_kbulgrienOk, distributed newb here.  I have a distibuted setup and have pushed/pulled as needed to take a mod from a subordinate branch up to the parent branch.  bzr status shows nothing.  I expected it to show I needed an update.  bzr update got the change.  What should have I done to see that an update was required?03:19
bob2you're pushing commits around03:20
_kbulgrienThanks.  I guess I read `bzr help missing` bzr missing [OTHER_BRANCH] as indicating a branch other than the one I am checked out from... hmm...03:24
_kbulgrienSo if I pulled or pushed something into my checked out branch, I would not expect, from help, to need `bzr missing`.03:24
bob2it depends what 'checked out' means03:25
fullermdIn a light checkout, I believe status tells you when the branch has moved ahead.  In a heavy it won't because that would require connecting up to the remote branch every time, and avoiding that sort of stuff is why you have heavy in the first place.03:26
bob2if it's a bound branch/lightweight checkout, be super careful03:26
* _kbulgrien has forgotten how to tell if a co is lightweight or not03:28
fullermdIf you didn't explicitly make a light one, it's heavy.03:28
lifelessbzr info03:29
lifelessif it says 'checkout of' its heavy.03:29
_kbulgrienbzr info -v doesn't seem to make it clear.   (Yeah, I forgot if I did --lightweight or not)03:29
lifelesspaste the output ?03:29
_kbulgrienok. gotcha.  heavy.03:29
_kbulgrienok, I  can see the heavy/light thing.  Will just need to try to assimilate this mentality.  Am used to non-distributed where getting a status tells you everything.03:32
_kbulgrienwell, successful night then... finally got bzr working to help keep a web host and a local test server tied together via version control so I can develop and push up, etc. to roll out changes.03:34
_kbulgrienSo now I have something real to practice with.03:34
_kbulgrienI sure appreciate irc folks helping here and there to make it happen.  I think I shall call it an evening.  BBL03:36
bob2bound branches:(03:42
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* SamB_MacG5 wonders why bzr-svn has to fetch so much revision info in order to grab -rsvn:115:17
fleaHi, I wish to convert a current/live working directory into a bzr-controlled branch15:39
fleai'm a bit confused about the paths involved compared to when starting a repo from fresh15:39
SamB_MacG5anyone know jelmer's preferred TAB width?18:13
SamB_MacG5oh, it looks like the number I was looking for was "3"18:16
SamB_MacG5hmm, no, wait...18:18
jelmerSamB_MacG5: ideally, tabs in the C code, 4 spaces for python code18:31
jelmerSamB_MacG5: though subvertpy isn't sticking to that everywhere in the C code I think18:32
SamB_MacG5yeah, I hit a place where it doesn't line up without setting `tab-width' to 318:32
SamB_MacG5obviously I didn't mean for the Python code18:33
jelmerSamB_MacG5: where is that?18:33
SamB_MacG5jelmer: adm_add() in wc.c18:35
jelmerSamB_MacG5: that's got all tabs here18:35
SamB_MacG5maybe I'm pulling from the wrong branch...18:36
jelmerSamB_MacG5: http://people.samba.org/bzr/jelmer/subvertpy/trunk/ ?18:37
* SamB_MacG5 was lazy and used lp:subvertpy18:37
SamB_MacG5no new revisions18:38
SamB_MacG5what the heck, trying to pull from the https: version dies on me ...18:40
* SamB_MacG5 blames Subversion18:40
SamB_MacG5or not, the traceback was from the middle of the smart protocol code :-(18:41
SamB_MacG5jelmer: check the line after this again:18:44
SamB_MacG5RUN_SVN_WITH_POOL(temp_pool, svn_wc_add2(18:44
jelmerSamB_MacG5: right, so there is one misalignment.18:45
SamB_MacG5but, don't fix it now, because it'll conflict with what I'm working on ;-)18:46
SamB_MacG5sweet, it built18:50
* SamB_MacG5 looks into the __future__ to figure out how to make the test suite run ..19:06
lifelessSamB_MacG5: which test suite ?19:08
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SamB_MacG5lifeless: subvertpy's19:14
SamB_MacG5darn, now it's segfaulting :-(19:19
lifelessPossibly make check19:23
lifelessor setup.py test19:23
lifelessfailing that read the README :)19:24
SamB_MacG5lifeless: that's what's segfaulting ;-)19:28
SamB_MacG5(no, not the README ;-)19:28
lifelessjelmer may be around, he's in the US atm - jelmer: ^19:28
* jelmer waves19:28
* SamB_MacG5 is trying make gdb-check right now19:28
lifelessjelmer: oh hai19:30
* SamB_MacG5 wishes Apple had provided debugging symbols for Python19:31
jelmerhey lifeless:-)19:31
lifelessjelmer: any thoughts on SamB_MacG5's subverypy segfaults ?19:31
lifelessjelmer: also, have fun and sambacamp :)19:31
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* SamB_MacG5 tries to puzzle out how to get a Python traceback without any debug symbols ...19:59
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SamB_MacG5oh, whoopsie ...20:55
* SamB_MacG5 discovers com.mygreatcompany.pkg.python-fastimport in his receipt database20:56
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delinquentmeok so I've got this dir:  BETY  ... and all of my project files within the BETY folder.  I would like to relocate all of the working files into BETY/trunk  .. .so that I might make another branch ( which contains a bunch of redesign stuff ) in BETY/redesign21:42
delinquentmeright now I've attempted to move all the files from BETY/* to BETY/trunk/* .. but I get complaints in bzr21:42
lifelessdelinquentme: what complains21:44
SamB_MacG5delinquentme: tried moving also BETY/.* to BETY/trunk/.* ?21:45
delinquentmewell as far as bzr status is concerned ... every file was removed21:45
delinquentmeand then I've just got an Unknown:  trunk/21:46
delinquentmefor some reason the mv * didnt copy the bzr files21:47
lifelessthe problem is that trunk is part of BETY/*21:47
lifelessso I think you need to be more specific21:47
lifelessstarting from scratch21:47
lifelessassuming BETY is the root of your branch21:47
lifelessbzr mkdir trunk21:47
SamB_MacG5lifeless: what?21:48
SamB_MacG5why would he want to add a directory called trunk to the branch, exactly?21:48
lifelessSamB_MacG5: thats the scenario given21:49
SamB_MacG5lifeless: I'm pretty sure he wants that to *be* a branch21:49
lifelessdelinquentme: then bzr mv <file> trunk/ - don't use *, because it will pic up trunk as well21:49
lifelessSamB_MacG5: for that, he needs to move them and then use bzr split21:49
lifelessdelinquentme: is BETY the root of a branch, or just a container that contains multiple branches ?21:50
* SamB_MacG5 is pretty sure that delinquentme was just not expecting * not to match names with leading .s21:51
delinquentmeyeah :D21:53
SamB_MacG5jelmer: so, when you "fix compatability with svn 1.4", do you remember to actually run the test suite?21:53
delinquentmewhat SamB_MacG5 said21:53
jelmerSamB_MacG5: it's been a long time since I've run with 1.4 myself21:54
delinquentmeis trunk a bad name for the local version of master branch?21:54
SamB_MacG5well, I think this segfault is beyond me :-(21:55
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delinquentmeand pushing my newly branched "redesign" dir up onto the primary repo?21:59
delinquentmecan I just do bzr push :parent  and have it make the redesign branch on the remote / primary repo?21:59
SamB_MacG5jelmer: could you try running the tests against https://code.launchpad.net/~naesten/subvertpy/1050949-svn-1.4-compat ?22:00
SamB_MacG5delinquentme: probably not ?22:00
SamB_MacG5delinquentme: try "bzr config" to see22:00
delinquentmebzr: ERROR: unknown command "config"22:01
SamB_MacG5works on Bzr 2.3!22:01
SamB_MacG5wow that's old22:03
SamB_MacG5and I thought I was behind22:03
jelmerSamB_MacG5: trying22:03
SamB_MacG5test_committed_queue (subvertpy.tests.test_wc.AdmTests) ...22:04
SamB_MacG5Program received signal EXC_BAD_ACCESS, Could not access memory.22:04
* SamB_MacG5 gets that when he runs "make gdb-check TEST_OPTIONS=-v"22:05
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delinquentmeumm was there a way to add just specific files for a commit?22:33
delinquentmeI know how to add just one file to a commit .. what if I just want to pick out 10 files ?22:33
lifelessbzr commit filename22:34
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delinquentmelifeless, yeah i mean how can I add only a selected number of files22:52
delinquentmeSamB_MacG5, I think I asked about this before .. but the adding multiple files .. but not all files to a commit?22:53
delinquentmeor say .. how to add multiple files and stage them to be comitted22:53
lifelessdelinquentme: there is no staging area in bzr22:55
lifelessdelinquentme: bzr commit file1 file2 file3 etc22:55
mark06hi all, is it possible to overwrite committer in commit log for adding email info (that is, apply bzr whoami "Name <email>" to all places where bzr whoami "Name" has been used)22:57
lifelessthere is a bzr rewrite patch in the bug tracker somewhere22:58
lifelessIIRC jelmer rejected it as not being a common enough use case :)22:58
delinquentmelifeless, can I add all files within a dir?22:59
delinquentmesay $ bzr commit -m "testing" dir1/*  dir5/* dir7/file.txt23:00
lifelessbzr commit -m testing dir1 dir5 dir7/file.txt23:00
delinquentmeto add everything in dir1 and dir5 .. as well as file.txt23:00
lifelessbzr add says *track these files for changes*23:00
lifelessbzr commit says *commit everything*23:00
lifelessbzr commit path1 path2... pathN23:00
mark06some decisions may be painful in future, I should have set an email since beginning, I used to think that was privacy, now I think that was paranoia23:00
lifelesssays commit anything in these paths (that is already tracked)23:01
delinquentmelifeless, so if I havn't added a file yet IE it comes up under "unknown" on a bzr status23:04
delinquentmethose files wont be committed ?23:04
delinquentmeah ok ok23:04
lifelesshave you gone through the tutorial ?23:04
delinquentmeyeah I just get wonked up on some of the difference between this and git23:06
delinquentmewhat about something akin to git commit --amend23:06
delinquentmelike if I want to add new information to a previous commit ( one which I only have locally )23:06
lifelessbzr uncommit; bzr commit23:12
mark06--amend? ugh. So lifeless, if I ever find that bug, I would need to patch bzr myself, right? (and also, change the patch as it's likely outdated)23:21
lifelessmark06: bzr-rewrite is a plugin23:27
lifelessmark06: but yes, with s/bzr/bzr-rewrite/23:27
mark06ok thanks lifeless23:27

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