thomiWhen I ssh in to a laptop and do: "export DISPLAY=:0 && gedit" the editor doesn't have an integrated menu in the panbel00:43
thomidoes anyone know what I'm missing (I guess an environment variable) in order to get that working correctly?00:43
thomibah - nvm. Seems it's UBUNTU_MENUPROXY - should have seen that one.00:44
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jbicharobert_ancell: oh, I missed your message but I read the backlog01:56
jbichaI'm guessing clutter-gst-2.0 needs to be adjusted for the lastest gstreamer01:56
jbichait hit gnome-sushi too01:57
jbichaor...maybe clutter-gst-2.0 just needs a rebuild; that worked for a totem 3.5 problem in the gnome3 ppa01:58
jbichaok, I just sent a rebuild02:00
jbicharobert_ancell: I believe rebuilding clutter-gst-2.0 worked :)03:50
robert_ancelljbicha, cool, updating now03:50
robert_ancelljbicha, cheese now works for me04:27
jbicharobert_ancell: cool, I'm converting the bug to a FFe04:32
pittiGood morning05:36
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didrocksgood morning06:28
pittibonjour didrocks!06:39
didrocksbonjour pitti! comment ça va?06:39
pittiça va bien, merci!06:40
pittialthough I do feel a bit meat-grinded :)06:40
pittiin yesterday's training we didn't do Taekwondo, but we got a lesson in Brazilian Jutsu06:40
didrocksoh, interesting :)06:40
didrockshow was it?06:40
pittiwhich was fun, but my body isn't used to that :)06:41
pittiit's more like wrestling and locking your partner into an "inescapable" grip and choke06:41
didrocksah ok, so yeah, I can imagine you are using other muscles for that :)06:42
jibelgood morning07:04
jibellittle error with updates this morning bug 105233107:04
ubot2Launchpad bug 1052331 in pyatspi "package python3-pyatspi2 2.5.92+dfsg-0ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105233107:04
didrockshey jibel!07:07
didrocksTheMuso: can you look at that one? it's part of your update07:08
didrocksah dholbach was quicker :)07:08
didrockstjaalton: hey, did you see my questions yesterday?07:11
didrocksjibel: dholbach uploaded a fix, thanks!07:12
jibeldidrocks, cool, thanks!07:12
tjaaltondidrocks: I did yes. it looks undecided if the llvmpipe compiz crasher is a compiz bug or something in mesa07:14
tjaaltondidrocks: the other one I should send upstream..07:14
didrockstjaalton: the other is bug #966744, right?07:16
ubot2Launchpad bug 966744 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "[i965] Resume from suspend leaves me with black screen or a screen of the desktop before it suspended. Compiz hung in intel_update_renderbuffers() from intel_prepare_render() from brw_draw_prims()" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/96674407:17
tjaaltondidrocks: btw, there is libwacom 0.6 released early july that I've forgot to upload. no other big changes other than a soname bump, but do you think it would be possible to upload via -proposed and rebuild g-s-d/g-c-c against it?07:17
tjaaltondidrocks: yup07:17
didrockstjaalton: can you state that in the bug report and taking care of the bug #966744? (so I think there is no resolution of the issue before quantal, right?)07:18
ubot2Launchpad bug 966744 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "[i965] Resume from suspend leaves me with black screen or a screen of the desktop before it suspended. Compiz hung in intel_update_renderbuffers() from intel_prepare_render() from brw_draw_prims()" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/96674407:18
didrockstjaalton: when you speak about upstream, you mean, xorg upstream, right?07:18
didrocksor the intel driver one?07:18
didrocksnot compiz?07:19
tjaaltondidrocks: right, mesa/intel upstream, bugs.fd.o07:19
didrockstjaalton: would you mind tracking it? (and add a comment stating that)07:20
didrockson bug #927168, what should be done?07:22
ubot2Launchpad bug 927168 in compiz "compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in memmove() from drisw_update_tex_buffer() from dri_set_tex_buffer2() from drisw_bind_tex_image() from __glXBindTexImageEXT() from TfpTexture::enable() from enableFragmentOperationsAndDrawGeometry()" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92716807:22
didrocksas we don't really know where the crash is07:22
tjaaltonsounds like it could at least be worked around in compiz07:23
tjaaltonis vanvugt on irc?07:23
tjaaltonoh duflu07:24
didrockstjaalton: yeah!07:24
didrockstjaalton: if it can worked around, please ping him :)07:24
didrocksthat would be one less critical bug on our list!07:24
didrockson libwacom6 -> if it's just an ABI break and not an API break, no worry with me for the rebuild, I think it will need a FFe, no?07:25
dpmgood morning desktop folk07:26
dpmDoes anyone know where the strings to integrate with applications in the online accounts dialog come from?.E.g. "Publish your pictures to Facebook" "Integrate your feed data" - I'm trying to find out if they're translatable at all07:26
tjaaltondidrocks: the soname should've been bumped for 0.507:26
tjaaltonthis one mostly just adds some tests and tablet definitions07:27
tjaaltonwould probably need an FFe being so late in the cycle..07:27
didrockshey dpm07:29
dpmmorning didrocks!07:29
didrockstjaalton: yeah, if you get one acked, I can help you with the transition07:30
Sweetsharkmoin everyone from somewhere in the atlantic ....07:39
pittiSweetshark: *in*?07:40
pittiyou IRC while swimming?!07:40
Sweetsharkpitti: im ircing while on a ferry from tenerife to gran canaria07:41
pittiah, that does sound enjoyable :)07:41
didrockshey Sweetshark!07:42
Sweetsharkdidrocks: bonjour a toi!07:43
chrisccoulsongood morning everyone07:47
didrockshey chrisccoulson! how are you?07:47
pittibonjour chrisccoulson!07:47
chrisccoulsonhi didrocks. yeah, i'm good thanks. how are you?07:47
chrisccoulsonhi pitti, how are you?07:48
didrockschrisccoulson: still coughing, but overall great! thanks :)07:48
pittiSweetshark: holidays, or did you manage to declare this a business trip? :-)07:48
pittichrisccoulson: quite fine, thanks! how about yourself?07:48
pittic'est un Laney! bonjour07:48
didrockspitti: you don't see him working next to the swimming pool?07:48
didrockshey Laney :)07:48
pittididrocks: furiously!07:48
pitti"Hey Baby! Can I get you a drink and show you how to build LibO"?07:49
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah, not too bad thanks. looking forward to doing some actual hacking today07:49
didrocksahah, and he has some arguments… :-)07:49
didrockschrisccoulson: hacking == fixing bugs? ;)07:49
chrisccoulsonheh, kind of07:49
didrockschrisccoulson: http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/rls-mgr/rls-q-tracking-bug-tasks.html you have 2 high bugs :)07:49
didrockschrisccoulson: would be cool if you can get a status on them :)07:49
Sweetsharkpitti: I will try to make this a business trip after the fact. Im visiting aentos and aruiz on gran canaria ;)07:50
pittichrisccoulson: so didrocks is cracking the whip now?07:51
Sweetsharkpitti: also, AFAIK the ultimate nerd picup line is "did you see the wikipedia entry about me btw?"07:51
chrisccoulsonyeah, it seems like it ;)07:51
pittioh, c'est l'anniversaire de sabdfl07:51
didrockspitti: I find seb128 to be too sloppy. Time to get serious!07:52
pittiFifty Shades of Didier!07:52
Laneymy word07:52
Sweetsharkpitti: oh does that mean we all get a day off and wave to a boat driving down the river thames?07:52
pittiSweetshark: ... boat? I had expected something more fancy like a Soyuz, or at least the Canonical 1!07:53
Sweetsharkpitti: "please now raise your head to observe the reentry of sabdfl in Canonical 1 for touchdown at the olympic stadium"?07:55
pittiSweetshark: now we're talking!07:56
dpmok, I've found out where the strings from online accounts come from. They are in .application files such as http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unity-lens-photos/unity-lens-photos/trunk/view/head:/unity-lens-photos.application and http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~gwibber-committers/gwibber/trunk/view/head:/data/gwibber.application - it seems that they are unfortunately untranslatable, so I'd like to file a bug. Does anyone know what the best source package to do07:56
dpm it against would be?07:56
pittispeaking of rockets, isn't it time soon for the new big bang theory season?07:56
didrocksdpm: I can fix the unity-lens-photos one07:57
didrocksdpm: just ping ken for gwibber07:57
dpmdidrocks, is it fixable, though? I've never heard of .application files before, I'm not even sure they support translation07:57
didrocksdpm: I'm looking if we have .application.in files somewhere07:58
didrocksas it's pure xml, it should be, but one sec07:58
didrocksdpm: hum, we don't have any examples, let's ping upstream07:59
davidcalledidrocks, in /usr/share/accounts/applications07:59
didrocksdavidcalle: right, but they are all not translatable07:59
dpmdidrocks, are .application files a fd.o standard? I had never heard of them08:00
didrocksdpm: no, but it's a traditional xml ones though08:00
didrocksdpm: we do have some tools to translates xml files I guess, right? (like the .ui)08:01
didrocksI see         <translations>unity-lens-photos</translations>08:01
Sweetsharkoh wow, I have three talks accepted for the LibreOffice conference. I guess I have to create more than abstracts for them now :-/08:01
didrocksdpm: xml2po and so on for instance08:01
dpmdidrocks, I don't think we do have tools to handle translations for generic xml other than intltool (and yes, xml2po, but we don't have any existing infrastructure or hooks into build systems for that afaik). Intltool might extract the strings, but they will have to be put manually in the source packages, they won't be shippable in language packs, unless we add support for them as we currently do with e.g. .policy and .desktop files08:03
didrocksdpm: we are using xml2po for compiz g-c-c integration files08:04
didrockswe just need to extract them in the .pot file08:04
didrocksthen, I guess the application loading the xml08:04
didrocksshould gettext(package, string)08:04
didrocksI asked mardy about it, waiting for an answer08:05
dpmexcellent, thanks didrocks08:05
didrocksdpm: empathy upstream is in the same case and asking mardy as well :)08:05
didrocksdpm: will keep you posted08:05
dpmgreat, thanks08:05
dpmI'm still wondering where .applications files comes from (what's the upstream?) and why they were designed without having localization in mind08:06
dpm*come from08:06
didrocksdpm: ask PS for that :p08:06
larsudidrocks, good morning!08:09
didrockshey larsu :)08:10
larsudidrocks, do you know when the gtk release from yesterday will be uploaded?08:10
* larsu has a indicator-messages release in the pipeline that depends on it08:11
didrockslarsu: when I will get time for it, apart if pitti is handling it?08:11
didrockslarsu: today for sure anyway :)08:11
didrockslarsu: I'll ping you once in distro08:11
larsudidrocks, awesome, thanks!08:11
didrocksyw :)08:11
Laneywhich gtk? http://ftp.gnome.org/pub/GNOME/sources/gtk+/3.5/ doesn't show a new release?08:15
Laneylarsu: ^08:17
didrockspitti: do you know about https://bugs.launchpad.net/sessioninstaller/+bug/1042231?08:19
ubot2Launchpad bug 1042231 in sessioninstaller "InstallPackageNames should not return until the package has been installed" [Undecided,New]08:19
larsuLaney, you're right, it's not out yet. It was supposed to be released yesterday...08:19
didrockspitti: seems the empathy guys are telling that it's blocking the TP -> UOA correct account migration08:19
pittididrocks: I know about it, but didn't get to it yet; I wasn't aware that it's a blocker08:34
pittididrocks: I haven't touched sessioninstaller before, but I think I can have a look this week then08:35
didrockspitti: excellent, thanks!08:36
* didrocks is now on yet-another-ps-additional-unexpected-work08:36
pittididrocks: seems you don't get to do a lot of stable+1 due to all that08:37
didrockspitti: unfortunately not…08:38
didrockspitti: I've dealt with the whole evolution NBS which is already quite a lot08:38
didrocksbut I clearly can't do more08:39
ogra_pitti, so wrt yesterday .... looking at http://article.gmane.org/gmane.linux.ubuntu.devel.announce/817 it looks to me like including a hardware driver even if its binary is fine, as long as it is redistributable and lives in restricted08:39
ogra_..."the only concession is for hardware drivers as detailed at http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/licensing"...08:40
ogra_(licensing talks about it at the very bottom)08:41
ogra_(not sure you folloed the conversation that went on yesterady)08:42
pittino, I didn't follow it any more; ok, thanks08:43
didrocksLaney: do you have some time for some i18n playground?08:45
Laneydidrocks: I don't know so much about it, but I can take a look, sure08:46
didrocksLaney: ls /usr/share/accounts/applications/08:46
didrocksyou can see some apps in there08:47
didrocksI think what's need to be done would be:08:47
didrocks-> ensuring that upstream have an application.in files with translatable tags (using _)08:47
didrockswe standardise that they should have a <translations> tag with the package name08:47
dholbachdo we have some docs for how to "integrate a program into the HUD"?08:48
didrocksthen running intltool-extract files.applications.in08:48
didrocksso that it's get merged into a files.applications.in.h08:48
didrocksLaney: then, add that to the POTFILES.in for python and into the Makefiles so that it extracts into the .pot file08:48
Laneywhat loads these strings now?08:49
didrocksLaney: and running intltool-merge --no-translations -x -u foo.applications.in foo.application08:49
didrocksto create the xml upstream file which is shipped08:49
didrocksLaney: then, online-account (the g-c-c plugin) will load them08:49
didrockslooking at the <translations> tag08:49
didrocksand gettext (package, string)08:49
didrocksLaney: does it make sense to you?08:50
Laneydidrocks: yeah I think so, I'll look into it08:54
didrocksLaney: thanks, I'll open a bug08:54
didrocksLaney: no need to do empathy, upstream is doing it08:54
LaneyI see shotwell gwibber unity-lens-photos unity-scope-gdocs in there08:55
didrocksLaney: trying to get gnome-control-center-signon supporting it for beta2 for the poor translators :)08:55
didrocksLaney: sounds like the right list08:55
didrocksas most of them are python, it should be similar once you get one08:55
didrocksLaney: the .in.h is just there to get then extracted to the .pot file, we don't use it for real08:55
didrocksLaney: but it was the only way to have something clean when I had to deal with a similar case in compiz08:56
didrocks(even if it sounds bad for "python" apps :))08:56
didrocksdholbach: your question should go to #ubuntu-unity08:57
didrocksdholbach: but basically, using gtk and a traditional menu should do it08:58
didrocksdholbach: same for Qt apps08:58
LaneyI see an xml example in /usr/share/doc/intltool/README.gz08:59
Laneydoesn't look too hard08:59
dholbachthanks didrocks08:59
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didrocksLaney: https://bugs.launchpad.net/shotwell/+bug/105237509:06
ubot2Launchpad bug 1052375 in unity-scope-gdocs "The online account g-c-c interface doesn't support i18n" [Undecided,New]09:06
didrocksthanks to you :)09:07
chrisccoulsonogra_, not sure if you saw my comment yesterday evening, after trying to boot my pandaboard with the quantal b1 image09:14
chrisccoulsonno success yet ;)09:14
ogra_chrisccoulson, there seem to be issues with the graphics, try to switch to console and back09:14
ogra_that usually helps09:15
chrisccoulsonogra_, yeah, i've tried that too. did you see the error message i see on the console?09:15
chrisccoulson"omapdss HDMI error: failed to enable GPIO's"09:15
* ogra_ is waiting for working builds with teh new kernel from yesterday to actually test 09:15
ogra_thats normal, ignore it09:15
chrisccoulsonah, ok09:15
chrisccoulsonit seems that X is running, i just get a blank screen though :(09:16
chrisccoulsonalthough, the monitor is powered09:16
chrisccoulsonin fact, i've just switched back from the console after leaving it on all night, and it works ;)09:16
ogra_chrisccoulson, yeah, ubiquity-dm is really really slow on startup ... so you can easily get the impression it just crashed ... while staring at a black screen09:29
chrisccoulsonperhaps the screensaver kicks in before it appears then?09:29
ogra_yeah, could be, i still have that on my list as a low prio item to look at09:30
ogra_wprst case i'll release note it ... the slow SD card IO doesnt really help either ....09:30
xnoxubiquity-dm should inhibit screensaver.... unless it was too slow to do that....09:48
ogra_xnox, right, and it could well be that we see a race here ...09:48
ogra_overlayfs isnt actually fast ... and combined with SD card I/O i could imagine we hit many corner cases you wont see anywhere else09:49
ogra_like races that wouldnt show up on x86 with USB for the rootfs09:49
Laneyogra_: we got the anti-flickering kernel?09:51
ogra_not sure it is promnoted yet, might sit in NEw i didnt check09:51
ogra_it was uploaded yesterday09:51
Laneyi don't remember seeing the bug get closed09:51
Laneythink i'm subscribed09:52
ogra_hmm, i dont see the bug number in the changelog i think09:52
Laneynothing's in NEW09:52
ogra_then it might be in the archive already09:53
tjaaltondidrocks: libwacom 0.6 doesn't break the abi, it just added some so no rebuilds needed10:57
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didrockstjaalton: but they bumped the soname, still?11:16
tjaaltondidrocks: minor bump, libwacom.so.2 is still there11:17
didrockstjaalton: ok, please upload wacom in -proposed11:17
didrocksI'll handle the g-s-d and g-c-c rebuilds11:18
tjaaltonshouldn't need rebuilds :)11:18
didrocksand excellent even, if there is still the older package :)11:19
tjaaltonthere has been no updates upstream since early july, so it should be quite safe :)11:20
didrocksyep :)11:25
tjaaltondidrocks: confirmed, works with the current versions without rebuilds11:41
didrockstjaalton: sweet, thanks!11:42
tjaaltondidrocks: so, should I just upload or do you think a FFe is needed?11:43
didrockstjaalton: I don't think it does need if it's just bug fixes as you are telling and there is no transition needed (meaning, the old packages are still there)11:43
tjaaltonright, it's just a data lib for tablet definitions11:44
tjaaltonso I'll just upload then, thanks11:44
didrocksupdating gcr12:06
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didrocksupdating gnome-keyring, libcryptui12:09
=== doko_ is now known as doko
didrockstaking libsecret, searhorse and seahorse-nautilus, seahorse-sharing12:19
dokodidrocks, pitti: I didn't see any gnome library updates yet. will these come as well?12:53
pittinot sure, I haven't followed those12:53
didrocksdoko: wdym?12:53
didrocksdoko: look at -changes, I'm updating to latest GNOME12:53
pittiif someone asks me to do an update I can look into it12:53
dokodidrocks, I am asking because I don't want to see instabilities for the test rebuild. I thought that a gnome version update would start with some library packages first12:54
didrocksdoko: just counted, we had 47 updates done since yesterday12:56
didrocksdoko: it's already a lot… I don't know what you expect though12:56
didrocksdoko: and we can't update packages before GNOME releases them12:56
didrockswhich they have until wednesday to do12:56
dokodidrocks, so there are no library updates this time?12:56
didrockswdym by libraries?12:56
didrocksI updated libsecret, libcrypui just 20 minutes ago12:57
didrocksI see libwacom and a lot of libs updated in the mentionned 47 updates12:57
didrocksstill not glib or gtk ready, no12:57
dokoyeah, I would think that these would come first. but anyway, I think I should wait for these before the test rebuild12:58
didrocksright, they are not released upstream as of now though12:58
pittiglib 2.33.14 is tagged in git12:59
jbichadoko: there shouldn't be any GNOME library transitions by this point as it's been API freeze for a few weeks12:59
didrockslarsu: did you get any chance to look at evolution-indicator?13:00
larsudidrocks, not yet, sorry13:00
jbichathere's cogl but I don't see anything that *needs* the latest version13:00
didrockslarsu: do you think this will be possible before beta2 freeze?13:00
larsudidrocks, is that on fri?13:01
didrockslarsu: thu13:01
larsudidrocks, evening?13:01
didrockslarsu: approx, yeah13:01
larsudidrocks, if it's a simple port I'll make it until then13:02
larsu(and it probably is)13:02
didrockslarsu: not that straightforward though13:03
larsuI guess the hard part will be figuring out how to build evo? or is it a plugin?13:03
didrockslarsu: oh, it's a plugin13:04
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desrtpitti: hey13:30
desrtpitti: if i make GThread introspectable and add a boxed type, would it be fully usable from python/js/etc?13:30
pittihey desrt13:31
desrtg_thread_new(), i mean13:31
desrtie: add the annotations that you suggested13:31
pittidesrt: there might be some API which isn't, but I haven't looked very far ahead13:31
pittie. g. GThreadPool looks like a lost cause13:31
desrtis it because of the lack of destroynotify on the user_data?13:32
pittiit might cover the basic GThread functionality, though13:32
desrtin the threadpool case i can see an argument for adding a _full variant....13:32
pittithat, and two callbacks and two user_data; g-i isn't prepared for that (and neither is pygobject)13:32
pittibut in Python you'd just use threading13:32
pitti(i. e. the builtin module)13:33
desrtdo we have similar features in JS, though?13:33
* desrt mumbles something about how you ought to be in #gtk+13:33
desrtpitti: i don't see any g_thread_pool_* API that takes two function pointers13:34
pittidid I mix that up? I looked at several similar bug reports recently13:35
ubot2Gnome bug 683941 in gthread "g_thread_pool_new() is not introspectable" [Normal,New]13:35
desrtthere are two data pointers passed to the worker function13:35
desrtone is the usual user_data arrangement, from g_thread_pool_new()13:35
pittiah, one is user_data from _new(), the other data from push, right13:35
desrtthe other one is the data from push()13:35
desrtso we're close....13:36
pittiso yes, it's the missing GDestroyNotify for user_data presumably; I really haven't looked into detals13:36
=== Quintasan_ is now known as Quintasan
desrti'd be happy to add that13:36
pittithis seemed like a "wontfix"/"skip" case to me, but if you want to make it introspectable I can have a deeper look13:36
desrtthe bigger trouble, imho, is the data parameter13:37
=== m_conley_away is now known as m_conley
desrti guess you can always assume that is a PyObject going in and coming out13:37
desrtbut that gets funky if you try to pass the threadpool to someone else :)13:37
desrt(which i guess is a vaguely insane thing to do anyway)13:38
desrthm.  _set_sort_func() is sort of weird as well13:39
desrtit would need a GDestroyNotify13:39
desrtanyway.. imho, GThreadPool is actually the one worth fighting for13:41
desrtsince that sort of functionality is less likely to be available in a language library13:41
didrockschrisccoulson: I again had the quick filter collapsed, did you notice anything?13:42
didrocksLaney: did you start to do the transition for the online account xml and so on?13:44
didrocksLaney: I saw people assigning some to themselves13:44
desrtpitti: according to #gtk+ GThread(Pool) might be useful to javascript hackers13:44
didrockskenvandine: don't do empathy, I dealt it with cassidy13:44
pittidesrt: I see; so perhaps let's start with GThread and write some tests around it, and then investigate the bigger challenge of GThreadPool if GThread is sensible?13:45
kenvandinedidrocks, ok13:45
didrockskenvandine: thanks for assigning gwibber to you, you think it's possible to get it for beta2?13:46
desrtpitti: (more relaying from #gtk+) it may not be that useful if we want to have a 'higher/nicer/more-JS-like' interface...13:47
didrocksdavidcalle: same question for unity-lens-photos13:48
kenvandinedidrocks, yup13:50
didrocksthanks :)13:50
kenvandinethere will be a gwibber release right after the next unity release :)13:50
didrockskenvandine: I hope that the unity release won't be too late then…13:51
kenvandinehehehe :)13:51
kenvandineeither way this will land in time :)13:51
kenvandineassuming the g-c-c panel can load them13:51
didrocksI checked with the uoa guys for that13:52
davidcalledidrocks, the .application translation?13:52
davidcalledidrocks, ok13:52
didrocksthanks davidcalle13:52
bcurtiswxwow, i've never seen soo many crashes at one point on my desktop...14:48
bcurtiswxapport won't work to report anything right now.14:48
bcurtiswxCannot connect to crash database, please check your Internet connection.'int' object has no attribute 'isspace'14:49
didrocksSweetshark, chrisccoulson, Laney, kenvandine, mterry, robru, tkamppeter, jasoncwarner_: ok, meeting time, do anyone has anything to tell about? (No agenda items on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2012-09-18)15:31
mterryThough congrats kenvandine on finishing the preview lens  :)15:32
didrocksI'm a little bit disappointed about the lack of content on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2012-09-1815:33
didrockslast week and this week15:33
didrocksonly mterry and I right now completed it15:33
* kenvandine holds breath waiting for a unity release15:33
didrocksI hope people did some stuff that worth nothing :)15:33
kenvandinedidrocks, i did too15:33
kenvandineabout 3 minutes ago15:33
didrockskenvandine: ahah, ok, and kenvandine then! :)15:33
robrudidrocks: I did lots of good stuff! We are slashing crufty code out of Gwibber every day ;-)15:33
didrocksrobru: please note them!15:33
didrocksthe wiki page is for that :)15:34
robrudidrocks: sorry I'm new ;-)15:34
kenvandineand robu just got a Dee.SharedModel working :)15:34
didrocksrobru: you do receive the reminder email right?15:34
mterrydidrocks, I tend to only note things that landed in the last week, so sometimes there isn't much to note ("worked on bug fixes")15:34
didrocks(I think I added you directly)15:34
didrocksmterry: no worry, and you normally complete it and update blueprints, so that's fine :)15:34
robruI don't see it in my inbox, didrocks... when did you send it?15:34
didrocksbut no report for xorg stack for quite a while15:35
didrocksrobru: your canonical email normally15:35
mterrydidrocks, I'm just saying as an explanation for why some might not have anything -- maybe nothing happened to land in quantal or they were tiny bug fixes15:35
didrocks"Weekly meeting and reports remember"15:35
robrudidrocks: yes but *when*, silly ;-)15:35
didrocksrobru: 5h30 ago15:35
mterryrobru, this morning, 6:00AM EST15:35
didrocksmterry: sure, but we have criticals bugs on the list, noting them when they are fixed is good as well (help to communicate to the release team)15:36
robrudidrocks: oh hm, there it is in my archive. I must have accidentally archived it while skimming other mails15:36
didrocksanyway, seems there is nothing else to discuss, please look at the bug list I sent into the email (the release team one)15:36
didrocksthanks everyone :)15:36
robruthanks didrocks !15:36
didrocksrobru: no worry, stop archiving me! :)15:36
kenvandinedidrocks, how is the unity release looking?15:38
didrockskenvandine: nothing ready15:39
didrocksat all15:39
kenvandinemy branches all landed :)15:39
didrocksyeah, I saw that! congrats :)15:42
Laneydidrocks: sorry, not yet, was planning on doing it tomorrow15:49
didrocksLaney: ok, so no need :)15:50
Laneylooking at glib btw15:51
didrocksthanks Laney :)15:52
ricotzLaney, hi15:56
ricotzLaney, is there a reason that emacs depends on emacs23 rather then emacs24?15:57
Laneywe didn't decide to change the default15:57
Laneypartially following debian, partially because emacs24 is new15:58
ricotzok, nevermind then15:58
LaneyI definitely saw some bugs with the global menu and emacs2415:59
ricotzalright, better to keep that way then16:02
Laneywe can change it early in R16:02
LaneyI think there's a new emacs-defaults package or so in Debian now16:02
bcurtiswxanyone else that uses google talk have connection issues with Emapthy16:13
bcurtiswxI read somewhere they changed to OAuth.. or like the newest version of it.. not sure which16:14
kenvandinebcurtiswx, mhall119 was having issues16:17
bcurtiswxkenvandine, Google upgraded to use OAuth 2.0 i found the article i read.. not sure if thats causing issues there, but i mentioned it in #telepathy so <shrugs>16:18
kenvandineshouldn't be16:19
mhall119I assume this isn't a problem that everybody using Quantal is having16:27
kenvandineyou would think we'd have a crap load of bug reports on it16:31
kenvandinei am not having that issue16:31
kenvandinebut it really worries me...16:31
kenvandineonce 12.10 is out the door, the number of users multiples16:32
mhall119kenvandine: anything else I can do to help debug it?16:37
Laneydidrocks: did you forget to upload seahorse or something else?16:54
* Laney can do it if you want16:54
didrocksLaney: I didn't get it done, too many pings at the same, please, be my guest :)16:55
Laneydo we have -sharing? I can't see it16:55
didrocksLaney: no, I didn't find it in the repo16:55
didrocksso no upload, no bounty :)16:55
didrocksLaney: I didn't try to build it but there is a change in configure.ac in seahorse16:56
Laneyyeah I got it to build16:56
didrocksLaney: about libsecret-1 on libsecret-private16:56
didrocksbut it's shipped16:56
didrocksso no worry :)16:56
LaneyI don't see that16:56
didrocksah? maybe -PKG_CHECK_MODULES([LIBSECRET], libsecret-1 >= $LIBSECRET_REQUIRED,16:57
didrocks+PKG_CHECK_MODULES([LIBSECRET], libsecret-unstable >= $LIBSECRET_REQUIRED,16:57
Laneyit's not in my diff from .91 to .9216:58
Laneyif you're looking at bzr it's out of date16:58
didrocksah, probably then :)16:59
didrockswe have a lot of out of date bzr16:59
didrocksand no more vcs-bzr branch16:59
didrocksah, not for that one16:59
didrockswasn't looking at bzr16:59
didrocksdiff -Nup ../seahorse-3.5.91/configure.ac .16:59
didrocksbeing in the seahorse-3.5.92 directory16:59
didrocks-AC_INIT([seahorse], [3.5.91],17:00
didrocks+AC_INIT([seahorse], [3.5.92],17:00
didrocksso sounds fine?17:00
Laneyapply the patches ;-)17:00
didrocksLaney: ok, I'm used to bzr bd-do doing that for me :)17:00
didrocksso it was already reverted :)17:00
didrocksI was surprised by Stef, he just wrote "new translations and doc system"17:01
didrocksand normally, you can trust what he writes17:01
didrocksthanks Laney for clearing that up :)17:01
Laneythat patch could do with a header TBH17:01
jbichaoh, they dropped the LowContrast & HighContrastInverse themes but we're still using them in gnome-control-center 3.4 :( http://git.gnome.org/browse/gnome-themes-standard/tree/NEWS17:06
bizhanMonaHI I would like to get some info on UEFI boot, could someone point me to the right direction please?17:06
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jbichaI opened a bug complaining about dropping those themes so late in the cycle but I'm skeptical that the devs will care18:01
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fgintherhello, how does one sync up a lp packaging branch to a the latest package in the repository?  i.e. nux is at 3.4.0 in quantal/main, but lp:ubuntu/nux is at 3.2.018:59
mterryfginther, I usually poke james_w19:13
Sweetsharkdesrt: ping?19:13
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jbichayeah, they didn't care https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=68431121:03
ubot2Gnome bug 684311 in HighContrast and LowContrast "Please restore HighContrastInverse & LowContrast themes for 3.6" [Major,Resolved: wontfix]21:03
tedgjdstrand, I hear you know a magic incantation that will make my packaging load an apparmor profile.  Would you share such mysterious secrets?21:04
xnoxjbicha: does this mean there are no a11y themes at all in 3.6?21:11
xnoxjbicha: what will lubuntu, xubuntu do about a11y then?21:11
xnoxor anybody else that does not use clutter....21:12
kenvandineugh... no ally themes!21:13
jbichaxnox: HighContrast is still there, they just forcefully deprecated the other 2 less important ally themes21:14
xnoxjbicha: Inverse is just as important as HighContrast.21:15
jbichaGNOME Shell 3.6/System Settings 3.6 has cool support for more powerful a11y theming21:15
xnoxdue to specific a11y conditions21:15
xnoxjbicha: I am very happy for Gnome Shell (well clutter) but what about XFCE, LXDE, Unity (Compiz) - those don't have those. What about gtk apps running in KDE?21:16
jbichayou can grab gnome-control-center & gnome-settings-daemon from ricotz staging if you're curious to have a look21:16
jbichawe'll eventually copy those to the GNOME3 PPA I believe21:16
xnoxdoes it work in not-shell?21:16
jbichaxnox: no, lots of the new magic doesn't work in Fallback because no developer wants to do the work21:22
jbichait would be awesome if the Compiz/Unity devs would try to plug into it for 13.0421:23
xnoxjbicha: added my comment to that bug21:27
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skaetsmspillaz, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/1042323 -  will the next release of compiz to land for beta 2 contain this?21:35
ubot2Launchpad bug 1042323 in compiz "[FFE] Port GTK Window Decorator to GSettings" [High,Fix released]21:35
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jasoncwarner_bryceh robert_ancell TheMuso RAOF meeting reminder. Any agenda items? Don't forget to update your status https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2012-09-1823:01
RAOFNo agenda items here.23:04
* bryceh waves23:04
brycehRAOF, did you see they're splitting glu out from mesa9?23:07
RAOFbryceh: Yup. I reviewed the glu package for tjaalton.23:07
RAOFAlso, hurray!23:07
RAOFThe fewer non-{E,}GL{,ES} non-DRI things that the mesa source package builds the better :)23:08
dupondjehmz, my headphone seems broken on quantal. Not listed in output, but listed in hardware ...23:08
brycehcan we make libtxc-dxtn-s2tc0 a dependency for ia32-libs-multiarch:i386?23:08
bryceher, try again.  can we make libtxc-dxtn-s2tc0:i386 a dependency for ia32-libs-multiarch:i386?23:09
RAOFIt isn't already a Recommends: of mesa?23:11
RAOFThat's probably the better path, right?23:11
RAOFYeah, we should make that a Recommends of libgl1-mesa-glx or somesuch.23:12
* bryceh nods23:12
RAOF...after promoting it to main, I guess.23:13
brycehyeah the i386 package is required for certain (binary-only) games, but there's no way to install it via the GUI.  would be nice if we could just pull it in via a dependency so it's transparent for users23:13
Sarvattshould be libtxc-dxtn0, so people can actually use the patent encumbered one if they want? :P libtxc-dxtn-s2tc0 provides libtxc-dxtn023:13
brycehnot a bad idea23:13
Sarvattexcept the humble games require libtxc-dxtn-s2tc0 so cant install it at the same time as those anyway :(23:13
RAOFThe humble bundle explicitly depend on libtxc-dxtn-s2tc0?23:14
Sarvattbastion does at least23:14
RAOFI can't exactly blame them; we've dropped the ball on dependency there ;)23:14
brycehand I suppose having them switch to depend on libtxc-dxtn0 wouldn't solve the already existing releases out there23:15
RAOFSarvatt: Is there any particular reason why someone would want the patent-encumbered one?23:15
TheMusodupondje: Have you filed a bug? If so, please file it against pulseaudio and include a log form Pulse as per https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio/Log.23:15
Sarvatthaven't heard of any complaints about s2tc, but the description of how it gets around the patent makes it sound like the patented one might be preferred23:16
Sarvattbetter to stick with what we have i guess after thinking about it, not like libtxc-dxtn0 will be going into debian/ubuntu and the provides might end up getting dropped one day23:18
RAOFOh, man. errors.ubuntu.com now links to pretty colourised backtraces.23:19
brycehRAOF, Sarvatt thanks.  So libtxc-dxtn-s2tc0:i386 is to be made a Recommends for libgl1-mesa-glx then?  Worth ML discussion or shall I JFDI?23:20
RAOFJFDI. And that would obviously be libtxc-dxtn-s2tc0 as the Recommends, right? You can't do cross-arch dependencies, and we'd want the 64bit version too :)23:21
Sarvattbryceh: minus the :i386 yep, been doing that in edgers for a long time but s2tc is fairly recent in ubuntu (last month of precise)23:23
brycehRAOF, well what I understand the problem for this case is that the game in question is a i386 binary, so needs the :i386 package present23:23
RAOFbryceh: Which means that it'll have libgl1-mesa-glx:i386 installed, which will Recommend the appropriate arch'd libtxc-dxtn-s2tc023:24
RAOFUnless they're bundling libgl, which would be totally bonkers.23:24
brycehrighto, ok yes I concur23:24
brycehthanks for the cluebat :-)23:24
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smspillazskaet: yes23:39
smspillazskaet: or at least, I think so. Mirv said they were doing a snapshot or at least cherry picking those fixes23:39
robert_ancellTheMuso, gnome-themes-standard just dropped the High Conrast Inverse theme - is that a problem?23:59

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