hrwhttp://tygrysek.juszkiewicz.com.pl/~hrw/shots/dualscreen1.jpg - is it normal that I cannot set right monitor to start at 1080,0 when left one is rotated?07:28
tjaaltonso, if -intel is built with --enable-sna, is it the default then?09:35
tjaaltonsince that's what we've inherited from experimental09:35
tjaaltondoesn't look like that09:37
jcristauiirc no09:41
jcristau--enable-sna just means you can set accelmethod09:42
tjaaltonyeah, still needs the config option09:42
hrwcan someone answer my xrandr related question?09:52
tjaaltonhrw: no idea09:54
tjaaltondon't see why it shouldn't work09:55
hrwplayed directly with xrandr command - have to report bug in kde now10:00
tjaaltonmlankhorst: http://www.x.org/wiki/Events/XDC2012/XDC2012AbstractMaartenLankhorst doesn't exist yet, fix it! :)10:17
ricotztseliot, hi, what is the deal with nvidia-graphics-drivers-experimental?10:32
tjaaltonshould be removed, and renamed to something else10:34
tjaaltondon't know the details10:34
ricotzi see, there is still nvidia-settings-experimental10:35
tjaaltonjust a mistake I think10:36
ricotztjaalton, i hope libwacom isnt blocked yet :)10:37
ricotzit isn't really an argument but g-s-d/g-c-c 3.5.92 requires it (they won't be in quantal)10:38
tjaaltonricotz: mind filing a ffe for it?-)10:43
tjaaltonit's already in git since early july10:43
tjaaltondidrocks promised to prepare the other uploads if it's passed10:44
ricotztjaalton, can you push it experimental, so it can be synced?10:44
tjaaltonoh wait10:44
tjaaltonI can..10:44
ricotzwhich other uploads?10:45
tjaaltong-s-d & g-c-c10:45
tjaaltonsoname bump, they need to be rebuilt10:45
tjaaltonanyway, if it needs to go via -proposed a sync won't do10:45
ricotzthere was no soname bump10:46
tjaalton"Bump soname, no additions this cycle but we should've done this in libwacom"10:46
ricotzthis is 0.6 ^10:46
ricotzhmm, i took the 0.6 tarball from sf10:47
ricotztjaalton, dont mistake this, the age got bumped too : C+1:0:A+110:51
ricotz"- If interfaces have been changed or added, but binary compatibility has been preserved, change to C+1:0:A+1"10:52
tjaaltonso no rebuilds needed after all10:54
ricotzso please push it to exp10:54
tjaaltonwhat's the point?10:55
tjaaltonis gnome 3.6 in experimental?10:56
ricotzi think syncing it would be nicer10:56
tjaaltondoesn't matter10:56
tjaaltonwould need another upload to get it in unstable10:57
tjaaltonbut don't dare to push it there10:57
ricotzyeah, that is why i am suggesting exp, but do as you want :)10:58
tjaaltonif it was useful in exp then yes, but don't think it would be10:58
tseliotricotz: we're gonna package experimental releases of the Nvidia driver. We won't be using the -experimental flavour like that though. We'll use something like nvidia-experimental-403, etc.11:21
ricotztseliot, i see, but it looks broken, there is no transition for e.g. nvidia-settings11:23
tseliotricotz: wasn't that package removed?11:23
ricotzmeaning you can install both nvidia-settings and nvidia-settings-experimental11:23
ricotznot yet11:23
tseliotricotz: ok, we'll do it soon11:23
ricotzi pinged infinity in -dev11:23
ricotzbut i guess he is ignoring non-canonical ;)11:26
tjaaltonhe's also asleep11:45
ricotzi see11:52
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mlankhorstmupuf: i will probably go by car after all15:52
mlankhorstfaster from here15:53
tjaaltonwrong channel? :)15:55
agrestringereGot a quick question something seems strange with my Nvidia drivers X-SWAT 304.43...Nvidia Settings lists my card as having 256mb but when I run 'nvidia-smi --query --display=memory' it only reports 127mb Total, 67mb used, 60mb free, I don't get it... 17:44
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