globinhow would you get a quickly app working on windows?13:14
davidcalledpm, ping14:24
dpmhi davidcalle14:24
davidcalledpm, hey. Quick i18n question, about .pot files, for Launchpad translation, should I add them to my branch or just rely on the fact that it can be built from POTFILES.in?14:25
davidcalledpm, nevermind, just found the answer :)14:28
dpmdavidcalle, I'd recommend adding the .po files to the branch (they can get auto-committed if you use automatic translations from LP). If we're talking about the .pot file, and if it's a Python codebase, I'd still recommend to commit it, even though it can be regenerated. If it's in the branch, then LP will scan for it and will update the translatable translations every time you update and commit it14:28
davidcalledpm, thanks, I was committing them, I'll keep doing it.14:29
dpmdavidcalle, cool. Yeah, simply remember to update the file every time you add new strings and you think that they're ready to be exposed to developers. For C apps that use autotools + intltool, LP is clever enough to generate the .pot file itself without the need for it being in the branch, but for Python, it needs to have the .pot file under revision control14:31
dpmerr, to be exposed to *translators14:31
davidcalledpm, ok :)14:33
mhall119jvrbanac: that was fast20:21
jvrbanacmhall119, haha! Google Reader pinged me saying that you put up a new post.20:22
jvrbanacGotta love the Ubuntu WebApps :D20:23
mhall119jvrbanac: I accidentally hit publish, it's not going live until tomorrow20:24
mhall119it was only live for about 30 seconds20:24
mhall119it's okay, I just try not to publish this late in the day, it'll be buried by other things before folks in Europe ever see it20:26
jvrbanacAhh, got it! By the way, I'm assuming you got my e-mail a week or two ago regarding my interest and my schedule?20:29
mhall119hmmm, not that I remember, let me search my inbox20:38
mhall119jvrbanac: I'm not seeing it, can you re-send?20:40
jvrbanacmhall119, there we go.20:41
jvrbanacHopefully, that reaches you. If not, the main point is that I have quite a bit on my plate for the next few weeks, but I will make time to help out.20:46
mhall119jvrbanac: cool, thanks20:47
jvrbanacConsidering that the lack of dev documentation was a bit of a barrier when I was trying to get use to GTK, I would really like to help drop that barrier for newcomers. My guess is that it'll increase productivity for devs already using GIR GTK as well.20:52
mhall119jvrbanac: yeah, that was a common problem for a lot of devs20:53

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