ScottLlen-dt, actually i think we need to add those two seeds to the structure seed or similar. looking now00:03
ScottLhmmm, publishing is already there :/00:05
len-dtScottL, I went through all the files and where ever there was a graphics, I added publishing and photography00:19
ScottLhmmm, yeah, i'm kinda baffled too :(  maybe cjwatson might help to shed light00:20
ScottLgotta go help kids with home and start baths00:21
smartboyhwailo-w: I declare I need to rework on the documentation since Fuduntu installation corrupted my disk and I can not boot13:26
ailo-wsmartboyhw: You can retrieve the work with a live CD13:51
smartboyhwNo I have to wash the disk13:52
ailo-wsmartboyhw: Why? How were you able to corrupt the disk?13:53
ailo-wAnd what do you mean by corrupted?13:53
smartboyhwGee anyway I reinstalled it13:53
holsteina guy in my LUG uses funduntu13:54
holsteini loaded it up in Vbox once.. looked great13:54

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