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ndowensI have a quick question pertaining to packaging.uscan reports that an older version is newer than what I am packaging. How would I stop that?00:36
cjwatsonndowens: You probably want to do something with uversionmangle to get the upstream version into a canonical form that uscan can compare consistently with dpkg --compare-versions, or else tighten up the regex.  See 'man uscan' for details.00:45
ndowenscjwatson: I haven't a idea on how I would mangle it00:55
cjwatsonNor do I, since you haven't given any details :-)00:56
ndowensit is from SF. it gives me that version 0.20 is newer than 1.3. I just tried to s/0.20// in uversionmangle and then it reported that 0.15 is newer00:57
infinityndowens: What's the current package version, and the filename of the upstream version?00:57
cjwatsonFull 'uscan --verbose --report' output and the current contents of debian/watch would help.00:57
cjwatson(Use paste.ubuntu.com or similar)00:58
cjwatsonThat's saying that 1.3 is newer than 0.20.00:59
cjwatsonSo I think you've misunderstood the output.01:00
cjwatsonWhere did the source for your 1.3 package come from, given that uscan is reporting that nothing called lince 1.3 is available on the upstream site?01:01
cjwatson(And a quick browse around sourceforge.net/projects/lince seems to confirm that)01:02
* infinity guesses http://sourceforge.net/projects/lincetorrent/files/01:02
ndowenswait hmm01:02
infinitySo, it also seems likely what your debian/watch is wrong. :P01:02
cjwatsonAh.  Fix your watch file to point to the right upstream URL then.01:02
ndowensmaybe because it is named lincetorrent instead of lince01:02
ndowensduh me!01:02
cjwatsonAnd I'd recommend naming the package after the upstream name, too.01:02
ndowensthere we go01:03
cjwatsonOtherwise it'll be trouble for somebody who comes along later and wants to package sourceforge.net/projects/lince01:03
ndowensThere named the package lincetorrent01:03
ndowensEventually my Debian package will be available to Ubuntu. Dwb, suppose to be in the latest version of Ubuntu coming out01:04
ndowensMaybe some people will like it. It is a terminal browser01:08
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brycehare there any archive admins available?02:01
brycehalberto uploaded nvidia-graphics-drivers-experimental on Friday and has been in the acceptance queue over the weekend.02:02
brycehwe're going to need to rename that package as per the Tech Board decision today, so if that package is still in the queue please reject it.  We'll get a properly renamed package in soon.02:02
RAOFWill do.02:03
RAOFbryceh: That's in quantal, yes?02:04
RAOFToo late; it's accepted.02:06
brycehah well02:07
infinityWe can, however, remove it. :P02:07
RAOFYou can :)02:08
* infinity does so.02:08
* RAOF probably has the power to, but doesn't know how, and definitely doesn't have the authority to :)02:08
infinitybryceh: Done.02:08
brycehRAOF, infinity procedural question...02:13
brycehsince instead of having a single nvidia-experimental package where we can do the package-acceptance, MIR, SRU processes one time, we're presumably going to have a series of nvidia-experimental-NNN packages - are we going to need to go through these processes every time we add another experimental driver, or can we simplify that process overhead down?02:15
RAOFbryceh: Are we going to have one nvidia-experimental-NNN per driver series? I'd have thought that would just contain the latest experimental series?02:25
brycehRAOF, yeah one per driver series.  It solves two issues.02:28
brycehRAOF, the first being that if a user installs say 123.11 required by game A, and then later on game B requires 130.08 so we update nvidia-experimental to 130.08, that would get automatically loaded, so we're exposing the user to a new beta driver unnecessarily02:29
brycehRAOF, the second is that in order to ensure the user gets moved to nvidia-current when they do a distro upgrade, at upgrade time the package is a dummy that will depend on nvidia-current.  So having the package named nvidia-experimental-NNN will allow this to be done.02:32
RAOFAh, ok. I've got an incorrect understanding of the purpose of -experimental, then.02:32
brycehyeah, it's not really intended to be "xorg-edgers for the nvidia masses" but a way to resolve dependencies for games02:34
brycehRAOF, infinity so, thoughts on my question above^^ ?02:37
RAOFMy understanding is that the tech board can remove arbitrarily many process constraints.02:38
RAOFSo, there could conceivably be some special-casing for it.02:39
brycehok, great.  I'll clarify with them.02:40
stgraberbryceh: I'm assuming you have a well documented procedure on how to create one of these new source packages?02:42
stgraberbryceh: if so, I'd think that we could agree to simplify the New processing as long as the packaging is identical and the "source tarball" comes from the same place02:43
brycehstgraber, yes there is a README.debian that covers how to create nvidia packages in general.  The only additional step is the actual rename, which is just a setting in one .in file.02:44
brycehstgraber, yes we should be able to arrange for that.  My goal is to basically script the whole process (it's already mostly scripted with a few paint-by-numbers steps).  So the packaging is going to be very predictable.02:47
brycehanyway, thanks everyone.  I'm EOD and going afk.02:48
StevenKsteven@undermined:~% ps aux | grep mpc | grep -c 'ZN'03:51
StevenKRAOF: ^03:51
StevenKAwesome, is it not? :-)03:51
ajmitchthe zombie hordes are attacking?03:52
StevenKajmitch: It's a mono bug I'm trying to guilt RAOF into fixing.03:52
StevenKI'm not sure if its working.03:53
ajmitchyeah I know, bug with it not waiting properly on children03:53
ScottKmicahg: How do you feel about releasing the chromium-browser SRU in precise?04:39
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pittiGood morning05:35
dholbachgood morning06:55
slangaseksbeattie: is this stub icedtea-7-jre-cacao needed for upgrades to precise from an earlier release, or for upgrades within precise?07:03
dholbachTheMuso, hey Luke - how are you doing?07:06
dholbachdo you know if pyatspi has a ~ubuntu-desktop branch or something?07:06
dholbachI just uploaded a small fix for it07:07
didrocksdholbach: are you fixing bug #1052331? (seems to only be missing () around print)07:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1052331 in pyatspi (Ubuntu Quantal) "package python3-pyatspi2 2.5.92+dfsg-0ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105233107:09
didrockshey btw :)07:09
dholbachdidrocks, yes07:10
didrocksdholbach: doesn't seem to have an ubuntu-desktop branch to me07:10
dholbachok good07:10
didrocksthanks dholbach :)07:12
tsdgeoscould the builder bot besides building also install the package?07:15
tsdgeosthis solve this kind of problem, would it?07:15
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* Laney spots a dholbach fixing upgrade bugs!07:49
dholbachLaney, I felt in the mood for it this morning ;-)08:03
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mitya57barry: good morning08:06
mitya57did you have a look at my py3-defaults fix?08:06
jamespagedoko_, whens the next rebuild test scheduled for? looking at a fix for maven-debian-helper to auto-install to /usr/share/java if the package is a java library08:45
* ogra_ thinks that will likely happen during the freeze08:46
ogra_since the buildds will be idling anyway08:46
dholbach@pilot in08:53
=== udevbot changed the topic of #ubuntu-devel to: Quantal Quetzal development | Archive: Open | Dev' of Ubuntu (not support or app devel) | build failures -> http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/ftbfs/ | #ubuntu for support and general discussion for hardy -> precise | #ubuntu-app-devel for app development on Ubuntu http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment | See #ubuntu-bugs for http://bit.ly/lv8soi | Patch Pilots: dholbach
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cjwatsonbryceh: we can simplify the process requirements, but I do not think it is worth special-case code in Launchpad to stop them going through NEW at all09:12
jamespagedholbach, hmm - that sync of uglifyjs might create a problem09:29
jamespageI'd not noticed that the nodejs/node conflict had been resolved in Debian09:30
cjwatsonby way of a Debian Technical Committee resolution, yes09:30
jamespageyep - but quantal still carries pre-fixed nodejs version09:32
jamespageso that will generate an unfulfilable dependency09:32
jamespagenodejs (>= 0.6.19~dfsg1-3)09:33
dholbachugh :(09:33
dholbachsorry, let me take a look at it09:33
cjwatsonis there any chance we can move forward rather than back on this?09:33
cjwatsoni.e. take the new nodejs?09:34
jamespagecjwatson, I think so; the breaks are pretty explicitly defined in nodejs 0.6.19~dfsg1-309:34
cjwatsonI realise that would be a merge, and tracking down the other things that need to be synced/merged as consequences09:35
jamespage~90 packages (probably)09:37
cjwatsonsubstantial enough; happy to defer to your judgement on whether that's best09:38
dholbachmaybe it's less packages, 0.6.19~dfsg1-4 says:09:39
dholbach+    + Break only packages actually calling /usr/bin/node (directly or09:39
dholbach+      via env).09:39
jamespageyeah - I just looked at the Breaks in latest Debian unstable09:39
jamespageits much shorter09:39
ogra_lol, dholbach thanks for sponsoring the classmate-tools fix, that remonds me that i forgot to ask for package removal ...09:54
dholbachogra_, did you have a good time in Berlin without me? :-P09:55
ogra_dholbach, not at all ... i had a horrid drive (6h for 350km) and was just super exhausted when i arrived09:55
dholbachnext time then :)09:55
dholbachI can't believe we never manage to meet09:55
ogra_and given that i usually dont get much sleep on the sofa over there, my sat. wasnt much better09:56
ogra_but for the ride back i picked up a cute hitchhiker ;)09:56
* xnox ponders at what point did above conversation drift to #-offtopic?! =)09:57
ogra_dholbach, yeah, next time i'll drive on thu and return on monday evening, that should give me some time to actually do something09:57
dholbachsounds good :)09:57
dholbachxnox, all my fault09:57
* xnox no worries, it's funny though how both of you are avoiding each other, not on purpose ;-)09:58
ogra_xnox, its not offtopic we are coordinating workplace joint ventures :P09:58
xnoxtrinken sprint?09:58
ogra_heh, exactly10:01
davmor2Hey guys the light blue hue around the password box on lightdm is it meant to be blue?  it just looks odd considering all the others hilights are orange on the system10:03
evmpt: https://errors.ubuntu.com/ - ever so slowly 12.04 is creeping upward and 12.10 is moving further and further away from it. Yikes.10:16
mptev, I predict that the former is bug 1046269 -- i.e. once we fix that, the 12.04 graph will flat-line10:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1046269 in Whoopsie ""Errors/day" wrongly depends on how many hours Ubuntu is used" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104626910:19
mptev, the latter might be the same bug -- Q has always been that unstable, it's just that until recently people haven't been using it for hours on end.10:19
ogra_ev, its is totally normal that the amout of bugs rises after beta110:20
mptev, and still the #1 problem is the ubiquity crash, which people would typically only ever encounter 0 or 1 times.10:21
ogra_(thats why we shouldnt drop milestones :) they give users confidence)10:21
xnoxev: I would expect stable release to eventually creep up, and +1 to move down. See for example these charts http://bugs.debian.org/release-critical/ blue is stable, green is +1, when they "reset" it's a release.10:22
mptogra_, xnox, these aren't bug reports. The number of errors encountered per calendar day is poorly correlated, if at all, with the number of open bug reports.10:23
xnoxi wonder how this is solved in economics with e.g. daily sales figures. In different sectors there will be different "business-lunch" & "weekend-brunch" sales variations, which is ~ same as we are seeing here. Plus unlike sandwich shops we are open 24/7 in all time-zones.... not just one tiem-zone....10:26
mptThe huge temporary dips in the red line on <http://bugs.debian.org/release-critical/> tells me that each release they delude themselves about whether a bug is release-critical or not :-/10:26
mpt(I'd expect that if they had time-based releases, but not when they don't)10:27
ogra_well, they try to make a scheduled release date even though they arent time based10:27
evogra_: I don't care what's normal. I care about defining what we think is acceptable. If we really think that each release should creep up in instability and then make a massive effort to get the next LTS more stable than what we've recorded for the past, then lets stand behind that statement.10:27
xnoxmpt: no, the dip in the red-line is the delta of the RC-bugs |stable - testing|, such that the dip is all the bugs closed in new release.10:27
xnoxmpt: in debian they track all bugs per-series, we only track SRU worthy bugs per-series.10:28
ogra_ev, if we walk with "it *has* to be more stable than the last one from day one" we will kill progress completely ... i think what we need is a compromise or a new way to doing out work to make your requirements work10:28
xnoxmpt: and after the release there is a flood of experimental -> testing uploads with many bugs =)10:29
xnoxhence the jump-back after ~6 month freeze10:29
evogra_: and that conversation is what interests me.10:29
ogra_ev, right, i dont disagree with your view bit i disagree with the timeline you want to implement it in ... it can only work once we changed our way of working10:30
evso lets change that come UDS.10:30
ogra_i think changing development processes has to come first here10:30
mptxnox, even so, that curve is implausible. :-) The easy-to-fix bugs would get picked off first, so with genuine prioritization the curve would asymptotically approach zero, not plummet towards it.10:30
ogra_(and before thet infrastructure changes have to happen so the infrastructure can cope with the new processes)10:31
ogra_imho measuring comeas last :)10:31
mptIf you don't measure first you don't know whether any process changes helped10:32
xnoxmpt: the red line is pointless, look at the growing delta between blue & green. release means that blue line becomes the green one. instantly on the day they release.10:32
ogra_mpt, oh, sure, measure as you like, just dont make policies out of it before we have infarstructure and processes right :)10:32
mptxnox, I understand that part, but it's only the red line that interests me, sorry :-)10:33
evpolicies drive process10:33
ogra_ev, but that doesnt help if the infrastructure cant cope :)10:34
evit's simple science10:34
evhypothesis: Ubuntu is progressively less stable10:34
evwe now have data that supports this10:34
ogra_experience tells differently i think10:34
evthen comes the solution10:34
evogra_: I trust data infinitely more than personal experience10:35
ogra_its constantly having instabilities i dont think it degrades10:35
xnoxmpt: if the red line is the only one that interests you, why doesn't error.ubuntu.com show the total of all errors reported? e.g. 12.04 & 12.10 combined then?10:35
ogra_the areas of problems move around with each release10:35
ricotzinfinity, hi, i don't know the details about the nvidia-experimental thing, but there is a "nvidia-settings-experimental" package too10:35
xnoxmpt: the equivalent of the red line. (bundling together development and stable releases)10:36
mptxnox, no it isn't. Once again, open bug reports and error reports are not even close to being the same thing.10:36
ogra_ev, the point is that with our current process you cant really do the measuring you plan ... we currently explicitly break stuff for 3 months to then fix it again in the other three months10:37
evogra_: that was the old model.10:37
xnoxmpt: because 100 bugs hitting 1 user each != 1 bug hitting 10 000 users. I see. Ok.10:37
ogra_so you have on half of the cycle where it has to rise massively10:37
mptev, it's way too soon to make that kind of statement. We'll know once we have six months data.10:37
ogra_ev, well, thats still the used model10:37
evno, it isn't.10:37
evogra_: my understanding from what I've been told is that the archive must remain stable from day 110:38
evthe CDs must always be installable10:38
xnoxbut they weren't10:38
ogra_it had minor tweaks, but we still have three monts until FF10:38
evand that we're now allowed to push things out past Feature Freeze if we can show test coverage and stability10:38
evwe're moving to a much more fluid, test-first model10:38
ogra_and during these first three months new code and new bugs land10:38
xnoxev: we don't redirect all uploads to  dev-proposed, so by definition we cannot make CD installable every day, we can't even build CDs every day.10:38
evogra_: lets be honest - new code and bugs land for six months10:38
xnoxev: so maybe next cycle.10:38
ogra_ev, right, "we are moving to" ... thats what i mean10:39
evxnox: I'm not saying it's impossible for CDs to be broken10:39
ogra_ev, well, not if people actually stick to the processes10:39
ogra_(which i agree not all of us do)10:39
evI'm saying that the engineering leadership stood up and said it's unacceptable that CDs are uninstallable10:39
ogra_and withoout an infrastucture that catches that (staging areas for testing etc) we cant change the process yet10:40
mptxnox, bugs almost certainly follow a Zipf distribution, e.g. Microsoft's statement that 1% of bugs account for 50% of errors, and 20% of bugs for 80% of errors10:40
ogra_while we have minor process tweaks (upload to proposed etc) that doesnt fix the whole yet and is only a start10:40
mptZipf or Pareto10:41
evogra_: we have these things. We need to drive people into them faster. We can't sit around waiting for the perfect infrastructure.10:41
evIf we slow down before we speed up, so be it.10:41
ogra_i.e. for installer changes we would need a staging area for the images since you can only really test the installer in context10:41
ogra_etc etc10:41
* ogra_ looks forward to discuss that at UDS and have some proper planning afterwards 10:43
ogra_all this "we have to .... " without proper technical, process and infrastructure backing doesnt really help10:44
* xnox really wants generate ISOs -> let jenkins auto-test images -> only then release them to cdimage.ubuntu.com10:44
ogra_xnox, ++10:45
ogra_so we have at least the installability covered automatic10:45
* xnox had "fun" remarking tens of reported bugs as dupes.... it's like well can I yank the image from cdimage, cause it's borked for ~ 50% of people?10:45
ogra_but even that has its traps :)10:45
mptxnox, and #1 is assigned to you ;-)10:46
ogra_do you hold back all images of one build if ppc fails this teast (to make sure to not break image consistency across areces) ?10:46
Laneywhat do you mean by installability?10:46
xnoxtrue, but you know basic things.... e.g. if it doesn't boot in a VM / panda-feeder10:46
Laneyyou can't even build the live images if you don't have that10:46
xnoxogra_: no, i would hold off just the ppc image. Plus we don't have automatic way to test ppc =)10:46
ogra_well, then take arm10:46
xnoxogra_: autotest ppc images that is =)10:46
ogra_currently we try to keep all images in snyc10:47
ogra_especially during milestones ...10:47
ogra_if we drop milestones, how do we guarantee thois consistency ?10:47
ogra_i doubt all this is doable in one release ... too many established processes that grew over years have to be changed completely10:48
sorenxnox: How'd you debug the problems found by Jenkins if you can't get to the images?10:52
xnoxsoren: good point. How'd you stop manual auto testing if the images are borked?10:53
xnoxsoren: after jenkins / first person finds out they are borked?10:53
* xnox s/manual auto testing/manual testing/10:53
ogra_soren, you just fish it out of the staging area where jenkins pulled it from10:56
* ogra_ is out to customs office10:57
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sorenxnox: What's "manual auto testing"?11:00
sorenxnox: Anyways, we could probably make Jenkins push a .b0rken file to cdimage akin to the .oversized marker we have.11:01
pittiev: hey Evan, how are you?11:04
pittiev: do you have an opinion on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apport/+bug/1050853/comments/3 wrt. the tags we should use?11:04
evpitti: excellent, thanks. How are you?11:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1050853 in apport (Ubuntu) "Not recorded whether an error is in a -proposed or -updates package" [Undecided,New]11:04
pittiev: je suis bien, merci :)11:04
pittierr, "je vais bien"11:05
evpitti: :)11:06
evpitti: I'm not sure where the tags even come in. http://daisy.ubuntu.com definitely doesn't pay attention to tags from Launchpad.11:06
pittiev: ah, it can't/won't look at report['Tags']?11:07
pittiI think Launchpad-wise a "proposed" tag woudl make mose sense11:07
pittibut of course this needs to work for errors.u.c. as well, otherwise it's missing the point11:07
pittiev: I'm also fine with a different field, but on LP bugs this would be more clutter and harder to search for11:08
cjwatsonev: I was very clear that the intent of the +1 maintenance effort was to make CDs installable *from alpha-1 onwards*, and Rick has supported that qualification; so I'd appreciate it if you didn't generalise that beyond what's promised.11:09
evcjwatson: I misunderstood then. Sorry.11:09
cjwatson(Well, an intent.  There are several.)11:09
cjwatsonSigh.  You know what I hate?  Reaching a bug on my to-do list, and the first thing I have to do is undo lots of misguided metadata changes.11:10
evpitti: so where apport puts it really doesn't matter to me, so long as it's done independent of the Launchpad infrastructure11:11
pittiev: it'd be something like 'proposed' in report['Tags']11:11
evthat is, as long as it's in a field that whoopsie can parse at the time we mark the report for uploading, then that's sufficient11:11
pittiev: or to be really correct, 'proposed' in report['Tags'].split()11:11
evhmm, so "precise proposed" would be in the tags?11:12
pittiyes, and potentially lots more11:12
evand never precise quantal proposed?11:12
pittiwell, I can't really promise what tags package hooks add11:12
pittiev: for the release I'd advise to look at DistroRelease:11:13
evah yes, of course11:13
evand that solves my next concern11:13
pitti(I guess/hope that's what you are using already011:13
evwhich would've been mapping from the release nicknames to the actual numbers11:13
evwhich we're getting from DistroRelease11:13
evso excellent11:13
evsounds like we have a solution11:13
pittiwe can also call it "package-from-proposed" to reduce the chance of hitting an already existing tag with a different meaning11:14
pittimvo: OOI, how does apt manage to record the origin of an installed package?11:14
pittimvo: I do understand how the origin of the candidate works, but I didn't think that the installed package origin was recorded anywhere11:15
pittimvo: or does it just mix'n'match the installed version number against the available candidates?11:17
cjwatsonIt doesn't11:18
cjwatsonI mean, it doesn't record it.  Any notion of the origin is synthesised later11:18
pittimvo: i. e. if I see archive:'precise-proposed', can I rely on that it really came from -proposed, or only that it is in -proposed (but it might have the same version in -updates)?11:18
pitticjwatson: ok, that's what I thought, thanks11:18
mvopitti: yes, its just picking from the available ones, it would be great if it would record the origin but it does not currently11:18
pittiso I guess to answer "is this a proposed package", I'd rather check the available version numbers myself11:18
mvopitti: you can iterate over the available origins11:19
mvopitti: if its both in -updates and in -proposed then it should have them both in pkg.installed.origins11:19
pittimvo: ah, that's helpful11:20
jamespagecjwatson, please could you accept the nodejs-legacy binary package in the quantal NEW queue11:30
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pitti== Tags =================================11:45
pitti precise package-from-proposed running-unity11:45
pittiev: ^ voila11:45
pittiev, mvo: crude, but effective (I don't want to call Pyton and wait for an apt.Cache() object, apt-cache showpkg is faster): http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/ubuntu/quantal/apport/ubuntu/revision/208811:48
pittiev: this should hopefully be SRUable, too11:49
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cjwatsonjamespage: done - sorry for the delay12:00
jamespagecjwatson, np - thanks12:00
evpitti: cheers! Do we not also want a tag for -updates?12:04
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dokojamespage, was waiting for the gnome update, so I should be able to start Wed/Thu12:12
jamespagedoko, OK - I have a fix for m-d-h to make it a little more intelligent with regards to when it installs to /usr/share/java12:13
jamespagebut the test suite in the package is rubbish - its not deterministic12:13
jamespageI can run it three times a get different results each time12:13
jamespageit also in no way simulates what m-d-h does when it actually builds a package either...12:28
pittiev: would that be any useful?12:47
evI guess not as it's really the same view as the release by itself12:47
evso ignore me :)12:47
cjwatsonSo, I'm working on bug 1047550, and am slightly freaked that this didn't come up in beta-1 testing output as far as I saw12:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1047550 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Quantal) "Resolver configuration goes wrong while trying to install grub-efi-amd64 during installation" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104755012:49
cjwatsonDid I miss it, or do we not do any (non-Mac!) UEFI ISO testing at the moment?12:50
xnoxMy laptop doesn't boot ISOs in UEFI mode =( and I am yet to convert my laptop to UEFI manually.12:51
xnoxcjwatson: maybe we need to add another test case / config to the iso tracker with non-mac UEFI12:51
xnoxsuch that it will hopefully be tested.12:52
cjwatsonPossibly, but I'd like to know first whether I just missed the output12:53
dholbachcan somebody please reject https://code.launchpad.net/~bkerensa/ubuntu/quantal/wulfware/move-homepage-field/+merge/124137?12:57
pittidholbach: *zap*12:59
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* didrocks wonders where his libsecret, gcr, gnome-keyring, libcryptui, seahorse-nautilus upload went13:05
pittiright -> there? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libsecret/0.10-0ubuntu113:05
didrocksdid you get some emails on quantal-changes?13:06
* pitti chuckles about didrocks's most intriguing changelog in https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-keyring/3.5.92-0ubuntu113:06
pittididrocks: it seems emails are stalled13:06
didrockspitti: urgh :)13:06
pittiI didn't get an ack mail for apport either13:06
didrockspitti: it's a secret!13:06
pittididrocks: *shh* it's secret!13:06
dholbach@pilot out13:06
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* pitti ^5s didrocks13:06
didrockspitti: ok, when I saw the email for linux-meta at 14:59, knowing I updated those 30 minutes ago, I started to wonder13:07
* didrocks ^5s pitti :)13:07
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jamespagebroder, ping re lintian.ubuntuwire.org13:38
jamespageI'd like to get a experimental check enabled for quantal - is that possible?13:38
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cjwatsonAh.  The UEFI installation bug above is a bit more constrained than I previously thought, so even if we do test it I have an explanation for why ISO testing wouldn't have run across it.13:49
xnoxbug 1024202 apport crash report about apport crashing =) oh the irony13:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1024202 in apport (Ubuntu) "apport-gtk crashed with SIGABRT in __assert_fail_base()" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/102420213:50
xnox... marking as being affected.13:50
TheLordOfTimelol, i've seen taht before, that's not the first time i've seen that in the past few days :P13:51
sbeattieslangasek: upgrades within precise14:05
barrymitya57: thanks for the reminder, i'm looking at it right now14:08
mitya57barry: great!14:09
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broderjamespage: hey - i'm swamped this week, but could do it next, or maybe this weekend. can you send me an email with the details?14:30
jamespagebroder, thanks - details on the way14:33
tkamppeterLaney, doko, hi14:43
tkamppeterLaney, doko, I have a problem with Avahi14:44
dokotkamppeter, why do you ask me? ;)14:52
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tkamppeterLaney, doko, host names with NAME.local do not get resolved and an Avahi service (remote printer) does not get resolved via avahi_service_resolver_new()15:08
tkamppeterdoko, sorry, you were in debian/changelog of avahi-daemon15:08
didrocksdholbach: I will probably switch my patch pilot for next week15:15
didrocksdholbach: can't do it tomorrow with all PS crazyness15:16
tkamppeterslangasek, can you help me with an Avahi issue?15:17
evmpt: http://poppy-dev.local/?launchpad=false - should asynchronously load the colors15:20
mptev, works in Firefox :-)15:21
evmpt: I tested it there too :)15:22
mptev, have you figured out why bug 1027648 is highlighted as a regression? It was never marked fixed.15:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1027648 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Quantal) "ubiquity crashed with ValueError in command(): I/O operation on closed file." [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/102764815:23
evI'll have a look in a moment15:24
xnoxev, mpt: well.... maybe it should be as it is resurrected bug 792652 and should have the same crash signature15:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 792652 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Precise) "ubiquity crashed with ValueError in command(): I/O operation on closed file" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/79265215:25
evmpt: fixed15:35
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elmotkamppeter: around?15:59
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dholbachdidrocks, sure sure16:23
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paultagjodh: Hey, I saw your ITP, and replied without thinking to ask if I got it right. Any idea if I used a silly argument? I'd be happy to clear it up without causing more of a ruckus18:32
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paultagAh, I see you already replied, jodh. Toodles.18:56
xnoxjbicha: what installation about ubiquity is there?19:12
xnoxjbicha: I want some UIFe for ubiquity crypt & regression w.r.t. scrollbars19:12
xnoxbug 1042649 and bug 105204019:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1042649 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "[FFe] [UIFe] Manual Partitioning Crypt" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104264919:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1052040 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "[regression] [UIFe] ubiquity greeter does not have overlay scrollbars in quantal, but it did in precise" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105204019:13
xnoxjbicha: installation docs that is.19:14
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Laneypoor docs team19:19
jbichaxnox: oh, I was out this morning and didn't get a chance to reply to your email; the Docs Team handles help.ubuntu.com but we don't have any control over ubuntu.com19:20
xnoxjbicha: ok. And how about granting those UIFe =)))) from docs team perspective? do they affect docs much.19:20
xnoxjbicha: there is only screenshots from 10.04 on the Graphical install wiki page.19:21
xnoxjbicha: nothing that I can see on the plain help.ubuntu.com19:21
jbicharight, ubuntu-docs doesn't really have ubiquity docs; so no objections from the Docs Team19:21
TheLordOfTimejbicha, so if help.ubuntu.com needs updating, do i go poke the docs team, or...?19:21
xnoxjbicha: but I don't know about about localised and / or ubuntu books etc.19:21
xnoxjbicha: ok, thanks.19:21
jbichaI've not heard any one from the Ubuntu books complain yet, I don't think it will cause a problem for the Ubuntu Manual19:22
TheLordOfTimewhoops, wrong location to ask, sorry19:22
jbichadoes the crypt stuff add new strings for translation though?19:22
jbichaTheLordOfTime: if it's help.ubuntu.com/community you should be able to update the wiki yourself; otherwise yeah you can file a bug19:23
xnoxjbicha: no it does not. I have added the strings in advance before translation freeze.19:23
xnoxjbicha: I had all the mock-ups so I new the strings up front =) and I withhold urges to change strings.19:24
* xnox withheld?19:24
Laneyi'd say resisted19:24
* xnox chooses native speaker option. 19:24
xnoxI resisted urges to change strings =)19:24
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CaesarCould someone running quantal please do cal | hexdump -C and stick the output in a pastebin for me? Want to see if a bug in precise is still in quantal19:50
xnoxCaesar: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1213597/20:01
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CaesarThanks xnox20:17
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trismweird message from launchpad about being unable to import the translations in es.po from gnome-control-center 1:3.4.2-0ubuntu15, looking at the file there are a bunch of carriage returns which it seems to be failing on. It isn't part of the diff from ubuntu14 to ubuntu15 so it must have been in the last upload as well, should I worry about it?20:42
xnoxtrism: don't worry about it =)20:43
* xnox had similar one before20:43
trismxnox: alright, thanks :)20:43
xnoxtrism: lp side fails to parse some bits which are actually valid or something like that.20:43
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bdmurraystgraber: testing bug 946406 with a 12.04.1 iso I am not able to recreate it22:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 946406 in casper (Ubuntu Quantal) "suspect race condition Keyboard layout, oem-config not set on persistent USB image" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94640622:18
stgraberbdmurray: yeah, I know but the italians say they can...22:19
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stgraberbdmurray: added a comment asking for a lot more details on what exactly they're doing22:22
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mwhudsonobscure question i guess, but why might an upstart job that has22:49
mwhudsonstart on runlevel [23]22:49
mwhudsonnot start on boot?22:49
mwhudsonthis is on a nano image on a beagle xm fwiw22:50
mwhudsoni've added --verbose to the kernels args and see _some_ upstart activity...22:50
sarnoldwhat does runlevel(8) report as the runlevel once your system is running?22:51
mwhudsonah so you see22:51
mwhudsonthe fun thing is that i can't get into the system :-)22:51
sarnoldoh! that's fun. :)22:51
mwhudsonthe upstart job i am curious about is the one that starts a console on the serial line22:51
mwhudsonand the image doesn't have openssh or anything like that22:51
sarnoldis openssh-server too large for th...22:52
sarnolddrat :)22:52
mwhudsoni can mount the sd card and play chroot games i guess22:52
mwhudsonnot sure how i'd determine the ip address though22:52
sarnolddhcpd logs?22:53
mwhudsoni guess22:53
sarnoldtcpdump and look for arp who-has requests? IIRC the Linux stack will query for its own IP when coming online..22:53
mwhudsonhee /sbin/ldconfig: 15: cannot create /dev/null: Permission denied22:55
mwhudsoni guess i forgot something when chrooting then22:55
mwhudsonoh what, i boot it with a network cable attached and i get the console on the serial line23:12
mwhudsonnevermind though23:12
sarnoldmwhudson: heh, but if you unplug the nic the serial console goes away too?23:14
mwhudsonsarnold: don't know23:22
mwhudsonsarnold: don't actually care either :)23:22
mwhudson(i'm just using the device to test some host-side debugging stuff, i just need it running)23:23
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