darkxstjbicha, I suppose it needs to be finished before beta freeze?00:32
jbichanot exactly, we can get exceptions all the way until Final Freeze; of course, the sooner the better00:34
darkxstok, np, I will have a play with it a bit later today00:35
smartboyhwOh jbicha is not here15:34
TheLordOfTimejbicha, smartboyhw was looking for you earlier, but /die'd17:09
jbichait's rather late in his timezone17:10
jbichahe's welcome to email the list if he needs something17:11
TheLordOfTimeSILENCE UBOT5!19:01
TheLordOfTimeI CONDEMN YOU!19:01
darkxstjbicha, did you want to keep the ubuntu logo in plymouth theme20:56
jbichamy instinct is to leave it out, but I haven't thought about it too much20:58
darkxstjbicha, https://www.dropbox.com/s/7k2aw3vgq8zadlx/Screenshot%20from%202012-09-19%2007%3A15%3A06.png21:22
darkxstI think it would be best to leave a progress indicator, however if we drop the logo, that particular one isnt great21:24
jbichamy thinking was that the progress indicator could be the blinds shifting or scrolling across the screen21:25
jbichai.e. no dots needed21:25
jbichajust an idea, I don't know how much work that is to implement, or if I'm even describing it clearly enough21:25
darkxstI suppose that might be possible21:53
jbichayeah, sorry for not explaining what I was looking for at all :(22:00
darkxstatleast in the X11 renderer its a bit jittery22:06
darkxsti.e. scrolling the image across the screen22:07
darkxstIts probably just too much work for plymouth to handle (presumably its redrawing the picture each frame :( )22:11
darkxstjbicha, I think you would need to create the illusion of moving, by having say 5 images22:18
darkxstand carefully cross-fading across the images22:19
darkxstjbicha, so basically I think we stick with the fade-in animation for 12.1023:45
darkxstyour scrolling blinds will require new artwork, and probably be quite tricky to design23:45
jbichawhat do you mean by fade-in animation?23:47
darkxstI do have an idea for a progress indicator though, if we are allowed to  use ubuntu artwork?23:47
darkxstmy current animation, is like a fast version of the animated wallpaper23:48
jbichaI believe we can use the ubuntu logo23:48
darkxstcan be color it?23:48
darkxstI am thinking we could use the circle of friends as an indicator23:48
darkxstsomething like the orange shaded version of the logo (but in colours from the blinds pallete)23:49
darkxstand have the colours spinning around the logo23:50
jbichayou could post screenshots or a video to the list23:53
jbichaclean and simple is probably best (in other words, my blinds idea was probably too much; I guess there's a reason plymouth boot screen tend to have relatively simple animation)23:54
darkxstthe fade-in works well, except we can't know how long the boot will take :(23:55
darkxsti.e its start at night blinds and fade through to the bright image23:56
darkxsthmm video of fade-in or logo indicator?23:56
jbichacan you fade back to the darker blinds?23:56
darkxstyes, I could loop it around23:57
darkxstalthough that kind of breaks my idea, of its like the computer slowly coming awake23:58
jbichaI believe Fedora has used a horizontal scrollbar for a few years so they've figured out how to measure boot status to some degree23:59
jbichabut Ubuntu tends to use a loop23:59

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