balloonsnot quite sm00:27
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silverarrowI have put in one extra GB in my iBook12:57
silverarrowram I mean12:57
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balloonsping njin14:08
elfyballoons: I've been looking at the testcases for arm - should they not say boot with sdcard?16:21
balloonselfy -- ohh!16:22
balloonsI was just going through the list of what's needing updating16:22
elfyI'll be going through them properly tomorrow - now I can finally get back on track lol16:23
balloonsI was thinking of putting the stuff needing done on the wiki to help coordinate everyone -- thoughts?16:24
elfysounds like a plan to me16:28
balloonsk, I'll do that now and we can make sure the ARM updates land in there too16:30
silverarrowso old toad?16:36
AdeHello everyone. I am looking for a little advice on how I can get involved with helping contribute to Ubuntu. Is there anyone around who could answer a few questions for me?16:40
silverarrowjust post them16:41
balloonsAde, fire away16:41
silverarrowall you need to do is have a computer you can set aside for testing, and install the daily builds16:42
AdeCheers guys, basically I am a university student in my second year studying computing and software development. I have been using Ubuntu on and off for 18 months or so now and would like to get involved for more enjoyment, experience and of course to help others...16:42
silverarrowI joined the testing team when I heard they needed people with ppc hardware16:44
Ade... I initially thought being a developer in Ubuntu was the way forward and then helping with triaging bug but have found that all to difficult to really get into straight off. Do you think being involved in QA would be a little easier to start with and if so how do I get the ball rolling so to speak?16:44
silverarrowI`m not clever enough to fix any bugs, but I can report back problems I bump into16:47
AdeI have a couple old laptops and am familiar with installing VM machines, would that be adequate?16:47
balloonsAde, you can certainly get invovled in QA16:47
balloonsyes.. image testing via an old machine you have is a great way to get started16:47
balloonsif possible, you can also install the development version of ubuntu and use it.. helping to test specific applications, or reporting bugs you find by running the OS yourself16:48
balloonson our wiki there's a little info on 'getting invovled'16:48
balloonsdo you have a precise installation?16:49
balloonselfy, how does this look? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/QuantalTestcaseUpdates16:49
AdeI have used 10.04 for ages and ages now and threw the latest (12.04) on a VM machine a while ago to see what the UI was like because the pictures of it looked awesome.16:50
silverarrow12.04 should run fine16:51
AdeI have also been spending a couple hours browsing the wiki and making note. So best advice is to join the mailing list and jump right in :o)16:52
balloonsAde, ahh yes 10.04 :-)16:52
balloons12.04 is the latest LTS, and indeed should run just fine for you16:52
balloonsunity has come a long way since intoduction16:52
balloonsAde, yes, jumping in, asking questions and trying things out is a great way to get started16:53
balloonsthe walkthroughs on the wiki can help give you an idea of how things work..16:53
balloonsbeing on the mailing list will help you stay in touch with what's going on right now16:53
balloonsyou'll want to dedicate a machine (virtual or real) for running the development version of ubuntu16:53
AdeOk, great. Would you advise doing a little bug triaging concurrently, would that be of any benefit to my learning??16:54
balloonsand you can do your first task as part of installing it on the machine using the isotracker :-)16:54
elfyballoons: looks fine till I see my name next to it :p16:54
balloonselfy, haha.. just for you!16:54
Adeeh... isotracker?? Newbie alert! lol16:55
balloonsAde, indeed.. no worries though16:55
AdeOk... am reading and learning as we speak.. I now know what isotracker is!16:56
AdeThanks balloons!16:57
balloonsno problem16:58
balloonsfeel free to ask questions, and don't be afraid to dive in16:58
silverarrowbattery indicator in lubuntu is totally off17:00
AdeThat's exactly what I am going to do right now :o) Will also read the wiki's a little more in depth and get to grips with things. Thanks for the advice17:00
silverarrowdo you feel we should stick with 12.04?17:01
silverarrowI want the latest really17:01
silverarrowhoping some bugs are fixed with apps17:02
silverarrownew versin of software I mean17:02
balloonssilverarrow, are you asking if you should upgrade to 12.10 now or not/17:03
silverarrowno, I am doing that anyhow17:03
silverarrowI just wondered if there was any need for reporting and testing in the long term release17:04
balloonsahh I see17:05
balloonsthere is one testing event going on17:05
balloonsit invovles testing the quantal kernel on precise17:05
balloonssee here: http://packages.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/223/builds17:05
AdeWhen going into the ISO tracker, could someone please tell me the difference between precise and quantal? Which one should I be using?17:48
kanliotade, i need more information17:49
kanliotwhy are you testing?17:49
balloonsAde, those are the releases17:50
balloonsprecise is the current stable release17:50
balloonsquantal is the current development release17:50
balloonsour testing primarily focuses on the development release of ubuntu17:50
AdeYes, kanliot I am about to do my first test :o)17:52
kanliotwhat are you going to test17:52
kanliotor do you want to join the testing team?17:53
AdeThanks balloons, have gone through the procedures wiki and even brushed up on how to report a bug correctly - wish me luck lol17:53
kanliotdifferent topic: balloons, do you have a boss in qa, or are you mostly limited to the community side?17:53
balloonsgood luck!17:53
balloonskanliot, I'm unsure what you mean.. I do community QA (which means I get to interact with you :-) )17:54
balloonsthere is a QA team @ canonical.. they do work on products that come from canonical17:54
AdeBoth kanliot (although I joined the team about an hour ago).17:54
balloonsif you are asking if I am officially connected to them, the answer is no17:55
balloonsI work under the great and powerful jono17:55
kanlioti'm talking about the update-manager bug17:55
kanliotso if you escalate the bug17:56
kanliotyou'd escalate to jono17:56
kanliotwell i'm officially asking you to escalate it17:57
kanlioti know i am very new to qa17:57
kanliotbut i'm still askin17:57
kanliotand i hope your tuesday is a good one balloons17:58
balloonskanliot, I was looking @ that bug again this morning17:59
balloonsI haven't forgotten about you17:59
balloonssadly I wasn't around last friday to raise it17:59
kanliotthey all say that17:59
balloonsHowever, I know the team behind update-manager18:00
kanliotdid i tell you about the time i was put on hold at tell18:00
kanliotfor 24 hours?18:00
balloonsreally? the phone connection stayed on that long?18:00
balloonsyou weren't awake, so how'd it happen?18:00
kanliotcame into work the next day18:01
kanliotstill on hold18:01
balloonsdid you ever get to chat with someone?18:01
kanliotsomeone's average call time took a hit18:01
balloonsit got crushed!18:01
kanliotthe only thing i remember18:02
kanliotis this lady with a heavy african-american accent18:02
kanliotsaying, "You got no bizness installing that hardware in your computer"18:02
kanliotit really took me aback18:02
kanliotbut that was her stock answer for my problem18:03
kanliotlike i just installed a new sound card and it ... "well you got no business installing..."18:03
balloonsno biz-i-NESS!18:08
AdeHow many people use testdrive when performing their tests?18:09
balloonsade I used it on my first test, and continue to do so18:10
balloonsit's handy for vm testing18:10
balloonsobviously I still do some things manually as it doesn't cover testing on my hw18:10
AdeMay I ask what your typical testing procedure is balloons? I figured I can vm test a lot easier than manually testing but what extra steps would I then need to take?18:13
AdeAlso can ALL tests be done on a vm, or only select ones?18:13
balloonsyou can run everything in a VM18:14
balloonsfor some types of testing, real hw is preferable18:14
AdeApologies for like a billion stupid questions lol18:14
balloonsvm's are great for learning18:14
balloonsI'd start there18:14
AdeOk, will do.18:14
kanliothmm the docs team is complaining about the lateness of added Dash features18:20
kanlioton the ubuntu-docs mailing list18:20
phillwkanliot: as it leaves them 24 hours to do a lot of work, I'm not suprised!18:29
phillwquite what the translations team make of all this... pass :/18:30
balloonshey phillw18:42
balloonsdid you see I signed you up for some stuff?18:42
phillwnot yet, I've not read the email as yet!18:46
phillwjust been doing some more work on the QA wiki.18:46
phillwEvery time we get a new person join, it makes me spend some more time on it until I get dragged off :)18:47
elfyhe's doing it all over phillw :|18:47
phillwballoons: s-tgraber is hopeful to have the new css in for test cases in over the weekend.18:47
phillwelfy: I'm as guilty!18:47
elfyphillw: not with me your not :)18:48
phillwelfy: I think you sorted jasono out for his forum access (well, one of the forum admin / staffers did).18:48
elfynot me18:49
phillwas long as it was done :)18:49
elfyballoons: you used gparted at all lately?19:31
elfyor anyone in fact :)19:32
* patdk-wk uses it alittle19:33
balloonsyes, I use it to mess about with partitions for arm testing19:34
balloonsso it's been maybe 2 weeks since I ran it19:34
elfydoes it mount everything it can and spawn file manager windows everywhere?19:35
elfyand then make you shout a lot ...19:35
elfysay you have 2 partitions on a stick - unmount one, then it refreshes - that's good, then unmount another - it refreshes and remounts the previous one19:36
* elfy wonders if it is maybe tied up with the mad double partition's showing in xubuntu 19:37
patdk-wkdoens't do that for me19:37
elfymmm - been doing it for me for a while now - but possibly 'since' I started getting this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/thunar/+bug/103937519:38
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1039375 in thunar (Ubuntu) "Duplicate partitions shown" [Undecided,Confirmed]19:38
patdk-wkI don't know thunar, and don't use xubuntu19:43
patdk-wkso maybe that is why?19:44
balloonsyea, also works fine for me elfy19:53
elfyok - ubuntu I assume19:54
elfyI'm assuming/guessing that it is tied up with that other thing - my /media is also full of old references to not even alive disk references as well19:56
noskcajtestdrive doesn't let me allocate more than 1gb of ram to the vm, how can i put that amout up?20:10
balloonsnoskcaj, you can manually adjust after the vm launches20:13
balloonsprobably could look at submitting a patch to the gui to allow for custom entries or up the options :-20:13
noskcajhow? is this in qemu or virtualbox20:14
balloonsall testdrive will do is create a vbox vm20:14
noskcaji shall try that20:14
balloonsyou can always adjust it20:14
balloonsit will be named testdrive-0, testdrive-1, etc20:15
balloonsnp :-)20:15
knomehey balloons :)20:54
knomei'm looking at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/QuantalTestcaseUpdates and thinking all the xubuntu-related work items are done20:54
knomeif you think that's wrong, can you shed some light on what we are still missing? :)20:54
noskcajdo we need a lvm+encription testcase as well as them separately?20:57
balloonsknome, I'd agree actuallyt20:58
balloonsI wasn't sure on the post-case stuff..20:58
balloonsbut looks done too20:58
balloonsyour just so quick20:58
knomeyeah, i did that20:58
knomehah ;)20:58
balloonsyour welcome to help out in the other areas :-) the 2 new testcases are up for grabs for someone from the admin team :-)20:59
balloonsyou know I have to ask.. but you've done a ton21:00
balloonsI'm going to bank on your help though for post beta221:00
balloonsto finalize the dt work21:00
knomeyeah, well, i'm afraid i don't have time before beta2 freeze, but after that should work a bit better21:00
knomenow that i say that, it probably won't :P21:00
knomebut i'll just stay up later a few nights :P21:01
balloonsknome, btw, you saw the outcome of the changes right?21:01
balloonslooks good!21:01
knomeno, i didn't :)21:01
knomestill not at iso.qa :<21:02
balloonslater this week.. it's going in with some other changes21:02
balloonsthen we can convert things21:02
knomei hope before b2f21:02
balloonspost-beta2, but before final is the hope21:02
knomei've been talking with a guy in the local uni, and we might get up to 60 tests for xubuntu b2, and i wouldn't want them to look at the non-styled version... ;)21:03
phillwknome: the alternates will be done ( I've done 2 out of three) - they are flavour agnostic.21:03
balloonshurray for agnostic testcases!21:06
balloonsthis is seriously so exciting21:06
noskcajis there anything else i could do since the xubuntu stuff is done?21:07
balloonsohh. hello jackson ;-)21:09
balloons<-- nskaggs21:09
balloonsyes, you can still help out verifying the testcases21:09
phillwballoons: I'm just going to take a break for a bit while my eyes settle down. Just got entire disk with encryption to do.21:09
knomephillw, we don't have an alternate :)21:09
phillwknome: oh, you boys dropped it as well?21:10
balloonsI'll have several new testcases.. so does phillw21:10
knomephillw, yeah21:10
balloonschecking for errors would be marvelous21:10
balloonsthings like readability, etc21:10
phillwwe still need it for low RAM machines,21:10
knomephillw, we kind of need it too but... :)21:10
knomephillw, we'll just point them to you then.21:11
phillwknome: by all means, our next massive headache is getting a ppc iso to work, as we're the only ones taking it on for 12.10 :(21:11
balloonsok -- I've got to step away for about an hour.. I'll be back later21:12
phillwI'll catch you later balloons i'm also going to rest my eyes and brain!21:12
balloonsphillw, sounds excellent!21:12
balloonsnoskcaj, I'll ping you when I've got something foryou to look at21:13
balloonsshould be tonight/tomorrow21:13
balloonsnoskcaj, also, if you want, you can create the desktopmemtest and desktoprecuse cases21:13
knomephillw, good luck21:13
balloonsnoskcaj, http://testcases.qa.ubuntu.com/Install/AlternateMemTest and http://testcases.qa.ubuntu.com/Install/AlternateRescue21:14
balloonswe need 'desktop iso' versions of these21:14
balloonsthey should be pretty much the same, but need to be in our new format instead of the wiki21:14
phillwnoskcaj: however, balloons has been known to tell fibs :P21:15
phillwnotice carefully the use of the word *should* :D21:15
noskcaji will work on that then21:31
noskcajballoons: the memtest page doesn't exist21:33
noskcajballoons: should i just do case res-001 from the rescue page?21:34
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noskcajthe rescue page is http://typewith.me/p/xw7jvQq1Tm21:47
knomeballoons, staged the new wikipage for the new format at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/TestCaseFormat/NewDL21:48
noskcajhow do you get the rescue thing to come up?21:55
phillwthanks knome, I saw earlier that s-tgraber does have the new ccs on his list of things to do as soon as he gets a bit of time :)21:58
knomephillw, yup, and np21:58
balloonsk back22:08
balloonssorry :-)22:08
balloonsknome, excellent, thanks for creating that22:09
phillwballoons: the 3 alt's are done and the typo on all three has been corrected :P22:10
balloonsare they ready to go?22:10
phillwit was actually on the master ones... I C & P'd sentances over :D22:11
phillwballoons: they are both on staging and live area.22:11
phillw*on both*22:11
phillwcalled lubuntu on staging, just alternate on live.22:12
phillwyeah, ready to roll. I'll ask L-QA people to idiot check them for me, as they are alternates!22:13
balloonsnoskcaj, hey22:15
balloonsphillw, ok, so I'll push them live right now :-)22:15
balloonsnoskcaj, sorry I was afk for a bit there22:16
noskcajwht am i meant to do with the repair?22:16
balloonsrescue mode?22:16
noskcaj i dont know how to get into it22:17
balloonsphillw, should be live now22:18
balloonsahh, yes, let me boot a desktop iso, to make sure nothing has changed :-)22:18
balloonsnoskcaj, ohh wow.. I'm not seeing it etheir22:19
balloonshmm.. come to think of it, I seem to remember them potentially removing it from the cd22:19
balloonsThere is a lovely check disc option ;-)22:20
balloonswe should have a case for that22:20
noskcajalso the memory link is broken, the page doesn't exist22:20
noskcaji have to go to school now, i will finish it later22:21
balloonsnoskcaj, k22:21
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phillwballoons: not sure if it is worth mentioning the w3schools link on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/TestCaseFormat/NewDL so people can have a play and see the results immediately?22:43
phillwballoons: oops, sorry ... you have mail :D22:43
knomephillw, the problem is that <dl> isn't styled like that by default22:43
knomei've actually even cheated the wiki with tables and all that to make it look like like it looks after our custom css in the ISO tracker22:44
phillwknome: so http://www.w3schools.com/tags/tryit.asp?filename=tryhtml_dd_test is no use?22:44
knomenot really22:44
knomeas you can see22:44
knomefor example, it doesn't create numbering automatically22:45
knomewell, that does give an overview how it'll look22:45
phillwI'm not a css person, I can do the basics for a site and that's it :D22:47
* knome is22:47
phillwI still use xhtml4-strict with AAA accessibility. One of these days I will take the time out to learn html522:48
knomexhtml 1 or html 4? :D22:48
phillwxhtml1 - Been that long since I did site coding, I'd even forgotten that :P22:49
knomeheh, yeah.22:49
knomehtml 5 is much looser on syntax than xhtml (it doesn't try to be xml)22:49
knomeand it has some new cool things, like html-native video embedding22:50
phillwcan the screen readers 'read' it?22:51
knomei think there's fallbacks for that22:51
phillwe.g. orca and NVDA22:52
knomehave to say i'm not too familiar with the screenreader stuff, as i mostly do not need to actively think how i'll get that working22:52
phillwOkies, I'm a big fan of accessibility.22:53
wxli guess i should show up at the meeting since you're going to be discussing failing pc, eh, phillw ?22:53
phillwwxl: you are welcome at any QA meeting!22:53
wxli know, i know :)22:54
phillwas are all of L-QA22:54
wxlcan you save me the trouble of looking at the fridge and let me know when? :)22:54
phillw14:00 UTC Wed 19th Sep22:54
phillwhmm, I've broken my footer on the site, a closing tag has fallen off.....22:56
knomeoopsie. :)22:56
phillwwell, it not getting done toniight... must have been like that for months!22:57
wxlyikes 7am; i might not be very present23:01
phillwyeach, that's really bc for you!23:03
phillw3 pm for me :)23:04
wxlthe worst part of it is usually then i'm scrambling to get the daughter to school23:04
phillwwxl: no worries, we have the list of bugs!23:04
wxlwhere are you nowadays?23:04
phillwNorth West England (Manchester / Liverpool area).23:05
wxloh der you're only an hr off; that makes sense23:05
phillwyup, we on BST atm23:05
wxlPDT here still23:06
wxler no PST23:06
wxli hate this daylight savings garbage23:06
phillwor, as it has been called this year .... BRT (British Raining Time)23:06
wxli was going to say we don't get much daylight anyways in the pacific northwest. it's kind of like trying to save money when you have no income.23:07
phillwWe don't get that much Summer :P23:07
phillwBut.... they did finally cancel the hose pipe ban... This did take area of England to be under 4 foot of water though!23:09
wxlhose pipe ban?!23:09
wxllarge sodas are not outlawed in nyc23:09
wxlnot that i'm a big soda fan but that's some funny stuff23:10
wxlthat's how i upgraded a few of mine23:10
wxloops wrong chanenl as usual :/23:10
phillwoh, yeah... the winters have been drier than usual for a few years and the aquifiers were not recharging.23:11
wxlphillw: where were those seed files you pointed me at once?23:41
phillwwxl: I've slept since then!23:41
wxlthank you irc logs found it23:43
phillwI was digging email archive :)23:43
phillwanyways.... 00:45 here, my eyes are tired and so it is time for bed!23:46
balloonsphillw, going to bed on time?23:53
balloonsexcellent chap! sleep well23:53
knomelol, "on time", what's that?23:54

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