:06
* len-dt is goin' fishin' ... well messing about in boats anyway.22:07

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