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avihayLostMonk: you probably mean krunner Alt+F200:30
michealpwalt+f2, that's Krunner?00:42
michealpwhaha it is. Alt+f2 and type krunner (rofl)00:42
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Guest6969usuarios reales?02:52
rottingdeadHallo hello..03:00
rottingdeadQuiet in here tonight.03:04
Daskreechwannted something?03:25
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nicekiwiim trying to watch a movie in fullscreen and every 10mins my screen goes black. ive turned off all powermanagments and screen saver. help?06:20
lordievaderGood morning06:29
jdrsi'm not too sure but try: System Settings -> Worspace Behavior -> Screen Edges. Choose one of the corners that hasn't been assigned an action yet then assign 'Prevent Screen Locking'.06:36
jdrsPlace your mouse pointer on that corner when watching in full screen.06:36
bander9289sudo reboot06:48
bander9289haha, dang kde bug, can't tell which window I'm in06:49
avihayI try to use fsck, I'm preserned with :07:05
avihayReclaimed 14566 unused clusters (238649344 bytes). \n     Free cluster summary wrong (4940552 vs. really 4955118)07:05
avihay1) Correct    \n    2) Don't correct07:05
avihayand no matter what option I pick, I get: Leaving file system unchanged.07:07
rethuswhats on today... 208 updates?!07:16
lordievaderrethus: Update to KDE 4.9.1?07:17
rethuscould be07:18
lordievaderrethus: At least I had something similair a few days ago, turned out to be the update of kde.07:18
rethusi think, your right, caus normaly i update every day... and then there are only a few updates.07:19
rethusthats cause i wonde of more as 200 updates today07:19
rethusthe search of mails in subfolders doesn't work anymore in kmail2 for my imap-accounts07:24
rethusbefore i search for mails older than 3 Month, and move them to an archiv-folder, to make a backup.07:25
rethushow can i do this now?07:25
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Lugia010719d1Hello. I think I need help. I was upgrading Kubuntu from Natty to Oneiric, using the do-release.upgrade  command and when it came to unpacking update of libpam0g 1.1.2-2ubuntu8.4, when restarting the services it got stuck at "cups: stopping...starting..." and then it did nothing for another hour, no CUP usage or anything. so i cancelled the whole upgrading proccess. after manually killing the stuck dpkg I managed to resume07:54
Lugia010719d1 the upgrading process, but some packs still throw an error like "debconf: DbDriver "config": /var/cache/debconf/config.dat is locked by another process:" .. how do I get rid of this?07:54
Lugia010719d1ok so i managed to get rid of the lock usinf fuser and killing "frontend"08:00
Lugia010719d1now the upgrade process doesnt want to proceed because od some unresolvable dependencies "ubuntu-desktop" marked for removal while being in the list of unremovable08:01
Lugia010719d1hmm by manually removing it with sudo apt-get remove ubuntu-desktop i managed to somehow make it work.. i hope there is no more trouble :/08:06
Lugia010719d1ok upgrade finished... sorry for bothering.. but for a while I thought I'm doomed08:16
Lugia010719d1time to reboot08:17
faichele_A question regarding kdm and a multi-display setup? Is it possible to make KDM show its login prompt on a specific display? With lightdm, I found a solution using xrandr and a greeter setup script; does KDM have a similar mechanism?08:53
phoenix_firebrdfaichele_: did you try asking in #kde?08:57
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alsitnetpchallo here....09:33
alsitnetpcall okay.....09:33
alsitnetpcnews w.w.w. internet see....09:35
alsitnetpcgoodbye here....09:35
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casbcara irc sou novato12:06
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casbmv box12:07
FlashDeluxehi! i got a question, how can i find out if a directory is linked to another directory?12:43
avihayit usually has an extra symbol on the directory icon in dolphin, you can also see it(link target) in the folder properties (right click->properties), or in the terminal with ls, I think links are pink, and if you use ls -al, it will show you the link target too12:47
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skritehey all, i have a keyboard shortcut to rotate windows (like alt-tab) but is meta-j  works fine but if console is focused, /quit13:08
BluesKajHi all13:29
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skritehey all13:46
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ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)13:48
Derpianholy crap, I wake up and 186 updates for kubuntu-desktop related packages14:40
Derpianand i update everyday14:40
hateballIt's not like there's a limit to how many packages that get updated in one day14:42
hateballLike say... when KDE gets updated, like now14:42
lordievaderDerpian: KDE is updated to 4.9.114:42
madisonHello. I'm using kubuntu and my gpu is AMD Radeon HD 6870. I'd like to use the proprietary ATI drivers, but it won't install them. I can't install fglrx...anyone has an idea what to do?14:42
Derpianoh wow14:42
Derpiani'm not using kde right now but i have it installed14:43
lordievadermadison: How are you trying to install them?14:43
madisonI downloaded the proprietary drivers from the ati homepage and tried to run the setup..doesn't work. Before that, I tried to install fglrx, didn't work either14:44
madisonIt always fails while "Postproccessing kernel updates"14:45
tsimpsondid you try the "Additional Drivers" application?14:46
madisonI don't think so, let me see...14:47
madisontsimpson: I've tried that, but it says "SystemError: E:Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages." when trying to install the AMD drivers....(I don't have held broken packages though)14:50
madisonAnd the AMD drivers appear twice on the list of additional drivers14:51
madisonAny ideas?14:55
tsimpsonsorry, I don't have AMD or nVidia, so I can't really do anything to test it14:57
BluesKajmadison, run , sudo dpkg --configure -a , then try to install the driver from additional drivers14:58
madisonNo changes14:59
BluesKajmadison, pls expalin , no changes15:00
madisonIt still says "SystemError: E:Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages." when trying to install the AMD drivers in "Additional Drivers"15:00
BluesKajerr expalin15:00
BluesKajmy KB is giving up some keys are slower than others it seems (wireless)15:01
BluesKajmadison, sudo apt-get -f install15:03
madisonThere are no broken packages..15:03
BluesKajok good , meaning no broken packages left behind15:04
BluesKajmadison, so you're running the vesa driver ?15:05
BluesKajmadison, sudo lshw -C video| grep driver15:08
madisondriver=radeon latency=015:08
BluesKajok so you have the ati radeon driver installed15:09
madisonBut it's not the proprietary, is it?15:09
BluesKajproprietary drivers don't always work properly , even when included in the install by default15:10
madisonMy problem is that every game is lagging...I don't play much, but if I do, I want it to be lag free :P15:11
BluesKajhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver , madison15:14
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madisonWell, no clue how to make it lag free.. :/15:35
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TheLordOfTimemadison, everything lags :P15:36
ptomblinHoly cow, 182 packages to update!15:37
TheLordOfTimemadison, the solution: turn down the graphics15:37
madisonTheLordOfTime: I've installed Windows on a second HDD, nothing lags there..15:37
TheLordOfTimethat's Windows15:37
TheLordOfTimewindows != Kubuntu15:37
TheLordOfTimeaccept that fact :P15:37
madisonkubuntu -> lag? :o15:38
TheLordOfTimelinux isnt a gaming OS.  at least not primarily15:38
TheLordOfTimeno offense :P15:38
* TheLordOfTime returns to bugsquad stuffs15:38
madison....I don't want a gaming OS, but I want an OS I can play a game with15:39
madisonwithout lag15:39
madisonAnd that game doesn't have BF3 graphics15:40
xatawhere do i get kate-sdk development files? they might be somwhere in kdesdk or ktexteditor, but they ain't there15:43
xatai mean what package ofc15:44
Torchmadison: in my experience, 3d games make no sense without proprietary drivers. open source fanatics will tell you otherwise, but it just never worked for me15:44
madisonTorch: That's why I want to install proprietary drivers, but it doesn't work :P15:45
spawn57I always install the properitary stuff :\15:47
madisonkubuntu doesn't let me :(15:47
TheLordOfTimedid you actually *try*15:49
madisonI did15:49
madisonseveral times15:49
TheLordOfTimewith the hardware drivers tool?15:49
TheLordOfTimeor by hand?15:49
madisonI downloaded the driver from ATI's website and ran the installer15:50
madisonWell at first I tried to install fglrx but that didn't work15:51
cmaginamadison: are you on quantal (12.10) or precise (12.04)?15:51
TheLordOfTimeyou should try using hardware drivers tool before trying to actually install by hand15:52
cmaginamadison: it appears that the latest fglrx drivers do not support the newer xorg that quantal is shipping15:53
madisonmeh :@15:53
cmaginameans, either wait till AMD updates their drivers or use 12.0415:53
bazhang!12.10 | madison15:53
ubottumadison: Ubuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) will be the 17th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+115:53
cmaginamadison: i just checked on my system here and the reason the additional drivers fails is due to a missing dependency (older xorg abi package)15:54
cmaginathe fglrx driver wants abi 11, quantal is shipping abi 1315:54
cmaginathis is the problem with proprietary drivers. the distro can't build them to keep up with whatever version of xorg they ship15:56
madisonWhat do you think how long will ATI need to update their driver?15:56
cmaginano idea, they normally release the updated driver before ubuntu releases, so sometime between now and end of october hopefully15:57
cmaginai also tried the fglrx-updates driver, same issue15:57
cmaginaif you want to play games with the proprietary driver, always stick to the latest release as the development releases are very unlikely to work with proprietary drivers15:57
madisonHehe, okay :P15:58
madisonIs Quantal going to be released in october?15:59
bazhang12.10 yes15:59
ubottuA schedule of Quantal Quetzal (12.10) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QuantalQuetzal/ReleaseSchedule15:59
bazhangmadison, did you not see the support and discussion in #ubuntu+1 ?15:59
madisonI didn't really think about joining that channel16:00
spawn57can't wait for kde 4.916:00
spawn57plasma-desktop crashes way too often in 4.816:01
xataspawn57: already in ppa-s16:01
madisonNothing crashed yet16:01
xatai have 4.9.1 already, actually16:01
spawn57yeah, but when I go cutting edge other programs tend to go wonky16:05
spawn57last time it was digikam, and that was baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad16:05
spawn57so I'll wait for 12.10 and do a full upgrade then16:06
xatawhy i am always ok?16:06
xataoh, i am using awesome+some usefull kde stuff16:07
xatathat's why16:07
* BluesKaj is running 12.10 without too many problems , the odd glitch with graphics or grub , but solvable16:07
xataanyway, see you. thanks for not helping me!16:08
madisonCan't even watch fullscreen videos (on youtube) without lag, lol16:09
BluesKajmadi have you checked system monitor to see what's eating resources ...are you sure it's not nepomuk or akonadi or some such useless daemon /server16:10
BluesKajwell ,useless to me anyway :)16:10
cmaginamadison: really? i am using the radeon driver with a radeon 6780 and have not had any flickering when playing full screen 1080p flash16:14
madisonBluesKaj: Nothing is eating resources ;)16:14
cmaginaare you using chrome? i have noticed flickering when using that browser. actually use firefox to play flash now due to that16:15
madison6780 or 6870? I have radeon hd 687016:15
madisonusing Firefox16:15
madisonIt's not like flickering, more....lag :P16:15
cmaginai have the 678016:15
cmaginathe thing to remember about flash is it does not offload in linux16:16
cmaginaso, lagging could be more cpu issues16:16
madisonCPU is at 10-30%16:17
madisonwhile watching a 1080p video on youtube16:17
madisonusing flash16:17
neo69when I try to look for new updates I get this error "It was not possible to transfer the list of applications", details: "E: Error http://ppa.launchpad.net precise/main Sources16:17
neo69what is the problem?16:18
cmaginamadison: not really sure what to tell you. just re-verified i don't get lag when playing 1080p youtube videos in full screen on a 1920x1200 reso lcd16:21
madisonnot really sure what to do.16:22
cmaginaonly thing i can think of is the 6800 series might not be as optimized in the radeon driver16:22
cmaginabut i'd be surprised by that. i know the latest hardware tends to be rough with it, but 6800's been around for a while16:22
cmaginasorry i couldn't help, only thing really left would be checking the all mighty google for answers16:23
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PeterMEHi, how would I apply a .patch file?16:35
DarthFrog!patch | PeterME16:36
ubottuPeterME: Patches are files describing the changes in code to achieve some results.  There are a number of ways these can be produced, but https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/HowToFix and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/PatchSystems may provide some useful guidelines.16:36
PeterMEThanks, I'll look into it16:37
PeterME!patch just asks me which file to patch. But I'm not really sure..16:38
ubottuPeterME: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:38
PeterMEubottu You seem to be helpfull, your creator must be a good guy :P16:39
ubottuPeterME: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:39
mangdoodI'd like to reinstall my system, preferably with the same packages it has now, since some of them seem to be broken. How can I do this?16:54
DarthFrogmangdood:  "dpkg --list" will give you a list of all packages installed on your system.  Save the output from that.16:57
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mangdoodDarthFrog: How would I use this output to reinstall all the packages?16:58
DarthFrogmangdood:  But also note that "sudo apt-get install --reinstall <package>" may solve your problem with individual packages.16:58
DarthFrogmangdood:  By hand.16:58
mangdoodDarthFrog: the thing is, I have a general idea of which applications are broken (namely, something in the kde suite) but I don't know which16:59
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DarthFrogmangdood: I have an alias that lists just the package name.  alias lspkg="dpkg --list | grep ^ii.* | cut -d ' ' -f 3 | sort | less"16:59
DarthFrogI would use my lspkg alias to list the packages and save the output to a file.  Then I'd write a bash script that took that file and installed the packages.17:00
DarthFrogBTW, that alias is included in my ~/.bash_aliases file so it's loaded everytime I log in.  i frequently pipe the output to grep.17:01
mangdoodMhm. How should I go about reinstalling the entire kde package suite? as far as I can tell, apt-get reinstall kde4 will only reinstall the metapackage17:02
DarthFrogmangdood: You could always upgrade KDE to 4.9.1, which might also solve your problem.17:02
mangdoodDarthFrog: heh, I think I've broken my system far too much to upgrade, probably17:03
DarthFrogWell, if it's not worth a shot ... :-)17:03
viteacHi guys, Im new with Kubuntu, is there anybody help me with security matters?17:14
TheLordOfTimedefine "Security matters"17:14
TheLordOfTimeand also, you have a dupe.17:14
TheLordOfTime* viteac (~quassel@cpc6-sgyl36-2-0-cust217.18-2.cable.virginmedia.com) has joined #kubuntu17:14
TheLordOfTime* viteac_ (~quassel@cpc6-sgyl36-2-0-cust217.18-2.cable.virginmedia.com) has joined #kubuntu17:14
viteacdint know what is dupe17:14
TheLordOfTimeviteac, you have two connections :P17:14
TheLordOfTimeto the same channel17:15
TheLordOfTimeperhaps you have quassel open one too many times ;)17:15
TheLordOfTimeanyways, depends on what you mean by "security matters"17:15
viteacI have notice today that one of the user account have changed password, and I did not change it. I want to find where I can notice actions like this and prevent if of course.17:16
viteacI know there are logs, but  there is so many files in /var/log17:16
viteacNow is one probably17:19
PeterMEHmm, still can't figure out how to apply this patch..17:23
viteacsame lamers like me :-)17:26
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lordievaderGood evening17:53
DarthFroglordievader: Good morning.17:55
lordievaderHey DarthFrog, how are you?17:56
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* lordievader note to self: use visudo when editing the sudoers file!18:44
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Machtinhey guys, probably a mainstream question, but I can't figure it out.. any way to use my ipod touch with KDE?19:24
sex_offenderhave you tried to use it through amarok?19:25
Machtinyup, can't see it there19:26
Machtinhm, got an idea.19:27
SIR_TacoMachtin: do you have libimobiledevice3 installed?19:27
sex_offenderclick on settings -> configue amarok -> plugins19:28
sex_offendercheck that ipod plugin is selected19:28
sex_offender#nick leeds_fan19:31
sex_offenderi've forgotten how to change nickname19:34
MachtinSIR_Taco: 3? no.19:35
TheLordOfTimesex_offender, /nick newnick19:35
sex_offenderthank you19:35
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SIR_TacoMachtin: but you have a libimobiledrvice? (2, or something installed)19:36
leeds_fanthats better19:36
MachtinSIR_Taco: yes, 219:37
leeds_fanyou solved it yet?19:37
SIR_TacoMachtin: which ipod and iOS version?19:39
Machtinpuh, let me check the device.. first time i hold it in my hand.19:42
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SIR_TacoMachtin: http://amarok.kde.org/wiki/Media_Device:IPod shows supported devices and required programs (if applicable)19:43
MachtinSIR_Taco: i think it's an ipod touch with version "5.1.1. (9B206)"19:43
Machtinminus one "."19:43
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SIR_TacoMachtin: Not sure if there are problems with newer iOS versions (there usually are)19:45
SIR_TacoMachtin: according to the Wiki entry (which may be out of date), firmwares v2.x+ may require jailbreaking due to a database incompatibility, unfortunately19:47
Machtinokay, guess it'll be just the virtualbox with itunes then.19:48
SIR_Tacoyea, sorry19:48
Machtinno reason to apologize :) thanks for the help!19:51
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WalzmynI've got my power management set to put the computer to sleep after 90 min, but it does not. What can I do to fix this?20:30
kubuntui need help20:30
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Guest39729i need help!!20:31
Guest39729#nick Enrique20:31
WalzmynGuest39729: just say what you need20:32
Guest39729estoy usando kubuntu 8.04.2 por nostalgia y veo que ai varias kosas ke necesitoo rekordar20:32
Walzmyn!es | Guest3972920:33
ubottuGuest39729: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.20:33
Guest39729no se komo instalar google chrome y tampoko puedo instalar chromium20:33
c_smithwow..... this guy doesn't get the message.20:33
WalzmynThat is Spanish, isn't it?20:33
Guest39729ordinary spanish20:34
Walzmynwell, you're the only one here that can speak it20:35
c_smithGuest12039, just so you know, not too many people on this channel speak Spanish, I only know "no hable epanol" I probably mangled the spelling of even that.20:36
Guest39729k for que20:36
Guest39729or por for x20:37
SIR_TacoWalzmyn: in konsole, what does "xset -q" say for Suspend?20:44
WalzmynSIR_Taco: Suspend off20:51
SIR_TacoWalzmyn: does is say "DPMS  is Enabled" ?20:53
WalzmynDPMS is Enabled, SIR_Taco20:56
SIR_Taco"xset dpms X Y Z" where X, Y and Z are the time (in seconds) you wish to have your system Standby, Suspend, and Power Down (when on low battery) respectively20:56
WalzmynSIR_Taco: this is a desktop20:57
SIR_Tacoso to suspend/sleep after 90mins, you'd set it to 540020:57
WalzmynSIR_Taco: why does the KDE system settings power management utility not override this?20:57
SIR_Tacowell then something like 'xset dpms 1800 5400 off' then if it's a desktop. I've found on some occassions, there's a disconnect between the power management utility and the actual settings for X, not sure what causes it, but usually when you set it manually once, it works as it should after that20:59
Walzmynok, thanks, I was going to put a zero instead of off, SIR_Taco21:00
SIR_TacoWalzmyn: should ignore it anyway since it has no battery ;)21:00
WalzmynSIR_Taco: gave me an illegal combination of values error, suspend time of 5400 is greater than off time of 480021:01
WalzmynSIR_Taco: nevermind, did it with a '0' and it worked fine.21:02
WalzmynThank you very much for the help21:02
SIR_Tacoknew it was something like that :P you're welcome21:02
Frankkohow do i start kmix minimized if i want to use it in another Desktop enviroment as well. (in this case razor-qt)21:28
Walzmynis there any way to watch youtuve videos though a real videwo player (VLC, Kaffeine...)?21:29
SIR_TacoWalzmyn: http://lifehacker.com/5577212/play-youtube-videos-directly-in-vlc-media-player21:39
SIR_TacoFrankko: have never used razor-qt, but it should have a startup programs list somewhere, just add kmix to that21:40
WalzmynSIR_Taco: vlc dosen't seem to want to play it. I think I got xmbc to work21:41
SIR_TacoWalzmyn: if you were really bored, you could wget the page for the video, parse the dom, then load the url for the video file directly into a video player ;)21:47
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oneadventanyone know how to get system sound to control sound level? I get sound, just can't control it with kde. Can with built in apps, say youtube or amarok though22:15
SIR_Tacooneadvent: chances are that your kmix master channel is set to something you're not using (like digital out / hdmi/ etc)22:22
SIR_Tacooneadvent: if you click on the speaker icon in your tray click 'Mixer', click 'Settings' -> 'Select Master Channel...'22:24
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BarkingFishMorning all :) Anyone around to give me some help quickly please?23:41
lordnynex_just ask your question23:42
BarkingFishlordnynex_, I always check first - usually when I come here, the place is quieter than a round of applause at a convention of people with no hands :)23:43
BarkingFishand please be a little more polite, thanks :D23:43
BarkingFishNow, the problem I have is with krunner - when I open it and start typing something in, every keypress triggers a "dong" noise - and it's not the system bell, I've checked, and that's disabled.  Any other ideas what it could be and how I switch it off please?23:45
lordnynex_and you will now get ZERO help from me. If you had just asked yoru question in the first place you'd be waiting for an answer and not someone typing 'yes'23:45
lordnynex_I've reached the peak number of retards I will fight today23:45
BarkingFishI happen to have been helping here well over a year, I'm patient, but I don't like people coming at me with that kind of attitude.  If you want retards, dude, don't go fighting yourself. You're ignored. Don't bother.23:46
SIR_Tacovery civil... nice23:47
OerHeksThe reason the beeps occur is because KRunner finds multiple matches when you start typing .. solution: the problem by disabling the partial matching sound. This can be done by going into system settings -> notifications and selecting "KDE System Notifications" in the Event Source drop-down. Then disable the Textcompletion: Partial Match entry.23:47
OerHeksi love forums > http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=116761623:47
lordnynex_I think I've just been FACED by a kubuntu helper of over a year23:47
BarkingFishThank you OerHeks23:48
BarkingFishAnd SIR_Taco - By the time I come in here at night, the place is usually dead - I always check to see if people are about.23:48
lordnynex_I mean I would th ink a helper of #kubuntu for OVER A YEAR would know krunner like whoa by now, but I guess I'm just the new guy23:49
SIR_TacoBarkingFish: that wasn't in reference to you :P23:49
BarkingFishoh, ok :)23:49
* OerHeks sips coffee23:49
BarkingFishOerHeks, I found it eventually. Looks like that url is now a little out of date - in the Systemsettings it goes - Audio and System Notifications > KDE Workspace > Textcompletion: Partial Match23:55
OerHeksah, i was hoping it still was the same place. thanks,  noted.23:55
BarkingFishBeen a while since I've been about - just dropped into apper today and discovered I have KDE 4.8.5 to download.  Nice - just shy of 323 files including security updates! That should keep my wifi busy in the morning :P23:57

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