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krosswindzI was wondering if someone could help me with a question on packaging for my ppa03:24
krosswindzi want to build a package for which i want to build-depend on an older version of the package from my ppa rather than a newer version from ubuntu main03:25
krosswindzI tried to set the version in build depend package foo(= version-bar) then I get an error03:25
krosswindz"missing build dependencies"03:26
krosswindzany way I could fix this so that I can build the package with an older version of one of its dependencies03:26
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dholbachgood morning06:55
gesergood morning dholbach07:00
dholbachhi geser07:00
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mitya57dholbach: hi, do you have five minutes for me?09:50
dholbachmitya57, I'm currently in the middle of fixing a problem I created :)09:51
dholbachmaybe you just explain how I could help and maybe we can figure it out together?09:51
mitya57ah, I see it on #ubuntu-devel09:51
mitya57I wanted you to say something good (or bad) about me at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DmitryShachnev/PPUApplication ...09:52
dholbachah ok09:52
dholbachdo you think you could drop me an email about it, so I don't forget?09:52
dholbachI'm happy to do it!09:52
mitya57ok, will send now :)09:53
dholbachawesome, thanks a lot09:53
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krosswindzi was wondering if anybody could help me with a question regarding packaging and ppa13:03
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geserjust ask13:12
krosswindzgeser: I am trying to build xbmc 11.0 in my ppa to support nfs using libnfs13:13
krosswindzThe problem being that the version of libnfs in ubuntu repos is new and isnt compatible with xbmc v11.013:14
krosswindzI built an older version of libnfs which is comptabile with xbmc in my ppa13:14
krosswindzI setup the build-depends in the xbmc debian/control file as libnfs-dev (= 1.0.0~git20110902.0804e67)13:15
geserapt automatically selects the newest version and installs it13:15
krosswindzis there a way to downgrade or tell apt not to install the newer version13:15
krosswindzor downgrade to an older version13:16
TheLordOfTimegeser, i have a question, if i enable proposed in a VM to test, apparently it won't "upgrade" a given package's dependencies according to what's needed, unless i specify the version for each.  Any suggestion to get around that and force autoinstall of the deps?13:16
geserkrosswindz: no, you would need to rename that older version to something like libnfs-1.0-dev (and the same with library package itself) so it doesn't collide with the newer version of libnfs13:18
krosswindzgeser: ok thanks for the help13:18
krosswindzI was hoping one wouldnt have to do it, guess I will have to name it differently13:19
geserTheLordOfTime: did you try "apt-get install foobar -t ...-proposed"?13:19
margaHeys.  Long time ago, when Ubuntu was still new and shiny, I remember someone saying that all Debian Developers had automatic (or similar) upload rights to universe.  Is that still the case? Do I have to go through any process to get universe upload rights? (I'm a DD)13:20
TheLordOfTimegeser, no, i'll try that13:20
gesermarga: I don't remember that it was ever the case. But as a DD we trust you to have the needed packaging skills :) and you just need to show knowledge on the Ubuntu-specific processes (mostly about freezes)13:22
margageser, ok.  So, is there a process that I need to go through?13:22
gesermarga: I hope the best starting point describing it is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopers13:25
margaok... that looks like a lot of steps :).13:26
geserin short: show interest in Ubuntu, participate through sponsors, apply for MOTU (or PPU for your maintained packages) at the DMB13:26
margaYes, well, I just wanted to update a package that already has a patch in the bug queue... participating through sponsoring kind of loses the purpose.13:29
TheLordOfTimegeser, is there a method to get upload permissions to -proposed for a specific package, or is it the same as Ubuntu Dev procedures?13:30
TheLordOfTimeout of curiosity13:31
TheLordOfTimebtw, that apt-get command works :)13:31
geserTheLordOfTime: if you have upload permissions for that package, you can also upload to -proposed this package13:31
TheLordOfTimeassuming i don't have upload perms for that package, what's the process?13:31
geserTheLordOfTime: for uploading? go through a sponsor. for getting upload rights? show that you have sufficient skills to manage that package (easily by getting uploads sponsored) and apply for PPU rights13:33
gesermarga: I don't know if the DMB has any shortened process for DDs but I guess they would like to see that you really want to care about your packages in Ubuntu too (and the sponsoring is usually pretty quick and easy)13:35
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mitya57A (stupid?) packaging question:14:39
mitya57I have two packages (retext and retext-wpgen), and I want to merge them, so that14:39
mitya57retext-wpgen is removed on upgrade14:39
dholbachI'll start a hangout-on-air about Ubuntu development in 20 minutes - anyone interested in co-hosting?14:40
mitya57Is a usual Breaks/Replaces fine for that?14:40
coolbhavidholbach, m there!14:41
mitya57(or there should be something like Provides/Breaks/Replaces)?14:41
dholbachcoolbhavi, cool - I'll invite you when I start it14:41
coolbhavisure dholbach14:41
gesermitya57: Breaks/Replaces should be enough (check the Debian policy manual if you want to be sure)14:43
mitya57geser: policy section 7.6.2 suggests using Provides/Breaks/Replaces, but for a slightly different case14:45
dholbachcoolbhavi, you might want to join #ubuntuonair for the questions/discussions14:48
coolbhavidone dholbach14:48
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obounaimI want to become a maintainer of a python package, does anybody interested in helping me?17:37
paultaganyonw know where jodh hangs out?18:30
stgraberpaultag: #ubuntu-devel mostly18:31
paultagthanks, stgraber18:31
TheLordOfTimei assume the process for PPU rights is the same regardless of main or universe?18:32
TheLordOfTimefor applying for PPU*18:32
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jtayloranyone familiar with typo3?20:52
jtaylorI'm planing on syncing 4.15.19 to quantal several sec issues but also 3 bugfix releases20:53
jtaylorasssuming the upstream changelogs are correct it should not need release team ack, but its still quite large and quite late20:55
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jtaylorI'll sync it, the fixes seem worth it21:35
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