knomemeh, 713MB for amd6410:55
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bluesabreGood morning everyone!13:26
bluesabre(where applicable)13:26
elfygood mornaftereveight bluesabre 13:31
bluesabreworks for me13:32
elfyworks for most :p13:32
olbiwhy Xubuntu 12.10 doesn't have at top panel sound indicator?17:35
olbii have to install mixer for changing fast sound ;]17:36
GridCubeolbi, because the plugins indicator is now in gtk3 and that conflicts with xfce 4.10 gtk2 panels, i dont know how the state of fixing this issue is going on17:38
olbigrrr :P17:38
olbiidicator was very clever for using with fast changing sound and manage audio players :)17:38
olbiI think Xfce should change from GTK to Qt, cause GTK+ is going to be too much integrated with gnome :]17:39
olbithis is only suggestion :D17:40
SysiI mean how's "gtk integrated with gnome"17:40
pleia2olbi: we don't develop Xfce here, that's a discussion to have with the Xfce folks :)17:41
SysiI wonder how's razor-qt nowdays17:41
pleia2(but I can tell you right now that a complete rewrite of everything in a new toolkit isn't going to happen)17:42
olbiI know it :)17:44
olbido you know when will be updated livecd with 12.10 daily?17:45
olbiSysi: it looks good and works quiet well, said my friend :)17:57
knomehey pleia2 :)18:36
pleia2g'day knome 18:40
knomeyou available at 21UTC?18:42
pleia2yeah, for a half hour18:44
knomewe're going through the xubuntu docs with mdke then18:44
pleia2I was getting nervous timing-wise on this :)18:46
knomewell as i said to ochosi, nothing else works for me than getting the new docs up for beta218:46
elfygood luck :)18:46
knomeelfy, thanks ;)18:47
pleia2knome: you owe me a casebadge design :)18:47
pleia2and I owe you flyer text18:48
knomepleia2, i know18:48
pleia2I'll really try to do it this week, for real this time18:48
knomepleia2, can you wait until we get beta2 freee done18:48
knome+z too18:48
knomei don't have too much time, and there's a lot of things that *need* to happen18:48
* pleia2 nods18:48
xnoxknome: why was wubi option removed for xubuntu?19:06
knomexnox, no testers, and our experience is that wubi simply brings more problems19:08
xnoxknome: ok.19:08
knomewe're trying to cut any workload that isn't highly beneficial19:09
xnoxwould be nice to have a fix released bug with this comment.19:09
xnoxsuch that google can help find it and read it =)19:09
knomewhat "fix released"? :)19:09
xnoxknome: well the download option is dropped in wubi19:10
elfyis there anyone else using 12.10 seeing double entries for partition's ? 19:51
SysiI see two floppies19:52
Sysiwhich is especially weird since I don't have floppy device, I commented line for it in fstab and removed everything in /media19:53
elfycool - thought I was going mad - really didn't think it was just 4 people - you want to me too the bug ?19:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1039375 in thunar (Ubuntu) "Duplicate partitions shown" [Undecided,Confirmed]19:55
olbiI have to problems with doubles pendrive :P19:57
elfyI've got it for any partition that is not mounted by fstab19:58
knomepleia2, got my slides pretty much ready for the lecture20:58
knomedon't know when that is though :P20:58
pleia2yay :)20:58
pleia2whenever it is, don't show up an hour late20:58
knomei'd probably get away with that too :P20:58
pleia2you are very famous20:59
knomei definitely am!20:59
knomepleia2, http://temp.knome.fi/xubuntu/branding_exports/machine-sticker.png22:43
pleia2looks good, SVG? :)22:44
knomepleia2, http://temp.knome.fi/xubuntu/branding_exports/sticker.svg22:46
knomepleia2, if you're going to send it to printers, i shall export you another one?22:46
knomepleia2, for printers: http://temp.knome.fi/xubuntu/branding_exports/sticker-paths.svg22:47
knomei hope they'll have a good enough dpi...22:47
pleia2ok, I'll find out what they need22:47
knomesure, let me know22:47
knomei can even export pdf's, if they want...22:47
pleia2thanks! :)22:49
pleia2ok, emailed off to request quote22:56

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