dscasselmcpherrin: Yup, I still have a bunch.16:00
mcpherrindscassel: sweet.  Could you bring a handful to Kwartzlab if you're there for tuesday open night?16:01
dscasselI can't be there tonight.  I can probably drop some off at the CSC tomorrow, though.16:20
mcpherrinokay sounds fine16:31
mcpherrinI'm not sure I can be there either, actually :p16:31
mcpherrin(I might go see Iron Sky)16:31
IdleOnesave the time and money16:31
IdleOneit sucks!16:32
mcpherrinhaha okay16:32
mcpherrinbut MOON NAZIS16:32
IdleOneseriously, I was very disappointed.16:33
mcpherrinAlcohol will make it better? :p16:33
IdleOneYou may like it. I found it to be very cartoonish, dialogue was extremely predictable.16:34
IdleOnethere was no plot line.16:34
mcpherrinthat sounds pretty disappointing16:36
IdleOneI was.16:37
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