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ogra_hggdh, thats bug 746137 ... we have a fix, not sure it was in yesterdays kernel upload though, trying to confirm that ...08:51
ubot2Launchpad bug 746137 in linux-ti-omap4 "Page allocation failure on Pandaboard and Beagle XM" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74613708:51
hggdhogra_: so, how can I bypass it on install?12:57
ogra_hggdh, by using a more recent kernel12:58
ogra_we are at 3.5 now ... you still have 3.4 running ...12:58
ogra_oh, thats the feeder ?12:58
ogra_i guess there you can just ignore it as long as it dds the image in place properly :)12:59
ogra_you are not in the actual image test in that phase12:59
hggdhogra_: not quite, it's driven by the feeder, but this is the target panda12:59
ogra_(i doubt we will ever use wlan to wget the image and copy it in place)12:59
hggdhwell, yes, this is the kernel loaded from the feeder13:00
ogra_right, ignorable then as long as it does the job13:00
hggdhogra_: OK. I will let it run. Yesterday it kept spilling the mem alloc error continuously (every split second)13:01
* ogra_ puts updating the kernel for the feeder on his TOD but with low prio ... the dmesg noise doesnt do harm here 13:01
ogra_hggdh, not after it booted into the image i hope :)13:01
hggdhthe sequence was: USB boot and load, feeder kernel starts, and wgets img. During wget we have continuous mem alloc errors13:03
ogra_hggdh, you mean oopses as in your paste ?13:04
ogra_thats only the wlan driver, shouldnt have any effect on any other HW13:04
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hggdhI will repeat (after a local reboot due to new kernel, BRB)13:10
ogra_hggdh, if its urgent to fix it we can just add a sysctl call to set vm.min_kybtes to something more sane, that will quieten the driver13:11
ogra_(thats the old workaround hack as described in the bug above)13:12
hggdhogra_: no, boot does not complete. This is what is shown after the wgets complete: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1213003/14:19
hggdhand no additional output14:20
ogra_hggdh, that looks just like the console= arg isnt on the cmdline14:20
hggdhdarn! will look at it14:20
ogra_check preEnv.txt gets properly mangled14:21
ogra_it contains the cdmline14:21
ogra_(boot.scr is obsolete since a while)14:21
hggdhogra_: it is there. But let me wait a bit for a system install complete, then I will try to ssh in14:24
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alo21Can I set a bug as 'Invalid' if it is related to an old Ubuntu version, or old program version?21:11
jtayloris it fixed?21:14
jtaylorthen set it to fix released, if you don't know you can ask the opener to check with newer software21:14
jtaylorset it to incomplete then21:14
jtaylorit will expire if there is no reply in 60 days21:15
alo21jtaylor: ok. thanks21:16
mfischroadmr: I'm about to file a bug about my mouse stopping working after the screen is turned off, but I'm unsure where to send it, my first guess is against my gfx driver (fglrx), thoughts?21:27
mfischmaybe xserver-xorg-input-synaptics instead21:32
roadmrmfisch: wow, you sure it's not something with the mouse driver itself? in that case it'd be a kernel bug21:49
roadmrmfisch: I'd start with the kernel, if they don't think it's a kernel bug they'll just point you to another package21:49
mfischroadmr: unfortunately I don't know21:49
mfischroadmr: I'll start with kernle21:50
mfischroadmr: is this link working for you?  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/FindRightPackage#Kernel21:57
roadmrmfisch: yes, it works :/21:57
mfischthe link works but the # tag isn't found for me21:58
mfischso when I click it on the page it just sits there21:58
mfischI  think the #Kernel anchor is gone21:58
roadmryes, it's gone :022:00
mfischand actually I'm not sure which package to file against!22:00
mfischroadmr: let me find out who deleted it and why22:02
roadmrmfisch: thank god for wiki history :)22:02
mfischbdmurray deleted it22:03
mfischrev 118, nov 07, 201122:03
roadmrwow so it's been a while22:04
mfischnot sure why it's removed, it still seems applicable22:04
bdmurrayoh #Kernel might have had a bunch of stuff about if this release then this package22:08
bdmurraywhereas you can now just use 'ubuntu-bug linux'22:08
mfischlets add back a simple section then22:09
mfischI'll do it22:09
bdmurraymfisch: thanks22:09
mfischbdmurray: it was "if > 6.06 do this..."22:09
mfischbdmurray: done22:10
mfischthis is all it says now: The correct package for bugs about the kernel is linux.22:10
mfischPlease read KernelTeam/KernelTeamBugPolicies when reporting bugs against the kernel.22:10
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