ScottK4.8.5 released to precise-updates.01:58
* Daskreech does the stupid and attempts to upgrade using Muon03:41
ScottKDaskreech: I've do it.  Works fine.04:35
DaskreechScottK: Yes but Mine seems to like to lie a lot04:47
Tm_TI accidentally 4.9.1, is it bad?05:01
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debfxwho had problems with that Qt JIT javascript patch?07:40
soeeoh thats interesting: 08:02
soeewhen popup info from skype shows up it crashes plasma desktop :) 08:02
soeewell 'crashes' and restarts i think it comes back after 3-4 seconds08:02
valorieapachelogger: special showing!? wonderful!08:10
valorieit was fun to see Riddell with the Doctor, as well08:10
valoriesame wolfish smile08:10
Riddelldebfx: apachelogger had problems with 12.04 backports08:19
Riddellsoee: umm yes, interesting in a negative way!08:20
soeeRiddell, well first time i see this thats why this is interesting08:20
debfxapachelogger: could you test Qt 4.8.3 from ppa:kubuntu-ppa/experimental in quantal since that patch is now merged upstream08:22
Riddellvalorie: I'm going to give up my nice guy persona and become a sexist big game hunter, it seems that's the way to end up with the girl08:42
valorieRiddell: lol09:07
valorieoff to zurich!09:08
Riddellhave fun09:15
soeehow can i restert plasma ?10:03
soeefrom terminal?10:03
shadeslayersoee: kquitapp plasma-desktop;sleep 2;plasma-desktop10:13
soeeshadeslayer, had to reboot, some strange things start happen10:13
soeeok i think i try to upgrade 4.8 => 4.9 on 12.0410:14
soeeyeah widgets gone mad etc10:14
soeeuhm its already 4.9.1 <-v->10:16
shadeslayerI upgraded 4.8 to 4.9 on precise and it just worked10:31
Riddelldantti: ping?11:32
RiddellQuintasan, afiestas, agateau: ping?11:35
shadeslayerping timeout xD11:38
danttiRiddell: hey11:42
danttiRiddell: you want to know how to use colord right?11:43
Riddelldantti: yeah11:43
Riddelldantti: how do I test or find someone who can test it works?11:43
danttiRiddell: jriddel at ubuntu still works?11:44
Riddelldantti: jriddell@ubuntu .com11:44
danttiRiddell: I FWD two emails with color profiles, one will make your screen "blue" and the other "pink"11:45
danttiin the ideal world you would buy a colorhug or similar device, place on your monitor and wait some time till it creates a ICC file...11:46
danttithese files also come with most of the monitors out there but my experience is that they don't have gamma data to correct the curves...11:47
Riddellgosh, everything is blue11:49
Riddelldantti: how do I revert back to normal?!11:49
danttiRiddell: there is only one issue I think colord-kde has at time, it seems on startup the profile is not applyed but if you change it manually it works, so I need to review the code... tho I'm not completely sure yet...11:49
danttiRiddell: remove the profile from the device11:50
Riddellaah nice colours11:51
Riddelldantti: what sort of user would colord be for?11:51
danttiRiddell: welll sort of any, but people that manage photos/images are more interested in seeing true colors...11:52
danttiwhen you do the calibration you should have colors more close to what they should look11:53
agateauRiddell: pong12:03
Riddellagateau: ping timeout, see e-mail :)12:04
agateauRiddell: ok :)12:04
soeei do not manage photos/images but i always wanted to fix my screen colors :)12:05
Riddellsoee: really?  with colour profiles?12:06
* agateau should probably say he is working on icc support for gwenview, and owns a colorhug device (still in its blister)12:07
QuintasanRiddell: pong12:08
QuintasanI've noticed that our Feature Tour buttons on kubuntu.org display in a wierd manner in rekonq12:09
Quintasanand it features Konqueror12:09
Quintasanand mentions OpenOffice instead of LibreOffice12:10
* Quintasan upgrades his machine to quantal and prays nothing breaks12:10
RiddellQuintasan: the features tour page alas is part of the drupal theme and so not easily editable12:10
Riddellmparillo and me did make an updated version and submitted a request to sysadmins to update it so it would be editable12:10
Riddelland that was a month ago12:11
soeeRiddell, well probably12:11
Riddellso feel free to take up the case with sysadmins12:11
QuintasanRiddell: That sounds like we are in a world of pain if we want to change something there.12:11
QuintasanRiddell: Is there anyone in particular who I can pester or I need to find that certain individual myself?12:11
RiddellQuintasan: rt.ubuntu.com #2029612:11
RiddellQuintasan: dunno, I presume any sysadmin can run bzr update, it's hardly difficult12:12
QuintasanSounds like a plan.12:12
Riddellit also needs a drupal page alias unset/set12:12
* Quintasan grabs some food and coke and goes on a mission12:12
QuintasanRiddell: On a side note. I'll be moving to Wroclaw soon and I will be unavailable for a week more until I get everything sorted there.12:13
agateauRiddell: have we considered hosting the slideshow ourself, or using another solution we can control?12:15
Riddellagateau: by moving the content out of the theme and into the drupal CMS where it belongs we can control it as much as we like12:16
Riddellbut it'll take sysadmin to update the theme12:16
agateauRiddell: so it is like the last thing sysadmin need to do for us to have control on it12:17
agateauah no12:18
shadeslayerQuintasan: fwiw those buttons are screwed up in Chrome as well12:18
Riddellagateau: yes12:19
Riddellcontent wise12:19
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yofelshadeslayer: they're screwed up in anything because there is no CSS for the button content in the currently running theme13:08
shadeslayerheh ok13:08
mparilloShadeslayer, Yofel, Quintasan: I have opened Launchpad bugs to help track some of these items:13:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1037148 in Kubuntu Website "Obsolete Documentation on Kubuntu Feature Tour" [Medium,In progress]13:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 745631 in Kubuntu Website "www.kubuntu.org home page has copyright year as 2010" [Low,In progress]13:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 987123 in Kubuntu Website "Feature tour top link boxes are misaligned" [Low,Fix committed]13:12
BluesKajHi all13:29
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Quintasanmparillo: Oh, I see.13:36
Quintasannouveau is broken for me in quantal13:37
Quintasanbut nvidia-current13:37
Quintasanworks just fine13:37
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Darkwinglong time no chat guys13:44
Quintasanmparillo: Did you try bugging sysadmins at some point in the past or you want me to do it?13:44
QuintasanDarkwing: \o13:45
* Darkwing meekly waves13:45
Darkwingsorry I have not been around.13:45
RiddellDarkwing: life progressing?13:45
DarkwingI've been quasi homeless13:45
DarkwingIt's progressing but, not quite good yet :(13:45
BluesKajyeah nouveau was giving me a ridiculously low resolution, without any options 13:45
QuintasanDarkwing: That's totally not cool. Take your time sorting things out13:47
DarkwingI have been.. I still have a laptop. No steady internet connection though.13:47
DarkwingAlthough, my laptop has been really buggy and it keeps shutting itself down every 30 minutes or so. :/13:49
Darkwingjjesse-android: ping13:57
Darkwingjussi, jussi01_, jussi01-nom I got it mate. Thank you!13:57
Quintasanso many jussis14:04
Riddelldebfx: anything I can do to help you test the new qt?14:24
Riddelldebfx: keeping in mind there's beta freeze in two days14:25
debfxRiddell: I'm mainly concerned about that jit commit14:26
Riddellyeah I've never had problems from it14:29
Riddellmaybe I use 32 bit too much14:29
Riddellshadeslayer: going to look at bug 1049976 in time for beta 2 freeze in two days?14:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1049976 in kubuntu-default-settings (Ubuntu Quantal) "KTp Presence Applet should be added to the system tray by default" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104997614:31
debfxI guess I'll just revert it14:31
shadeslayeryes, I will look at it tomorrow :)14:31
debfxthe problem with 4.8.3 is that the diff is unreviewable because of all the license header changes14:32
shadeslayeractually, tonight, because I'll be busy tomorrow with Visa formalities14:32
mparilloQuintasan: No, I did not bug the sysadmins. I figured a quiet request from Riddell would be more significant than bugging from me.14:50
Riddellmm, a month with no response.. might be time for other tactics14:51
jussiDarkwing: woohoo! :D15:32
* jussi is sitting in a cafe in Paris15:32
Darkwingjussi: :D didnt Temu Salane play for them?15:32
jussiDarkwing:  yes. (cant be bothered to look up the right spelling, think its selane) 15:33
* Riddell images jussi in his beret with onion strings around his neck15:33
jussiRiddell: haha15:33
Tm_TTeemu Selänne you mean?15:40
DarkwingYeah, He plays for the Ducks in the NHL 15:42
Riddellthis conversation has gone from a cafe in paris to americal ice hockey?15:44
Tm_TI recall he has played on two teams on NHL, Winnipeg Jets and Ducks15:44
Tm_TRiddell: don't forget Canada (:15:45
Darkwingjussi sent me a hockey jersey from Findland Suomi15:45
Tm_Tafterall, it has French history15:45
jussiRiddell: I sent Darkwing a Finnish Ice hockey jersey15:45
DarkwingSeeing that Hockey is the only true sport...15:45
* Darkwing ducks15:45
Tm_Tjussi: what, first IRC team, now we're converting Kubuntu team to finnish majority?15:45
DarkwingTm_T: ++15:46
Tm_Twhops, that was the secret plan15:46
Tm_Tgladly none of you saw me writing that, right?15:46
jussiTm_T: not secret, just always the plan15:48
BluesKajamerical ice hockey , that's quaint , Cnada invented the game and supplies most of the players to the pro leagues :)15:48
DarkwingMost pro caliber players across the world try to get in the NHL... It's more than just american (US and Canada) players15:50
BluesKajdamn KB is sending some key strokes in the wrong sequence15:50
Tm_TBluesKaj: the pro leagues in North America, not in general (:15:55
Riddellok, while we're entirely off topic and talking about organised sport, does the name Andy Murray mean anything to anyone?15:56
Tm_Tbritish tennis player, won gold medal, right?15:56
BluesKajTm_T, I was making fun of Riddell's comment about "american ice hockey " . it's actually quite funny :)15:57
Tm_T+ in olympics15:57
Tm_TBluesKaj: that15:57
RiddellTm_T: yes, scottish media now gushing loads about him winning everything, was curious if the rest of the world actually cared15:58
BluesKajQAndy Murray also just won a big tournament , one of the grand slams , US open ?15:58
Tm_TBluesKaj: correct15:58
Tm_TRiddell: rest of the world != Finland (:15:59
* BluesKaj isn't even a tennis fan15:59
Tm_TFinland is a weird place at that I think, we care more of the sports outside our borders than other countries AFAIK15:59
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mparilloYesterday, I saw this: In Quantal, ubuntu-font-family-sources *will* ship the Medium version of the font (see http://pad.lv/1048600). Can anybody please re-open the ubuntu-font-family-sources task and nominate/target all tasks to quantal?17:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1048600 in ubuntu-font-family-sources (Ubuntu) "[FFe] Restore "Ubuntu Medium" weights in Ubuntu's binary .deb" [High,Triaged]17:11
mparilloAs I recall, Kubuntu got pretty ugly the last time the Ubuntu Medium fonts were included, right?17:12
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debfxI think we need a ScottK to properly oppose to that change until Qt has been fixed ;)17:50
shadeslayerRiddell: did we have consensus on removing the MI and adding quassel to the notification bar?18:42
=== shadeslayer changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu - Friendly Computing | Quantal bugs: http://goo.gl/ESmab | Status: http://goo.gl/ZGGJP | Packaging TODO: http://notes.kde.org/kubuntu-ninjas | apachelogger: SRU plymouth logo & fix ipod support | UDS-R: http://notes.kde.org/kubuntu-uds
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shadeslayer!find libGL.so.120:21
ubottuPackage/file libGL.so.1 does not exist in quantal20:21
shadeslayer!find libGL.so.1 precise20:22
ubottuFile libGL.so.1 found in fglrx, fglrx-updates, libgl1-mesa-glx, libgl1-mesa-glx-dbg, libgl1-mesa-swx11, libgl1-mesa-swx11-dbg, nvidia-173, nvidia-173-updates, nvidia-96, nvidia-96-updates (and 3 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=libGL.so.1&mode=&suite=precise&arch=any20:22
Riddellshadeslayer: yes I think we did, remove MI and turn back on systray icon for quassel21:42
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ScottKRiddell: Can do it too.23:03
shadeslayerRiddell: k23:27
shadeslayerRiddell: is the disabling of the Quassel systray icon done by us?23:35
shadeslayer"  * Add quassel.notifyrc, hide notify popup, message indicator and sound enough notification"23:41
shadeslayerI don't see a quassel.notifyrc anywhere :p23:41
CIA-58[kubuntu-default-settings] Rohan Garg * 501 * share/apps/plasma-desktop/init/00-defaultLayout.js Replace message indicator with the KDE Telepathy presence widget23:44
CIA-58[kubuntu-default-settings] Rohan Garg * 502 * debian/changelog Replace message-indicator with KDE Telepathy presence applet as discussed (LP: 1049976)23:52
shadeslayerugh, forgot the #23:52
CIA-58[kubuntu-default-settings] Rohan Garg * 503 * debian/changelog Make sure the bug is correctly referenced in the changelog23:53

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