drupinI want to install the OS what i should keep the partition sizes on 8GB flash drive00:52
ailodrupin: Not sure what you mean..01:01
ailoAre you asking about minimum partition size?01:01
ailo8GB will work, but you may quickly run out of space, if you add stuff01:02
drupinto install on 8Gb flash01:02
ailo8GB is fine, for default install01:02
ailoI have a 8GB USB stick, I use. 1GB is for SWAP, but you may not need it. I did run out of space, but I was installing a lot of things01:03
ailoI actually used the LXDE desktop, since the machine I was using was very old01:04
ailoBut, I guess, there's not that much difference when using XFCE01:05
drupinswap=ram in comp01:05
ailodrupin: SWAP is not a must. You can turn swap off, even01:05
ailowm.swappiness = 001:06
ailoProbably, no need to set, if there's no swap partition01:07
drupinactually my studio freezez01:09
drupini have 1 GB swap01:09
drupini reduced it to 47601:10
ailodrupin: You need at least 1 GB RAM, preferably 2GB01:10
ailoWith LXDE, I can cope with 1GB01:10
ailoFirefox uses a lot01:11
drupinsystem ram is 2.5 GB01:11
drupini use chrome01:11
ailochrome, same story01:11
Unit193Chrome may need a tad more.01:11
ailodrupin: when does your system freeze01:11
ailoMine freezes more or less when I install software. Haven't yet checked variables, so I have no idea why this happens. Never happened on any other machine01:12
drupinafter a lot of loading means chrome with 10 tabs two terminals and and two file explorers01:12
ailodrupin: Sounds like you use up the RAM then01:13
ailodrupin: Did you check RAM usage?01:13
drupinun #ubuntu they told me swap should be equal to the ram01:13
ailoSWAP can be double the RAM, but it doesn't really matter01:13
ailoIf you have enough RAM, you don't need SWAP01:14
ailoHowever, I actually have never worked with 0 swap01:14
ailoShould try it01:14
ailodrupin: When you run out of RAM, swap starts to be used a lot. And that makes everything really slow01:15
drupinhow like 2.5G ram is low01:15
drupinsome time it was freez even without apps01:16
ailodrupin: Well, on modern web browsers, if you use them for a long time, it's not much01:16
drupini was on call with skype01:16
ailodrupin: When you say freeze, what exactly do you mean? Slow, or full stop?01:17
drupinstop completely..01:17
ailodrupin: And you are forced to reboot?01:18
ailodrupin: System freeze is not happening because of the partition size, anyway01:19
drupinyes i need hit reset on cpu01:19
ailodrupin: System freeze can be caused by many things. Faulty RAM, bad graphic drivers, or other bugs01:20
ailoIt's not because of hard disk space, anyway01:20
ailoNot like Windows, in that respext01:20
drupinya graphic driver is default01:21
drupini tried to install the ATI cataylist but it failed to install01:21
ailoWell, I don't think Windows freezes completely, either, but LXDE at least does not get slow01:21
drupincheck pm01:21
ailodrupin: I'd rather you continue here :)01:22
ailodrupin: Use paste.ubuntu.com01:22
drupincan you see if i need to change any thing on the file size structure01:22
drupinonly the paste01:22
ailodrupin: Again, I don't think it's because of hard disk space.01:24
ailoIt's very hard to know why, for me, at least01:24
drupinu means the size of flash01:24
ailodrupin: Maybe you can find the answer in system logs01:24
ailodrupin: I would ask on other channels to find more info, like #ubuntu. It's something not specific to Ubuntu Studio, anyway01:25
ailoThere's /var/log&syslog01:25
drupinya they told me to run mem test in recovery01:26
drupinwill do this now01:26
ailoThat's to find out if the RAM is faulty or not01:26
drupinlet me check logs01:26
ailodrupin: Another way to check RAM is to take one out, and see how things go.01:26
drupinis there any way i can remove the swap and merge in main partition01:27
ailoNever tried that, but maybe? Again, not our experise01:27
ailodrupin: I don't think you need to, unless you really need the space01:50
ailoCause, again, I don't think the hard disk space has anything to do with the system freeze01:50
ailoSystem freeze is usually either a grave system bug, faulty RAM, or something bad with the graphic card01:51
ailoNot hard disk space01:51
drupinlet me see the log01:52
ailoReading the backscroll, just wanted to clarify that looking at /var/log/syslog was not a way to find out about faulty RAM, while doing a memory test would be01:54
drupinsome where EISA: Cannot allocate resource for mainboard01:55
ailoI think if the system freeze is really critical, there may be no valuable syslog01:55
ailodrupin: That did sound like a clue, but I wouldn't know01:56
drupinis i safe to post sys log in public01:56
ailoI'm not an expert in network security by any means, but I would say as long as you don't post passwords you're pretty safe. There's also ip adress and username, but those are usually a bit harder to keep secret01:58
ailoEspecially IP adress01:59
ailodrupin: I can't decipher most of that anyway, but you only need to post whatever happened just before the crash02:01
ailoAnd there are other logs you can look into as well02:01
ailoLike xorg, or whatever. I can't really tell you02:02
drupincheck this movie http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRsGyueVLvQ&hd=102:12
drupini want to do some real work on studio02:12
drupinif it gets working02:12
ailodrupin: Blender?02:13
ailoAh, I saw that in the text under it02:14
ailoPretty cool02:14
drupinyou do any of the stuff02:14
drupingo to sintel.org02:14
ailoMostly audio. I've been very interested in 3d, games and such, and I've done a bit of that, but nothing worth mentioning02:15
ailoIf I know anything, it's music02:15
drupinyes the ardour studio02:15
drupintry it its amazing02:15
drupinso many kool apps to learn and create music02:16
ailoWell, I don't acutally use Ardour so much02:16
ailoOr any of the sequencers02:16
ailoI used to use Cubase a lot, on Windows02:16
ailoRecently, I've mostly been using puredata02:16
ailoWhich is also great for video02:16
ailoI use Ardour mostly, out of the sequencer02:17
ailodrupin: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CuuJkE789ag02:18
ailoI'm not as crazy as him02:19
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sticky1Hello folks. It may sound stupid, but I'm a total noob when it comes to MIDI in Xubuntu... but how do I get my XMIDI1x1 to work with Xubuntu?21:23
sticky1I have some apps in Wine that need dat MIDI21:23
sticky1It is 37 minutes later and still no reply...22:01
len-dtsticky1, you may have to wait longer than that.22:02
sticky1It is fine.22:02
len-dtIt is Saturday, the people who may know an answer might be in a part of the world where it is night time...22:02
sticky1I'm leaving now.22:02
len-dtbetter to leave it open22:03
len-dtif someone happens along who does know they may even answer.22:03
sticky1Here, where I am, it's exactly 00:0322:03
len-dtJust leave the computer running22:03
sticky1I'm going to sleep now22:03
len-dtHave a great night.22:03
sticky1Thank you. Have a good day/night where ever you are22:04

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