rhin0why on xubuntu 12.04 doesit take 20 seconds for the file manager tocome up04:58
Mathiasrhin0: just once or every time?04:58
rhin0hmm once04:59
rhin0why is that04:59
rhin0getting directory map?04:59
Mathiasprobably just takes some time loading in from the harddrive then checking what's in the folder04:59
rhin0thatwas my only bugbear so far05:00
strtokI spent 6 hours today fighting trying to get arch linux booting on a mac pro. Xubuntu installed in about 20 minutes and boot perfectly side by side OS X (EFI)05:05
Deutopiathats what i hear05:06
rhin0im pretty sure I loaded 12.04 xubuntu here I click on help from the menu and I get "welcome to xubuntu 11.10!"05:13
rhin0how do I check its 12.04 apart from that05:13
rhin0that seems to be a mistake05:13
rhin0lsb_release -a Description:Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS05:16
Deutopiamine says that too and its 12.04.105:18
rhin0thats just what I generally used to check what version05:18
rhin0was trying to think when I last saw 11.10 or if i cutg the wrong disk05:18
Deutopiajust an oversight05:19
rhin0this is good - I like 12.0405:20
rhin0have seen it before but was avoiding05:20
Deutopiajust keeps getting better and better05:20
rhin0i migrated off ubuntu standard some months ago > 6 because its all unity05:21
rhin0and im lost in unity can't find my way around (don't want to) .. when I saw the first unity it looked unfinished05:21
Deutopiayeah once unity hit i went kde till i found out about kubuntu. xubuntu has kind of been a fallback for old machines but i broke my HDD and now all i have is USB flash. thank the gods for xubuntu05:22
rhin0thats exactly how it was for me - a fallback for old machines or just a general utility OS05:23
rhin0does it run fast enough off a usb disk?  i heard they wear out - i'm amazed you can youse a usb as your main storage05:23
Deutopiait runs great. takes a while to boot up but once it ups everything runs from RAM05:24
Deutopiaactually my friend has an 11 year old laptop that's also running from USB, and it runs circles around this PC05:25
rhin0what do you use for a "ramdisk" please - howto - url or pointer05:25
Deutopiai didnt do anything, it sets it up itself05:25
rhin0it's  been a big boost to xubuntu userbase I think, the arrival of "unity"05:27
rhin0xubuntus more like fedora (fedora also using xfce) .. ie. it's standard menus not mobile nothing "too clever"05:27
Deutopianever tried fedora. never heared anything good about it05:28
rhin0things should grow organically - whats wrong with a set of menus - problem I kept getting asked from people running fedora is #1 whers the panel?  everything decent just gone05:28
Deutopiawindows 8 is gonna be a boom as well. (gonna be a lot of people wondering what happened to grub or why they have 3 bootloaders)05:29
rhin0well that's an issue - zdnet published article yesterday saying that all new pcs are to be keysigned for microsoft and whats more they won't be able to run xp or even windows 7 - forcing people to use windows 8.  they don't want another vista where people were buying pcs with vista licenses but running xp05:31
rhin0won't be able to run linux either - like an apple hw lock-in .. it's quite serious05:31
Deutopiathey want us to use the hyper-v05:32
rhin0whats hyper-v05:32
rhin0ah - version05:32
Deutopiabuilt in virtual machine05:32
rhin0meaning you run linux but its all within windows - why go there05:32
Deutopiaso when aquisitions buys new PCs for a linux company, microsoft gets paid?05:33
Deutopiamicrosoft doesnt really sell to the end user, it makes its money from OEMs05:33
rhin0http://www.zdnet.com/blog/open-source/microsoft-to-stop-linux-older-windows-from-running-on-windows-8-pcs/9589  Microsoft to stop Linux, older Windows, from running on Windows 8 PCs05:34
Deutopiafew and far between that i see an actual windows disk05:34
rhin0its to completely lock everything out of new pcs apart from windows 805:34
rhin0even xp - with their own customers - new pc = windows 8 or nothing05:35
rhin0the question is whether they can enforce it05:35
rhin0according to that article they can05:35
Deutopiai thunk they know just how much ppl are going to hate metro05:36
Deutopiathey can05:36
Deutopiaif you peal the Windows sticker off your computer, you are required to destroy the hardware.05:36
rhin0as in "now"?  url or source never heard that05:36
rhin0thats crazy05:36
rhin0question where are the tabs for apps that I have open -- on 10.04 there were a list of tabs at the bottom of the screen for open applications06:13
rhin0i just realised they're now at the top of the screen Oo06:33
Deutopiaokay it seems they have changed a few things. i have found one refrence to having to destroy the hardware if the logo is obscured or removed, but it's for Windows Surface06:40
DeutopiaMicrosoft Surface*06:40
DeutopiaOEM license agreement states you must destroy the software and all licensed components if you fail to abide the EULA (In the Surface version, they reserve the right to personally destroy the property)06:54
DeutopiaOEM for all windows06:54
Monte_Cristohi everyone09:43
Monte_CristoI'm desperate :(09:44
Monte_CristoI could not solve the error 'no such device grub rescue'09:44
Monte_Cristoi red some tutorials, but nothing09:45
TheSheepMonte_Cristo: http://askubuntu.com/questions/177783/error-no-such-device-grub-rescue09:46
Monte_CristoI do not understand why windows starts normally, but when I insert the usblive of xubuntu seems to me now that mistake09:46
Monte_CristoTheSheep: ok, i go and read that09:47
Monte_Cristoall guides speak to open the terminal to reinstall grub. But how do I open the terminal Xubuntu, if it does not start? I'm confused09:52
TheSheepMonte_Cristo: you must boot from a livecd or usb09:53
TheSheepand it doesn't start?09:53
TheSheepMonte_Cristo: if it's from usb, try a different usb port09:54
Monte_Cristo1) if you boot the computer normally, start windows 2) if I enter the usblive and I start the system from usb, it gives me the error09:54
TheSheepsome computers will only boot properly from one of their usb ports09:55
TheSheepI had that with my asus ux32vd09:55
TheSheepI had to use the upper-right usb port09:55
Monte_Cristoi try to boot the liveusb from another usb port09:56
Monte_Cristobut the first time I installed xubuntu, i used the same usb port. the first time it worked!09:58
Monte_Cristoi don't understand09:58
Monte_Cristohowever, also try to change usb output09:59
Monte_Cristosee you later09:59
Monte_Cristodoesn't work the same10:04
Monte_CristoI tried to change usb port10:05
Monte_Cristothe error still appears10:05
Monte_Cristohow do I reinstall grub if I can not boot xubuntu? I can reinstall from windows?10:06
TheSheepunfortunately no10:07
TheSheepare you sure it's even trying to boot from that usb?10:08
Monte_Cristoi don't understand why, but my problem looks like this: RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows10:10
Monte_Cristoinstead of RecoveringWindowsAfterInstallingXubuntu10:10
Monte_Cristobecause i can boot windows, but not Xubuntu10:11
Monte_Cristonow, i'm reading this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows10:11
=== burn__ is now known as burn
Monte_Cristonothing, that tutorial says that i have to boot ubuntu, and then open the terminal and blablabla...10:13
Monte_Cristobut i can't boot xubuntu10:14
Monte_CristoI have the impression that the PC has been irreversibly damaged10:14
TheSheepMonte_Cristo: it's not damaged10:16
Monte_Cristocan SuperGrub disk work on windows 7?10:20
Monte_CristoAuto Super Grub Disk installs a new boot entry into the Windows boot. Once you have reboot just select unetbootin-super grub disk and the program does everything alone so that you can recover your grub menu and thus your Linux boot again.10:22
Monte_Cristomaybe it can help me?10:22
Deutopiai am trying to configure users and groups in 12.04.1. when i run groupadd or useradd it returns error user/group already exists. when i view the list of users/groups, the 1 in question does not exist. (users reports 7 users named xubuntu & nothing else)11:54
Deutopiai love lampp13:12
TheSheepdon't worry, that will pass13:13
TheSheepalso, there is #xubuntu-offtopic for non-support chat13:13
Monte_CristoI did it!!!!!!14:12
Monte_Cristoi'm using xubuntu14:13
holsteincongrats! ...enjoy Monte_Cristo14:13
Monte_CristoI re-installed the usblive and the error disappeared, so i reinstalled also xubuntu14:13
holsteinsometimes its easiest to just restart and reinstall things... you can track down errors for a long time, but if you dont have any data, starting over is easy14:14
Monte_Cristoand finally with the program easy b .. and I do not remember ... I created the connection between the windows bootloader and grub xubuntu14:14
Monte_Cristoholdstein, you're right, you should try and try again14:16
Monte_Cristothanks everyone14:16
Monte_Cristonow, i'm going to have fun exploring xubuntu14:18
Monte_CristoI wanna learn everything14:18
Monte_Cristosee you later14:19
Monte_Cristoi have to reboot firefox14:20
synaptixIs there a way to lock items on the desktop in place? They keep moving around from their original positions clustering into the top left corner everytime I exit a fullscreen app.14:27
GridCubesynaptix, you could make read only the ~/.config/xfce4/desktop/icons.screenblahblahblahblah.rc file14:41
GridCubeif its read only it should stay always the way you set it up14:41
GridCubebut i dont really know if thats the best way to do that14:41
synaptixIt's not a major issue, just a slight inconvenience :)14:41
synaptixBut I'll give that a try as a temp solution, thanks. :)14:42
apm1anyone noticed how jockey is misbehaving with the gui installer these days on 12.04.1 ?14:42
GridCubedefince misbehaving14:42
SkippersBossit should be an option in the xfce4 settings editor. Its not there14:43
apm1GridCube, quits while installing fglrx drivers but when you check with synaptic the damn package is already installed that is misbehaving :D14:46
GridCubesadly i would expect jockey to fail more often now thats deprecated :(14:47
GridCubebut you should report a bug againts that anyway14:47
GridCubewe need to have a working jockey on xubuntu for 3 more years14:47
GridCubeubuntu-bug jockey-gtk , that should do the report14:48
apm1i already have :)14:48
apm1^or so i think , maybe can't remember14:48
GridCubethen paste the bug number on #xubuntu-devel and bother for it to be fixed :)14:49
knomeGridCube, ermm...14:49
* GridCube hides14:49
knomeapm1, feel free to paste it in #xubuntu-devel, but don't keep too high hopes that anybody there actually fixes it. not saying it won't be fixed at all though14:49
synaptixGridCube, your solution seems to be working nicely. Set the icons.*.rc file to readonly, tested fullscreen app and the items stay in their place on desktop14:50
* apm1 grins at knome's comment on the bug report 14:50
GridCube:D awesome synaptix good to know14:50
GridCubesynaptix, rememeber that if that file is in readonly you cant add stuff to the desktop or move it around14:51
GridCube(so its not really a *good solution*)14:51
SysiI wonder why jockey was created in the first place, other distributions install proprietary drivers more reliably with package manager14:52
synaptixI can always chmod, edit and rechmod should i choose to add/remove/move any items.14:52
apm1Sysi, jockey=debian's genius ;)14:53
* apm1 loves debian but is sarcastic about it's flaws14:54
martinphonedoes xubuntu have live boot tools?15:22
bazhangmartinphone, such as?15:23
martinphonebazhang, no idea, I have been told to use a "live boot tool" like clonezilla to increase the size of a virtual hard disk in vbox15:23
apm1anyone playing amnesia on xubuntu ?15:24
knomeapm1, maybe try #xubuntu-offtopic15:24
apm1knome, sorry15:24
cyclist_2Hello, there! I am testing Xubuntu 12.04.1 on VirtualBox and compared to the same version of Ubuntu [also on VirtualBox] I find it much faster; my question is whether it would not defeat the purpose of installing Xubuntu on my PC if I also like programs which are dependent not only on Gnome but on KDE and without which I really do not want go without; would Xubuntu still keep this performance edge even after I reinstalled a lot of my favou15:52
GridCubei use smplayer, thats in qt, and most of the programs for gnome are in gtk2-3 they run exactly the same15:54
GridCubedont expect to use nautilus on xfce thouhg, at least not with lots of tweeking15:54
MarzataXubuntu runs Gnome and KDE apps pretty well15:54
cyclist_2GridCube: my favourite file manager is Krusader [KDE]; I already have started using Xpad on my present system [where StickyNotes is the default application] and I will look further for more changes of that nature; but some applications are just too familiar to me now to be switched without a stronger reason.16:08
cyclist_2Marzata: on a different note, what is the record of Xubuntu 12.04 so far on wireless internet connections? I had a miserable time getting my system to function with it and recently it seems that a kernel bug has made impossible for me to use the wireless connection for long or my mouse will start to drag until I have to restart the PC: but it is still working [which is better than nothing at all...]16:09
GridCubecyclist_2, you can use them with no real problem, dont expect everything to be exactly the same though, xfce its not gnome or kde, you have to keep that in mind16:10
GridCubecyclist_2, i havent had real networking problems so far, if the signal strenght gets too low you can get to a point when it tries over and over to reconnect and you need to reboot to fix it, but thats just if the signal gets too low16:11
cyclist_2GridCube: my problem seems to be part-related to the hardware my PC uses; even though it has an built-in wireless adaptor, I had to buy an external one to get wireless access; a few months ago I had no problems, but now it is just a matter of time until I have to restart the PC because the mouse stops having any effect on the graphic desktop [although it seems to work, the GDM just does not recognise its input anymore]; that is another rea16:21
GridCubecyclist_2, well gdm is not used anymore, now theres lightdm, so that might fix some problems?, dont relly know16:22
GridCubeyou might want to try a live session before doing something else16:23
cyclist_2GridCube: that seems sensible, since VirtualBox [however good it is] may be slowing things a bit compared to running the system from a CD16:25
GridCubeand the hardware its detecting its the emulated one16:25
GridCubenot the real hw you have16:25
GridCubecyclist_2, also runing from a live session will always be slower than running an actual session though16:26
cyclist_2GridCube: yes, but I think I will try it to see the difference; if Ubuntu 12.04.1 remains this slow, I guess I will give it a miss this time16:28
GridCubego ahead and enjoy16:28
cyclist_2GridCube: Thanks; Bye, now!16:29
GridCube!hi | livingdaylight17:09
ubottulivingdaylight: Hi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!17:09
livingdaylightok, GridCube , thanks for making me feel at home17:10
macsimhi, I got a bug with jupiter (I'm on voyager xfce 12.04) notification popup doesn't fade by itself I have to clic on it, any idea ? thanks17:35
Sysiwhat time do you have set for disappearing in notification settings17:39
macsimSysi, 3 seconds17:40
macsimSysi, try to change it logout and login doesn't change17:40
Sysido all pop-ups stay or just from specific app?17:40
macsimSysi, seams it's jupiter only17:40
Sysisee if it has settings for notifications17:41
macsimSysi, no preference for this application17:41
strtokI've found that it's difficult to resize windows in xfce. The part of the window where you can click to resize is pretty narrow and sensitive. Is there a way to make it easier to resize?17:50
GridCubestrtok, :) see the xubuntu's faqa17:52
* murfman is away: I'm busy18:32
pleia2murfman: please don't use public away messages here18:33
neguebahey guys, i'm having a problem with my xubuntu. it does not eject pendrives. everytime i try to eject it i get a busy message18:49
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mubbes_hi everybody20:28
* murfman is back (gone 02:01:13)20:33
mubbes_i have a problem under xubuntu precise and quantal with debootstrap, lvm and luks. he doesn't find the root deice. the device mapper doesn't seem to work. Here's the error message, my config and the contents of initrd.img: http://pastebin.com/hWqvmYLV20:37
mubbes_thank you for your help in advance20:38
recon_tvhi, just wanted to ask, how well is the intel HD 3000 graphics supported, looking at a laptop and just wanted to ask20:52
recon_tvnot so sure about no opengl20:52
GridCubeintel drivers are pretty good20:53
Deutopiadont expect much opengl, and dont expect much performance20:53
recon_tvtries to reconcile pretty good and don't expect much?20:56
Deutopiaits a GMA3000. even on windows it doesnt do much20:59
Deutopiaoh HD 3000 my bad. but still20:59
recon_tvI see what you mean, pretty much at the bottom of the table of high end graphics cards21:04
recon_tvstill, probably better than the nvidia m6800 i was using. but it does work ?21:06
Sysishould work great with current ubuntu21:07
GridCubei have found that the current drivers for intel are pretty good21:08
GridCubebut i have a short experience, but then again thats the word on the interwebs21:08
Sysichip isn't totally hopeless with 3D, on windows I've ran left4dead 1&2 and portal nicely21:09
xubuntu43412.04.1-desktop-amd64 crashes trying to install, should I give 32-bit a shot?21:12
recon_tvwell, not much of a gamer. bit of urban terror is about it21:13
xubuntu434I have a QC i7 @2.3Ghz21:13
recon_tvxubuntu434: can you boot a live CD/USB ?21:14
xubuntu434tried that first, but same segfault error21:14
xubuntu434strange really21:14
recon_tvxubuntu434: not really, look like you have a hardware incomparability, what the make and model?21:15
recon_tvxubuntu434: or a buggy install CD/usb21:16
xubuntu434asus n56vz laptop21:16
Sysiimage may also have been damaged while downloading, unless you used torrent21:17
xubuntu434intel hd 4000/nvidia gt 650m graphics21:17
xubuntu434used torrent21:17
recon_tvxubuntu434: ok, check the download files MD5 checksum, seems that other people are using that laptop with ubuntu21:18
Sysiuh oh, switchable graphics may cause problems21:18
Sysirecon_tv: torrent does checksum by itself21:19
recon_tvmaybe disabling optimua in the bios before install?21:20
xubuntu434checking md521:21
xubuntu434md5 checks ok 16fea2603876247caf41f30066bc95e4 for amd-64.iso21:22
xubuntu434recon_tv: AFAIK, no bios level controls to disable optimus on my machine21:27
xubuntu434but I don't think that21:28
xubuntu434that's the issue really21:28
recon_tvxubuntu434: on idea really, was an option that I read somewhere, would of removed one possibility21:29
xubuntu434I see21:29
recon_tvxubuntu434: I'd get the alt install and try that21:29
xubuntu434ok, I guess that can't hurt21:29
recon_tvmaybe pasting the stack trace of the crash would help21:30
xubuntu434yeah, but it doesn't even get to the install portion before segfaulting21:31
recon_tvthe first couple of lines would be the most helpful if it long (which i expect it is)21:31
xubuntu434anyway thanks for your input, I will try the alt cd21:31
xubuntu434from what I can recall, it was an audio issue!21:32
recon_tvxubuntu434: well note it down, would be a great help looking for bug reports21:33
xubuntu434will do21:34
xubuntu434thanks again21:34
nicklasHi. I'm running Ubuntu 12.04, but are having wifi problems. It is slow, takes a long time to connect and is stuck at a speed of 11Mb/s. My laptop have a AR9485. I can see on google this wifi-card is supported by ath9k. Is ath9k installed by default in the kernel? What can i do? Thanks.21:48
recon_tvnicklas: are you sure it's the OS, have you tried changing wifi channel21:58
nicklasrecon_tv: I think so. I have another laptop connected with 54Mb/s speed rate.22:02
recon_tvnicklas: just thought i'd ask, do you really need more than 11Mb/s?22:04
recon_tvnicklas: might be related https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/95170922:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 951709 in linux (Ubuntu) "168c:0032 Atheros AR9485 WiFi card on Acer Aspire One 722 works slow, sometimes crashes" [Medium,Incomplete]22:12
nicklasrecon_tv: 11Mb/s is a bit sad when i have a 100/100Mbit internet connection...22:14
nicklasrecon_tv: I will check out that bug. Thanks22:15
recon_tvnicklas: sure, but how often do you get more than 11Mb/s connection, I 'v only ever seem a d/l hit 8Mb/s once, and that was a ubuntu update.22:16
recon_tvbut nice connection :)22:17
nicklasI guess the speed rating means a much lower actual throughput, i'm getting like 0.5mb/s download22:18
nicklasYes it is :)22:18
nicklasProposed fix in launchpad bug did not work, thanks though. I guess I'll wait for a new kernel update22:19
recon_tvnicklas: whats the make model of the computer?22:23
nicklasSony VAIO SVT13116FXS22:29
recon_tvnicklas: here is another similar problem http://askubuntu.com/questions/178494/very-very-slow-transfer-speeds-between-windows-7-and-samba-server-running-on-ubu22:43
TsavoSSH into a fresh install of Xubuntu (12.04.1) suddenly having the Connection closed. -v flag reveals: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1213903/  usual fixes involving /etc/hosts aren't working23:42
knomeTsavo, i'd maybe even ask #ubuntu, since i doubt this is a xubuntu-specific issue23:44

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