mklappstuhlsarnold, what do you think about this: http://hack2live.blogspot.de/2009/07/force-reboot-linux-server.html00:01
sarnoldmklappstuhl: ah! that's easier than writing a little tiny shutdown program, which is where I was headed next.00:02
sarnoldmklappstuhl: be sure to echo "s" first to _sync_, then "u" to umount00:02
mklappstuhl[2510048.769174] SysRq : HELP : loglevel(0-9) reBoot Crash terminate-all-tasks(E) memory-full-oom-kill(F) kill-all-tasks(I) thaw-filesystems(J) saK show-backtrace-all-active-cpus(L) show-memory-usage(M) nice-all-RT-tasks(N) powerOff show-registers(P) show-all-timers(Q) unRaw Sync show-task-states(T) Unmount show-blocked-tasks(W) dump-ftrace-buffer(Z)00:03
mklappstuhlsarnold, I just tried with "b" in the meantime — oops :)00:04
sarnoldmklappstuhl: any success?00:04
mklappstuhlsarnold, dmesg output above. server still running00:04
mklappstuhlthis is way to fucked up for 2am alread00:06
sarnoldmklappstuhl (!) maybe you need to enable the sysrq sysctl first? Try sysctl -w kernel.sysrq=100:07
mklappstuhlsarnold, and then echo "s" > sysrq-thing00:08
sarnoldmklappstuhl: yes00:08
mklappstuhllooks like im fucked...any new ssh session isnt responding except for a login message00:12
IdleOnePlease stop swearing00:13
sarnoldouch :/ do you have any serial access? or are you stuck driving?00:13
mklappstuhlsarnold, no serial access and I'm in my bed right now so I might just do it tomorrow in the morning00:14
sarnoldmklappstuhl: ooof. Good luck.00:15
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mklappstuhlsarnold, thanks for your help... lets see if I'm back in 7 hrs :D00:20
sarnoldmklappstuhl: sorry we couldn't get it to work; hopefully you can get some sleep this way though :)00:22
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codepython7771does it help to have a swap on a SSD drive? Is anyone using that here?01:34
slybootscodepython7771: You shouldnt really01:34
codepython7771slyboots: why is that? glad i asked01:34
slybootsSSD's you want to reduce writes where you can.   Plus your better just.. you know, buying more RAM01:35
slybootsRAms cheap :)01:35
slybootsAnd faster01:35
qman__SSDs are fast, and suited to certain purposes01:36
qman__but they're not reliable yet01:36
qman__more RAM is always better, and it is cheap01:37
fdgewith a SSD there are NO signs of impending failure01:38
fdgeit will just stop working01:38
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qman__it's still bleeding edge to be sure01:42
qman__that said, it does have its uses01:42
qman__when speed is everything, SSD is a good choice01:42
uvirtbotNew bug: #1048770 in juju "juju-origin: PPA will tend to diverge from released versions of juju" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104877001:42
qman__and they're really nice in laptops for the battery life01:42
fdgethey are very nice, you just need some form of backup01:43
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uvirtbotNew bug: #1051942 in dovecot (main) "Upgrade pigeonhole to 0.3.1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105194201:44
qcjnhi, anybody knows about quotas ? i've got error " can't guess filesystem" and "can't find a filesystem to check" but when i do a mount, the "usrquota" is there ?01:45
uvirtbotNew bug: #1051846 in tomcat6 "tomcat 6 deadlock in connector thread" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105184601:45
qcjnthats when i do the quotacheck command01:46
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codepython7771for running a server, how essential is the RAM be ECC?02:47
ikoniacodepython7771: nothing to do with a server, that's a hardware requirement02:54
ikoniaand that's not really anything to do with ubuntu either02:55
codepython7771ikonia: is there an easy way to find out if ubuntu is running on ecc or non-ecc?02:58
codepython7771also do you use ecc or non-ecc memory for your server?02:58
ikoniait's nothing to do with the OS02:58
ikoniait's a hardware requirement02:58
ikoniacodepython7771: research your hardware platform and it will tell you if it NEEDS eec ram or not02:58
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uvirtbotNew bug: #1025963 in mysql-5.5 (main) "package mysql-server-5.5 5.5.24-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 127" [Undecided,Expired] https://launchpad.net/bugs/102596304:26
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lordievaderGood morning06:29
linociscohi all06:38
linociscohi all06:38
linociscoAccording to this http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/219/builds, do I have to download .iso file daily?06:39
Kentoshey all06:46
Kentosgetting very slow speeds on proFTP through Filezilla, other LAN traffick methods work well enough (roughly 2Mb/s) though i believe i should be getting a much stronger connection in either case on a 10/100 router connection06:48
Kentoswhat might be the source of a 32KB/s transfer speed on filezilla but getting 2MB/s on other transfers06:49
linociscoAccording to this http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/219/builds, do I have to download .iso file daily?07:35
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lordievaderlinocisco: That is the daily build, in other words everyday a new version gets uploaded without any testing. Would be strange if you need to download the iso daily, I assume that 12.10 updates daily. However I don't know, I guess you should ask in #ubuntu+1 (I believe that is the channel)07:39
DoomGuythis looks wired but true.. I am using ubuntu 12.04 in 3 machines, Ubuntu machines can't ping each other without restarting the network interfaces08:01
DoomGuybut Windows machine can ping ubuntu's one08:01
DoomGuycan someone tell me what's happening ?08:02
koolhead17hi all08:07
ikoniaDoomGuy: can they use any other services on the machine08:14
DoomGuyikonia, who ?08:14
DoomGuyit's 3 different machine : 1 server and 2 clients08:15
ikoniaDoomGuy: whoever can't ping08:15
DoomGuyikonia, of course !08:15
DoomGuybut they work normally08:15
DoomGuyikonia, I am getting crazy really :(08:16
ikoniaDoomGuy: ok, what services is the server running for example08:16
ikoniaDoomGuy: (why do you care about ping )08:16
DoomGuyikonia, Git, httpd, mysql08:17
DoomGuyit's web server08:17
ikoniaok, so they all work fine08:17
ikoniaso you know there is base network connectivity08:17
DoomGuyikonia,  nothing of them until the ping works08:17
ikoniaso it has to be ICMP - and the only thing I can see that would behave like that is either a.) wake on lan b.) firewall - allowing established connections08:18
DoomGuybut from windows machine everthing woks fine08:18
ikoniaDoomGuy: so one linux client, one windows client ?08:18
DoomGuyikonia, 2 linux clients and 20~ windows clients08:18
DoomGuyikonia,  the linux machine cannot access any service on the server. windows machine can08:19
ikoniaDoomGuy: that really sounds like iptables08:19
DoomGuyI can do anything I want from a windows machine (ssh, commiting..)08:19
DoomGuyikonia, does Ubuntu server come with iptables configured on it08:20
ikoniaDoomGuy: yes08:20
ikoniaDoomGuy: I asked you to check this the other day and you said it had no firewall08:20
DoomGuyikonia,  hmm I will check that to see if any rules is setup08:20
DoomGuyikonia, I didn't touch iptables08:21
DoomGuyikonia, Policy Accept in every chain08:22
DoomGuyINPUT, FORWARD....08:22
DoomGuyby default it allow anything I guess08:22
ikoniacan th eserver ping the client08:23
DoomGuyikonia, yess !08:24
DoomGuyikonia, if so then the client  start ping too08:24
DoomGuyikonia, it looks like it's relative to standby functionality08:25
ikoniaI wonder if network manager is putting the card to sleep08:25
DoomGuyif the server is in standby linux client lost connections08:25
ikoniaICMP is then waking it up08:25
DoomGuyikonia, maybe it's that !08:25
ikoniait's an odd one if it is that08:26
koolhead17Daviey: around08:26
thierryhi everyone, i configured an adhoc network on my ubuntu-server image using this tuto ( https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Adhoc) , the prob is that i see that in my system that wlan0 is activated connected and that iwconfig returns the correct parameters but i cant find the network on anyother device!08:26
DoomGuyikonia, any idea about that subject ?08:26
ikoniaDoomGuy: have a look at the card in network manager, also look at it in ethtool08:27
DoomGuyikonia, have a look at the card in network manager => how to do so ?08:28
DoomGuyfor ethtool I will check in the net08:28
DoomGuyikonia, you're right dmesg show me that messages08:29
DoomGuyeth0 NIC is Down08:29
DoomGuylater on eth0 NIC LINK is up08:29
ikoniaso ethtool can disable sleep08:29
ikoniaDoomGuy: may also be speed negotiation making it flap08:30
DoomGuyikonia, OK this is the real issue08:30
DoomGuythanks a lot I will check for that subject08:30
ikoniano problem08:30
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freakynlHi, I'm in need of some assistence. We have a 7 disk RAID-5 (mdadm) that's exported over LIO (ISCSI / buffered) to a windows machine09:38
freakynlespecially the write performance is horrible, read is pretty much ok. Currently I'm only copying a DVD (contents) to the storage. It's doing a - hold your horses - whooping ~3MB/s.09:39
freakynlIf you look here: http://pastie.org/4746029 you can see writes issues to md4, no read are issued to it however. Yet, the disks the RAID consists of do read 6x what they write and I think the whole issue comes from there. Especially since this is largely sequential write it should be writing entire stripes at once and then it doesn't need to read a single bit single the whole stripe is replaced09:40
freakynlsde-sdl is md4 btw, but sdl is hotspare so you don't see I/O on it09:41
freakynlbeh last single should be since09:42
xnoxfreakynl: work out the bottleneck: try local writes, test network, try another client (e.g. a linux client). Then you will know who is the bottleneck / culprit.09:42
xnoxfreakynl: with mdadm linux-raid mailinglist is good at helping troubleshooting performance, if indeed even the local writes are slow.09:43
freakynlxnox: obviously something in the LIO/mdadm stack. There are no reads issued whatsoever currently. I don't have the knowledge to work out bottlenecks that deep in the kernel09:43
freakynlI've been running on 3.5.3 for a while - that was much faster. However, it was also unstable approx 1 - 1.5 days until crash... Might try 3.5.409:44
xnoxfreakynl: no, it's not obvious. No need to have kernel knoweledge. Simply dd /dev/zero into a file on the mdadm e.g. 2 GB and see the throughput.09:44
freakynldd local is fine09:45
freakynlthe issue exists in the combination lio/mdadm. For some reason an immense load of reads are send to the devices, this is done by mdadm as otherwise they would show up on the md device in iostat09:45
freakynl3.5 kernel also has a black screen btw, passing nomodeset to the kernel doesn't help. can ssh into it just fine however10:21
ogra_did you try switching to a tty and back ?10:22
DoomGuyikonia, sorry for disturbing but I am still unable to wake up my e1000e ethernet card :(10:22
ogra_oh, wait i'm in #ubuntu-server, ignore that10:22
ikoniaDoomGuy: no need to apologise10:22
ikoniaDoomGuy: do you still see if going up / down in the syslog10:22
freakynlogra_: :)10:23
ikoniaDoomGuy: as in the interface going up/down10:23
DoomGuyikonia, yes many messages like that10:23
ikoniaok so it's still flapping10:23
ikoniaDoomGuy: I guess we need to work out why10:23
ikoniacan you post the output of sudo ethtool $interface10:23
DoomGuyikonia,  OK friend10:24
DoomGuyikonia, http://pastebin.com/020BJR7b10:26
ikoniaAdvertised auto-negotiation: Yes Speed: 100Mb/s Duplex: Full10:26
ikoniaDoomGuy: is it possible it's flapping as it's set to auto neg ?10:26
ikoniaDoomGuy: also check what the "wake-on" option "g" is10:27
DoomGuyikonia,  I tried to make autoneg off in both side (server and client linux machines) but it has no effect and windows machine can't do any automatic wake up to the ethernet  card10:28
ikoniaDoomGuy: do you see it flapping on the switch10:29
DoomGuyikonia, how to do so ? I am not network guru10:30
ikoniaDoomGuy: is this a "home" network, or a work network ?10:30
freakynlxnox: switching to 3.5.4 kernel (from mainline repository) increases throughput to ~25-30MB/s with no other changes whatsoever. Still seeing a lot of reads however, but much much faster now (still not anywhere near what I was hoping for... sequential should easily fill the GBe wire there's no other I/O on it currently)10:30
DoomGuyikonia, work network with HP procurve  big switch10:31
ikoniaok, you need someone who can manage the procurve, I can't I don't know procurve well at all10:31
DoomGuyikonia, what do you need exactly ?10:31
DoomGuydo you think it's a switch issue ?10:31
ikonialook at the switch port the machine is pluged into, see if it is disconnecting at the switch and the server end, or just the serer or switch end10:32
DoomGuyikonia, hmm OK I will check this10:33
ikoniait's worth looking it can often give you a clue10:33
eagles0513875any email server experts in here willing to help me with an issue which has me pulling my hair out10:33
ikoniaeagles0513875: you've been told what to do in #postfix and #dovecot, don't start in here10:33
eagles0513875ikonia: feel free to put me on ignore10:34
ikoniaeagles0513875: no, feel free to stop wasting peoples time spamming channels with the same questions and ignoring the answer10:34
ikoniaDoomGuy: when you put the machine on no-auto-neg did you set it to forced speed on the switch too ?10:35
ikoniaDoomGuy: if the switch is set to auto neg, and the machines aren't that can cause you a problem10:35
Kentosfiguring out LAN speed problems?10:35
ikoniaKentos: possible lan speed problem, card dropping off the lan10:35
ikoniaKentos: maybe a speed issue or a WOL issue10:35
ikoniajust working it through for DoomGuy10:35
Kentosi have some fairly low LAN speeds myself, only gets about 2-3MB/s have a 10/100 ethernet router and the NIC's for the two machines im using should be the same if not the full GB speed10:36
freakynlanyone aware of tools that can move a partition table? I currently have a md4 device, with 2 partitions, the partitions itself are exported over iSCSI, so the partition contains a partition :). I want to make the partition that's currently on /dev/md4p1 the partition that is on /dev/md4. So basically I need /dev/md4p1p1 to become /dev/md4p1 so I can just export /dev/md4 instead of /dev/md4p1 if that makes sense :)10:37
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ikoniaKentos: why are you expecting 1GB out of a 10/100 router10:37
Kentossorry for the caps, gigabit, you know the highest internet speed for NICs10:37
ikoniafreakynl: you can do it with dd workout the stop/start10:38
ikoniaKentos: yes, but the router they are plugged into is 10/100 - so they will never do 1GB10:38
Kentosand i didnt say i expected anything, just more the a 16megabit connection10:38
freakynlyea I could - just really worried I'm gonna f* that up :P10:38
ikoniafreakynl: easy on the language please10:38
ikoniafreakynl: yes, it is a concern / risk10:38
freakynlI could just calculate where md4p1p1 starts and where md4p1 starts and the offsets and start new partition there with old size10:38
ikoniaKentos: you asked why they where not using 1GB connection, because the router is 10/100MB10:38
ikoniafreakynl: I don't think it will work with software raid disks - but it's worth looking how the clonezilla process would work10:39
DoomGuyikonia, "when you put the machine on no-auto-neg did you set it to forced speed on the switch too ? " I don't know how to configure the switch to do so10:39
ikoniafreakynl: or look at how it clones10:39
Kentosno, i told you the specs of my NICs, which should be gigabit speed capable, not what i expected10:39
ikoniaDoomGuy: may also be a problem too10:40
freakynlikonia: don't get that, clones what?10:40
DoomGuyikonia, for the LAN speed issue it's possible but tell me how you can explain this10:40
ikoniaKentos: ok,10:40
Kentosi also said im getting 2-3 MB, so roughly 16-24 megabit speed, i should be able to get 100 or at least somewhere close10:40
ikoniafreakynl: there is a tool call clonezilla - it is veyr good at cloning disks10:40
DoomGuyikonia, one linux machine is connected to the server via SSH and the other machine linux cannot ping the server10:40
ikoniaKentos: is that router connnected to the internet ?10:40
freakynlconcerning networks, you either force both sides to the same speed / duplex or use autoneg on both sides. Don't ever force one side and autoneg the other - it will mess up10:40
DoomGuyikonia, I have no problem with Windows machine connected to the server10:41
Kentosyeah it is10:41
freakynlikonia: yea, I don't have the space to clone this, nor the time. ~11TiB10:41
ikoniaDoomGuy: basically you need to try setting the speed and duplex on the server's interface card AND the HP swithc port10:41
ikoniafreakynl: no, but looking at how it takes the partitions table maybe worth while10:41
ikoniaKentos: are you measuring performance via the internet ?10:41
eagles0513875ikonia: whats the difference between the server guide and help.ubuntu.com10:42
freakynlikonia: do you happen to know where gpt is stored? with mbr I could just copy the first 1MiB of the device and restore it with dd in case of emergency and I could test with ro I suppose10:42
eagles0513875cuz i have noticed they have 2 different things when it comes to setting up certain things like dovecot and postfix10:42
EMKOWhat's your routers speed.? I had to get a gigabit router to use my 100mbit connection10:42
ikoniaeagles0513875: look for yourself10:42
ikoniaeagles0513875: I'm not reading them for you to tell you the answer for you to then ignore10:42
Kentosim measuring performance based on transfers in filezilla and uploads via a web interface on the local network10:42
eagles0513875ikonia: all im asking is what is the difference im not expecting you to read them10:42
ikoniaeagles0513875: how do I know the difference without reading them10:42
ikoniaKentos: Hmmm I wonder if that routes through the public interface10:43
ikoniaKentos: mabe explaining your slower performance10:43
Kentosikonia: could be right, but i dont see why, i was using a different router yesterday, still got around the same speeds though, up 5MB at times10:44
Kentosikonia: not sure where the setting differences are with that10:44
Kentosfar as router configuration on the new one goes10:45
ikoniaI guess it would be router specific10:45
EMKOAre you transferring large files or a bunch of small files10:46
freakynlanyone aware of a tool that will dump partition table for gpt in a way it can be imported again? Like you can with sfdisk -l (but that doesn't support gpt)10:46
ikoniafreakynl: did you say you where going to check out clonezilla and how it dumped the partition table ?10:47
ikoniafreakynl: (apologies too many conversations lost track)10:47
xnoxfreakynl: you switch to mainline 3.5.4 from what kernel/which release? is there a performance regression in the ubuntu delta? or where you using an older kernel?10:48
freakynlxnox: compared to the latest 3.2 that 12.04 has10:49
xnoxfreakynl: ok. there are quantal kernel backported to 12.04 somewhere, which will be supported after quantal is released.10:50
freakynlikonia: I'll have to see if I can boot that - however if there's something like sfdisk dumping it'll be way easier, I can just mod the current partition table, see if I can mount it ro and see my data, if not just sfdisk -l equivalent restore it10:50
ikoniafreakynl: I was wondering if you could see what it called and then just use that tool10:50
xnoxfreakynl: such that throughout 12.04 support lifespan you can use newer and newer kernels.10:50
freakynlxnox: not sure what you mean by that but it's running quantal: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v3.5.4-quantal/10:51
xnoxfreakynl: that one is without ubuntu-specific patches I think. Just vanilla kernels.10:54
jamespagezul, do we still need to maintain the delta against debian for less.js?11:03
jamespage'Drop BD on uglify whatever'11:03
DoomGuyikonia, I think it was resolved now.. The problem was that the switch used for the server was a little D-LINK switch connected to the biggest one HP procurve11:05
DoomGuynow I have plugged the cable directly to the biggest switch and use the port of Gigabite connection and it works just fine11:05
DoomGuyikonia, thank you a lot for your advices11:06
DoomGuyit looks like it was conflict between 100Mb port and 1G port11:07
zuljamespage: nope11:12
xnoxfreakynl: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-x-swat/+archive/q-lts-backport are the kernels that have ubuntu-patches applied and will be supported.11:21
xnoxsupported in precise that is.11:21
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freakynlxnox: thx11:51
freakynlxnox: the weird thing is, I never had such performance issues when I was still using ietd11:52
freakynlwhat's also weird is that it seems to be between lio's buffer and mdadm. That is, the first copy after restarting or flushing buffers goes really fast until the buffers are full. At that point it becomes horribly slow. Moving from buffer to disk is thus where the issue seems to exist, but as stated, I didn't have that with ietd and that was using write back (thus buffers too)11:54
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freakynlxnox: went back to ietd, buffers are full now, instead of copying from local to iscsi I'm copying from iscsi to iscsi now (so it both reads and writes instead of only writing) and it's still over 10 times faster... there's about 110-120% reads (kB/s compared to writes) instead of 600-700% reads vs writes. This is whilst reading from the disk too, whereas with lio I wasn't even reading from the disk, only writing, which would come down to 10-212:06
jotterbotIs someone able to help me configure Apsis Pound on ubuntu?12:11
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ikoniaI've never even heard of Apsis Pound12:12
ogra_thats likely not a british pound :)12:12
jotterbotit is a reverse-proxy similar to nginx12:13
jotterbotI am trying to make Apache on OSX log the CLIENT IP of requests12:15
jotterbotinstead i am getting the local PRIVATE IP address of the ubuntu reverse proxy server12:15
jotterbotany help?12:15
freakynlin #osx perhaps?12:17
jotterbotIt is Pound that i think needs configuring though. Which is running on Ubuntu Desktop 12.04.112:17
jotterbotI am surprised no one has ever used Pound12:18
freakynljotterbot: I take it you're not using %a but %A http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.2/mod/mod_log_config.html but this is not an apple/osx help channel12:18
jotterbotfor load balancing12:18
jotterbotI understand it is not an apple channel12:19
jotterbotI will follow that up though. thankyou12:19
freakynlxnox / ikonia : thx for the help - I gotta run unfortunately. Have it running on ietd now - way faster. I'll take it up with the mailing lists of mdadm and lio12:19
freakynljotterbot: usually not that hard, just need the right LogFormat directive. %a should do it12:20
freakynllower case thus :) capital A is local IP12:20
jotterbotAha! I will hit up the OSX channel to help configure12:20
jotterbotI then have to sort out Rumpus ftp12:21
jotterbotbut thanks guys!12:21
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koolhead17zul: zul zul zul zul13:03
zulkoolhead17: seriously we are worknig on it calm down ill let you know13:04
koolhead17zul: okey :P13:04
koolhead17zul: marked the swift bug as invalid as it was our config issue13:04
zulkoolhead17:  k13:05
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uvirtbotNew bug: #1010791 in tomcat7 (main) "tomcat7 upgrades fail if /etc/tomcat7/tomcat-users.xml is removed" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/101079114:12
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uvirtbotNew bug: #1050461 in mysql-5.5 (main) "package mysql-server-5.5 5.5.24-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 failed to install/upgrade: le sous-processus script post-installation installé a retourné une erreur de sortie d'état 1" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105046114:51
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codepython777I've 4  x 1TB drives and would like to run RAID on them. Whats the best way to load and run ubuntu server on it?15:46
TheLordOfTimeanyone here able to set a bug as applying to a specific release of a package for me?15:58
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xnoxcodepython777: simply install ubuntu-server on them.... there is raid options in the installer. See the server guide, advanced installation.16:11
codepython777xnox: thanks16:12
jamespageTheLordOfTime, bug #16:13
TheLordOfTimejamespage, standby16:13
TheLordOfTimejamespage, bleh system futz'd up :/16:13
TheLordOfTimeone moment16:13
TheLordOfTimejamespage, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nginx/+bug/1046150  can you set that to precise?  its possible quantal may already have that fix, i'm checking now16:14
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1046150 in nginx "nginx segfaults when a try_files directive is used" [Low,Triaged]16:14
TheLordOfTimesince i plan on getting that SRU'd.16:14
TheLordOfTimei'm tired of not seeing that package be fixed :P16:14
codepython777xnox: what kind of raid do you recommend for running on a 4disk system? Can I build the raid before i install the ubuntu on that raid? I would prefer some kind in which if 1 disk fails, i can just replace it16:18
gsteinertcodepython777: RAID10 would suit your needs... but its all a compromise between recoverability and capacity. check the wikipedia article... that's got a pretty good overview of the differences16:20
sarnoldcodepython777: hopefully useful: http://www.miracleas.com/BAARF/16:21
xnoxcodepython777: read wikipedia page about RAID, there are many raid levels. Each raid level has it's own: read/write performace increase/descrease, space efficiency and fault tolerance.16:22
xnoxcodepython777: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RAID#Standard_levels16:22
jamespageTheLordOfTime, Priority: Low? really16:23
TheLordOfTimejamespage, upstream requested lowest priority16:23
TheLordOfTimei could set it higher16:23
TheLordOfTimeat the time, i was headed out the door16:23
xnoxcodepython777: RAID 1, 10, 5, 6 all sound suitable, e.g. "replace one drive", but check the table and related links for more info as to which one you want.16:23
TheLordOfTimejamespage, its impossibly hard to replicate, afaict16:23
TheLordOfTimei even tried replicating16:23
patdk-wkactually, these days it's more complex16:24
patdk-wkthe larger the disk you use, the longer it takes to recover from a failed disk16:24
TheLordOfTimeit took upstream to confirm the bug16:24
patdk-wkand the more likely you will have a second failure, or more16:24
TheLordOfTimejamespage, i've been debating setting it higher, but i use 1.1.19 in a production environment with try_files, no segfaults in the 8 months I've had it running16:24
TheLordOfTime(pulled 1.1.19 from Debian before Precise was even out)16:24
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jamespageTheLordOfTime, fixed in 1.2.1 right?16:26
TheLordOfTimejamespage, that's what its *reported* as in the bug, trying to confirm with upstream16:26
TheLordOfTimesince they're evil with identifying what commit ties to a given version16:26
TheLordOfTimeupstream tracker reports it was fixed but doesnt say *when* it was fixed16:27
TheLordOfTimei'm *assuming* it was fixed in 1.1.20, but...16:27
TheLordOfTimehttp://trac.nginx.org/nginx/changeset/4601/nginx  <--16:27
TheLordOfTimejamespage, i'm also treating it differently than, say, Apache, with priority setting, because its Universe16:27
jamespageTheLordOfTime, don't - if it breaks stuff its still important even if its in universe16:28
TheLordOfTimejamespage, therefore, what would you use?>16:28
jamespageTheLordOfTime, a good test case to reproduce will be important for the SRU16:28
TheLordOfTimejamespage, tell me about it16:29
jamespageTheLordOfTime, sounds like you have not see the issue right?16:29
TheLordOfTimei havent found *one* test case that works16:29
TheLordOfTimejamespage, only found one test case outlined on trac16:29
TheLordOfTimebut they're using a nonstandard setup16:29
TheLordOfTimeif you look at the trac bug, they've got some session tracker or something16:30
TheLordOfTimewhich may or may not contribute to the triggering of this bug16:30
TheLordOfTimejamespage, mind a /query?16:30
jamespageTheLordOfTime, feel free :-)16:30
zuljdstrand: quantum should be good now16:33
jdstrandzul: ok, I'll take a look16:41
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gholmssmoser: It seems that create_user in cloudinit/distros/__init__.py has a bunch of options with underscores, but the docs all use hyphens.  Is there some character mapping going on here that I just haven't found yet?17:25
utlemminggholms: yes...there is17:26
smosergholms, utlemming did that. yeah, it does do mapping.17:26
* gholms tries to find the code for that17:26
utlemminggholms: give me a minute and I'll find that for you17:26
utlemminggholms: cloutinit/config/cc_users_groups.py line 7117:28
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lordievaderGood evening17:53
gholmsutlemming: Thanks17:54
uvirtbotNew bug: #1052614 in munin (main) "Missing dependcy libipc-sharedcache-perl" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105261418:26
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Joel_rehey, does anyone know how to get rid of the prompt - as whats mentioned in this question - http://askubuntu.com/questions/187337/unattended-grub-configuration-after-kernel-upgrade18:41
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hallynzul: did i ask you last week to try an openstack testrun (whatever that means) with ppa:ubuntu-virt/virt-daily-upstream installed19:38
zulhallyn: im not sure if you did19:58
hallynzul: could you?  i'm just looking for some stress testing.20:03
zulhallyn:  check with adam_g20:04
hallynif jdstrand finds it works for him, i'd like to go to release team and ask for it to be considered a new upload20:04
hallynzul: thanks20:04
hallynadam_g: ^20:04
jdstrandzul, adam_g: hey, in order to check over the quantum updates, I just upgraded my quantal openstack vm and things all seem to be working except for horizon. I get this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1213617/20:12
jdstrandEndpoint not found20:12
jdstrandis there something new I need to do to get horizon to work? (I'm using https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/TestingOpenStack, like always)20:13
jdstrandcli stuff seems to work fine20:13
jdstrandwell, I haven't tested everything20:13
adam_ghallyn: what needs to be tested specifically? i can probably just manually upgrade an existing installation and poke at it however you wanted20:14
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hallynadam_g: just spinning up some images, making sure they come up...20:15
adam_gjdstrand: meaning you can spin up instances, list images, etc using CLI but you cant use horizon? are you getting an error in the browser or just a 50x?20:16
adam_ghallyn: yah, i can do a basic test for you in a few20:17
jdstrandadam_g: I can list images using cli. I get a 401. no error in the browser20:17
adam_gjdstrand: you get a friendly authentication erorr within the dashboard? or something else?20:18
jdstrandadam_g: not friendly. the username and password just clear themselves20:19
adam_gjdstrand: but using the same username/password  with the CLI tools (asOS_USERNAME, OS_PASSWORD in env) works?20:19
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jdstrandoh weird, 'nova list' says "Please enter password for encrypted keyring:"20:20
jdstrandadam_g: well, euca-describe-images works fine. nova list is prompting me for the keyring password. I have not seen that before20:21
jdstrandthat seems to be bug #102023820:23
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1020238 in python-novaclient "nova client keeps asking for a keyring password " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/102023820:23
jdstrandadam_g: ok, so now I have:20:23
jdstrand$ nova --no-cache list20:23
jdstrandERROR: n/a (HTTP 401)20:23
jdstrandso apparently the ec2ools are working, but not nova20:24
adam_gjdstrand: i'd check the nova-api.log and keystone.logs to see whats going on. could be anything :|20:24
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jdstrandok thanks20:27
adam_ghallyn: sorry, i actually wont be able to get that libvirt version tested. im currently trying to get unblocked from https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/103517220:40
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1035172 in linux "DHCP broken for Openstack Nova instances  since kernel v3.3" [High,Triaged]20:40
adam_ghallyn: i can try that version to at least make sure instances startup, but beyond that not much20:41
jdstrandadam_g: what logfile should I be looking in for: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1213679/20:43
jdstrandnova-api.log gives me: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1213681/20:44
hallynadam_g: ok, thanks anyway20:45
adam_gjdstrand: see if nova-compute.log reports anything. if theres no trace of any activity there, see nova-scheduler.log20:45
adam_gjdstrand: also, waht is the output of 'euca-describe-availability-zones verbose' assuming you're an admin user?20:45
adam_gjdstrand: the 'endpoint not found' error + that compute error leads me to believe nova-compute is not okay20:46
jdstrandadam_g: I fixed the endpoint not found20:46
adam_gjdstrand: what was it?20:46
jdstrandadam_g: the [filter:authtoken] in /etc/nova/api-paste.ini, /etc/glance/glance-api-paste.ini, and /etc/glance/glance-registry-paste.ini had these lines removed:20:46
jdstrandauth_host =
jdstrandauth_port = 3535720:47
jdstrandauth_protocol = http20:47
jdstrand(on upgrade)20:47
jdstrandI put those in and nova list gives me output, but with that status error20:47
jdstrandnova-compute.log and nova-scheduler.log were silent when running nova --no-cache list20:47
adam_gjdstrand: id try to boot another, see that nova scheduler casts it to a compute node, and compute attempts to boot it20:48
jdstrandadam_g: ah, that seems to be working. the instance started20:50
jdstrandok, so I had some crufty image I guess20:50
uvirtbotNew bug: #1052664 in cloud-init (main) "12.10 cloud-init injects comment into /etc/HOSTNAME" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105266420:51
jdstrandhrmm, now horizon gives me a 50120:51
adam_gjdstrand: apache error log should give you some info, maybe have to enable debug in /etc/openstack_dashboard/local_settings.py20:58
jdstrandyeah, that is what I'm trying21:06
jeiworthhi all, playing around with maas and juju, it appears that i can only deploy max as many instances as i have hw nodes, is this correct?21:10
jdstranderror_log just isn't giving me anything21:11
adam_gjdstrand: is debug enabled?21:11
jdstrandDEBUG = True in /etc/openstack-dashboard/local_settings.py21:11
jdstrandI didn't do anything else21:13
jdstrandadam_g: ok, it seems I did not solve the endpoint problem for horizon21:16
jdstrandif I restart my browser and try to login, I get that in error_log21:16
jdstrandkeystone endpoint-list shows me everything21:17
adam_gjdstrand: what about 'keystone catalog' (with SERVICE_TOKEN, SERVICE_ENDPOINT unset)21:18
jdstrandadam_g: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1213732/21:19
jdstrandit seems ok...21:19
jdstrand/etc/openstack-dashboard/local_settings.py has OPENSTACK_KEYSTONE_DEFAULT_ROLE = "Member", should that be "admin"?21:21
jdstranddoesn't help21:21
jdstrandOPENSTACK_KEYSTONE_BACKEND. what is that...21:22
adam_gjdstrand: try clearing your browser cache21:23
adam_gjdstrand: horizon keeps a cache of the service catalog in the users browser, it might be stale21:24
jdstrandadam_g: didn't work... :\21:25
jdstrandah, I needed to restart apache after setting Debug = True21:30
* jdstrand should have known that21:30
jdstrandException Type: ServiceCatalogException21:31
jdstrandException Value: 21:31
jdstrandInvalid service catalog service: volume21:31
jdstrandadam_g: so, is swift required these days?21:31
jdstrandseems so https://answers.launchpad.net/horizon/+question/18955121:32
* jdstrand doesn't even have nova-volume installed21:33
jdstrandseems to be bug #94687421:33
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 946874 in horizon "Document that Nova Volume is a required service" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94687421:33
adam_gjdstrand: hmm didnt know volume was a hard requirement now.21:34
adam_gjdstrand: i think you can get by with just having a volume api service and endpoint, no necessarily a functioning volume server. one sec21:36
jdstrandadam_g: ok, thanks21:38
adam_gjdstrand: try registering another service in keystone of type 'volume', and register a set of endpoints associated with the service, with all 3 URLs pointing to: http://localhost:8776/v1/$(tenant_id)s21:41
adam_gnova-api should be listening on 8776 already21:41
jdstrandyes, 8776 has a listener21:42
jdstrandadam_g: \o/21:47
* jdstrand updates wiki21:48
adam_gjdstrand: nice21:48
jdstrandadam_g: thanks! I never would have gotten there today :)21:49
adam_gjdstrand: if you really want to provide a volume service, you can initialize a LVM volume group named 'nova-volumes' and install nova-volume, i think thats all thats needed21:49
* jdstrand nods21:50
cornfeedhello hello, I have added a custom PPA source, and for some reason apt-get update is not pulling in the newest ones...is there a  cache I need to flush or something? I am lost. if i use chrome to browse the source I added in sources.list then I can see that the package has been updated to a newer 3.0.1 but my system wont upgrade from 2.3.321:59
patdk-lapapt-get would automatically upgrade22:01
cornfeedthats what I thought, but its not22:01
patdk-lapunless it's being held back (missing dependency) or maybe they named it different, so it's a totally different package22:01
patdk-lapcornfeed, revise what you said22:01
cornfeedlet me put up a dpaste so you dont think i am crazy22:01
patdk-lapit will, something else is wrong :)22:01
cornfeedi really hope so22:02
patdk-lapall we really need to see is22:03
patdk-lapdpkg -l chrome22:03
patdk-lapapt-cache show chrome22:03
cornfeedhahaha, yes nvm22:06
cornfeedi am just silly22:06
patdk-lapchromium vs chrome?22:06
cornfeedno its a zentyal package (ebox formerly)22:07
cornfeedi will put a dpaste so you see what I was hung up on22:08
cornfeedin apt-cache show, it says the version is 3.0.1 and 2.3.3 :-/22:08
cornfeedoh shit i get it now, apt is very different than portage22:09
patdk-lapwell, apt-cache shows what is available22:10
patdk-lapnot what is installed22:10
patdk-lapdpkg shows what is installed, 3.0.1 :)22:10
cornfeedits listing all packages available in the repo where dpkg is what is installed22:11
cornfeedyeah i was just typing that :-P22:11
cornfeedthanks for the help man, no better lessons than feeling retarded22:11
jdstrandadam_g: so, there should be any problem with me using 'keystone service-create --name nova --type volume ...' and 'keystone service-create --name nova --type compute ...' should there? notice that --name is the same22:19
jdstrandthe description is different22:20
jdstrandmeh, I'll just change it22:20
adam_gjdstrand: IIRC, the name can be the same, type needs to be unique. might as well just keep them distinct, tho22:21
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jmedinaHi there, anyone have experience with iscsi and multipath in 12.04?22:37
patdk-lapiscsi yes, multipath yes, multipath on linux no22:37
jmedinapatdk-lap: thanks, I having problemas with a IPSAN DELL Powervault MD3200i22:46
jdstrandzul: ok, one last question for the quantum MIR22:54
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zuljdstrand: okies22:58
zuljdstrand: ill fix that up with the rootwrap with the cisco plugin and niciria plugin im not sure if it uses rootwrap or not23:00
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jdstrandjdstrand: yeah, there were no comments in the plugin .ini files for those two, so not sure if upstream has support for it yet. let me know what you find out23:01
jdstrandzul: I'm heading out now-- feel free to let me know on irc or the bug23:02
zuljdstrand: yeah i have mentally head out already ill comment on the bug23:02
uvirtbotNew bug: #1052707 in openssh (main) "ssh client ignores PasswordAuthentication no" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105270723:11
patdk-lapjmedina, iscsi multipath seems to just work23:25
patdk-lapnothing needed to make it work, atleast it works here, 9 way multipath23:25
jmedinapatdk-lap: I just removed multipath because I think it is a problem with iscsi initiator23:28
patdk-lapI installed multipath, logged into my iscsi target, and it just all came up23:29
patdk-lapand new multipath devices in /dev/mapper23:29
patdk-laplots and lots of /dev/sd* devices23:29
jmedinaI have to paths to the target23:29
patdk-lapI have 9 paths :)23:29
patdk-lap9 paths, two luns23:29
jmedinathe problem is when loggint to the second target23:30
patdk-lapI was able to read and write fine23:30
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patdk-lapyou sure the dell unit is setup for multipath?23:30
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jmedinapatdk-lap: yeap, the problem occurs when I use both RAID controllers in the SAN23:44
jmedinaI just changed to using both ports on the first controller, I'm going to test with this23:44

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