nathwillso when did the page focus animations hit Unity?02:23
nathwiller. *window* focus02:23
bkerensanathwill: no idea02:40
bkerensanathwill: wanna fix some bugs?02:40
nathwillbkerensa, sure, let's get crackin!02:41
bkerensakees: are you going to bsidesPDX?02:51
c_smithanyone know if a working fglrx hit Quantal?02:58
bkerensaslangasek: is there a rule of thumb for updating standard version?06:25
bkerensac_smith: I am sure fglrx works on some hardware maybe not your card06:26
bkerensabdmurray: any chance you could get this into quantal? https://code.launchpad.net/~bkerensa/sessioninstaller/fix-for-988775/+merge/11507306:35
bkerensait has been sitting without review for sometime now06:35
slangasekbkerensa: sure; the rule of thumb is to not add needless delta to the Ubuntu package, because Standard-Version isn't something Ubuntu cares about07:03
bkerensaooo these Sputnik Dell XPS are nice :020:55
c_smithgood to hear.21:00
sbeattiesoldering on the RAM is a dealbreaker for me.21:03
c_smith0_0 that is a big issue for most.21:07
bkerensasbeattie: well its required for the form factor consider it is a ultrabook21:09
sbeattiebkerensa: the laptop market has been moving away from what I want for a while now. The non-user-replaceable memory and disks are just nails in the coffin.21:10
tgm4883bkerensa, isn't that pretty expensive?21:11
bkerensatgm4883: what?21:11
tgm4883the sputnik21:11
bkerensatgm4883: they dont sell them yet21:11
bkerensaso there is not a price yet21:11
tgm4883I didn't get an invite, but I was hearing 1100-1200 for the beta testers21:11
tgm4883which are suppose to get a discount21:11
bkerensathey charge beta testers?21:12
bkerensathat sucks21:12
bkerensafor them21:12
bkerensaI did not have to pay21:12
tgm4883IIRC, it's more than if you just go to best buy and pick up the win version21:12
bkerensaI know Barton who runs the program so I just asked him to send me one21:13
tgm4883ah nice21:13
bkerensayeah I met him at UDS... again at OSCON and then I interviewed him on Ubuntu on Air21:13
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