ollie_Hi, I'm in the process of trying to get my focusrite saffire interface working on ubuntu. I installed ubuntustudio-audio and ubuntustudio-audio-plugins, added myself to the audio group, started qjackctl and changed it to firewire, and clicked start, and i got sound for a bit. It momentarily pauses when new applications are opened, and it seems to have died completely when I was installing this irc client with apt. How do I get this working?02:09
holsteinollie_: you can ask [lsd] in #opensourcemusicians if you'd like02:12
holsteini am told it works out of the box in 12.0402:12
holsteinollie__:  you can ask [lsd] in #opensourcemusicians if you'd like02:13
holsteini am told it works out of the box in 12.0402:13
holsteini have a firewire device and i typically troubleshoot as root02:13
holsteini dont leave JACK running all the time either, nor do i run pulse audio through it, but im told that works well now too02:13
holsteini would open a terminal and run "gksudo qjackctl"02:14
holsteini would choose the firewire driver02:14
holsteini would choose settings like 1024/202:14
holsteinunder setup02:15
holstein1024 frames per period02:15
ollie__I dont have a realtime kernel, should i untick realtime?02:15
holstein2 periods per buffer02:15
holsteinollie__: you can try it.. it shouldnt make it fail, but try both if you are having issues02:15
ollie__ok, now how do i test it? do i need to run my audio player as root?02:16
holsteinollie__: you can.. i typically just get it started though,a nd see that it starts02:16
holsteinyou could run something else as root if you want to hear something02:17
ollie__it has started02:17
holsteinthen, troubleshoot permissions errors or whatever02:17
holsteinyou want to run it as a normal user ASAP02:17
ollie__I cant seem to make it make sound as root02:18
ollie__I think i need to change the sound settings too02:18
ollie__but it was working as a normal user02:18
holsteinollie__: maybe you dont have the speakers in properly?02:18
holsteinollie__: you shouldnt need to change any sound settings02:18
ollie__im not actually using ubuntu per se, but a distro based on it02:19
holsteinollie__: kxstudio?02:19
ollie__elementary os02:19
holsteinshouldnt be anything there that is breaking our stuff02:19
ollie__i had to change the sound device to jack in their settings panel02:19
holsteinollie__: you shouldnt have to02:19
ollie__so i guess i would need to do that as root02:19
holsteinollie__: i would leave that be02:19
holsteinjust start JACK, and use what tools you want with JACK02:20
ollie__i will try as a normal user again02:20
holsteinunless you want all the system sound going through JACK.. but their tool wont help with that i say02:20
ollie__am I meant to use everything with jack?02:20
holsteinollie__: you dont have to. i dont02:20
ollie__well i dont know how to get my interface to work without jack02:20
holsteinollie__: you cant really yet, but you can do pulse to jack bridging02:21
ollie__its saying jack server could not be started, sorry02:21
ollie__every time its done that ive had to reboot to get it to work again02:21
holsteinollie__: i would just look at the messages and troubleshoot02:21
ollie__is there another way?02:21
holsteinit'll be permissions02:21
holsteinollie__: another way to what?02:21
holsteinuse your firewire device for all sound? not yet02:22
holsteinthe alsa firewire stuff is very new if available at all02:22
ollie__i meant to get jack going again without rebooting02:22
holsteinollie__: i would read the messages and troubleshoot them02:22
ollie__ok it appears to have frozen... reboot it is02:22
holsteinollie__: if it starts as ROOT, then its a permissions issue02:22
holsteinollie__: sudo killall jack or jackd02:22
ollie__it was starting earlier as a normal user02:23
holsteinor ps aux | grep jack02:23
ollie__it worked momentarily02:23
ollie__once i set the audio device as jack in the gui02:23
holsteinollie__: if its only starting for a blip, that doesnt count02:23
ollie__i was playing music02:23
holsteinollie__: all im saying is if it runs as root, you can stop configuring the system02:23
ollie__ok, well it runs02:24
holsteinollie__: you can relax the jack settings too... even more than i suggested02:24
ollie__Is jack for audio applications like ardour, or for everything?02:25
ollie__At the moment I just want to get basic sound output through my interface02:25
holsteinollie__: JACK is open, so *anything* can be written with JACK support02:25
holsteinjack connects any software and hardware that has jack support02:25
holsteinollie__: i just take a cable from the output of my internal sound card, and plug into the inputs on my device02:26
ollie__is that ffado thing the driver for firewire devices?02:26
holsteinollie__: ffado is the firewire driver02:26
holsteini would just ask [lsd] in #opensourcemusicians02:27
holsteinhe as that device and uses it all the time02:27
ollie__What would that do? I want to use the interface as my sound card02:27
ollie__ah okay02:27
ollie__thanks a lot for the help02:27
holsteinollie__: you can either use the pulse to jack bridge, or just use a jack aware player like audacious02:28
holsteinor just take a cable and analog jack the internal sound care runnning pulse to the firewire interface02:28
ollie__How do I use the pulse to jack bridge?02:31
holsteinollie__: AFAIK, its installed by default..i would just pop over and ask [lsd] about it02:31
holsteini dont use it02:31
holsteini just use audacious, or the cable02:31
ollie__I've sent lsd a message, just waiting on a response02:32
holsteinyou have?02:33
holsteini would just message him in the channel.. but do what you like02:34
ollie__i.imgur.com/cIZHN.jpg I've got my music playing, this time with realtime unticked, and it seems to be working better. Pic shows how I have it setup in the DE's sound settings02:34
holsteini typically dont send PM's without asking first02:34
holsteinollie__: if you have no lowlatency or RT kernel, theres no reason to check that box02:34
holsteini would leave it unticked, and just see if you can keep it running02:34
ollie__How do I get rid of the gui without killing jack?02:34
holsteinrelax the settings to 2048/2 or whatever02:34
holsteinollie__: you can start jack from the command line, but then you dont have the connections02:35
holsteinyou can click the icon in the tray and it will minimize02:35
holsteinthere are settings about how you would likt it to minimize02:35
ollie__ah, i see, cool02:37
ollie__So I guess I should just set it to autostart02:37
holsteinollie__: i dont02:37
holsteinollie__: i like to see if start each time, and i have different profiles02:37
holsteintry i though... see what you like02:37
ollie__do you have sound from your interface without jack running?02:38
ollie__because of your cable?02:38
holsteinollie__: sure02:38
holsteinollie__: i also have a console though that my audio is going through02:38
ollie__Yeah thats why i'd want to autostart, as I need it on to get any sound02:39
holsteinollie__: try it... i dont02:40
holsteinollie__: you get sound through the device when JACK is not running02:40
holsteinthere should be a mix knob... a "live" side and a "computer" side02:40
holsteinsomething like that02:40
holsteinyou can just use the preamps and the mixer as a PA with the unit unplugged from a computer02:41
ollie__I suppose that could work02:42
ollie__I like to route separate things to separate outputs though02:42
holsteinollie__: it does.. its how you "monitor" before things get tracked02:42
ollie__one is my headphones, one is speakers02:42
holsteinollie__: route what you want where you want02:42
holsteinim just saying what works for me...02:42
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fruitflieshi all, got an old ibookg3 that can run linux...  is there a use for this as an audio tool, perhaps a really minimal midi sequencer??  tks.18:59
fruitflieshi all, got an old ibookg3 that can run linux...  is there a use for this as an audio tool, perhaps a really minimal midi sequencer??  tks.20:19

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