AscavasaionI should be receiving my 320Gb HDD for my laptop today :)06:36
kanlioti will order a 3TB and laugh at you06:41
Ascavasaionkanliot: I never even knw they made 3Tb HDDs for laptops... that must be costing a fortune if there is such a thing.06:42
AscavasaionCan someone here explain the difference between file size, and actual size of file on disk?07:09
kanlioti think 12.04 has a bug there07:10
kanliotbut file size is the size in bytes07:10
AscavasaionI am running 11.10... and it estimates the actual file size as twice the size of the actual hard disk hehe07:10
kanliotand size on disk should include file system overhead07:11
kanliotyeah thats a bug07:11
kanliotjust pcmanfm07:11
Ascavasaionkanliot: Oh, okay, I was astounded to say he least hehe07:11
AscavasaionAnother dodgy thing is that when I cleared out 19Gbs of trash, when I ran df -h it gave me exactly the same disk usage.07:11
kanlioti really doubt that07:12
AscavasaionI was so excited about clearing the 19Gbs (or the 91Gbs actual disk size) hehehe07:12
Ascavasaionbut no, no change.07:12
kanliotdf should e correct07:13
kanliotyou should double check07:13
Ascavasaionexactly... so the trash can feature in PCManFM is dodgy then.07:13
AscavasaionHAHA, I just closed PCManFM, checked the trash which is now empty, then did a df -h again and voila this time it registeres the cleared space.07:14
kanliotls ~/Trash-1000 -R07:14
kanliotthanks for doublecheckin07:15
AscavasaionSeems to be some kind of a lag between PCManFM and the file system.07:15
Ascavasaionkanliot: Pleasure :)07:15
AscavasaionNice to actually be able to talk to people about these things, someone that understands.07:15
kanliotyou're welcome to ask07:16
Ascavasaionkanliot: Are you involved in Lubuntu development/testing etc.  Or do you just enjoy helping people?07:17
kanliotmy reasons wouldn't change even if i was doing more07:17
kanliotits nice07:18
AscavasaionI wish I knew enough to help some of the chaps.07:18
kanliotwell i'm looking for reviews for the wiki07:19
kanliotif you could register at help.ubuntu.com07:19
kanliotyou might find something in the wiki to fix07:19
AscavasaionMe?  Doubt I would find anything.07:20
kanliotwell you eitther want to help or ya dont07:21
AscavasaionSjoe, you make it sound bad hehe07:21
kanliotit just means you won't have an excuse when you find an error in the wiki07:22
kanliot but really editing the wiki isn't easy07:22
kanliotit's a pain in the butt07:22
kanliotstuff gets complicated really fast07:22
AscavasaionYes, and I am sure little changes need to be made all the time too.07:23
kanliotnot worried about that07:23
kanliotmajor problem is just the scope of the system07:24
kanliotlubuntu is one of the smallest linuxes07:24
kanliotand it's still way too big to document07:24
AscavasaionWould they ever make something like the FreeBSD 'Book'?07:24
kanliotnot familiar with that07:25
AscavasaionI tried it once... FreeBSD that is... was enough to chew my wrists off.07:25
AscavasaionOkay, I could not get adobe-flash to work in Chromium.  I then Googled a bit and read that it was automatically built into Chrome.  So I installed Chrome.  It still does not work.07:43
kanliotdid you post on the forum this week aabout this07:43
AscavasaionNope, I tried another route.07:44
kanliotdo you have ubuntu-restricted-extras installed?07:44
kanliototherwise i have nothing for you07:44
kanliotyou might try the 12.04 livecd see if it is working07:45
Ascavasaionkanliot: Not the end of the world I suppose... it works on my Ubuntu machine.07:45
AscavasaionI am sure that if I installed Firefox it would work, but I am trying to keep this system light.07:45
AscavasaionWell, as light as I can heheeh07:45
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guguli'm installin lubuntu, and at " installing" it takes too much time , is that normal??12:26
bioterrorwhat's "too much" depends on person12:27
gugul3 hours12:27
bioterrorI would try again by rebooting12:28
bioterrorand if that stucks in a same place, then I would look for a alternate cd12:28
gugulwhat's the minimum cofiguration for Lubuntu plz??12:42
silverarrowminimum config?12:44
silverarrowyou mean specs?12:44
silverarrowit should run on almost any hardware12:44
silverarrowwell, made in the last 10 years12:45
guguli have P4 2.8ghz 256mb RAM ,,,,??12:45
silverarrowminimal install12:45
silverarrowbut really low ram in with a fast cpu?12:46
silverarrowyou will definitely benefit from more ram if you have some or can buy some12:46
guguli have this one since 200412:46
silverarrowit should run on lubuntu12:47
silverarroweven Ubuntu12:47
silverarrowyou have to choose alternate install cd12:47
silverarrowor get more ram12:47
silverarrowcpu is all right for just about anything still, but ram should be 1GB12:47
silverarrowat least 51212:47
silverarrowjeg må ut nå tror jeg12:51
silverarrowdet er blå himmel og hvite skyer12:51
silverarrowbenytte sjansen før det regner igjen12:52
morriwhat is the 'cursor' process called?15:52
silverarrowdoes anyone know what html5 is more in detail?16:34
silverarrowall I can say it is sort of a media player16:34
holsteinsilverarrow: html5 is a newer html version16:42
holsteinAFAIK, the way it works is... you can call on media files in an easier and argualby better way16:42
holsteinhttp://www.w3schools.com/html/html5_intro.asp is what i would refer to16:43
holsteinits odd to refer to html5 as a media player16:44
holsteinit allows media to be played in a web browser, and likely other places where html5 can be used16:44
silverarrowbut how is it really working differently?16:45
silverarrowstreaming without media player software?16:45
holsteinsilverarrow: codecs are "built in" from what i understand17:08
pmatulis_any nastiness awaiting me if i upgrade to 12.10?17:10
holsteinpmatulis_: its not final yet.. i would check #ubuntu+117:11
holsteinpersonally im planning on staying at the LTS17:11
TheLordOfTimepmatulis_, i'd not upgrade atm if i were you, you wouldn't BELIEVE how many bugs exist against quantal new each day :P17:11
AscavasaionI hate this new Unity desktop in Ubuntu... cannot wait to install classic again.17:11
TheLordOfTime!gnome-shell | Ascavasaion17:12
TheLordOfTimeoh screw you ubottu17:12
holsteinAscavasaion: i would check in #ubntu where the unity desktop is used17:12
pmatulis_holstein: yes, i know it's not final.  and i am in #ubuntu+117:12
TheLordOfTimeAscavasaion, #ubuntu17:12
AscavasaionThank you.17:12
holsteinpmatulis_: then im sure you understand thats not a question that can be answered.. any upgrade can break functionality17:13
pmatulis_holstein: at times people are advised to stay clear of upgrading due to specific issues.  that's what i'm talking about17:14
holsteinpmatulis_: sure.. and id say, there will be one of those times between now and the official relase and if you are looking for stability, dont upgrade17:14
pmatulis_holstein: thanks for your informative answer dude17:15
TheLordOfTimewe,, for what its worth...17:16
TheLordOfTime!notunity > Ascavasaion17:16
ubottuAscavasaion, please see my private message17:16
holsteinlubuntu will be using LXDE, not whatever the classic fallback is17:16
Ascavasaionthank you TheLordOfTime17:16
TheLordOfTimeholstein, indeed but they haven't joined #ubuntu yet, so...17:17
TheLordOfTimeholstein, i had to send that in a channel the person was in otherwise ubottu would whine17:17
holsteinyeah.. i was just clarifying too, in case lubuntu was mistaken for the "classic" mode17:18
AscavasaionJjust replaced my 80Gb HDD in my laptop with a 320Gb... whoop whoop.17:18
TheLordOfTimeholstein, :P17:18
TheLordOfTimeholstein, "classic mode" is bleh :P17:18
TheLordOfTimelxde is nice :P17:19
holsteinit seems to change as well.. the classic mode17:19
AscavasaionLXDE is very nice... I am thinking of going to lxde-desktop.17:19
holsteinAscavasaion: you can just have LXDE and whatever else you want.. you can choose it at boot17:20
Ascavasaionholstein: Yep, I know.  Thank you.17:26
AscavasaionThis channel is a nice place to hang out.17:26
AscavasaionI did my first install from USB... very easy and extremely quick.17:27
bioterrorwelcome to the 21st century17:28
bioterrorI dont remember when I last time burned a CD for installing something17:29
bioterrormust have been crunchbang something before the debian spin17:29
* Ascavasaion thinks back to his installing windows 95 off something like 34 x 1.44" diskettes.17:30
bioterrorwat :D17:30
Ascavasaionbioterror: Yes, hectic hey?  I think Windows 3.11 For Workgroups was 4 diskettes.  And the one I started off on... MS-DOS 2.117:32
bioterrorit was more than 417:32
AscavasaionOh, and the most hideous on OS2... *puke*17:33
bioterroras it took almost our whole 40MB disk drive17:33
Ascavasaionbioterror: Aaaah, the memories become vague.17:33
AscavasaionMy first computer was an ICM compatible... 8086, 2 x 1.2Mb Floppy diskette drives, CGA graphics card, amber monitor.  Added a 20Mb HDD later.17:35
AscavasaionI was 13 years old then... A lifetime ago.  I feel old... even have grey hairs in my beard.17:36
AscavasaionDoes adding lubuntu-desktop onto my Ubuntu setup make it run slower?  Not sure how it would, but curious.17:38
kanliotyes adding 1000 files slows your system a few .00 seconds17:41
kanliotAscavasaion, please ask in #ubuntu-beginners17:41
bioterrorAscavasaion, you're a step closer to convert it into a lubuntu desktop system17:42
Ascavasaionkanliot: Why ask it in there?  It is a Lubuntu question.17:42
Ascavasaionbioterror: Aaaah, cool.17:42
bioterrorit will not run any slower17:42
Ascavasaionbioterror: Thank you.17:42
snele_kanliot: I fixed my "reboot doesn't work" issues on acer netbook. It seem that ACPI is somehow broken on these machines and adding reboot=bios to grub solves the problem18:49
holsteinsnele_: did it hang on shutdown?19:13
snele_holstein: no19:13
snele_only reboot didn't work19:13
snele_it ends up to blank/black screen19:14
snele_and stays there19:14
snele_no it works with reboot:bios boot parameter19:14
holsteinsnele_: OK.. i was getting a hang on shutdown19:15
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Guest69494I have an advanced technical problem.20:25
wxloooh my favorite20:25
bioterrorhope it's nothing related to printers and excels20:27
wxlaw come on20:27
wxlthat's not even close to the worst of it20:27
Guest69494I have a Trident Cyberblade Ai1 in a Portege 3500.  Managed to get Lubuntu 12.04 installed, which has trident drivers (but no xorg.conf file) but when I do a lshw, it shows it's unclaimed, so it's not loading a kernel module for my video card, making X11 extremely unresponsive, to the point of being annoyingly slower than Windows™ 7.  Yes, that's right.  The GUI is slower than Windows™ 7.20:28
Guest69494I am not a noob (I think, anyway), so I am fine with doing a much more complicated and advanced fix, but I have found zero solutions to this online (and I've been working on it with proper Ubuntu for years on this laptop).20:29
wxlso this is an ongoing problem20:30
Guest69494I know OpenSUSE 11.1 had proper drivers for it, but the repositories for it were taken down.  I know Xubuntu 8.10 did a decent job, too, which I think was made about the same time.20:31
wxlso the problem may be universal across all linicies?20:31
Guest69494It's a problem with the DRI driver/kernel module for trident cards, from what I can gather.20:32
wxlso if opensuse had the drivers, people were using it. what do people use now?20:32
bioterrorhow old is that card?20:33
Guest69494THey don't.  OpenSUSE 11.2-12.1 require modification of one's xorg.conf file or equivalent in order to even get proper screen resolution.20:33
wxland no one has filed a bug on whatever opensuse uses to track?20:33
Guest69494THere are bugs filed in a LOT of linux bugtrackers and a LOT of complaining on forums, but once someone gets the native resolution, every one of those sites ends the troubleshooting.20:34
wxlbandaid != treatment20:35
wxlsi there a bug in launchpad?20:35
Guest69494Haven't looked.20:35
wxlwell that's what's relevant for our distro :)20:36
Guest69494I do know I've found bugs online for *buntu in bug-trackers.20:36
wxlthere's only really one bug tracker for ubuntu20:37
wxlsome components (e.g. lxde) may be hosted elsewhere but as far as canonical tracking the resolution is concerned, it's done on launchpad20:37
Guest69494Yes, yes.  But people reference that they're using *buntu when they post in other boards, hoping to get fixes.20:37
Guest69494I'm not even sure how to find this specific bug, since the only thing most people even notice is screen resolution.20:38
wxlthat's called something different20:38
Guest69494I'm getting to that point.20:38
wxlpointless desperation, too, as it won't solve their problem20:38
wxlwhat i would suggest is to search through bugs here and see if anything is relevant https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-trident20:38
bioterrorrevert to VESA driver?20:38
wxli would file a new bug report, calling it a regression of any supposedly "fixed" bugs and making it clear that the unresponsiveness suggests that simply getting the resolution right doesn't fix the problem20:40
wxli can see that the package is under active development20:40
Guest69494Okay, I've been effing with this for a while, slow down, all of you.20:40
Guest69494Addressing one thing at a time.20:40
Guest694941: Where does 12.04 store its xorg configuration data?  *buntu seems to be changing that location with every new release.  It's very annoying.20:41
wxlwell fine, but i'll say this: no bug report, no fix. 'nuff sed. you can find band-aids out there, but you won't find a fix.20:41
Guest69494Noted, but filing a bug report isn't a fix either.20:41
wxlfirst step20:41
wxlin lubuntu if i "locate xorg.conf" i find /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/20:42
Guest69494Doesn't exist.20:42
bioterrorit's done by evdev nowdays20:42
Guest69494I looked.20:42
wxlwell, it's here in 12.10, i should say20:42
bioterrorno need for xorg.conf, unless you make one20:42
wxlsubsequently, there is a 10-evdev.conf, 11-evdev-quirks.conf, and 11-evdev-trackpoint.conf in there20:43
bioterrorotherwise it should be in /etc/X11/xorg/20:43
wxlit's a directory, not a file20:43
Guest69494I know that.20:43
Guest69494I've used xorg.conf.d before.20:43
Guest69494In Ubuntu.20:43
Guest69494But it doesn't exist in my Lubuntu install.20:43
bioterrorotherwise it should be in /etc/X11/xorg.conf20:43
Guest69494Doesn't exist either.20:43
bioterrorbecouse you have not created one20:43
wxlhold on lemme get the netbook out20:44
Guest69494Of course.20:44
bioterrorstop the lightdm service20:44
bioterrorand make yourself one20:44
bioterrorXorg -configure20:44
bioterrorsudo mv xorg.conf.new /etc/X11/xorg.conf20:44
bioterrorand you have one20:44
Guest69494"No command 'xorg' found, did you mean:"20:45
bioterrorI used capital X20:45
Guest69494My bad.20:45
wxli have same configuration on my 12.04 netbook20:46
wxllocate xorg.conf → /usr/share/X11/x.org.conf.d/20:46
Guest69494Also doesn't exist.20:46
wxljust to be super, duper clear, these are both lubuntu and not ubuntu or any other derivative.20:46
Guest69494When running Xorg -configure "Fatal server error: Cannot move old log file "/var/log/Xorg.0.log" to "/var/log/Xorg.0.log.old" "20:47
Guest69494Should I run as sudo?20:47
bioterrorbut give some old good rm -rf :D20:48
Guest69494Thanks.  Now it can't open said file.20:48
wxlrm: cannot remove `:D': No such file or directory20:49
bioterrorGuest69494, sudo service lightdm stop20:49
bioterrorGuest69494, Xorg -configure20:49
* wxl prepares for the requisite slap from bioterror 20:49
bioterrorGuest69494, sudo mv xorg.conf.new /etc/X11/xorg.conf20:49
bioterrorGuest69494, sudo service lightdm start20:49
bioterrorwxl, where was my trout...20:49
Guest69494Okay, I'm doing this from the command line after Ctrl+Alt+F1, since LXTerminal is suffering the same very slow speed as the rest of X.20:50
bioterroryes, from tty120:51
bioterroror what ever tty you prefer20:51
Guest69494GIve me a moment.20:51
* wxl prefers tty∞20:51
Guest69494Okay, sudo service lightdm stop "lightdm stop/waiting"20:52
Guest69494Xorg -configure still can't move that file.20:52
bioterrorbtw. NVidia Quadro NVS 300 had lots of crashings with 304.43 driver, but I upgraded it to .48 and works like a charm!20:52
bioterrorGuest69494, sudo rm -rf /var/log/Xorg.*20:52
Guest69494And from previous experience, if I rm -rf, it will say it can't open said log.20:52
Guest69494if I 'sudo Xorg -configure' will that mess things up?20:54
bioterrorno, but you dont need sudo for that20:55
Guest69494Apparently I do, as it can't touch this log file normally.20:55
wxli would expect that you do need sudo considering it's touching files outside of home20:57
Guest69494Sudo'd it.  It completed successfully.20:57
Guest69494THe resulting xorg.conf is using the vesa driver for no discernable reason.20:57
Guest69494Going to change it to trident.20:57
bioterrorrestart lightdm20:58
wxlcuz he uses windows20:58
bioterrorand you're good to go20:58
wxlthey've brainwashed him20:59
bioterrorlike in Windows 98, if you changed screen resolution, you had to reboot20:59
Guest69494Actually, I'm speaking from my Ubuntu experience.  Used to be I had severe issues when trying to restart my WM.20:59
Guest69494Okay, stop with the OS bashing.20:59
Guest69494I'm not a Windows™ user, I'm a Mac user.20:59
* wxl tries real hard to stay quiet21:00
bioterrorsay hello to narnia ;)21:00
bioterrorseems like evdev chose to use VESA21:00
Guest69494For no good reason.21:00
wxlfor no apparent reason21:01
wxlif we don't know the reason, ew can't pass judgement justifiable21:01
Guest69494Okay...x11 just as slow.21:01
bioterrorI mostly think vesa is a fallback driver21:01
Guest69494If not slower.21:01
Guest69494On a completely unrelated note, why does chromium-browser start when my computer does?  That's supremely annoying.21:02
wxldid you edit it with the values you got from the opensuse forums or whatever?21:02
wxlit shouldn't21:02
wxlnone of mine do21:02
Guest69494It is running about eight times in task manager.21:03
bioterrorthat's normal21:03
wxlrunning 8 times is not surprising21:03
wxleach window or tab is a separate process21:03
wxlnot to mention the plugins21:03
Guest69494Yeah, but I haven't touched Chromium.21:03
wxlthis is how chrome/chromium works21:03
Guest69494But I haven't opened the browser.21:03
bioterrorthat's what makes it so great21:03
wxlso you don't see the browser open?21:03
Guest69494No, it isn't.21:03
bioterroras all the pages are it's own sandbox21:03
Guest69494I haven't opened the browser.21:04
Guest69494It running eight or so processes without a browser up is not what makes it so great.21:04
wxli didn't ask if you interacted with it, but if you see it open21:04
Guest69494I see nothing.21:04
wxlthat is strange indeed21:04
bioterrorkillall chromium-browser21:04
Guest69494I've done that.  They respawn.21:04
wxli don't know what to say about that21:06
wxlmakes no sense21:06
Guest69494Chromium itself is completely unusable because of X11's slowness (thirty seconds to bring up a contextual menu or more, several minutes to open Chromium).21:06
bioterrorhow old is this your laptop?21:06
wxli'd like to console you and tell you this is how it is for everyone, but it's not21:06
Guest69494Irrelevant, it can run Windows™ 7.21:06
wxli don't even have that much problems with an old powerbook21:07
Guest69494It's a 1.33 GHz Pentium III with 512 MB RAM.21:07
wxl(though of chromium isn't available for ppc, but that's another point)21:07
Guest69494This is a lightweight distro aimed at speed.21:07
Guest69494I can run Ubuntu on it faster than this.21:07
wxland it sounds like it would work great were it not for your video driver21:07
wxlyou have no problems with the video driver in ubuntu?21:08
bioterrorno difference between Lubuntu and Ubuntu what comes to drivers21:08
Guest69494I have severe problems with Ubuntu.21:08
Guest69494Just not this slownes.21:08
wxl↑ exactly what he said!21:08
Guest69494Unity2D runs much faster than Lubuntu's LXDE.21:08
Guest69494It's still slow, but not THIS slow!21:08
wxli'm sure in part that's due to your issues with chromium21:09
wxlwhich i have never heard before at all21:09
wxltry purging chromium and installing firefox and compare21:09
bioterroror midori21:09
wxlor xxxterm :)21:09
wxlor w3m-img!21:09
Guest69494Or elinks.  I get it.21:09
bioterrortelnet to website!21:09
wxlwget the mofo21:09
bioterrorbut yeah, purge chromium21:10
bioterrorget rid of it21:10
Guest69494You'll have to give me time for Synaptic to come up.21:10
wxlapt-get is faster21:10
bioterrorsudo apt-get purge chromium-browser21:11
bioterrorlife is too short to use synaptic21:11
wxland even despite your issues with lxterminal, synaptic is still a front end to apt-get so it's STILL going to be slower21:11
Guest69494I'll do this part my way.21:11
wxlyes dear21:11
Guest69494All right, geniuses, Chromium is removed, including configuration files.  Chromium-browser still running several times.21:14
bioterrorpkill chromium-browser21:14
wxlkillall and it's still there?21:14
Guest69494I have yet to get to a place I can killall.  Just happened to have task manager open.21:15
Guest69494LXTermimal is trying to open.21:15
wxlps aux | grep chrom is probably equally as effective as task manager for this specific purpose21:15
Guest69494~facepalm~  Okay, okay.  Lovely.  Happened to have it open, though.21:16
wxli'm sorry you wish to interpret every statement as an insult to your intelligence.21:16
Guest69494I'm sorry.  Just get frustrated at this problem.21:17
wxlno problem, just not my fault21:17
Guest69494It doesn't help that you guys HAVE been insulting my intelligence.21:18
wxljust trying to offer advice to help you with your problem but i'm content to stop if you'd prefer it21:19
Guest69494Not so much you as bioterror, actually.21:19
wxlright, the guy with all the xorg config advice. cuz that was inflammatory.21:19
wxli think i'm going to go back to work21:19
Guest69494You guys were harping on me because I rebooted my computer.21:20
wxlyou != windows21:20
wxlwe were harping on windows21:20
bioterrorlife is too short to restart computer becouse of Xorg21:20
wxland with that, i'm gone21:20
wxllove you bye21:20
bioterrorI only reboot when kernel updates21:20
bioterrorand that happens when comes electricity cutdown ;)21:20
Guest69494That's great, but I reboot occasionally just to make sure every process that is supposed to die does without me having to remember every one I killed.21:21
Guest69494SO to speak.21:21
bioterroryou got rid of chromium?21:21
Guest69494No, still starting.21:22
Guest69494I purged it via synaptic and it's somehow still there.21:22
bioterrorps aux |grep chromium21:22
bioterrorand pastebin that21:22
Guest69494I am on two different computers.  If you want to read it, I have to retype it.21:23
Guest69494Okay, I rebooted, and guess what!  Now it's gone!  Say what you will about rebooting, personal experience does outweigh the experience of those who say I shouldn't need to do it, ever.21:26
Guest69494Well, hardly ever.21:26
Guest69494X is significantly more responsive now.  It's not as fast as it should be, I'm sure, but it's on par with the Ubuntu installs I've done, so Chromium was at least part of my problem.21:30
Guest69494lshw still says the display is unclaimed21:35
bioterrorcheck the Xorg.0.log21:39
bioterrorand see for errors21:39
Guest69494Can you be more specific on the errors I might be looking for?21:46
bioterrorI do not know your errors21:46
bioterrorI got: [ 23062.054] (II) NVIDIA(0): Setting mode "DFP-0:nvidia-auto-select,DFP-1:nvidia-auto-select"21:46
bioterror[ 23062.358] (II) NVIDIA(0): ACPI: failed to connect to the ACPI event daemon; the daemon21:46
bioterrorI installed acpid and I got21:46
bioterror[ 23782.452] (II) Open ACPI successful (/var/run/acpid.socket)21:46
Guest69494o_O  Okay.21:47
bioterrorI'm having Xorg issues myself, which I think solved21:47
bioterrorthat's why I'm tailing my Xorg.0.log21:48
Guest69494Illegal extended x86 opcode?21:48
Guest69494Bunch of "out of range" on resolutions.21:49
Guest69494Here's a couple I've looked at before.  AIGLX: Screen 0 is not DRI2 capable.  AIGLX: Screen 0 is not DRI capable.21:50
Guest69494That's the driver problem I tried to fix before.21:50
Guest69494Like, eons ago.21:50
bioterroranything else?22:01
Guest69494Something about ACPI came up, so I did what you did and installed ACPID22:02
Guest69494(WW) Open ACPI failed (/var/run/acpid.socket) (No such file or directory)22:02
Guest69494"glxinfo | grep rendering" yields "direct rendering: yes"22:07
Guest69494That's surprising to me.22:07
Guest69494Since the log told me the screen was neither DRI nor DRI2 capable.22:08
bizhanMonaHi I am installing 12.04 Precise Desktop, it is asking me the choice of the linux kernel, I do not understand what is the difference between linux-.. and linux-image-- choices?22:18
wxlbizhanMona: this is a fresh install? meaning you have wiped the drive and are now starting fresh?22:20
wxlbizhanMona: also what method you using to install?22:20
bizhanMonawxl: yes it is fresh install, I am trying to install the minimum install, but it seems I selected lubuntu-destop,22:21
wxlbeen a long time since i did a minimal22:24
wxlwhat step in the process are you seeing this on?22:24
bizhanMonainstalling kernel, there are many choices like virtual which I am not familiar22:25
wxlwhat are all the options?22:25
bizhanMonathere are many let me give you some of the samples:22:26
bizhanMonawhat version is generic?22:27
wxlmeaning one or the other not 31 through 2322:28
bizhanMonaI was hoping to get 3.x22:29
wxlthere ya go22:29
bizhanMonaAnother question, I was under impression the lubuntu-core is a complete stand alone minimalistic OS, if yes, I do not see an iso with it? if no, then how could I use it.22:34
wxlbizhanMona: it is but it needs ubuntu-core and ubuntu-minimal which the references on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/MinimalInstall refer to22:35
wxlthose are (despite the name) just the linux core if you will. none of the graphic bits22:36
wxli.e. ubuntu-core+ubuntu-minimal+gnome+unity+a bunch of useless garbage=ubuntu22:36
wxland subsequently ubuntu-core+ubuntu-minimal+lubuntu-core+lubuntu-desktop=lubuntu22:37
wxlminimal lubuntu is ubuntu-core+ubuntu-minimal+lubuntu-core22:37
wxltechnically you could run entirely off of ubuntu-core+ubuntu-minimal. you would just have no gui.22:37
wxloh sorry s/ubuntu-core/ubuntu-standard/g22:38
wxlthis may shed more light on it: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MetaPackages22:39
wxlsince minimal is supposed to be, well, minimal, there's no reason to fill the iso with a bunch of stuff we aren't sure people need22:39
wxlat least that's one way of looking at it22:39
bizhanMonawxl: thanks so much for detail explanation.23:02
wxlbizhanMona: np23:02
bizhanMonaall I need xwindow for that I think Xorg package should be fine.23:03
bkmhello, on my laptop, i can usually enter Fn+7 to turn off the backlight. Today, my lxde session repeatably displays only the left one-third of the desktop and repeats that portion twice more. the backlight does turn off, but not until the desktop has been mangled. has anyone else experienced this lately? (oneric)23:07
wxlbkm: for me, no. i also haven't run oneric in many moons.23:08
bkmhow is the transition from o to p to q? i think this started out as jaunty or so...23:09
wxlprecise is stable; go for it23:09
wxlquantal is still in transition23:09
bkmyou think my luck with dist-upgrade will hold, or should i install fresh?23:10
wxlthat's how i upgraded a few of mine23:11
wxlno probs23:11
bkmthanks, wxl. i may give it a try. let me know if people start reporting tripled up screens!23:11
wxlok :)23:11
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bizhanMonawxl: So I installed the  mini.iso which comes under lubuntu-desktop (Precise Desktop) this is not ubunt-core + ubuntu-minimal ?23:36
wxlbizhanMona: that's the basic ubuntu.23:39
wxlso yes, ubuntu-core/-standard23:39
bizhanMonawxl: I have read the webpage I am not clear on what needs to be installed for what I need. If I want to only install the ubuntu-core + ubuntu-minimal, what I need to do? Will you please clarify that please?23:41
wxlbizhanMona: you want 12.04/precise right?23:47
bizhanMonawxl: I want 12.04 which is minimalistic with no gui stuff.23:47
wxlno gui of ANY kind?23:48
wxlcuz if so, that's basically ubuntu-core/-standard23:48
bizhanMonaI will install X11 and will use ATI card23:48
wxlthere you go23:48
wxlyou're done :)23:48
wxlso technically you don't have lubuntu23:49
wxllubuntu at it's core implies lxde23:49
wxlwhich is gui of course23:49
bizhanMonawxl: what do I have then?23:49
wxlyou have what a lot of people like to think of as ubuntu server23:49
wxlwhich is ubuntu withuot the gui23:49
bizhanMonaoh okay, I thought ubuntu server is not minimalistic?23:50
wxlwell it does include some non-standard items like patch and screen23:51
wxlbut it's a lot more minimal than just about anything else23:51
Unit193wxl: Server actually has a ton of "servery" things like apache and such. ;)23:51
wxlnot if the seed is to be believed Unit193 http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/seeds/ubuntu.precise/server23:51
bizhanMonawxl: Thanks again, you have saved so much of my time. If you are ever in San Jose/Ca  I buy a beer :)23:52
wxli'm not too far XD23:52
bizhanMonaXD ?23:53
wxlsquinty grin23:53
wxlstrange that there is no ubuntu-server metapackage23:53
* wxl moves to -offtopic23:54
Unit193wxl: Hrm, I don't get how it'd be 640MB then http://www.ubuntu.com/download/server  Ah, nevermind, things are just weird.23:54

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