IdleOne\x Please don't idle in this channel00:13
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Myrtti\x: how can we help you?09:28
Myrttiastraljava1: dude, identify09:35
knomeMyrtti, he's most probably busy :P09:38
MyrttiI know, but still.09:39
knomehaven't seen him in ages in irc09:39
chu\x has been hangin around for a while... Any chance they were ban forwarded here and just haven't noticed? (I noted IdleOne asking him to not idle earlier too)11:14
Myrttianything is possible11:18
Myrttinothing is true11:18
chuHow metaphysical of you Myrtti :p11:19
Myrttivery Assassin's Creed-ish11:19
MyrttiI need my head checked again11:20
bazhang<Deutopia> gbili; take the PC apart and reset the BIOS. if that fails, take everything out but bare minimum to boot (leave only 1 RAM module) start putting the PC back together peice by peice till you find the rpoblem.12:07
bazhangthat seems drastic12:08
bazhangthen use ubuntu...not mint if you expect support12:11
bazhang<Sokel_> IboS: This is not windows. Most things that happen in windows will do the same in Linux, like resolutions and appearance of webcams.14:47
bazhangalso advised that empathy was a mail client14:48
tonyyarussoFor very small values for "mail"!  :P15:02
bazhang<Sidewinder1> Mamadex, Perhaps try in #ubuntu-offtopic.16:25
bazhangincoming to -ot16:25
bazhangand cyclist just recycles the polling from #x to #u16:35
PiciI don't know what their question has to do with the software center.16:35
bazhangit's slow on vbox16:36
Myrttiit's slow on anything, it doesn't need to be in vbox to do that16:36
Myrttiinvalid argument16:36
IdleOneLibreoffice is slow. How does it use Software center?16:36
bazhangbug confirmed: wontfix16:37
bazhang<hfic> enter is not punctuation.16:43
bazhanghe must be new16:43
bazhangoh lovely16:44
IdleOneWhy don't you answer my unanswerable question!!16:46
PiciIdleOne: klined16:47
IdleOneklines don't last forever16:48
IdleOnebut I'll remove the ban if you want :)16:48
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