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mmccOK, going to sleep now - I've deposited a reasonably big merge proposal with a lot of awful ctypes boilerplate for CoreFoundation functions over here: https://code.launchpad.net/~mikemc/ubuntuone-control-panel/launchdaemon/+merge/12484707:12
mmccAs a special reward for anyone who wants to review it, it has to be code signed to test IRL, so you'll need my build.07:25
mmcc…and it's up - here is a build that suffices to test the proposed branch above: http://ubuntuone.com/4KKHgfhAK46ABkOuvrdZci07:47
mmccand I'm out!07:48
mandelmorning all!07:57
JamesTaitHappy Tuesday, folks! :-D08:17
j0nrfunny problem08:50
j0nrweb player, playing a song, keeps stopping midway.08:50
j0nrrest of songs is there if I drag the timeline along and plays other parts of song, just if I play it from the beginning it stops midway08:50
ryej0nr: what browser and how reproducible is that?10:01
gatoxgood morning!11:17
mandelgatox, morning!11:28
gatoxmandel, hi11:38
ralsina good morning!11:47
gatoxralsina, hi11:47
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ralsinadobey: did you do the u1-client release yet?12:33
ralsinadobey: because trunk is broken on ubuntu. I'll have a fix in about 15' though12:33
ralsinadobey: yes, syncdaemon doesn't start because of a mac-related config change12:34
ralsinarevno 1311 to be exact12:34
dobeyand gatox's changes haven't landed yet have they?12:35
gatoxdobey, no12:36
gatoxdobey, did you create the package yesterday?12:36
ralsinadobey, gatox: easy review https://code.launchpad.net/~ralsina/ubuntuone-client/exorcize-daemon/+merge/12490612:42
gatoxdobey, so, if i propose the sync menu today and it lands..... it will be included in the package?12:42
dobeygatox: not necessarily, no. the FFe isn't approved afaict12:44
ralsinagatox: is the other half of it (the unity side) already released?12:44
gatoxralsina, yes12:44
ralsinagatox: ok12:45
dobeysee https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-client/+bug/1042343/comments/312:45
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1042343 in Ubuntu One Client "[FFE] Ubuntu One integration with Q sync indicator" [High,Triaged]12:45
dobeyjoshuahoover: ^^12:45
alecuhola, all!12:45
ralsinammcc: so, the right way to change what fsm is the default on mac is, I think, to rename them, and have "daemon" called "default" and "default" be called  "userspace" or something12:46
ralsinadobey, gatox, joshuahoover: I have spoken with jfunk to schedule testing for sync menu for this thursday.12:47
dobeyi'm not sure we actually need all that. we certainly do need the link to the mail in the docs/translations teams archives12:50
ralsinadobey: we can use what we did before about "we have internal QA"etc12:50
mandelralsina, you are right, my fault for reviewing the branch :-/12:50
ralsinamandel: so did I12:50
ralsinamandel: and so did mmcc I suppose ;-)12:51
mandelralsina, good news are, we are close to get the preview done as per design request: http://ubuntuone.com/7Xy0W9QCu4SMeDB2UH2s8G12:51
ralsinamandel: and we have no tests for "configuration is sane"12:51
dobeyralsina: we still need the notification of docs/translations teams, regardless of testing; this does introduce new strings (although I suppose docs will be a quick 'yeah we don't have u1 docs' ack)12:51
mandelralsina, I hope to be done soon, then help alecu and ask for something to do :)12:51
ralsinamandel: awesome12:51
ralsinaI wonder what a "sane configuration" test would be. Start sd and wait 30 seconds, see if it's still there?12:52
mandellunch time here12:53
* mandel -> lunch12:53
dobeyralsina: i suppose it might help if the current syncdaemon integration tests actually worked :)12:53
ralsinadobey: hehe12:53
ralsinadobey: we are not running those routinely, and we should put them somewhere to catch this kind of thing12:54
dobeyjenkins is running them routinely12:54
dobeybut the server does not work on precise, so it always fails12:54
ralsinaI thought the server was running on P nowdays12:55
dobeynot according to jenkins :)12:58
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ralsinaIf bug #1052470 doesn't convince devs that UX is hard, nothing will.13:09
ubot5Launchpad bug 1052470 in ubuntuone-control-panel (Ubuntu) "ubuntu one logs out when removing a device" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105247013:09
dobeyUX isn't hard; and this isn't the first time that issue has come up13:11
ralsinadobey: UX is hard, and yes, it's a duplicate.13:12
ralsinadobey: at least GOOD UX is hard13:12
alecuralsina: we should make the list of devices "non-selectable". And move the "delete" button to the left, just right of the current device name. (and perhaps make it a link)13:20
alecuralsina: I think we used to have a "remove" button for each of the devices.... that's why that button was right aligned.13:20
ralsinaalecu: yes to all of that except the link probably. Button feels natural.13:20
ralsinaalecu: yes, we removed those because "it was confusing" IIRC13:21
alecuralsina: but button would look weird left aligned13:21
dobeyalecu: if we're going to not have a way to remove the devices, we should remove the list of devices13:21
dobeyalecu: and the button should say "Log Out"13:21
ralsinadobey: actually, I have talked on and off with design about having a real logout story13:21
ralsinadobey: which is one of the reasons why this specific bug has never been tackled seriously13:22
ralsinaand when I say "tackled seriously" I mean "I never assigned any resources to it"13:23
nessitaralsina: I approved the branch at https://code.launchpad.net/~ralsina/ubuntuone-client/exorcize-daemon/+merge/124906, but was  wondering if you could add a test to confirm the default does not change (or to confirm the default monitor is "findable" in the platform being used)13:31
ralsinanessita: that's covered by the integration tests13:32
ralsinanessita: thing is, they were not being run, but now they are13:32
* nessita approves gloablly13:32
nessita(the branch, not the whole world)13:32
dobeyactually, a unit test for that probably makes sense13:32
dobeyrather than relying on external integrationt ests13:33
ralsinadobey: every item in the config can stop sd from starting13:34
ralsinadobey: so the test would be a copy of the config and a call to cmp :-)13:34
dobeyralsina: see tests/syncdaemon/test_config.py13:35
dobeyif we have a config value that isn't tested there, especially one which references a python module name, it's a bug :)13:37
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dobeyugh, ohloh13:53
* mandel back14:00
mandelalecu, ping14:00
ralsinadobey: marcus is answering in #canonical, please pick it up I am otp :-)14:00
alecumandel: pong14:02
mandelalecu, mumble to catch up with the payment stuff?14:02
alecumandel: can we do it in 15'?14:02
mandelalecu, sure :)14:02
mandelalecu, I'm at mumble, just pop in when ever you can14:11
mandelalecu, http://ubuntuone.com/7Xy0W9QCu4SMeDB2UH2s8G14:17
mmcchi folks.14:20
mmccralsina: thanks for that quick fix. in retrospect I really should've tested that branch more. :|14:21
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mandelalecu, video: http://ubuntuone.com/3HZBt7XP4gE9jCU3GxVDsd14:23
ralsinammcc: np, neither reviewer saw it. It happens.14:24
ralsinammcc: did you see my suggested "real fix"? Renaming the mac fsm implementations?14:24
dobeythisfred, mmcc: https://code.launchpad.net/~dobey/ubuntuone-client/update-linguas/+merge/12493414:26
mmccralsina: yes, I saw that. I'll do that today14:28
* thisfred reviews14:28
ralsinammcc: awesome14:28
ralsinammcc: get a second opinion first ;-)14:29
thisfreddobey, +1. Didn't know the ca@valencia form. Is that valid? or is it schemaless anyway?14:29
thisfredprobably not for us to care about14:30
thisfredif it comes out of LP14:30
dobeythisfred: it's valid, yes.14:30
dobeyjust like en_US@ebonics would also be valid :)14:32
* ralsina will start typing in en_US@valleygirl14:32
ralsinain any case, I am off to find a power outlet14:32
ralsinaprobably lunch too, do standup without me if I am not here yet by that time14:33
mandelralsina, one sec in mumble with alecu and I?14:33
ralsinamandel: like literally14:33
mandelralsina, sure14:33
mmccdobey: I'm happy to review that but I'm not sure how, exactly…14:33
dobeyfor i in `cat LINGUAS`; do if [ ! -e $i ]; then die 'OMG YOU LIE'; fi; done ?14:34
dobeyoh, sorry; -e "$i.po"14:35
dobeyor something like that anyway14:35
dobeymaybe i should add a check to intltool's check rule to verify the LINGUAS file is correct14:36
dobeyor just rubber stamp it14:37
dobeyit doesn't really need 2 reviews14:38
alecu4 mins to standup14:57
* alecu writes notes14:57
thisfrednotes schmotes, I'll just wing it14:59
gatoxSync Menu branch almost complete, start fixing some tests related to shares, and sync status.15:02
gatoxFinish fixing the tests and propose.15:02
gatoxalecu, go15:02
alecuNEXT: tech leads call, fixed a broken Q vm, refactor in lens code15:02
alecuTODO: more cleanups, find a suitable PPA for dash & lens work15:02
alecuBLOCKED: no15:02
alecuNEXT: briancurtin15:02
briancurtinDONE: fiddle around with oauth related webclient tests15:02
briancurtinTODO: going to step back and work on other tests besides test_webclient to get a small break from that since it hasn't been overly productive the last few days15:02
briancurtinNEXT: thisfred15:02
thisfredDONE: ubuntuone-servers u1db playlists TODO: finish <- together with webm0nk3y BLOCKED: no NEXT: mandel15:02
mandelDONE: Update payment preview following the final design => http://ubuntuone.com/7Xy0W9QCu4SMeDB2UH2s8G  Fixed some issues in the branch I proposed to unity to fix global search + preview.15:02
mandelTODO: Finish new style (spacing). Fix PreviewStateMachine to have a decent transition.15:02
mandelmmcc, please15:02
mmccDONE: daemon upgrade done, discussed yes/no dock icon with lisette15:02
mmccTODO: rename daemon fs_monitor, daemon event processing bug with move15:03
mmccNEXT: dobey15:03
dobeyDONE: releases, merged in available new old icons, bug #979130 x 3, bug #105213115:03
dobeyTODO: finish releases, finish new old icons?, webapp packaging15:03
ubot5Launchpad bug 979130 in Ubuntu One Client stable-4-0 "Update *.po files before make a new release" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/97913015:03
ubot5Launchpad bug 1052131 in Ubuntu One Client stable-4-0 "distcheck broken by vala support" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105213115:03
dobeyBLCK: None.15:03
dobeyralsina: despair15:03
gatoxfixed broken q vm counts as a task?? add several of those in my done :P15:03
dobeythisfred or mmcc: if one of you could quickly poke at https://code.launchpad.net/~dobey/ubuntu-sso-client/update-linguas/+merge/124950 that would be awesome. thanks :)15:04
alecugatox: it does :P15:04
mmccdobey: I'll get that one15:04
thisfreddobey, +115:05
thisfredit looked familiar15:05
* thisfred checks turnitin.com15:05
mmccdobey: approved15:08
mmccSo, anyone with a mac want to take a look at this branch: https://code.launchpad.net/~mikemc/ubuntuone-control-panel/launchdaemon/+merge/12484715:21
dobeylunch time, bbiab15:30
mmcchuh. what's going on with UI string formatting in ubuntu_sso?15:42
mmccI saw a link that said 'Register with {app_name}' in the UI just now15:43
mmccthe tests pass, and they use a mix of "".format() and "" % dict… I can't tell why they're used where they are15:44
mmccspecifically test_current_user_sign_in_page.py, line 84 vs 8615:44
mmcchere's a bug for it: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-sso-client/+bug/1052555 -- ralsina, I assigned you so you can decide who to poke15:53
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1052555 in Ubuntu Single Sign On Client "UI shows string with format placeholder" [High,New]15:53
mandeltime for me to go, laters!16:13
gatoxmandel, bye16:13
chaselivingstonmmcc: how's that bug squashing going?16:14
mmccchaselivingston: not squashed yet, working on it now. I can reproduce it now, and I'm pretty sure it's the same issue we had with the other backend.16:16
chaselivingstonmmcc: cool, good luck16:16
gatoxalecu, here is the SyncMenu branch: https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntuone-client/ubuntuone-client-syncc/+merge/124968  who else should i ask for a review? anyone in particular?16:30
gatoxralsina, ^16:33
alecugatox: whoever is available, yes :-)16:37
gatoxdobey, ralsina one of you can take a look at that branch ^16:37
gatoxplease :P16:38
gatoxand now...... lunch for me!16:38
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briancurtinlunch + pharmacy run = brb17:02
ralsinaFINALLY! Hello again.17:06
ralsinagatox_lunch: looking...17:06
ralsinagatox_lunch: when you are fed and nurtured, please shoot a couple of chosen screenshots of sync menu my way17:13
ralsinagatox_lunch: work-environment-appropiate backgrounds only please ;-)17:13
gatox_lunchralsina, jeje ok, i'll try to avoid spiderman wallpapers jeje17:15
ralsinagatox_lunch: I was thinking about the yoda one :-)17:15
gatox_lunchralsina, ahhh right..... don't worry, this is in the q vm.... i have the default in ubuntu jeje17:16
ralsinagatox_lunch: the instructions in your branch build indicator-sync from source, I thought you said it was shipped already?17:18
alecuralsina: that's to run the menu inside the indicator testing tool17:19
gatox_lunchralsina, yes, is shipped.... also i need to add some instructions to install gir for syncmenu..... but that's the way to execcute the menu for testing17:19
alecuralsina: the sync indicator may be shipped already, but I don't know if it's started on boot, or how to start it, so the testing tool was needed.17:20
alecugatox_lunch: that's something we should ask charles: if it's installed by defautl and if not, how to start it.17:20
* alecu goes get some lunch.17:20
gatox_lunchralsina, i just added this comment:17:21
gatox_lunchIt's necessary also to install:17:21
gatox_lunchsudo apt-get install gir1.2-syncmenu-0.117:21
gatox_lunchalecu, at least in the q-beta1 vm..... is not there by default17:21
ralsinaalecu, gatox_lunch: ok!17:22
ralsinammcc: saw your mail17:35
ralsinammcc: basically, we *could* rip the tray stuff from u1cp and put it on a separate script which, when "activated" launches u1cp instead of showing the window17:35
ralsinammcc: that would also work on windows and ubuntu (when no sync menu is available)17:36
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ralsinammcc: however, it's quite a bit of work at this stage ...17:36
mmccdobey: you interested? I left you off because it was mac stuff, sorry…17:36
dobeyis it not possible to only show a dock icon when a window is shown, rather than when the process is running?17:37
ralsinadobey: nope17:38
ralsinadobey: you need a process for it17:38
ralsinadobey: sorry got you backwards there17:38
mmccright. an app is either background or not, and you can't dynamically change it17:38
ralsinadobey: no, on mac, the icons are per-app not per-window17:38
mmccdobey: just sent you the email17:38
mmccwhere background = shows a dock icon and menu bar17:39
ralsinaI'm araid all this menu/tray/icon/taskbar thing is very platform-specific17:39
mmccduh, I meant doesn't show17:39
dobeyand we can't just put the menu in ubuntuone-syncdaemon, because qt?17:40
ralsinadobey: exactly17:40
dobeybut it's using qt on windows/mac anyway, so that's not really an issue, right?17:40
ralsinasd is not using qt on windows nor mac17:41
* briancurtin back17:41
ralsinaat least it's not starting a qt main loop AFAIK17:41
dobeyit's using the default twisted reactor?17:42
ralsinadobey: think so17:42
ralsinadobey: the only qt bits are in the proxy process17:43
ralsinadobey: well, that was intentional :-)17:43
ralsinaso, it's mostly taking one class from u1cp and stitching it to a boilerplate main()17:43
ralsinabut then packaging for windows + mac, plus installer, plus autostart, plus crap I can't recall but surely is there :-(17:44
dobeyyes, but then we have yet another .exe/.app/whatever, and annoying.17:44
dobeyplus that menu really would be better off in sd :(17:44
mmccwell, if the binary is only for mac, this isn't so bad… packaging one more app is quick, and I haven't done autostart for anything yet17:45
ralsinammcc: we can do it for mac experimentally17:46
dobeymmcc: well if that's the case, then we have the same thing running in 3 different ways; which also sucks :)17:46
mmccdobey: yes, agreed17:46
ralsinadobey: we can unify mac+windows at least17:46
ralsinadobey: and ubuntu is different because of the sync menu which has no equivalente anywhere17:47
dobeywhat about having it so 2 copies of u1cp can run on windows?17:47
dobeyerr, on win/mac17:47
mmccok, I will put this on my list after: 1. fix sync bug in daemon 2. fix default monitor name 3. fix startup wizard hang 4. fix hang on quit…17:48
dobeyralsina: well, if the win/mac menu were in sd, all 3 could be unified in how they handle events from inside sd/etc… even if there are 2 slightly different ways of displaying the menu itself17:48
ralsinadobey: yes17:48
ralsinadobey: but are you interested on getting qtreactor into sd?17:48
ralsinadobey: the potential for subtle bugs is scary as hell17:48
mmccdobey: that's basically what we're doing, right? one of those copies needs to not do all the web api calls, and on mac at least it really does need to be a separate .app so we can actually launch two copes17:48
dobeyyou can't launch the same .app twice on mac?17:49
gatoxralsina, screenshots added here: https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntuone-client/ubuntuone-client-syncc/+merge/12496817:49
ralsinadobey: the menu itself is generated in sd, the other things are small wrappers that call that and display the UI17:49
ralsinagatox: awe----some17:49
mmccdobey: honestly I think maybe you can, but we do need them to be different .apps - if they're the same .app wrapper then they'll have the same background setting, and we're back to square one17:50
mmccactually, maybe you can't. I think it checks the bundle id17:51
mmccyou definitely can't double-click to open it twice. this really never came up :)17:51
mmccbut the .app wrapper is trivial, it doesn't imply any duplicated code or (much) duplicated resources17:52
dobeywell cp has internal uniqueness stuff17:53
dobeyit was a more general question17:53
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dobeybut true about the .app vs icon status issue i guess :(17:53
mmccyeah, I forgot about the CP internal stuff… I was answering the general question (ok, not answering) - it really hasn't come up before…17:53
ralsinammcc: OTOH if these are the kind of things which are our major problems now? We should be happy campers.17:54
mmccralsina: see my list above, my tent is leaking17:55
ralsinammcc: your tent is 99% ok ;-)17:56
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* mmcc will refrain from torturing a tent metaphor17:56
ralsinammcc: I would not mind having these minor interaction issues on the beta17:58
ralsinammcc: or even on a .0 release17:58
mmccralsina: well, I'll be a happier camper when the daemon syncs a dragged-in file correctly17:59
ralsinammcc: yes, that one I would not ship with18:01
dobeythisfred or mmcc: simple update branch for stable: https://code.launchpad.net/~dobey/ubuntuone-control-panel/update-4-0/+merge/12500718:12
ralsinagatox: I gave you a +1 on code review only because Q is in one of those days.18:13
thisfreddobey, on it18:13
gatoxralsina, cool..... and yes, i've been there :P18:14
thisfreddobey,  +118:14
ralsinadobey: did you get any response from marcus?18:23
dobeyralsina: no18:26
ralsinadobey: grmbl18:26
ryegatox: files with longer names will transfer longer :)18:39
gatoxrye, sorry?18:40
ralsinagatox: your screenshot18:40
ralsinagatox, rye: that's actually a sync indicator bug18:40
ralsinabut it looks *bad*18:40
gatoxmmmmmm yes..... maybe we can implement some kind of ellide text to make everything of the same size.... but maybe that should be in the SyncMenu itself18:41
ralsinagatox: just add spaces to the name before displaying? ;-)18:42
ralsinagatox: yes, the scrollbars have no reason to be the same length as the text, that's a syncmenu thing18:42
gatoxralsina, it was a joke or for real the "add spaces"?18:43
ralsinathey should be the full width of the menu18:43
ralsinagatox: joke18:44
ralsinagatox: unless we were using a monospaced font, in which case for real.18:44
gatoxralsina, ahhhhh yes.... i thought it was a joke, because we are not going to have a monospace font there18:45
gatoxalso.... the size of the menu is different depending of the biggest item being displayed..... that's why i suggest the elide thing..... but i think that is the responsability of how shows that.... what do you think?18:46
gatoxralsina, ^18:46
gatoxs/of how shows/of who shows18:46
ralsinagatox: agreed18:47
gatoxralsina, do you want me to contact charles to suggest that?18:48
ralsinagatox: yes please18:49
gatoxralsina, done https://bugs.launchpad.net/indicator-sync/+bug/105262018:54
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1052620 in The Sync Menu "The items in the transfers menu can have multiples sizes" [Undecided,New]18:54
ralsinagatox: cool18:56
ralsinagatox, briancurtin, alecu, mmcc, dobey, thisfred (and mandel in absentia): just in case I don't say this often enough, you guys kick ass.18:56
gatoxralsina, :'D18:56
briancurtinits a good team to be kicking ass with18:56
thisfredall you have to do is tell us whose ass ;)18:57
ralsinathisfred: at least you are big :-)18:57
ralsinaI said that because sometimes it seems all I do all day is throw broken stuff at you all.18:58
thisfredyeah, making us do work. What are you thinking!? ;)18:59
briancurtindealing with broken stuff, windows, and broken stuff on windows...it's "what i do"19:00
thisfreddept. of broken windows19:01
alecuralsina: we've already stablished that I can't fit in kick ass suit. I'm thinking of "big daddy" for halloween.19:01
gatoxralsina, really trivial one: https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntu-sso-client/wrong-string-formatting/+merge/125023 we were using the wrong formatting option for that string formatting notation..... and the test wasn't efective, because was doing the same..... so the string in both cases was equally wrong19:01
ralsinaalecu: too bad Shane is not with us anymore, he would be a great hitgirl :-)19:01
ralsinagatox: got it19:01
alecuralsina: I thought gatox claimed that costume!19:02
gatoxalecu, hey!!! you assign that to me withoout asking19:02
ralsinadibs on the flying machine-gun thingie!19:02
* thisfred will go as The Human Stain. Or is that not a superhero.19:03
alecuok, it's time for this superhero to put away his costume and take Amelia to swimming lessons.19:03
thisfredshark girl!19:03
alecuI will be back later, to do gatox' review19:03
gatoxalecu, good good :P19:04
ralsinathisfred: you remind me, I need to know how sharkboy became a werewolf in his teens19:04
thisfredralsina, wasn't that teen wolf? ;)19:04
ralsinathisfred: let me get you pictures19:05
thisfredno need!19:05
=== eu is now known as adorilson
ralsinathisfred: hahaha19:05
thisfredalso, can we ban movie sequels with 'too' instead of 2/two in the title?19:05
ralsinathisfred: I prefer the ones that just pluralize the 1st19:06
ralsinaFor example, having the sequel to "Rocky" be called "Rockies" would have been awesome19:06
thisfreddie hards19:06
ralsinaTitanic -> Titanics19:06
ralsinathisfred:  'Die harder' was a great title19:07
ralsinaAlso "Live free or Die Hard"19:07
thisfredLast one I saw was 3 I think19:08
thisfredmaybe that was the last one19:08
thisfredBruce Willis is great in the new Wes Anderson, btw19:09
thisfredMoonrise Kingdom19:09
thisfredhighly recommended19:10
thisfredif you like his movies at all19:10
ralsinathisfred: no, 4 is *nice*.19:11
ralsinaBruce Willis is severely underrated as an actor19:11
dobeyalecu: haha; you in the big daddy outfit walking around holding amelia's hand would be awesome!19:11
dobeyBruce Willis is great in that lawsuit against Apple19:12
thisfredralsina, well, he's not very discriminating in the roles he accepts, so it's not that surprising. But yeah, I have a fondness for him. I even like Hudson Hawke, which is considered one of the worst movies of all time :)19:12
ralsinaHudson Hawk???? I still time my heists by singing!19:13
dobeyHudson Hawk was awesome19:13
thisfredand he directed that19:13
thisfredand co-wrote it, I think19:13
dobeyalso, the CSI Miami guy in that was pretty funny19:13
mmccgatox, ralsina - there are other strings with the same formatting style in ui.py -- also can you mark it as fixing the bug I filed for that issue, too? bug #105255519:13
ubot5Launchpad bug 1052555 in Ubuntu Single Sign On Client "UI shows string with format placeholder" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105255519:13
ralsinadobey: who, the eczema guy?19:14
dobeyralsina: the ginger who always wears sunglasses?19:14
gatoxmmcc, checking the other strings19:14
ralsinadobey: well, he seems to always be TAKING OFF the sunglasses but I never saw a whole CSI Miami19:14
gatoxmmcc, the problem is not that they said: {app_name}... but how are they used later.....19:15
dobeyralsina: he was 'Snickers' in Hudson Hawk19:15
mmccgatox: ok, just wanted to make sure we looked at all of them, since there was a mix of formatting styles19:15
gatoxmmcc, yes..... actually i personally believe we should avoid the mixing19:16
gatoxmmcc, linked19:17
mmccgatox, thanks.19:17
ralsinagatox: +119:18
gatoxmmcc, could you do the other review?19:18
mmccgatox: sure19:19
gatoxmmcc, it's really trivial19:19
mmccgatox: ok, I checked all the other strings, looks like that was the only wrong one. approved :)19:28
gatoxmmcc, cool, thx!19:28
dobeytests? :P19:28
mmccdobey: hmm.19:31
thisfredwow, better get cracking on that ark, it's coming down19:51
ralsinathisfred: here too. That must be heck of a storm!19:52
dobeyit's the skrillex storm19:53
chaselivingstonralsina, thisfred: coming down like cats and dogs here as well, quite a ways away19:53
* ralsina is ignorant of that skrillex you mention. Should he fix that?19:53
ralsinaif mmcc says it's raining there too, I *am* thinking of that ark19:54
thisfredglobal weather! That'll save a lot on meteorology expenses19:54
dobeyralsina: http://what-if.xkcd.com/12/19:54
mmccdry here.19:56
mmccwe also have a bay that can accommodate very large arks indeed…19:56
* mmcc is curious about ralsina's reaction to dubstep19:57
ralsinammcc: having recently had my thousandth birthday, I suspect not good.19:58
ralsinathisfred: also, haha19:58
thisfredralsina, your only possible answer is: TURN THAT RACKET DOWN!19:58
* ralsina gets an onion for his belt19:58
mmccralsina: just keep an open mind, and don't try to think of it as "music"19:58
mmccbtw ralsina, belated happy birthday, sorry I missed that19:59
ralsinammcc: thanks :-)19:59
* thisfred suspects he probably owns the most dubstep of anyone on the team.19:59
ralsinathisfred: and you have it nicely tagged in order of emetic power19:59
mmccmore than zero dubstep? thisfred might be right19:59
thisfredI could start arguing that there's dubstep and dubstep but...20:00
ralsinafrom "like sea water on full stomach" to "kicked i the gut by a robot mule"20:00
mmccyou know some of those bass drops get low enough that they're almost subsonic vomit weapons20:00
thisfredbrown note!20:01
thisfredfwiw I detest Skrillex20:01
ralsina"I call this note the t-rex-in-jurassic-park-b-flat"20:01
mmccthisfred, I also didn't have a big positive reaction to him. I just heard this track from bassnectar last night and dug it: http://snd.sc/GYtfHW20:02
thisfredif you want to check out dubstep that I think is not garbage, I'd recommend artists  like Burial, 2526, Amon Tobin, Four Tet. One could also argue that they're not really dubstep, and that that's the reason they're not garbage ;)20:03
dobeyman alt+tab in unity is really not usable with multiple terminal windows :-/20:03
mmccthe sound cloud visualizations of these tracks are pretty funny20:03
thisfredFour Tet is definitely an edge case20:03
* thisfred listens to bassnectar20:03
mmccugh, "do not read the comments" extends to soundcloud track comments. what is wrong with people20:04
thisfreddobey, I keep saying this20:04
thisfredand filing bugs20:05
thisfredthat keep expiring20:05
ralsinawell,   musical taste is usually fixed by what you listened as a teen. Which means I am closer to liking doo wop than dubstep20:05
thisfredralsina, I'd have thought madrigals20:05
ralsinathisfred: that too, but the pun doesn't work20:05
thisfredoh wasn't a pun, I was just trying to imply you're from the middle ages :P20:06
dobeyralsina: we can add some bass drops to The Chordettes, then maybe you'll enjoy it more20:06
thisfredI'm glad I kept an open mind. I almost exclusively listened to hip-hop in my teens, and that would leave *very* little of interest today20:06
* ralsina avoids jokes about going medieval on thisfred and all that (hey, Bruce Willis again!)20:06
dobeybruce willis has a pretty ok blues band20:07
thisfredblues willis?20:07
* ralsina imagines gangsta thisfred 20:07
* ralsina rewinds his brain 20:07
thisfredI never liked gangsta, that's where hip-hop and I went our separate ways20:08
thisfredunless you consider Wu-Tang gangsta. Which it is, I guess20:08
ralsinathisfred: you more the mercedes benz sign necklace style?20:08
thisfredbut if you add kung fu samples to anything it becomes good. scientific fact20:08
briancurtin+1, approved20:08
thisfredralsina, Beastie Boys + Run-D.M.C. was my first concert20:09
ralsinahey, doo wop (which I had never heard and just googled with "music styles from the 50s") is actually cool!20:10
ralsinalearn something every day!20:10
thisfredwhich I went to with my Mom, just so you guys don't start thinking I was ever cool20:10
dobeythere is some pretty good bubble gum rock20:10
ralsinathisfred: going to beastie boys with your mum is one of those things that need to be in your CV20:10
chaselivingstonmmcc: can't seem to sync my purchased music folder w/ the mac app, any idea why?20:11
ralsinachaselivingston: you may need to subscribe it?20:11
chaselivingstonralsina: not quite sure what you mean...20:11
dobeythisfred: apparently your mom was pretty cool20:12
mmccchaselivingston: not off the top of my head, can you file a bug with notes on what you're doing? I haven't tried that yet…20:12
ralsinachaselivingston: in the control panel, you should see an item for your purchased music folder20:12
ralsinachaselivingston: you have to tick it so it subscribes and downloads20:12
chaselivingstonralsina: right, but when i click "sync locally" it puts the folder underneath a hidden folder, .ubuntuone in my home directory and doesn't download anything20:13
thisfreddobey, she sat in the rafters while I was up front, but she didn't complain. This was the tour where they had a 20ft inflatable penis coming out of the stage halfway through the show. I don't think that was ever mentioned.20:13
thisfredShe might have been reading a book.20:13
dobeythisfred: i was just taking the opportunity to make the obvious "your mom" joke20:13
ralsinachaselivingston: nothing comes to mind then20:14
chaselivingstoncool, i'll file a bug20:14
chaselivingstonralsina: should I tag the bug u1-darwin?20:17
chaselivingstonmmcc: ^^20:17
mmcccall trail for that bug: MUSIC_REAL_PATH is defined in gui/__init__.py as u'.ubuntuone/Purchased from Ubuntu One' -- used in folders.py's _process_name which is called in add_folder…20:17
mmccchaselivingston: sure20:17
chaselivingstonmmcc, ralsina: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-control-panel/+bug/105264920:18
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1052649 in Ubuntu One Control Panel "Purchased music folder doesn't sync correctly" [Undecided,New]20:18
mmccthanks chaselivingston !20:18
chaselivingstonmmcc: np, hope to see a fix soon :)20:18
mmccchaselivingston: if you can attach your controlpanel.log to that, it'd be helpful20:19
chaselivingstonmmcc: sure20:19
gatoxeod here!!! see you tomorrow people!! byeeee20:20
mmccthere goes the last person on the team young enough to grok dubstep20:21
chaselivingstonmmcc: attached that file20:22
mmccack, thanks chaselivingston20:22
dobeymmcc, thisfred: https://code.launchpad.net/~dobey/ubuntu-sso-client/update-4-0/+merge/125042 another update branch, please. :)20:25
ralsinadobey: I got it20:26
thisfredon it20:27
thisfreddobey, +120:28
thisfredI'm a fast reader, and I know all languages, what?!20:28
chaselivingstonmmcc: hm, well now it appears to be working, but still in that odd location20:29
mmccdobey, that diff doesn't look like it contains all the changes in the commit message20:29
ralsinachaselivingston: there is a symlink inside ~/Ubuntu One20:30
dobeymmcc: how so?20:30
ralsinachaselivingston: finder has this stupid idea about dereferencing symlinks though :(20:30
chaselivingstonralsina: hmmm20:30
* briancurtin brb, need to get some fresh air20:30
dobeymmcc: you'll have to look at an actual copy, lp truncates very long diffs20:30
mmccdobey: I can't find manuel's change about the twisted runner, and I don't think diego's change is in there either20:30
ralsinammcc: truncated20:31
dobeymmcc: they're under ubuntu_sso/ which comes after po/20:31
mmccI was checking for diego's change because the branch: https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntu-sso-client/wrong-string-formatting/+merge/12502320:32
mmcc… changed a string "register with" - that all the translations have20:32
mmccand the translations have the wrong format specifier now20:32
mmccit might be worth backing out diego's fix and just fixing the calling code instead…20:32
dobeyoh crap, right, the translations20:32
dobeytotally forgot about those20:32
dobeybut easy fix either way20:33
ralsinaso did I20:33
ralsinadobey: let's ask everyone to retranslate that ;-)20:33
mmccok, I missed the truncation thing, whoops20:33
dobeyralsina: perl -pi -e 's/old/new/g' *.po :)20:33
dobeythough it might still cause an issue, for the langpacks20:34
dobeyso we should probably back out the change and fix the code that uses that instead20:34
mmccit's only called in one place, iirc,20:34
ralsinayes, better to keep the old string and change the other side20:34
ralsinavolunteers? I am leaving in about 16 minutes20:34
=== Guest61577 is now known as slank
mmccI'll do it20:35
=== slank is now known as Guest70664
dobeymeh the battery life on the dell duo is so awful :-/20:36
* ralsina puts the volunteering cattle prod back in the case.20:36
ralsinayou may wonder how that works. I ask "who volunteers?" then prod someone. He will say "I".20:38
ralsinaworks better on spanish-peaking volunteers. English speakers have a bad tendency to say "ouch". In that case, repeat.20:38
dobeywill have to do that release in the morning i guess20:44
dobeyalong with u1-client20:44
dobeyand u1-client i am a bit worried abut20:44
* briancurtin back20:45
mmccfor your consideration: https://code.launchpad.net/~mikemc/ubuntu-sso-client/re-re-format-register-link/+merge/12504520:46
ralsinadobey: anything I can do besides promising to be around early for reviews?20:47
mmccI also added tests that the format string contains the format argument, which would've caught the original bug20:47
ralsinammcc: cool20:47
dobeymmcc: can you commit --fixes the same bug # that diego's branch did please?20:47
mmccdobey: sure20:48
* thisfred reviews20:49
mmccbtw, I only tested that on darwin20:51
ralsinaEOD for me. If my ISP has mercy on my soul I may be back later, but don't bet on it.20:52
briancurtin+1 as well20:54
mmcchooray, my highest rated branch yet20:55
mmccok, on that high note I'm going for a much needed late lunch20:55
dobeyhave a good evening all. battery about to die on this laptop. might be around later to try and get a couple things done to prep for releaseing in the morning21:16
=== m_conley is now known as m_conley_away
chaselivingstonmmcc: any chance of a new build today? :)23:05
mmccchase, yes. I just fixed the sync bug, I am testing it now, will put up a build shortly23:06
chaselivingstonmmcc: awesome, putting it in that shared folder?23:06
mmccchaselivingston: yes23:07
mmccI'll ping you here when it's up23:07
chaselivingstonmmcc: sweet, thanks man. you rock23:08
mmccheh. thanks. I do get paid to do this, you know ;)23:14
mmccuploading now23:15
chaselivingstonmmcc: yeah, so do i :) doesn't mean I don't enjoy it23:15
mmccthat's the spirit :)23:16
chaselivingstonmmcc: i'm getting a message that it's damaged and i should move it to the trash...23:23
mmcchuh. ok, let me poke at it a bit23:24
chaselivingstonmmcc: i may be afk for a little while but i'll leave irc up so ping me w/ any news23:26
mmccchaselivingston: not sure what's going on there, I'm curious what size it is23:26
chaselivingstonmmcc: the zip was 32.3MB23:26
mmccchaselivingston and when you get back if you could try downloading it from http://ubuntuone.com/0FNiarEDBStjRVpiUhW5xO instead?23:27
chaselivingstonmmcc: trying now, still have a few mins23:28
chaselivingstonmmcc: still getting the error, the .app is 92MB and some change23:28
mmcchrm. ok, I'll see what I can figure out23:29
chaselivingstonmmcc: cool thanks23:29
mmccOK, here's the merge proposal for my daemon sync fix: https://code.launchpad.net/~mikemc/ubuntuone-client/fix-daemon-rename-event/+merge/12507423:50

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