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tjaaltonduflu: hey, about bug 927168, should I send it upstream to the mesa guys, or is it a compiz bug?07:25
ubot5Launchpad bug 927168 in Compiz "compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in memmove() from drisw_update_tex_buffer() from dri_set_tex_buffer2() from drisw_bind_tex_image() from __glXBindTexImageEXT() from TfpTexture::enable() from enableFragmentOperationsAndDrawGeometry()" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92716807:25
duflutjaalton: Still not 100% but seems very likely a compiz bug. I just approved a potential compiz fix07:27
tjaaltonduflu: oh cool, I could give it a try as well, easy to reproduce :)07:28
jibelom26er_, about bug 1052345, I don't have unity-window-decorator running but gtk-window-decorator. Is it the process I should kill ?08:04
ubot5Launchpad bug 1052345 in unity (Ubuntu) "Windows operations in Unity become sluggish after a few days of usage" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105234508:04
om26er_jibel, yeah, sorry that was meant to be gtk-window-decorator08:14
om26er_there is a leak in gtk-window-decorator so i thought your issue maybe the same08:15
jibelom26er_, np, I commented on the report. The desktop is more responsive again.08:15
dholbachdo we have some docs for how to "integrate a program into the HUD"?08:58
didrockspopey: FYI: https://bugs.launchpad.net/shotwell/+bug/105237509:05
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1052375 in unity-scope-gdocs (Ubuntu) "The g-c-c interface doesn't support i18n" [Undecided,New]09:05
* popey clicks09:05
didrockspopey: it's just a FYI, I just spent some time to sort that out between the different team09:08
didrockspopey: do you have a status on compiz release/migration?09:25
didrockspopey: also, I think it will be good to backport latest commits from compiz as distro cherry-picks09:25
popeydidrocks, ted kindly had a deep look at the migration issue, and identified some interesting stuff but not a conclusion, he's offered to look further09:26
popeydidrocks, I agree..09:27
popey^ Mirv :)09:27
didrockspopey: thanks!09:27
MirvI've already cherry-picked the two additional compiz bug fixes that are targeted to beta-2. PPA (and packaging url) at https://launchpad.net/~timo-jyrinki/+archive/compiz-quantal-testing209:38
Mirvor the other compiz bug fix is to a bug fix in unity that is targeted to beta-2, so essentially needed09:39
didrocksMirv: excellent!09:39
didrocksMirv: so rev 377 and rev 3376 are in?09:40
didrocksMirv: I think rev 3374 is interesting as well09:40
didrocksso maybe better to merge tip on top of your content?09:40
popeythanks Mirv09:42
Mirv3372 and 3376. tip would be nice, but as usual creates a risk of detecting late regressions when testing everything at once, and then we might miss beta 2 if we end into a loop of finding new bugs, trying to get them fixed etc, while + cherry-picks have already been successfully tested09:42
Mirvthere'll always be time for
Mirv(3368 and 3373 are also in the packaging branch)09:44
didrocksMirv: rev 3376 is fixing a critical bug for beta209:50
didrocksMirv: so we need at least this one09:50
Mirvyep, it's in, although apparently needs more than just that commit09:51
didrocksMirv: ok, I'll let you decipher this :)09:51
dufluMirv: You mean 3374, not 3373?10:07
duflu3374 is getting lots of duplicate crash reports10:07
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Mirvno, 3373 since it prevents unity from building.10:49
Mirv3374 can be picked up as well10:50
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MirvI'm going the "tip" route...14:14
didrocksMirv: sounds safe to me14:15
didrockspopey: Mirv: any news from ted on the migration?14:56
didrockspopey: Mirv: I think we won't have time to deal with those with tomorrow's release, so better to have that tackled before14:56
popeydidrocks, sorry, was afk. just catching up15:03
popeydidrocks, no movement yet15:08
* popey hugs tedg 15:08
* didrocks starts to be concerned15:08
didrocksreally concerned15:08
popeynot sure who else we can recruit/press-gang into helping tbh15:13
didrocksnot sure, everyone is really busy…15:13
didrockstedg: no time for that?15:13
didrockspopey: you have 4 people in your team, nobody can help Mirv? seems blocking on a transitional issue for 2 weeks shouldn't happen15:14
popeyI am reaching out to tedg because he seems to have the knowledge to help. others do not.15:15
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tedgdidrocks, Yeah, unfortunately I end up in meetings :-)15:54
didrockstedg: tell that your mic is broken dude! :-)15:55
tedgdidrocks, Heh15:55
didrockstedg: did you find anything yesterday?15:55
tedgdidrocks, BTW, why is this a blocker?  Can we just say "eh, new configuration, you get defaults"?15:55
didrockstedg: I didn't test is on my machine, so can't really tell15:55
tedgdidrocks, There's some oddities, but I haven't found a final "this is what it is"15:55
didrockstedg: well, gold rule is to keep user config15:55
didrockstedg: like, if they tweak switching ws15:56
didrocksand it's reset to the default15:56
tedgdidrocks, It seems the writer is going later than we'd like.15:56
didrocksthis shows a bad quality product15:56
tedgdidrocks, Sure, and we wouldn't touch their old config :-)15:56
didrockswell, we do with the gconf -> gsettings transition :)15:56
tedgdidrocks, It seems like a "nice to have" and a "should do" but not a blocker.15:56
didrockstedg: so, at worst, the user has the default config?15:57
tedgdidrocks, Yes15:57
didrockstedg: no binary corruption of the gsettings blob?15:57
didrockslike if there is a writing and a revert15:57
didrocks(this is what happens, right?)15:57
tedgIt seems like there is a write and a revert, but the revert goes back to the default value.15:57
tedgI haven't seen any corruption, but I'd double check with Mirv to be sure he hasn't.15:58
Mirvno, I haven't seen any corruptions at any point15:58
didrockswell, ok, I think at this point we can keep as it is then15:59
didrockslet's keep the migration script15:59
didrockstedg: did you talk to desrt?15:59
didrockstedg: maybe he would have some inputs15:59
didrocksas it's clearly a dconf issue :)15:59
tedgdidrocks, I asked him a couple of questions, but haven't pulled him in completely :-)15:59
tedgIt is a bit odd that the gsettings migration tool doesn't force a sync, but I added that and it didn't help.16:00
tedgWell, it didn't solve it.16:00
didrockstedg: you can tell him that you have so many "desrt" files and path on your system that he has to do the support now :p16:00
tedgI blame him for every bug in GTK+16:00
didrocksoh gsettings-data-convert doesn't force a sync?16:00
didrockstedg: you sure probably do :)16:00
tedgdidrocks, Nope.  I've got a patch, but it didn't solve this problem.16:01
tedgNot sure if we should add it just because it makes sense though.16:01
didrockstedg: probably, well, no hurry though16:01
didrockstedg: if you can get more info at some not that crazy time point from desrt, I would be interesting16:01
didrockstedg: thanks for checking16:01
didrocksMirv: popey: so I think we can go on, with the migration, as we are16:02
didrocksMirv: popey: let's forget about the corner case, we will be blame, but seeing the unity release coming…16:02
Mirvok. the new compiz snapshot packaging branch is at lp:~timo-jyrinki/ubuntu/quantal/compiz/ubuntu.0982bzr337716:12
Mirvit's a shame it can't be released without a unity rebuild which cannot be done without updating unity and libunity...16:12
didrocksMirv: libunity as well?16:12
didrocksMirv: unity is because of at-spi2, right?16:12
didrocksbut libunity?16:12
Mirvdidrocks: the unity version that brings at-spi2 (if not cherry-picking) happens to also require newer libunity16:13
didrocksMirv: can we cherry-pick the unity at-spi2 commit only?16:13
Mirvdidrocks: we could, although then that combo should be also tested16:14
Mirvand the whole stack will need testing tomorrow as well16:14
MirvI can prepare such a PPA anyway which has compiz + unity 6.4+at-spi216:14
didrocksMirv: no need I guess, if we are confident that the whole stack would be ready by tomorrow16:15
didrocksMirv: how many additional commit is compiz trunk?16:15
didrocksMirv: compared to latest tests16:16
Mirvdidrocks: well I'll prepare. I'm not 100% confident of all of this, but I tend to be on the cautious side. 14 commits since latest was tested.16:17
didrocksMirv: yeah, 14 is a lot16:18
Mirvat least I'll check if unity 6.4 + a11n cherry-pick + latest compiz would be one functional combination16:19
didrocksMirv: so, let's get one stack tested16:19
didrocksok :)16:19
didrocksthanks Mirv16:19
Mirvno prob16:19
conscioususermpt: have some minutes to talk about https://bugs.launchpad.net/dbusmenu/+bug/541472?16:27
ubot5Ubuntu bug 541472 in libindicator "Menu icons should not be 16x16 px" [Low,Confirmed]16:27
mptconscioususer, hey! I'm in a meeting, but in about 30 min16:28
conscioususermpt: ok, I'll stay around16:28
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Mirvok unity 6.4 + a11n cherry-pick alone was not successful unfortunately https://launchpadlibrarian.net/116530817/buildlog_ubuntu-quantal-amd64.unity_6.4.0-0ubuntu7~test1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz17:06
mptconscioususer, yo17:08
conscioususermpt: hi17:08
conscioususermpt: hope the meeting went well :)17:09
mptno comment17:09
mptbut seriously, it was good17:09
conscioususerah, you got me worried for a moment there17:09
conscioususerso, icons!17:10
conscioususerif I understood correctly, you guys want to invest in auto-resizing according to font size?17:10
conscioususermpt: how would the approach to scaling be, considering there is a set of discrete sizes?17:13
mptconscioususer, I don't know, but I imagine it would be choosing the nearest discrete size up to a certain level, and thence scaling the scalable/largest17:14
mptSo graphed, like a staircase followed by a ramp17:14
conscioususermpt: the nearest *larger* than the font, I suppose17:14
mptI don't know17:15
conscioususermpt: hmm, or maybe the smaller one, so it's aesthetically better to keep all items with the same height17:15
conscioususermpt: anyway, IIRC one problem with your proposal on the report is that changing the constant (supposing that is even possible) will not auto-update the icons17:16
conscioususermpt: I think the size is read when the pixbuf is read, and never again17:16
mptconscioususer, could you comment about that in the bug report? I don't really know what a pixbuf is. :-)17:18
conscioususermpt: will do17:18
conscioususermpt: the GNOME HIG (leaving aside the fact that it needs a new version) simply says "menu icons should be 16x16" and leaves it at that http://developer.gnome.org/hig-book/3.5/icons-types.html.en17:19
conscioususermpt: so I'm not sure what is the position of GNOME/GTK devs on this17:19
conscioususermpt: but leaves me pessimistic as to how easy it will be to reach the goal17:19
mptconscioususer, desrt is going to report it upstream for starters17:19
conscioususermpt: current version of polly resizes icons, but I use exact sizes instead of restricting itself to the discrete ones... that ended up in blurring disaster, won't keep that for the gtk3 port17:20
mptWhat do you mean by "instead"? The discrete sizes are exact sizes, no?17:21
conscioususermpt: I meant I don't necessarily choose one of the discrete ones... so it's possible to have 20x20, 21x21, 23x23, 25x25, etc.17:25
conscioususermpt: wrote on the report17:26
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njinHallo, this is my live session of quantal today build amd64, running on amd2800+, 1,6 GHz, 2Gram, Geforce 6100 onboard, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bC-9OZmI4XI&feature=youtu.be19:08
njinis this compiz, unity, gtk or whatelse ?19:10
njinthis machine before was working well on 2D, not fast but working.19:15
njinbefore I mean 12.0419:17
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