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bencerstgraber: did u have the chance to try zentyal packages?13:16
stgraberbencer: no13:16
bencerwould be cool to have some feedback13:16
bencerstgraber: i was thinking about uploading final packages13:17
bencerbut now i need to request permission for any upload13:17
stgraberwell, zentyal landed way too late for us to be able to release edubuntu server, so I haven't been looking at it yet as I have higher priority stuff to sort out for 12.10, so don't block on me testing them as I'm not completely sure I'll be able to do that this cycle13:18
bencerwe will try to do it better for next release :-/13:19
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stgraberhighvoltage: mind creating the blueprint for community-r-edubuntu? so we can already add the redisign of the blacklist? I don't want to forget about it18:58
highvoltageyes, it would be a good time since there are a lot of ideas floating around that we shouldn't lose track of18:59
stgraberif you do, can you at least give me a generic "cleanup the cdimage mess" and "implement a better package blacklist"?19:00
highvoltagestgraber: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/edubuntu/+spec/community-r-edubuntu19:01
highvoltageI'll migrate our postponed items too at some point...19:02
stgraberhighvoltage: copy them instead of moving them though, otherwise it messes with the WI history for the current dev release19:02
highvoltageyeah that's the plan, by migrate I meant replacing "POSTPONED" with "TODO" after pasting :)19:03
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