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rajendra When I try to execute a thread creation program I am getting the following error.08:58
rajendraallocate_stack: Assertion `size != 0' failed08:58
rajendraI am working on Ubuntu 12.04LTS and I am using glibc version 2.15.08:59
rajendraPlease let me know if I have to install any additional packages to resolve this.08:59
kanliotrajendra, you need to tell it the stacksize09:37
rajendraKanliot, you mean to sau I need edit the file "/etc/security/limits.conf" add an entry for stacksize/10:07
AdeHello everyone. I have been having a browse around the beginners team wiki today and would like to get involved. Does anyone have any good advice?12:59
evilduanedesignhello Ade13:00
evilduanedesignAde, join our #ubuntu-beginners-team channel13:00
evilduanedesignAde, that is our off topic chat channel. This one we use for giving help13:01
evilduanedesignhelp to people with ubuntu problr,s13:01
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AdeHi evil. Yes ok, I will do that now. Thanks13:03
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MartynKeigherHey. anyone had any luck setting their ubuntu to an exchange mail server?14:52
smartboyhwSadly no:)14:53
MartynKeigherthunderbird? evolution? thoughts?14:53
MartynKeigherthats what i was expecting smartyboy! :(14:53
smartboyhwWINDOW 814:53
MartynKeigheri know davmail has to play a role in it, but i DO have a Win7 VM on VBox...i guess i'll have to use that.14:54
smartboyhwI want to type "/WINDOW 8" in irssi14:54
MartynKeigherwould 'prefer' to use a ubuntu solution thoguh14:54
smartboyhwWINDOW 314:54
MartynKeigherlinux has never played nicely with exchange has it? you'd think by now it would ok.14:54
MartynKeigherhow about receiver for ubuntu? any good?14:55
smartboyhwI don't even use exchange or receiver...Grrr14:55
Sidewinder1MartynKeigher, Setting up an exchange mail server is probably not really a beginner issue. You may have better responses in the channel #ubuntu. If you do not receive any satisfactory responses, here. :-)14:56
MartynKeigheroh i know...i have been using ubuntu for about 3 days now & i love it!! just wished that it would play nicer with Exchange.14:58
Sidewinder1MartynKeigher, There's also http://ubuntuforums.org  A very, very valuable resource.15:03
MartynKeigherThanks man! I'll give it a look! :)15:14
meditatingfrogor vice versa15:14
MartynKeigherhey i do have a question..about the notifications.15:14
Sidewinder1Fire away.15:18
MartynKeigheri have a twitter account in the broadcast option, but new tweets dont pop up15:19
Sidewinder1Oops, sorry, I know absolutely nothing about twitter. Or, I'm somewhat proud to say, any other 'social networking' site; no offense, just not my thing. :)15:20
MartynKeigherits the notification area that isnt working15:21
Sidewinder1Probably just a configuration, but just a guess.15:23
minorixIs there anyone in information security that would be willing to allow me to interview them for a college project?15:36
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cortmanhi bizhanMona16:58
bizhanMonahi cortman17:00
bizhanMonaI need some info on UEFI bios support on ubuntu?17:01
holsteinhttp://askubuntu.com/questions/135621/ubuntu-12-04-using-uefi maybe17:04
holsteindoes uefi allow ubuntu to support it. thats the question17:04
kanlioti have uefi17:06
kanliotnever used it17:06
kanliotthough i think it does work17:06
holsteini thought canonnical "paid for a key" or whatever17:07
kanliotthat's secure boot17:07
kanlioton locked down arm platforms17:07
kanliotyou're lucky i've listen to security podcasts over and over17:07
holsteini thought they were one in the same... though i dont follow ARM info uch17:08
kanlioti like my motherboard, although it eats up to much ram17:09
kanliotfor no good reason17:09
kanliotholstein, did something just happen in #lubuntu?17:18
kanlioti read it, but i missed it17:18
bizhanMonahow would I know if my motherboard supports UEFI or not, We just bought new mother board with Ivy Bridge and Sand bridge?17:19
holsteinkanliot: nah.. its cool17:19
kanliotbizhanMona, read the specs of you motherboard17:20
bizhanMonayes it does say UEFI bios.17:21
bizhanMonaquestion, is it possible to create a Ubuntu image with x11 support and without any of the desktop gui environment?17:36
kanlioti did it recently coz i like gvim17:39
bizhanMonakanliot: how did you manage to do it please?17:42
kanliotinstall gvim17:42
bizhanMonaOkay let me explain more what I like to do: I like to have a livecd which after I installed and booted, there be no gui, only command line, then I can type startx command to start an x11 session...17:44
kanliotyou will have to install all the bits of the x11 system17:46
kanliotnot something for a beginner17:46
kanliotat least install lxde17:46
kanliotyou could install lubuntu-core17:47
kanlioti know that works17:47
bizhanMonadoes lubuntu-core supports UEFI boot also?17:47
kanliotinstall lubuntu-core on a ubuntu server17:48
kanliotor the minimal cd17:48
kanliotalthough you can turn off UEFI if you don't like it17:48
kanliotin the bios17:48
bizhanMonaThis is great thanks so much. Does lubuntu support the same ubuntu package also. We need to use AMD/ATI card which it has its own properiatory driver?17:49
kanliotno need to17:50
kanliotand yes it supports most ubuntu packages17:50
kanliotalthough running some plugins require GNOME, KDE, etc17:51
kanliotreally you will be running ubuntu17:51
bizhanMonathanks our target system will be an embedded system seems like this has what I need.17:53
bizhanMonaone more question, we need to create our own ISO images, what is the build system for lubuntu?17:53
kanliotbizhanMona, use remastersys17:55
kanliotalthough i have never used it17:55
kanliotso i can't really help you in  a meaningful way17:55
bizhanMonathank you thank you. You have given me lost us of info so I can start my investigation now. Thanks again.17:56
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gypsy_bloodhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/1213654/   <---problem i am having if anyone has a min to check it out....and hello, hope everyone is having a good day =D20:38
dniMretsaMthat's odd. never seen that before20:39
gypsy_bloodyeah...its only those 3 programs as far as i can tell, i tried opening a few programs to see if EVERYTHING was messin up, but other things work just fine20:40
dniMretsaMopen Terminal and type in the following: sudo apt-get update20:43
dniMretsaMdoes the out put give you any instructions to fix the issue?20:44
gypsy_bloodsry was in the other forum..just switched over...trying that now20:46
gypsy_bloodhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/1213690/    <-- thats what happened, toward the bottom of it you will see a bunch of errors and fails...20:52
dniMretsaMwell that's awkward20:54
dniMretsaMthe GPG signature for the official repos is bad20:54
dniMretsaMthat shouldn't stop you from running a package manager, though20:55
gypsy_bloodany suggestions? or think i should just reinstall Ubuntu and start fresh?20:55
cortmannot at all20:56
cortmanGPG errors are easy to fix20:56
cortmansee here gypsy_blood : http://cortman.wordpress.com/2012/02/27/how-to-fix-gpg-errors-in-ubuntu/20:56
gypsy_bloodo ok20:56
dniMretsaMthanks for the link, cortman20:57
dniMretsaMwas looking for that20:57
cortmannp dniMretsaM - didn't mean to butt in, but I wrote that up just so I didn't have to repeat myself. :)20:57
gypsy_bloodyeah thnx...so i just use those commands in order from top to bottom correct?20:57
dniMretsaMlol it's np20:58
cortmangypsy_blood, ^^20:58
cortmanrun each line separate20:58
cortmanone at a time20:58
cortman9 times out of 10 that fixes it20:58
gypsy_bloodkk, trying.......20:58
gypsy_bloodhah, wow, that worked like a charm, all 3 programs working just how they're suppose to, thanks so much21:03
cortmanno problem21:03
gypsy_bloodany particular reason why that problem would occur?21:04
gypsy_bloodso that i can try to avoid it in the future21:04
cortmanI don't think it's user influenced at all21:05
cortmanA corrupted packages list download?21:05
cortmanCould be a number of things- I don't know what specifically causes it.21:05
gypsy_bloodoh ok, well, only things i have downloaded is stuff that comes up in the update manager...is it recommended to just update with everything it offers or should i pick and choose, and if pick in choose, how do i tell which is good which isnt?21:06
cortmanIt's best to upgrade everything21:06
gypsy_bloodat least now thnx to your guys help, i know how to fix the problem if it occurs again21:07
cortmanyou bet!21:07
cortmanAnd if you need any more help feel free to use the forums or this channel21:08
cortmanhope to see you around :)21:08
gypsy_bloodand 1 other question....is there a good link for Terminal Commands List?21:08
gypsy_bloodim very noob with that, and hardly know how to do anything, trying to teach myself21:08
cortmanheh my specialty21:08
cortmanI put together this wiki page (with a number of people's contributions) : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CommandLineResources21:09
gypsy_bloodoh ok, great thnx21:10
cortmanespecially recommend Greg's wiki21:10
gypsy_bloodi can do some of the basics...but VERY basic from when i used my dads old comp years ago, it ran in the Command Prompt and didnt have windows21:10
cortmaneveryone starts somewhere. :)21:11
cortmanI didn't know squat about CLI before I started using Linux21:11
gypsy_bloodbut all i knew how to do with that was just navigate through folders and directories and all...now im takin it to the next level lol21:11
cortmanI still don't know much, but more than when I started.21:12
gypsy_bloodyeah...i use to want to be a computer programmer...but then i started smoking weed and kinda put that on the back burner...years later = dont do that anymore and its back on the front burner lol21:12
cortmanWell good for you for quitting and putting that behind you21:13
gypsy_bloodyeah...thnx, just wasnt really me...but im hard headed lol, gotta learn everything the hard way...guess thats a good quality with learning programming tho, i love a challenge =D21:16
gypsy_blooddoes anyone know if there is an easy fix to this....my cd drive will read everything....will burn cd's....but wont burn dvd's21:34
dniMretsaMgypsy_blood: are you sure the drive supports writing DVDs?21:38
gypsy_blooddniMretsaM: yes, it use to work fine...a few months ago it stopped working properly...honestly im leaning toward bad hardware21:38
dniMretsaMdid it stop working when you used Windows as well?21:39
gypsy_bloodsomeone helped me the other day with how to use cdrecord, and found out that that i could burn cd's at least...but when i tried doing a dvd with cdrecord, it didnt work21:40
dniMretsaMthen I would have to guess bad hardware21:40
dniMretsaMpossibly a bad laser or something21:40
gypsy_bloodis there any way to test that without installing new hardware?21:41
dniMretsaMI have no idea. maybe take the drive out, stick it in a computer that does burn DVDs and test it thereL21:42
gypsy_bloodits in a laptop...dont have another laptop, think maybe just taking it out and putting it back in would be worth a try? or just waste of time?21:43
dniMretsaMI guess the connecter could be loose or you could have a damaged wire. couldn't hurt to check21:43
gypsy_bloodhmm, k thnx...im gonna try that21:44
gypsy_bloodguess ill try it now, see what happens...21:45
bizhanMonahi what is the difference between lubuntu-core and lubuntu-desktop?22:20
krytarikbizhanMona, please see here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/MinimalInstall#Full_install_or_core_install.3F - Other than that, there is also a #lubuntu channel. ;)22:24
bizhanMonakrytarik: thanks22:28
krytarikYou're welcome - hope that helps already. :)22:29

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