BasicDrupin: in the terminal type jockey-gtk00:00
drupinTheLordOfTime: i need the propietory drivers as this freezes..... ActionParsnip00:00
ActionParsnipdrupin: I can hash you up an xorg.conf if you want00:01
drupinjockey-gtk gives an error Basic00:02
KxtwoBasic, yes I do, just checked00:03
drupinok this tool opened but says "No proprietary driver sused in system"00:03
imadamHello I'm a bit of a noob. I'm learning python at the moment. Does anybody know how to load up a python script in terminal or where I can find a good tut? Thanks!00:03
BasicKwtoo it may use shockwave or java00:04
blackshirtimadam, you can load it with python /path/to/python/script00:04
michealpwYou can just use sudo Xorg -configure :1 to hash-out an xorg.conf.new in your home directory ;)00:04
michealpwIt'll probe your hardware00:04
michealpwAnd spit out the xorg.conf.new. Then just open it with Kate or Gedit and you're golden00:04
zykotick9michealpw: +1 "sudo X -configure :1"00:05
domtronzykotick9: that assumes it's installed, I haven't even gotten that far :P. thanks for the help :)00:05
imadamblackshirt: Wow thats awesome. Thanks for your help.00:05
michealpwimadam: Well, I think you'd use: python script.py00:05
blackshirtimadam, not a problems...00:06
drupinnow what i do?00:06
michealpwWhere script.py is a qualified location, like /usr/www/script.py00:06
michealpwI'm slow :(00:06
morganhow can I determine what is causing my system to hang for 1-2 seconds every 10-15 minutes?00:06
imadamHmm yeah it didn't work. Does it have to be in a certain directory to load?00:06
z1gg3h. . .00:06
KxtwoBasic, is there a way to find out which plugin I need?  firefox is usually good about finding it but is not doing it this time00:07
michealpwmorgan: Try (From a terminal) top00:07
blackshirtimadam, where you place your python script?00:07
z1gg3hI have a sneaking suspicion I have a major problem with my wireless adaptor.00:07
imadamblackshirt its in the desktop.00:07
KxtwoBasic, I have java 6 and 700:07
zykotick9michealpw: fyi, have you tried htop?  it's top but cooler - not something to recommend, as it isn't installed by default.00:07
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BasicNo because it linux firefox wont find the pulins for you00:08
blackshirtusually with this should work .. python ~/Desktop/script.py00:08
michealpwimadam: maybe you need to give the script execute permissions? Try ls -l ~/Desktop and see if your script has the x attributes?00:08
ActionParsnipdrupin: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1212042/plain/   should do it, you'll be wrestling that file til you get a good display00:08
michealpwzykotick9 : Nope I will check it out thx!:)00:08
drupinok ActionParsnip let me see00:09
imadamblackshirt  michealpw - I'm such a noob. I typed the file name wrong. Big fail on my part. Seems to be working. Thanks guys.00:09
michealpwohhhh that's pretty, zykotick9 LOL00:09
z1gg3hAnyway know much about Netgear wireless adaptors, by chance?00:10
michealpwLOL imadam nice00:10
BasicKxtoo it sounds like linux needs a windows only plugin00:10
blackshirtimadam, greats00:10
zykotick9michealpw: powerful too.  but i turn both the threadings off, so it displays like top.00:10
michealpwWhoa, it supports mouse-clickery00:10
michealpwThat's neato!00:10
blackshirtz1gg3h, what is your wifi card?00:10
z1gg3hblackshirt, Tis a Netgear WG111v3.00:11
imadamThanks alot guys. I'm going to go off and learn some more. Take it easy!00:11
drupinActionParsnip: now what i do?00:11
z1gg3himadam, Keep safe bro00:11
michealpwBub bye :)00:11
michealpwCheck out Ruby!00:11
ActionParsnipdrupin: gksudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf     add the text there, save the new file and close gedit, then reboot00:12
blackshirtz1gg3h, i have no play with it before, but you should ensure your wifi driver loaded by kernel00:12
drupinok ActionParsnip00:12
z1gg3hblackshirt, Aye, well there's A driver that's been loaded into the Kernel, I'm assuming tis the wrong one though. Trying to track down the right one, with a internet connection that's as stable as British job market has been challenging.00:13
agrestringereGot a question: Nvidia Settings lists my GeForce 8400M GS as having 256 MB of VRAM however when I used "nvidia-smi --query --display=memory" only lists "    Memory Usage Total:127MB Used:77MB Free:50MB, I don't get it, is it saving some memory for system use and another bit for applications?00:13
z1gg3hPrime example, I'm sitting here on jsut IRC, and the lag on XChat indicates a 4.5 second delay00:13
drupinActionParsnip: is this empty by default?00:13
goddardIs there a way to get Geary to support multiple email accounts00:15
blackshirtz1gg3h, are you relying on wifi connection ?00:15
blackshirtz1gg3h, 4,5 seconds was bad thing00:15
nikes12is this the olny chat room00:16
morganmichealpw, ok it just happened again, xorg and chrome were at the top00:16
OerHeksnikes12 not olny, but ubuntu00:16
blackshirtnikes12, what do you want?00:17
morganand then woopsie just opened up00:17
michealpwDid you notice anything spectacular?00:17
morganno, just sound stutters for 2 seconds~00:17
ActionParsnipdrupin: yes00:19
morganwhen woopsie opens up that means some error is happening right ?00:19
michealpwWell I'm no expert, but I think it's a tumor.00:19
zykotick9morgan: google chrome or chromium?00:19
morganzykotick9,  google chrome00:19
zykotick9michealpw: "it's not a tumor" ;)00:19
michealpwI think GNOME and KDE should get together00:21
zykotick9michealpw: both are bloat-city IMO00:21
michealpwLOL touche00:21
michealpwThey both constantly change so much it makes me want to punch puppies00:21
ActionParsnipmichealpw: then use XFCE or LXDE, they have changed very little00:22
michealpwWeeeell iunno that's for the cool people.00:22
michealpwI'm not cool.00:22
ActionParsnipmichealpw: how do you mean?00:22
Basicmichealpw , if you like kde effects on gnome their are plugins for compiz00:22
morganhmmm yeah, seems like it's an issue with google chrome ?00:23
michealpwNo no Basic, I meant the developers/projects :P00:23
michealpwI blame Google Chrome, morgan.00:23
michealpwLOL it's the easy way out00:23
michealpwHonestly I don't know what it is, morgan. Perhaps it is Chrome, perhaps not. Could be something innocent like system updates?00:24
vadi2I'm having difficulty getting photos off galaxy s2 - the ones stored on the phones internal card are not seen by ubuntu, only the top level folders are - and there is nothing inside them as it lists. Any ideas?00:25
michealpwIunno I guess the system updates wouldn't cause it to be sluggish though? LOL00:25
michealpwI'm only guessing, don't mind me :)00:25
Basicmogan, use chromuim because google chrome is not built for linux as well as chromuim00:25
morgangonna keep chrome closed and play music through rythombox and see if it happens00:25
ActionParsnipBasic: Chrome is based on Chromium....00:25
michealpwYep, try some testing. See if you can't isolate the problem better ;)00:25
zykotick9Basic: +1 mostly.  ActionParsnip ftw ;)00:25
michealpwDoesn't Chromium have Googleness in it, though?00:26
Basici get less errors with chromuim than chrome00:26
zykotick9michealpw: YES!  chome is with spying features ;)00:26
michealpwGoogle has submited upstream updates?00:26
michealpwI thought so00:27
zykotick9michealpw: sorry, NO.  chromium is open source...00:27
michealpwBut the Google guys submit changes to Chromium no?00:27
zykotick9michealpw: of course00:27
michealpwI couldn't be arsed to look at something the size of a modern web-browser, LOL00:27
michealpwWho's to say they haven't put their evil in it? LOOL00:28
zykotick9michealpw: i'm sure MOST chromium development is by google employees, they have enough gnu/linux developers ;)00:28
ikoniamichealpw: what has this got to do with ubuntu ?00:28
michealpwAlthough I suppose you could just use dif on all their submissions... But who the f wants to do that? ROFL00:28
michealpwikonia: Everything? LOL00:28
ikoniamichealpw: and your language is not needed or appreciated00:28
michealpwSorry :|00:28
ikoniamichealpw: "lol"??? this is an ubuntu support channel,00:28
Basicthanks to goole now flash is going to killed on linux and replaced by pepper00:28
ikoniamichealpw: not a rant about google.00:29
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zykotick9ikonia: re: michealpw ubuntu has chromium, and is supported.  google-chrome isn't.00:29
michealpwFlash is no good. Flash defeats the whole point of the web paradigm :|00:29
michealpwStandard JavaScript, DOM, CSS and HTML is all you need :D00:29
zykotick9ikonia: i'm probably the guilty party :(00:29
ikoniazykotick9: fully agree on that, but about how evil google is etc, do'nt care in this hcannel.00:29
ikoniazykotick9: then a slap on the wrist for your also ;)00:29
michealpwSorry, ikonia. I'll be good :)00:30
michealpwWhat is pepper, LOL?00:30
ikoniamichealpw: why do you keep saying "lol" to normal converation, there is nothing "funny"00:30
SparksITany one care to help a newbie?00:30
ikoniaSparksIT: if you just ask, people will help if they can00:31
zykotick9!ask | SparksIT00:31
ubottuSparksIT: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience00:31
Kxtwook heres a question, I just tried to update to java 7 using apt get.  I get the message: openjdk-7-jre is already the newest version.  However when I do a java -version I get: openjdk-7-jre is already the newest version. what is that all about?00:31
ikoniaKxtwo: why is that surprising, it's at it's current version00:32
zykotick9Kxtwo: i guarantee with you run "java -version" it doesn't say "openjdk-7-jre is already the newest version" that's apt-cache/apt-get00:32
SparksITalright...I installed 12.04 64 LTS, I have 1 HDD, and 1 SDD, the os is installed on the SDD, however it is not detecting the HDD, it detected on install as it gave me the option to install on it.00:32
zykotick9Kxtwo: s/with/when/00:32
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zykotick9SparksIT: /etc/fstab00:33
Kxtwoikonia, if I have java 7 why does it say 1.6 when I do java - version?  Also I use eclipse, why cant I use the 1.7 compiler?  ALSO why does firefox say my java is out of date?00:33
ikoniaKxtwo: apt-get installs a package, you can have more than 1 java version installed00:34
ikoniaKxtwo: do a which java and follow the symlinks through00:34
ubottuTo just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.00:34
* zykotick9 notes the 1/3 options in !java00:35
Basickxtwo uninstall java 6 its a vulnerability00:35
Kxtwook let me uninstall first00:35
zykotick9Basic: ;) s/java 6/java/00:35
infideldoes anyone know of a tool for ubuntu like sosreport for RHEL?00:35
zykotick9infidel: is that the email reports?00:36
infidelzykotick9, that's the tool that gathers all the log and config files00:36
Kxtwoohh I hope this won't screw up all my eclipse code00:36
zykotick9infidel: don't know then. but that's a cool feature.  good luck.00:36
SparksITzykotick9: ???...not sure what you mean, I have a fstab.d folder in etc but it is empty00:36
zykotick9SparksIT: ya, i heard about that the other night.  sorry i can't help./00:37
tsimpsoninfidel: we use apport for that, it's installed by default. you usually use it via the "ubuntu-bug" tool though00:37
Kxtwook I uninstalled 6 but when I do a java -version still get 1.6, let me see what the link zykotick9 gave me can do for me00:37
infideltsimpson, thanks00:37
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agrestringereGot a question: Nvidia Settings lists my GeForce 8400M GS as having 256 MB of VRAM however when I used "nvidia-smi --query --display=memory" only lists "    Memory Usage Total:127MB Used:77MB Free:50MB, I don't get it, is it saving some memory for system use and another bit for applications?00:40
Guest86944Can anybody help me? I just lost grub on ubuntu quetzal, since I installed windows 8. How do I recovery that from ubuntu live cd00:40
ActionParsnipKxtwo: there is a PPA for oracle java 1.7 if you want00:40
ActionParsnipGuest86944: #ubuntu+1 for 12.10 support00:40
infidelagrestringere, windows?00:41
Kxtwowow this is weird, I uninstalled java 6, but when I do a sudo update-alternatives --config java, there are still 2 listed00:41
agrestringereUbuntu 12.04 LTS00:41
zykotick9ActionParsnip: that ppa shouldn't exist00:41
agrestringereX-Swat drivers 304.4300:41
ActionParsnipzykotick9: its great imho00:41
michealpwJaba 1.7?00:41
michealpwJava, too00:41
infidelagrestringere, is this for tesla?00:41
Guest86944actionParsnip, I am ubuntu 12.04 tls cd now00:41
agrestringereinfidel:GeForce 8400M GS00:42
Basicnothing every java but the the most current one are vulnerabilitys00:42
ActionParsnipGuest86944: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/09/live-usb-sticking-grub-2-video    just change 'bind' to '--bind' in the guide00:42
infidelagrestringere, standard video card not VDI GPU?00:42
jameswplease help, how can i reset my gnome classic panels?00:42
jameswbubble_buddy is doing an on join spam btw!00:43
ikoniajamesw: can you send me details please.00:43
morganokay I'm about 99.9% sure it's chrome now :\00:44
ironhalikHmm - this command 'xset dpms force standby && gnome-screensaver-command --lock' works when executed from terminal, but not when I try to assign a key to it, vua the keyboard menu00:44
morganbeen opening 10 different media players playing tons of different stuff while unzipping and compressing and cannot make it hang, if I open chrome and do a tiny little thing it will hang00:45
infideltsimpson, you use both commands together?00:45
jribironhalik: try sleeping for a couple of secounds, since you are pressing a key00:45
michealpwNice, morgan. So we've found our culprit ;)00:45
ironhalikjrib: kk00:45
michealpwmorgan: Perhaps, try installing Chromium and using that instead, as others here suggested.00:45
agrestringereinfidel: how do I tell?00:45
morganokay I'll give it a try00:46
zykotick9ActionParsnip: oracle doesn't want java distrubuted by gnu/linux distros (period).  so IMO we shouldn't use oracle-java, or java in general.00:46
tsimpsoninfidel: no, the apport commands are more low-level, the ubuntu-bug tool is a command-line client for it to automatically file bug reports00:46
michealpwmorgan: I think you can install Chromium side-by-side with Chrome. Try installing Chromium, then using Chromium to import your Chrome settings. Then remove Chrome ;)00:46
karl_I still have to use the 1.6 compiler in eclipse for whatever reason00:46
jameswi've accidentally deleted my panels, how can i reset my gnome classic panels? the solutions i tried from google did not work00:46
michealpwzykotick9: Really, Oracle doesn't allow distribution in the distros? :|00:47
karl_ok no more playing with that00:47
karl_anyone have any idea why I cannot view .pds in firefox00:47
karl_I have a pdf viewer00:47
zykotick9michealpw: not anymore.00:48
infideltsimpson, so i just ask the customer to run apport and it will generate a tgz of all the log files?00:48
morganokay next issue I'm having. How do I make all the repositories go back to default? lol :(00:48
OerHeksmorgan use ppa-purge00:48
michealpwzykotick9: Are the opensource implementations of java fully compatible?00:49
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Basickarl_ is firefox set as default to open .pdf or is document viewer the default00:49
zykotick9michealpw: i doubt it...00:50
zykotick9michealpw: no.00:50
michealpwSo, wait, what is oracle-java ?00:50
michealpwThat latest version of Java?00:50
tsimpsoninfidel: apport should run automatically when applications crash, it creates crash files in /var/crash, apport can create unpack back into separate files00:50
kxtwoBasic, I would assume document viewer, but I am tring to view inside of firefox00:50
kxtwoits through a web service called blackboard, firefox just keeps saying missing plugin00:51
ManalinHow to open fireWall? Cant find it Dammn :(00:51
Guest86944actionparsnip fdisk -l doesnt show anything on my ubunt00:51
Guest86944what am I doing wrong?00:51
morganOerHeks, thanks that worked!00:51
jribkxtwo: blackboard uses java plugin for some things00:51
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michealpwManalin: The "firewall" is built into the linux kernel. You use front-ends to change it (By adding "rules")00:52
michealpwManalin: Have you installed a front-end yet?00:52
kxtwojrib, I was wondering that myself thats why I just installed it....00:52
michealpwActually, yea you should have ufw already.00:52
Basickxtwo right click on pdf  go down to open with.. and find firefox in the menu00:52
Manalinoh tnx xD00:52
michealpwManalin: From a gnome-terminal or konsole type ufw ?00:52
michealpwThat'll show you the help for ufw (Userfriendly Firewall, or something like that)00:52
kxtwoBasic, the pdf is on blackboard no local00:52
michealpwUncomplicated Firewall, maybe?00:53
michealpwLOL I can't remember :P00:53
Manalinit's my first time i try this shit out!00:53
IdleOne!language  | Manalin00:53
ubottuManalin: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.00:53
Basicis the pdf downloadable00:53
Manalinbut i have som prob With youtube it's some moviest it can't play off?00:53
michealpwManalin: Well that's a seperate issue. Your firewall wont affect YouTube.00:54
michealpwWell I guess it could, indirectly, but not like that. If anything it could prevent you from browsing the web entirely. But it wouldnt' cause individual movies from not working on YouTube ;)00:55
kxtwoI have the iced tea plugin and the .pdv viewer extension too so really not sure what the problem is00:55
Manalinmaybe i just miss The java thing..00:55
michealpwManalin: Well YouTube is flash-based. You can opt-in for it to use html5 but a lot of the videos aren't available in html5 format yet.00:56
* ratcheer hates Flash00:56
infidelGuest86944, are you using GPT?00:56
Manalini can't make This thing worrk :S00:57
michealpwManalin: Go here http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/00:57
michealpwManalin: What version of Flash does it say you've got.00:57
Manalinhmm sec not sure00:57
michealpwThat page will show you ;)00:58
kxtwoManalin, go to your firefox add on manager and click "click to see if plugins are up to date"00:58
michealpwI guess that works,  LOL.00:58
morganOerHeks, just kidding I have no idea what I'm doing. what command do I run?00:59
ManalinFinaly  tnx fore the healp!00:59
kxtwonow if only that would work in solving my problem00:59
michealpwWhat's your problem, again?01:00
kxtwodespite having java, flash, pdf viewer, I cannot get firefox to display webbased pdf files01:01
morgantrying to reset all the ppa stuff to default. i think i messed up all my sources01:01
kxtwomy university uses a web system called blackboard, teacher uploads slides, I want to review, cant :(01:01
kxtwoon a side note, I just got java 1.7 but cant get eclipse to compile with it, only 1.6 but thats another topic lol01:02
michealpwYou mean, having firefox embed the pdf viewer in the browser window for you?01:02
ManalinJust a Fast queastion How do i make the (WinToFlash) work? ore do That only work on windows 7 ore some Thing!?01:02
kxtwomichealpw, yes  but firefox just says missing plugin01:02
michealpwAh, I see01:03
wilee-nileekxtwo, there are number of FF pdf addons that is what will work01:03
kxtwoI have pdf viewer 0.4.1101:03
michealpwkxtwo: Will this help? http://www.ubuntugeek.com/ubuntu-tiphow-to-open-pdfpostscript-files-inside-firefox.html01:04
ActionParsnipManalin: what is wintoflash?01:04
kxtwolets find out michealpw!01:04
michealpwkxtwo: Wait, wait look at this first LOL! https://beeznest.wordpress.com/2012/09/01/firefox-15-pdf-reader-preview/01:04
michealpwThe second link sounds better, I think much newer :)01:04
kxtwotoo late01:05
wilee-nileekxtwo, I have used blackboard it is a pain, you might try usewr agent swithcher as a browser spoof with like IE8 just an idea, I have had to do this with UNI access.01:05
Manalinit's a usb prog01:05
Manalinso i can make Cd in to my usb01:05
ActionParsnipManalin: unetbootin can make a bootable USB from an ISO01:05
Manalinso i dont have to juse cd only (Usb)01:05
Manalinoky didn't know01:05
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michealpwkxtwo: so the new firefoxes on Ubuntu (Even my KUbuntu) there's an internal config option called pdfjs.disabled and it's set to true by default... Supposedly we can set it to true to turn on the pdf viewer01:07
michealpwkxtwo: I'm inclined to believe somebody set it to true for a reason, though? HEEHEE!01:07
kxtwoyou have GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!01:08
kxtwook it worked01:08
kxtwobut all it does is open up do cument viewer!01:08
kxtwoalso why wont firefox give me the option to restore last session01:09
ikoniamichealpw: again "lol" ??? there is nothing funny and yet you keep saying it01:09
ikonia!lol > michealpw01:09
ubottumichealpw, please see my private message01:09
ActionParsnipkxtwo: yes its default disabled01:09
michealpwkxtwo: Which option worked?01:09
kxtwomichealpw,  goign to about:config and setting etc to false01:09
kxtwo!lol > kxtwo01:09
ubottukxtwo, please see my private message01:09
kxtwothere was no need for that message01:10
kxtwomichealpw, has been engaged and very helpful01:10
kxtwowell its not how I anticipated it but at least now I can view the slides.  Now if I can only get help in figuring out why eclipse won't compile with 1.7!01:11
michealpwkxtwo: So all it does is cause the external pdf viewer to pop-up? That's no good :|01:11
michealpwIt's supposed to be embedded in the window, so I read01:11
MikeHI have a feeling the answer to my question is going to be pain time wise, but how much effort/time is likely to be involved in rebuilding a 3x2TB RAID 5 array with an additional disk?01:11
kxtwowell before it did nothing michealpw01:11
ManalinBad that i cant juse vuse xD01:12
ActionParsnipkxtwo: chrome has a nice PDF viewer built in01:12
kxtwooh speaking of RAID, my new motherboard supports RAID and I have two SSD's, I wonder if I'll get a nice performance boost if I raid them.01:12
michealpwkxtwo: You could try my first link, that's a plug-in for firefox called mozplugger which you can use to manually setup what handles what01:12
kxtwomichealpw, I tried the first link it was just a an apt-get command didnt go into any detail01:13
kxtwoits working nowk, I dont want to waste anymore of your time on it01:13
michealpwkxtwo: You could try that. If it works, just disable the helper plugin that came with your firefox cause it's not working.01:13
kxtwoat least now I can view the pdfs, in the future ill figure out how to do more01:13
kxtwoid really like to find some eclipse/java people who coudl help me, but the #eclipse is super slow.01:14
michealpwWell, if it works I guess that's what matters. If you want to try and refine it more (So it's embedded in Firefox) later checkout mozplugger ;)01:14
michealpwI'm new to eclipse, sorry. It's a beast.01:14
michealpwI use it for c/c++01:14
drupinActionParsnip: now th resolution is too huge .. than default..i cannot resize as well...01:14
kxtwoi installed mozplugger and restarted firefox01:14
kxtwomichealpw,  I hate using ide for c01:14
kxtwotext editor is all I use01:14
michealpwHad a hard enought ime getting it to allow me to add gcc to it :(01:14
kxtwoI use it for java01:14
kxtwostill trying to figure out how tog et it to put my full name in instead of just karl, and how to get it to drop start bracket down a line01:15
michealpwkxtwo: I use Kate for almost everything LOL. I want to get into using Eclipse and/or NetBeans, though.01:15
michealpwBut everytime I do, gawd. They're such beastly programs01:15
ikoniamichealpw: again "lol" there is no jokes or funny stuff, please stop01:15
kxtwomy eclipse is set up with a cvs repository at school and the more I learn it the more I like it but I am having issues01:15
kxtwofor one I have java 7 installed01:15
michealpwikonia: It's not funny that, with access to all kinds of huge IDEs I use a simple text-editor called Kate?01:15
michealpwIkonia: maybe you just have no sense of humour? LOL01:16
ikonia!lol > michealpw01:16
ubottumichealpw, please see my private message01:16
kxtwoyet it wont use the 1.7 compiler without giving me errors, I always have tos t the project to 1.6.  Also like I said I cant figure basic options out, like dropping start bracket down a line.  I absolutely cant stand having my bracket on the same line01:16
ikoniamichealpw: please read the message from the bot01:16
michealpwI did the first time..01:16
ikoniamichealpw: ok, so please stop then01:16
michealpwYou're dictacting that I cannot use the LOL meme?01:16
kxtwoikonia, why are you so uptight?  He's not bothering people01:16
ikoniait is bothering people01:16
kxtwomichealpw, dont engage it never leads to anything good01:17
michealpwWell, I apologize, Ikonia..01:17
kxtwook ikonia your complaining is bothering me01:17
infideltsimpson, so i use apport-cli [ --save file01:17
ikoniamichealpw: thats fine, no need to apologise01:17
ActionParsnipmichealpw: its completely redundant and has no value, what you are saying isn't funny, so why the 'lol'?01:17
ikoniamichealpw: and it's appreciated01:17
kaihauIs there a way to get the dock to the bottom of the screen rather than the side?01:18
kxtwogood ol irc.01:18
ActionParsnipkaihau: there is a PPA but it is known to cause issues01:19
kxtwowelp now that some whining killed the nice discussion time to do some coding!01:19
kxtwoThanks for the help michealpw, your lol's didnt bother me becuase well.... I don't get mad over stupid things :)01:20
Hayatelets go01:20
drupinActionParsnip: how can i regain or reduce the resolution .. the settings it only shows 800x600 max01:20
Basicdrupin what de do you have01:21
michealpwNp kxtwo :)01:21
michealpwI should get back to my reading, anyways.01:21
drupini changed the xorg.conf as told Basic01:22
drupinits damn huge..01:22
=== lkthomas_ is now known as lkthomas
Basicx org will be killed by whaling soon01:23
ikoniano it won't01:23
drupinActionParsnip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1212042/ please update this..01:24
zykotick9ikonia: isn't wayland scheduled for 12.10?01:25
ikoniazykotick9: it was supposed to be in 12.04 too......01:25
ikoniazykotick9: and being in is a long long way away from "replacing"01:25
zykotick9ikonia: i was that was well wayland (precise 12.04) ;)01:25
drupinBasic: can you check whats missing here http://paste.ubuntu.com/1212042/01:26
zykotick9ikonia: i still consider multi-arch a work-in-progress ;)01:26
michealpwIn /usr/bin, what's the difference between Xorg and X ? :|01:26
ikoniazykotick9: you're not on your own01:26
michealpwOh, maybe Xorg's like a wrapper for X01:27
zykotick9ikonia: sorry s/i was that was well/i see that as well/01:27
kaihauany way I can remove the username from the system tray on the top right of the screen?01:28
Basicdrupin im not a programmer im just a normal ubuntu who is skilled in most linux distro01:29
zykotick9kaihau: how is "who is logged in" a security threat?01:29
kaihauI never said it was, I just don't want it there01:29
pndemc_anyone tested 12.10 beta?01:29
ikoniadrupin: you'll find that xorg won't work01:30
zykotick9pndemc_: #ubuntu+101:30
Peddyhi everyone, i've been getting the messages "ecryptfs_readpage: Error decrypting page; rc = [-4]" in dmesg and lag, how can I fix this? Thanks01:31
Basicx org is a mired 40 yr old man of linux01:31
ikoniaPeddy: is there a problem01:31
Basicx org is a tired 40 yr old man of linux01:31
ikoniaBasic: please stop talking nonsense01:31
Peddyikonia, it freezes sometimes for up to a minute01:31
ikoniaBasic: it's a support channel - support (and do it good) or not at all01:31
michealpwdrupin: Well, you haven't set any modes for your monitor and are you sure you want to use the openchrome driver for your graphics card/chip?01:31
zykotick9Basic: shut-up.  what's wrong with 40!    jokin'01:31
michealpwdrupini: Also, in your "Screen" section you've got an option I'm not familiar with set, called "metamodes"01:32
ikoniamichealpw: the model doesn't matter, it's an identifier only01:32
ikoniamichealpw: the issue is that your using a.) terrible drivers in "VIA" b.) nvidia' "twinview" options with those, VIA drivers01:32
michealpwdrupin: Use sudo Xorg -configure :1 to spit out a basic xorg.conf that you can work from. It will probe your hardware and set proper values for your driver etc.01:33
zykotick9michealpw: fyi "metamodes" has been a xorg.conf option forever.  just saying.01:33
michealpwLOL zykotick9 my bad.01:33
ikoniamichealpw: again "lol" ??? is possible to actually have a sentence without it01:35
NickeehHello! I'd like to get llvm-3.1 from somewhere. Can I search the "unoffical" repos in some way, like arch's yaourt?01:36
kxtwooh here we go again01:36
zykotick9!ppa | Nickeeh01:36
ubottuNickeeh: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge01:36
ikoniakxtwo: you're comments are not needed.01:36
kxtwowhat is more annoying, short acronyms or some one writing a full sentence to complain about it01:37
ikoniakxtwo: I've asked multiple times - I won't ask again01:37
Nickeehzykotick9: cheers! :)01:37
kxtwoikonia, you do not see the irony and hypocrisy in that statement?01:37
ikoniakxtwo: no,01:37
kxtwoikonia, you have asked me nothing01:37
h00kkxtwo: please move on01:38
zykotick9Nickeeh: fyi, i'd consider ppa to be "generally" a bad idea.01:38
kxtwoin fact I believe that is the first time you addressed me directly on the subject.01:38
Nickeehzykotick9: oh? how so?01:38
NickeehAs in, with arch it generally is pretty harmless.01:38
zykotick9Nickeeh: unstable/unknown source...01:38
NickeehOh unstable I can live with, just want a bleeding edge llvm-3.1 and I can't reach http://llvm.org >_>01:39
zykotick9Nickeeh: it's "genearlly harmless" here too - i'm just uber-conservative!01:39
Nickeehso until that goes back up again I'll ahve to make do.01:39
NickeehAh great01:39
NickeehWell I run ubuntu in vbox anyway, I'll make a snapshot before I venture into less-conservative land, hehe. ;-) Thanks for the heads up01:39
kxtwoawesome, quiet some one who genuinely wants to help people because of a 3 letter acronym.  Only on the internet would that make sense.  smh.01:40
ikoniakxtwo: please give it a rest.01:40
NickeehWhat's the difference between  "LLVM 3.1 (Natty)" and "LLVM 3.1 (Precise)" ?01:40
zykotick9Nickeeh: natty and precise01:40
NickeehNot.. really.. should I pick the one that I currently have?01:41
zykotick9Nickeeh: output of "lsb_release -sc"?01:41
Nickeehah, precise. :)01:42
NickeehI'll go with that one then.01:42
Peddyhas anyone had fixed cryptfs errors like 'ecryptfs_readpage: Error decrypting page; rc = [-4]? Thanks01:46
ikoniaPeddy: still having a little research on that01:46
Peddyikonia, thanks, I have spent so long trying to fix it but I need fresh eyes ;]01:47
h00kPeddy: I may be remembering wrong, but I had a disk going bad that said something like that, so I guess don't take my word for it01:47
Peddyh00k, it is a pretty old disk, but it seems to have passed smart tests fine01:48
AfflictoHey all -- I'm trying to install ubuntu 12.04 LTS via USB. using this gigabyte mobo I can select to boot from either USB FFD, USB HDD, USB CDROM or USB ZIP. I tried all of them and none of the mworked - just started booting windows. Thanks in advance.01:50
ikoniaAfflicto: sounds like the boot usb is not valid01:51
kxtwoAfflicto, how did you make the usb stick?  Did you use a live usb creator?01:51
AfflictoIt worked fine on my laptop. I used the usb creator windows app.01:51
ikoniaAfflicto: ok, so then it must be your motherboard is not supporting the usb boot option01:52
Nickeehow wow, that virtualbox-guest-x11 works really well! :D Nice. :)01:53
OerHeksAfflicto, i need to set boot in 2 places, boot priority and HDD device with usb devices listed too ( Acer )01:53
NautilusI've booted to a live disc (12.04), how do I open a terminal window?01:53
Nautilus(I want to run gparted and redo the partitions)01:54
OerHeksNautilus ctrl + alt + T01:54
ActionParsnipAfflicto: not all motherboards can boot USB, have you tried all ports?01:55
h22turboNautilus: click the icon on top left of screen... then search for terminal01:55
=== zz_megabitdragon is now known as megabitdragon
AfflictoWe just tried the front ports. We were thinking about trying to back ones just in case but we deicded to go with wubi for now.01:56
=== mathieu is now known as Guest22419
Nautilusalmost there, I deleted 2 partitions but have one extended partition left in the middle of the disc ... Delete is grayed out when I select it.  I notice a key icon on that line (in gparted) ... how do I get rid of it?01:58
=== Guest22419 is now known as somekool
somekoolanyone has any experience running linux system with nvidia and ati card at the same time? and instead of going twinview two screen one card, I would open up an X session on each screen using each card02:01
adymitrukhi.. anyone install Oracle xe on 64bit ubuntu?02:04
adymitrukI'm having some issues02:05
Hayateadymitruk, what the issue?02:05
iizuka-ke__327, 32902:09
ollie__Anyone here have any experience with setting up firewire audio interfaces on ubuntu?02:13
Nautilusi want to make an extra backup before I wipe out my 10.04 and install 12.04.  How can I copy all files from sda3 to sdb1 easily?  Want to make sure to get hidden files especially.02:19
zykotick9ollie__: my outdated experience with ieee1394 video/audio.  and my experience with pulse.  leads me to think you might have an up-hill-battle on your hands.  best of luck.02:20
zykotick9Nautilus: where is sda3 mounted and where is sdb1 mounted?  "cp -rv /mount/sda3/* /mount/sdb1/" should work.  confirm hidden files!02:22
tsoloxwhat's the package name for collectl to install in ubuntu?02:25
Nautiluszykotick9: I couldn't say.  I don't have a /mount but do have a /mnt that shows sda1 and sdb202:25
zykotick9Nautilus: pastebin "mount" from a terminal02:25
tsoloxi'm haveing errer: 'Unable to locate package collectl'02:25
zykotick9Nautilus: i was using /mount as an example02:26
zykotick9Nautilus: i should have been using /mount/point/ i guess02:26
Nautiluszykotick9: http://pastebin.ca/2205077     ok I see sda3 on /02:27
zykotick9Nautilus: i broke my no-pastebin.com site rule for you.  /dev/sda3 is your "/" directory and no sdb is listed!02:28
zykotick9!paste | Nautilus02:28
ubottuNautilus: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:28
Nautilusyea no sdb02:28
Nautiluslooking for my mount instructions02:28
zykotick9Nautilus: assuming it exists, "sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt" for a test/temporary mount.02:29
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience02:29
Nautilusztk: ok!  /dev/sdb1 on /mnt  ...   now about the "cp" I'm thinking about option -a02:30
zykotick9Nautilus: archive perserve seems logical02:30
ShadowVegan1I just switched from Ubuntu 10.04 to 12.04. I am using Gnome classic. How can I remove quick launch icons from the menu bar? 10.04 had a remove option on right click but 12.04 does not.02:31
Nautiluszyk so: cp -av /* /mnt      ?   With that asterisk there?02:31
jmstickis there a command line to user logout from the gui and not from the shell02:32
ActionParsnipjmstick: killall -u $USER    will do it02:32
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zykotick9ShadowVegan1: sorry i dropped gnome before gnome3 so don't have the answer.  but, i just want to point out "gnome classic" is not gnome2, and right click is part of it...  best of luck.02:32
zykotick9!tab | Nautilus02:32
ubottuNautilus: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.02:32
airbag22I have a MacBook 5,1 (Late 2008) which I have successfully installed Ubuntu (Dual boot). Everything was working fine except brightness, so i followed (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro5-5/Precise) (install pommed, and editing /etc/X11/xorg.conf) now I cant get it to boot linux. I get "unable to enumerate usb device on port 2" or sometimes just a blinking cursor. Any ideas how I can get back in to my system to find the proble02:33
Nautiluszykotick9: oops forgot the colon after zyk ;)02:33
ShadowVegan1@Zyko okay, thanks. There are right click options, they just don't include remove02:33
zykotick9Nautilus: i'd try it with the *, but it might not be!  test and see02:33
zykotick9!tab > ShadowVegan102:33
Nautiluszykotick9: maybe this is better (note a trailing slash)    cp -av /* /mnt/02:33
ubottuShadowVegan1, please see my private message02:33
afflictoHey all. I have ubuntu 12.04 and I installed compiz-settings-manager and enabled some effects but they don't work. Anything I'm missing?02:34
ShadowVegan1!tab? What?02:34
ubottuShadowVegan1: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:34
zykotick9afflicto: 2 notes.  1) ccsm can break unity.  2) ccsm has option that don't work in unity.02:34
afflictoI'm using gnome :P02:35
zykotick9afflicto: veryify you have compiz-extras or similar named installed!02:35
lco124i need help with some PPA.I can't update02:35
jmstickthanks action02:35
afflictozykotick9: I didn't install compiz-extras. shall I do "apt-get install compiz-extras" ?02:36
zykotick9afflicto: sorry compiz-extras is NOT the correct name!02:36
lco124I need help with some PPA's.Can someone help me?02:36
WeThePeoplelco124, just ask02:36
afflictoI have only installed compizconfig-settings-manager nothing else.02:37
zykotick9what is the compiz extras package name?  it's for afflicto really.02:37
zykotick9!info compiz-fusion-plugins-extra | afflicto02:38
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ubottuafflicto: compiz-fusion-plugins-extra (source: compiz-plugins-extra): transitional dummy package.. In component universe, is extra. Version (precise), package size 3 kB, installed size 39 kB02:38
airbag22Found the answer to my problem. Finally got in to text only mode and I had a typo in my /etc/X11/xorg.conf02:38
airbag22and my brightness works!02:38
morganhow do I remove a program that apt-get remove doesn't remove? D:02:39
ikoniamorgan: you look at the error of why it can't remove it and fix it02:39
Hayatemorgan, you can use purge options02:39
morganit says 'Virtual packages like 'truecrypt' can't be removed'02:40
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WeThePeoplemorgan, try autoremove02:41
morganWeThePeople, nope says same thing02:42
=== petrus is now known as phpwn
WeThePeoplemorgan, is that all it says?02:42
ikoniathen check the log02:42
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=== Abbas- is now known as Abbas5
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morganoh, found it... I had to do sudo truecrypt-uninstall.sh02:44
afflictoso I installed compiz-extras and compiz-settings-manager and enabled wobbly windows but still nothing?02:45
bakerjpI am running Mint 13 and I just want to set the cpu freq to always be the performance setting. I have done this before with setting concurrency=none,shell, etc and just wanted some best info on how to do this on Mint 13, anyone have any ideas?02:46
killer_i think u should add compiz to startup applications :afflicto02:47
xangua!mint | bakerjp02:47
ubottubakerjp: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org02:47
afflictokiller_: ok how would I do that?02:47
xanguaafflicto: are you using unity¿02:47
afflictoxangua: gnome 302:47
xanguaafflicto: unity uses gnome3, are you using gnome-shell then¿¿02:47
afflictoyes gnome-shell :P02:47
bakerjpoops. i mweant ubuntu 12.0402:48
xanguaafflicto: it doesn't use compiz02:48
phpwnim having some trouble starting "monit" - any idea where I should look for any error output?02:48
phpwni type "service monit start" and get Starting daemon monitor: monit02:48
phpwnand.. nothing.02:48
afflictoxangua: so I can't use compiz?02:49
zykotick9xangua: +1 on gnome3 doesn't use compiz02:49
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morganwhat is the difference between xorg and compiz ?02:50
xanguazykotick9: gnome-shell does not, unity does use compiz and gnome302:50
xanguaafflicto: no02:50
zykotick9xangua: unity is a compiz-plugin02:50
xanguawell you get it02:51
malkaunshow would i go about making animated progressbars in gtk-3?02:53
ikoniamalkauns: reading a gtk3 programming introduction would be a start02:53
twoblackeyeshello - I'm experiencing a strange issue I'm curious if anyone else has run across02:54
twoblackeyesthe issue results in my USB keyboard and mouse both not working for about 2 minutes after first boot02:55
zykotick9!ask | twoblackeyes you missed the "all on one line" part ;)02:55
ubottutwoblackeyes you missed the "all on one line" part ;): Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience02:55
twoblackeyessorry, the rest follows on one line: usb input devices don't work, even after unplugging and replugging every USB connected device; but without any action, they do begin to work after a period of about two minutes after boot. Anyone else experience anything like this ever?02:56
Nautilusmy "cp" seems to have stopped on this:  /proc/kmsg' -> `/mnt/proc/kmsg    :(   suggestions?02:57
zykotick9twoblackeyes: nice question/issue.  not one i can help with, but it was a good question.02:57
Nautilusand prople wondr why I dislike usb mice & kbds02:58
twoblackeyesas opposed to PS/2?02:58
SSShvbhello i installed a new ubuntu (updated ) and my Maya 2008 does not work now I did some research and i found that the problem is something like " the version of Xinput was updated" how can i get older vertion of Xinput  in my new ubuntu  ?02:58
zykotick9Nautilus: copying a virtual filesystem like /proc could be an issue!02:58
Nautiluszykotick9: so I think just copy /home, /etc, /var and /usr?02:59
zykotick9Nautilus: /opt, there could be others!  what do YOU use?02:59
Nautiluszykotick9: I use it as a local LAMP stack dev machine02:59
Nautiluszykotick9: but the idea being I dont remember everything I might have installed in 2.5 years03:00
zykotick9Nautilus: when people say "lamp" it makes me nervous.  did you install apache / and the rest - using apt-get or something else?03:00
ikoniaNautilus: so copy everything apart from non-persistant file systems03:00
Nautiluszykotick9: I dont remember how I did it back then03:01
zykotick9Nautilus: ok.  best of luck - i can't help you further.03:01
Nautiluszykotick9: Thanks for the help!  I think if I do those dirs I'll be OK.  Also want to make a clonezilla image03:02
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afflictoI seem to have a apache permission problem. my php script tries to require_once some files and I get "Warning: Unknown: failed to open stream: Permission denied in Unknown on line 0 Fatal error: Unknown: Failed opening required". Thanks in advance03:07
ikoniaafflicto: why is that a permissions problem ?03:08
cookiemuffindoes photoshop work good with wine?03:08
ikoniacookiemuffin: nope03:08
afflictoikonia: I don't know. I guess it is? :P03:08
ikoniaafflicto: I'd suggest debugging the script03:09
rafiwhat is the difference between ls and ls .   ?03:09
dewwafflicto: does it tell you which file in specific?03:09
ikoniacookiemuffin: ?03:09
afflictodeww: here is the entire error: "Warning: Unknown: failed to open stream: Permission denied in Unknown on line 0 Fatal error: Unknown: Failed opening required '/var/www/dcms/index.php' (include_path='.:/usr/share/php:/usr/share/pear') in Unknown on line 0".03:09
ikoniarafi: nothing03:09
reasearcher123often www.facebook.com does not open on my pc while all the sites do open.What should I do?03:09
ikoniareasearcher123: what error does it give03:10
cookiemuffinwine doesn't work with ANYTHING03:10
reasearcher123ikonia: just waits infinitely03:10
dewwafflicto: what are the permissions for that file and the dirs before it?03:10
ActionParsnipcookiemuffin: try Doom3 or Postal2, works well03:10
ikoniareasearcher123: it won't do that, it will time out03:10
cookiemuffinwhat DOES work on wine?03:11
ikonia!appdb | cookiemuffin03:11
ubottucookiemuffin: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help03:11
cookiemuffinsomething usefull03:11
afflictodeww: I'm not sure :P I'm a ubuntu-noob x)03:11
ActionParsnipcookiemuffin: world of warcraft works flawlessly too03:11
afflictodeww: I remember doing some chmod or ... chawn I think It was.03:11
ActionParsnipcookiemuffin: you just said anything. I'm naming things it works with03:11
reasearcher123ikonia: IT SAYS "sENDING REQUEST"03:11
SubsonicUsrCookiemuffin: mp3tag works great with wine,03:11
ikoniareasearcher123: it will time out, I suspect it's dns03:11
dewwafflicto: does /var/www/dcms/index.php exist?03:12
afflictodeww: yep.03:12
reasearcher123ikonia: WHAT TO DO?03:12
cookiemuffinI don't need games or mp3 apps, I need saipaint and photoshop03:12
ikoniareasearcher123: probably your ISP03:12
zykotick9ActionParsnip: when people use "anything" or "nothing" in an argument, they're usually guilty of a logical error ;)03:12
ikoniacookiemuffin: I've just sent you a list of compatible apps03:12
reasearcher123ikonia: but sometimes does open03:12
ikoniacookiemuffin: however depending on wine as a long term solution is not something I'd advise03:12
ikoniareasearcher123: yes, that's why I think it's dns03:13
dewwafflicto: ls -l /var/www/dcms and ls -l /var/www/dcms/index.php, what are the perms?03:13
ActionParsnipcookiemuffin: try gimp03:13
cookiemuffingimp sucks03:13
dewwhmm actually03:13
ActionParsnipcookiemuffin: why?03:13
ikoniacookiemuffin: then use an OS that supports the applications you want03:13
cookiemuffini use it for cropping and thats it03:13
dewwafflicto: ls -l /var/www03:13
dewwafflicto: don't paste more than one line on irc03:13
afflictodeww: -rw-------  1 afflicto afflicto 1507 Sep 18 05:03 index.php03:14
=== scottas is now known as zz_scottas
ActionParsnipcookiemuffin: on the back of 'useful' as you say, office 2007 gets a platinum rating, as does Dreamweaver 803:14
afflictoI think I should set the owner to www or ... "nobody"?03:14
dewwafflicto: ok try chmod 744 /var/www/dcms/index.php and reload the page03:14
zykotick9afflicto: fyi that file ONLY has permission for afflicto03:14
ActionParsnipcookiemuffin: Lots of people use Gimp with great effect03:14
zykotick9afflicto: see if apache runs as www-data "ps aux | grep apache" might show you.03:15
afflictodeww: ok I did that and I get a slightly different error now: "Warning: require(dreamcms/sys/func.php): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /var/www/dcms/index.php on line 4 Fatal error: require(): Failed opening required 'dreamcms/sys/func.php' (include_path='.:/usr/share/php:/usr/share/pear') in /var/www/dcms/index.php on line 4".03:15
ikoniaafflicto: I'd suggest talking to the dreamcms people about how to set it up on ubuntu03:16
afflictoikonia: well then I have to talk to myself :P03:16
dewwafflicto: it's something similiar. you need to allow "others" to read the file. but ikonia's suggestions would be the best in terms of the proper permissions.03:16
ikoniaafflicto: or reading the documentation on how to setup Dream CMS03:16
ikoniaafflicto: why ? is this your application ?03:16
dewwafflicto: http://www.unixref.com/guides/chmod-guide.php03:16
dewwinteractive chmod calculator03:17
afflictoikonia: yes :P http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zaSMB_LtyI03:17
cookiemuffinhas anyone tried to get 'saipaint' on ubuntu03:17
agrestringereAnyone familiar with Nvidia GPU's and Ubuntu?03:17
ikoniaafflicto: so this is your application that you've written, but you have no idea how to install it or set it up ?03:17
dewwafflicto: i am scared to use your app or whatever it is :)03:17
ikoniaagrestringere: just ask the question03:17
crimsonmanei use nvidia03:17
afflictono this is an apache problem. index.php cannot require files basically.03:18
ikoniaafflicto: it's not an apache problem03:18
dewwafflicto: it's not an apache problem. it's a file permissions problem03:18
ikoniaafflicto: you've not setup the enviornment03:18
ikoniaafflicto: I'm concerned you don't know how to setup your own application that you've written03:18
agrestringereWhy is 'nvidia-smi --query --display=memory' only displaying total memory as 127MB when nvidia-settings lists 256MB?03:18
agrestringereGeForce 8400M GS, driver version 304.4303:19
afflictoikonia: dreamCMS works fine. if I create a php file named cake.php and type require_once cake2.php I get errors. permission errors.03:19
ikoniaafflicto: if it works fine, why is it complaining it can't find sourced files03:19
agrestringereLinux Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 3.2.0-30-generic03:19
dewwafflicto: you need your files to be readable by others.03:19
ikoniaafflicto: and again - I'm concerned you don't know how to set your own application up03:19
afflictoikonia: i'm not setting up dreamcms. I'm setting up apache >.<03:20
ikoniaafflicto: apache is setup03:20
=== mitch is now known as Guest33528
dewwnever mind :)03:20
ikoniaafflicto: the files you are setting up are you own application files03:20
agrestringereikonia: any hints, is this normal?03:20
afflictoI create index.php and type: require_once('cake.php'); === permission error.03:20
ikoniaagrestringere: never used the tool03:20
ikoniaafflicto: don't need to use the tool03:20
ikoniaafflicto: yes, because you are not creating the files correctly03:21
afflictowait... I might have copy-pasted all the contents of this file as user "afflicto". does that make a difference?03:21
ikoniaas deww told you earlier03:21
afflictoaaah! I need to change the groupp to www-data!03:22
ikoniathat won't work if the permissions are read execute for the owner only03:22
ActionParsnipcookiemuffin: I'd ask in #winehq for wine apps03:22
NikozzzzzzHelloooo, is there a genral talk-chat channel, the irc list command is not working in my client03:23
ActionParsnipNikozzzzzz: which client?03:23
ActionParsnipNikozzzzzz: and which release03:24
crimsonmaneNikozzzzzz: short answer: for ubuntu it's #ubuntu-offtopic03:24
NikozzzzzzA symbian client mirggi03:24
ikoniaNikozzzzzz: #defocus03:24
ikoniaNikozzzzzz: /join #defocus03:24
ActionParsnipNikozzzzzz: then try in a symbian channel, this is ubuntu support03:24
NikozzzzzzThanks a lot people))))03:24
zykotick9Nikozzzzzz: #ubuntu-offtopic or #defocus as ikonia suggested03:24
jedsdeskI haven't been on IRC since Napster was all the rage!03:26
napsterDid someone call me03:26
zykotick9jedsdesk: napster ftw - the best music availability ever.  </ot>03:27
jedsdeskCertainly didn't realize xChat would be so easy to get up and going.03:27
napsterjedsdesk: zykotick9 Oh, you guys were talking about the real napster!03:27
jedsdeskOMG napster!03:27
zykotick9napster: lame nick ;)03:27
napsteryou can't nick ;)03:28
jedsdesktalking about the old p2p app03:28
ikonialets not03:28
ikoniait's ubuntu suport03:28
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DiazoHowdy all, does anybody in here know how I can diagnose network lag I'm getting in Ubuntu?03:34
WeThePeoplediazo, wireshark, maybe03:35
=== DjGeCk0 is now known as ^GeCk0^
dewwor mtr03:35
ActionParsnipDiazo: are you using wired or wireless?03:35
DiazoI'm using a wireless connection with Wicd installed.03:35
DiazoIt just happened about four days ago.03:35
DiazoEverything else worked flawlessly.03:35
ActionParsnipDiazo: do you have a lot of wireless networks on the same channel in your area?03:36
zykotick9Diazo: did you have a kernel, or wireless related, update for days ago?03:36
DiazoI can be on YouTube and the video just doesn't seem to finish unless I move the cursor forward.03:36
DiazoActionParsnip, Kinda like multiple users being on the same router?03:37
zykotick9Diazo: flash is a poor example of audio/video troubles?03:37
zykotick9Diazo: flash is a poor example or network troubles.03:37
ActionParsnipDiazo: no, when you scan for networks, are there lots using the same channel number>?03:37
Diazozykotick9, Nope, no kernel update and I remember having a Linux Network Firmware driver about a week or two ago. But doubt that affected it.03:37
DiazoLemme check ActionParsnip.03:38
DiazoActionParsnip, There's a lot of channels using 9, 11 and 6 but I'm on channel 3 and it's the only channel that I have no other networks.03:39
ActionParsnipDiazo: also disable ipv6 if you don't use it. You can do this with the boot option: ipv6.disable=103:39
ActionParsnipDiazo: that's cool, different channel is good :)03:39
zykotick9ActionParsnip: while wicd is still a genuine ubuntu package, it's use is closing in on very non-stadard ubuntu-fare.03:39
Diazozykotick9, Indeed but when I also try to downloading some stuff I get about 1Mbps instead of the 3.2Mbps I normally get.03:39
ActionParsnipzykotick9: how do you mean?03:40
Diazozykotick9, The default network-manager is highly unstable and continuously disconnects me from the Internet.03:40
zykotick9Diazo: i actually use wicd on my netbook, i'm NOT bad mouthing it!03:40
DiazoI had to switch to using Wicd to make it stable.03:40
ActionParsnipDiazo: what speed does:  sudo lshw -C network    say you are connected at?03:40
zykotick9Diazo: i don't use "N-M" anywhere03:40
DiazoWhat's N-M?03:40
DiazoYes network-manager.03:40
zykotick9Diazo: network-manager03:40
FloodBot1Diazo: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:40
ActionParsnipDiazo: n-m = network manager03:40
=== paulus68_ is now known as paulus68
DiazoCan IPv6 be disabled inside Wicd?03:41
SteveThingdoes anyone know of a guide to configure NTP authentication between ubuntu and cisco routers/switches?03:41
ikoniaSteveThing: should just be flat config files03:41
ikoniaSteveThing: it depends on the auth method the cisco devices are using03:41
SteveThingikonia: md503:42
zykotick9Diazo: fyi though, wicd is basically considered "deprecated" by ubuntu's upstream, debian.03:42
ActionParsnipDiazo: you can do it with the boot option I gave03:42
DiazoHmm, I must of missed that.03:42
Diazozykotick9, As long as it works right. :P03:42
ikoniaSteveThing: md5 isn't an authentaction method03:42
ActionParsnipDiazo: also run:  cd $HOME; wget https://dl.dropbox.com/u/8850924/sysctl; echo ./sysctl | sudo tee -a /etc/sysctl.conf; sudo sysctl -p; rm ./sysctl03:42
zykotick9ActionParsnip: lol, you remove what you actually changed if you run your command (not uber-cool)... :)03:43
DiazoI'm using the sudo lshw -C network command.03:44
zykotick9ActionParsnip: AND i'd use ~ instead of $HOME, but that's just me ;)03:44
DiazoOne thing I haven't tried was to power cycle the router and cable modem.03:45
jmsticki would of done that first Diazo03:45
ActionParsnipzykotick9: same difference :)03:45
ActionParsnipzykotick9: $HOME == /home/$USER ==~03:45
Diazojmstick, I know just didn't try it cause everybody was using a computer at the time.03:46
ActionParsnipDiazo: sorry, change the echo to cat03:46
zykotick9ActionParsnip: ~ = 1 key stroke, $HOME = 5 key strokes.  a good admin is a lazy admin ;)03:46
SteveThingikonia: I'm pretty sure Cisco devices use MD5 as the authentication method...03:46
ActionParsnipzykotick9: makes sense03:46
DiazoActionParsnip, No problem.03:46
jmstickDiazo is it slow like that on all pcs in your house or maybe could just be the flash plugin03:46
ikoniaSteveThing: that's an encyption cipher, not an authentication method03:47
Diazojmstick, Don't know haven't asked anybody else yet I mean I get about 1Mbps when I'm on a site when I download but sometimes other things other than flash just seem to lag.03:47
SteveThingok, w/e... I'm just trying to set up authenticated NTP between my ubuntu server and my cisco lab03:47
DiazoEven when I'm gaming on the PS3. It's probably just the router and modem at fault.03:47
ikoniaSteveThing: it's not "what ever" you need to know the authentication method03:48
jmstickyea i bet it03:48
jmstickive had that same problem03:48
ikoniaSteveThing: it's pretty important, as then you can tell / setup the authentication client03:48
jmstickit was not the modem03:48
DiazoAlright y'all I'm going to try and power cycle it thanks for the information I appreciate the help though. :)03:48
jmstickbut the router03:48
ActionParsnipDiazo: make sure the rate of the interface is set right, it may be set at 1Mbps03:48
DiazoIndeed, packet loss.03:48
DiazoActionParsnip, I gotcha.03:48
jmsticki had to reset the thing to default settings03:48
jmstickmine was a linksys03:48
DiazoBy the way.03:49
jmstickdoes it alot03:49
DiazoBefore I leave.03:49
DiazoOne last question.03:49
ShirakawasunaDoes e2fsck check for possibly truncated files (and can it log the results somewhere)? I accidentally filled up my filesystem while doing backups and want to restore any truncated files from another set of backups.03:49
DiazoWhen I installed Wicd and removed network-manager and try to install programs in Software Center the button is grayed out any reason for that? It seems the only way to install programs from Software Center is reinstalling network-manager. Or installing from a terminal.03:49
ikoniaShirakawasuna: it checks for file system integrity, not individual files03:49
SteveThingikonia: lety me double check cisco.com...03:50
Shirakawasunaikonia: I remember, at some point, seeing it report individual files being truncated when this happened to me loooong ago (when KDE's soprano went crazy and got HUGE)03:50
ikoniaShirakawasuna: if the truncating of the file provides an inconsistency, it will report them03:51
Shirakawasunaikonia: where does it report them?03:51
ikoniaon screen03:51
ikoniawhen you run fsck03:51
zykotick9Diazo: too bad i can't suggest you point /etc/apt/apt.conf to your apt-cacher (or apt-cacher-ng) server.  'cause i assume you don't have one (or you wouldn't be asking).  sorry i have no idea on you USC issue, good luck.03:52
Diazozykotick9, No problem seems a mystery to me.03:52
Shirakawasunaikonia: I'd prefer a log if possible, since this is on the / partition - I'd ideally like to force a check on reboot, then reboot and have it log results to a file03:52
DiazoSee y'all later.03:52
DiazoThanks again.03:52
ikoniaShirakawasuna: man fsck03:52
edgyhi, how can I list the files in an unistalled package?03:53
Shirakawasunaikonia: I did before asking any questions...03:53
ikoniaShirakawasuna: you already know the answer then03:53
ikoniaShirakawasuna: ok, so there is no "log" option03:53
ShirakawasunaI know that there isn't one that's documented in the man page03:54
Shirakawasunahence I'm asking in here to see if anyone knows a method03:54
ikoniaShirakawasuna: then there isn't an option03:54
NikozzzzzzInfuziie hi pm me03:54
ikoniaShirakawasuna: you could wrap it with logsave or tee03:54
Shirakawasunathere's always an option if you look hard enough. I could manually make e2fsck run during boot with a custom service script and have it pipe all output to a file03:55
zykotick9edgy: is in you can't run "dpkg -S package" 'cause you've already uninstalled it?  there is a program that can do that!  but i forget it's name :(  sorry.03:55
Shirakawasunabut since no easier option is forthcoming I'll just find my usb key and fsck from there03:55
trismedgy: apt-file03:55
zykotick9trism: ftw.  edgy03:55
edgytrism: thanks a lot, I am installing it now03:57
edgyzykotick9: ftw?03:57
zykotick9edgy: for the win03:57
zykotick9edgy: sorry03:58
edgyzykotick9: execuse my english, what's for the win03:58
zeezgh0stinternet slang03:58
zykotick9edgy: "for the win" is used as a cologuial slang for "good job"  or "your right" sorta thing.03:58
zeezgh0st1. FTW13935 up, 5026 down03:59
zeezgh0stAugust 7, 2007 Urban Word of the Day03:59
zeezgh0st"For The Win."03:59
zeezgh0stAn enthusiastic emphasis to the end of a comment, message, or post. Sometimes genuine, but often sarcastic.03:59
zeezgh0stOriginated from the game show Hollywood Squares where the result of the player's response is expected to win the game.03:59
FloodBot1zeezgh0st: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:59
edgyzykotick9: but I asked a question and you say "good job", what's good here?04:00
zykotick9edgy: trism gave you apt-file which is the program name i couldn't remember.04:00
edgyzykotick9: aha!04:01
edgyzykotick9: you mean good job for trism ;)04:02
zykotick9edgy: yup.04:02
edgyI am now running apt-file update04:02
zykotick9!cookie | trism04:02
ubottutrism: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!04:02
WeThePeopleshutup ubottu04:04
bairdHey guys need a little help with dual booting and shareing files.  I have 2 harddrives. The first has win 7 & ubuntu.  The 2nd has the swap and the rest is ext4 with the /home folder for unbuntu.  What I would like to do is have windows and ubuntu read and write to the same user folders music, documents, pictures and videos.04:05
bairdis there a good way of going about this?04:06
Deutopianeed to install something in windows to make it understand ext404:06
bairdthey are both clean installs so if need be i can do everything if there is an eaiser way04:06
omacgood evening I install quantal quetzal.  Can I talk about it here?04:06
bairdcan redo*04:06
zykotick9Deutopia: i doubt that's possible/reliable04:06
Deutopiaor store the users music in a windows filesystem04:07
JustBelievingWhat is the code for installing yacc through the terminal? Or do I have to use the tar files04:07
bairdi know they both can read ntfs04:07
omacmy x displayy is kaput.04:07
bairdbut how do i repoint those folders in ubuntu?04:07
Deutopiacreate a symbolic link04:08
omacunity shows me my login ok, but once logged in, it's toast.  I see no menus and barely any desktop.04:08
bairddeutopia what does a symbolic link do? is that the same as moving the folder to that drive?04:08
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edgytrism: ok it works great, thanks again04:09
omacmy old fallback of dpkg-reconfigure xserver doesn't work anymore04:09
omacfrom hwat I understand I can't evening install unity-2d in 12.10.04:10
trismomac: 12.10 support in #ubuntu+1 , though if you install gnome-panel the gnome classic (no effects) session may work04:11
omacacpi=off nomodeset didnt' work for me either.04:11
omacI'll try that.04:11
omacthank you.04:11
jijihow to minimize all windows to taskbar with keyboard shortcut04:14
phong_hi guys,   if i'm in ubuntu folder   myfolder/        how to do copy all files to   another folder04:18
phong_cp   *.*   /system/xbin  ?04:18
phong_is that correct ?04:18
ikoniapanchiniak: there is no /system/xbin directory on ubuntu04:19
ikoniaphong_: there is no /system/xbin directory on ubuntu04:19
panchiniakHi. Is there a way to install Ubunto on a Galaxy tablet?04:20
panchiniakhi ikonia04:20
ikoniapanchiniak: apologies for the wrong hi-light04:20
phong_ikonia, that's example04:20
phong_let say i'm currently in    myfolder04:20
ikoniaphong_: why don't you give me the real command you want with the real paths04:20
phong_i want to copy *.* to  /blabla04:20
phong_i want to copy    myfolder/*.*  to   /blabla/bla04:21
phong_how to do it04:21
ikoniaphong_: you give me the REAL source and REAL destination04:21
phong_i'm currently in a folder name  'dropbear'04:22
phong_i want to cop all files in that folder to  /system/xbin04:22
ikoniaphong_: there is no /system/xbin directory on ubuntu04:22
phong_assuming /system/xbin exist04:22
phong_come on man, be real04:23
ikoniaphong_: I am being real04:23
phong_or any other folder04:23
ikonia/system/xbin doesn't exist on ubuntu systems04:23
phong_well...some exist folder then04:23
DatzHi, a package I want to install is a "virtual" package. I can't seem to find much information on this type of package though man or google. Can someone help me out?04:23
ikoniaphong_: the source and destination matter, that's why I asked for real examples04:23
phong_just tell me how04:23
phong_cp  *.*  /blabla04:23
ikoniatell me the real source/destination04:23
phong_right ?04:23
phong_stop it04:23
ikoniaphong_: no04:23
ikoniait matters04:23
ActionParsnipDatz: what is the package name please?04:24
DatzActionParsnip: libcompress-zlib-perl04:24
ActionParsnip!info libcompress-zlib-perl04:25
ubottuPackage libcompress-zlib-perl does not exist in precise04:25
ActionParsnipDatz: and what is the output of:  lsb_release -sc   please04:26
=== sgerbino is now known as p1und3r
ActionParsnipDatz: is it not libcompress-raw-zlib-perl ?04:27
DatzI'll have to check04:27
ActionParsnipDatz: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libcompress-zlib-perl   the one you name only seem to exist in hardy04:27
DatzI see04:27
=== Wolf is now known as Guest32565
Datzwell, thanks ActionParsnip04:28
ActionParsnipDatz: np :)04:28
HathadarHow do I change the size of the terminal I get when I press Ctrl + Alt + <1-6>?04:28
Hathadar<F1-F6> I mean04:28
=== jesseFromYVR_ is now known as jesseFromYVR
ActionParsnipHathadar: do you mean make the text smaller etc?04:29
HathadarYes.  I would like it to take up the entirety of my viewable screen.04:29
DidjiHi. I'm trying to mount a Windows share, it's just that when I do the permissions are set to rwxr-xr-x. How do I get them set to 777?04:29
zykotick9Hathadar: have you seen https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ChangeTTYResolution ?04:30
ActionParsnipDidji: use chmod04:30
ActionParsnipzykotick9: nice04:30
DidjiActionParsnip: permission denied.04:30
HathadarI'll take a look.04:30
=== jeff_ is now known as Guest25869
ActionParsnipDidji: try with sudo04:32
DidjiActionParsnip: yeah, I'm trying with sudo.04:32
Guest25869who is the problem ?04:32
DidjiYou're supposed to be able to use the umask argument I think, I just can't find a syntax that works.04:33
drupinmy system is freezing up... its on 8 GM flash....04:34
ActionParsnipdrupin: have you tested your RAM using Memtest86+04:35
drupinas you told me before mine a 64 but..running a 32 bit version can cause problems04:35
drupinits AMD 64 3200+04:36
ActionParsnipdrupin: you can run 32bit OS on 64bit CPU without issue04:36
zykotick9drupin: if you have less then 4GB RAM, then 32bit makes sense for sure.04:36
drupinok then why is it freezing is it coz of flash04:37
drupinyes ram is 2.5 GB04:37
ActionParsnipdrupin: have you tested the ram health?04:37
zykotick9drupin: you want to use 32bit then.  the freezing is... i have no idea...04:38
drupinok let me boot and do this 86 ram test04:38
ActionParsnipdrupin: you can select it fro the grub screen when you boot04:38
drupinyes i seen it before but there are two test i saw there?04:38
drupinthis takes long time right like half hour04:38
drupinto test04:39
Deutopiahow do i edit usr.sbin.mysqld?04:39
drupinsudo nano Deutopia04:39
ikoniaDeutopia: you don't04:39
zykotick9Deutopia: you can't "edit" a binary file.  what do you really want to do?04:39
ikoniaDeutopia: there is no such thing as usr.sbin.mysqld, if you mean /usr/sbin/mysqld - that is a binary04:39
drupinohh know04:40
sun_devilCan you use the # symbol to disable a site in vhost?04:40
ikoniasun_devil: that is a comment in the config file04:40
drupinok brb i do mem test ActionParsnip 86+04:40
sun_devil# means do not read from, such as comments04:41
ikoniasun_devil: correct, ignore the line04:41
sun_devilMy question, in vhost would you have to use # on every line of a site you want ignored instead of just deleting lines?04:43
zykotick9ikonia: there are "some" config files that don't use # as comment/ignore lines (don't ask me for an example, but i know they exist ;)04:43
Deutopiai am not able to write to var so i am following directions @ ubuntuforums.org "Changing SQL database location outside of /var/lib/mysql"04:43
ikoniazykotick9: tons, like bind, however he was asking about apache04:43
ikoniaDeutopia: why can't you write to var04:43
ActionParsnipsun_devil: commentnig is less desructive04:43
ikoniaDeutopia: your mysqldb should be able to write to /var unless you have done something04:43
Deutopiai dont know. im new. first time out of IIS04:44
Deutopiai should probably start with a clean install. never finished the sql wizard thingy when it was installing. alt tabbed and the window disappeared04:45
sun_devilOk, at the beginning of a site in vhost, can you use / or some symbol to tell apache to ignore that site04:45
Deutopiaand b4 that i installed xampp and found out there was already a web server n sql server running04:45
sun_devilSomebody told me you can do this and its simple, I did not see how they did it04:46
=== ^GeCk0^ is now known as DjGeCk0
* skraito say hi all04:48
* skraito hi guys check this out for 0x71 album http://0x71.org/?p=824 04:48
sun_devilI guess just comment out every line of the virtual host04:49
hpSituationhello there, anyone here familiar with hp products and ubuntu usage?04:52
ActionParsnip!anyone | hpSituation04:52
ubottuhpSituation: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.04:52
=== dave is now known as Guest77893
hpSituationi am running ubuntu 12.04 from a usb, it is able to interact with my modem, and so far everything works fine on ethernet, but my wireless modem will not connect to the internet at all04:53
hpSituationjust keeps making attempts04:53
Guest77893What kind of modem is it?04:54
Sokel_hpSituation: Some hardware conflicts based on what's being used where.04:54
hpSituationi was unable to find a solution on the forums04:54
hpSituationone moment, i don't have the info in front of me, sorry04:54
Sokel_hpSituation: Example, if I'm isntalling windows off a USB, some SATA controllers are not detected and refuse to be detected even with the drivers.04:54
* skraito http://0×71.org/Music/skraito-17-SEP-2012/04:54
IdleOneskraito: please stop spamming04:55
skraitooh yeah forgotten to put the link04:55
skraitosorry about that04:55
TooOldSchoolGreetings and blessings everyone! I need assistance if one doesn't mind, with my nvidia geforce fx 5500 and getting the proper resolutions for my Compaq 7550 monitor, I can't get resolution better than 1024x76804:55
_Trulloyou can edit resolutions manually04:56
TooOldSchoolI am currently running 11.10, considering the update to 12.04 as well.04:56
mickster04TooOldSchool: have you looked for additional drivers?04:56
TooOldSchoolsays the additional drivers are installed, 173-updates i believe04:57
hpSituationi am running a pavilion g6 laptop, the modem is a ralink rt5390 802.11b/g     it knows there is a modem, i even get to see a list of networks, but it is unable to connect04:57
mickster04TooOldSchool: and you rebooted after isntalling them? :(04:57
TooOldSchoolyes just rebooted now.04:57
TooOldSchoolwell, a few minutes ago.04:58
mickster04yeah tha's ok04:58
mickster04it should have become an option after the reboot04:58
TooOldSchoolStill unable to obtain it in Displays04:58
TooOldSchoolGoing to post screen shortly and link to screenshot of available options04:59
Nautilusstruggling to make sense of the way partitions and perms work.  In 10.04 I go to "Computer" in the GUI and there's all my unmounted partitions.  Try to mount them, error.  OK so I mount them from CLI.  They then disappear from Computer.  Where do I find them?04:59
hpSituationsokel: the modem is a ralink rt539005:00
hpSituationi have this terrible suspicion it's the security type of the network, but no msg comes up05:01
SokelhpSituation: What you need to do is run ubuntu from a live cd or on your actual hard drive to test if it's the conflict I spoke of.05:01
EoNhey guys what do i type to install gnome3? i dont want to use unity05:01
EoNi asked the other day but my irc crashed05:01
SokelEoN: There's this great thing called google.05:01
hpSituationSokel: it would have a different outcome than with usb?05:02
SokelEoN: apt-get install gnome-shell05:02
centrelinkEoN: plz install ubun205:02
mickster04Nautilus: whereever you mounted them to05:02
TooOldSchoolmickster04: The nvidia driver version is 173.14.3005:02
SokelhpSituation: I'm not guaranteeing results. I'm saying you have to rule out the possibility of conflict.05:02
mickster04TooOldSchool: yeah no idea beyond that, and i'm about to get off work sorry :p05:02
EoNthanks sokel05:02
NautilusMicki: I wish05:02
Nautilusmickster04: I wish05:02
NautilusMicki: sorry, bad nick completion05:03
hpSituationi will go check out what you said, i appreciate that you are here to answer questions and deal with our problems05:03
Nautilusmickster04: they aren't in /mnt05:03
dandaman1so uhh...05:03
dandaman1watching full screen flash videos05:03
dandaman1with a dual monitor set up05:03
dandaman1anyone know what is going on with that?05:03
random_How do i unistall and reinstall flash player ? my flash is tinted with blue now for some reason..05:04
mickster04Nautilus: is that where you told them to mount?05:04
Sokelrandom_: That is a bug. Uninstalling and reinstalling will not fix it.05:05
Sokelrandom_: I suggest using something like chrome that already has flash.05:05
dandaman1Sokel: unless you have a dual screen monitor set up05:06
dandaman1then forget abotu watching full screen videos05:06
dandaman1they just show up half cut off on one screen05:06
ramprasadgkhey guys05:06
random_Sokel, Kay thanks.,.. thats really stupdi05:06
ramprasadgki have 256 mb ram m/c05:07
ramprasadgkcan i have ubuntu05:07
cfhowlettramprasadgk: better to try lubuntu or xubuntu05:07
dandaman1works fine in firefox btw05:07
cfhowlettramprasadgk: they are both good for low spec systems05:08
Deutopiaxubuntu is nice.05:09
ramprasadgkwhere can i download them05:09
cfhowlettramprasadgk: search for "xubuntu download" or "lubuntu download"05:09
Law506ramprasadgk: http://xubuntu.org/getxubuntu/05:10
cfhowlettramprasadgk: I agree with Deutopia, xubuntu is quite nice05:10
ActionParsnipramprasadgk: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/GetLubuntu05:11
SokelXFCE-- It's a step backward from gnome 2.32, but it's a step forward from unity/gnome-shell :)05:11
ActionParsnipSokel: in your opinion ;)05:12
random_Sokel, installed chrome, still same problem.05:13
dj_segfaultHi.  I'm trying to install 12.04 on a box that's running Windows fine, but it's got an NVidia 550 ti card, which seems to not work well with Ubuntu (see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-nouveau/+bug/969121?comments=all).  When I boot off a USB stick I made, I just see a cursor in the upper left corner.  Since I never get any kind of prompt, is there any hope of getting this card working?05:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 969121 in xserver-xorg-video-nouveau (Ubuntu) "Cannot boot Live CD with Nvidia GTX 550Ti" [Undecided,Confirmed]05:16
ramprasadgkwill i be able to browse firefox using that lubuntu05:17
dj_segfaultNo updates to that bug since April05:18
cfhowlettramprasadgk: I think the browser is firefox.  If not, you can install and use ffox.05:18
cfhowlettramprasadgk: good luck.  enjoy.05:23
pishguyhi all. after installing intel vga with this link. http://askubuntu.com/questions/84786/where-can-i-download-intel-hd-vga-driver-for-my-dell-inspiron-n5010   i can't change monitor resulation to high05:23
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hpSituationhello again folks05:29
hpSituationsorry sokel, never used this irc05:30
hpSituationthe only thing i can see is that it's because of my network protection, it connects to all other networks in range05:30
hpSituationSokel: I lost the want to solve the problem, having come into some other problems with 12.04 distro which never came up in prev releases i used in this way.  Thank you for your time05:31
=== op is now known as anon
hpSituationi will just go back to 11 for my repair needs05:32
drupinok ActionParsnip no errors in Memtest86+05:37
=== hator is now known as blackshirt
=== Justasic2 is now known as Justasic
SnuupyHey guys, I'd like to remove bind on my vps - how would I do so? I've tried sudo apt-get autoremove bind, but it tells me that it can't remove a virtual package.05:42
SnuupyThis is on Ubuntu 12.04.05:43
=== trijntje__ is now known as trijntje
ptmanhi! how can I stop update-manager from suggesting an upgrade to precise?05:45
ptmanwithout upgrading, that is ;)05:46
cfhowlettptman: change your settings to LTS only05:46
DHDSnuupy, try apt-get remove --purge bind905:46
ptmancfhowlett, precise is lts05:46
DHDthan apt-get --purge autoremove05:46
SnuupyDHD: Awesome, thanks!05:46
cfhowlettptman: oops.  yep.05:47
pishguyhow to enable intel vga in grub.cfg?05:47
ikoniaintel vga ?05:47
cfhowlettpishguy: not sure GRUB will support intel vga as the system isn't even booted at that point05:48
pishguycfhowlett: i'm upgrade system and now i can't have high resulation05:49
ikoniaso why are you messing with grub ?05:49
cfhowlettpishguy: the system isn't booted at grub therefore no intel vga configuration through ubuntu is going to display.05:50
pishguycfhowlett: how to repair this problem now?05:50
blackshirtSnuupy:  apt-get purge bind05:51
cfhowlettpishguy: it's a grub issue, not an ubuntu issue.  I don't know.05:51
ikoniaOldSchool: why are you posting that ?05:54
OldSchoolI think I got my resolution fixed using the 173-updates nvidia driver for my geforce fx 550005:54
OldSchoolBut I dont know if the 3d acceleration is working.05:54
ikonialook in the xorg log05:54
OldSchoolwhat about nvidia-settings? and what am I looking for in xorg log specifically? I dont understand05:55
ikoniaOldSchool: nvidia-settings is for building an xorg.conf05:55
OldSchoolIf my questions would be too bothersome I will scour duckduckgo and the ubuntu.com forums  for what info I can find, as my intentions are not to be obtrusive or intrusive to anyone.05:56
ikoniait's a reasonable question05:56
ikoniathe xorg you should see it loading modules such as DRI05:57
OldSchoolIn order to get my resolution working I had to select something about x being on a seperate screen then write it to the xorg conf05:57
ikoniaOldSchool:  you ned to be more specific than "something"05:57
OldSchoolAnd rebooted as when I tried the key combo of right alt + print screen + k, it displayed erroneous results.05:57
dj_segfaultI think what OldSchool is talking about is running two different X sessions, one for each monitor.  I do that too05:58
=== AFKMunks is now known as chamunks
ActionParsnipOldSchool: gotta love the duck :)06:01
OldSchoolthis is what i'm referencing06:02
ikoniaOldSchool: I see no settings in thre06:03
OldSchoolwhen i goto it, it said "disabled" and in order for my resolution to be anything above 1024x768 i had to select "Seperate X Screen" from the drop down menu, and write the configuration and restart x06:03
OldSchoolJust to get resolution to the maximum IE 1600x1200 in my compaq 7550's case06:03
ikoniaOldSchool: I'm sorry, I don't understand what you are saying06:03
OldSchoolI installed the additional drivers for the nvidia geforce fx 5500 in this case it was the 173-updates driver06:04
OldSchoolTrying to fully enable my GPU card06:04
ikoniathat part I understand06:04
OldSchoolThe resolution in displays and detected would not go above 1024x768, so I installed the 173-updates from additional drivers application, still nothing06:05
OldSchoolso I ran NVIDIA X Server Settings application06:05
ikoniayes, you need to do that to generate an X11 xorg.conf that's valid06:05
OldSchoolAnd got those results that I linked you to, that it said "disabled" so what I did, was click the drop down list where it said "Disabled" and changed it to "Seperate X Server Screen" or something of the like, then write configuration, attempted to restart X using right alt + print scn + k06:06
OldSchooland it gartbled, so i then restarted the computer and achieved the 1600x1200 resolution06:07
ikoniaare you using the CRT connection on your machine ?06:07
PotterHej, can you guys help me with a little problem? i've recently installed Ubuntu on my HP, but now i can't find the files that were on the PC before?06:07
ikoniaPotter: did you delete the partitions or format the file systems06:08
OldSchooland am now concerned with the status of 2d/3d acceleration as things still seem a tad laggy, even though this system only is running 1.5GB RAM on an old dell dimension lol06:08
OldSchoolYes, VGA06:08
ikoniawhy "lol" ?06:08
L1Anyone know how I can stop Cairo Dock appearing on one particular workspace? I have a VM running there and it gets in the way. I'm using gnome classic.06:08
OldSchoollol as this system is a dinosaur in comparison to newer machines :)06:08
OldSchoolI am in the process of running the 12.04 LTS distrobution update as we speak06:09
ikoniaOldSchool: opengl and glx information are the two options that will enable your 3D settings06:09
OldSchoolwondering if i should have went with LXDE distro :)06:09
ikoniayou can verify this in the xorg log06:09
ikoniaOldSchool: that wouldn't change your graphics card06:09
blackshirtLXDE was a great distro06:09
PotterIkonia: I made 2 partitions, put my files at the partition that didn't have Windows, and then installed rewrote Windows with Ubuntu06:10
OldSchoolPerformance & responsiveness i'm referencing :)06:10
OldSchoolAs opposed to Unity :06:10
ActionParsnipOldSchool: if you want a more responsive OS, why not...06:10
OldSchoolWould like to stick it out testing the regular Ubuntu distrobution if possible and just install lxde as a window manager :)06:11
PotterIkonia: I made 2 partitions, put my files at the partition that didn't have Windows, and then installed rewrote Windows with Ubuntu06:11
ActionParsnipOldSchool: thats fine, or install lubuntu-desktop06:13
ikoniaPotter: ok, so mount the partition with the fils on06:13
PotterI have tried, it should be std5, but it brings up an error letting me know that it can't wind the partition...06:14
ix_I don't quite understand how the LTS works and why some parts are not LTS, like Lubuntu06:14
ikoniaPotter: please tell me the exact problem instead of using words like "wind the partition" as that means nothing06:15
ActionParsnipix_: LTS gives longer support06:15
ix_so what happens, does lxde lose support in Ubuntu after a while or what?06:15
ikoniaI don't know what std5 is06:15
ikoniaso please tell me the exact issue06:15
PotterThats the partition where my files are on.06:15
ikoniaix_: it's not officially supported now06:15
ikoniait's a community release, like kde and xfce06:15
ix_ikonia: I know, but what happens when it loses support?06:16
ikoniaix_: how can it lose something it doesn't have06:16
ikoniaix_: I've just told you it doesn't have support now, it's a community distro06:16
ix_ikonia: isn't all software in the ubuntu repos supported till 2017?06:17
ramprasadgkwhats the difference b/w xubuntu and lubuntu06:17
ikoniaramprasadgk: the desktop06:17
ActionParsnipix_: http://lubuntu.net/blog/lubuntu-1204-now-available06:17
ramprasadgkሽ ሃስ ደክቶፕ፧06:18
knxvillej java06:18
ix_ikonia: what software is LTS, then?06:19
OldSchoolAnyone tried Cinnamon or MATE on 12.04? And if so, opinions?06:22
rhizmoeis flexget the preferred rss torrent util?06:23
xanguaOldSchool: none of them are supported here :)06:23
OldSchooloh, they are distro specific? i might have thought they were independent of the distro?06:24
MonkeyDustOldSchool  the are Mint specific06:27
pnormanI've installed something from source with checkinstall but I'd like to now edit it's "Provides" and I'm not sure how to do this short of uninstalling the software and reinstalling. Any suggestions?06:27
Forcedanyone have experience with LCAP/etherchannel and ubuntu?06:28
MonkeyDustramprasadgk  this gives an idea of the diferences http://i.imgur.com/3N5f6.jpg06:29
dakidakihey all, i know the solution, but not why? any distro i try, i must use nomodeset or i'll only get a black screen - but even after install i get all kinds of annoying graphics issues.06:30
dakidakiwhy is this? laptop hates penguins?06:31
Erinhello im running a teamspeak server on my ubuntu box, I want some form of dynamix dns so i can have a name instead of give out my iip address how do I do this ?06:31
dakidakiErin: check out no-ip for a free host service (dynamic dns)06:31
Erindakidaki, i am looking at it now but when i click download it gives me an .exe ....06:32
Erindo they have an ubuntu package if so do you know the name?06:32
dakidakiErin: yeah it's the auto-update client.. what is your router?06:32
Erindakidaki, uhm its an actiontec router given out by verizon for fiber internet06:32
dakidakiErin: http://www.no-ip.com/support/guides/update_clients/setting_up_linux_update_client.html06:33
dakidakigive that a try06:33
Erindakidaki, its an MI424WR-GEN206:33
dakidakiidk about that one, but a lot of router firmwares have dynamic dns built in. like cisco and dd-wrt06:34
Erindakidaki, yea i just found it thanks for the idea, i had forgot they had it until u asked me what router then it clicked lol06:34
Erinso i guess i can sign up at no-ip .org and put in the info in my router.06:34
OldSchoolI dont see how this is on topic? :]06:35
Erinlol someone always helps me in here, then someone always says its not on topic06:37
Erini love irc ;-)06:37
OldSchooli think that it is awesome though, no-ip is pretty nice06:39
DanTheBeastManSo I just finished an Ubuntu minimal install, but I'm having trouble getting a few things running, namely pulseaudio and networkmanager06:41
blackshirtminimal install include pulseaudio?06:41
DanTheBeastManI'm scouring google but all I can find is forum posts of the ancients with no help06:41
blackshirtdanthebeastman, what the troubles?06:42
DanTheBeastManno, it doesn't include pulse, I'm manually installing it. It's installed, pavucontrol says no sound cards06:42
DanTheBeastManspeakertest doesn't produce any output either06:43
DanTheBeastManalsamixer channels are maxed06:43
DanTheBeastManand unmuted.06:43
=== Kartrohm_afk is now known as Kartrohm
ramprasadgkhey guys where can i find compaq device drivers for my CT500 laptop06:45
DanTheBeastManramprasadgk: it would help if you disclosed which drivers you're looking for. short answer: they're in the repos06:45
blackshirtramprasadgk, what the hardware inside it that wasn't functioning correctly?06:47
Erindakidaki, hrm so i made one, its called a host right? teamspeak77.no-ip.org but its not working lol06:47
jalexandruhow to make nmb service (nmbd) default at start up? mkconfig nmd ? thanks06:49
=== JoFo__ is now known as JoFo
jalexandruchkconfig --add nmb would work?06:50
blackshirtjalexandru, default install of samba server would setup it for you06:51
dakidakiErin: update the ip06:51
Erindakidaki, its correct alrdy.06:52
blackshirtjalexandru, i think chkconfig was on redhat-centric06:52
dakidakiErin: then just allow it some time for the dns changes to propagate06:52
Erinrouter says its updated06:53
=== setkeh` is now known as setkeh
Erindyndns website shows my correct ip do i need to open any ports, i heard the just wait part which is fine also ;-)06:53
dakidakicheck the account at no-ip to see that the host service reflects the ip change06:53
Erindakidaki, it does, and my ip doesnt change anyway afaik on fios internet.06:53
dakidakiErin: if you don't already have udp 9987 forwarded, you should do so06:53
jalexandrublackshirt: well ... just restarted my server and smb is started nmb is stoped (2nd time it happens) so I need at least to see the list of startup services to be able to determin what's going on...06:53
sten_someone out there?06:54
dakidakior whatever port it's listening on (ts3 voice default is 9987)06:54
Erindakidaki, yea i do for teamspeak06:54
sten_i miss a kernel module06:54
sten_in my 12.0406:54
FloodBot1sten_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:54
sten_can some one verify it06:54
Erindakidaki, yea people ccan connect thats not an issue :-)06:54
jalexandrublackshirt: chkconfig is the one thanks for your time :)06:54
dakidakiErin: yeah then just wait for the dns i guess, lol06:54
sten_uname -r = 3.2.0-30-generic-pae, can someone do a locate tm6000.ko?06:55
blackshirtjalexandru, maybe you can use update-rc.d06:55
jalexandrublackshirt: I've checked the list and nmb is off for all 6 levels ... I'll swich it to on for 2-5 and restart the server again to see if this will do ...06:56
harald_Can I "preseed" oem-config-gtk to skip asking for TZ and language?06:59
sohrabhi alll07:00
blackshirthi sohrab07:00
sohrab hi all07:00
blackshirthi sohrab07:01
sohrab i have a problem from ubuntu 12.04 with my wireless modem07:01
sohrabany one can help me ?07:01
fidel!ask > sohrab07:01
ubottusohrab, please see my private message07:01
DanTheBeastManso anyways, yeah, neither pulse nor alsa nor network manager are working for me.07:02
sohrabi have no wireless network on network at system settings07:02
blackshirtdanthebeastman,have you install ubuntu-restricted-extras, alsa?07:03
sohrabhow do i install ?07:04
DanTheBeastManblackshirt: no, I'm trying to keep my system as free from nonfree packages as I can. i don't believe installing the restricted extras is going to help me. I believe I have all the ncessary packages installed I'm just not sure how to go about configuring them properly07:05
Erindakidaki, works now :-P07:05
jalexandruto be able to mount a specific point on a client the server needs to export that "point" where can I find the export list on the server? for nfs. Thanks07:06
tortibdoes anyone here use openvpn with bridged networking and can offer some assistance?07:14
=== willythewisp_ is now known as willythewisp
WACOMaltAnyone in here using07:17
WACOMaltKazaa screen recorder?07:17
erik_Somebody available ?07:20
WACOMaltI'm here07:20
WACOMaltnot that that counts for much07:20
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!07:20
erik_I've got some problems with ubuntu 12.04 and my ultra book07:20
fidel!ask > erik_07:20
ubottuerik_, please see my private message07:20
WACOMaltsomeone loves bot commands...07:21
erik_i didn't ask to ask a question. just wanted to now whether somebody is there or not07:21
WACOMaltJust ignore them... what do you need help with?07:22
erik_the problem is, that the display flackers (i hope this word exists in english :D) when ubuntu is trying to adjust the display brightness07:22
fidelasking in a channel with > 1500 ppl if someone is there is .... somehow not that needed ;)07:22
WACOMalt1500 idlers07:23
fidelthats why i triggered the !ask cmd07:23
erik_with xubuntu it's working fine, but with gnome ...07:23
WACOMaltanyways erik_ what gPU do you have and what drivers?07:23
erik_@fidel: okay, now i know. just happy got someone to talk to.07:23
erik_its a intel core i5 with hd 4000 series graphics chip07:23
WACOMaltok yeah.. intel embedded is sometimes a bit finnicky07:24
WACOMaltI dont have experience with that though, so I am sorry but I'll be of little use07:24
erik_I also do not have experiences with intel graphics07:25
Erinerik_, so it flickers only when changing brightness?07:25
WACOMaltDoes anyone have commands offhand to install Oracle JRE rather than OpenJDK?07:25
erik_Rendering is active, everything is running well, only changing brightness does not work07:25
erik_Erin, yes07:25
Erin but it works fine otherwise ?07:26
vega-WACOMalt: there are no "nice" methods of installing oracle jre anymore..07:27
erik_When the brightness flickers (thanks WACOMalt ;-) ) the cpu load is rising very high so that the fan is becoming loud07:28
vega-because of license issues07:28
WACOMaltvega-, is there a non nice method I could see? :D  This is specifically for minecraft. not sure if I want JRE 8 or 707:28
erik_I even tried gnome shell but the problem is stoll there07:29
s3r3n1t7WACOMalt, i'm using openJDK for MC, it works just fine here07:29
tortibDoes anyone here have any experience setting up an OpenVPN server in bridged mode?  I'm a bit of a noob and could use some assistance I'm having problems connecting my client and wanted to get some help.07:29
vega-WACOMalt: just download the .bin and install and make alternatives links by hand07:29
WACOMaltno idea how to do that, but I'll search. Thanks for the pointers07:30
erik_Moin moin07:32
LaberkoppWie ist die Lage :)07:32
erik_Leicht schräg07:32
LaberkoppNutzt hier wer Xubuntu ?07:32
LaberkoppIch habe das Problem, dass ich ständig wenn ich im Menu auf Webbrowser gehe das neu EInstellen muss07:33
vega-Laberkopp: this channel is in english07:33
AsterHi. I'm having problems with getting my third display to work. My first two displays are on an Nvidia GTX 560 Ti, and those work fine. My third is on an Intel integrated GPU that came with my processor. The setup worked fine on Windows, and on Linux the third screen is just blank. Any ideas?07:33
Laberkopp@ vega-  my english is not so good07:34
vega-.de | Laberkopp07:34
erik_Laberkopp, das Problem kenne ich leider nicht, da ich die Funktion nicht nutze. Hab alle wichtigen Icons in der Leiste oben direkt verfügbar07:34
Laberkopp@ aster use the mode nomodeset07:35
Laberkoppat boot07:35
esquireany body here?07:35
Laberkoppthe nvidia driver will install automaticly07:35
erik_Erin, any ideas yet?07:35
=== mquin_ is now known as mquin
Ben64Hello. I want to grep a log file that is being in use and output what matches to a file, how can I do this? I was trying "tail -f (logfile) | grep -i foobar > (output)" but that doesn't work07:36
esquiremy ubundu systems cups stoped after 5 min07:36
esquirehelp me07:37
=== toni_ is now known as Guest18665
erik_Ben64, maybe "tee" will help you07:37
KartagisI uninstalled flash-plugininstaller, enabled partner repo and installed adobe-flash flugin and restarted Chromium; yet I still get 'Shockwave Flash crashed'07:38
Ben64erik_: not working07:38
erik_What does that mean, not working?07:39
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=== mimor is now known as mimor_
Oimel1987my eclipse causes a cpu usage of 100%. I'm using JDK 1.6 and Eclipse Indigo PDT with subclipse on an ubuntu 12.04. Does anybody know what i should do to resolve the problem ?07:42
Yousafhi all07:47
Oimel1987OK some correction: My Subclipse in Eclipse Indigo PDT causes that Problem. Everytime I'm updating my Projects the CPU usage runs over the 100 percent. Does anybody know a way to solve that ?07:47
Yousafany server admins around? I need help setting up a server (paid work of course)07:48
somsipYousaf: a freelance site would be a better place to ask. Maybe other IRC channels too07:49
adambcncould somebody please help me with a wireless networking issue?07:50
SteevB Whats the issue07:50
Yousafhad centos installed and now the server is dead07:50
Yousafmysql doesn't start07:50
somsipYousaf: I'd suggest asking in a centos channel then07:51
adambcnwe have a wireless router in the office. other people in the room can connect to it. In my case it does not show up in the list of wireless access points.07:51
omidoHi guys . i'm having issues formatting a usb flash in ubuntu. where can i get support?07:51
SteevBadambcn: is the wireless router set to not broadcast hte ssid07:52
adambcnSteevb: i believe it is broadcasting, because other people can see it in their list of access points07:53
Oimel1987can anybody help me with my eclipse cpu usage problem ?07:54
adambcnSteevb: if I run nm-tool, the access point does not appear07:54
[deXter]Oimel1987, I think its' a bug..07:54
SteevBadambcn: have you tried from another machine that isnt already connected07:55
Oimel1987deXter: yes i think too, but do you know a solving to that ?07:55
adambcnSteevB: yes, this has been an ongoing problem for several weeks07:56
=== IboS_ is now known as IboS
SteevBadambcn: I dont think ive seen that before. Not sure if I can help. Sorry. Just keep trying on here, hopefully someone will know.07:57
[deXter]Oimel1987, It's best to download Eclipse from the website and just use that07:57
adambcnok, thanks07:57
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest88085
Sidney__I have no sound in youtube Is there a command to purge flash07:58
Oimel1987deXter: I've got the Eclipse version from the Website07:58
einonmadambcn: From a command line, try running 'sudo iwlist scan'07:58
[deXter]Oimel1987, Which one?07:58
Oimel1987Eclipse PDT x8607:59
Oimel1987deXter: Eclipse PDT x8608:00
adambcniwlist scan: http://pastebin.com/8Lm9JhtF - we're looking for an access point called "WLAN_175B"08:00
[deXter]Oimel1987, I mean Helios / Indigo / Juno etc?08:00
[deXter]Hmm, same as me.08:01
[deXter]I see that Juno is out now, have you tried that yet?08:01
einonmadambcn: Hmm, that looks pretty busy. Do you know the channel that the access point is using?08:01
DoomGuyhello all08:02
Oimel1987deXter nope i don't, but i can test it.08:02
DoomGuythis looks wired but true.. I am using ubuntu 12.04 in 3 machines, Ubuntu machines can't ping each other without restarting the network interfaces08:02
DoomGuybut Windows machine can ping ubuntu's one08:02
DoomGuysomeone can give me explanation08:02
adambcneinonm: no, how do I find it? I'm in an office building with lots of domestic and office wifis around08:02
adambcneinonm: hence lots of access points. "Water water everywhere, but not a drop to drink"08:03
alex_yo America, this's Ukraine!08:03
einonmadambcn: Is it from a laptop? I would suggest moving the unit to a different part of the room/building, perhaps next to a know working PC that can pick up the AP - one suspicion I have is that there is too much contention for the channel it is using, and it's getting drowned out.08:03
=== fantaghiro is now known as fantaghir
woot-0854Hola Ukraine!08:03
adambcneinonm: OK, I'll try that08:04
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=== Guest96231 is now known as anael_
Kartagishelp me please. I uninstalled flash-plugininstaller, enabled partner repo and installed adobe-flash flugin and restarted Chromium; yet I still get 'Shockwave Flash crashed'08:10
ikoniaKartagis: flash won't work with everything08:11
ikoniaKartagis: why did you uninstall flash-plugininstaller ?08:11
YamakasYhi guys, I'm looking for a system called genetti or geanetti ? deployment system08:11
Kartagisikonia: I thought that was the way to go08:11
ikoniaKartagis: why ? where you having a problem ?08:11
WACOMaltKartagis, if you want to use the repos flash plugin rather than chrome's type about:plugins08:11
ikoniaYamakasY: never heard of either08:11
Kartagisikonia: can you help me fix this problem?08:12
ikoniaKartagis: not really, it's flash08:12
ikoniaKartagis: I don't know why you uninstalled on package if it worked08:12
WACOMaltand disable the default one.08:12
YamakasYikonia... it's there for sure08:12
Kartagisikonia: that crached on me as well08:12
ikoniaYamakasY: its where ?08:12
ikoniaKartagis: ok.....I'm starting to see a picture that that tsite may not be compatible08:13
WACOMaltthe bottom commend on that page is what you need if you want newest system flash in chrome.08:13
Kartagisikonia: it's fb08:13
ikoniafacebook and flash ?08:13
KartagisWACOMalt: let me try that08:13
ikoniaKartagis: I'm not using any flash on facebook08:13
Kartagisikonia: when I try to open a video on facebook, I get that "Shockwave Flash crashed"08:14
ikoniaKartagis: sorry, can't be bothered trying to resolve that08:15
Kartagisikonia: http://uppix.net/c/d/c/3ec075ae9a69d72e225cf2e8aad5a.png08:15
ikoniaKartagis: sorry, can't be bothered trying to resolve that08:15
Kartagisikonia: care to let me know why?08:15
YamakasYikonia somwhere... have to check08:15
ikoniaYamakasY: it's not in the ubuntu repos08:16
ikoniaKartagis: yeah, flash is a waste of time for me on linux, it's closed and too much effort to try to work problems thorugh08:16
WACOMalthow do I change the number of workspaces on my desktop? or disable the feature completely?08:16
crizis^Kartagis, i recommend official chrome rather08:17
woot-0854WACOMalt: are you using compiz?08:17
WACOMaltwoot-0854, yes08:17
crizis^Kartagis, it ships with tested and working flash08:17
crizis^"working" but anyway :)08:17
Kartagiscrizis^: not chromium?08:17
woot-0854WACOMalt: its in the destop settings tab08:17
WACOMaltcrizis, the one that comes with official chrome has issues. fast forwards randomly and skips. the one in the repos is better.08:18
TomyLoboI want to install ubuntu 64 bit next to my win7 (home premium 64 bit). I have a decent amount of unpartitioned space left08:18
crizis^WACOMalt, haven't had any problems, and chromium in repos is several versions behind (stuck in 18 iirc)08:18
YamakasYikona... or wrong... sorry :)08:18
TomyLoboi tried the "wubi" thing, but it appears to install to an existing partition08:19
woot-0854how to proc !duelboot ?08:19
ubottuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot08:19
TomyLoboor is duel boot something else? :)08:19
woot-0854woot ty TomyLobo08:20
TomyLoboi guess duel boot is when you install win7 after linux08:20
woot-0854TomyLobo: check out what ubot said08:20
=== WACOMalt is now known as WACOMalt|AFK
woot-0854Oh and about flash08:21
TomyLobowoot-0854 yup. it was a joke08:21
woot-0854just gonna say no https for streams08:21
woot-0854none that i use are08:21
woot-0854they all stream http08:21
woot-0854so i mean instant leak08:22
=== WACOMalt|AFK is now known as WACOMalt
WACOMaltwell... that didnt work out too well08:22
crizis^TomyLobo, just throw in the cd/usb stick and install ubuntu - installer has option to use unpartitioned space right in the first step08:23
WACOMaltdisabling desktop wall crashed unity, then crashed lightdm altogether08:23
WACOMalton restart the button is still there08:23
woot-0854did you restart gnome?08:23
WACOMaltrestarted computer08:23
blackshirtwacomalt, thats look very bad08:23
WACOMaltwait is it Expo, or desktop wall?08:23
WACOMaltor.. viewport switcher08:24
TomyLobocrizis ok, was hoping for an option that doesnt leave my machine useless for an hour or more08:24
woot-0854Im on fedora atm ummm I know its in desktop settings08:24
woot-0854and I know it compiz gets piped thru it in a way08:24
woot-085412.04 I assume?08:25
woot-0854aight brb08:25
WACOMaltaaand unity crashed again. now I have no window borders08:25
Sidney__TomyLobo, Ubuntu usually installs in about 20 min08:26
woot-0854unity --reset08:26
WACOMaltand how do I run that when I cant open anything?08:26
woot-0854you can try crtl+alt+f108:27
woot-0854or f208:27
WACOMaltnm Ctl+alt+T worked08:27
WACOMaltfor terminal08:27
WACOMaltworkspace switcher is still there. I have everything disabled but expo08:27
WACOMaltwhich is required by unity plugin08:27
woot-0854ya i guess dont mess with that08:27
woot-0854if you get a dependency error be scared08:28
KartagisWACOMalt, crizis^: thanks :)08:29
ubottuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot08:29
WACOMaltwoot-0854, looks like the way to do it easily is to set your desktop size in general settings to 1x1x108:30
WACOMaltand then log out and back in08:30
WACOMalttrying now...08:30
AsterUhm, I pinged out earlier, so I didn't catch any answer if there were any, so I'll ask again..08:30
AsterHi. I'm having problems with getting my third display to work. My first two displays are on an Nvidia GTX 560 Ti, and those work fine. My third is on an Intel integrated GPU that came with my processor. The setup worked fine on Windows, and on Linux the third screen is just blank. Any ideas?08:30
AsterHi WACOMalt ;)08:30
=== WACOMalt is now known as WACOMalt|AFK
woot-0854Aster: Nvidia can be rough.  other OS's worked ok?08:31
=== WACOMalt|AFK is now known as WACOMalt
WACOMaltaannd that worked!08:31
WACOMaltthanks for pointing me to compiz settings, hadn't thought of that.08:31
thierryhi everyone, i configured an adhoc network on my ubuntu-server image using this tuto ( https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Adhoc) , the prob is that i see that in my system that wlan0 is activated connected and that iwconfig returns the correct parameters but i cant find the network on anyother device!08:31
WACOMaltok, back to work. thanks guys and cya later!08:32
niravhey..i want to install nessus 5.0.1 in ubuntu 10.10.i download db package & open with software center08:32
woot-0854thierry:ifconfig wlan0 down  -> iwconfig wlan0 mode managed  -> ifconfig wlan0 up08:32
auronandace!10.10 | nirav08:33
ubottunirav: Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) was the thirteenth release of Ubuntu. !End-Of-Life on April 10th, 2012, see http://ubottu.com/y/maverick for details.08:33
blubeehi guys i have two issues that one kinda brought on the other, when i installed this ubuntu installation i didn't really add any nvidia drivers but I did update, when i went into the additional driver section all the drivers were named NVIDIA binary Xort driver, kernel module and VDPAU library08:33
thierrywoot-0854:  why changing mode from ad-hoc to managed?08:33
woot-0854thierry: oh sorry I thought you where looking for networks? like routers?08:34
blubeeso I just chose one, installed it and rebooted my laptop, now when i go back it says this driver is activated but not currently in use. Also now whenever my laptop starts, a huge terminal that takes up my entire screen loads also the additional drivers window auto loads too08:34
blubeei mnot really sure how to fix these two issues08:34
thierrywoot-0854: what i'm trying to do is creating a local wifi network ( adhoc one) on my system to make other devices connect to it08:35
woot-08542 wi-fi cards08:35
woot-0854one master one ad-hoc08:35
pmjdebruijnanybody good with .desktop files here? I'm trying to start rdesktop from a .desktop file, which works if I specify StartupWMClass=rdesktop, which works, but then Unity still gets confused between the two windows, if I check the class with xprop, it's the same for both rdesktop windows, what does differ is the WM_NAME08:35
Asterwoot-0854, Yes, they did.08:36
AsterI don't think it's NVidia's fault.08:36
AsterSince my nvidia displays work fine.08:36
AsterIt's the integrated GPU's display that's not working.08:36
thierrywoot-0854: ?08:37
thierrywoot-0854:  two wifi on the same PC?08:37
woot-0854Aster: just ubuntu, thierry usb can be done08:38
woot-0854because Linux and nVidia go way back08:38
woot-0854and ya usb wifi cards08:38
woot-0854lsusb can help  you at alot08:38
thierrywoot-0854:  didn't get it08:39
woot-0854thierry: didn't get what?08:39
=== dpac|away is now known as dpac
woot-0854is my english holding up?08:40
thierryusb wifi cards for what? :) i've already my wifi module integrated on my PC , i can set up easily an ad-hoc network with ubuntu ( the complete one) with the GUI network maanger08:41
thierrybut here i'm on an ubuntu server , i'm using only shell commands to set up the thing08:41
thierrythx anyway :)08:42
woot-0854ah ok. now I yes ask fourms08:42
woot-0854cool idea08:42
woot-0854thierry: you running a gui on ur server?08:43
woot-0854I dont need to know what08:43
Maverick_unlock iphone408:43
woot-0854becaue etherape might be of some use08:43
thierrywoot-0854:  server08:44
thierrywithout gui$08:44
woot-0854iptraf might help08:44
woot-0854at least you would see it08:44
TomyLobois there no kubuntu amd64 image?08:48
ikonianormally is08:49
woot-0854thierry: y not lubuntu-desktop?08:49
TomyLoboat least the usb installer doesnt support it08:49
thierrywoot-0854:  running on an embedded environment , don't need gui08:49
jribTomyLobo: http://www.kubuntu.org/getkubuntu/download#download-block08:50
woot-0854thierry: the gui nerfs servers08:50
woot-0854thierry: but you do not need it08:50
thierrywoot-0854:  also, i'm trying to invoke shell commands to setting up the netork in a C++ program using system, i can't see how can i do that when using the gui module to configure the network08:52
woot-0854thierry: epic08:52
thierrywoot-0854:  what08:52
woot-0854thierry: i use shell08:53
woot-0854thierry: I just started learning how to program08:54
woot-0854thierry: are you using tmux?08:55
thierrywoot-0854:  that's not what i meant, i'm working on a program that will switch between wireless networks : if there is a recognized distant network then the embedded PC will connect on it, otherwise , once this connection is lost , the embedded PC will create its own network so other devices can connect to it ( to do some tasks)08:55
thierryand it's all on C++08:56
woot-0854thierry: sounds like a movie08:56
woot-0854you could use a ton of pi's08:56
thierrywoot-0854:  unfortunately it's not a movie and i'm stucked on this08:57
woot-0854abdelghani: hi08:57
abdelghaniwoot-0854: wanna change the layout of my keyboard08:58
woot-0854language settings08:58
woot-0854what gui?08:58
=== Gycklarn- is now known as Gycklarn
Diazozykotick9 and jmstick I tried power cycling the router/cable modem it seemed to revert my 1Mbps back to the 3.2Mbps I was currently getting so I'm good now. :)08:59
TomyLoboi just noticed there's even a DVD image. is it worth wiping my RW and burning the dvd image instead?09:06
a4fbrhello pls tell me i install nvidia card on samsungs laptop in ubuntu 12.0409:07
TomyLobo(on a 100 mbit line)09:07
=== matt_ is now known as Guest37016
TomyLoboa4fbr samsung probably sells a gazillion different laptop models09:08
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=== SushiDude_ is now known as SushiDude
=== VirtualBlackness is now known as L3top
EbollaHow do I set permissions on a share to allow read/write/create/delete from a windows machine?09:23
EbollaHow do I set permissions on a share to allow read/write/create/delete from a windows machine?09:24
ubottuext3 and ext4 are the default filesystems in Ubuntu (and many other Linuxes). Alternative Linux filesystems include reiserfs and xfs. fat32 and ntfs are DOS/Windows filesystems. hfs and hfs+ are filesystems for the Mac. More info at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_file_systems09:25
EbollaHow do I set permissions on a share to allow read/write/create/delete from a windows machine?09:25
jribEbolla: please don't repeat so often09:25
Ebollajrib:  Sorry was repeating as I saw people had joined and were active.09:26
Ebollajrib:  btw there was a minute inbetween the repeats ;)09:26
blackcat73Hi, after I've installed indicator-network on my ubuntu 12.04 LTS I lost eth0 configuration09:27
blackcat73and when I use network manager it gives me an error message saying network system not supported or something like that09:27
johnmEbolla: there are a ton of online guides on samba (which is presumably what you're using), but you have local user accounts on your box which will be used (using smbpasswd) to map them to a samba user, and from there you can configure your shgare in smb.conf to match the samba users you've defined. You can allow full write guest access if you choose, i'd suggest not.09:28
blackcat73I have removed indicator-network but I'm still unable to configure wired network on network manager09:28
blackcat73does anybody know this problem?09:28
Ebollajohnm:  I setup the share via the Samba server configuration.  I can see the share from the windows system but when I try to create my vm on the share it says that I do not have read/write permissions.09:29
=== webdev is now known as Guest30452
TomyLobowow one whole minute between repeats09:29
TomyLoboon some channels that'd easily be dozens of messages back-to-back09:30
=== joost is now known as Guest31624
EbollaTomylobo:  Constructive criticism is what this channel is about.  After all it is an Ubuntu help channel.   Sarcasm can walk the way of the door.09:30
=== Guest30452 is now known as mangetomat
Ebollajohnm:  Do I have to setup sharing for sub directories of the primary directory as well?09:33
johnmEbolla: not usually, but you will need to set up linux permissions as appropriately09:34
johnmremember, smb users map to linux users, and permissions are then handled in linux (as per normal)09:34
johnmyou might want to look at setfacl/getfacl (and the acl mount option) on the filesystem you're sharing content off09:34
Ebollajohnm:  Ok how do I set that so that it follows the subdirectories etc?09:34
TomyLoboEbolla people who ignore the topic usually don't respond to that, sorry09:34
=== E is now known as Guest53922
EbollaTomyLobo:  Not a problem.  It's all good ;)09:35
johnmEbolla: I'd strongly suggest checking online for a samba howto, permissions once mapped from samba users are simply linux permissions09:35
TomyLoboalso a pet peeve :)09:35
johnmEbolla: ie: I map a local linux user "ebolla" to samba user "ebolla" and then I can can chown -R ebolla some/dir/under/share as per normal09:36
johnmEbolla: if you need more than owner/group, look at file system acls (setfacl/getfacl)09:36
johnmif it's still doing something off, then chances are your samba share configuration is wrong (it can override permissions)09:36
Ebollajohnm:  nah just need a single user to have access to that share.  thanks for the tip and pointing me in the right direction.09:36
johnmEbolla: np, there are a number of good online resources for it.09:37
Ebollajohnm:  Yeah just trying to find one that gives all the info as the ones I've used didn't is the PITA /lol09:38
domiewhat would cause "service apache2 start/stop" to say "job failed to start/unknown instance" but "/etc/init.d/apache2 start/stop" to work fine?09:40
jribdomie: if you don't use /etc/init.d ever, does it still happen?09:41
twitchiedomie: what does dmesg say?09:41
=== tomreyn_ is now known as tomreyn
domieinit: Failed to spawn apache2 main process: unable to execute: No such file or directory09:42
twitchiedomie: have you done dpkg-reconfigure apache209:44
EbollaI don't know why it isn't working.   everything looks fine.  I even went so far as to share the only 2 sub directories and it still won't work09:44
sudhican someone tell me where are the screensaver settings in Ubuntu 12.04? I can't find them09:45
crizis^sudhi, gnome 3 removed screensaver :-)09:45
sudhicrizis: well, then they forgot to *NOT* install gnome-screensaver then09:46
domietwitche: i ran it, no output, no window and still didn't fix it09:46
crizis^sudhi, afaik "screensaver" is now just a blank screen and that's it09:46
crizis^sudhi, http://www.jwz.org/blog/2011/10/has-gnome-3-decided-that-people-shouldnt-want-screen-savers/ :)09:47
sudhicrizis: then I guess "sudo apt-get remove gnome-screensaver* && sudo apt-get install xscreensaver*" should replace it with xscreensaver, only thing I need to do is add it to init.d or something09:47
sudhicrizis: am I not using Unity? which is different from gnome3?09:48
crizis^sudhi, unity is just an alternative shell to gnome3, all the libs and apps are there09:48
MonkeyDustsudhi  unity is a shell, a layer over gnome309:48
MonkeyDustsudhi  maybe you mean gnome-shell09:49
sudhiMonkeyDust: crizis^ : thanks for correcting; I just apt-get remove'd gnome-screensaver* and install'ed xscreensaver*; how do I make it default? or is it enabled by default?09:51
domiefixed it, had a apache2.conf in /etc/init/09:51
crizis^sudhi, i have no idea unfortunately, my screensaver is slapping laptop lid closed :P09:52
twitchiedomie, hah nice one. Glad you fixed it09:54
^DEMOSS^mysql said: ERROR 1426 (42000) at line 72: Too big precision 14 specified for 'timevalue'. Maximum is 6.     (installing phpmyadmin on mysql on ubuntu )09:54
vopezysudhi does $xscreensaver do anything?09:55
sudhicrizis^: thats okay, it was just a matter of adding 'xscreensaver -no-splash' to startup application09:55
domietwitchie: cat /usr/sbin/service helped me :)09:55
EaglemanWHen i enable #log log.txt my openvpn refuses to start and gives me this error: ERROR: could not read Auth username from stdin. When i uncomment log log.txt it will work fine, Any idea what could cause this?09:55
sudhivopezy: yeah, runs the configuration09:55
VictorCLhi people , I get the following error when turning on my pc : init: Failed to create pty - disabling logging for job09:57
VictorCLand it gets stuck there , cant continue :(09:57
vopezybright: hello09:59
tortibis anyone here familiar with openvpn?10:00
tomreynVictorCL: did you make any changes to hardware or BIOS settings recently? what happened between now and when it worked last time?10:01
tomboy64i am using ubuntu 12.04 and need a quick hint on how to check/modify crda10:02
VictorCLtomreyn,  now I manage to get into a shell10:02
tomreyntomboy64: what's "crda"?10:04
tomreynoh the wireless agent10:04
MonkeyDust!info crda10:05
ubottucrda (source: crda): wireless Central Regulatory Domain Agent. In component main, is optional. Version 1.1.2-1ubuntu1 (precise), package size 14 kB, installed size 95 kB (Only available for linux-any)10:05
tomreynthanks :)10:05
tomreynquote form http://wireless.kernel.org/en/developers/Regulatory/CRDA : CRDA acts as the udev helper for communication between the kernel and userspace for regulatory compliance. It relies on nl80211 for communication. CRDA is intended to be run only through udev communication from the kernel. The user should never have to run it manually except if debugging udev issues.10:06
=== jim is now known as Guest14623
a4fbrhow to send free sms on ubuntu10:07
MonkeyDusta4fbr  depends on you sms agent or provider10:08
MonkeyDusta4fbr  ubuntu is a system to make your computer work, not to provide free sms10:09
a4fbrand best sites of sms spoofing10:10
a4fbrpls tell me10:10
tomreyna4fbr: that's off topic here.10:11
dontknowthe firefox that comes with ubuntu x64 is 64 bit or 32 bit?10:11
md_5anyone got xhcat + libnotify working?10:11
DJ_DanniI am on ubuntu 12 and i can not start mysql10:11
tomboy64tomreyn: well, logs never show any info, so i fear it's not being used10:12
VictorCLubuntu is not bootin , I get a bunch or errors ,I manage to get into a shell , what command can I execute to repair it ?10:12
tomboy64and i can't see a router on channel 13 - so my suspicion is it is set to US regdom10:12
DJ_Dannii get this error10:14
DJ_Danniservice mysql start10:14
DJ_Dannistart: Job failed to start10:14
a4fbrhow to install metasploit in ubuntu 12.0410:14
tomreyntomboy64: i'm afraid i can't help with CRDA, I've never worked with it before, and the system I'm working with noe has a wired connection only, so can't test.10:14
tomreynDJ_Danni: check /var/log/syslog10:15
tomreyna4fbr: metasploit isn't packaged for Ubuntu, but if you use a web search you will find instructions.10:17
DJ_Dannitomreyn i get this10:18
DJ_DanniSep 18 10:18:01 ubuntu kernel: [217556.278787] init: mysql pre-start process (11850) terminated with status 110:18
a4fbrbt vrfs file no createad10:18
a4fbrhow to create vrfs  file10:19
tomboy64how do i list the files associated with a package?10:19
ikoniaa4fbr: what are you actually trying to do ?10:19
ougogoHello, is it possible to install "lbubuntu" from a Linux distribution without a bootable device?10:20
tomreynDJ_Danni: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mysql-5.5/+bug/101170210:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 986892 in debhelper (Ubuntu Oneiric) "duplicate for #1011702 mysql-server postrm breaks apparmor profile for later versions on purge" [High,In progress]10:20
tomreynDJ_Danni: the issue seems to be that you have leftover apparmor profiles which were not removed in an upgrade. make a backup of your databases and configuration, then purge, then install mysql-server10:24
DJ_Dannii already have mysql-server installed10:25
cousin_luigiHow do I change the shortcut actions for my new multimedia keyboard?10:26
tomreynDJ_Danni: i'm aware, the idea is that during the removal you will ensure that the legacy apparmor profiles are removed, so that after reinstallation, mysqld should come up fine.10:26
DJ_DanniHow do i completly remove the mysql?10:27
ikoniaDJ_Danni: open the package manager, select mysql, click purge/remove10:28
DJ_Dannido you mean Ubuntu Software?10:28
tomreynDJ_Danni: you may also start a temrinal windows and type this (after you made backups of your database and mysql server configuration): sudo apt-get purge mysql-server10:31
DJ_DanniBut if i have not Databases i can just type it directly?10:31
ikoniaDJ_Danni: if you have no database, it won't be installed10:32
tomreynif you have no databases nor customized configuration you want to keep then yes, you can run it directly10:32
DJ_Dannii get this error10:34
DJ_DanniErrors were encountered while processing:10:34
DJ_Danni mysql-server-5.510:34
DJ_DanniE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)10:34
tomreynDJ_Danni: then try this first: sudo apt-get reinstall mysql-server10:35
DJ_DanniInvalid operation reinstall10:36
tomreynwhoops right, sudo apt-get --reinstall install mysql-server10:36
=== railsraider_ is now known as railsraider
DJ_Dannistill the same dpkg error10:37
tomreynDJ_Danni: sudo dpkg -P mysql-server10:38
DJ_Danniok thats done10:38
sudhifor sake of posterity: If you want xscreensaver TL;DR is "sudo apt-get remove gnome-screensaver* && sudo apt-get install xscreensaver* && sudo ln /usr/bin/xscreensaver-command /usr/bin/gnome-screensaver-command" then run xscreensaver-demo and ensure power-settings are turned *OFF*10:39
tomreynDJ_Danni: does this return anything: ls -1 /etc/apparmor.d/ | grep my10:40
tomreynDJ_Danni: sudo rm /etc/apparmor.d/usr.sbin.mysqld10:41
DJ_Danniok done10:42
tomreynDJ_Danni: then: sudo apt-get install mysql-server10:42
limebust_wut u on about10:42
limebust_im wid me blk boys innit10:42
=== aaron is now known as Guest92480
DJ_DanniSub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)10:43
Guest92480can anyone help me with hard disk problem10:44
blackshirtdj_danni... Your mysql-server on half-installed state10:44
DJ_Danniwhat do you mean?10:44
WarOfTheNerdremove it entirely10:44
WarOfTheNerdpurge it10:44
WarOfTheNerdthen try again10:44
=== Adie is now known as baby_k
Guest92480can anyone help me with hard disk problem?10:44
blackshirthello guest9248010:44
Guest92480hello blackshirt10:44
WarOfTheNerdGuest92480, explain the problem to us and we can help, also, try typing /nick thenicknameyouwant10:44
limebust_wut u on about10:45
Guest92480this is the first time,sorry10:45
limebust_chillin bruv10:45
Guest92480my problem is i have a malfunction 160GB10:45
WarOfTheNerdGuest92480, that's all good :) it's just hard to reference the Guest* nicknames10:46
Guest92480which is undetected on any pc/laptop10:46
WarOfTheNerdHmm, that will be hard to fix10:47
Guest92480do you know how? WarOfTheNerd10:47
blackshirtmaybe the hardware problem,bad disk maybe10:47
WarOfTheNerdGuest92480, is it external or internal?10:48
Guest92480its an internal 160gb10:48
WarOfTheNerdTry and keep it outside the PC case if you can10:48
WarOfTheNerdthen listen to the noises it makes as it powers on10:48
blackshirtbut you should ensure10:48
Guest92480done that even with a external case.10:49
WarOfTheNerdif it keeps clicking, it's a bad head and it's unlikely you'll make it work10:49
tomreynDJ_Danni: sorry we only removed the meta package so far. do: sudo dpkg -P mysql-server-5.510:49
Guest92480i hear it still spinning inside10:49
Guest92480any idea?10:49
blackshirtthats sound good10:49
WarOfTheNerdYour best tool by the way is to look at dmesg and see what errors the disk throws up10:50
blackshirtis that disk undetected by tool partitions,like gparted or a similar tool10:50
Guest92480when i connect it to my laptop,its spinning but didnt show up10:50
Guest92480i use gparted but gparted keep on searching until i disconnect it10:51
blackshirtlook with some disk tool10:51
blackshirtlooks bad10:51
Guest92480lucky its not on my linux laptop..10:53
tomreynGuest92480: is it a SATA disk, or one of the old ones, with many pins?10:53
tomreynokay, then try replacing the cable (or switch with another temporarily.10:53
Guest92480still cant be detected in bios10:54
Guest92480sorry,i mean it detect but didn show up10:54
tomreynGuest92480: how were you able to test this so fast?10:54
Guest92480i've done it before so im still looking to save it now..10:55
tomreyni see. sorry can't help then. it's an old disk is it's just 160 GB, best bet is to replace it. if you have important data on it then have some disk recovery company restore it for you.10:56
Guest92480ok,no problem tom..i just thought maybe it can be save..10:57
WarOfTheNerdGuest92480, try placing it at a slanted angle when using it10:57
WarOfTheNerdand disable SMART on the BIOS10:57
akamikeymJust wondering, can anyone tell me if there's a mime type for .desktop Giles themselves?10:58
WarOfTheNerdthen if you manage to get it to show up, use a tool like dd_rescue to image it10:58
akamikeymGiles = files10:58
Guest92480ok..i have to disconnect from here first..thanks WarOfTheNerd10:59
WarOfTheNerdakamikeym, text/buffy? :P10:59
* WarOfTheNerd couldn't help but make a bad joke out of that10:59
akamikeymBuffy? The vampire slayer?11:00
akamikeymOk I don't even see that joke. It must be BAD11:00
WarOfTheNerdakamikeym, Giles was the nerdy philosopher11:02
WarOfTheNerd(told you it was bad)11:02
mikeymWarOfTheNerd, just got it.11:02
mikeymI knew him as the coffee man.11:03
mikeymAnyhoo better run.11:04
arvin_Hi guys11:04
arvin_I tried following the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AsusZenbookPrime#Touchpad11:04
arvin_Alternative 2, to fix my touchpad for my zenbook. Adding the ppa there made ubuntu try to install kernel 3.5.x which can't finish.11:05
arvin_Now everytime I try to use apt-get it asks me to run "dpkg --configure -a" to fix the issue, but it breaks at the same point.11:05
arvin_Could anyone give me some pointers on how to fix this manually? I'd rather revert back to 3.2 and remove the ppa.11:06
MonkeyDustarvin_  try sudo apt-get -f install11:06
arvin_Alright, it's running... let's see how it goes.11:06
MonkeyDustarvin_  a ppa is always something you use at your own risk11:06
arvin_Nope, keep getting Error! Bad return status for module build on kernel: 3.5.0-13-generic (x86_64) Consult /var/lib/dkms/asus-wmi/999.01/build/make.log for more information.11:07
MonkeyDustarvin_  kernel 3.5?11:07
=== dark is now known as Guest31981
arvin_Yeah, it's from the xorg-edgers ppa.11:08
arvin_That's the problem, I added it to fix my touchpad.11:08
MonkeyDustarvin_  what ubuntu version?11:08
arvin_It's 12.0411:08
MonkeyDustarvin_  3.5 is not supported, at least not in 12.0411:08
=== Samer[] is now known as Sudanese
arvin_With the xorg-edgers ppa, which installs 3.5.11:09
arvin_I know, I'm basically trying to go back to 3.2.11:09
MonkeyDust!ppa > arvin_11:09
ubottuarvin_, please see my private message11:09
N03LHey guys11:09
N03LHow do you change the hostname/system on ubuntu?11:10
WarOfTheNerdarvin_, don't change the kernel from 3.2 if you don't need extra hardware support11:10
WarOfTheNerdarvin_, 3.2 gets extra mainline love, it's an LTS kernel upstream as well as in Ubuntu11:10
N03LLike, when you're on your terminal, your name would appear followed by @ubuntu11:10
N03LHow do I change the name?11:10
N03LThe option to title change via terminal doesn't work.11:10
ugly_duck/etc/hostname ?11:10
arvin_That's why I added the ppa, according to the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AsusZenbookPrime#Touchpad it will fix the semi working touchpad.11:10
ugly_duckhostname -b hostname11:10
WarOfTheNerdN03L, here's a hint:11:11
WarOfTheNerdroot@VG244AA-ABU-p6235uk:~# cat /etc/hostname11:11
WarOfTheNerd(Quite simply, change /etc/hostname and restart)11:11
WarOfTheNerdDon't change it while the OS is running as it crashes some apps11:11
arvin_Well right now I'm trying to get back to 3.2, but everytime I do anything with dpkg or apt-get it starts building the module and fails, and crashes, locking apt.11:12
WarOfTheNerdas in edit /etc/hostname and restart11:12
WarOfTheNerd(don't use hostname command)11:12
MyrttiWarOfTheNerd: /etc/hosts should be changed too.11:12
WarOfTheNerdMyrtti, true.  (Some apps crash if it isn't in there as; *cough* League of Legends on Wine *cough*)11:13
arvin_Let me put this in more general terms. If installing a package using apt-get fails, and dkpg --configure -a or apt-get install -f gets to the same problem. Is it possible to tell ubuntu to stop trying to install that package?11:14
blackshirtarvin_ what packages causes the problems?11:14
MonkeyDustarvin_  remove the ppa11:14
arvin_I removed the ppa, but apt-get update tells me to do dpkg --configure -a, which gets me back to the same problem. :(11:15
blackshirtarvin_, your apt system on unconsistent state when you say like them11:15
arvin_blackshirt: it's kernel 3.5 that comes with xorg-edgers.11:15
ubottuTo disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html11:15
arvin_I tried ppa-purge as well. No go. :(11:16
crozarhi all which channel for the ubuntu 12.10 ?11:16
nikolayjoin #ubuntu-ru11:17
MonkeyDustcrozar  #ubuntu+111:17
arvin_blackshirt, MonkeyDust: right now I've removed the ppa using ppa-purge, tried apt-get update and it still tells me to run dpkg.11:18
crozarthanks MonkeyDust11:19
tomreynarvin_: please post output of all these commands to a pastebin, as well as of: sudo dpkg --audit11:20
arvin_tomreyn: Alright, one sec.11:20
=== railsraider_ is now known as railsraider
=== soul is now known as ChaMeLioN
Azzle-DazzleIm having issues with PS3 Media Server, It used to work fine but now when ever i start it up i get this error, Configuration error: /tmp/bla bla bla.......... failed to map segment from shared object. operation not permitted11:28
jan_wis it normal that the mouse cursor jumps to the top left corner when it hits the left screen border (unity)?11:36
=== wizonesolutions_ is now known as wizonesolutions
=== Samer[] is now known as [Samer]
tomreynjan_w: this sounds like this bug? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-2d/+bug/98683511:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 986835 in unity-2d (Ubuntu) "Cursor jumps to left/right side of screen when moving from one monitor to another" [Undecided,Confirmed]11:42
Evil[1]Little question... Is it possible to install ubuntu on a laptop with nvidia optimus? I heard, there are lot's of problems with this? But what I've read on the ubuntu wiki, it seems very simple... any cliffs I have to watch out for?11:42
IngEliashi i'm new using Linux, i've installed Ubuntu 11.10, but I have problems with my wireless conecction, i can surf the internet for a while and then my conecction is lost. I have Realtek RLT 8188CE 802.1111:43
jan_wtomreyn: I have no second screen11:44
OerHeksEvil[1], yes, look at bumblebee https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bumblebee, and there is an #bumblebeeOptimus channel here on freenode11:46
OerHeks#bumblebee *11:46
tomreynjan_w: if it's a USB mouse then try connecting it to another USB port, this often helps with hardware issues. If you think it's rather a software issue then search Launchpad more and  port a new bug report if you can't find it already.11:46
Evil[1]OerHeks: Yeah, I've read that... seems easy to me, but the devil is often in the details... so I just install ubuntu the normal way, then do whats on this page and I'm into business?11:47
tomreynjan_w: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/1041063 might be related?11:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1041063 in compiz (Ubuntu) "mouse pointer periodically leaps to left and top of screen in llvmpipe session" [Undecided,Confirmed]11:47
OerHeksEvil[1], yes.11:47
Evil[1]that sounds fantastic :-D11:47
=== \Jan is now known as ToPreventMoreWro
ToPreventMoreWrowrong hilights.11:47
* ToPreventMoreWro coughs11:47
print-serverHey guys!11:47
=== ToPreventMoreWro is now known as \\\\\\\\
\\\\\\\\Heh, it's registered11:48
=== \\\\\\\\ is now known as KsM
print-serverI got 5 packages that were kept back from an upgrade, why is that and how do I upgrade them?11:48
=== kaktuskuchen is now known as Guest55728
jan_wtomreyn: it happens when using the touchpad, the trackpoint and also with usb mouse11:49
Somebody22hola penjaats11:49
Evil[1]hmmm... time to think about a nice ssd before installation...11:49
tomreynjan_w: sounds like a software issue then11:49
=== dpac is now known as dpac|away
jan_wtomreyn: yes it started with 12.0411:50
tomreynjan_w: my bet is it's related to compiz, try unity-2d and see if it happens there, too11:51
jan_wtomreyn: it happens with the stock desktop amd64 iso booted from usb11:52
tomreynjan_w: i'm not sure whether or not this uses unity 3d, I assume it probably does.11:53
crizis^tomreyn, if holding super (windows button) brings up the help menu, it does11:54
agus_sintanganybody from sintang?11:55
MonkeyDustagus_sintang  this is ubuntu support11:55
agus_sintanghehe, Thanks MonkeyDust,11:55
blackshirtagus_sintang: jiah11:56
Deutopiai am trying to configure users and groups in 12.04.1. when i run groupadd or useradd it returns error user/group already exists. when i view the list of users/groups, the 1 in question does not exist. (users reports 7 users named xubuntu & nothing else)11:57
blackshirtDeutopia: what you mean ?11:57
=== [Samer] is now known as Sudanese
aldushello everybody. After updating to 12.05 precise pangolin , gnome-screenshot works differently... pressing stamp actually takes a screenshot but I don't have anymore the window allowing me to save it somewhere. How to restore that?11:59
crizis^Deutopia, and what is the name of the group you're trying to add? (system does have some reserved names)11:59
Deutopiawell i am trying to add users and group and it says its already there but users lists its not a user and groups lists its not a group11:59
secretreeveer hi, trying to get some technical help. anyone available for a bit?11:59
MonkeyDustaldus  guess it's saved to ~/Pictures/       and it's 12.04, not 12.0511:59
aldusMonkeyDust, *typo, thank you12:00
crizis^Deutopia, that's very likely a reserved groupname12:01
fdgemysql gets created when you install mysql, and it's a system name/group12:01
secretreeve:( hate linux and gpu issues12:01
secretreeveanyone know how to remove a terminal installed .run ati driver when apt-get remove fails?12:01
Deutopiawell everywhere you look the instructions tell you to sudo groupadd mysql and sudo useradd mysql12:02
fdgedid you install from a port or source?12:02
N03LWhen you join a channel12:02
=== dpac|away is now known as dpac
crizis^secretreeve, http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Precise_Installation_Guide#Removing_Catalyst.2Ffglrx12:02
secretreevedownloaded it from amd website, extracted archive, cd'd to location and installed it from there using the terminal12:02
crizis^don't.. do that12:03
N03LInfo about the person joining is shown i.e. bob@3232 et.c has joined12:03
crizis^secretreeve, you can build .deb packages out of ati .run package12:03
N03LHow do I edit the info? More importantly, then name before '@'12:03
Deutopiafrom xampp1.8.012:03
crizis^secretreeve, http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Precise_Installation_Guide#Installing_Catalyst_Manually_.28from_AMD.2FATI.27s_site.29 here's copypaste instructins12:03
secretreevecrizis i just opened the page. i'll get to work uninstalling it then work on getting a working driver installed12:04
crizis^secretreeve, also there's catalyst 12.4 right in the repos if that's new enough for you: sudo apt-get install fglrx-updates12:04
jribN03L: that's the nick a person chooses12:04
secretreevethe trouble is im actually running mint 13 which seems loosely close to ubuntu12:04
=== linuxuz3r_ is now known as linuxuz3r
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org12:04
crizis^secretreeve, well, mint is not supported here12:04
bazhangsecretreeve, not supported here. get mint support12:04
gbilihello i have a problem with my pc i cannot boot, i have an asusp8z77 and when i press power nothing happens, there is a green led on though12:04
secretreeveyou think i havent tried mint? their forums are dead12:05
fdgeDeutopia, I'm not familiar with that, but it sounds like the group already exist. how are you checking to confirm that?12:05
bazhangDeutopia, what are you doing with xampp; why not lamp12:05
N03Ljrib: Yes, but everytime I connect, a default name is selected. So I find myself having to change the nick afterwards. But even when I do, when I join a channel, the default name is displayed12:05
N03LSo how do I change the default name?12:05
jrib!register | N03L12:05
ubottuN03L: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode12:05
crizis^secretreeve, just run ubuntu, much better supported :-) (and cinnamon is available for ubuntu if you're after that)12:05
jotterbotcan someone point me to information on reverse-proxy POUND ?12:05
dn4hey how do I format my usb stick ?12:06
jribN03L: and you configure your client with whatever nick you choose12:06
jotterbotis there an IRC room for pound?12:06
bazhangjotterbot, whats the goal here12:06
Deutopiagbili; take the PC apart and reset the BIOS. if that fails, take everything out but bare minimum to boot (leave only 1 RAM module) start putting the PC back together peice by peice till you find the rpoblem.12:06
secretreevebesides, we all use linux, shouldnt really matter which distro is used lol12:06
jotterbotbashing, i am trying to configure pound12:06
=== dark3n|off is now known as dark3n
bazhangDeutopia, that seems drastic12:06
ubottuFor help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted, !QtParted (!Kubuntu 8.10 and lower) or !PartitionManager (!Kubuntu 9.04 and up) - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap12:06
Deutopiabazhang it is lampp, they changed the name12:06
jribsecretreeve: ##linux is a channel that helps with general linux issues.  #ubuntu helps with ubuntu12:06
crizis^secretreeve, of course it does as distros do configuration differently12:06
bazhangDeutopia, we support lamp here, not xampp/lampp etc in /opt12:07
bazhang!lamp | Deutopia12:07
ubottuDeutopia: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)12:07
secretreeveand i couldnt find that #linux channel. im still relatively new to linux12:07
=== cryptfu_ is now known as Guest86113
jotterbotCan someone help me configure a transparent reverse-proxy?12:08
bazhangsecretreeve, /join ##linux12:08
bazhangjotterbot, to what end12:08
N03Ljrib: thanks12:08
eins11I have this Postfix setup running on debian squeeze and it works very well. but did anyone tried that on ubuntu 12.04?12:09
eins11* http://workaround.org/ispmail12:09
secretreevebazhang. not linux savvy /join linux could mean anything and be run from anywhere12:09
jotterbotI am trying to get Apache on OSX server, to log the CLIENT IP of requests (in access_log) from Apsis POUND on ubuntu 12.0412:09
bazhangsecretreeve, type where you typing to me:   /join ##linux12:09
jribeins11: are you asking for help with something in particular?12:09
jotterbotcurrently is logging the Private IP address of the ubuntu machine12:09
secretreevefine, i'll go se if someone there can help. dont see why it matters what distro is used. its all the same one way or another.12:10
MonkeyDustjotterbot  guess you better ask in #ubuntu-server or #networking12:10
eins11jrib: no, not really. just if someone tried it...12:10
jotterbotwill go to there12:10
secretreevejust dividing users further when its not needed12:10
=== Guest31981 is now known as Dark
jribeins11: this channel is meant for support really.  There should be a guide for postfix on help.ubuntu.com (both in the official manual and on the community wiki).12:11
=== Dark is now known as Guest77544
blackshirteins11: i think you can adapt it :D12:13
eins11blackshirt: yes, but i think i will try that in virtualbox first ;)12:13
blackshirteins11: thats good idea :D12:15
dn4g parted isn't showing my usb stick12:15
dn4how do I format what gparted cannot see12:15
afofanahey hw want to chat with me?12:15
ikoniait's a support channel for ubuntu, not a chat channel12:16
dn4found it something in gparted in the top right has a drop down menu12:16
dn4found the stick; time to erase12:16
jan_wtomreyn: with unity2d the same thing happens12:16
N03Ljrib: It's still not working.12:17
N03LI've registered my current name, and it's stil using some default.12:18
MonkeyDustN03L  maybe change it in your irc client's preferences12:20
savioyesterday i format my ubuntu box so i lost my key-pair12:23
PiciN03L: please check your email to complete your registration12:23
N03LPici: thanks, will do now.12:23
savioi have revokation key but i didn't backup the key pair12:24
savioi issue gpg --gen-revoke but it gives me error user-id required12:24
saviowhat should i do?12:24
=== Guest59208 is now known as unless
Johnhello :]12:28
JohnI have a problem compiling a program - in fact many many people have a problem compiling a program, and at present the solution is 'don't use Ubuntu'12:28
knxvilleWhat is the problem John?12:29
JohnI've tried every which way to work around, or fix this, but quite frankly i'm no expert in compiling C. I can't code in C so all these CFLAGS and whatnot go over my head.12:29
JohnI'll pastebin the output if you like knxville, and I would be deeply greatful12:30
ikoniaJohn: no, they don't12:30
gordonjcpJohn: are we supposed to guess what you're trying to do?12:30
Johngordonjcp:  i'm getting to it12:30
ikoniaJohn: the answer is not "don't use ubuntu" and no-one says that, please don't make things up12:30
knxvilleWhat error does it give John? It makes it a little easier for people to solve ur problem.. and what are you trying to compile?12:30
gordonjcpJohn: what are you compiling, and what's the error?12:30
knxvillegordonjcp: first!! ;)12:30
jribJohn: ask on ONE line and pastebin logs/errors in a pastebin that you include in your question12:31
JohnI'm compiling a program called mfold-utils, which can be found here: http://mfold.rna.albany.edu/?q=mfold/download-mfold12:31
tobias__Hello pinguins!12:31
gordonjcpknxville: :-)12:31
tobias__I'm just poping in to ask a quick question.. How do I change my primary monitor, because right now it's my TV..12:31
JohnI'm not compiling mfold, just the utils package (which makes a program called sir_graph)12:32
Johnsir_graph is really really useful, but whilst I could get it to work on Gentoo/MacOS/RedHat, i've failed to have any luck on Ubuntu12:32
ikoniaJohn: how about give us the error12:33
ikoniaJohn: use a pastebin12:33
N03LGoodness me, it's still not working.12:33
ikoniarather than just saying how it's failing12:33
jribJohn: stop.  Summarize what you are doing and what your issues are on ONE LINE. please.  And use a pastebin for errors/logs12:33
Johnokay, one sec12:33
jribN03L: you don't want to be "NO3L"?12:33
meditatortobias__, go to System > preferences > monitors12:33
saviohow can i revoke my launchpad key12:34
gordonjcpokay, the problem is that it's not linking with -lm12:34
=== anonymous is now known as Guest26211
N03Ljrib: The problem is, everytime I join a channel, a default name is used instead of N03L12:35
JohnThe configure output - http://pastebin.com/NRAa4fuf12:35
tobias__I fooled around in there and tried to switch the monitor order, but it won't change. Wondered if there was a more hardcore way to do it so it'll stick to it12:35
jribN03L: what default name?  You came in here as N03L12:35
N03LWhen I join, it says 'such and such has now joined'12:35
ikoniaJohn: looking at my test I suspect it's because your libc is too new12:35
JohnThe make output  http://pastebin.com/UUq021Ug12:35
knxvilletobias__: Do you got nvidia graphics card?12:35
tobias__ATI radeon HD 795012:35
jribN03L: are you sure that's not someone else joining?12:35
Johnlibc is too new? hm12:36
N03Llike above ^ sebuba@ etc has now joined.12:36
tobias__monitor in DVI and TV in HDMI12:36
N03Lmine says robert@ such and such for some reason.12:36
JohnThis forum thread might help: http://mfold.rna.albany.edu/?q=node/10212:36
knxvilletobias__: im not sure if ati got software for your gfx card, but nvidia does.. I can change the primary monitor through that..12:36
gordonjcpJohn: yes12:36
jribN03L: so you want to change "robert"?12:37
JohnThe guy who runs it (zukerm) isn't particularly useful it has to be said12:37
tobias__I only use my TV in windows, so I could shut the HDMI down if possible so it wont recognize my TV12:37
jribN03L: that's your username usually12:37
gordonjcpJohn: I was just about to say, if you pop the error you get into Google it returns exactly *one* result12:37
knxvilletobias__: alternatively, you could delete the xorg.conf file while the tv is detached.. it would create a default xorg.conf12:37
gordonjcpJohn: and that's it12:37
N03Ljrib: How do I change it?12:37
ikoniaJohn: that thread shows some pretty outside ubuntu dependency meeting12:37
jribN03L: try #weechat12:37
dn4I formatted my usb stick and it won't let me drop files on there and it says read only12:37
dn4how do I change that12:37
N03Lokay I'll give it a go. Thanks.12:38
Johnikonia:  oh, i might have pasted the wrong one... I thought it had like 3 people complaining that it wouldn't work on Unbt12:38
jribJohn: doesn't that site also provide binaries for mfold_utils?12:38
ikoniaJohn: some guys complaining about it not running on ubuntu 10.1012:39
Johnjrib:  for redhat12:39
ikoniaJohn: it looks like the person who writes the software doesn't know how to resolve this yet12:39
ikoniaJohn: I'd take that as a bad sign12:39
jribJohn: where does it say that?12:39
tobias__knxville: I don't have a xorg.conf..12:40
gordonjcpJohn: right, it's not picking up the flag to tell it to link against the maths libs12:40
gordonjcpJohn: aha!12:41
gordonjcpright guys12:41
gordonjcpthe problem is that the -l switches are coming *before* the source filename in the line passed to gcc12:41
=== mquin is now known as MQuin
gordonjcpthis is a change from older flavours of gcc where you could put them anywhere12:41
=== dpac is now known as dpac|away
dn4ok I just formatted a USB thumb stick an ubuntu only has it as read only; WTF ubuntu12:42
JohnSorry gordonjcp, I kind of understand but i want to be 100% clear because it would be totally awesome if I could debug these sort of things myself in the future12:42
ikoniadn4: dump the language please, it's not needed12:42
JohnHow did you a) detect that, and b) what line has the l flags again -_-;12:42
Johnand i'm guessing -L is for library..?12:43
crizis^John, compiled fine for me..12:44
Johncrizis^:  what - straight out of the box :/12:44
gordonjcpJohn: I looked at the last couple of lines of error output and noticed that it said something like "gcc -lm name-of-source.c"12:44
dn4any reason why ubuntu only allows read only for usb storage devices; and not read and write ?12:44
gordonjcpJohn: I've run into this before12:44
jribJohn: the binaries provided for mfold utils are not redhat-specific; the site only states that the mfold binaries are redhat-specific12:44
gordonjcpJohn: now you need someone skilled in the art of fixing Makefiles12:44
Johnjrib:  ah, good point12:44
crizis^John, i can upload compiled package for you12:45
MarioCadeChiedo scuse, ma e la prima volta che entro in questa chat e avrei un paio di domandi su UBUNTU12:45
Johngordonjcp:  or a million monkeys with a million typewriters and an infinite amount of time. I have 1 monkey and 1 typewriter, but in principle it can be done12:45
Johncrizis^:  I actually tried doing that from a Gentoo compile over to Ubuntu and it didn't work :(12:45
JohnMaybe Ubuntu->Ubuntu will12:46
ikoniadn4: what file system did you put on ti ?12:46
SkroccoHello, any ubuntu member here ?12:46
crizis^well, i have 64bit ubuntu, so if you have 64bit this should work12:46
ikoniaSkrocco: yes ?12:46
Johncrizis^:  I do indeed :)12:46
dn4ikonia, fat 32 for now12:46
SkroccoHello ikonia, I'm a ubuntu user, and also a software engineer12:46
ikoniadn4: ok, so fat32 has no permissions12:46
ikoniaSkrocco: right ?12:46
JohnI'm going to try gordonjcp's approach anyway though, because it's good to learn12:46
crizis^John, http://www.warsow.net/~th/tmp/mfold-util_4.6-1_amd64.deb try this12:46
MarioCadeSto usando simultaneamente Ubuntu 11.04 e 12.04 perhce non riesco a usare apieno Unity12:47
SkroccoI want to contribute to Ubuntu development  and I don't know where to begin !!12:47
JohnThanks crizis^ - also, what's a .deb?12:47
dn4ikonia, well on my usbstick it is read only12:47
crizis^John, i just installed few -dev packages for postscript, some math libs whatever i saw in ./configure output and it worked out of box12:47
crizis^John, a debian package?-)12:47
crizis^John, dpkg -i package.deb should work, or just doubleclicking it in file manager12:48
MarioCadePronto non sara possibili gli aggioernamenti del primo. C'è qualche forma di salvare in un cd o dvd la versione salvata alla fine setembre?12:48
Pici!it | MarioCade12:48
ubottuMarioCade: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)12:48
JohnOh i see, so you like, bundled it all up into one package12:48
JohnWhy can't all software be like that :/12:48
MarioCadeOk. Grazie mille a tutti!12:48
dn4ikonia, gonna try this sudo apt-get install usbmount12:48
crizis^John, all software worth using _is_ packaged for ubuntu ;)12:49
jan_wtomreyn: with discrete graphics disabled it does not happen12:49
ikonia!contribute | Skrocco12:49
ubottuSkrocco: To contribute and help out with Ubuntu, see http://www.ubuntu.com/community/participate and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu12:49
Skroccoikonia, what dose mean ?12:49
ikoniaSkrocco: read it12:50
ikoniaSkrocco: and it tells you how to contribute12:50
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Skroccoikonia, Ah ok !12:50
Skroccoikonia, can you please tell me where can I found Ubuntu architecture schema ?12:52
woosimhello I am using the current ubuntu release and I have 9 virtual desktops. Everytime I start xonotic and quit it again. All windows from dektop 5 are moved to desktop 4 and from desktop 8 to desktop 7(basically all the ones in the middle are moved to the left apart from the top middle desktop) Does anybody experience the same oder does anybody have an explanation why that is so?12:54
ikonia 15.0.1/20120905151427]]12:54
ikonia13:52 < Skroccooops12:54
tuffgonghow link pc using wireless router12:54
FloodBot1ikonia: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:54
ikoniaSkrocco find what ?12:54
Skroccoikonia, documentation on Ubuntu architecture12:55
tuffgonghow to  ink pc using wireless router12:55
ikoniaSkrocco: what architecture, ubuntu is a linux distro12:55
ikoniaSkrocco: did you read the link I sent you ?12:56
Skroccoyes I know that, I mean How the OS is structured and the intern architecture (component, service, interaction, ....)12:56
ikoniaSkrocco: did you read the link I sent you ?12:56
agus_sintangth0r, may i borrow your hammer, i get headache,12:58
tuffgonghow to  ink pc using wireless router12:59
dn4well my ubuntu machine automatically makes my usb thumb sticks read only; and my other computer does not13:00
gordonjcpdn4: it shouldn't do13:01
dn4yep; well it just looks like a problem I don't want to mess with this morning13:01
tuffgonghow to  ink pc using wireless router13:03
Skroccoikonia, yes I reading !13:05
delinquentmeOk so I've got a bit of a hybrid question... I've got rails running on an ubuntu server ... and I need to be able to serve up files THROUGH the rails application ... from a multitude of places in the server ...13:07
delinquentmespecifically file dirs which aren't in the rails project13:07
delinquentmeHow can I do this?13:07
=== zz_scottas is now known as scottas
Picidelinquentme: I don't know anything about rails, but I suppose that you could symlink things into the rails project dirs.13:08
JohnOdd question - i'm now on Amazon VPS, not strictly Ubuntu (although it's based on Ubuntu)13:12
Johnand i don't have dpkg13:12
Deutopiathat is an odd question13:13
Johnhehe, sorry i forgot to finish it off :P13:13
JohnCan i install dpkg via yum?13:14
Johnor apt-get13:14
jribJohn: what on earth are you doing?13:14
JohnI've tried yum install apt-get - didn't like it13:14
root__xmmm i don;t know what that is13:14
Johnjrib:  trying to install crizis's .deb13:14
JohnI thought I was on Ubuntu...13:15
jribJohn: if you'r on ubuntu, use dpkg.  Or just use the binaries provided by the project.13:15
jribJohn: you should probably figure out what distro you are on though...13:16
JohnI'm on "Amazon Linux" apparently13:16
bychello everyone13:19
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saustinIs there an easy way to turn off the fancy application switching?13:22
saustinits rather frustrating to find the window I want13:22
vect0ryis syntax in /etc/sudoers checked as is with using visudo?13:27
jribvect0ry: not sure what you are asking?13:28
mbeierlJohn, try "lsb_release -a" to see what distro it is claiming to be13:29
BluesKajHi all13:29
ohm_hai mike13:30
kruxsaustin, you could just have one workspace instead of 4..13:30
MonkeyDustsaustin  or use a different desktop13:31
mbeierlsaustin, I think you might need to provide more details, like what "applciation switching" you mean, and what window manager. / desktop env you are using13:31
vect0ryjcrigby: in /etc/sudoers is the line '#include /etc/sudoers.d' < is the included stuff checked for errors?13:32
vect0ryjrib: ^13:34
vect0ryjrib: correction '#includedir /etc/sudoers.d'13:34
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=== Abbas- is now known as Abbas5
jribvect0ry: that's a good question.  I'm not sure.  My guess is that only the syntax for the include is checked if you do visudo.  However, you can use visudo with -f to specify a specific file in /etc/sudoers.d/ to check13:35
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usc911Hi guys, having an issue with vsftpd that I can upload files in to any of my subdirectories but not in to the root directory, has anyone else encountered this?13:37
nomikeHi! I want to boot an ubuntu live CD from a TFTP-Server. There is a bootoption "netboot" which could be set to "nfs" to boot from nfs. However I want to boot from tftp without using nfs.13:37
tuffgongwhat is PHP stand for  is it hypertext preprpocessor or personal home page13:37
nomikeIs this even possible (all tutorials I find talk about using nfs)? Where could I find doku about the boot parameters?13:37
designbybeckwe have some, roughly 10year old donated laptops. Off-brand.  512Ram. Should I try something like Ubuntu 10.04 because it is older?13:38
designbybeckor Xubuntu 10.04?13:38
vect0ryjrib: ah, thx13:38
vect0rydesignbybeck: im running lubuntu 12.04 on a pentium3 with 256mb ram13:39
designbybeckHMMMmm I never really cared for Lubuntu... but with secs like that I might have to! vect0ry it runs well enough?13:40
saustinI am using uhhh the default window manager that comes with ubuntu 12.04 (I don't know what it is called) and yes I use four workspaces, and I have an ati radeon and I use the fglrx driver and what is frustrating is clicking on say...chrome icon where there are like 5 windows open and I can't find the one I want13:40
vect0ryit runs as well as winxp ran, that is not very graciously13:40
saustinI guess I'll go back to using alt tab :)13:40
designbybeckvect0ry:  I'm also debating on putting SugarOS on these, have you ever messed with it?13:41
designbybeckwas hoping I could use these for kids if nothing else13:41
saustinBut I would rather something like a smaller frame of windows opens up next to the icon on the bar of icons showing an icon or tiny window for each window open (a la some versions of windows)13:41
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vect0rysaustin: install tint213:42
vect0ryits customizable13:42
saustinvect0ry, thanks I'll give it a go13:42
vect0rywonder if it works in mutter13:43
vect0rydesignbybeck: nope13:43
Deutopiai was never able to boot sugar ona a stick13:45
RonSykesHi there. Has anyone been able to get bluetooth working in 12.0413:45
Deutopiafor me, xubuntu has been the best for old machines13:46
usr13good on new ones too :)13:47
designbybeckvect0ry: I was able to boot Lubuntu 12.04 32bit off a newer laptop but not this older one. I did get MacPup to boot on the older one though?13:47
usr13thunar rocks13:47
sjefen6how do I set line in as default input instead of mic?13:47
designbybeckDid you use the Standard ISO? or the alternative one?13:47
Spainalпривет всем13:48
SpainalЭто русский чат?13:49
VictorCLalkjsdfñlakj3 asdlkj asdf sa kj ?13:49
usr13Spainal: Malformed question.13:49
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.13:50
RonSykesHas anyone been able to get stable bluetooth working in 12.04?  I'm trying to connect an Apple Wireless Keyboard but dbus keeps crashing13:50
ohm_any one13:50
SpainalСпасибо! =)13:50
usr13sjefen6: I've heard of that happening before and I don't know how to fix it other than making a mental note that it is misslabled.13:51
killer_ohm_ : what happened ...satyanash ?13:51
usr13sjefen6: I suppose you could file a bug report.13:51
sjefen6so you are saying it is impossible to set "line in" as an audio input?13:52
usr13!bug | sjefen613:52
ubottusjefen6: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.13:52
Deutopiaphonon will let you configure the default13:54
sjefen6usr13: Are you joking?13:54
sjefen6thanks Deutopia. Will try it13:54
usr13sjefen6: You said: "how do I set line in as default input instead of mic?" From that, I naturally assumed that your "line in" port is misslabled, (on some output, you didn't say where), and is really mic.  Right>?   Wrong?13:55
uglyoldbobis there a way to get remote desktop like vnc, except without graphics? I need to be able to send keyboard and mouse events to a remote computer13:55
compdocuglyoldbob, SSH?13:56
uglyoldbobim not aware of a way to interact with the local x display using ssh13:56
uglyoldbob* i meant the remote x display13:56
sjefen6usr13: Line in and mic is 2 different inputs, mic is default. I was wondering how to change the default audio input from mic to line in13:57
MonkeyDustuglyoldbob  ssh -X ?13:57
uglyoldbobim not sure it is feasible to play a game by using that method13:58
MonkeyDustah, games13:58
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blubeeguys can anyone tell me why whenever i restart my computer a gnome-terminal fills my entire screen 1680x1050 and then the additional drivers thing autoruns13:59
blubeethey are not listed in my startup services and i am not sure how to get them to stop, anyone have any clue?13:59
BluesKajblubee, type exit in the terminal prompt , first of all14:01
usr13sjefen6: In what application?14:02
blubeeBluesKaj i exit the terminals before i restart my laptop, i would prefer not to have such a large terminal greet me every restart14:02
Deutopiaexit not close14:03
luweii get a usb wireless adapter,but i can't find the drivers14:03
Deutopiais wireless enabled?14:03
Hatoriluwei,what the usb wireless card?atheros?14:04
usr13sjefen6: You probably have a settings button, right?14:04
newziCan I use init.d to add in any command I want to execute at startup?14:04
jribnewzi: what kind of command?14:05
usr13newzi: You can use /etc/rc.local14:05
Hatorinewzi, newer ubuntu using upstart job instead sysinit script placed on init.d14:05
newziohhhh thank you, I want to disable ping echo-replys14:05
luweiRT2501USB Wireless14:05
Hatori!upstart > newzi14:05
ubottunewzi, please see my private message14:05
* skraito said hi all14:05
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newziThanks Guys! :D14:06
tuffgongwhat is PHP stand for  is it hypertext preprpocessor or personal home page14:07
newzihypertext preprpocessor14:07
newziPHP is hypertext preprpocessor14:07
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:07
Hatorituffgong, usually first one14:07
tuffgongHatori, newzi  and what about personal home page  for14:08
Hatorituffgong, i don't know about that14:09
sjefen6usr13: system default14:09
newziI've never head of a shortend name for that usualy just "personal home page"14:09
usr13sjefen6: Well, I don't know.14:09
tuffgongHatori, are u incapable of router operation14:09
Hatorituffgong,what you mean?14:10
tuffgongHatori, i have dlink router  but i fail to use it14:10
tuffgongsoory  there Hatori   i mean capable14:11
usc911Hi guys, having a bit of an issue with vsftpd, would anyone care to have a look at this gist and see how I would be able to resolve my problem? https://gist.github.com/374335214:11
tuffgongHatori,  even to make some  configuration14:11
Hatorituffgong, you should describe more detail why you get fail, what are you have been configured .. Etc ...14:11
usr13usc911: proftpd is easier.14:12
newziEwwwww, vsftp14:12
MonkeyDustI use gftp14:12
usc911vsftpd seems to be working fine14:12
usc911I just cant write to the root dir14:12
usc911and sub directors I can write fine14:12
newziDo you have the correct perms?14:12
usc911same perms on all dir's14:13
usr13usc911: Is this a webserver?14:13
usc911usr13: yes14:13
tuffgongHatori,  i have dlink router and i want to share with my fellows bye linking pc's using router14:13
tuffgongHatori,  should i have know some commands14:14
BluesKajtuffgong, all linux pcs or some windows as well  ?14:14
usr13usc911: You should create new user for each new account.  New pages can then be in their /home/ dir and symlinked to DocumentRoot's dir.  That way, they just ftp into their home dir.14:14
smith12Hi all.. I was just woundering if anyone new which version of skype to download for ubuntu 12.0.4 lts ?14:14
Hatorituffgong, yes,exactly, you can do it ...14:14
newziAll OS'es are capable of networking14:14
tuffgongHatori, tell me14:14
designbybeckvect0ry:  I have Lubuntu trying to load now on the old laptop. Thank you for your feedback14:14
usr13usc911: And just use proftpd.14:15
tuffgongBluesKaj,  all are linux based  os running14:15
usc911will check out proftp14:15
Hatorituffgong, some dlink router provides web based interfaces to configure it14:15
smith12on skyp website they only have ubtuntu 10.0.4 and dabine ones14:15
tuffgongHatori,  yes with its default ip address14:16
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BluesKajthen tuffgong , you have many options , ssh , smb , nfs , just to name a few14:16
usr13usc911: Trust me, it's the easies/simpliest way.  You just do ln -s /home/usr13/public_html /srv/httpd/htdocs/New-Site14:16
usr13for each user14:16
newziWhats your default gateway and subnet mask?14:16
bazhang!info skype partner | smith1214:17
ubottusmith12: skype (source: skype): client for Skype VOIP and instant messaging service. In component main, is extra. Version (partner), package size 14 kB, installed size 64 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)14:17
BluesKaj!who |newzi14:17
ubottunewzi: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)14:17
smith12thanks i will try this out14:18
prashant_123456can anyone please explain s, g and -- in rename 's/foo/bar/g' -- *14:18
newzi!tuffgong whats your default gw?14:18
ubottunewzi: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:18
bazhangsmith12, be sure to enable the partner repo for this14:18
MonkeyDustprashant_123456  they are sed parameters14:18
tuffgongBluesKaj, i don know those ssh,nfs smb are they filesystem14:18
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:19
bazhangnewzi, no need to use ! to precede your questions14:19
Hatorituffgong, access it through default ip address on web browser14:19
demonoid_comhello to all14:19
prashant_123456MonkeyDust, yes but the use of s g and -- is still unclear14:19
demonoid_comi have one question14:19
newziAre you up get demonoid?14:19
demonoid_comi have 2TB free space14:19
smith12already have thanks.. Your talking about the one in the ubuntu software center right14:19
demonoid_comand i want to share this space with someone14:19
demonoid_comfor free14:19
MonkeyDustprashant_123456  it means: replace foo with bar14:19
bazhangsmith12, correct. the partner repository14:19
tuffgongHatori,  how can i access it or is it by typing its ip address14:19
bazhang!ot | demonoid_com14:19
ubottudemonoid_com: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:19
DoctorD90hi, im getting trouble with expr in a bash, this is script: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1212998/   ...problem is in 2* and 3* expr..it reply expr: syntax error, why?14:19
bazhangdemonoid_com, wrong channel14:20
demonoid_comif someboy have some ideas msg me :)14:20
prashant_123456MonkeyDust, yes i now that already but want to know s, g and -- in the above example14:20
MonkeyDustprashant_123456  s opens the command, g closes it14:20
prashant_123456MonkeyDust, and what about --14:21
MonkeyDustprashant_123456  repeat the example please, cant find it14:21
tuffgongHatori,  its default ip address is
prashant_123456MonkeyDust, rename 's/foo/bar/g' -- *14:21
tuffgongHatori,  fails to look for the default ip14:23
newziSweet mother of god,14:23
Wishing_Masterhi i need help regarding boot menu, i have deleted the linux partition and now i am getting a grub rescue screen every time i boot the system14:23
newziWhat IP do you have?14:23
Hatorituffgong, try to access through browser14:23
JohnAhhh, i'm going nuts :P14:24
JohnI'm on Ubuntu now, but i still can't make and i still can't use the binary packages14:24
MonkeyDustprashant_123456  where do you see that line, rename has other options, you're showing sed parameters14:24
ThinkT510Wishing_Master: thats because grub can't find its configuration file (you deleted it)14:24
smith12i forgot to ask do i run that as a sudo command in terminal? or just google it?14:24
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L3topJohn: what are you trying to make and how are you trying to use the binary packages14:25
bazhangsmith12, to add the partner repo?14:25
prashant_123456MonkeyDust, dont know but if i dont put -- it returns error message14:25
BluesKaj!networking | tuffgong14:25
bazhang!partner | smith1214:25
ubottusmith12: Canonical's partner repositories provide packages a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »14:25
DoctorD90someone good with bash pls??..i have a little trouble..14:25
CrazyGangsterHello ppl, any1 knows how I can check the memtest.log?14:25
BluesKaj!network | tuffgong14:25
ubottutuffgong: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs14:25
Wishing_MasterThinkT510, yeah i know, what to do know/14:25
ThinkT510Wishing_Master: install a bootloader14:25
L3topDoctorD90: going to need more information.14:25
BluesKaj!ssh | tuffgong14:26
ubottutuffgong: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)14:26
bazhangJohn, is build-essential installed14:26
Piciprashant_123456: the -- in cli commands generally means to stop accepting arguments. This might explain things better: http://serverfault.com/questions/114897/what-does-double-dash-mean-in-this-shell-command14:26
DoctorD90L3top: im getting trouble with expr in a bash, this is script: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1212998/   ...problem is in 2* and 3* expr..it reply expr: syntax error, why?14:26
MonkeyDustprashant_123456  can't help, i'm sure someone else can14:26
Johnbazhang:  yeah :(14:26
Wishing_MasterThinkT510: bootloader? where do i get that?14:26
ThinkT510Wishing_Master: what os are you using?14:26
BluesKaj!smb > tuffgong14:26
ubottutuffgong, please see my private message14:26
tuffgong BluesKaj is it !ssh command14:26
MrokiiHello. I have heard that there is a way to save sessions of opened programs in Ubuntu, so that they're opened the next time. But is there a way to do that for selected apps only and in a way that they automatically open all documents that were open at the last start?14:26
JohnL3top: mfold_util (not plain mfold) http://mfold.rna.albany.edu/?q=mfold/download-mfold14:26
prashant_123456MonkeyDust, now i dont get error message if i dont put -- in the command14:27
BluesKaj!nfs > tuffgong14:27
prashant_123456Pici, thanks14:27
prashant_123456MonkeyDust, thanks14:27
Wishing_MasterThinkT510: i am running ubuntu from a pen drive now. i do use winxp and ubuntu14:27
JohnWith the binarys, i see "./sir_graph: error while loading shared libraries: libjpeg.so.62: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"14:27
ThinkT510Wishing_Master: what do you want to do? just have xp?14:27
CrazyGangsterHello ppl, any1 knows how I can check the memtest.log?14:27
ninjixis there a way to access the "previous version" feature on windows cifs shares from Ubuntu?14:28
=== zul_ is now known as zulgaban
Wishing_MasterThinkT510: i want to have xp now and install ubuntu l8r again14:28
Sokel_Don't even bother with XP.14:29
Sokel_It's support is dead.14:29
tuffgongBluesKaj, see my priate msg14:29
ThinkT510Sokel: support for xp ends 201414:29
L3topDoctorD90: if [[ "$UPT" -ge "29030400" ]]; then14:29
Wishing_Mastersokel, xp is the best from windows so far....i like it14:30
ThinkT510Wishing_Master: you need to restore xp's bootloader then or just go ahead and install ubuntu (which will install grub)14:30
BluesKajtuffgong, no pm please ,  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo14:30
Wishing_MasterThinkT510: how do i restore xp bootloader?14:30
ThinkT510Wishing_Master: using your xp install disk14:31
pliny_hey so I can't download the 32 bit 12.04 ISO. it gets to 95% and never finishes14:31
Wishing_MasterThinkT510: oh u mean fixmbr command14:31
ThinkT510Wishing_Master: windows help in ##windows14:31
ThinkT510Wishing_Master: essentially yes14:31
Wishing_MasterThinkT510: hahaha thats funny14:31
Wishing_MasterThinkT510: i am going to try that now.14:33
DoctorD90L3top: no..problem is in expr..not in if....i have tried too, but it replies me errors like you tell me14:34
L3topThe if gave me a syntax error14:34
L3toprunning without works for me.14:34
LaykeWhen I restart my server, I have a service that automatically starts with undesirable config settings... How might I change these? I'm not sure wher eand the docs aren't clear.14:34
L3topPerhaps I do not meet the condition one moment14:34
PythonStudentif I have wireshark running on ubuntu as a guest os through parallels, it's only going to ever be able to look at guest os connections and won't be able to observe either host os or local network connections, right?14:35
SaCruMQuestion: My mozilla thunderbird don't get my e-mails automatically. Only if i open the application. I'm using Ubuntu 12.04.. Is there a way to fix it or an alternative program that runs well on Ubuntu?14:36
jribJohn: why can't you use the binary package?14:36
Johnjrib:  when i run it i see: ./sir_graph: error while loading shared libraries: libjpeg.so.62: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory14:36
ThinkT510PythonStudent: sounds like you need bridged networking14:37
jribJohn: 1) make sure you are using the right architecture (64 bit or 32 bit) 2) install libjpeg6214:37
SaCruMQuestion: My mozilla thunderbird don't get my e-mails automatically. Only if i open the application. I'm using Ubuntu 12.04.. Is there a way to fix it or an alternative program that runs well on Ubuntu?14:37
=== antimon_ is now known as antimon
tuffgongBluesKaj, ready install nfs14:38
Johnjrib:  i ran apt-get install libjpeg6214:38
Johnre-ran sir_graph: got the same error :(14:38
Johnno i ididn't14:38
JohnI lie14:39
PythonStudentThinkT510: how would I do that?14:39
Johnsir_graph: error while loading shared libraries: libgd.so.2: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory14:39
jribJohn: I leave the rest as an exercise14:39
Johnok :)14:39
JohnOne quick question - can you get apt-get to search?14:39
SaCruMQuestion: My mozilla thunderbird don't get my e-mails automatically. Only if i open the application. I'm using Ubuntu 12.04.. Is there a way to fix it or an alternative program that runs well on Ubuntu?14:39
tuffgongBluesKaj, ready install nfs14:39
PythonStudentoh wait hang on14:40
CrazyGangsterHello ppl, any1 knows how I can check the memtest.log?14:40
PythonStudentI think I know what I have to do14:40
jribJohn: you can use "apt-file" to search for files inside a package, or the web service http://packages.ubuntu.com, or ubottu14:40
ThinkT510PythonStudent: no idea sorry, i've never used parrallels14:40
PythonStudent##parallels is empty so I figured this was the next best place to ask14:40
tuffgongHatori,  need help on that14:40
SaCruMQuestion: My mozilla thunderbird don't get my e-mails automatically. Only if i open the application. I'm using Ubuntu 12.04.. Is there a way to fix it or an alternative program that runs well on Ubuntu?14:42
Sokel_SaCruM: That's by design. Unless you're using gnome shell, empathy will do it.14:42
SaCruMSokel_: but isn't empathy a chat? Is it a e-mail client as well?14:43
bazhangSokel_, thats not correct14:43
Sokel_Oh yeah, I'm sorry, this is ubuntu. Sad :)14:43
bazhangSaCruM, he may be thinking of evolution14:43
SaCruMbazhang: and evolution is shown on the mail thingy next to my clock?14:44
L3topDoctorD90: simple problem. escape the glob14:44
bazhangSaCruM, should do, yes; if you mean check mail etc under the envelope icon14:44
DoctorD90L3top: what does do you meaan?14:45
L3topDoctorD90: yy=$(expr "$YY" \* 29030400)14:45
SaCruMbazhang: yes. I'll install it, thanks. By the way, evolution is the native e-mail client on kubuntu, right?14:45
L3topDoctorD90: use quotes around variables, and avoid backticks. Good luck14:45
DoctorD90many many thx14:45
bazhangSaCruM, not sure on that; perhaps ask in #kubuntu14:45
DoctorD90i let's try ^^14:45
SaCruMbazhang: well thank you very much :)14:45
flinghow to delete duplicate photos?14:45
bazhangSaCruM, its kmail iirc14:45
kuba_jestem z polski14:46
bazhangfling, where, in what context14:46
IboShello people how have information about my webcam such as resolution supported ? thanks14:46
bazhangkuba_, #ubuntu-pl14:46
Sokel_IboS: It's all based on your hardware.14:46
usc911Right guys, sacked off vsftpd and got proftp up and running. I am now having the same issue that i cannot upload in to the root directory but I can upload/delete sub directories. All have the same perms, any advice?14:46
L3topDoctorD90: learn to execute scripts you are working on with: bash -x /path/to/script.sh     will often expose the problem.14:47
IboSSokel_: lsusb ?14:47
Sokel_IboS: This is not windows. Most things that happen in windows will do the same in Linux, like resolutions and appearance of webcams.14:47
DoctorD90L3top: i use chmod +x script     the first time..then no more :)14:47
DoctorD90maybe is differente14:47
jribJohn: by the way... if you just want to search by package name and description, you can use apt-cache14:47
Johnoh okay14:48
IboSSokel_: yes but how to know the resolution it just to have an idea14:48
L3topDoctorD90: very different... this bash -x illiterates everything it is doing. Try it and see.14:48
ThinkT510IboS: open it up with cheese and see what resolutions it offers14:49
DoctorD90^^ THX ^^ im looking for a thing like this ^^ thx!14:49
=== atrius_away is now known as atrius
IboSThinkT510: any commande line to do that ?14:50
IboS*is there14:50
ThinkT510IboS: not sure sorry, i'm talking about cheese the gui camera app14:50
IboSit doesn't work with cheese but it works with vlc14:51
IboSi want to know my resolution to configure motion ThinkT51014:51
wishingmasterminThinkT510: i have fixed the issue14:52
ThinkT510!yay | wishingmastermin14:53
ubottuwishingmastermin: Glad you made it! :-)14:53
L3topDoctorD90: bash -n will quickly tell if there are any big problems without actually running the script as well. If there is no return then it is not broken... however it may not function as you desire ;)14:53
wishingmasterminThinkT510: thanks to you for the idea of fixboot/fixboot14:54
DoctorD90i didny know that :D ....14:54
DoctorD90me to make a "server setting wizard" i have reinstalled vps 10 times xD14:54
DoctorD90-n is usefull...14:54
oalWhy do all java apps look terrible in linux? Is there a way to make them look more native?14:55
wishingmasterminThinkT510: i am going to install ubuntu now. tell me what should be the size of swap partition?14:55
popschis there a way to selectively disable the preview of file types in nautilus? I don't want to preview text files but still want to preview graphics files.14:55
Ir3xI usually set swap as around 300mb14:56
mneptokwishingmastermin: is this a laptop?14:57
ThinkT510wishingmastermin: at least the same size as you ram (if you want to use hibernation)14:57
PythonStudenthi it's me again14:58
PythonStudenthow do I configure ubuntu to connect to a wpa encrypted wifi14:58
PythonStudentI have the password for said wifi but I can't see anywhere to specify it14:58
PythonStudentand ubuntu is not p- thanks14:58
MonkeyDust!wifi > PythonStudent read this14:59
ubottuPythonStudent, please see my private message14:59
wishingmasterminThinkT510: i have 2 gb ram so should i make 2 gb swap partition. i am not going to use hibernation.14:59
Ir3xSo how do I list available wifi networks in terminal?14:59
newziiw list14:59
ThinkT510wishingmastermin: sounds good14:59
newziis how you list all SSIDS14:59
wishingmasterminThinkT510: ok i am going to install ubuntu now15:00
mneptoknewzi: it might be helpful to address comments to a particular nick, so the person asking knows the command is for them.15:00
ThinkT510wishingmastermin: have fun15:00
Azzle-Dazzledoes anyone here have Gnome 3 AND ps3 media server ?15:00
=== dpac is now known as dpac|away
bazhangAzzle-Dazzle, whats the actual question15:00
mneptokAzzle-Dazzle: the Java GUI app?15:00
newziHow do I send with a nick?15:01
|Anthony|can anyone point me to a good tutorial on setting up sound such that each user session is tied to only one audio device. If user A logs in he gets audio over HDMI. If user B logs in he gets the on-board audio for example15:01
mneptoknewzi: type the first few letters of the person's nicj, hit <tab>15:01
mneptoknewzi: *nick15:01
Azzle-DazzleI aint sure, But since ive installed gnome 3, ps3 media server wont work, I get this error, something to do with /tmp bla bla failed to map segment... Whenever it starts up15:01
=== scottas is now known as zz_scottas
wishingmasterminThinkT510: i more favor. my wireless card doesn't work in ubuntu dur to firmware issues. there is a command to load bcm drivers on startup.if you can help me with that command, i will be much obliged.15:02
mneptokAzzle-Dazzle: you're doing a DNLA server for the PS3?15:02
newzimneptok: Test15:02
newziDid that work?15:02
mneptoknewzi: pass :)15:02
ThinkT510wishingmastermin: i don't use broadcom15:02
ThinkT510!bcm | wishingmastermin15:02
ubottuwishingmastermin: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx15:02
Azzle-DazzleI believe so mneptok I just used the default install instructions from the site, i even built it from git (what ever that is)15:02
=== Abbas5 is now known as Abbas-
=== Abbas- is now known as Abbas5
mneptokAzzle-Dazzle: i'm not asking about configuration, i'mn asking about what you're using this software for. you're doing a streaming server to a PS3, yes?15:03
root__hello ande15:04
Azzle-Dazzleoh my bad, Yes thats my aim, mneptok , Ive tried others like media tomb and ushare but they just aint as good!15:04
mneptokAzzle-Dazzle: this is a Java GUI app that requires you to login and start the app before the PS3 can see the server, yes?15:04
Azzle-Dazzleyes thats correct !15:04
mneptokAzzle-Dazzle: ah, OK. i would suggest MediaTomb. it does not require a GUI login to function, thus it starts when the machine does.15:05
wishingmasterminThinkT510: there is command to load a module on startup. i want to know that command15:05
ThinkT510wishingmastermin: look at what ubottu told you15:05
ThinkT510!bcm | wishingmastermin15:05
ubottuwishingmastermin: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx15:05
llutzwishingmastermin: add the module-name to /etc/modules15:05
mneptokAzzle-Dazzle: and getting that GUI up and running is the cause of whatever error you're getting.15:05
wishingmasterminllutz: yeah thats the one15:05
demonoid_com  !bcm | wishingmastermin15:05
ubottuwishingmastermin: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx15:05
=== dpac|away is now known as dpac
Azzle-Dazzlewell I can start the app, But this error message comes up over it, I prefered ps3 media server because of its advanced options which i cant find in other servers, Plus it plays almost every format going15:06
demonoid_com!bcm | demonoid_com15:06
ubottudemonoid_com, please see my private message15:06
bazhangdemonoid_com, /msg ubottu15:06
wishingmasterminllutz: what is the exact syntax to add a module to /etc/modules ?15:07
demonoid_combabilen but why15:07
oureahi - I'm doing an ssh -X to a mac OS system and a weird thing happen: for a given application, display forwarding works fine (the window open on the local machine), and for another, display forwarding does not work (the window opens on the remote).  Any hints?15:07
llutzwishingmastermin:just add the module-name of the module to load to /etc/modules, its a plain text-file (sudo nano /etc/modules)15:07
ubottuFabio: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».15:08
wishingmasterminllutz: sudo gedit /etc/modules would allow me to edit the file,correct?15:08
llutzwishingmastermin: whatever editor you prefer15:08
bazhangwishingmastermin, gksudo gedit15:09
bazhang!gksudo | wishingmastermin15:09
ubottuwishingmastermin: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)15:09
wishingmasterminllutz: module name would be bcm43,correct?15:09
=== Abbas5 is now known as Abbas|
newziHey guys, How can I update ubuntu from the command prompt?15:10
wishingmasterminbazhang: thank for the command15:10
newziNot apt-get update15:10
smith12Hello again. I went and got skye but cant make vid calls..really inoying15:10
smith12anyone help me out15:10
llutzwishingmastermin: read the howto you had been linked to, it shows you the module-name too15:10
llutzwishingmastermin: seems to be b4315:10
jribnewzi: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade  .  Or do you want to update to a new version of ubuntu?15:10
newzijrib: That will be just fine, Thank you heaps :)15:11
smith12ok working on it.. thanks man. old school skype dont work right15:12
wishingmasterminllutz: bye for now,going to install ubuntu...15:12
toshgshwhen i type uptime terminal it shows that 3 users are on my system but its only 115:12
Azzle-DazzleI think i may have solved my ps3 media server issue, Ask the administrator to add the line where can i find this >> "usershare owner only = false"15:13
Azzle-Dazzleto the [global] section of the smb.conf to allow this.15:13
ElixirVitaeI am thinking about partioning my HDD, which file system is faster/more stable in linux/ubuntu15:13
MonkeyDusttoshgsh  type 'who' to find out who they are (without the quotes)15:13
Azzle-Dazzlesorry, Bad type up lol >>    Ask the administrator to add the line "usershare owner only = false"15:13
Azzle-Dazzleto the [global] section of the smb.conf to allow this.15:13
bazhangElixirVitae, ext415:13
ElixirVitaeand what if I want to use that partition in Win15:14
ElixirVitaeI have my swap and / as ext415:14
bazhangElixirVitae, use it for what15:14
ElixirVitaeuse it for data storing15:14
bazhangElixirVitae, swap is swap, not ext415:14
ElixirVitaeand accessing from both Win and Linux15:14
ThinkT510ElixirVitae: use an ntfs partition to share data between both os's15:14
ElixirVitaeand it seems I am limited with 4 partitions15:14
bazhangElixirVitae, for sharing data with ubuntu and windows, make a ntfs partition then15:15
ElixirVitaeswap is swap?15:15
ThinkT510ElixirVitae: use logical partitions15:15
ElixirVitaeI thought it was ext415:15
toshgshname1: tty7 name2:pts/0 name3: pts/2 all the names are the same. MonkeyDust15:15
ThinkT510ElixirVitae: swap is its own filesystem15:15
ElixirVitaeoh, didn't know that15:15
bazhang!partition > ElixirVitae15:15
ubottuElixirVitae, please see my private message15:15
ubottuswap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info15:16
ElixirVitaeoh, gracie bazhang, ubottu15:16
* ElixirVitae goes over to read.15:16
=== tuffgong is now known as ruffrider
YamakasYlol... distro upgrade... it takes 57 seconds to download all packages... hell that's LONG!15:18
ElixirVitaeThinkT510 as well15:18
toshgshwhat's the difference between apt-get update and apt-get upgrade?15:19
bazhangtoshgsh, one refreshes the sources.list, one upgrades packages if possible/available15:19
ThinkT510toshgsh: update refreshes what is available and upgrade actually gets it and intalls it15:19
toshgshcan anybody suggest a virtual machine?15:20
bazhangtoshgsh, vbox15:21
ThinkT510toshgsh: virtualbox is nice15:21
MonkeyDusttoshgsh  virtualbox15:21
MonkeyDustThinkT510  was faster15:21
toshgshMonkeyDust: <toshgsh> name1: tty7 name2:pts/0 name3: pts/2 all the names are the same. MonkeyDust15:21
toshgshthats was for MonkeyDust15:21
Technic_anyoine here know squid 3 ?15:22
toshgshMonkeyDust: the output of who15:22
MonkeyDusttoshgsh  they are probably your own name15:22
toshgshMonkeyDust:they are the same but why i have 3 users..15:22
toshgshMonkeyDuest:also the last name : pts/2 has a different time than the others15:23
MonkeyDusttoshgsh  that's normal, i'm sure someone else can explain it better than I15:23
toshgshWhy when i type uptime in terminal it says that my system has 3 users on,but its only 1 me...15:24
=== TheWarden is now known as Guest13563
Picitoshgsh: because the other two logins are both your own.  if you type 'w' it will explain what login is what.  You probably have 1 for your xwindows session, and another for your terminal15:27
toshgshPici: thanks for that...15:28
=== Guest13563 is now known as TheWarden
toshgshhow i can the hidden files in my desktop except nautilus?15:29
codemaniactoshgsh: just rename the files and start with a DOT "."15:30
codemaniac".filename" is a hidden file15:31
toshgshcodemaniac:Yeah i want my files to remain hidden15:31
codemaniactoshgsh: they will remain hidden , but only be shown with a "ls -a"15:32
toshgshcodemaniac: i cant them in any way from desktop?15:33
codemaniacare the files on desktop ?15:33
toshgshcodemaniac: yes15:33
toshgshcodemaniac: i can see them via nautilus15:33
toshgshcodemaniac: and with ls -a15:34
toshgshcodemaniac: the question is if i can see them directly from desktop15:34
codemaniactoshgsh: what is the question ?15:34
toshgshcodemaniac: if i can see the hidden files directly from the desktop15:35
morfeuhello, can someone help me configure my dhcpd, q being my gateway is and
ezioawhat would cause a server to respond to tracert but not ping15:36
morfeuhello, can someone help me configure my dhcpd, q being my gateway is and = http://www.4shared.com/office/57c-n8ZM/dhcpdconf.html15:36
codemaniactoshgsh: can you use "CTRL + H" ?15:36
codemaniactoshgsh: what says when you use "CTRL + H" on desktop ?15:36
smith12Just wanted to say that I gave up on skype. I got it working but cant make video calls. Can i make a suggestion for admin if i may15:37
morfeuhello, can someone help me configure my dhcpd, q being my gateway is and = http://www.4shared.com/office/57c-n8ZM/dhcpdconf.html15:38
JohnWoo hoo - it now runs without error :D15:38
saviomorfeu, don't repeat your question15:38
smith12Someone please add something to empathy to allow video calls for skye. would save so much time and effort15:38
JohnThanks jrib15:38
saviomorfeu, use pastebin15:39
fantaghirsmith12 there is native support of video in chrome browser I ve read15:39
codemaniactoshgsh: you can try Try gconf-editor15:39
codemaniacalt+F2 , then type gconf-editor15:39
smith12yah that would be good but i use firefox because the add ons are bettero15:40
PessimistWhat's a good GIT tutorial?15:40
codemaniacthere should be an option somewhere "show hidden files"15:40
codemaniacPessimist: the GIT book maybe15:40
Pessimistcodemaniac, http://git-scm.com/book ?15:41
wasc0× x15:41
smith12Oh well . Windows blows ..lol.. Im still a fan of ubuntu15:41
toshgshcodemaniac: yeah but where is located?15:41
smith12 ..i have a idea. could i run skype though the wine app15:42
toshgshsmith12: tried and failed15:42
xatawhere do i get kate-sdk development files? they might be somwhere in kdesdk or ktexteditor, but they ain't there15:42
=== dpac is now known as dpac|away
toshgshsmith12: you cant just make a call and activate the webcam>?15:43
codemaniacPessimist: yea the community git book15:43
smith12hmm .. i will think of something..lol.. I will get back to you all when i do.15:43
smith12byes for now15:43
codemaniactoshgsh: there must be a option i dont remember15:43
codemaniactoshgsh: sesktop -> gnome -> file_views maybe15:44
=== kaktuskuchen is now known as Guest8568
=== Guest7985 is now known as mh0
toshgshits the theme15:44
toshgshcodemaniac:okay anyway thanks ill work on that15:45
JohnAh - oh no, now I have a new error -_-;15:45
Johnfreeglut (sir_graph): failed to open display ''15:45
JohnI installed freeglut3 as part of getting sir_graph to work15:46
=== mimor_ is now known as mimor
Johnoh wait, some hope15:47
Johnecho $DISPLAY returns nothing15:48
Johnwhile on my Mac (where everything works) it returns /tmp/launch-f5cbex/org.x:015:48
JohnSo i guess i have to somehow set my enviroment variable to something which makes sense to freeglut?15:48
b00b00i try to work with mono, but when installing mono-apache-server4 it stuck (on restarting apache), any way to avoid it?15:49
morfeusavio: NAO DA PRA POSTAR TUDO15:49
morfeuhello, can someone help me configure my dhcpd, q being my gateway is and = http://www.4shared.com/office/57c-n8ZM/dhcpdconf.html15:49
saviomorfeu, don't use 4shared.com use pastbin15:49
TheLordOfTime!pastebin | morfeu15:50
ubottumorfeu: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.15:50
TheLordOfTimemorfeu, don't use 4shared.com as a pastebin, we don't want to download the file we just want to see the text contents.  Its more of an IT issue if we have to download the file, because malware could be attached15:50
TheLordOfTimehence please just use a pastebin15:50
vp18hey guys did anyone get the beta 1 for 12.10?15:52
bazhangvp18, #ubuntu+1 for 12.1015:52
mbeierlJohn, how are you accessing the machine?  Where is your X display client running?15:55
Johnmbeierl:  erm, i'm not really using X15:55
JohnI'm just trying to use freeglut from the command line15:55
Johnactually, i'm just trying to use glut from the command line, but it seems that freeglut was the only avalible package in apt-get15:55
bebojhi , does anyone use this Sierra Wireless, Inc. Gobi 2000 Wireless Modem (QDL mode)?15:55
mbeierlJohn, how did you get to the command line?  You said this is an Amazon machine, right?15:55
Johnmbeierl:  yeah :]15:56
mbeierlJohn, and the client machine - is it Windows, Mac or Linux?15:56
mbeierlJohn, you could try ssh -X to forward X display back to the client machine15:56
Johnwait wait wait15:56
JohnSo there's this program, called sir_graph - it takes data and draws graphs15:56
JohnIt needs GLUT to run, so i apt-get install freeglut3, and it stops giving me errors15:57
mbeierlJohn, ok.15:57
JohnI then point it at some data, and it tells me: freeglut (sir_graph): failed to open display ''15:57
JohnChecking on a Gentoo machine, (which probably doesn't use freeglut) i see display is also set to ''15:58
Johnand it doesn't have this problem15:58
JohnI have no idea what freeglut is or why i need it btw15:59
mbeierlJohn, so it sounds like it is wanting to display something back to you.  I don't know the program or its underlying libraries, so I don't know why that would be15:59
morfeusavio: TheLordOfTime http://imagebin.org/22884715:59
TheLordOfTimemorfeu, wrong.16:00
Johnmbeierl:  Well, it's meant to write a pretty .ps file to disk16:00
TheLordOfTimemorfeu, apt-get install pastebinit.   then do cat /path/do/dhcpd.conf | pastebinit16:00
aackleyHi all16:01
mbeierlJohn, sorry - I got that much, but what I meant is I, like you, don't know what it is wanting to do.  If you do "ssh -X user@amazonpc" and then once logged in, execute "xterm" what happens?16:01
Johnwhat does -X do?16:02
JohnI'm just doing ssh user@amazonpc16:02
Johnwith the -i file16:02
mbeierlJohn, it tunnels the X display over ssh.  It will create a pseudo X server for you16:02
mbeierlJohn, it /might/ just be enough to trick the library into running16:02
Johnwell i'm not doing that, i'm just using the command lone16:02
mbeierlJohn, it will set a DISPLAY env variable for you16:03
aackleyDoes anyone know if there is a channel for the Chromium browser?16:03
bazhang!alis | aackley16:03
ubottuaackley: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*16:03
Johneek, X opened on my ma16:03
mbeierlJohn, but before that, I just wanted to see if the "xterm" will even show itself locally on the mac using ssh -X16:03
mbeierlJohn, perfect.  Go ahead and exit out of it, then try your sir_graph again.16:04
Johnwoah, weird16:04
mbeierlJohn, ssh -X is a low-tech form of remote display :)16:04
JohnX11 connection rejected because of wrong authentication.16:04
Johnfreeglut (sir_graph): failed to open display 'localhost:10.0'16:04
mbeierlJohn, did you need to "su" or "sudo" to run it?16:04
mbeierlor change users?16:05
Johni ran it as root16:05
Johni sudo su'd16:05
Calinousudo su is useless today16:05
JohnI don't need to sudo-prefix everything16:05
Johnbut yeah i know it's bad -_-;16:05
mbeierlJohn, ok, that is expected then.  You logged in as user, and SSH allows the display to be forwarded for "user" only, not any sub su'd users16:05
PiciYou shouldn't need to run everything with sudo privleges anyway.16:06
mbeierlJohn, have you tried sir_graph as user?  It might not need root permission.  Or perhaps the data or target directory could be set to allow user to write to it16:06
Johnyeah, er16:06
Sidney__wqhen uninstalling vbox in synaptic why are some entries highlighted red16:06
JohnI think it's about to open on my local machine!!16:06
Johnit's reeeally slow though16:07
mbeierlJohn, Yes.  That is what I feared.  That somehow the version you have wants an actual GUI16:07
morphiasexcuse me, I just installed 12.04 last night and updated it but I just realized the sound is not working.16:07
alvin_rxgHello all! could someone give me a hint, that which server from /etc/init/ started the dhclient3 ? dhclient3 takes long time to finish its job.. i wanna to disable it or put it background.16:07
VarazirI have updated my system to 12.10 and now I can't resolv hostnames16:07
Johnmbeierl:  bugger :/16:07
Varaziror I can't resolv local adress16:08
Varazirignore the last statement16:08
morphias64 bit ubuntu 12.04 on a dell inspiron 1520.... i don't know what to do to get the sound to work...16:09
JohnI think my X11 has crashed16:09
Varazirit's all hostnames16:09
Varazirdid cat/etc/resolve.conf and it's empty16:09
Johnmorphias:  maybe you're deaf?16:10
JohnHave you heard *any* noises today?16:10
morphiasJohn, no. lol.... i tried playing music on the computer and even did sound test but I cannot get the sound to really play.16:11
LantiziaAnyone familiar with faxing on ubuntu? perhaps with the efax utility?16:11
=== karthik is now known as Guest54830
Johnmorphias:  so you have heard sounds today or you haven't heard sounds today?16:12
bazhangLantizia, using efax-gtk ?16:13
JohnI'm only kidding, i have no idea how to fix your problem either :(16:13
morphiasJohn, ever since i installed 12.04 i do not recall any sounds playing...16:13
bazhang!behelpful | John16:13
ubottuJohn: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.16:13
Lantiziabazhang, either efax or efax-gtk16:13
bazhangLantizia, so whats the problem16:13
TkkoeI have a connection with ubuntu vps and i want to update it. How?16:13
oratedHello! How do I configure Ubuntu to use USB audio device instead of on-board card?16:14
Lantiziabazhang, when I listen in on it sending a fax... i hear it dial... do the intial loud BEEP noises, then it does a high pitch BEEP then I hear it send data for about half a second - and it goes silent16:14
Lantiziabazhang, efax claims the dial then failed16:14
tomboy64is someone familiar with wireless crda under ubuntu?16:14
=== Guest54830 is now known as Karthikbhat
tomboy64i have the suspicion that they are not applied correctly, yet i can't use iw - it complains bout missing nl8021116:15
bazhangLantizia, and all the settings are correct?16:15
bazhangFile nl80211 found in linux-headers-3.2.0-22   tomboy6416:16
SaCruMQuestion: I uninstalled mozilla thunderbird, and installed evolution mail client. My question now is, how can i make evolution my default email client and how to make it work on the email notification icon next to my clock. I'm using Ubuntu 12.04.16:17
zoktarhave this weird thing that my rightclick menus are behind windows16:17
bazhangzoktar, what about right click toolbar : always show on top16:17
=== Technic_ is now known as Technic
Lantiziabazhang, well I've no idea what to use for the init string16:18
zoktarall windows are ontop of the menu16:18
zoktarill log out and try16:18
bazhangzoktar, thought you said they were all behind windows16:18
SaCruMQuestion: I uninstalled mozilla thunderbird, and installed evolution mail client. My question now is, how can i make evolution my default email client and how to make it work on the email notification icon next to my clock. I'm using Ubuntu 12.04.16:18
bazhangSaCruM, no need to repaste so quickly, give us a moment to check for the answer16:19
SaCruMbazhang: i'm sorry.16:19
morphiashuh.... does anyone know what i can check to get my sound working in ubuntu 12.04?16:19
bazhangevolution-indicator   <--- is that installed SaCruM16:20
SaCruMbazhang: i don't know :x16:20
entropy-when i try to run a program (not as root) it's path is messed up. How do i fix it?16:20
bazhangSaCruM, then check16:20
ubottuA dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. This will not bring you to a new release of Ubuntu, see !upgrade if that is your intention.16:20
gsteinertentropy-: define 'messed up'16:20
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade16:21
bazhangmorphias, open a terminal, and type alsamixer , make sure nothing is muted, and PCM is around 8016:21
bazhangabaratican, /msg ubottu16:21
entropy-gsteinert i am trying to run a program (not as root) and it tries to execute the file with the wrong path16:21
SaCruMbazhang: how can i check that? :x16:21
zoktarrelogging worked.16:21
gsteinertentropy-: what command are you using? what is the desired path? and what path do you get?16:22
SaCruMbazhang: oh, found it. going to install it now :D16:22
bazhangSaCruM, sudo apt-get install evolution-indicator from the terminal16:22
morphiasbazhang, cooll thank you!16:22
Mamadex@someone from US:  please download this file and write the content of file (is just a password) here for me ==> http://crazyshare.net/bc7d     THNX16:23
Sidewinder1morphias, If that doesn't work, ubottu's links, below might help.16:23
Sidewinder1!sound | morphias16:23
SaCruMbazhang: done. I installed it. I'll be notificated now when i receive an email?16:23
ubottumorphias: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.16:23
bazhangMamadex, wrong channel16:23
Mamadexin my country is forbidden to downloading16:24
Johnmbeierl:  do most versions expect a real gui?16:24
Mamadexwould u do that16:24
JohnI'm installing x now so i can xinit16:24
bazhangMamadex, its offtopic here. so stop16:24
morphiasthank you Sidewinder1 but bazhang took me to the right application to fix it16:24
Johneek - no screens found, fatal error16:24
Sidewinder1Mamadex, Perhaps try in #ubuntu-offtopic.16:25
morphiasvolume was turned down some how in the mixer...16:25
JohnCould have seen that coming :')16:25
Sidewinder1morphias, Glad to hear it!!16:25
JohnSidewinder1:  And so's he! "Ba-dum-dum-tsk"16:26
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Technicanyone knows SQUID3?16:28
=== TheWarden is now known as Guest10385
SaCruMbazhang: could you pm me? :x16:28
bazhangSaCruM, ask in channel16:28
bazhangTechnic, whats the actual question16:28
=== dpac|away is now known as dpac
SaCruMbazhang: i did. i'm just a bit slow to write .. I will be recieve a notification now? becouse i mean, there is an option "mail" that won't work now. That thing i installed just made the evolution name be shown on that notification icon :x16:29
bazhang#squid   <--- Technic why not ask there as well16:29
bazhangSaCruM, and you fully set up evolution?16:30
Technicthe actual question ?16:30
SaCruMbazhang: well, i guess i did.16:30
brokasI need help16:30
bazhangTechnic, asking if people know about squid3 wont get many responses16:31
gsteinertbrokas: me too, but there aren't many shrinks round here =P16:31
cyclist_2Hello, there! what is your opinion so far about 12.04.1 regarding speed; I have it installed on a VirtualBox and is very slow; I have not yet tried it on a live session; for instance, opening a .small odf spreadsheet with LibreOffice is almost painfully slow, as it is using the Ubuntu Software Centre16:32
willdabeastcyclist_2 I am loving it to be honest :) I run it on a 6 year old Sony Vaio Laptop16:33
bazhangcyclist_2, what is the issue? a vbox is slower than a livecd, which is slower than an install16:33
bazhangcyclist_2, please state your exact issue and dont poll16:34
JohnI think i give up - i've tried uninstalled freeglut3, reinstalling, etc etc - but it seems that it always needs a display16:34
=== bryan is now known as Guest74448
JohnNot true on Gentoo - and perhaps true on Mac (has a display)16:35
JohnBut at least I got this far on Ubuntu. On Amazon Linux i couldn't even get the program to run16:35
JohnStill, not much good if it doesn't make postscript files16:35
=== dr4c0_ is now known as dr4c0
IdleOnebonilhasilvio: Please, no advertising16:39
bazhangbonilhasilvio, wrong channel16:39
entropy-how do i change my default search path for a certain program in ubuntu?16:39
cyclist_2willdabeast: do you have any wireless network issues? currently on 10.04, I can only use my external adapter for a number of hours before having to restart the system because of some kernel bug I never had for the past year or so16:39
willdabeastcyclist_2 The wireless works fine for me, even though I use a wired connection. Could be different between laptops though, I would just test it out.16:41
delfisi`m trying server ubuntu to act as nameservers16:41
delfisi do like there https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BIND9ServerHowto16:41
delfisbut i stopped when trying to add secondary master server configuration16:42
seliteHello, after I make a change to a source file, example.c, then how do I merge the changes with the previous one?16:42
delfisallow-transfer { @ip_secondary; }16:42
delfiswhat should i set there?16:42
seliteFor example git add example.c git commit -m "fix" and then git push origin master wont work.16:42
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience16:42
=== zz_scottas is now known as scottas
hficenter is not punctuation.16:43
delfissorry :)16:43
cyclist_2bazhang: I have other Guest Operating Systems running on VirtualBox, so I **know** how they behave compared to the real thing; if you do not want to answer, would it not be simpler to say nothing, instead of trying to behave like an Operator?16:43
utabSome upgrade went wrong with my computer, and now I can not reach my home directory with the previous contents, I read about that the data can be stored encyrpted and stored I can see with a df command that I have some important sized data however I do not know if I can recover that16:45
skraitohi all16:45
cyclist_2willdabeast: I think the next step for me is to run it from a CD; hopefully, it will impress me better; thank you for you help; good-bye!16:45
utabI have some README.txt to and Access-Your-Private-Data.desktop files under home16:46
* skraito said hi guys check out http://0x71.org/Music with love skraito and the Lord of Host Jesus Christ. An album for all of us skraito-17-SEP-201216:46
delfisso am i able to create NAMSERVER1 and NAMESERVER2  in one server?16:48
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arielsanflohow install rtl8192cu en ubuntu 12.0416:48
arielsanfloplease help16:49
killer_i wanna install ubuntu 12.10 on my usb drive (to test it )...n i have no dvd available now ...just one usb.....is it possible to install ubuntu 12.10 on it...using my current precise pangolin installation16:49
AsterHello, I have a problem with getting my third display to work. The first two are connected to an external nvidia card, and the third is connected to my on-board Intel GPU. Ubuntu just doesn't detect my third display at all.16:49
bazhangrtl8192 found in linux-backports-modules-cw-3.3-3.2.0-22-generic  arielsanflo16:49
bazhangkiller_, got a usb flash stick? lets move this to #ubuntu+116:50
bazhangarielsanflo, where'd you get that kernel16:50
IdleOnebazhang: that kernel is in +116:51
bazhangIdleOne, thanks16:51
tambuHey guys, my hdd has started making a rare 2x per day click sound which I'm pretty sure means it's dying, I'm wondering are there any good linux tools for testing the health of a drive or perhaps reading the smart drive status?16:51
bazhangarielsanflo, 12.10 support in #ubuntu+116:51
Sidewinder1tambu, Have you tried "Disk Utility"?16:52
tambusidewinder I haven't let me take a look for it16:53
=== jason is now known as Guest61855
eins11hmmm... do i need to remove the ! to include the protocol files in dovecot.conf? -> !include_try /usr/share/dovecot/protocols.d/*.protocol16:56
MonkeyDusttambu  try gsmartcontrol for a disk test16:57
bizhanMonaHI I am trying to get some info on UEFI support on ubuntu, is this a right forum? Thx16:57
=== mimor_ is now known as mimor
vect0rydesignbybeck_: and, is lubuntu working?16:59
discoveredhello, I installed Ubuntu 12.4 on my Dell xps 15 . My Wireless hardware is disabled .... It was worked before but suddenly got disabled.... I don't know how to fix it. Can anyone help me please?17:03
B0g4r7_Is it normal for /usr/lib to not be in ld.so's search path?17:03
=== Karthikbhat is now known as bhat
B0g4r7_ldd shows "libcurl.so.4 => not found", yet right in /usr/lib there is libcurl.so.4, and nothing in /etc/ld.so.conf.d tries to point it there.17:04
B0g4r7_Is that normal, or is my system messed up?17:04
mangdoodHow would I go about reinstalling a metapackage and the packages it installed?17:05
bazhangmangdood, which one17:05
mangdoodbazhang: kde417:05
wilee-nileediscovered, Working before with what OS?  Can you name the card?17:05
bazhangdiscovered, does it have a hw switch on the side?17:05
bazhangmangdood, the exact metapackage name is what?17:06
mangdoodbazhang: ...sorry, I had it installed on my system by default; I'm using kubuntu, but I was under the impression there was a metapackage for it17:09
IdleOnemangdood: kubuntu-desktop17:10
mangdoodIdleOne: thanks17:10
discoveredwilee-nilee, It worked with Ubuntu . First i was disconnect from wired network and then i reconnect with wifi(It was connecting automatic too). But suddenly i saw it is disabled .. Not sure why. here is card details: http://pastebin.com/pDXNtdQL17:10
Guest61855anybody know a channel for inspircd help?17:11
bazhangdiscovered, hardware switch on the side of the machine?17:11
bazhang!alis | Guest6185517:11
ubottuGuest61855: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*17:11
mangdoodHow would I go about reinstalling the metapackage kubuntu-desktop and the packages it installs* [:17:11
IdleOnemangdood: sudo apt-get install --reinstall kubuntu-desktop17:12
discoveredbazhang, from Bios?17:12
mangdoodIdleOne: I'll give it a try17:12
bazhangdiscovered, hardware switch on the outside of the machine17:12
hanningcould anyone please take a look at this, and tell me whats wrong with it? (i don't get rear sound) http://paste.debian.net/190607/17:13
AsterI have a problem with getting my third display to work. The first two are connected to an external nvidia card, and the third is connected to my on-board Intel GPU. Ubuntu just doesn't detect my third display at all.17:13
=== Justasic2 is now known as Justasic
AsterYet it works fine on Windows.17:13
mangdoodIdleOne: The reinstallation process went by way too fast for me to guess that it reinstalled all of the dependencies of the metapackage17:13
wilee-nileediscovered, Here is a link post 2 links to a fix supposedly. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=205547117:14
Discordian93I visited a website that chrome supposdedly blocked because it had a virus, but it still managed to play a sound file over and over until I closed my browser, even after the tab with the malicious site was closed. I used wget on the site, analyzed the file with clam and it said it was a malware known as .JS popupper, should I do a reinstall? It's teh first time this has happened to me under linux.17:14
AntiD2Could anyone give me a very quick hand? I'm new to ubuntu server and there is just 1 thing that i'm trying to do, but can't seem to do it..17:15
bazhangDiscordian93, google chrome from the google repos?17:15
IdleOnemangdood: if there wasn't any errors it completed successfully17:15
bazhangDiscordian93, and this is related to ubuntu how?17:15
Discordian93I was just wondering if it could affect the erst of my system17:16
Discordian93If I have to do a reinstall of ubuntu, not of chrome17:16
mangdoodIdleOne: Would it have checked its dependencies for problems?17:16
IdleOneDiscordian93: only if you run Chrome as root17:16
bazhangDiscordian93, that seems drastic17:16
IdleOnemangdood: yes.17:16
Discordian93I didn't run chrome as a root, I closed it after that17:17
wilee-nileeDiscordian93, Your biggest protection on badware is your brain, you might consider sing it. ;)17:17
bazhangDiscordian93, should be safe then17:17
b00b00any reason why when installing package mono-apache-server4, it stuck while trying restarting apache2?17:17
IdleOneDiscordian93: you are fine. stay away from that site.17:17
AntiD2When i ssh into my vps, it starts me off in bash, and i'm pretty new to all of this, slowly trying to learn, and i did it by accident but i need to do it again, how do i switch from bash to my user (frank)17:18
Discordian93I know, I usually don't end up in virus sites, I'm not visiting it again. I'm never clicking on a link from 4chan again.17:18
mangdoodIdleOne: Even using a fresh home/user, I still get problems with specific applications from that package though. Doesn't that indicate a problem with the system?17:18
chewtwighi :)17:18
chewtwighow come my internet works with ubuntu but not with the distro i currently use17:19
IdleOnemangdood: it indicates a problem with those specific packages. What exactly is the issue?17:19
IdleOnechewtwig: ask the channel of the distro you use.17:19
bazhangAntiD2, patience17:19
Guest61855ok. no channels for inspircd. anybody here ever run an inspircd server?17:19
chewtwigthank you17:19
bazhangGuest61855, try #freenode17:19
mangdoodIdleOne: Urgh. I have less than 10 minutes before I need to leave17:20
IdleOnemangdood: Come back when you have more time than :)17:20
mangdoodIdleOne: Basically, certain widgets and kde applications will cause my session and system to lock up17:20
mangdoodplasmids might be a better term17:20
discoveredwilee-nilee, Dell-wifi is blocked: http://pastebin.com/jDMH053f i tried to unblock it several time with command "sudo rfkill unblock all" but it is still same... Still should i try that?17:21
IdleOnemangdood: I'm not sure I can be of any help with that but I suspect that the problem is plasmoid specific and not the entire system.17:21
IdleOnemangdood: try reinstalling the plasmoids in question17:21
wilee-nileediscovered, Not sure enough to say yay or nay, but the fix is a per-session and info to have it put in a file, seems safe to try.17:22
discoveredThanks , Gonna try17:22
mangdoodIdleOne: I tried that, with a mysterious error telling me that some part of the installation failed. :D... I'll have to work on this when I get back..17:22
IdleOnemangdood: We will be here17:23
mangdoodIdleOne: :p17:23
rootlinuxusrI'm trying to write a bash script that checks if a network drive is mounted, and if not remount it. I'm having issues with the spindown feature on the network drive, and when it does I lose the mount. Anyway, here's what I've got: http://pastebin.com/E1n7HNNJ17:27
yugalUnable to hear any sound on headphones in ubuntu 12.0417:28
IdleOnerootlinuxusr: #bash is probably going to be more help17:28
yugalCan someone help ?17:28
rootlinuxusrOh. thought it had #!/bin/bash at the top... I figured if the script worked, I would create a cron job to run it every... hour or so.17:30
rootlinuxusrupdated script - http://pastebin.com/P5hPkBXY17:30
=== jack_ is now known as wN
Winshing_MasterThinkT510: u here?17:31
ki9a1with latest ubuntu radeon.audio=1 and a computer that only has hdmi out; often after the boot loader if the tv is not on the hdmi channel it ends up with a purple screen. If I reboot with hdmi active I get xbmc as configured17:31
ki9a1what could that possible be and how do I remedy it?17:31
Winshing_MasterThinkT510: u there?17:32
billcis there an easy way to move a file back and forth between excel and ubuntu17:32
ki9a1open office calc17:33
ThinkT510Winshing_Master: yes17:33
Winshing_MasterThinkT510: oh thank God!17:33
yugalHere is my alsa information : http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=62a15499f08d70f05e16f1bba1dab4b663c0bd4b17:34
yugalCan someone help me get my headphones work ?17:34
Winshing_MasterThinkT510: if u remember the last time we chat i was able to fix the booting problem into winxp.17:34
=== DjGeCk0 is now known as ^GeCk0^
ThinkT510Winshing_Master: yeah17:35
Winshing_MasterThinkT510: after that i installed ubuntu, but i am not able to log in winxp again17:35
Winshing_MasterThinkT510: i tried using boot-repair17:35
Winshing_MasterThinkT510: boot-repair removed grub and reinstalled it but again winxp is not booting up17:37
b1gtunaCan anyone tell me why I should do sync after writing files to an SD card?17:38
IdleOneb1gtuna: to make sure the files were not corrupted17:39
Winshing_MasterThinkT510: grub does show the winxp option but when i select it and press enter it says no file. so i again used the winxp cd to fixmbr and fixboot. i am able to login winxp but not in ubuntu17:39
ougogoHi, how can I obliged my computer to boot CD ?? Yesterday all was good, but now it don't want CD or USB boot .......... All are enable on BIO, i've test less HD and with bios reset but no result. Can you hep me ?17:40
mbeierlb1gtuna, to flush the contents of the in memory disk cache to the SD card itself.  Linux uses memory to help speed up disk I/O17:40
AntiD2When i ssh into my vps, it starts me off in bash, and i'm pretty new to all of this, slowly trying to learn, and i did it by accident but i need to do it again, how do i switch from bash to my user (frank)17:41
PiciAntiD2: Your question doesn't make any sense. Are you trying to switch to a different shell that you prefer?17:42
AntiD2Pici, i'm really new..So i'm not sure how to explain..Could we take this to messaging or skype to help me show you?17:42
PiciAntiD2: no, I don't do skype. Just support here in IRC.  If you need to show a paste, you can use a pastebin.17:43
ThinkT510Winshing_Master: i've never had any problems with grub17:43
Winshing_MasterThinkT510: i am luck!!!17:43
AntiD2Pici, Okay so when i start putty and i login to my vps, the console reads out -bash-4.2# and i can send commands right? but i installed ruby,rvm,and rails onto the vps..but i can't run anything unless i'm on the current user..like Frank# or whatever it is..i'm not sure how to get to that point.17:44
wilee-nileeWinshing_Master, If you reload the MS bootloader to the mbr and it works, you must now reload grub to the mbr to have it run and read the ms boot.17:44
wilee-nilee!grub > Winshing_Master17:44
ubottuWinshing_Master, please see my private message17:44
AntiD2I thought there would be a simple command to just switching to the main user, and i found su, i tried doing su Frank, didn't work.17:44
ougogoHi, how can I obliged my computer to boot CD ?? Yesterday all was good, but now it don't want CD or USB boot .......... All are enable on BIO, i've test less HD and with bios reset but no result. Can you hep me ?17:45
PiciAntiD2: sounds like you need to change directories. if you sshed into the server as Frank, then that is who you are logged in as.17:45
Winshing_Masterwilee-nilee: i am taking a break to watch two and a half men.17:45
wilee-nileeougogo, There is a out of the bios boot from menu mine is triggered with f12 at powering on yours may be the same or different.17:46
vfulcoHey Gang-  Quick ? for the Pros pls re: 12.0417:46
wilee-nileeWinshing_Master, Hehe chuck lorrey that stuff will kill your mind.17:46
AntiD2Pici, when i opened putty all i did was enter the IP of the vps, and logged in as the username the site gave me for SSH which is console-lueOwpY5, but there is a user on the server named Frank, i don't know how to login as that user or switch to it.17:46
drag0niusi've problems using canon i905d printer on ubuntu 12.04, it's printing very blurry and stretched (like it printed on 2 pages or something)17:47
llutzAntiD2: type "su - frank" enter password17:47
Winshing_Masterwilee-nilee: hahahah but i need a breka now, i have been doing this from past 3 hrs now.17:47
AntiD2llutz, says Unknown id..17:47
AntiD2but i know it works because i accidently accessed Frank earlier but i didn't know how lol17:47
llutzAntiD2: type "su - Frank" enter password17:48
wilee-nileeWinshing_Master, Same producer I believe of the Big Bang Series and about 5 others, he is rolling in the dough.17:48
PiciAntiD2: or you could use sudo to switch to it, but using your (consol-whatever's) password: sudo -u Frank -i17:48
AntiD2says unknown user:Frank...hmm this can't be right.17:48
wilee-nilee!pm | ougogo17:48
ubottuougogo: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.17:48
ougogo!pm wilee-nilee Ok17:49
ubottuougogo: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:49
wilee-nileeougogo, I don't PM the channel is your best help, and I would not just PM without asking in the future. ;)17:49
vfulcoupdated to 12.04 server from 10.04, everything went fine. restarted machine a few weeks later (today) and any attempt to upgrade causes error "/usr/lib/libperl.so.5.14 unsupported version 0 of Verneed record"  Have scoured net and ubuntu forums, no advice17:49
AntiD2i hate being so new at things, let me try creating a new user17:49
rootlinuxusrFor my previous issue, would it be easier to use autofs to check if the drive is mounted, and then mount it?17:49
vfulcothis is affecting the sysv-rc package mainly.  TIA17:49
llutzAntiD2: "getent passwd" shows you existing users, those with UID <1000 are system-users most likely17:51
delinquentmeso what exactly is a symlink... like how does it behave17:52
xibalbai have an older IBM T43 laptop, 1.5GB of Ram Centrino M processor. What version of Ubuntu do you guys think would work best? xubuntu, kubuntu, ubuntu?17:52
delinquentmeif I delete a symlink ... it wont delete the original file right?17:52
delinquentmeit will just open it ... or say .. take you to the symlinked dir17:52
xibalbadelinquentme, no you're unlinking the link17:52
xibalbadelinquentme, copy the file to /tmp/ that it's linked to and try it deleting/unlinking the symlink17:53
wilee-nileeougogo, Did you understand my reference to the out of the bios bot menu? Some do not realize this option, it allows you to not change the bios to boot another HD or usb or cd....etc.17:53
xibalbadelinquentme, i think you can use the unlink command17:53
AntiD2OK so i did just to test, sudo -u root -i and it is spamming my console with " -bash: Add:: command not found" ?17:53
AntiD2I may have messed something up, just going to reinstall OS and try this one more time.17:54
MonkeyDustAntiD2  don't be root if you don't know what you are doing17:55
vfulcotried softlinking /usr/lib/libperl.so.5.10 to 5.12 and 5.11 to 5.14.  no luck17:55
d8bhattaIs there any chances that local host blocks any specific website?17:55
vfulcosorry .11 to 5.1217:55
ougogowilee-nilee : Yes, F9 is for boot menu, and i've press ESC for select device for boot17:57
=== dpac is now known as dpac|away
wilee-nileeougogo, Hmm that worked?17:58
bitbuzzerI'm creating a crontab, using "crontab -e", and when I try to save (Ctrl+O) I see "File Name to Write: /tmp/crontab.ZxnPeB/crontab".  where should I save the file to?17:59
ougogowilee-nilee : no...17:59
llutzbitbuzzer: nowhere, it will be installed correctly from that tmp-file17:59
bitbuzzerllutz: ok, thx17:59
wilee-nileeougogo, I use the arrow keys to move to the device to boot then enter.17:59
killer_where are the installed .deb packages in the 12.0418:00
vfulcoso no answers with libperl.so.5.12 issues?18:00
ougogowilee-nilee : yes yes, After there is a hyphen that appears top left of the screen flashes. And then the CD should start. But it does not work and the pc boot to HD18:02
wilee-nileeougogo, THis cd has worked on this computer?18:02
ougogowilee-nilee : no it's an other CD, but same configuration and same brand18:03
ougogowilee-nilee : and with an other computer I've check files, all are present18:04
wilee-nileeougogo, Could it be a burned to fast or md5sum problem, or just a bad burn in general?18:04
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NekHello everybody. I had a question. On windows©®, i have a check to enable the deletion of echo on the microphone. I'm searching a function who do the same thing in Ubunutu.18:05
NekDo you know something like that ?18:05
=== jonas1 is now known as TheShrub
wilee-nileeougogo, I would use a usb myself, but cd's are cheap if you have empty ones check the md5sum of the ISO and burn it slow as an image.18:06
ougogowilee-nilee : I left to choose the burning speed by software. And the image was already burned to another CD and ran.18:06
delinquentmecan you setup symlinks to remote files?18:08
delinquentmelike over ssh >_<;;;18:08
wilee-nileeougogo, Sometimes using a what seems a good cause and effect is not really the answer to success, I would md5sum check the ISO, tell us if you do not know what that means and try another slowest burn possible or a usb.18:08
dr_willisdelinquentme: with sshfs  perhaps18:08
pushhi initially got error:18:10
pushCan't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock18:10
pushtried to completely remoe mysql client and serer Getting18:10
pushstart: Job failed to start18:10
pushinvoke-rc.d: initscript mysql, action "start" failed.18:10
FloodBot1push: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:10
pushdpkg: error processing mysql-server-5.5 (--configure):18:10
push subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 118:10
TheLordOfTime!enter | push18:10
ubottupush: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!18:10
TheLordOfTime!pastebin | push18:10
ubottupush: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:10
fruitbagI want to network my optical disc drive from my Linux-based box.18:10
ougogowilee-nilee : md5sum is good, I go burn slowly18:11
=== indieross_ is now known as indieross
dr_willisfruitbag:  to a windows box? thats doable with samba18:11
wilee-nileeougogo, Cool good luck, ;)18:11
ougogowilee-nilee Thanks, but wich speed is good for burn it ?18:12
fruitbagdr_willis: I want it to be mountable via another Linux box.18:12
dr_willisfruitbag:  then samba, nfs, or ssh/sshfs can do it18:12
fruitbagRight. Thanks.18:12
wilee-nileeougogo, Most burners go pretty fast these days I would just choose the slowest option.18:13
ougogowilee-nilee : 1x ? o_O18:13
dr_willisfinding one that can do 1x  is rare these dayas18:14
wilee-nileeougogo, I doubt you have a 1x it used to be 4x18:14
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mtrd--Hello. I'm trying to install xubuntu 12.04 from a usb drive. I downloaded it, and used netbootin. When i boot on this usb drive, i get a command-line with a (initramfs) prompt. I tried to mount my usb drive, but /etc/fstab seems to be missing. Any idea how i could reach the installation procedure ? The current, to be formatted OS is an infected (rootkit) Debian Squeeze.18:23
Joel_rehey, does anyone know how to get rid of the prompt - as whats mentioned in this question - http://askubuntu.com/questions/187337/unattended-grub-configuration-after-kernel-upgrade18:24
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=== avis- is now known as Guest14433
wilee-nileeJoel_re, Were you using grub-legacy?18:26
chewtwigi just looked again & my own computer still hasn't reconfigured my hard drive yet...18:26
fantaghirJoel_re, U could set up time to 1s18:27
fantaghirJoel_re, it would disappear immediately18:27
fantaghirwell, just an idea ;-)18:27
jgrevichHow can you launch gnome-disk-utility from the command line? I can't seem to find the executable for it18:28
trismjgrevich: palimpsest18:29
jgrevichtrism: thanks, odd name, any idea how it got that?18:30
dark-ageUbuntu running as a PDC?18:30
Joel_refantaghir: heh, well Im trying to make this install unattended18:30
Joel_rewilee-nilee: this is when Im trying to run an upgrade on precise18:30
zoktarusing nautilus, trying to delete some files, i need to elevate to root, is it possible to have nautilus do this automatically if needed ?.18:31
wilee-nileeJoel_re, Is the link your question it is regarding the use of menu.list that is grub-legacy, grub 2 is now used.18:31
sp4rcguys where should i put "LANG=de_CH.utf8 gimp" in the unity configuratio when i would like to start gimp in german?18:32
bekkszoktar: Better delete the file using "sudo rm"18:32
Joel_rewilee-nilee: yes, I am on grub-legacy18:32
Joel_rethis is on LTS18:32
zoktaraye was hoping there was some sort of gksudo extention18:32
wilee-nileeJoel_re, hehe that is a mistake but carry on.18:32
sp4rcthis works great from command line, but i cant edit the unity starter18:32
trismjgrevich: no idea18:32
Joel_re"12.04.1 LTS"18:33
Joel_rewilee-nilee: a mistake?18:33
Joel_reIm sorry, I dont understand18:33
sp4rci am running the latest version Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS18:33
wilee-nileeJoel_re, Grub-legacy is not used in ubuntu, you can but it has been grub 2 for awhile.18:34
Joel_reI was just wondering how I should get rid of that prompt18:34
ranceI have a bash script that uses grep, but is buggy.  I need to change to egrep, but egrep refuses to search a directory structure.18:35
rancebuggy in the sense that the search parameters are wrong18:35
jgrevichtrism: I can't even begin to guess the meaning in relation to the disk utility18:36
wilee-nileeJoel_re, You might try #ubuntu-server as well.18:36
jgrevichtrism: pal•imp•sest - noun - 1.) A manuscript or piece of writing material on which the original writing has been effaced to make room for later writing. 2.) Something reused or altered but still bearing visible traces of its earlier form.18:37
VarazirIs there a buf with the DHCP in Ubuntu 12.04 ?18:37
bekksVarazir: What do you mean exactly?18:38
Pazziedaklan-away: are you here?18:38
PazzieJanos: are you here?18:38
VarazirI have a PC I PXE boot, during the startup I see the IP-config get the ocrrect DNS server but when the system have booted up the resolve.conf file is empty18:38
Varazirbekks: was to you18:38
Varazirworked before I upgraded18:39
Pazziebekks: remember me?18:39
Varazirbekks: could have been a "problem" that made my setup working18:40
bekksVarazir: Because PXE is not responsible for correctly filling in the /etc/resolv.conf of a box. PXE is used before the box even knows that it will boot a linux.18:40
bekksPazzie: Not sure, no.18:40
Joel_rewilee-nilee: thanks18:41
Varazirbekks: that I understand but if the PXE gets the correct info I shouldn't have a problem with the dhcp server ( works on other systems)18:41
Pazziebekks: i was the guy who had the lvm problem, i removed my hdd and i believe you where one of the guys who tried to help me solve my problem18:41
whitmanIs there a way to find all packages which aren't associated with currently used repo?18:41
whitman*a currently18:41
Pazziebekks: Janos and daklan-away also tried to help me18:42
bekksVarazir: And still PXE isnt responsible for filling in the /etc/resolv.conf -- Using PXE, I assume you are booting an entire linux image from your network. In that case, you have to modify the image to contain your wanted /etc/resolv.conf entries.18:43
bekksPazzie: Maybe. So you've been successful?18:43
Varazirbekks I have edit but it resets everytime I reboot18:43
Pazziebekks: yess, and i want to share it18:43
Varazirbekks: I used this solution for PXE setup https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DisklessUbuntuHowto .18:44
bekksVarazir: Of course. Because you have to modify the image contents before booting and not the /etc/resolv.conf after booting the image.18:44
VarazirI don't use a image, I boot from a NFS share18:44
aymen_hello every one18:45
aymen_i need irc channel for postfix18:45
lauratikaunder openvpn certain sites wont load at all i try changing the MTU but no changes, please some one can help?18:46
Piciaymen_: did you try #postfix ?18:46
aymen_it's my first time i use irc for chat18:46
bekksVarazir: So did you edit the etc/resolv.conf inside the NFS share, before booting your PXE client?18:46
=== theyeti|away is now known as theyeti
Pazziebekks: to discribe my problem again i had a lvm with 3 hdd, and i removed my os hdd (because it was to small and i could not resize it with gparted) but did not know that you cannot mount the other hdds again (after a reinstall on a different disk) if you removed the os disk. Because there is where all your lvm information is stored. and you cannot mount or read the other lvm partitions in a other system. Well i found a solution, aft18:48
m4rzh4llplease help me18:48
m4rzh4lli don't remember chan of ubuntu italia18:49
m4rzh4llplease link me18:49
Varazirbekks: after the system booted up18:49
ScribbleJI just installed Ubuntu 12.04 and am trying to get this gcc4mbed compiler installed.  Can anyone tell me what on Earth is going on here?  http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=rmV3QNN5  It tells me a file doesn't exist that is /right there/.18:49
llutz!it | m4rzh4ll18:49
ubottum4rzh4ll: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)18:49
Joel_relauratika: are you sure MTU isnt an issue?18:50
b1gtunambeierl: thanks. Sorry I was away18:50
b1gtunaIdelOne: thanks!18:50
=== jacklk is now known as jak9009
Joel_reI would verify it with ping  - try sending various packet sizes18:50
zErTsHi  it's the second time that it happened  http://postimage.org/image/ewfkxywqp/ what dosent mean ?18:51
lauratikajoel_re: i set it to even 550 and no changes, set it higher than 2950 and nothing either...18:51
mbeierlb1gtuna, you're welcome.  I forgot the question/answer though.  Glad it worked whatever it was :)18:51
bekksVarazir: Then shutdown your PXE client, and edit the etc/resolv.conf in the nfs share on your nfs server. Then boot up your PXE client again.18:51
WHAT_UPprocesses killed with kill -9 still have their memory freed, correct?18:52
Varazirbekks: I have this in the file # Dynamic resolv.conf(5) file for glibc resolver(3) generated by resolvconf(8)18:52
b1gtunambeierl: it was about why I need to sync when I write files to SD card =D18:52
pushproblem in reinstalling mysql18:52
WHAT_UPthe issue with kill -9 is in case the program was leaving stuff on the hard drive or needs to do something before exiting?18:52
mbeierlb1gtuna, Right!18:52
bekksVarazir: Then you are using NetworkManager, dont you?18:52
b1gtunambeierl: So is there a way to make the sync operation work faster? ext4 is supposedly faster than ext3?18:52
lauratikaJoel_re: how can i ping packet sizes??18:53
Varazirbekks: I'm only sshing into the system18:53
TheLordOfTimelauratika, do you mean how do you change ping packet size?18:53
Joel_relauratika: ping -s18:53
lauratikawell sorry everyone i mean how to do it?18:53
mbeierlb1gtuna, the speed of the write to the SD card cannot be changed - it is a hardware limitation.  Buy a higher speed card it the only way to make it faster.  There are filesystems that are supposed to be optimized for SD (wear leveling, etc) but I personally do not see the improvement18:54
erkan^why is unity so slow?18:54
erkan^gnoem 2 was quick18:54
Varazirbekks: far as I know is the NM gui only18:54
erkan^how can that?18:54
bekksVarazir: So you dont have access to the server serving the nfs share?18:54
bekksVarazir: And NM is not GUI only.18:54
mbeierlb1gtuna, for that, ext2 is probably just as good as 3/4 when it comes to writing to SD18:54
b1gtunambeierl: ya i don't see the performance improvement, so that's why I came here to ask. Thanks for the clarification!18:54
Joel_relauratika: you just ping -s 1400 <some server>18:54
* mbeierl feels free to be corrected if I'm wrong18:54
mbeierlb1gtuna, you are welcome.18:55
b1gtunambeierl, how are you so knowledgeable? Just curious18:55
Varazirbekks: yes I have access to the nsf share, if I edit the file on the nsf share. wouldn't it just be overwriten the system boots up again ?18:55
Varazirbekks: ok18:55
greenithi, i need a translation tool, like pootle... is there somethin similar, which is easier to install and handle?^^18:55
mbeierlb1gtuna, I did some reading on the use of filesystems for SD cards a while back.  I have not seen many changes over the years though.18:55
b1gtunambeierl, I see thanks.18:56
mtrd--Hello, i'm trying to install ubuntu 12.04 from a usb stick, i get a (initramfs) prompt when booting on the stick. I can't mount anything, fdisk is not available. I seems to be on the usb stick but i don't know how to proceed to installation. Any idea ?18:56
mbeierlb1gtuna, searching for terms like "best filesystem for sd card linux" type of thing.  Interesting reading, but nothing will replace your own personal experience.18:56
wilee-nileemtrd--, Try another loader after checking the md5sum of the ISO.18:56
lauratikaJoel_re: ok, thanx... now what exactly need to look for?18:57
mbeierlb1gtuna, I can also say that if you are planning to use the card in other systems, nothing beats good old VFAT (the DOS filesystem) for portability.18:57
Joel_relauratika: well try different sizes, between 1000-140018:57
Joel_redoes it work18:57
Joel_reId start with the largest18:57
mtrd--wilee-nilee: another loader ? do you mean, instead of unetbootin ?18:58
wilee-nileemtrd-- Yeah there are handfuls.18:58
lauratikaJoel_re: it's working with 95018:58
mtrd--wilee-nilee: okay, thank you :)18:58
lauratikaso what i do know?18:59
qwebirc49361Someone talk spanish19:00
Joel_relauratika: nothing larger?19:00
wilee-nileemtrd--, I use this one it is a multiloader format the usb with gparted though it is picky here. http://www.pendrivelinux.com/multiboot-create-a-multiboot-usb-from-linux/19:00
Joel_relauratika: ping -M do -s <packet size> <server> -c519:00
wilee-nileeIt is a linux loader19:00
Joel_retry that19:00
Joel_reit should prevent the packets from being fragmented19:00
Joel_reso youll figure whats the right mtu19:01
lauratikayep, larger 125019:01
qwebirc49361Hoy i can install LILO19:01
wilee-nileeqwebirc49361 Is that how?19:02
SokelLILO? Yuck.19:02
b1tgl0wWhich humble indie bundle 6 games need wine?19:02
wilee-nileeSokel, Lilo has its uses.19:03
lauratikaJoel_re: do i have to restart my browser?19:04
Joel_redid you set the right mtu?19:04
Joel_reon your interface?19:04
lauratikai did the command you told me on terminal19:04
Joel_rewell what was the output19:05
Joel_reyou should get replies from the remote end19:05
lauratika0% packet loss}19:05
Joel_reat what size?19:05
lauratikartt min/avg/max/mdev = 95.120/102.981/114.973/9.451 ms19:05
rhallwhy does grep pattern /path/to/search/files/* work as expected and egrep pattern /path/to/search/files/* not search the files?19:06
lauratika1258 bytes19:06
Joel_reat what mtu size19:06
Joel_reanything larger than that works?19:06
bekksQuite small. Whats not working with 1500 or 1492?19:06
mtrd--okay problem solved : the usb stick was in fat16. fat32 works.19:06
Joel_rebekks: lauratika seems to be connected via a vpn tunnel19:06
wilee-nileemtrd--, hehe, you get a free DOH. ;)19:06
lauratikais that bad?19:07
Joel_relauratika: now you need to set that mtu19:07
bekksIn VPN, at least 1486 or 1478 should work.19:07
Joel_reon the interface19:07
lauratikavia terminal or it's ok via network managger?19:07
lauratikajoel_re:bekks it's right, my bad...works under 1450...19:08
Joel_relauratika: you can set it via terminal something ilke - ifconfig <interface> mtu <mtu value that works>19:08
Joel_relauratika: whats the current mtu value19:08
bekkslauratika: So 1448 should work, as 1456 should, too.19:09
lauratikai think is 1500, how can i chek that agin?19:09
Joel_reifconfig <interface>19:09
Joel_reifconfig <interface> | grep -i mtu19:09
lauratikainetreface would be what?19:09
VandroiyHi! I'm not quite sure I understand the security model for programs...19:10
zErTshttp://postimage.org/image/ewfkxywqp/ help19:10
VandroiySay, I have a .deb file which I trust enough to use on one user account, but not on another19:10
lauratikaJoel_re mtu is set to149219:11
TheLordOfTimezErTs, we can't understand that, can you explain a bit about what's going on?19:11
jribVandroiy: .deb packages can only be installed by admins19:11
subcoolcan someone help me with a simple command. Im trying to backup my /var to a folder on my USB drive. when i use cp * /media/HDD - it omits the directories19:11
jribsubcool: cp -a19:11
TheLordOfTimesubcool, try cp --recursive19:11
TheLordOfTimeor -a19:11
Joel_relauratika: interface might be pppX19:11
Joel_reI cant be sure of your setup :p19:12
lauratikayes, thanx joel_re im into that now.19:12
b00b00I need in cloud init to have packages to be installed in exact order i want, how i do that?19:12
subcoolis it really neccessary to do this as root? im getting denied a lot19:12
Vandroiyjrib: well... I do have admin rights. Just... can a .deb package installed as some user just rootkit me?19:12
TheLordOfTimesubcool, if you're copying from /var/, i dont think it'll kill you19:12
lauratikamight be pppx??19:12
TheLordOfTimeVandroiy, nonadmins can't install debs19:12
jribVandroiy: what do you mean by "installed as some user"?  As I said, packages are installed to the system by an admin19:12
subcoolTheLordOfTime, everyting is getting denied19:13
bekksVandroiy: You cant install a .deb for a specific user only. Either install it for all users, or dont install it at all.19:13
TheLordOfTimeVandroiy, it requires superuser or administrator power (sudo) to install software19:13
TheLordOfTimesubcool, even with sudo?19:13
TheLordOfTimesubcool, what "errors"19:13
subcooli havent tried yet- thats why im asking19:13
subcoolnot that19:13
Vandroiybekks: Ah, okay. Hm. I guess I'll have to pick from those two then19:13
subcoolcp: cannot create regular file `/media/TOSHIBA EXT/Var/lib/dpkg/info/libdc1394-22:amd64.md5sums': Invalid argumen19:13
VandroiyThanks everyone19:13
jribsubcool: try: cp -a -- * /media/HDD19:14
zErTsTheLordOfTime do you see the pic, if i run it will fix or what19:14
llutzsubcool: vfat-filesystem? cannot hold characters like ":"19:14
subcoolTheLordOfTime, when i do sudo - i get : cp: cannot create regular file `/media/TOSHIBA EXT/Var/lib/dpkg/info/libdc1394-22:amd64.md5sums': Invalid argumen19:14
jribah, llutz's suggestion is probably more likely19:14
subcoolugh freaking copy command.19:15
TheLordOfTimezErTs, i see the pic,k but cannot *read* the data on the pic, so therefore you need to explain it withouth the image.19:15
Flexo-BHello, I would like to change an icon in unity launcher. Is it possible?19:15
llutzsubcool: tar cvf /media/blah/backup.tar /var19:15
subcoolwhy is backing something up so freaking difficult.. UGH19:15
subcoolllutz, i was just thinkign that.. thanks..19:15
Flexo-BI have found the Icon that I want in the right position: usr/shar/icon and so on...but the one in the launcher is different :(19:15
Flexo-BI have a screenshot that can be helpfull19:16
llutzsubcool: just use suitable filesystems for a backup and all will be fine19:16
subcoolsuitable being?19:16
zErTsTheLordOfTime ok I switch to XFC 4.10 create user loggin and this appening19:16
subcoolthis is just a quick backup and restore-19:16
llutzsubcool: backup unix-stuff, use unix.fs19:16
subcoolappearently i created var as a primary parition..19:17
subcoolthere has to be something more universal19:17
llutzsubcool: invent it19:17
Flexo-BAny help to change an icon in the launcher?19:19
Varazirbekks: if I run sudo  dhclient after the system have booted up it works19:19
subcoolwth? tar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors19:20
bekksVarazir: So your DHCP server works fine.19:20
balachmar\j #django19:20
Pazziei have a problem with mounting my second hdd, if i try to mount it with fstab, and then reboot the system, i keep getting the error about, wrong fs, or bad superblock. But when i mount it manually it works fine...19:20
subcoolllutz, do i have to sudo that?19:20
trismFlexo-B: find the .desktop file for the launcher (probably in /usr/share/applications/) copy it to ~/.local/share/applications and edit the Icon= lines with the path to your new icon19:20
Varazirbekks: yes, but after I do mount -a everything gose bad19:20
llutzsubcool: what was the "previous error"?19:21
brightsparksHi. How do I rename in the terminal a file like: One Two Three  to a linux file One_Two_Three?19:21
Flexo-Btrism: ok I try...19:21
subcoolllutz, tar: /var/lib/rkhunter/db: Cannot open: Permission denied19:21
subcooltar: /var/lib/rkhunter/tmp: Cannot open: Permission denied19:21
trismFlexo-B: you could likewise create a new icon theme and replace the icon for the given generic icon name with a new icon, but it is a bit more involved19:21
jribbrightsparks: one time or in an automated fashion (like a directory full of such files)?19:21
llutzsubcool: so yes, sudo would help19:21
brightsparksjrib: one time single file19:22
brightsparksjrib: or single folder with files in it19:22
jribbrightsparks: two ways.  Either use quotes ('one two three'), or escape the spaces (one\ two\ three)19:22
delinquentmeOK private and PUBLIC keys ...19:23
delinquentmeI keep a private key locally19:23
jrib!enter | delinquentme19:23
ubottudelinquentme: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!19:23
delinquentmeI ONLY send out the PUBLIC key19:23
Flexo-Btrism: I've found the usr/shar/applications/ and there are all the launcher but not the .destkop file.19:23
trismFlexo-B: which launcher are you trying to edit, what application?19:24
brightsparksjrib: thanks v much : )19:24
Flexo-Btrism: rawtherapee19:24
jribbrightsparks: by the way, you can also just use tab to complete the name and your shell should escape the spaces automatically19:24
trismFlexo-B: according to a quick apt-file search it should be /usr/share/applications/rawtherapee.desktop19:25
=== TheWarden is now known as Guest30859
brightsparksjrib: ok got it thanks again.19:25
Flexo-Btrism: I can see the launcher and in it's propriety I can see the comand "rawtherapee %f" and it has a bad Icon. In usr/share/local/icons there are the nice one.19:25
delinquentmeSo when using these keys to SSH between system I should only be passing out the public key.  ALSO jrib I notice how amazing flooded the channel is right now.. and complete commend you for your judicious use of the bots commands to keep the channels spam to a minimum.19:26
hemphow do i whois with this default ubuntu gnome xchat client19:26
TheLordOfTimehemp, /whois [nick]  :P19:26
hempHow do I reorganize the client to have it as tabs instead of a tree?19:27
Flexo-Btrism: gotta go, dinner is ready! I'll be back later. Thanx for yout help19:27
TheLordOfTimehemp: xchat-gnome i dont think can do that19:27
subcoolllutz, thanks19:27
jribdelinquentme: the private key is the like the key to your house and the public key is the lock it opens (so anyone that wants to install a door for you to use can do so)19:27
hempHow do I get regalur xchat then :)19:27
Varazirbekks: Hmm my guess is that the dhclient isn't triggered on startup19:27
TheLordOfTimehemp, which ubuntu are you on?19:27
hemp& gratitude19:27
hempTheLordOfTime, I run 12.0419:28
bekksVarazir: Correct, because thats mentioned in the guide you linked previously.19:28
smith12just wanted to mention that i found this on ubuntu forms as i was having issues uninstalling skype sub files.19:28
TheLordOfTimehemp, install just 'xchat'19:28
TheLordOfTimeinstead of 'xchat-gnome'19:28
smith12never mind lost the link..grr..anyway that was hell19:29
BasicHemp open ubuntu software center download normal xchat19:29
smith12i have a wuestion though19:29
Joel_relauratika: any luck :)19:29
hempthank you but i have synaptic running i doubt it'll install anything :/19:30
* hemp shrugs19:30
Varazirbekks: so I was right something that got fixed or changed in 12.04 made the setup to fail. as it have been working for some time19:30
smith12dose anyone know what the update name server information handler dose?19:30
TheLordOfTimehemp, you may need to enable universe and multiverse first19:30
TheLordOfTimein terminal, if you want: sudo apt-get install xchat19:30
hempthank you enlightenment being :)19:30
hempTheLordOfTime, i have synaptic installing educational packages right now i doubt it'll work19:31
cloudgeekany IRC for big data mining and analysis!19:31
TheLordOfTimehemp, yeah wait for it to finish and then install19:31
TheLordOfTimeotherwise fails will occur.19:31
cloudgeekany irc for research19:31
smith12i just got this update and am skyptical of it .. could someone please let me know what the update "name server information handler" dose19:32
=== gartral|Away is now known as gartral
smith12aka... resolvconf19:33
Varazirsmith12: man resolvconf19:35
trismsmith12: fixes bug 99457519:35
Varazirit handels the resolve config file19:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 994575 in resolvconf (Debian) "/etc/ppp/ip-up.d/000resolvconf should "exit 0" if pppd was run by NM, since NM will register the nameserver addresses itself" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/99457519:35
smith12ok thanks19:35
Pazzieis there someone here who can help me?19:35
jan__Pazzie, be specific19:35
Pazziejan__: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1213528/19:36
Pazziei have a mount problem19:36
Pazziejan__: for some reason i cant get the auto mount working (fstab/reboot) only manually19:37
lauratikaJoel_re: still not working with certaion webpages19:37
ubottunikooo: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».19:38
JanosPazzie, hey there19:39
MonkeyDustPazzie  type cat /etc/fstab | pastebinit and paste the url here19:39
Pazziejanos hey, remember the lvm problem that i had? which you helpt to solve with me?19:40
JanosPazzie, sure19:41
=== gartral|Away is now known as gartral
PazzieJanos: well i solved it,19:41
JanosPazzie, nice !!!19:41
JanosPazzie, what did you do ?19:41
PazzieJanos: testdisk was the solution to my problem! http://itknowledgeexchange.techtarget.com/linux-lotus-domino/recovering-files-from-an-lvm-or-ext3-partition-with-testdisk/19:42
Pazziejanos i was able to recover all my data19:42
prodnixHi all, im searching google but cant seem to find anything on "netwrok bridge that has no lan interface" i just want a bridge for connecting VMs to in a small private lan. any ideas?19:42
=== chalced is now known as chalcedony
JanosPazzie, ahh ok so you did a partition recovery, cool19:42
Sokelprodnix: What software are you using for the VM's19:43
Sokelprodnix: And no matter what you do, you're going to have an interface regardless.19:43
prodnixSokel: Xen19:43
Sokelprodnix: You will have to have an interface.19:43
moes10.04 lucid ....update manager not notifying of updates available daily19:44
Pazziejanos not a recovery, with testdisk you can analyze the disk and let you read also the disk, and gives you the option to copy the files you want to a different location (for me a different hdd)19:44
prodnixSokel: shame19:44
prodnixSokel: suprised its not possible19:44
Sokelprodnix: And it never will be.19:44
JanosPazzie, so you did not assemble the LVM again ?19:44
prodnixSokel: is there some obvious alternative that i havent thought of?19:45
PazzieJanos: no i just opend the partition (with testdisk, see url) and copied the data to a new hdd19:45
RajviHi all19:46
prodnixSokel: got it, dummy nic with qemu :)19:46
PazzieMonkeyDust: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1213560/19:46
JanosPazzie, so you did not recover the lost partition, but instead, read the data on the broken LVM partition ?19:46
PazzieJanos: that is correct!19:46
RajviGreetings from India!!19:46
JanosPazzie, that's awesome, had no idea that testdisk could do that19:47
JanosPazzie, good thing that the partition that was lost was the smalles of them all :)19:47
PazzieJanos: testdisk is a awesome program, and very powerfull to!19:47
PazzieJanos: with the right capability's19:48
dfinnI cannot seem to enable glx support on my workstation running 12.04 LTS.  I have an nvidia 6200 card, I have installed the nvidia drivers and glxinfo still tells me it's not enabled.  Anything else I need to do?19:48
JanosPazzie, well thanks for reporting back, will remember that for next time19:49
PazzieJanos: no that was just one, i lost 2 (had another 350GB hdd) with the same problem, but also no problem for testdisk19:49
OerHeksdfinn nvidia 6200 needs the 173 driver >> http://askubuntu.com/questions/126905/nvidia-driver-cannot-be-installed-with-jockey-for-old-hardware19:50
PazzieJanos: since you helpt me alot i found it only fair to share it with you19:50
dfinnthat's what I'm using, the 173 version19:50
MonkeyDustPazzie  in fstab, add 'defaults' after ext4 (without the quotes)19:50
JanosPazzie, thanks again19:50
dfinnI just noticed this in lspci19:50
dfinn01:05.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI RS780C [Radeon HD 3100]19:50
OerHeksdfinn, did you reboot after install ?19:50
dfinn07:04.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation NV44A [GeForce 6200] (rev a1)19:50
dfinnI have rebooted19:50
FloodBot1dfinn: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.19:50
dfinndo I also have an ATI card?19:50
OerHeksdfinn yess, seems so.19:51
dfinnthat could be my problem ;)19:51
dfinnlet me try with the fglrx driver19:51
PazzieJanos: also thnx to you, and i am glad that i could teach you a little bit ;)19:51
PazzieMonkeyDust: oke19:51
PazzieMonkeyDust: still the same problem19:52
Pazziei will make 2 pastebins for you, gimme a sec19:52
MonkeyDustPazzie  in the line with media, add 'defaults' between ext4 and the 019:53
PazzieMonkeyDust: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1213580/ and http://paste.ubuntu.com/1213583/19:54
MonkeyDustPazzie  defaults, with s19:54
moes10.04 lucid ....update manager not notifying of updates available daily19:54
PazzieMonkeyDust: lol....19:54
xanguamoes: do you asume there are updates every day¿19:55
PazzieMonkeyDust: hahahaha thnx alot that did the trick, no fstab has also the right colors again :D19:55
PazzieMonkeyDust: no = now19:55
fabiohey guys im earing crackling sounds on my laptop speakers19:56
fabioits very annoying19:56
fabiodoes anyone know how to solve this?19:56
MonkeyDustPazzie  / has 'errors=...'   swap has 'sw'    media has 'defaults'19:57
PazzieMonkeyDust: and if i add another mount point in fstab, will it also be default?19:57
d8bhattahello, i was accessing one of the site, but suddenly its now stopped and says error like Error 101 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET): The connection was reset.19:58
MonkeyDustPazzie  yes19:58
moesxangua, The last two sets of update I have had to open update manager manually..including todays updates19:58
PazzieMonkeyDust: great thanks, can you also tell my what the default part is for?19:58
=== victorbarna is now known as yo5phz
MonkeyDustPazzie  i guess defaults just means read/write... there's also noatime etc, don't know exactly19:59
subcoolif anyone is vmware frienly- some help with creating vmmon module20:00
=== marowanna is now known as ar0nic
Pazzieokay great no i can configure my other disk20:00
MonkeyDustPazzie  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab20:00
dfinnit was the ATI card, glxgears now works20:01
dfinnhow can I tell if I have 3d effects enabled?20:01
PazzieMonkeyDust: since i use vmware, i can add hdd live to my system, but do you know if there is a way to get the new hdd recognized by Ubuntu without rebooting the system?20:02
xibalbaPazzie, if you have the vm tools installed it should pick it up20:03
Emmanuel_ChanelI happened to push [F7] key on Byobu. And the job looks stopping. How can I continue the job?20:04
Pazziexibalba: no not yet,20:04
xibalba1st step is to always install vm tools20:04
Pazziexibalba: this you mean? sudo apt-get install vmfs-tools20:05
xibalbainstall the ones from your vm esxi box20:05
xibalbamount the installed, copy from /cdrom  or /mnt/cdrom, run those tools not the vmfs-tools20:05
Pazziejust mount it?20:05
Pazzielike with windows?20:05
xibalbaPazzie, mount the vmware tools into your vm guest. it's an option in esxi20:06
Pazziexibalba: i allready did20:06
Pazziewhere do i find the installation?20:06
fabiohey guys im earing crackling sounds on my laptop speakers20:06
fabioits very annoying20:07
fabiodoes anyone know how to solve this?20:07
ActionParsnipfabio: try:  killall pulseaudio; rm -r ~/.pulse*   wait 10 seconds then try sound stuff20:07
moes10.04 lucid ....update manager not notifying of updates available20:07
ActionParsnipmoes: if you run:   sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade      does it upgrade ok?20:08
Varazirbekks: I tried to change the /etc/network/interfaces to iface eth0 inet dhcp20:08
ActionParsnipVarazir: did you also add:   auto eth020:09
Varazirbekks: still the dhclient isn't running20:09
VarazirActionParsnip: no, I didn't20:09
ActionParsnipVarazir: makes the interface come up at boot20:09
xibalbaPazzie, the installer is on the esxi box. right click your vm and click 'mount vm tools'20:09
xibalbait'll mount it into your /cdrom or /dev/cdrom20:10
VarazirActionParsnip: the guide I followed for PXE https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DisklessUbuntuHowto says that I should set it to manual20:10
Laurenceb_does ubuntu use UTC to timestamp FAT32 files?20:10
xibalbaPazzie, what kind of VMware setup do you have?20:10
Pazziexibalba: i did that allready, i mean where do i find it in linux (in windows its mounted under the cdrom) and how do i install it?20:10
xibalbaPazzie, not much linux experience i take it? try, mount /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom, or mount /dev/cdrom /cdrom20:11
xibalbathat will mount te cdrom device to a folder20:11
Pazziexibalba: that is trough, i am a windows expert, but a complete newbie to ubuntu20:11
ActionParsnipVarazir: yes tahts to define teh addressing, but without the: auto eth0   you will have to manually run: sudo ifup eth0   every boot20:12
Pazziexibalba: i have vmware esx 5.0 running20:12
xibalbaPazzie, try googling "how to mount cdrom in ubuntu". the commands i layed out for you should help20:12
ubottumount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount20:12
xibalbaty ActionParsnip20:12
VarazirPazzie: I used this guide http://www.vmware.com/pdf/vmware-tools-installation-configuration.pdf page 2020:12
xibalbaPazzie, what are you guys doing with your esxi 5.0 install?20:13
Vergicons from my KDE-desctop disappeared. what to do?20:13
ActionParsnipVerg: howdy20:13
ActionParsnipVerg: if you run:  ls ~/Desktop   are the files there?20:13
VergActionParsnip: they are.20:14
moesActionParsnip, Update and upgrade ran..only the kernels were kept back20:14
ActionParsnipVerg: try: simply right-click on your desktop then "Configure Desktop" --> "Behavior" --> Check "Enable icons on desktop"20:14
ActionParsnipVerg: source: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-software-2/kde-desktop-missing-131067/20:15
=== wzzrd is now known as mburgerhout
ActionParsnipmoes: try:  sudo apt-get dist-upgrade20:16
ActionParsnipVerg: or: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=128126420:16
VergActionParsnip: i turned them back by sorting20:16
ActionParsnipVerg: cool20:16
dfinnnow that I've got glx enabled, anyone know how I can enable the 3d effects in Unity?20:17
panchiniakHi. Is there an ubuntu-urled guide to make this http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/mobile/ to my Galaxy Tab? I would like to run Ubuntu on the tablet.20:18
neurochromeActionParsnip, mind if I pm you dude?20:19
VarazirActionParsnip: worked after I added auto eth020:19
compdocpanchiniak, have you googled:    how-to-install-ubuntu-linux-on-galaxy-tab-1020:21
ActionParsnipneurochrome: sure20:22
brightsparksHi. Is there a Computer view option in Ubunt 12.4? Like in other distros. I can only get as far as viewing the File System. In previous of ubuntu you go up one further level to Computer to get an overall view of what disks, etc are attached??20:22
Varaziras I'm a mixed windows and linux ( linux most for servers and htcp) I love booting from a NFS share. I can easy edit and read file from my windows client ( yes I know of the diffrent EOL windows/*nix)20:23
panchiniakcompdoc: I'm doing that for a while. I'm new to tablets, I don't know differentiate reliable from fishinglish sources.20:23
TJ-brightsparks: menu > Go > Computer20:24
compdocpanchiniak, the youtube videos can show you how well it works for some ppl20:24
arielsanflohow install rtl8192cu solved20:25
brightsparksTJ-: menu?20:25
fission6if i wanted to set up my own little server for a domain to handle emails, where would i start?20:25
TJ-brightsparks: The Nautilus menu20:25
TJ-fission6: postfix and dovecot most likely, on Ubuntu Server ?20:26
brightsparksTJ- fantastic! THanks20:26
TJ-brightsparks: that caught me out recently for over a week until I went exploring :p20:26
Natherulhey, anyone here who could guide me step by step on how to install wow on ubuntu 12.04? tried playonlinux but its just throwing me errors20:26
martinramehi, I would like to know if it is possible to hide the file name in nautilus while looking at a folder full of icons.20:26
XiRoNIs it possible to create many virtual machines all using 1 IP but assigned to specific ports?20:26
martinrameI want to browse the icons20:27
ActionParsnipXiRoN: you would need 1 system acting as a router then setup the forwarding there20:27
brightsparksTJ- lol nice to know I'm not alone then lol!20:27
VarazirPazzie: did you find it ?20:27
fission6TJ-: this looks good20:27
panchiniakcompdoc: ok, thank you. You've quoted tab-10. Do you know about a “Tabuntu” running on Galaxy Tab 7.7?20:27
TJ-XiRoN: That's what a PNAT router does ( Port Address Translation) in a typical home-router20:28
PazzieVarazir: yes the installation was running, but i needed to install make and gcc, wich i did now add restarted the installation20:28
PazzieVarazir: and it is finished now20:28
XiRoNTJ- I know but I'm not using a PNAT router20:29
Varazircool good luck with the rest :)20:29
greenithi, is it possible to easily make a custom image of ubuntu? so, for example, one command and ubuntu packs itself, as it is installed, into an iso?20:29
TJ-XiRoN: No, I meant you could do it the same way if you wanted to... many home-routers run embedded linux with the same packages you'd use on Ubuntu to achieve the same aim20:30
XiRoNTJ- so I install a PNAT system to my node?20:30
TJ-XiRoN: With virtual machines you can even set-up virtual Ethernets with virtual switches ... have one VM as your 'home-router' equivilent that routes to all the other VMs20:30
zauberparacelsusOkay, I just got the latest Humble Indie Bundle, and it gives the option to install software via the Ubuntu Software Center.  When I click the "Download for Ubuntu" button, I'm presented with a dialog that prompts me to open the download link with xdg-open.  When I click, nothing happens, it just opens a chromium window with a blank tab.  How do I get it to install correctly?20:31
TJ-XiRoN: But I think you're asking specifically about a Linode VPS aren't you? Might be best to ask the folks that hang out in #linode on the IRC OFTC network if that's the case20:31
jribzauberparacelsus: probably needs to be firefox20:31
XiRoNI'm not with Linode20:32
jribzauberparacelsus: the default firefox has an addon that opens apt:// URLS (or something like that)20:32
TJ-XiRoN: sorry, my mistake. I saw someone link to a Linode article above, and mistakenly thought it was you :)20:32
XiRoNBut I like the idea of 1 vm being the switch20:32
XiRoNbut is that the only way?20:32
XiRoNWithout using a router that is.20:33
TJ-XiRoN: Virtual Distributed Ethernet (VDE) is the virtual ethernet I talked about. I have used it myself in that way, it's very neat20:33
zauberparacelsusjrib: kk20:33
XiRoNTJ- how does that work, can you like me to some example software that you liked?20:34
Natherulhey, anyone here who could guide me step by step on how to install wow on ubuntu 12.04? tried playonlinux but its just throwing me errors20:34
TJ-XiRoN: I wrote an article on doing it some time ago now, it may be slightly out-of-date but see what you make of it: http://tjworld.net/wiki/Linux/Ubuntu/VirtualMachinesWithVDENetworking20:35
XiRoNOkay thanks :20:35
PazzieVarazir: it seems to be installed now20:35
PazzieVarazir: i am now going to add a new hdd and see if linux see it20:35
moesActionParsnip, That downloaded and unpacked the kernels and all the updates that were in update manager and synaptic...how is that going to make update manager notify of updates20:35
VarazirPazzie: cool, good luck. never done it my self.20:36
jefferlmao http://developer.ubuntu.com/2012/09/announcing-the-ubuntu-app-showdown-community-winners/20:38
jefferis a joke20:38
ActionParsnipmoes: might just jump start it now you are fully up to date20:38
moesActionParsnip, Okay will only be able to tell when new updates come through20:39
shmuphttp://pastie.org/474954 any thoughts on why it can't find LIBPEAS, but i do have libpeas20:40
shmuptrying to install https://launchpad.net/indicator-sensors20:40
erkan^hello, do someone konw where can I download a driver-deb --> acer nplify 802.11b/g/n (wi-fi)?20:40
erkan^i am windows now, this laptop under ubuntu cannot connect with a internet20:41
erkan^because they doesn't know what about wifi20:41
shmupwhy is that being announced20:42
TJ-moes: Not seen what your issue is, but are you familiar with how update-manager works? when you log-in, it is launched because it has a .desktop file in /etc/xdg/autostart/ ... if it isn't starting (and therefore notifying you) that is a good place to start looking for reasons why.  "update-notifier" should be running in the background whilst you're logged in.20:42
=== E is now known as Guest47652
ActionParsnipmoes: have to wait and see I guess, I don't use that thing personally so can't intelligently comment20:46
ActionParsnipshmup: install lm-sensors and it should install what you need20:47
shmupActionParsnip: :/ hah well thanks, i'm glad that'll fix it20:48
shmupwish i knew how to actually fix the issue20:48
ubottuTo access CPU temperature sensors and detect fan speeds, install the lm-sensors package. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto for installation and usage instructions.20:48
=== michael is now known as Guest52622
shmupyeah i guess i see that i should have just installed sensors to begin with20:49
computa_mikehi - i have a question about apt.  I'm looking at the man page for apt.conf - it says that the APT tool searches all files in Dir::Etc::Parts.  Anyone know what that is?  Can't find anything about it on google.20:50
shmupActionParsnip: hm, same situation. ./configure yells at libpeas20:50
ActionParsnipshmup: what are you compiling?20:51
trismcomputa_mike: /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/ is Dir::Etc::Parts by default (see the end of: man apt.conf)20:51
jribcomputa_mike: apt-config -dump20:52
computa_miketrism: ah - read to the end...20:52
ActionParsnipshmup: what is the output of:  lsb_release -sc20:53
trismjrib: nice command (remembers that for later)20:53
agrestringereQuestion: how can I ignore updates from a PPA - so it doesn't always pop up with the update manager - but install only select packages from that PPA?20:53
ElixirVitaeIs removing programs from software center same as remove command or purge command?20:53
shmupActionParsnip: precise20:53
c_smithElixirVitae, just apt-get remove, apt-get purge does more than the software center does.20:54
ActionParsnipshmup: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:alexmurray/indicator-sensors; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install indicator-sensors20:54
TJ-agrestringere: The usual way to control package versions is using "pinning" but that's sometimes impractical for whole repositories20:54
c_smithElixirVitae, apt-get purge removes all traces of the program outside the home folder20:54
ElixirVitaeSo, I need to remove resident files, like config files manually if I were to remove programs from software center20:55
ActionParsnipshmup: bit easier20:55
shmupActionParsnip: can you give me a .. hint.. on how to even come to that conclusion20:55
ElixirVitaeor is there a command doing that, through terminal20:55
shmuplike a site that is useful for searching for repositories20:55
c_smithElixirVitae, correct,20:55
ElixirVitaelike autoremove20:55
shmupi'm no linux guru, work mostly keeps me in a windows environment20:55
ActionParsnipshmup: duckduckgo has a ppa search bang, or you can use: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas20:55
c_smithElixirVitae, I don't believe purge removes dependancies, but it does remove config files, auto-remove doesn't touch config files20:55
drag0niusis there some tool like JDownloader but command line only?20:55
shmupyes thats awesome ActionParsnip!!20:56
shmupthanks, i love duckduckgo20:56
ActionParsnipdrag0nius: wget20:56
ElixirVitaeHmm, thanks, c_smith!20:56
drag0niusdont think wget supports premium accounts ;d20:56
c_smithElixirVitae, not a prob20:57
ElixirVitaeI use psensor for temperature control, shmup20:57
agrestringereTJ: how can I set it so it ignores all updates from that PPA but still be able to apt-get install from it?20:57
ElixirVitaeif that is still unanswered20:57
seliteHey guys how do I merge changes on git?20:58
ActionParsnipshmup: duckduckgo has:   !ppa indicator-sensors     and it will search the launchpad PPAs20:58
seliteIf I edit a file how do I make it so that the modified version appears on github?20:59
TJ-agrestringere: You would pin an entire repo with something like this in "/etc/apt/preferences.d/ppa-name" : "Package: *\nPin: release o=LP-PPA-<ppa-name>\nPin-Priority: 400" (\n is a line-feed)20:59
TJ-agrestringere: there's an example in the Ubuntu Wiki: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto#Examples21:00
=== Roasted is now known as roasted
seliteTJ-: Come on man help me with git.21:00
TJ-selite: if you're editing locally and have committed the change, you simply push the branch and/or complete local repo to the remote repository (usually one configured using git-config)21:01
ahmwodysome one help me please, setuping ubuntu server21:01
seliteTJ-: Yes, first I edit locally then I push it. However, when I push it the same one appears without the differences that I've created.21:02
seliteTJ-: And if I do something like git add source.c and then commit and then push, it says that it got rejected.21:02
TJ-selite: "git push" only pushes what has been committed locally. So that implies you've done "git add ...; git commit ...;" previously21:03
shmupActionParsnip: the actual problem was.. libpeas-1.0 wasnt good enough, because libpeas-dev worked21:03
shmupand that kinda stuff i just dont understand21:03
shmupanyways, thanks for repository and duckduckgo bang suggestion21:04
seliteTJ-: Yes, but on the local repo, I have the unmodified version and I've no idea how to replace it with the modified one.21:04
agrestringereIt's the Xorg Edgers PPA, I just want the Nvidia Drivers and nothing else...problem is it floods you with Xorg and Kernel updates that I don't want...21:05
TJ-selite: committing a change does that. The HEAD of the branch moves to point to the new commit21:05
ActionParsnipshmup: nice21:05
trismagrestringere: x-updates has pretty much only the drivers: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-x-swat/+archive/x-updates21:06
agrestringeretrism: but I want the very latest drivers 304.48 and those aren't there yet, I find that with Nvidia you have to have the very latest stuff to get ideal performance.21:07
ActionParsnipshmup: the bang syntax for searching PPAs is dead handy21:08
erkan^where can I download a debpackauge --> Wireless broadcom 802.1121:08
TJ-selite: This will likely help you ... through to the section on working with remotes. http://git-scm.com/book/en/Git-Basics21:09
docidGood day all, just curious why snmptrapd refuses to recognise the disableAuthorization conf directive? and what the new variant for this function would be?21:12
docidGood day all, just curious why snmptrapd refuses to recognise the disableAuthorization conf directive? and what the new variant for this function would be?  version 5.4.3 in precise21:12
c_smithdocid, you might want to watch how often you post the sane message21:12
trismagrestringere: may not matter soon with the new nvidia-experimental packaging, bug 1050674 , but I see your point21:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1050674 in nvidia-common (Ubuntu) "MIR for nvidia-experimental" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105067421:13
docidyes, i apologize, i jsut reposed to add nesscary info i forgot21:13
c_smithdocid, aside from that, I've no clue on your problem, only giving you that bit of advice.21:13
SnapSnapI did this: http://wiki.opencog.org/w/Building_OpenCog_on_Ubuntu#Ubuntu_12.04, all except for "sudo rm -fr temp" I halted it in the middle of getting dependencies. Now I've decided I don't want it on this computer. What did it put on and how do I undo it?21:13
jribSnapSnap: impossible for us to tell you.  You need to read install-packages-opencog-dep.sh21:14
SnapSnapjrib, I figured. So once I've read it, how do I undo it?21:15
jribSnapSnap: depends on what you've read21:16
SnapSnapjrib, Gotcha. I'll look into it. Thanks.21:16
agrestringeretrism: that's so annoying, it's only for Quantal, ahhhhhh, Canonical is TOO slow with Nvidia releases, the best drivers are always the newest ones...21:17
docidok, let me rephrase, using snmptrapd version 5.4.3 on ubuntu 12.04, considering that the program no longer recognises disableAuthentication, what is the proper way to disable authrntication for snmp traps now?21:17
agrestringereOn Windows I'm so used to updating to whatever version I want whenever I want, they need to do the same...21:18
trismagrestringere: no read further, once accepted to quantal, they will being the SRU process to precise (assuming it gets accepted, but looking good so far)21:18
TJ-docid: There are several places that snmp_conf will read the configuration from. It is possible that your disableAuthorization is being over-ridden by a later config file I think21:18
TJ-docid: Are you starting snmptrapd with the "-c" option?21:19
docidTJ-,  thank you for the reply, but i am getting "Warning: Unknown token: disableAuthorization."  when starting snmptrapd and using the -H option does not list it as a recognised option21:19
agrestringeretrism: hopefully, this is the only way to get full parity with Windows...21:19
TJ-docid: Really! I've not seen that on my Precise servers! Let me dig!21:20
docidTJ-, thank ya much21:20
TJ-docid: I see what you mean :s  .... hmmm21:21
noordungHey guys, do you know if I can somehow 'reverse' the direction of a unidiff?21:21
TJ-docid: The changelog doesn't reveal any change like that. Grabbing the source21:22
moesTJ-, http://pastebin.com/CRrv3wny..My update manager has stopped notifying whenever there are updates..I can open from menu and install updates ...the url is from /etc/xdg/autostart/update-notifier.desktop21:22
docidTJ-, afk 1 min21:23
TJ-moes: Check if it is running in the background: "ps -efly | grep update"21:24
|Anthony|why does lightdm automatically use -sharevts and -novtswitch when it launches X21:24
erkan^where can I download a debpackauge --> Wireless broadcom 802.1121:24
ActionParsnip!broadcom | erkan^21:24
ubottuerkan^: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx21:24
[4-tea-2]Howdy, does anybody know an easy way (a dedicated application?) to print contact sheets of photos?21:24
ActionParsniperkan^: easier to use a wired connection but you can use the files on the install CD to set it up. Updates and such will help too21:25
ActionParsnip[4-tea-2]: do you mean like little versions of images on a single page?21:25
[4-tea-2]ActionParsnip: yup, that's what I need.21:25
ActionParsnip[4-tea-2]: doesn't shotwell do that?21:26
erkan^ActionParsnip: Which driver can I the best download: Acer Npilify 802.11b/g/n?21:26
TJ-docid: The source still registers the option:   "     netsnmp_ds_register_config(ASN_BOOLEAN, "snmptrapd", "disableAuthorization", ... "21:26
ActionParsnip[4-tea-2]: also try gnome-photo-printer21:27
moesTJ-, http://pastebin.com/FfrWfqtt21:27
docidTJ-, and deeper down the rabbithole we go21:27
TJ-docid: I'm chasing your wabbit :p21:27
ActionParsniperkan^: you need to look at the broadcom chip, what is printed in the adapter is moot21:27
[4-tea-2]ActionParsnip: shotwell: if it does, I don't know how. I'll check out gpp, thanks.21:27
ActionParsniperkan^: sudo lshw -C network     will show you what it is21:27
erkan^i must still reboot to ubuntu21:27
erkan^i use windows now, acidchild21:27
TJ-moes: OK, that confirms update-manager is running ... we'll have to check its local configuration next. Give me a minute, I want to help docid first21:27
ActionParsnip!info gnome-photo-printer21:28
ubottugnome-photo-printer (source: gnome-photo-printer): tool for Gnome to print several photos on one page. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.7.0-1.1ubuntu1 (precise), package size 38 kB, installed size 312 kB21:28
ActionParsnip[4-tea-2]: sounds perfect :)21:28
=== ^GeCk0^ is now known as DjGeCk0
erkan^I use windows and ubuntu in my laptop; windows works good with wifi and ubuntu doesn't work with wlan/lan21:28
bkc_just throwing this here for anyone too read http://blog.timheckman.net/2011/12/22/why-you-should-replace-ifconfig/21:28
=== THEJOLLYGRIMREAP is now known as thejollygrimreap
[4-tea-2]ActionParsnip: not sure yet, on a first glance, it only seems to print the photos - a contact sheet also needs an index or filenames or any other means to identify the photos (for example to pick the ones you want prints of)21:29
[4-tea-2]I guess if all else fails, I can fall back on Picasa. :\21:30
ActionParsnip[4-tea-2]: i guess21:30
[4-tea-2]Nice. Had to reboot. I kinda suspect gnome-photo-printer doesn't like lots of large pics.21:34
oxfouzerAlright, great idea. I need someone to build this for the next release of Ubuntu.21:35
oxfouzerA Desktop Icon manager... call it... "Fractal"...21:35
TJ-docid: I'm able to start snmptrapd with that option in "/etc/snmp/snmptrapd.conf" and debugging shows it is read... how about trying this in your situ and then reviewing the log for processing of disableAuthorizations ? "snmptrapd -D -f 2>&1 >snmptrapd.log"21:35
designbybeck_vect0ry:  it was going very slow, i'm trying to find something that might work faster21:35
=== Zeroedout_ is now known as Zeroedout
morganhow do I make window contents show when resizing the window?21:35
oxfouzerYou can group icons together into categories and tehy form a fractal blob of interconnected icons. You move one, they all move together, like a group21:35
=== zach_ is now known as Guest64089
docidTJ-, thanks much, will follow this and see what i come up with21:36
oxfouzerThen, the more used icons get larger than the less used ones...21:36
oxfouzerplease someone say you understand me :X21:36
ThinkT510!brainstorm | oxfouzer21:37
ubottuoxfouzer: Post your ideas for Ubuntu at http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com and vote for the ones you like!21:37
erkan^ActionParsnip: where can I download for offline --> B43?21:37
erkan^Full Download in my USB21:37
wagnerjrhey everyone, i'm having a really weird problem and I have no idea how to even go about fixing it. Anyway, I just bought a new usb keyboard. Whenever I plug it in, it will occassionally type "qwertyuiop" and open thunderbird without any prompting from me. any ideas?21:38
ActionParsniperkan^: read the guide ubottu gave. Is the system a laptop?21:38
agrestringerethanks for the info gtg21:38
subcoolhelp with gparted please-21:40
subcoolim trying to create an extended partition, - but it wont let me21:40
juniourg paarted is software used for parataion21:40
junioursorry partation21:40
Guest64089Anyone know of any other linux CPU heat monitoring software besides lm-sensors?21:40
morgansubcool, did you make sure everything is unmounted ?21:40
juniourmorgan acpitool21:40
wagnerjrsubcool, are you trying to partition the drive that you're running ubuntu on?21:41
subcooli just removed a partition "/var" so that i may space.21:41
subcoolno- im on a usb21:41
TJ-moes: Have you already checked what the Software Sources > Updates tab settings are for "When there are..." options. Those control the notifications21:41
subcooljuniour, ... gparted said to delete a primary so that i may create an extened21:41
subcoolnow im trying to create that extended partition- and it wont even let me select the option21:41
docidTJ-, command hangs, when broken, dumps a bunch trace: _callback_lock()   lines21:41
TJ-docid: Maybe there's something in the config causing that? did you capture everything to a log file? that would help discover the cause21:42
juliotperCiao amici di #ubuntu!!!21:43
docidyes, did a capture, log is empty21:43
ubottujuliotper: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».21:43
devinuscan anybody tell me how to upgrade to 12.04 from a CLI install?21:43
subcooljuniour, how the hell am i supposed to use that?21:43
|Anthony|why does lightdm automatically use -sharevts and -novtswitch when it launches X21:43
junioursubcool which one21:43
dociddunno, guess i got a bunch more to dig through,... thanks for the help, will be back when i have a specific question :)21:43
junioursubcool acpitool21:43
juniourtypesubcool type in terminal acpitool21:44
subcooland why wont Gparted let me create an extended partition21:44
junioursubcool type in terminal acpitool21:44
subcooli did.. i got basic info21:44
subcoolbattery - stuff21:44
|Anthony|devinus, sudo apt-get dist-upgrade21:44
ollie_How do I completely disable mouse acceleration?21:45
junioursubcool acpitool -t21:45
|Anthony|wait i'm wrong on that21:45
TJ-docid: Did you redirect stderr to stdout like I showed in my example?21:45
subcooljuniour, just gives me thermal info- how is this associated with harddrives?21:46
widithhi, how do I find the java jre from apt-get? I only found sun-javadb21:47
junioursubcoll wat thermal info you want21:47
docidTJ-, i believe so, the '>&1 >' portion, correct?21:47
juniourfo haddrive or battery21:47
|Anthony|devinus, https://help.ubuntu.com/11.04/serverguide/installing-upgrading.html21:47
TJ-docid: "2>&1"21:47
=== Guest30859 is now known as TheWarden
TJ-docid: maybe you have configuration options that are directing the "-D" logging to another place? syslog maybe? or a dedicated log-file?21:48
ougogo_Hi, I can not boot from CD so I disabled ALL other possibilities! ! ! I have a HP Pavilion dv8113ea under lubuntu minimal.21:48
docidTJ-, possiblity, ill dig through everything again, and see if i can find anything....21:49
subcooljuniour, r u messing with me???21:49
wagnerjrrepost from above since I didn't get a response- hey everyone, i'm having a really weird problem and I have no idea how to even go about fixing it. Anyway, I just bought a new usb keyboard. Whenever I plug it in, it will occassionally type "qwertyuiop" and open thunderbird without any prompting from me. any ideas?21:49
subcoolI need to create an extended partition on my hdd, infact i need to create two.21:50
TJ-docid: What I did was use the "-c <config-file>" option to test it and gave it "/etc/snmp/snmptrapd.conf" to work with21:50
junioursubcool y i will man????21:50
docidTJ-, aye, will force it to just that one.... thanks for the help,21:50
junioursubcool wt you want tell me clear21:50
subcooli just read the man on that application- i dont see anything consisting of HDD support21:51
TJ-subcool: In gparted, when you are trying to create the extended partition, have you got the free space selected at that time?21:51
subcoolTJ-, ya- i goto create a new partition, i try to select extended.. and its grayed out21:51
ActionParsnipwidith: you can add the webupd8 ppa and get oracle java 1.7 if you want21:51
TJ-subcool: And there are 3 existing primaries there?21:52
subcoolthere were - i had to delete one21:52
ActionParsnipwidith: http://www.webupd8.org/2012/01/install-oracle-java-jdk-7-in-ubuntu-via.html21:52
sejwalGreetings, I want to know if its possible to somehow install a 64 bit software into a 32bit ubuntu.21:52
TJ-subcool: Is the free-space the last partition (#4) ? I recall that extended always has to be the last partition otherwise it can cause problems for some operating systems21:53
ActionParsnipsejwal: it won't work21:53
moesTJ-, Prior checked >security updates>recommended updates...daily only notify normal releases...Now shows 10.10 available for upgrade21:53
sejwalActionParsnip: What would be the best way to switch  to 64 bit Ubuntu from my current 32 bit setup? clean install?21:54
TJ-moes: Oh... you're using 10.04 currently then?21:54
subcoolno- i have sda1 - which is my linux, then i had sda2, there is sda3 with windows, then sda4 which is an extended with my swap21:54
moesTJ-, Yes that is correct21:54
nemikhow can i get an app like processing.org to work in full screen with unity? the dock and menu bar are always visible?21:54
ActionParsnipsejwal: you will need to clean install. You can run 32bit app in 64bit OS21:55
cornfeedhello hello, I have added a custom PPA source, and for some reason apt-get update is not pulling in the newest ones...is there a  cache I need to flush or something? I am lost. if i use chrome to browse the source I added in sources.list then I can see that the package has been updated to a newer 3.0.1 but my system wont upgrade from 2.3.321:55
TJ-moes: OK... let me dig on this21:55
ActionParsnipnemik: there is an option to make the unity panel hide21:55
sejwalActionParsnip: Thanks :-)21:55
ActionParsnipnemik: http://www.liberiangeek.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/autohide_precise_2.png21:56
ActionParsnipnemik: system settings first :)21:56
subcoolTJ-, whats the command to view my drives..21:56
TJ-moes: You're missing regular package update notifications, or is it a Release/LTS notification you're wanting?21:57
junioursubcool fdisk -l21:57
subcoolnothings happening21:58
TJ-subcool: OK, you can't have more than one Extended partition... the way you described it just now makes me think you are trying to replace sda2 with an extended?21:58
nemikActionParsnip: thanks, but the menu bar still shows21:58
nemikActionParsnip: is there any way to do TRUE full screen?21:58
subcoolTJ-, yea21:58
subcoolTJ, juniour fdisk -l comes back with no results21:58
FrozenFireDoes anyone know of screen magnification software for Linux that supports following the *keyboard cursor* as you type?21:58
TJ-subcool: Can't be done... you've got one already at sda4 slot ... you'd need to create an out-of-order logical partition in the existing extended partition21:58
FrozenFireOr, to use a hackish method, a means to cause the mouse cursor to follow the keyboard cursor21:59
subcoolTJ-, what if i were to remove the extended partition and swap?21:59
moesTJ-, The packages for regular updates are in update manager but I have to open by menu to see them..The notification icon no longer shows up in the task bar...21:59
subcoolTJ- honestly ill format the win parition too- its back up and massively dead.21:59
TJ-moes: Looks like you're caught by bug #54921722:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 549217 in update-manager (Ubuntu) "security updates not installed daily as configured" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/54921722:00
schultzaI'm following the following site and I'm having problems with this step... " mkfs -t reiserfs /dev/loop1 " to an aes encrypted loop block... ref: http://freecode.com/articles/virtual-filesystem-building-a-linux-filesystem-from-an-ordinary-file#comment_3325422:00
TJ-subcool: Yes, you can do that... annoying I know! gparted ought to help you create an out-of-order logical in the current extended partition, but maybe its not that clever. I'm pretty sure you can do it with fdisk though22:01
moesTJ-, Thanks for the help..will look at bug22:01
subcoolTJ-, so do i format nearly everything?22:02
subcoolTJ-, it shows my swap as locked22:03
subcoolwtf is going on?22:03
TJ-subcool: If you create an -out-of-order logical partition in the extended you don't need to - it'll be the last partition entry in the partition table, but it'll point to the sectors before partition #322:03
mrgtAnyone know any good alternatives to MS Project for Ubuntu?22:04
subcoolTJ-, its not letting me do anything.. :/22:04
TJ-subcool: locked? it's in use then. You can check with "cat /proc/swaps". You can turn swap off with "sudo swapoff <device>"22:04
zykotick9subcool: try running "sudo swapoff -a" to disable swap22:04
TJ-subcool: Are you using these programs with super-user privileges? (gksudo/sudo) ?22:05
ActionParsnipnemik: try F1122:05
subcoolTJ-, ya22:05
=== romy420 is now known as coinandable
TJ-schultza: It's preferred to use 'cryptsetup' these days instead of cryptoloop.22:06
dashhi, i've got a ridiculous problem. on my Ubuntu Precise desktop, whenever monitor powersave activates, keyboard/mouse usage won't deactivate powersave22:08
dashthe X desktop doesn't get displayed again until I switch to a virtual console and back to X using ctrl-alt-f1 then ctrl-alt-f722:08
dashthe ridiculous part is that I have to do that /twice/ before it starts displaying again.22:08
dashI've tried disabling the powersave with 'xset s off', but no luck.22:09
anAngelHello, i have apache 2, python2.7 and libapache2-mod-wsgi installed on ubuntu 12.04.1 but when i browse to example.com/test.py it tries to download/save the script not execute it. any ideas why?22:09
TJ-schultza: However, for your issue with "mkfs -t reiserfs ..."  ... do you have the package "reiserfsprogs" installed? That contains "mkfs.reiserfs"22:09
jribdash: ha, sorry, but that is indeed "ridiculous".  No clue how to help though :( Is your keyboard hooked up by usb or ps/2?22:09
jribdash: there's also "xset dpms 0 0 0"22:09
dashjrib: ah right, dpms is different.22:10
subcoolTJ this ting is driving me nuts- i havent finaled any of my formats yet- but i delete nearly all the partitions, then created ONE extended partition to be /var - and now it wont let me create any more22:10
TJ-dash: Any clues in the logs? Xorg.0.log, syslog, pm-powersave.log22:10
zykotick9subcool: you can ONLY create 1 "extended partition"22:10
TJ-subcool: Are you trying to create the additional partitions inside the extended partition?22:10
subcoolbut i suppose i have to huh..22:11
ActionParsnipzykotick9: isn't it only possible to have one extended partition?22:11
zykotick9ActionParsnip: yes ;)22:11
TJ-subcool: I said earlier - you can only have ONE extended partition, and it should be after all primary partitions22:11
TJ-subcool: You can create as many logical partitions as you want INSIDE an extended partition22:11
subcoolTHis is what imtrying to do- since this is annoying. I am trying to resizze my /var/ partition, im also trying to create a /home/ partition. and now i have to also recreate my swap22:12
bekksTJ-: Thats not true :)22:12
TJ-bekks: which bit?22:12
bekksTJ-: You can create up to 15 logical partitions inside an extended partition, when using a MSDOS disk label.22:12
TJ-bekks: I was trying not to confuse him by being *too* specific22:13
subcoolim use to doss stuff-22:13
subcoolthats what i was thinking22:13
subcoolyou can have a lot of extended and logicals..22:13
subcooli didnt know u can only have 1 extended22:13
zykotick9subcool: ONLY 1 extended22:13
bekksActually, I've never seen that much partitions on a single disk in the last 20 years :)22:13
dashTJ-: Logs don't have any events correlated to screen poweroff/poweron, AFAICT22:13
bekkssubcool: You can have more than 1 extended.22:13
subcooland if SWAP as to be extended..22:13
TJ-subcool: Yes, Linux will chain up to 7 extended partitions last time I worked on that code22:13
zykotick9bekks: i don't think so...22:14
bekksYou can have up to 4 extended, on a MSDOS label.22:14
subcoolits only letting me have one22:14
TJ-dash: darn! ... anything in ~/.xsession-errors?22:14
root_____i have 5 extended22:14
ActionParsnipsubcool: 1 extended wih lots of logical partitions within it22:14
docidjust a quick cross distro question, in cent/fedora/rh i can so a system-config-security-tui and disable the firewall entirely, how does one do the equlivant in ubuntu?22:14
zykotick9root_____: logical != extended22:14
jribdash: is this a laptop?22:14
ActionParsniproot_____: they will be logical partitions in the extended22:14
mrgtso yeah.. anyone used any project management apps on Ubuntu?22:14
TJ-subcool: For the avoidance of confusion... *some* TOOLS will only work correctly/allow *one* extended partition22:15
root_____may be22:15
ActionParsniproot_____: not smart to IRC as root either :)22:15
dashjrib: it isn't. only powersave stuff is the screen turning off22:15
subcoolok- so ... create a extended partition - the size of my entire disk, excluding what i ahve going for my primary.  - then in there create my home and var and swap22:15
NeNeNeHello room22:15
jribdash: and you don't have your usb routed through the monitor somehow?  (I'm guilty of doing this once)22:15
dashjrib: nope, it's just a VGA connector, no usb :)22:16
subcoolall logicals to be format as ext3?22:16
=== chamunks is now known as AFKMunks
bekksI'd use ext4.22:16
TJ-subcool: If using partitions, then I'd do sda1 /boot sda2 swap/hibernate sda3 / sda4 extended sda5 /var sda6 /home :p ... but I prefer to use LVM so now I just do sda1 /boot sda2 swap/hibernate sda3 LVM22:16
root_____ya use ext422:16
MonkeyDust!partition > subcool22:16
ubottusubcool, please see my private message22:16
ActionParsnipsubcool: depends what they are for22:17
NeNeNeI was woundering if anyone here could kick me the right direction for setting up a PPTP VPN via cli in server 12.04? ( As in the the server is the client not a PPTP server)22:17
ActionParsnipNeNeNe: does wicd allow the forming of VPN links?22:17
root_____hi can any one tell me wt is duplex mish match22:17
MonkeyDustNeNeNe  try #ubuntu-server or #networking22:17
ActionParsnipNeNeNe: it has a CLI interface22:17
ActionParsniproot_____: in what context?22:18
root_____i am facing problem in my ubuntu22:18
docidNeNeNe, not sure what you asking, the pptp client for cli is called pptpsetup22:18
jribdash: when you type on the keyboard attempting to wake-up the monitor, does that text you typed later appear when you do manage to wake-up the monitor?22:18
TJ-NeNeNe: Have you read this? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VPNClient#Manually_configuring_your_connection22:18
hficroot_____: duplex mismatching is network speak for link speed. It's either full or half22:18
ActionParsniproot_____: sound like you have 2 cisco routers and the duplexing on the ports is not the same22:18
dashjrib: good question22:18
dashjrib: next time, i will check. :)22:18
root_____like i am not able to connect to my net via len it says duplex mis match22:18
ActionParsniproot_____: so if one port is half duplex and the client is using full duplex you will get errors22:19
root_____yaa sme issue22:19
root_____it is 10 mbps half duplex22:19
mrgtI'd love to find an alternative to MS Project on Ubuntu. I really don't want to go back to windows :/22:19
anAngelOn apache 2 with libapache2-mod-wsgi installed on ubuntu 12.04.1 but when i try to browse to http://example.com/test.py it tries to download/save the script not execute it. Any ideas why?22:19
NeNeNeThanks you all for your PM's very helpfull. Have a good day!22:19
TJ-mrgt: Have you looked at "Planner" ?22:19
root_____ActionParnship how will i do 10mbps half duplex in ubuntu22:19
ActionParsniproot_____: then you will need to check what the router duplexing and match it on the system22:20
MonkeyDustmrgt  start with explaining what ms project does22:20
root_____ActionParnship i have done in win 722:20
root_____its working22:20
ActionParsniproot_____: the speed will autonegotiate, look at the ifconfig  with relation to the RATE option22:20
root_____ActionParnship i turned it off22:20
mrgtTJ-, Yeah. Although I have no idea how to create a recurring task?22:20
root_____ActionParnship and set duplex=half22:21
TJ-mrgt: there's also "openproj"22:21
root_____ActionParnship but i dont know its knot working22:21
hficroot_____: have you tried switching duplex=full and tried?22:22
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ActionParsniproot_____: http://hints.macworld.com/article.php?story=2002090208294191322:22
=== Dad_ is now known as Guest62702
root_____hcif bot case half nad full not working22:22
root_____hfic: bot case half nad full not working22:22
subcoolthat was a good read.22:23
shadedpixelHello, I recently finished installuing ubuntu minimal, everything is working fine. Exept sound, I have installed ALSA and it sees my card but I dont get any sound.22:23
=== AFKMunks is now known as chamunks
ActionParsniproot_____: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/network-configuration.html22:23
ActionParsnipshadedpixel: install pulseaudio22:23
root_____ActionParnship i have tried that you gave earlier not working man i dont know22:24
shadedpixelActionParsnip: Thanks, I'm trying it right now.22:24
MonkeyDustmrgt  try this http://2-plan.com/download-project-management-software/108-linux.html22:24
ActionParsniproot_____: strange its half-duplex22:24
subcool- before i pend these changes to the HD- im trying to view my WIn partition- but its not letting me.. ?22:25
subcoolDaemon is inhibited?22:25
mrgtMonkeyDust, thanks.22:28
JustBelievingOkay my "./configure" command is not working what do I have to do to make it work?22:28
mrgtTJ-, how do I install openproj?22:28
TJ-mrgt: There's a 'deb file in the sourceforge files/binaries/1.4/ section ... I was just looking at it myself :)22:29
mrgtTJ-, Thanks :)22:29
subcoolDaemon is inhibited? ntfs?22:30
shadedpixelActionParsnip: Not working :/22:30
TJ-mrgt: Downside is, it doesn't look to have had any development since 2010... could be abandoned. There's also http://www.taskjuggler.org/22:30
shadedpixelActionParsnip: or should i restart first?22:32
subcoolsomeone-? please?22:33
JustBelievingUbuntu 12.04 cannot find ./configure command... Can anyone give me info on how to work it?22:35
ManKanyone know how to fix the wifi issue in dell inspiron 640022:35
TJ-JustBelieving: You'll need to give us more info than that!22:37
trismJustBelieving: what is the error? are you still looking for yacc? I'd install bison in that case22:37
JustBelievingI have actually installed that already.22:37
JustBelievingOne second, let me get more info.22:37
JustBelievingjustbelieving@Sam-Kim-PC:~$ ./configure22:38
JustBelievingbash: ./configure: No such file or directory22:38
JustBelievingDoes that help?22:38
trismJustBelieving: probably not in the source directory, since it looks like you are in ~22:38
TJ-JustBelieving: Or, the 'configure' file doesn't have execute permissions22:39
OerHeksJustBelieving, sis you install build-essentials ?22:39
subcoolgot it22:40
JustBelievingI'm not sure I can check, just to make sure, I would type sudo apt-get install build-essentials22:40
mrgtTJ-, will check it out22:40
ActionParsnipshantorn: worth a try22:40
bekks"./configure" missing just means that your program you're trying to compile doesnt have a configure script.22:40
bekksNothing needed to install, or anything. That wont make it appear, magically.22:40
maicodmy hdd has one primary partition with windows XP and then some unused space and then an extended partition. What happens if boot ubuntu livecd and let it install on that hdd ? will it use the empty space ?22:41
JustBelievingI'm not saying it will, I just want to find the source of this problem.22:41
bekksls -lha ./configure22:41
bekksIs there a file called "configure"?22:41
JustBelievingApparently not.22:41
TJ-mrgt: I think the best one of ProjectOpen... part of a large ERP system http://www.project-open.org/22:42
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shadedpixelHello, Just recently installed ubuntu minimal ( LTS) and the sound is not working I do have ALSA and PulseAudio installed, it could be possible that VLC is configured wrong but I have all the settings, my ALSA diagnostic results are here: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=briba6a422:51
ActionParsnipmandel: I suggest you expand the extended partition up to the NTFS partition, then install to the extended partition22:51
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neutron_can someone please help and confirm if there is a privilege escalation with apt-get22:52
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ActionParsnipshadedpixel: what is the output of:  dpkg -l | grep pulse   you can use a pastebin to hold the output22:52
shadedpixelActionParsnip: No problem, hold on22:53
kevin__is any body in?22:54
ActionParsnipkevin__: nobody22:55
dlentznot one person22:55
shadedpixelActionParsnip: xterm isnt letting me copy from it :/22:56
dr_willisselect, then middle clicking isent working shadedpixel ?22:56
shadedpixelActionParsnip: Got it, http://pastebin.com/uHNezW3Z22:57
dlentzActionParsnip, we were just joking and i think we sent kevin__ packing :(22:58
neutron_is that an issue with apt-get?22:59
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TJ-neutron_: what issue?22:59
ActionParsnipshadedpixel: I have this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1213848/   64bit Precise23:00
TJ-neutron_: I see nothing untoward there23:00
neutron_as a regular user, try to run an apt-get and fail it, enter "sudo su" and it roots ya23:00
dlentzneutron_, it means you hav another packafe manager open23:00
bekksneutron_: apt-get install cannot be run by a normal user.23:00
ActionParsnip!aptfix | neutron_23:00
dr_willisneutron_:  you should be using 'sudo apt-get'23:00
ubottuneutron_: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »23:00
jribneutron_: you should do "sudo apt-get install ..."  And please don't use "sudo su".  If you really need a root shell, you can do « sudo -i »23:01
neutron_i know it can't be ran as a regular user, but it i try it as a regular user, and then to sudo su , it gives me root, with no password input23:01
ActionParsnipneutron_: it can, just prefix with: sudo23:01
ActionParsnipneutron_: if you want to become root, use:  sudo -i23:01
lawltoadhey, so i tried to boot up a 12.04 live cd on my macbook pro and it had a kenrel panic... is this a known problem?23:01
shadedpixelActionParsnip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1213854/23:01
TJ-neutron_: sudo doesn't ask for a password because you've recently run sudo/gksudo for something else and the cached privilege hasn't timed out yet23:02
ActionParsnipshadedpixel: is pulse running?23:02
shadedpixelActionParsnip: I belive so, but how can I check?23:02
ActionParsnipshadedpixel: ps -ef | grep pulse23:03
califonijaloook forward23:03
bekksneutron_: Because you entered your password for sudo in the last x minutes.23:03
shadedpixelActionParsnip: Yep, its running23:03
TJ-neutron_: Try this: "sudo -k su"23:04
wilee-nileelawltoad, A known problem on your setup or in general? This channel works best with specificities.23:04
TJ-neutron_: "-k" 'kills' the cached credentials23:04
califonijaspecifisities are sometrhinh you neber k now23:05
wilee-nileehehe like speeling right.23:05
califonijahow they will \23:05
shadedpixelActionParsnip: However what should VLC be configured to to have it working correctly?23:05
neutron_thank you23:05
lawltoadwilee-nilee, I'm not too familiar with macs, what would you need to know about it? I'm pretty sure its the newest OS23:06
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wilee-nileelawltoad, Nothing for me I am quite sure I can't help, but I know the channel fairly well as far as posting exacting info.23:07
wilee-nileevague questions are hard to answer basically.23:08
dlentzwilee-nilee, s/he was just asking if it was a known issue23:09
* corey_davis test23:10