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ogra_ppisati, ddi you include the fix for bug 746137 in your last upload ?08:50
ubot2Launchpad bug 746137 in linux-ti-omap4 "Page allocation failure on Pandaboard and Beagle XM" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74613708:50
ogra_seems QA is seeing it recently on the bamboo-feeder http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1212016/08:50
ppisatiogra_: AFAIK there's no fix09:15
ogra_err, cooloney worked one out weeks agai09:15
ppisatithen i'm not aware of it09:16
ppisatii know there's a systcl to workaround it09:16
ppisatibut IMO all the fixes proposed so far09:16
ppisatiare not working09:16
ogra_GFP_ATOMIC vs GFP_KERNEL i think09:16
ppisaticooloney: ^09:16
cooloneyogra_: i saw patches for Panda was merged by ppisati09:16
cooloneythe patch is a hack from Andy Green09:17
ogra_oh, he merged it without knowing ?09:17
ogra_k, as long as its in ...09:17
cooloneythat's for panda, not for Beagle09:17
ogra_well, would be good to have it in beagle too09:17
* ppisati is schizophrenic then09:17
ppisatiwell guys09:17
ogra_since we have no way to apply userspace hacks anymore like we did with preinstalled images09:17
ppisatibut if we still have that problem even with the supposed fix09:18
cooloneyogra_: i tried a patch MingLei gave to me from upstream some maintainer.09:18
ppisatiit's clearly not working09:18
cooloneyogra_: but it doesn't work.09:18
ogra_ppisati, how would you know ?09:18
ogra_your upload is in the archive but we have no new images with it yet09:18
ppisatiogra_: but it's not there for sure09:18
ppisatii mean09:18
ppisaticooloney: which patch were you referring?09:18
ppisatiogra_: in the last upload there's the video/unity flickering fix09:19
ogra_hmpf, i had the impression that was long fixed09:19
ppisatiogra_: and a rebase on origin/master (latest 3.5 stable)09:19
cooloneyppisati: a patch not in public, it is for smsc95xx usb net driver09:19
ogra_ah, if its driver specific that should work for beagle too then09:19
cooloneyppisati: the patch from Andy is in your ti-omap4, so it should be workarounded09:19
ogra_they use the same chip09:20
cooloneybut for beagle it is in master.09:20
ppisatiogra_: iirc, conrad approached me weeks ago and told they have the same problem on builders09:20
cooloneythe hack will touch other flavors.09:20
ogra_conrad ?09:20
ppisatiogra_: adam09:20
ogra_do you mean infinity ?09:20
cooloneyinfinity: ^^09:20
ogra_ah, conrad adam ... the evil twin of adam conrad *g*09:20
ogra_i dont think the builders run quantal, so thats not a surprise09:21
ogra_and they dont use preinstalled images to set them up (which would get them the fix) but use ubuntu-core with manual config or some such09:22
ppisatiogra_: yep09:22
ppisatiogra_: what i meant was that we never really fixed it09:22
ogra_s/get them the fix/get them the userspace fix/09:22
ppisatiogra_: and if we have a supposed workaround in09:23
ppisatiogra_: but we still experience it09:23
ogra_well, i lost the opportunity to work around it in userspace ...09:23
ppisatiogra_: then we should a) investigate the problem b) back out the workaround09:23
ogra_and i havent seen it in ages here in my tests09:23
ogra_so i personally had the impression it was long fixed09:24
infinityogra_: The buildds use d-i over PXE on precise, but they have the userspace hack in puppet.09:24
ogra_until hggdh pinged me over night today09:24
ppisatiinfinity: and do they suffer the problem?09:24
infinityppisati: No.09:24
ogra_and funnily the saem thing is discussed on #beagle today too09:24
ogra_ppisati, the userspace hack always worked09:24
infinityppisati: But any machine installing from an installer that doesn't put the userspace hack in place will have the issue.09:25
ppisatithe userspace stuff was the sysctl config, right?09:25
ogra_worst case we should just bump it at build time for certain arches09:25
ogra_in the kernel code ... if thats possible09:25
ogra_so we would just move the userspace hack into the kernel09:26
ppisatii wonder if can pass it via cmdline09:26
ogra_well you can definitely just create the sysctl.d file ... its a one liner09:26
ogra_not susre sysctl values are read from cmdline09:27
infinityIf it should always start at a certain value, and it's not, passing it on the cmdline (or sysctl) is the wrong answer.09:27
infinityThe initial value should be correct.09:27
infinityI think we've been over this a few dozen times.09:27
ppisatibut they are kernel variables09:27
ogra_heh, yeah09:27
infinityppisati: Yes, it's a variable, but variables should have sane defaults.  This one clearly isn't sane for ARM.09:27
ppisativm.min_free_kbytes = 819209:30
infinityAnyhow, I should sleep.09:30
infinityIf I recall, apw was deeply involved in the last round of this conversation.09:30
cooloneyppisati: i suggest we instroduce a config option in master branch like CONFIG_VM_MIN_FREE_KBYTES09:30
ppisatisleep well09:30
infinityAnd he doesn't seem to be in the channel.09:30
infinitySo you might want to take this to #-kernel.09:30
cooloneywhich should be 8192 by default for x86, powerpc09:30
cooloneyand 32768 for ARM09:31
ppisativm.min_free_kbytes = 3276809:31
ppisation my Q/omap409:31
cooloneyand porting Andy's hacking patch to master09:31
cooloneyppisati: yeah, it should be 32768 for ARM since it was forced to be that in mm/page_alloc.c09:31
ppisatiso we are "already "good"09:32
infinityOh, kay, so we HAVE worked around it in the kernel?09:32
cooloneyyeah, but beagle is omap3, which is master kernel09:32
ogra_on omap4, but not on omap (which uses the same driver)09:32
cooloneynot on your branch,09:32
infinityAhh, not in master.  Check.09:32
cooloneywe need put such similar patch in master09:32
infinityCouldn't you just wrap it in #ifdef __ARM__ and commit to master?09:33
ppisatiogra_: didn't you say we hit this problem on omap4 tonight?09:33
cooloneyif you put the same patch in master, it will set it to 32768 for all the flavors09:33
cooloneylike x86 and powerpc09:33
infinityI guess highbank and armadaxp would pick it up too, then, but that's not world-ending.09:33
ogra_ppisati, i was notified by hggdh in #ubuntu-bugs tonight with the pastebin i gave above ... havent talked to him yet09:33
infinitycooloney: Hence why I said wrap it in an ifdef.09:33
ppisatiogra_: oh09:33
infinitycooloney: Though, obviously a CONFIG_ is better.09:33
ogra_(since he is asleep like every sane person on that american continent atm)09:34
ppisatiso, even with the fix09:34
ppisatiwe hit the problem09:34
infinitycooloney: And the CONFIG_ change would be upstreamable even.09:34
cooloneyinfinity: yeah, that should be ok for just local hacking, heh09:34
ogra_ppisati, well, lets see what exactly he tested there09:34
ogra_i need to talk to him first09:34
cooloneyinfinity: i don't think we need such hacking for highbank and amadaxp09:34
ppisatiwait a sec09:34
ogra_in any case people in #beagle are seeing it and have discussed it today09:34
cooloneybecause they don't use usb ethernet controller09:35
infinitycooloney: Right, hence why a CONFIG_ would be better.09:35
ppisatiqait wait09:35
ppisatii just noticed one thing09:35
cooloneyonly beagle09:35
cooloneyinfinity: CONFIG_ can be set as different value for different flavor09:35
infinityogra_: That pastebin is an ancient kernel.09:35
ppisatiit's a 3.4.x09:36
ogra_i have heard many reports that people on intel have seen it too btw09:36
infinitycooloney: Yes, I know. :P09:36
ppisatiwe have the fix in 3.509:36
ogra_it isnt arch specific but USB related09:36
cooloneyor just use #ifdef USB_NET SMSC95XX09:36
cooloneylike this kind of hacking09:36
cooloneyppisati: what's kind of fix in 3.5?09:37
ppisatiHACK force min_free_kbytes set by proc to min 32K to workaround smsc problems09:44
ppisatiSigned-off-by: Andy Green <andy.green@linaro.org>09:44
ppisatiactually even this one09:45
ppisatiHACK force min_free_kbytes to 32K to workaround smsc problems09:45
ppisatiboth are needed09:45
ppisatithe second one is a safe belt09:45
ppisatithe first one is the real one09:45
ogra_ppisati, did you put the LP bug number for the flickering in the changelog ? (i didnt see it in teh pull request mail)09:53
ogra_Laney, ^^^09:53
cooloneyppisati: i didn't see that patch in the real code. can you see that code in the mm/page_alloc.c?09:54
cooloneyppisati: although i can git show that patches you posted09:54
ppisatiogra_: i didn't know there was a bug opened for it09:58
ogra_bug 104549109:59
ubot2Launchpad bug 1045491 in linux-ti-omap4 "Moving mouse messes up the desktop" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104549109:59
ppisatiah ok09:59
ppisatii'll close it manually09:59
ogra_well, let me take care10:00
ogra_i'll close it if it has been tested with the images :)10:00
ogra_(if i dont, kate will hunt me down anyway)10:02
ppisatiogra_: where is the template for preEnv.txt? or, how do i make it look as i like? or how do i make flash-kernel NOT replace its content at every run?11:34
ogra_ppisati, /etc/default/flash-kernel11:35
ppisatiogra_: ack11:35
sveinseAs a part of a custom/proprietary first-boot system, I need to run a series of disk partitioning operations prior to mounting the real root. What would be preferred: a dash script with the required support tools (sfdisk, awk, grep, etc.) or to pull in python into initramfs?12:09
ogra_sveinse, have a look at the jasper-initramfs code12:10
sveinseogra_, voila. Thanks12:11
ogra_specifically at the jasper_growroot script12:11
* sveinse discoveres that the wheel has already been invented12:11
ogra_and obsoleted too :)12:12
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sveinseI'm not there yet :P12:12
sveinseAny of you people the author(s) of jasper-initramfs?12:39
sveinseWhy do you reboot after resizing root?12:39
ogra_any of me are :)12:39
ogra_because i'm a coward :)12:40
ogra_and want to make sure it actually worked before moving on with the install12:40
ogra_its not actually necessary if you are sure its all fine12:40
ogra_(i.e. if you dont have people with random SD cards as media)12:41
sveinseits just that there any isn't more you can do with a reboot compared to just continue. But I get the point12:41
sveinseExcept that you know that the bootloader is still intact after altering the parttables12:42
ogra_you do test if the UUID and partitioning is still  right and if the bootloader still does the right thing on a fresh boot12:42
ogra_jasper_growroot also isnt the only script there ... jasper modifies other things too and sets them up12:43
sveinsei also noticed a loop around resize2fs. Doesn't it do enough in one iteration?12:43
sveinse(not that I've deciphered the sed and char logic in there)12:44
ogra_thats for plymouth12:44
sveinseah. of course12:45
ogra_resize2fs runs through several iterations, the loop just picks up the output and dumps it to plymouth or the text console12:45
ogra_its not resize2fs itself thats gets looped over ... only the output12:45
sveinseyou mean resize2fs does NOT run in loop, yes, I see that now12:46
ogra_the while sits after the pipe12:46
sveinseand I also found some nice sysctl settings for having root on sd-cards. Are there any more goodies like this I should be aware of?12:48
lilstevieI need to start using that :p12:49
lilstevieI often get users of my transformer images complaining about it just stopping when resize2fs is running12:50
ogra_sveinse, the zram-conf package is helpful if your kernel supports it (speeds up swapping a lot)12:51
ogra_and here on my ac100 i just experiment with a journal-less ext4 ... thats classes faster than any FS i have tried yet12:51
ogra_though with that you should force an fsck on every boot12:52
ogra_ogra@horus:~$ cat /etc/security/limits.d/90-stack.conf12:53
ogra_* soft stack 25612:53
ogra_thats also pretty helpful when being low on ram12:53
lilsteviewhat is required for zram anyway12:54
ogra_(default is 8k per thread stack, makes your apps use less ram (and since its soft they can just ask for more if needed))12:54
ogra_lilstevie, that you enable it in your kernel config12:54
lilstevieI have no idea if I included the right bits12:54
ogra_i think there is only one option (or probably two)12:55
lilstevieI guess I should just try it lol12:56
ogra_no, thats a filesystem12:56
lilstevieah right12:56
ogra_search for zram12:56
ogra_(hit / in menuconfig)12:57
lilstevieyeah I know how to search :p12:57
lilstevieok yeah CONFIG_ZRAM12:58
lilstevieand it is enabled12:58
lilstevieI have double the ram of the ac100, but IMO 1GB is far from enough13:00
ogra_yeah, imho zram should become a default as staging swap13:02
ogra_so that you first swap into compressed ram before actually writing to disk13:03
lilstevieI will have to give it a go, see how much of a performance increase it gets13:03
ogra_you will only note it when swapping13:05
lilstevieso the moment I open chromium then :p13:05
ogra_yeah, firefox uses lots less ram in its recent versions ...13:06
sveinseWhat's the deal with CHS geometry on omap3 and bootloader? I haven't been able to find any other combination other than H=255, S=63 that works. But I see H=128, S=32 is used in jasper13:26
sveinseso I guess that also works13:26
ogra_the ROM needs to find the first stage loader at a certain point on a vfat to boot13:26
sveinse(I have to admit I'm confused about CHS vs LBA and how they interact)13:27
ogra_thats omap specific13:27
ogra_i doubt you need CHS on tegra13:28
lilstevieogra_, tegra scans until it finds the bct13:30
sveinsefrom what I understand, there partition table contains both CHS and LBA fields. And Linux uses only LBA, right.13:30
sveinseSo given that you're able to boot, when sfdisk complains about partitions not on cylinder boundaries is just a warning, but it does not affect anything13:31
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sveinseogra_, A proposal: You dont strictly need to use fdisk to determine the size of the disk. sfdisk can do that as well. So you can spare a binary in initramfs13:49
ogra_sveinse, well, jasper is pretty much dead beef13:49
sveinseok, just saying13:50
ogra_we only keep it in the archive in case we will actually spin preinstalleds once again13:50
ogra_over time it will vanish from the arhcive though, i wont put any work into it13:50
ogra_and yeah, i know that sfdisk can do this13:51
* ogra_ looks at bug 1044709 and wonders what got infinity the honor to be the new unity slave14:40
ubot2Launchpad bug 1044709 in unity/6.0 "unity-6.4.0 from quantal-proposed crashed with SIGSEGV on omap4" [Critical,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104470914:40
ogra_oh you actually commited that to their tree14:41
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jimericksonomap4+armhf: it works. enough said.20:40
GrueMasterjimerickson: Erm, when didn't it?20:44
jimericksonwas have some flashing screen problems with the last kernel. but this latest update has resolved it.20:54
DeformatiAnyone here know about performance counters?21:14
GrueMasterI do, sort of.21:46
GrueMasterAt least from the Pentium Pro days.21:46
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DeformatiGrueMaster, For some reason on omap4 devices the performance counters are disabled and there doesn't seem to be documentation for enabling them.22:54
DeformatiSo I suppose pentium pro isn't relevant.22:54
GrueMasterYea, propably not.  :P22:55
GrueMasterYou might ask on #pandaboard though.  They can probably help, if it is harder than simply rebuilding the kernel.22:55
GrueMasterIt should be fairly straight-forward though.  Looks like it can be done by downloading the kernel source package for the kernel you are using, then modify the config to enable perf counters.23:00
GrueMasterAnd rebuild.23:00
GrueMasterDocumentation is at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile23:00
DeformatiGrueMaster, I tried that.23:27
DeformatiThere is a bug report on launchpad.23:28
GrueMasterAnd the new custom kernel didn't work?23:28
DeformatiThe existing kernel has it enabled.23:28
GrueMasterah, ok.23:28
DeformatiBut warmcat says on the launchpad bug report that it is intentionally disabled, i cannot find what they disabled or where.23:29
DeformatiI just get errors every time I try to use the PMU.23:29
GrueMasterSounds like possibly a #linaro or #pandaboard issue.23:32
GrueMasterI seem to remember some discussion on this a while back (like 11.10 timeframe).23:33

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