anyfrancisHow do I join a dev team?07:38
ogra_highvoltage, got it (finally) ...11:36
ogra_(40€ taxes... )11:36
highvoltageanyfrancis: hey there12:46
highvoltageanyfrancis: good place to start is to subscribe to edubuntu-devel mailing list and send an introduction email,looking at the bug list on launchpad and finding edubuntu bugs that interest you could help you find what you're interested in12:47
highvoltageanyfrancis: we have a few things that need packaging for 13.04, if you're interested in packaging12:48
highvoltageogra_: great, pitty about the taxes though12:48
ogra_well, germany, shrug12:48
ogra_cant argue with a customs officer :)12:48
ogra_next time just send it in pieces, packaged up to 22€ are tax free ;)12:49
ogra_funnily if i would have hand carried it on a flight it would have been completely free (450€ limit)12:50
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highvoltageogra_: ok will do15:53
highvoltageogra_: stgraber is already good at turning it into pieces15:53
stgraberyeah, not so good at doing it without breaking the touchscreen layer sadly ;)15:57
ogra_pfft, touchscreens are so overrated, especially on tablets15:59
ogra_stgraber, highvoltage, i assume someone already made a backup of the original image and i dont have to bother ?16:31
stgraberogra_: yeah, the original image can be found on zareason's website16:36
ogra_ah, great, so i can mess it up16:37
stgraberogra_: and can be flashed with a tool on Windows if the unit is completely broken16:37
ogra_seems my display has a really bright spot at the top right corner ...16:37
stgraberthe a10 can enter some recovery mode allowing full reflash of the internal memory16:37
ogra_looks like an extra LED pushing against the screen from the back or so16:37
stgraberweird, haven't seen that on the two we have here, maybe it didn't like all that traveling16:38
ogra_yeah, well, it works i wont worry16:38
stgraberogra_: anyway, do you still have that pastebin I gave alkis and you the other day? with that you should be able to get a microsd card to get you to a blank screen at boot time16:38
ogra_for initial bringup i wont need the screen anyway :)16:39
ogra_yup, still have it16:39
stgraberthat same microsd would boot the pre-prod model just fine, so my guess (well, infinity's) is that the model number is just wrong in uboot + kernel and that changing it there + rebuilding both should do the trick16:39
stgraberthen, apparently the kubuntu folks managed to get X working on theirs (pre-prod), so it should be easy to get something wroking (but not accelerated) once we can get the kernel to boot16:40
ogra_oh, you mean its not just not initing the csreen16:40
ogra_as soon as we have framebuffer everything should be fine16:40
stgrabernah, AFAICT the kernel doesn't even boot. I've been trying to check for that by looking at the ext partition mount counter and it's clearly not incrementing16:42
stgraberonce the kernel boots, we should at least be getting log files on the partition and can get wifi + ssh working, then get the rest working from there16:43
stgraber(which the kubuntu folks apparently managed to do with the pre-prod model)16:43
ogra_there is no serial on the mini USB port ?16:44
ogra_hmm, i guess downloads are in the protected area of the zareason page ?16:50
stgraberogra_: nope, they are public but a bit hidden, let me find the URL16:53
ogra_no hurry16:53
stgraberogra_: there's no serial of micro USB sadly. There is what looks like a uart (3 pin) connector on the board but I haven't had the time to try hooking to that yet16:53
ogra_so flying blind it is16:54
stgraberogra_: http://zareason.net/android/zatab/16:54
ogra_hmm, your script builds with the defconfig16:54
ogra_are you sure thats not selecting all the android bits by default ?16:54
stgraberit might, though according to rbelem, that's what they've been using on their unit...16:55
ogra_also did you actually read out the android cmdline and /proc/config.gz from the device when running android ?16:57
ogra_would likely be good to have for comparison16:57
stgraberhmm, nope, didn't do that, that'd indeed be good to have16:59
ogra_right, i'll try to capture it from mine then16:59
ogra_its usually good to start from that config on an android device16:59
ogra_and just disable the android bits16:59
stgraberalso, not sure how much you read on the a10 yet, but the boot sequence is a bit weird. The firmware basically looks for a specific flag on both nand1 and emmc1, starting with emmc, if it finds a device with that flag, it tries to mount the vfat partition and parses script.bin which contains a bunch of hardware settings, script.bin typically then gets the device to chain boot uboot which then boots the OS17:01
stgraberone clear difference between pre-prod and prod is that script.bin which is quite a bit different17:02
ogra_i didnt plan to repartition or anything so no worries17:02
ogra_and if i can avoid it i wont touch the first stage bootloader17:03
ogra_sigh, if it would only finish charging ...17:04
ogra_sits at 99% since hours17:04
highvoltageheh, while reading the backlog of this chanel I bricked my phone ;(17:14
highvoltage(well, a not-expensive phone that I just got, but still)17:14
stgraberdidn't last long ;)17:15
highvoltageat least it came back after I had the battery out for a while (shew)17:26
highvoltageogra_: still charging?17:58

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