jfcaron1I had a local project versioned with bazaar, and now I want to push it to launchpad.  Unfortunately I didn't realize that my local system had versioned some very large data files (multi-GB) which never changed.  Is there a way to push only the recent revisions, or to somehow push the changelog without having to upload all those files to launchpad?02:06
spivjfcaron1: not trivially02:19
jfcaron1Can I just "unversion" the whole directory and start anew?02:20
spivjfcaron1: the easiest thing to do is to throw away the existing history, yes.  Another option is to create a new history without the unwanted parts, I think you can use the bzr-rewrite plugin to do that, or otherwise the bzr-fastimport plugin can do it (dump the history; filter it; reimport it).02:21
spivjfcaron1: (to throw away the existing history I'd suggest 'bzr export' it to a clean directory, then 'bzr add' etc there.)02:22
jfcaron1spiv: I installed bzr-rewrite to use the rebase command, but I don't understand the syntax.02:22
jfcaron1spiv: Will that make an entire new local copy of all the files, even the non-versioned ones?02:23
jfcaron1What if I just delete the .bzr directory?02:24
mgzhow are you today jelmer?08:06
jelmermgz: not great, actually08:12
jelmermgz: are we standing up today?08:12
mgzhm, I think we should be08:14
tbfdo i really have to merge for rescuing commits from some obsolete branch?09:18
tbfor is there something like git's cherry picking?09:18
tbfi actually found http://wiki.bazaar.canonical.com/CherryPick, but this one also talks about merging09:19
mgztbf: what's confusing you? just that the interface uses the merge command?09:24
tbfmgz, i just want to rescue some single commits from some obsolete branch09:26
mgza cherrypick is just applying the changes from a set of revisions09:26
tbfmgz, but i don't like how bzr creates merge commits for that cherry picks09:26
mgzyou could do that by taking a diff of the changes that you want then using patch,09:26
tbfmgz, that drops timestamps and and forces me to retype the commit message09:26
mgzbut `bzr merge -rA..B` is a handy tool that uses the bzr smarts09:27
mgzah, so you really want to rebase changes.09:27
mgzlook at the rebase plugin09:27
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bjpin bzrlib, i've been looking at builtins, most commands aquire a lock, but when i look at the individual functions, it looks like they have decorators that automatically aquire locks16:53
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w7zbjp: the decorators release the lock on function exit17:29
w7zif you want to do more than one thing that requires a lock, it's therefore more efficient to explictly grab the lock at the start, then do the operations17:30
bjpk, i thought that might be the case17:40
bjpdoes doing multiple operations within a lock perform them over the same ssh connection (as opposed to opening a new ssh connection for each one) ?17:41
w7zbjp: there's a possible_transports argument you can give on branch creation to reuse the transport17:50
w7zbut just keeping the same branch object around is also enough if you're only working with one17:51
bjpi'm working with a tree object17:56
bjphopefully this speeds my script up a ton17:56
bjpwhen i get it all worked out17:56
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bjpthe operations in bzrlib spit out a lot of ssh debug output, can i turn that off?21:09
w7zbjp: like what? generally ssh is used as a subprocess and its output doesn't reach the bzr terminal21:36
bjpstuff like this: pastebin.com/yHJs1XJW21:39
w7zhuh, fun, never seen that before. aparrently comes from paramiko21:42
bjpyea, i never saw it until i started testing my script with bzrlib21:43
w7zI suspect you need to do something with logging21:45
w7zare you using `with bzrlib.initialize(): ..` to wrap your program?21:45
bjpis that needed?21:45
w7zstrictly, no, but depending on what you need from bzrlib (logging, for instance) you diverge from what the bzr script does without it21:48
bjpi don't do anything with bzr logging, but i use python's logging21:48
w7zI suspect that's how the paramiko log stuff it getting through, bzr would send it to .bzr.log21:49
w7zyou can probably just look at how paramiko uses the logging module and forward just 'paramiko' to a null handler or something21:49
w7zor set up a default logging handler that goes somewhere, and only catch your local bits for putting on the terminal, or so on21:51
bjpweird, even if i set level to ERROR i still see all paramiko junk21:53
w7ztry calling enable_default_logging() from bzrlib.trace and see if that magically makes it vanish21:53
w7z(might also mess with your logging, but worth an experiment)21:53
bjpno change21:54
bjphmm i removed bzrlib.initialize, and my loglevel settings take effect21:55
w7zhm, less, that probably overwrites them for the contained logic21:57
w7zbut apparently not you handler that shows things on stdout21:58
bjpwell i wasn't using initialize before, if i drop it and explicitly set paramiko's logger to ERROR, i only see my logger21:59
w7zthat'll do then21:59
mark06how can I tell bzr to export all but one file (the deploy script itself performing bzr export)?23:16

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