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VinnyAtaidehello, can anyone help with a partition problem?01:13
xubuntu100salve a tutto il chan05:14
xubuntu100c'e qualcuno che puo aiutarmi grazie05:14
xubuntu100help me05:15
pleia2you'll need to ask in english to get support here05:19
akishi all. i just installed on my netbook xubuntu 12.04 through usb flash drive but it cannot start if i dont choose to boot from this flash drive! any help to make it boot from hd without using flashdrive?06:51
Marzataput the boot loader on the hdd probably06:51
akisthe boot loader of my bios or of my xubuntu?06:53
akismy bios is ok. hd 1st option. how can i manage xubuntu's boot loader?06:56
akisany idea? why my xubuntu needs flash plug on the system to boot up?07:02
akisany idea? why my xubuntu needs flash plug on the system to boot up?07:15
homebrewcidergot 2 xubuntu pcs, want to connect via vnc from one to the other one , like I have before to the same computer before I reinstalled, have set a static ip in the second computer, but can't connect via vnc viewer. I can ssh in though, can someone help please07:55
wcapiohi guys, I have installed xubuntu over a ubuntu 12.04 installation... I don't want to keep gnome nor unity, should I reinstall xubuntu directly or can I just purge the other desktop environments?07:55
xkillyou can uninstall07:56
wcapiothis wont leave too many unused packages?07:57
xkillsudo apt-get remove %packagename% && sudo apt-get autoremove07:57
xkillit would be easier to just reinstall07:57
Unit193!purexfce | wcapio07:57
ubottuwcapio: If you want to remove all !KDE and !Gnome packages and have a default !Xubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purexfce »07:57
xkillunless you have a lot of backups to deal with07:57
xkillthere you go07:58
wcapioI have just spent a week making backups :)07:58
wcapioI am just not a system guru, yet I am not sure I know how to keep the configs of my system (with venvs, python, apache, postgres,...)07:59
Mathiaswcapio: they're usually in your home directory and in /etc/08:02
wcapioI ll try to purge, if I feel it is insufficient, I'll reinstall. meanwhile I have to learn more about nix file structure...08:02
wcapiothanks ubottu, xkill, Mathias08:02
Mathiasubottu is a bot ;)08:03
ubottuMathias: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:03
wcapiothanks Unit19308:05
Unit193Sure thing.08:05
DropDead_Hello Guys, i do have a small problem installing xubuntu. when i start the live cd, i can see and mount my nfts partitions. i want to dualboot windows and xubuntu by the way ;) but when i start the installer and select the language, i choose to do something different with the harddrive, but then it shows the harddrive as empty :/ anyone got an idea?08:06
homebrewcidersorry to repost, got disconnected      got 2 xubuntu pcs, want to connect via vnc from one to the other one , like I have before to the same computer before I reinstalled, have set a static ip in the second computer, but can't connect via vnc viewer. I can ssh in though, can someone help please08:06
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xkilldropdead_ whats the problem exactly?08:07
xkillthe partitioner reports the drive as "unallocated"?08:09
DropDead_so the exact problem in my oppinion would be , that xubuntu is able to mount and find the ntfs partitions, but the installer is not able to read the partition table, beacuse it says in the installer my whole hard drive (640GB) would be empty08:09
Unit193DropDead_: Did you try the alternate installer?08:09
DropDead_and yes it shows it as "free disk space"08:09
Unit193homebrewcider: You have a VNC server running, I'd guess?  sudo netstat -lp  to see what port and what address it binds to.08:10
DropDead_No i haven't tried that so far, do i need a special iso for that? what does alternate mean? different drivers? command line installation?08:10
ubottuThe Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD. http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/alternative-download#alternate - See also !minimal08:11
DropDead_okay thanks a lot :) then i will have a look and try to install that one, i will be back in some minutes if it wasn't working, thanks a lot unit193, xkill ;)08:12
Unit193Sure thing.08:13
homebrewciderseems I have another problem trying to updatewww.hotmail.com08:20
homebrewciderwrng pc never mid08:20
homebrewcideri ran netstat-lp like you said but do not see vnc mentioned08:29
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DropDead_I am Back :D So i now have tried the alternate install cd, but it says while installing that there would be no kernel-modules available, and i was not even able to choose where to install the system to, is that normal?09:46
DropDead_Hello Guys, can anyone help me out if my notebook in gparted says that there are signatures of the gpt partition table on my harddrive? i am using windows on it, so there must be a way to remove the gpt signatures10:59
FairFactsHi all, I have a very quick question, I have custom resolution settings that work for my monitor that I can enable using Terminal11:25
FairFactsbut I would like to enable this by default when Xubuntu loads11:25
FairFactsI've struggled to find a working step by step online and would very much appreciate help on this11:26
frappyi want to disable my trackpad while typing. it seems i need to get the trackpad recognised as a trackpad, but xinput lists it as a mouse. how can i get it recognised correctly?12:38
frappybasically i have this setup: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=11141211&postcount=112:38
frappyi.e. my trackpad is treated as a psmouse, but this isn't what i want...12:38
harj0frappy: have you tried disabling it anyhow? (with xinput)12:41
frappyharj0: not with xinput... i'll try that now and see what happens12:42
harj0xinput set-prop yourID "Device Enabled" 012:43
frappyok, so the trackpad isn't working now12:43
frappyhow can i get that to happen automatically while i'm typing? :)12:44
harj0took me a while to figure that one out and disable mine correctly12:44
frappyyeah the man page wasn't helpful12:44
harj0you can set up a script to toggle it and then make it a hotkey12:44
frappyharj0: hm12:44
frappythe problem is that i want it to kick in *every* time i type12:45
harj0i just keep mine off at all times12:45
frappywell, i like to click on things now and again12:45
harj0too easy for my palm to brush it12:45
harj0frappy: thats what mice are for12:45
frappyharj0: aye, but not on my tiny laptop12:45
harj0specifically wireless mice :p12:45
frappyi can also disable the thing with modprobe -r :-)12:46
sette7mi servre un aiuto, posso?13:54
sette7i need an help..13:54
toraxAsk away13:54
sette7im tryin live xubuntu bootable from usb.. at startap system ask me for user&pass.. but i have not user and pass..13:55
sette7what i should doing?13:55
toraxIt should boot right to xfce desktop, but I think user is xubuntu and no password13:56
sette7im trying now.. tnx13:56
toraxYour boot media might be corrupted if it doesn´t boot to xfce desktop, unless you are using alternate cd13:57
Sysihow did you make the usb bootable?13:58
sette7if I put a password, the system tells me that is incorrect, if I did not insert, the system returns to the screen that says stopping system v runlevel compatibily-ok, and then return to login14:04
sette7torax, i download the distro from xubuntu site..14:05
sette7tnx to all. :/ bye bye14:09
sakangwanted to try xubuntu alongside kde.  what is the minimal pkg name to get a minimal xfce4 session?14:59
xatrix_hi guys, can someone help me how can i change the shortcut for switching key layout ?16:04
xatrix_currently i have to press alt+shift to change it16:05
xatrix_i'd like to use ctrl+shift16:05
GridCubego to >(mouselogo)>configuration>Configuration Administration>Keyboard>>[keyboard shortcuts tab]16:06
xatrix_em... i don't see ">configuration>Configuration Administration" in the Main menu16:07
GridCubeyeah.. translations16:08
xatrix_didn't get it. do i have to open standard XFCE Settings ?16:08
xatrix_Settings Manager ?16:08
GridCubemmhm yes, and go the the keyboard sub-menu16:09
xatrix_ok... i'm in16:09
xatrix_i can setup input delays and etc... there's Layout tab, but how can i setup toggle mech in ?16:10
xatrix_i have two layouts, but there's no option to setup a switching shortcut16:10
GridCubethe second that is keyboard shortcuts16:11
GridCubemaybe you need to find out where it is defined?16:11
xatrix_it would be an option16:11
xatrix_i have alt+shift for current, but i wanna change it to ctrl+shift16:11
pcroquexatrix_: You can add the 'Keyboard Layouts' plugin to the panel and set everything up from there.16:12
xatrix_something like it was "grp:ctrl+shift+toggle" in XKBOptions before16:12
xatrix_pcroque, just 10 mins on Xubuntu, so i'm not familliar with it16:12
pcroquexatrix_: right click on the panel. Select Panel-->Add new Items. Select keyboard indicator from the list of plugins.16:13
xatrix_right, i did it16:15
xatrix_thanks guys...16:15
ShirakawasunaWhen I close my laptop lid, about 1/4 of the time rather than suspending, it just flashes the 'suspending' LED and logs me out. Does anyone know how I can investigate this issue?16:52
ShirakawasunaIt's very annoying - it has the potential to ruin work I haven't saved (though I'm paranoid about this and tend to save often)16:53
Shirakawasunathis only happens with xubuntu - not ubuntu16:54
Shirakawasunaactually most likely X is crashing instead of me being logged out16:56
Shirakawasunaahhaha: http://www.alanmacdougall.com/blog/2012/09/01/fixing-thinkpad-t520i-xorg-crash-in-xubuntu-12-dot-04/16:56
Shirakawasunaexactly my problem16:56
Shirakawasunathank you everyone, thank you. I appreciate your enjoyment of my performance :). I also do weddings.17:00
evo7Hi please I just finish installing xubuntu; and i want to add eclipse shortcut to the panel thanks for helping me18:38
GridCubeevo7, you have it installed?18:43
Sysiafter installing eclipse you can drag it from menu to panel18:44
GridCubefind its entry on the Applications Menu, then Drag and Drop it to the place you want it to be18:44
evo7hi; i have download it from eclipse.org18:44
evo7ho to install it  ?18:44
GridCubeoh, i dont know18:44
GridCube!info eclipse18:44
ubottueclipse (source: eclipse): Extensible Tool Platform and Java IDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.7.2-1 (precise), package size 16 kB, installed size 121 kB18:44
GridCubeyou can install it from the Ubuntu Software Centre18:45
evo7but it's not the latest one who  i want18:45
evo7I need the eclipse EE18:46
GridCubethen follow the instruction from where you downloaded it :)18:47
vorsorkenPossibly a dumb question: is the amount by which the volume changes when I press the volume +/- keys changeable through any reasonable means? I'm guessing not, but it annoys me that it gets drastically louder with a single press.18:47
Sysievo7: http://askubuntu.com/questions/26632/how-to-install-eclipse18:48
evo7it's useful :)18:49
Sysikinda big downside is that you can't remove or update it with package manager18:50
Sysithere might be others too18:50
drcvorsorken: Settings Editor>xfce-mixer...default is 5, change it to what you want.18:52
martinphonehow do I save only .jpg files from a page?18:57
martinphoneand from several pages?18:57
vorsorkenwow, after looking around through config files, it turns out there's a GUI for changing things like that18:57
vorsorkenthanks drc18:58
drcvorsorken: np18:58
GridCubemartinphone, man wget18:58
GridCubemartinphone, also ask on #bash, but before do read the manpage or they might go nuts on you18:59
* GridCube knows how crazy can #bash people be to people who doesnt read man pages19:00
martinphonewould this example work?  wget -nd http://www.cracked.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/zorklon{1,2,3,4,5}.jpg19:06
penreturnscannot be19:07
penreturnsuse wget http://www.cracked.com/blogimages/2009/12/zorklon1.jpg http://www.cracked.com/blogimages/2009/12/zorklon2.jpg19:08
malvevga upgraded my 3 year old 9800gtx RMA with a $125 550ti. That's pretty awesome =023:59

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