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jfcaron1I have a local bzr repository which accidentally versioned some huge data files.  I unversioned them, but now I want to push the project to launchpad.  How can I make it not upload those huge files?  Can I push only the history from a given point?02:09
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mgztest OOPS-3f88a8b6ed6964be842c6737eea4565508:21
czajkowskinicely done mgz08:21
lifelessmgz: so who did you speak to to fix that?09:57
czajkowskilifeless: we asked in -ops yesterday09:59
czajkowskithen alanbell said it was up to tsimpson or jussi to get it landed09:59
czajkowskilifeless: I saw your Q on answers, unsure if it's for me to ollow up on or you logged it there to track something10:00
lifelessczajkowski: which one ?10:00
czajkowskilifeless: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/20861310:01
lifelessczajkowski: the linked bug covers it; I suspect maintenance squad are best placed to file an RT to get the current situation resolved until the data can be migrated to use the new stuff exclusively.10:02
lifelesswgrant: ^ :P10:02
czajkowskilifeless: ok thanks10:02
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exarkunwhat format are timestamps on launchpad?  YYYY-MM-DD?12:19
wgrantexarkun: Yes12:21
wgrantIs YYYY-DD-MM ever a thing? :)12:22
nigelbgod I hope not.12:23
czajkowskibah should be DD-MM-YYYY12:26
wgrantczajkowski: Burn!12:26
czajkowski*HATE*  MM-DD12:26
wgrantISO8601 and derivatives over all!12:26
wgrantMM-DD-YYYY is satan12:27
czajkowskiyes well doesnt make the rest of the world use it12:27
wgrantDD-MM-YYYY is acceptable12:27
wgrantYYYY-MM-DD is ideal12:27
czajkowskiI'd accept YYYY-DD-MM at a push12:27
wgrantMiddle-endian should be illegal.12:27
czajkowskiwe shall agree to disagree shall we12:28
exarkunwgrant: I thought that Launchpad might have decided to invent YYYY-DD-MM.12:28
exarkunCanonical seems to like to invent things like that.12:28
czajkowskiwe invent many things, but I don;t think we can take credit for the date standard12:30
davmor2czajkowski: as ali1234 was so keen to point out, YYYY-MM-DD is an iso standard :D12:43
wgrantAs well as making sense12:44
davmor2wgrant: and making positioning far more sensible YY changes least, MM second DD well daily :D  Add to that HH:MM:SS and the tree of time is complete :D12:48
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dobeydavmor2: people should just stop dwelling on the past13:09
xnoxlp is a bit slow for me.... i got timeouts each time trying to add small attachments (<1MB), now I am getting "Timeout, server bazaar.launchpad.net not responding." upon bzr push...13:10
czajkowskinot seeing anything13:13
wgrantxnox: There are no known issues, and it's working fine for me from multiple continents. Does a traceroute show anything odd?13:13
xnoxwgrant: let me check.13:13
xnoxwgrant: it does show odd stuff =)13:14
czajkowskixnox: show wgrant and he'll judge on the oddness13:14
xnoxczajkowski: let me collect a bit more oddness first =) to boost the odd factor =)13:14
xnoxwgrant: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1212887/13:16
wgrantxnox: 15% packet loss to your first hop is slightly suspicious13:16
xnoxfirst of all Virgin Media is having an odd day and something is off in ae-2-52.edge4.London1.Level3.net13:16
* xnox ponders if I should restart my router13:17
wgrantae-2-52 doesn't return ICMP very much13:17
wgrantSo that's expected13:17
wgrantAnd all the rest have at most as much packet loss as your first hop13:17
xnoxah, fair enough =)13:17
wgrantSo it's something very close to you13:17
czajkowskiso no lp :)13:19
wgrantRight, nothing there suggests a problem on the LP side13:19
TheLordOfTimebazaar's working for me, just tested.13:20
TheLordOfTimeso it has to be on your end, not LP13:20
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xnoxI should probably finish setting up WRT on my new router and put it into production. Restarted router and now everything is fine.13:43
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xnoxno packet loss...13:44
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om26erHi! my login.ubuntu.com account has been suspended18:49
om26erhow to get it reactivated ?18:49
om26eri kind of Can't work :/18:50
greenithi, i have a question regarding translation: is it possible to let a software translate in different languages at launchpad, although it is not open source?19:02
xnoxgreenit: as long as the translations are BSD license i believe, you can have 'translations only' project.19:06
xnoxgreenit: you will need to manually provide templates & download tarballs to update them.19:07
xnoxgreenit: people generally make wrapper scripts, e.g. something like 'make tempalates-for-lp' and 'make update-translations-from-lp'19:08
greenitcould you give me a link to an example, or a how to? :)19:09
xnoxgreenit: can you give source code and the build system of your proprietary project?19:14
xnoxgreenit: i believe there is some documentation on help.launchpad.net19:15
greenitthx, found a page :)19:17
dobeyom26er: that's not launchpad, but sso. you should probably bug someone in #canonical-is (i think that's the channel)19:25
om26erdobey, yeah, this was sorted in #is now my account is back on :)19:25
dobeyah ok :)19:25
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