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Laneylooks like python3-virtkey needs to be promotd08:35
LaneyO gentle archive admin08:35
Laneydidrocks: ^ perhaps you could do this (to get daily images today)? python-virtkey probably then falls out I guess (but didn't verify)08:39
didrocksLaney: ok, it's python-virtkey -> python3-virtkey basically?08:40
Laneyyeah, for onboard08:40
didrocksdone and no reverse-depends for python-virtkey08:41
didrocksmoving to universe08:41
* Laney wonders when the ipmitool situation will be cleaned up08:42
Laneyjust checking quantal_probs08:42
Laneythanks btw08:45
xnoxDo I need FFe for fixing bug 105204008:54
ubot2Launchpad bug 1052040 in ubiquity "[regression] ubiquity greeter does not have overlay scrollbars in quantal, but it did in precise" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105204008:54
xnoxsee attached screenshots.08:55
xnoxwell... not FFE, but rather UIFE08:55
Laneyxnox: you should ask #ubuntu-docs or their ML if it's in any screenshots09:13
Laneybut otherwise consider it approved from my pov09:13
iulianxnox: If it is a regression and you guys didn't want to change it, then I'd consider it a bug fix.09:14
xnoxLaney: well... it's on here http://www.ubuntu.com/download/help/install-ubuntu-desktop09:14
iulianOh, I'm too slow this morning.09:14
Laneyit is09:14
xnoxLaney: * Cannot join #ubuntu-docs (Channel is invite only).09:15
LaneyI guessed TBH09:15
Laneymaybe they don't have a channel, if so just mail the list instead09:15
iulian#ubuntu-doc seems to be genuine.09:16
* xnox is confused about Laney \m/09:17
iulianHe doesn't want to show his head, only feet. It's sort of like a Laney 2.0, cyberman.09:19
iulianOh, was wrong.09:19
* xnox is not down with the kids09:19
iulianOK, uni time, ta-ta.09:22
babyface_why no quantal  desktop isos today ?09:31
babyface_anybody know this ?09:32
Laneycomponent mismatch09:32
Laneywill be fixed soon09:32
babyface_Laney,  are you talking to me ?09:32
babyface_Laney, ok, got it. thanks.09:32
Laneyonboard depended on a package in universe which we just promoted to main this morning09:33
Laneybabyface_: respinning now09:41
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Laneybabyface_: should be there now11:09
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balloonsping cjwatson14:09
cjwatsonballoons: best to include a reason please14:10
balloonscjwatson, sorry mate. I wanted to chat with you about the tech board summary.. Specifically, I wanted more information on the nvidia drivers decision(s)14:10
balloonswhen will the changes occur -- and it looks like both precise and quantal will get new -experimental packages for nvidia/fglrx. Will these also show in jockey?14:11
cjwatsonI'm mainly the secretary here :-)  Talk to bryceh and pitti about implementation details14:12
balloonscjwatson, thanks.. will do14:12
cjwatsonwg 2714:12
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xnoxCan somebody look at bug 104264914:27
ubot2Launchpad bug 1042649 in ubiquity "[FFe] [UIFe] Manual Partitioning Crypt" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104264914:27
xnoxit is now ready to be uploaded and it was previously discussed at the release meetings.14:27
xnoxI have notified doc & translation teams before, but will notify them again, once this is uploaded.14:27
stgraberxnox: well, they need to ack prior to upload14:28
xnoxstgraber: ok. Before or after FFe is granted?14:28
stgraberwell, at least the doc team should14:28
stgraberxnox: before14:28
stgraberwe can still review the FFe but the best we can give you is a conditional +1 on doc + translation approving it14:29
stgraberxnox: planning to land that for beta2 I guess?14:29
xnoxstgraber: yes.14:29
xnoxstgraber: I am also planning to land lvm2-advanced before beta2 (bug 1042647) but that is not ready yet.14:31
ubot2Launchpad bug 1042647 in ubiquity "[FFe] [UIFe] Manual Partitioning LVM" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104264714:31
xnoxstgraber: well I emailed the ubuntu doc team mailing list. there was no response last time though....14:42
stgraberxnox: try to poke jbicha on IRC14:42
xnoxstgraber: ok.14:43
stgraberhe doesn't seem to be online at the moment, but he's usually not too far away14:43
knomestgraber, any ETA when bug 1039158 is pushed to production?15:24
ubot2Launchpad bug 1039158 in ubuntu-qa-website "Add css to have dl/dt/dd show as numbered list for testcases" [Wishlist,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/103915815:24
knomestgraber, i mean, the fix, not the bug ;]15:25
stgraberknome: fixing other things first, hopefully before beta215:26
knomestgraber, ok, no hurry, just wondering :)15:27
knomestgraber, but it would be nice to get it in before beta freeze15:27
stgraberknome: well, the tracker isn't subject to beta freeze but yeah, should be rolled out before the weekend15:29
knomestgraber, i know... but it affects the testing experience, and we might to some cooperation with a local uni, and we might get up to 60 testers15:29
knomeanyway, bbl15:32
Laneyogra_: any chance we can get that linux-ti-omap4 copied to release?16:15
cjwatsonLaney: infinity's on it (#ubuntu-installer)16:19
cjwatsonassuming you mean quantal16:19
Laneysure do16:20
ogra_Laney, right, infinitys job rather than mine16:29
ogra_he eats kernels for breakfast ;)16:30
infinityOm nom nom.16:30
LaneyFlickerless panda plz16:30
infinityI'll flicker your panda.16:30
infinityAnd because I haven't been mesmerised by it yet this morning, it's time for: http://lucifer.0c3.net/~adconrad/loose-pandas.gif16:31
* Laney hopes no children are watching16:31
ogra_thats like my 5 (!) racoon babies that visit me every evening :)16:32
ogra_(we never had 5 before ... 2 in max, seems leaving my garden alone improved the ecosystem for racoons)16:33
cjwatsoninfinity: That's fifty shades of awesome16:35
skaetLaney, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-lens-music/+bug/1049593 - could you check that your concerns have been addressed?16:40
ubot2Launchpad bug 1049593 in ayatana-design "[FFE][UIFE]Dash - Finesse the placement, movement and behaviour of the 12.10 Dash " [Critical,Fix committed]16:40
Laneyskaet: what do you think?16:42
skaetNot answering the regression question, but much more detail provided on the fixes associated with this.16:45
skaetLots of the contents in the description seem like fixes to me.16:46
Laneystill misses -doc notification16:47
* Laney tries and fails to tab complete jbicha16:47
skaetyeah,  haven't seen him since earlier this morning.16:50
* Laney wonders about a dash sprint taking place after UIF ;-)16:50
ogra_Laney, to get clean ?16:51
didrockstssss ogra_ :)16:53
Laneywe don't have that over here16:53
ogra_con bicarbonato !16:53
Laneyso the joke kind of passed me by :P16:53
xnoxis that how the blur effect is done?!16:53
didrocksin France, it's "Dash 2 in 1" :)16:53
skaetLaney,  getting comments on the fallback plan added now.16:53
Laneyby drinking it?16:53
ogra_didrocks, same in germany :)16:53
Laneyskaet: you might as well ask them to mail the docs team while you're at it16:53
didrocksit's not like if I didn't pointed them almost 100x times about the process page for both FFe and UIFe16:54
skaetLaney, didrocks. done.16:55
didrocksskaet: thanks16:58
skaetdidrocks, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/1042323 - is this ready to land for beta 2,  can't tell.17:13
ubot2Launchpad bug 1042323 in compiz "[FFE] Port GTK Window Decorator to GSettings" [High,Fix released]17:13
cjwatsonLaney: can I just unsubscribe ubuntu-archive from bug 1046649, since backporters can process backports themselves now?  or is there any other fixup I need to do?17:14
ubot2Launchpad bug 1046649 in precise-backports "Please backport fonts-cns11643 98.1-1 (multiverse) from quantal" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104664917:14
skaetjbicha, could you look over https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-lens-music/+bug/1049593 and comment on impact?17:15
ubot2Launchpad bug 1049593 in ayatana-design "[FFE][UIFE]Dash - Finesse the placement, movement and behaviour of the 12.10 Dash " [Critical,Fix committed]17:15
cjwatsonI'm confused about why ubuntu-release was ever subscribed to that bug in the first place.17:15
Laneycjwatson: he said -release but meant -archive AFAICS17:16
Laneyand yeah, just remove the subscription unless you particularly fancy uploading it17:17
LaneyNCommander: ^ you should just upload it17:18
Laney(using backportpackage to prepare the package for you)17:18
cjwatsonLaney,NCommander: OK, done17:18
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jbichaskaet: I looked at it & wasn't happy about how huge of a bug it was, can you let my email response to ubuntu-release through?18:04
skaetjbicha, will do18:06
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Laneyjbicha: thatnks for that mail19:25
skaetLaney, https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/713423 -- not sure I'm following wha you're still looking for on this one.  The questions you asked seem to have been answered.19:55
ubot2Launchpad bug 713423 in ayatana-design "[FFe/UIFe] Unity launcher gets cluttered when having multiple partitions and/or external volumes attached" [High,Fix committed]19:55
Laneyskaet: does it have uife?19:56
skaetLaney, https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/713423/comments/2119:57
ubot2Launchpad bug 713423 in ayatana-design "[FFe/UIFe] Unity launcher gets cluttered when having multiple partitions and/or external volumes attached" [High,Fix committed]19:57
LaneyI wasn't necessarily still looking for anything19:58
Laneywell, he didn't say when it could land :-)19:59
skaetHe said it was ready to land now.20:00
skaetbut they're blocking on FFe approval,  so I'm trying to get it resolved.  :)20:00
Laneylet me approve it quickly20:01
skaetThanks.  :)20:01
Laneyi'm busy fixing a different build failure atm, so my brain isn't really in release mode20:01
Laneydoko: speaking of that, please take drift off the blacklist20:13
Laneyit is fixed and I'm going to NMU it20:13
dokoLaney, ok20:14
xnoxskaet: Laney: I got +1 from documentation teams for bug [FFe & UIFe] 1042649 and bug [UIFe] 105204020:54
xnoxare those ok to be uploaded from release team point of view?20:54
* xnox kinda had an ok from stgraber earlier, but I'm not sure if it counts.20:55
xnoxand kinda from skaet / release team meeting20:55
xnoxbut not explicit.20:55
xnoxhence poking about it again =)20:55
knomein non-clear issues, i'll just interpret to be the best alternative for me ;]20:56
skaetxnox,  backed up looking at 2 issues ahead of you.   Will check those next if someone doesn't beat me to it. ;)20:59
LaneyUIFe fine, FFe I'm not so sure, I'll let stgraber decide20:59
Laneygiven the *cough* fun at b120:59
xnoxLaney: in theory, if it lands now & fun repeats it will be fixed by friday. Not landing it on friday and having the fun all the way to next tuesday.21:01
xnoxLaney: for example I will not consider uploading it Thursday afternoon or later. I'll upload it into ppa or -proposed.21:02
xnoxLaney: I didn't like b1 at all...21:02
Laneywell, fun happened last time when people started testing the installer in earnest21:03
Laneyi.e. next week21:03
LaneyI assume you still need a code review to land it anyway?21:03
xnoxLaney: true, if I find someone to review it. The usual suspects for partman are very busy. (colin, stephan, ... not sure who else)21:05
LaneyI dunno, it just makes me wary21:06
Laneybut I defer to someone else rather than nacking21:06
xnoxLaney: you reserve the right to say "i told you so" ;-)21:06
* xnox ponders if quantal beta1 will be reminded to me every time i make freeze exception requests.21:07
jbichaskaet: by your comment on bug 1005682, I presume you want us to revert to WebKit 1.8 since 1.9.2 as a development snapshot isn't really supportable21:45
ubot2Launchpad bug 1005682 in webkit "FFE: Update webkit to 1.9.91" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/100568221:45
jbichaI guess the Release Team shouldn't have been subscribed anyway until newer WebKit versions didn't FTBFS21:48
skaetjbicha,  yes,  the commentary in the bug pointed that it would be safer to stay with 1.8 at this point.21:48
Laneydid it break ABI since 1.8?21:50
infinityYeah, reverting webkit sounds like a lot more trouble than it's worth.21:52
jbichaLaney: um, probably? you're welcome to dig through the diff at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/webkit/1.9.2-1ubuntu121:54
infinityLaney: Everything would absolutely have to be rebuilt, if it was rebuilt against 1.921:54
infinityLaney: As for *API*, I'm less sure.  Seems to be conflicting reports about epiphany, or are we just shipping an old version?21:55
skaetLaney,  infinity - what's in the archive right now is webkit_1.8.1 - I was just trying to advocate we stay at it, rather than approve the update.21:55
LaneyDunno. It sound like a pain in the backside.21:55
jbichaskaet: no, a developer snapshot 1.9.2 is currently in the archive21:56
Laneyhttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/webkit/1.9.2-1ubuntu4 that's what we have currently21:56
infinityskaet: Err, yeah.  It's 1.9.221:56
infinityskaet: You're looking at precise.21:56
infinityI think the sane way forward here is probably forward, with a hard commitment for the desktop team to update quantal to 1.10 final, even if it lands post-release.21:57
skaetinfinity,  was looking: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/w/webkit/?C=M;O=D21:57
infinityBut if reverting really is painless, that would do.21:57
infinityskaet: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/webkit21:57
jbichaall we need is to magically get WebKit 1.9 to build in quantal :)21:57
infinityskaet: Much easier to decipher than a directory full of files.21:58
skaetinfinity, yup, see it now.21:58
infinityjbicha: Oh.  It stopped building at some point?21:58
jbichaI believe the current version builds, it's future snapshots that aren't buildable yet21:59
infinityAhh, right.  Following the bug breadcrumbs.21:59
jbichainfinity: We're stuck with a developer snapshot of Epiphany until we get the newer WebKit as the dependency was bumped22:00
skaetinfinity, Laney - please comment on path of least risk on the bug.   I'm definitely leaning to least risk at this point.22:00
infinityWell, if someone can make a snapshot build, pushing to 1.10 sounds less painful than reverting and rebuilding the world.22:01
infinityAnd less "risky", in the sense that it's closer to what people have been testing.22:01
infinityReverting to old software (when it interacts with other new things) doesn't magically mean you get to be as bug-free as precise.22:02
Laneyand it might not just be a matter of rebuilding everything (if new stuff depends on new stuff)22:02
skaetinfinity,  yeah, understood.   micahg,  what's possible?22:02
cjwatsonhow big is the reverse dep tree anyway?22:04
jbichaMageia was also having trouble getting WebKit 1.9 to build22:06
infinity140 reverse build-deps.  Not sure how far down the tree that gets one.22:06
cjwatsonand those are all on 1.9 already?22:06
infinityAnd not sure how many things have been rebuilt against the new ABI (and thus need a rebuild) versus need the new API (thus needing a revert as well) and how many wouldn't need to be touched.22:07
infinityA versioned rdep scan would be more accurate for the ABI-rebuild question, the API one's a bit tougher.22:07
infinityAnd might just be epihany, if we're lucky.22:08
LaneyI gave it back in the PPA, you never know.22:08
skaetinfinity, Laney - have reset it back to inprogress for quantal,  based on the above comments.   If one of you encounters micahg while I'm offline, can you discuss this further with him and see what the path of least pain is here?22:15
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knomeskaet, it's not too funny when we're past FFe and suddenly our image jumps up 6MB of gnome dependencies... :/22:49
cjwatsonIn case anyone wonders, the new upstream releases of libpipeline and man-db I just synced are bugfix-only, mainly to defend against near-future glibc and automake changes.22:50
knomecjwatson, thanks for reviewing indicator-sound22:50
cjwatsonNot sure that was me actually22:51
knomeskaet, looks like it's the onboard stuff, that depends on mousetweaks, and depends on much more gnome stuff22:51
knomeskaet, this. is. not. funny. after. FFe.22:51
skaetknome.  agreed.22:52
knomethanks. (ed: that was the very very mild version i forwarded to release team)22:53
* skaet needs to break away from IRC so she can catch up on todays mail. *sigh*22:54
cjwatsonknome: bug 1041303, apparently22:54
ubot2Launchpad bug 1041303 in onboard "Feature freeze exception request: Plz update Onboard to 0.98.0 targeted at quantal" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104130322:54
cjwatson(I had no involvement - just for reference)22:54
knomewell yeah. it sucks. is some action going to be taken or is it just going to be left as is?22:55
cjwatsonI don't know - have you talked with the people who proposed the update in the first place?22:56
cjwatsonthat's probably better than going through -release in the first instance22:57
knomeno, because we just found this out a few minutes ago22:57
cjwatsonright, but you had time to talk to the release team ;-)22:57
knomei thought the release team was on top of things like this (as you were - thanks)22:58
cjwatsonjust saying, if you're asking about action then it's generally best to talk to relevant developers first22:58
cjwatsonrather than "pre-escalating" if you will22:58
knomei don't really know how to proceed anyway - what is it that i'm actually able to do myself? should i ask them to revert the whole package as it affects us, or simply dropping the dependency (which they seem to need)22:59
knomeok, comment added to the bug23:00
knomeis there something else we can do?23:00
Laneyif mousetweaks is a problem then it is a recommends, so may be able to be removed23:00
LaneyI suggest you talk to the uploader.23:01
knomehow do i check who is the uploader?23:02
Laneythe bug says23:02
Laneybut file a /new/ one, instead of commenting on this old done one.23:03
LaneyMaybe mousetweaks itself could get fixed.23:03
knomeyeah, maybe, but before b2freeze? i doubt so.23:04
LaneyWho knows?23:04
cjwatsonknome: you should explain the problem to them and have a conversation about it23:05
cjwatsonrather than pre-specifying possible solutions if you aren't sure23:05
knomesending an email.23:06
LaneyTheMuso is someone to speak to about mousetweaks, judging from the changelog.23:07
jbichaoh I guess you could change the dependency back to mousetetweaks (misspelled) ;)23:10
knomejbicha, i'd laugh at that if it was earlier in the cycle, but it's <2 days to beta 2 freeze and this brings 6MB more packages to our already oversized ISO.23:11
knomesomebody on the release team, maybe approver, wants a CC of the mail to be on top of the issue?23:12
LaneyI think you'll be happier if you speak to TheMuso on IRC23:13
knomeidle for 18 hours.23:13
knomeLaney, PM'ing, if he doesn't reply soon (>2am here), i'll send the mail and add you both to the CC.23:14
Laneydon't bother adding me23:15
knomecan you explain why?23:15
LaneyI can't speak to the merits of the change you're asking for, so I don't see what point me receiving an email about it has23:16
knomeyou approved the FFe?23:17
knomeTheMuso said he doesn't know anything about the packaging.23:17
knomeok, he's demoting mousetweaks to suggests.23:19
Laneydid you ask him about the g-c-c recommends from mousetweaks?23:20
knomeno, i didn't23:20
LaneyI'd have thought that would be a better first place to look23:20
knomei have no idea about the packaging, the requirements, or anything else regarding to this issue either.23:21
Laneyperhaps some investigation would reveal that it could be Enhances.23:21
LaneyI'll leave you with that23:22
knomesleep tight23:22
knometoo bad i'm not competent to investigate that23:23

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