Kavi_How to use symmetric multiprocessing in ubuntu03:46
ThanapalWhat is Symmetric multiProcessing in ubuntu03:52
ali1234it just works03:52
Kavi_How to configure SMP(Symmetric MultiProcessing) in ubuntu03:53
ThanapalHow to configure SMP(Symmetric MultiProcessing) in ubuntu03:54
AzelphurKavi_: / Thanapal please drop the clones, and don't spam.03:55
Azelphurmorning :)06:15
christelmorning lovelies07:34
hoovermorning all08:00
JamesTaitHappy Tuesday, folks! :-D08:17
* AlanBell observes directhex's petition on slashdot08:20
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AlanBellmorning czajkowski08:29
czajkowskiello christel how's you?08:30
christelnot at all bad! thyself lovely one? :)08:31
czajkowskinot bad08:33
* AlanBell wonders if Laura is coming out to play in Farnham on Saturday08:35
czajkowskinope fraid not08:35
AzelphurI just been watching some of the TV License inspector videos on youtube, it's astounding the amount of harassment they get away with lol09:02
mungojerryAzelphur, do their vans really work?09:17
Azelphurmungojerry: nah that's a load of crap from what I hear09:17
Azelphurit's more the punching people in the face I'm worried about :P09:18
popeythey dont have vans these days09:18
popeyhaven't had for years09:18
mungojerryapprently a tv which receives a OTA signal can be detecetd with a listening device09:18
Azelphurpopey: yea, they have "handheld devices" ;)09:18
popeysome do, most don't09:18
mungojerryso they just knock on doors onf those people who don't have licences?09:18
popeythey go through the database and send people round09:19
daubersmungojerry: That used to work with old CRT based TV's, was something to do with the coils09:19
Azelphurmungojerry: and they are usually really rude and often abusive while doing so, from what I see on youtube09:19
mungojerryi have a CRT09:19
daubersYou just have to remember that they have no legal right to enter your property without a warrent09:19
mungojerrybut i also have licence09:19
mungojerrywhy don't they get the JWs to check , since they knock at my house twice a day on the weekend09:20
Azelphurdaubers: indeed09:20
Azelphurswear warning, but this is the worst video I found of the inspectors coming knocking: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZENQpDgUms09:20
daubersAzelphur: I got the police to escort one tv licence man out of the student halls because he just walked in to peoples flats09:21
Azelphurdaubers: nice09:21
popeyyou're basing your opinion of TVL on one visit from a guy who was videoed by a neighbour back in 2005?09:23
Azelphurpopey: I've actually watched like 20 videos, as I say that was the worst of em09:23
Azelphurthere's lots of more recent ones I've seen where they are really rude and basically say that if you don't answer my questions and let me search your property I'll be back with a warrant09:23
Azelphurand lots where they outright lie about the laws to try and force a license on you, too09:24
daubersYeah, the TV licence people are run by a private company these days. Wouldn't be surprised if they got paid by the number of people they foist a licence onto09:25
Azelphurdaubers: I've read they get £20 commission per sale09:25
Azelphurdaubers: I've read other stuff too like picking on disabled people and stuff, not nice, as I say dunno how they get away with this lol09:26
Azelphurit's like large scale super harassment09:27
hoovermorning folks09:27
brobostigongood morning everyone.09:30
popeyi do wonder how many of those people videoing the TVL people actually do have a telly and use it to watch live TV09:30
* daubers has a telly but doesn't watch live TV!09:32
Azelphurpopey: who knows, myself I actually legitimately just don't watch it, where I live now we have a license, I could watch it if I wanted, I just don't. Everything I consume is online09:32
daubers"But you have an aerial on the side of your house" "But there's no cable connected to it" "Does that matter sir?"09:32
daubersstupid TV licence people09:33
popeynone of my aerials are connected to anything09:33
popey3 on the side of the house09:33
popeyand a dish :)09:33
Azelphurdaubers: yea, there was one that said that he had a TV because he has a satellite dish in the videos I found09:33
daubersI have 2 and a dish :) Replacing the tallest one with a weather station when I can get hold of a long enough ladder09:33
Azelphursome of the newer videos are absolutely hilarious though, apparently they've been instructed to run away if your filming them09:33
Azelphurresults in hilarity such as this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qxev8L27Lo :p09:34
daubersHah! So all I need do now is open the door to them with a camera and they'll stop bothering me?09:34
popeyi recorded some pikeys who came to tarmac my mums drive09:34
Azelphurdaubers: apparently09:34
Azelphurpopey: nice :p09:34
Azelphur"Oh no, a tripod! *runs*"09:34
popeywonder what he uses to record constantly09:36
AzelphurIndeed, seems like a nice setup to have09:36
Azelphurhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWjAFykk1MQ&t=0m47s she looks so mad xD09:37
Azelphurthe face she pulls when she sees the phone lol09:38
kirrusczajkowski: Please stop trying to steal BigRedS ;)09:45
kirrusWe like him quite a lot :)09:45
n1md4....and have need for him at the pub!09:46
czajkowskiwell pub is always a good reason09:46
* hoover agrees with czajkowski 09:49
hooverDang, there goes my focus ;-)09:49
Azelphur11am and already yearning for the pub :P09:52
* mattt shakes his head09:54
davmor2Morning all09:56
mungojerryAzelphur, just watched those videos11:10
mungojerryhow rude11:10
Azelphurmungojerry: I don't think I linked one with a bunch of threats in it11:11
davmor2czajkowski: PROD!!!!!!!!!!!!! morning :)11:11
mungojerryi have a no cold callers sign. anyone who wants to visit needs an appointment11:11
mungojerryi like the man with a fear of tripods though11:12
Azelphurhehe indeed11:12
Azelphurhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4GmXU65p7AQ is a good one for lies and threats everywhere11:12
Azelphurpopey: I'm sure I've seen stuff like that before11:17
Laneywhat a load of crap he talks11:17
=== jml_ is now known as silamel
Laneyhis house is a soverign nation hahaha11:17
AzelphurLaney: xD11:17
AzelphurLaney: the inspector is talking an equal amount of crap though :p11:17
Laneyyeah nobody knows what they're going on about11:18
Azelphurit's illegal not to have a TV License, true stories.11:18
mungojerryare they in the employ of the govt, or subcontracted?11:20
mungojerrywhy haven't BBC watchdog done a piece on this :P11:20
Azelphurmungojerry: they are a private company and have no more rights than a salesman11:20
Azelphurmungojerry: why would BBC watchdog attack themselves? XD11:20
Azelphurthat'd be pointless11:21
popeypretty sure watchdog have done something on this11:23
Azelphurmungojerry: I also saw a video of an investigator going through some guys computer which was a little worrying :p11:23
davmor2Azelphur: because they would have to to remain unbias, like when sky news and the sun and news of the world had to report on the phone tapping incident11:23
Azelphurpopey: that would be interesting to see just for the whole self-policingness of it all11:24
Azelphurdavmor2: haha11:24
popeynot self policing11:24
popeybbc != tvl11:24
Azelphurtvl are hired and paid for by BBC though11:25
mungojerryi've switched computer and i still get freezes in my desktop UI while installing packages from USC :S11:44
davmor2mungojerry: how do you mean freezes?11:45
davmor2mungojerry: is it something you can record and put in a bug please11:45
mungojerrymouse doesn't move , windows don't open11:45
mungojerrydavmor2, i'm using cinnamon, so i'll prob need to boot into unity to get better bug support11:46
davmor2mungojerry: in unity it might not happen11:46
mungojerrythat's true too11:46
davmor2mungojerry: it could be a bug in cinnamon that is causing it, in which case we are unlikely to fix it unless it is definitely our code causing the issue11:47
mungojerryof course :)11:47
mungojerryin which case, i'd also probably try gnome shell to see if it does it there too11:48
mungojerrythe likelihood of the problem being cinnamon is probably quite high :(11:53
davmor2mungojerry: were you installing more than one app in a single session?  there was a huge memory leak I discovered in precise that has been partially addressed in quantal11:55
mungojerryi was, yes, however i only just opened the USC app11:56
mungojerrysurely it couldn't bring the machine to it's knees so quickly?11:56
mungojerryi'll try apt-get next time and see if it's just because of i/o11:57
mungojerry(i guess it might be)11:57
davmor2mungojerry: how much memory does the box have and what type of processor, gfx shouldn't matter as it uses gtk so should display happily in 2d and 3d11:59
mungojerrydavmor2, 4GB ram, core i5 processor12:05
mungojerrywhen i get some time later i'll try in a different DE12:06
* daubers turns on the heating12:06
davmor2mungojerry: Oh man I'm on amd quad here 4 gig never seen an issue my laptop is an i3 and that works faster than the amd :D12:07
KungFuPandaHi guys, any1 meet this problem ? my system crashed everytime when I first time try to start window 64bit xp image under virtrual box? the whole system freezed, I have to hold the power button to restart, after that I can start the xp then, very annoying.13:48
hooverKungFuPanda: A colleague is having similar issues with Virtualbox and a centos 6 64bit guest13:50
KungFuPandagreat, so I am not alone, did he find any solutions ?13:51
hooverno, not yet I'm afraid, I think his system crashes repeatedly so his case is even worse than yours ;-)13:52
KungFuPandadamn linux, so easy to crash. :P13:53
hooverI run an xp guest (32bit) on a 64bit centos host without any problems though (sp3)13:53
hooverhave you tried a 32 bit xp?13:54
KungFuPandanot yet, maybe I should try that,13:54
* mungojerry boggles at the community app showdown results13:56
KungFuPandait is not make any sense at all, it only crash on first  time of the  day, after that, no matter how many times I restart the system, it always works fine then, only the first time of the day. :p13:56
ali1234why is everyone shocked at the app showdown results?13:57
ali1234you know only about 400 people even voted on it?13:57
ali1234also, why surprised that an app that returns one of the liked but irritatingly removed features of nautilus would win?13:58
ali1234this is what's great about open source. idiot developers can take stuff out, and the users can just put it back in13:58
mungojerryit's a pretty ugly implementation14:01
mungojerryhow do you vote on it? i don't think i saw that14:01
mungojerrytbh there were too many apps to choose from , so any app that was receommended on reddit/forum would have won14:02
ali1234i'm just curious what you expected to win14:03
ali1234if you look at the full results, the winder got 3x the votes of anything else14:03
mungojerrycuttlefish looked interesting, and lightread is a v good app14:03
ali1234the problem with lightread and fogger is nobody actually needs that stuff14:04
ali1234lightread is just a limited RSS reader - we've got hundreds of those14:05
ali1234and fogger only exists to work around problems with unity's design14:05
ali1234and cuttlefish is an app to make it easier to change settings, so no surprise that came third14:06
mungojerryali1234, no, where's the hundreds of decent rss readers?14:08
ali1234i never said any of them were decent14:08
mungojerryliferea is prety much the main one, and it's slow14:08
ali1234lightread has not improved things at all14:08
mungojerrylightread is decent14:08
mungojerryif you use google reader14:09
ali1234yeah. google reader is completely terrible in every way14:09
mungojerryi use it every day, where liferea was misbehaving and didn't show certain feeds14:09
MartijnVdSexcept it's not14:09
ali1234lightread being tied to it is basically an automatic fail14:09
mungojerryi think you're in a bad mood. lightread is v good14:09
ali1234google reader hides things by design14:09
MartijnVdSali1234: it does?14:10
ali1234you have no control over how many posts it show from each feed14:10
ali1234it just shows the first 1014:10
MartijnVdSali1234: it shows all unread ones.14:10
ali1234and stuff mysteriously dissappears after you have read it14:10
MartijnVdSthat's good14:10
ali1234MartijnVdS: that is categorically untrue14:10
ali1234it shows all the nread ones if the feed has 10 or less items14:10
ali1234otherwise it just shows the first 10 unread items14:10
MartijnVdSali1234: I always use the "All unread items" view.14:11
MartijnVdSworks fine for me..14:11
ali1234again, that only shows the first 10 unread items from each of your feeds14:11
MartijnVdSI read it often enough to not hit the problems you're describing14:11
ali1234for example, if you have a feed which gets about 30 posts per day14:11
ali1234such as the BBC one14:11
ali1234or slashdot14:12
MartijnVdSI don't read those.14:12
ali1234or pretty much any news blog really14:12
mungojerrytry lightread then14:12
MartijnVdSBusiest feed I read is ars technica14:12
ali1234i have tried it14:12
MartijnVdSand they post throughout the day, so I keep up..14:12
ali1234i tried it after the showdown ended and the apps were all released14:12
ali1234and this is what happened14:12
ali1234all i'm doing is telling you the results of my trial14:12
ali1234basically lightread is unusable for these feeds14:13
MartijnVdSand I'm telling you that "doesn't work for you" doesn't mean "doesn't work for anyone"14:13
ali1234liferea works perfectly however14:13
lubotu3Common Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/14:13
mungojerryali1234, load lightread and change "max read items" to 5014:19
mungojerryclick refresh, and it will show 50 items in the feed (unread ones)14:20
ali1234i only just noticed that lightread has google ads plastered all over it14:20
ali1234maybe it's in the feed actually14:20
mungojerrydo the change i just mentioned and it will fix your problem14:21
mungojerryof the max messages14:21
ali1234yeah it is14:21
ali1234max read items?14:22
ali1234ok i set it to 50. now  can't close the settings window because the dialog is messed up14:22
ali1234got to love these html5 apps14:24
ali1234so in summary this app has a confusing interface that doesn't match the rest of the desktop, is tied to a google account, and doesn't show all of feeds14:27
ali1234but you know what is even better than using a stand alone rss redaer? just using firefox live bookmarks14:28
ali1234doesn't suffer from any of these problems, doesn't need you to keep yet another app open all the time...14:28
bigcalmGood afternoon peeps :)14:29
hooverhey biggie14:29
bigcalmHiya hoover14:29
christelhiya tinycalm14:35
bigcalmHey, it's not my fault. It's just cold today14:35
* bigcalm hugs christel :)14:36
ali1234hmm actually cuttlefish is genuinely innovative14:37
davmor2christel: hello14:37
bigcalmHi davmor214:37
davmor2bigcalm: hello14:37
davmor2bigcalm: you just got on or did we not say hello earlier14:38
bigcalmdavmor2: Have an early start and long drive on Thursday, might need reminding of that at the LUG tomorrow14:38
bigcalmdavmor2: just popped on14:38
bigcalmI am somewhat over worked right now14:39
davmor2bigcalm: does that mean you won't be at the coworking space?14:39
bigcalmdavmor2: that is quite correct. I did warn you last time :)14:39
davmor2bigcalm: you probably did me remembering on the other hand is something completely different :D14:40
christelheya davmor2 :D14:42
hoovercheers all14:43
davmor2hoover: what for :D14:43
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* SuperEngineer is now known as "back from sanity break in Dartmouth" & was never known as SuperEngineer|Away] ;)16:44
popeywelcome back SuperEngineer16:45
SuperEngineero? thanks16:46
SuperEngineertook me surprise - nice to be back16:46
SuperEngineer*me by16:46
SuperEngineernow I've stopped nom nom boiling over & cleaned up the mess - I'll try that again... thanks popey, much appreciated17:00
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mgdmcan anyone recommend a USB wireless adapter? (It's ultimately for a Windows box so compatibility with Ubuntu sadly isn't a huge concern right now...)19:26
Flashtekmgdm: tp-link stuff generally wors well ime19:30
zleaphi feisar19:30
zleaphi Flashtek19:30
mgdmFlashtek: ta19:31
davmor2mgdm: ditto on the tplink19:31
Flashteksensibly priced also19:32
mgdmvery much so, thanks!19:32
feisarzleap hi19:33
=== chalced is now known as chalcedony
popeymgdm, yes!19:46
popeymgdm, http://www.amazon.co.uk/Technologies-802-11N-150Mbps-Wireless-Compatible/dp/B0035FVL4G/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1347997589&sr=8-219:46
popeyi have a few of them19:46
mgdmpopey: you really are a font of all kinds of useful info, thanks :)19:46
mgdmand that looks cool, ta19:47
einonmWatch out with those though - I've got a similar Edimax nano USB wifi dongle - I think because the antenna is so small, the thing isn't very good at picking up weak wifi.19:49
* bigcalm rumbles in19:50
mgdmI have the Edimax one, it came with my RPi19:50
mgdmbut I've not had occasion to test it yet19:50
dwatkinsI have the Edimax, there's a neat automated install script linked from here for Debians: http://www.raspberrypi.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=625619:52
einonmWow. That's a huge script, isn't it?19:53
dwatkinsyeah, works well though19:53
dwatkinsrun it before connecting the device, as my Pi failed to boot with it connected19:54
einonmI think the 8188 driver is a bit new, it probably isn't well supported on a pi kernel yet19:54
einonmI ended up using a trusty ralink2800 dongle on mine - I think it's one of the longest supported drivers in the kernel.19:57
popeyI've had no issues with that LM device20:00
einonmcool - the price is certainly good20:03
ali1234libxrender-dev and libxrender-dev:i386 can't be installed at the same time20:49
ali1234hmm. fullscreenhack tends to crash these opengl games that insist on drawing over all available monitors20:52
ali1234i don't understand how these games consistently fail to provide any kind of usable screen resolution setting20:53
ali1234this one has a resolution setting and the options are "50% - 100%"20:53
ali1234and changing it makes absolutely no difference at all20:53
brobostigonnos da everyone sleep well,21:41
davmor2bigcalm: lo21:44
bigcalmEvenin mukka21:44
brobostigonnos da bigcalm21:44
bigcalmNight brobostigon21:45
davmor2bigcalm: you still at work too or are you just being social21:46
bigcalmdavmor2: still at work, but trying to be social of sorts at the same time21:48
mgdmat work this late? :(21:48
davmor2bigcalm: hahahaha21:48
davmor2mgdm: Yes too much too do21:48
bigcalmmgdm: I do this regularly. One of the dangers of working from home21:48
bigcalmThat said, I often stayed at the office until 9/10pm21:49
bigcalmI live to work21:49
bigcalmBut hopefully it means that I can take Thursday to Sunday off work and not worry about it21:50
mgdmwell, if you get it back then fair enough21:50
bigcalmGet it back?21:52
mgdmas in, the time you put in now is time you can then take later21:53
davmor2mgdm: one of the dangers of fix period releases when there is loads to do at the end21:53
mgdmsure - but I'm not a believer in letting things get to the point where you're doing work at 11pm21:54
bigcalmmgdm: I don't get the time back. I'm working in my own time for free. I am an idiot21:55
mgdmYou are21:55
mgdmyou are being taken advantage of21:55
davmor2mgdm: this is more of a one off,  we had a few things go wrong today and now it's catch up time21:56
bigcalmTricky when it's a 2 person company. Pretty much the only way to keep the job21:56
mgdmdavmor2: well, fair enough21:57
mgdmbigcalm: I've worked for a 3-person company, and i would still not do that without compensation21:57
mgdmif you're not getting something in return, you are selling yourself short21:57
davmor2mgdm: but it gets more chaotic as the Ubuntu release goes on21:57
czajkowskifiles more bugs21:58
czajkowskino where near popey level21:58
czajkowskibut getting there21:58
davmor2czajkowski: no your not21:59
davmor2czajkowski: you are a rank amateur at bug reporting21:59
davmor2which reminds me I still have 2 I need to report22:00
mgdmdavmor2: well there's a problem in the release structure, then, that needs resolved22:01
bigcalmdavmor2: yes, fix it now22:01
popeysadly stuff landed late22:03
popeyas often happens22:03
davmor2mgdm: no there is a bunch of stuff that our team can't do till just before beta 2 and then the retest happens just before release so it kinda sucks to be me sometimes :) not the end of the world though it doesn't always happen :)22:03
mgdmif it often happens, it sounds like a problem; if not, then well, fair enough22:04
czajkowskiwhere as with me I do my work during the day and my ububntu work in the evening,somtimes during the day I'll find a bug and report it and in theevening I get the odd poke for LP work22:05
bigcalmI had the choice of working or watching Downton Abbey with Hayley...22:06
mgdmoh, well, when you put it like that...22:06
davmor2czajkowski: Today I broke USC on precise and quantal guess what I spent most of the day doing :D22:06
czajkowskioh today I also lost my desktop and had a mini panic attack and had to pke popey22:07
czajkowskiflip side is every thursday @6pm UTC+1 atm will be 5pm UTC in a few weeks I've a CC meeting22:07
czajkowskibut then other days I dont run away at 622:07
czajkowskis there is a bit of give and take22:08
bigcalmTimezones are a bugger22:08
davmor2bigcalm: even more so when the rest of the world don't use ours22:09
bigcalmYep, everybody should use GMT and be awake at the same time22:09
* bigcalm nods22:09
davmor2bigcalm: indeed it's only fair we gave the world everything(TM)22:10
davmor2czajkowski: how dare you be so sidest, what's wrong with rightfield?22:19
popeyi have found episode 1 of the young ones on a vhs tape22:27
davmor2popey: wow you had worse taste than I remember.......oh wait no I've seen your shirts......you have better taste than I remember :D22:29
davmor2popey: the young ones was cool but my god has it dated22:29
popeyactually it's a bit chucklyworthy, but I've seen it so many times22:33
popeythis was recorded off UK Gold22:34
popeyand part way through the programme they have mistakenly played the continuity announcement22:34
popeyremember how we used to record programmes on VHS by the exact start time and end time22:34
popeydavmor2, usc should remember my username/password :(22:39
ahayzenpopey, omg i remember setting up the VHS when i was like 5 lol :)22:40
ahayzenpopey, betamax ftw!22:41
davmor2popey: you keep saying that and it shouldn't :D it should in quantal now remember your username once you have a stored key,  Ie activated recommendations or installed a previous purchase22:41
davmor2popey: the unified sso client was meant to happen but precise fixes took up a lot of our time unfortunately, so that might be 13.04 if we are lucky, you'll still have to use your 2f though22:43
popeymakes the whole 'one click buy' a bit of a lie :)22:43
popeynone of the games have appeared in the launcher22:45
ali1234dustforce appears in gnome panel menu22:46
ali1234none of the others are even in my USC yet22:46
popeythat one hasn't finished installing for me yet22:46
ali1234yeah it took ages for me too22:46
popeyshatter and space pirates are installed for me, but no icon22:46
ali1234still "not found" for both here22:47
ali1234i left USC running for about 4 hours now22:47
davmor2popey: I think is it really hit an miss there are some changes in unity that broke it22:48
ali1234can i firce it to update the sources in a way that i can see what it is doing?22:48
davmor2ali1234: sudo /usr/share/software-center/update-software-center-agent22:49
davmor2ali1234: it does it automatically on restart though22:49
ali1234yeah, well, apparently it doesn't work22:49
davmor2ali1234: it does you just got in early it does keep retriggering22:50
ali1234ok that command exited with no output after about 2 seconds, almost as if it did absolutely nothing at all22:50
popeyshatter is a bit funky22:50
popeyand works well on my i722:51
davmor2ali1234: I'm taking it that you have gone back to the HIB and clicked on the next button right?22:51
ali1234next button?22:51
directhexwaiting for USC publication of HiB6 games22:51
ali1234what next button?22:51
davmor2ali1234: so you clicked on the install button for the first app did you click on the next apps button?22:51
ali1234you mean the "download for ubuntu" button?22:52
directhexali1234, right22:52
davmor2ali1234: yeap22:52
ali1234yeah, i clicked on it, then software centre loaded up and said "not found". then i waited 4 hours, closed software center, then clicked the "download for ubuntu" button again, and it still says "not found"22:52
popeyi just pressed back in usc then clicked the game22:53
popeythey're now listed on the front page22:53
popeyit knows you bought them22:53
popeybut obviously did that 4 hours after you22:53
ali1234yeah, i got the emails about the tokens22:53
ali1234when i first did this, the SPAZ was not even on that page yet22:53
davmor2ali1234: if you see the apps on the what's new section you should just be able to install them22:54
ali1234yeah i see them on the front page22:54
ali1234so why doesn't the button work?22:54
popeyyeah, spaz wasnt there for me earlier, but I only just clicked to install them22:54
ali1234There isn’t a software package called “spacepiratesandzombies” in your current software sources.22:54
popeybusy working before :)22:54
popeyooh, dustforce is now in my launcher22:55
popeydoesn't look like it installed the others22:55
ali1234it's because it needs to be searching for "spacepiratesandzombies:i386" and "shatter:i386"22:55
ali1234however, dustforce is just dustforce, so the link works22:55
ali1234i reported this bug ... several months ago22:56
davmor2ali1234: it should matter USC should pick up on that grrrrr22:56
ali1234yeah... it doesn't22:56
davmor2ali1234: that'll be why the button doesn't work then22:56
ali1234there's packages in the universe which are broken in the same way22:56
ali1234for example eagle cad22:56
ali1234which has only i386 version22:56
ali1234let me find the bug...22:56
ali1234bug 99930122:57
lubotu3Launchpad bug 999301 in software-center (Ubuntu) "package "eagle" not found in software center on x86_64 install" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/99930122:57
directhexi see one game in USC - Dustforce22:57
davmor2ali1234: these should all be multiarch so there should be a 64bit package that basically points at the i386 one I wonder if that didn't build hmmmmm22:57
ali1234this is the exact same bug. eagle can be found if you search, but not if some other app kicks off software center22:57
ali1234yeah, eagle has no 64 bit wrapper package22:57
davmor2popey: are you on i386 or amd64?22:58
davmor2popey: if the answer is 64bit then the reason is the apps are multiarch I've already filed a bug, and unity and USC are currently trying to figure out who's code needs to handle it iirc22:59
popeyyes amd6423:01
popeynice one23:01
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ali1234btw, is dustforce supposed to run in a tiny window with huge black borders?23:02
davmor2popey: it took me ages to figure out why some did and some didn't, it didn't help it was the same apps on both i386 and amd 6423:02
bigcalmSleep now23:04
directhexi on;y really care about rochard working, btw :p23:04
directhexthat's the only one i have any reputation staked on23:05
popeydustforce runs with a small border on my 1366x768 laptop23:06
ali1234dustforce is basically super meat boy with sloppy unresponsive controls :(23:06
popeyruns really well23:06
ali1234and bad level design23:06
popeyi dont think i have played smb properly23:06
ali1234maybe i'm just doing it wrong23:06
popeyi have it here somewhere23:06
ali1234it was in 5 as the bonus i think23:06
popeya hyes23:07
ali1234my favourite game out of any of them yet23:07
popeyi have kinda ocd downloaded all of them and stuffed them in U123:07
ali1234i've installed them all from USC23:07
ali1234but only played about half23:07
popeyfor some i even downloaded osx and win versions too23:07
popeyyeah, i haven't got around to playing them all23:07
directhexi've actually liked the mono-based games. they've been good. this is convenient for a narative i want to spread :p23:07
ali1234i've spent more time trying to fix them, than actually playing them though23:07
ali1234whic are mono except for bastion?23:08
popeyi haven't had a single issue playing any of them23:08
popeythe new unity ones23:08
ali1234bastion was Ok but the narrator gimmick started getting annoying after about 2/3 of the game23:08
directhexali1234,  spacechem; atom zombie smasher; bastion; rochard23:08
ali1234spacechem bored me to tears :(23:08
directhexi like spacechem, but it's crazy hard23:08
ali1234i didn't find it challenging... just repetitive and annoying23:09
directhexit's the first "programming puzzle" game i've enjoyed. y'know, the "guide the robot by programing his path" type puzzles, like microsoft tinker23:09
ali1234i think it's the difficulty curve... it's too shallow23:09
ali1234can i skip directly to the hard stuff?23:09
directhexthere's a lot of tutorial to it23:10
ali1234yeah really23:10
directhexdid you get far enough to build composite reactors?23:10
directhexi.e. pipe one reactor into another23:10
ali1234i dont think so anyway23:12
directhexyeah, i'd say that's where it starts to really open out. that and the boss stages23:12
ali1234i guess i'll persevere then :)23:12
ali1234i tried the android games actually on android too23:12
directhexone level sees you assembling a nuclear missile23:12
ali1234touch screen gaming is kind of fail23:12
directhexi.e. fuel and fissile warhead23:13
directhexyour input is... water23:13
ali1234world of goo is perfect example... you can't see what your doing because your finger blocks your view23:13
ali1234it makes the game about 100 times harder23:13
directhexali1234, we agree for once! :o23:13
ali1234however: there was one GREAT game: osmos23:13
ali1234because you tap on the opposite side of where you want to go23:13
directhexnot big on osmos. can't get into it23:14
ali1234so this problem is averted23:14
ali1234it is a kind of slow paced game but they used the touch screen mechanic well23:14
ali1234i actually prefer it on android to PC23:14
ali1234it's a perfect game to just pass time while you're waiting for a train or something23:15
directhexwake me when there's a humble bundle for wp7 ;)23:15
hamitronyou got wp7?23:15
directhexhamitron, http://apebox.org/wordpress/rants/407/23:16
directhexanyway, wake me when another hib6 game hits the ubuntu software centre23:17
directhexman, i basically hate being awake23:17
directhexbut [place a lot of permitted waking conditions23:17
hamitronI like wp7 tbh23:17
ali1234how do i make grep ignore device nodes?23:18
ali1234trying to grep firmware source and it keeps hanging on target/fs/dev/random etc23:18
ali1234ah, -D skip23:19
popeydirecthex, have you bought the bundle?23:19
directhexpopey, bien sur!23:20
popeyscript curling your usc page, and check for updates23:21
popeynotify-osd yourself a ping when it changes :)23:21
directhexor "go to bed, then wake up tomorrow"?23:21
* popey goes to bed23:21
ali1234that's a pretty good idea23:21
ballI'm starting to think I might try Ubuntu again.23:34

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