mikhasRiddell, can we finally get this into KUbuntu/KDE properly: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=265452#c21 -- with all the dependencies packaged, too, so that Kyle can finally enjoy predictive text?05:06
ubottuKDE bug 265452 in widget-misc "onscreen keyboard with word completion feature" [Wishlist,New]05:06
mikhasshadeslayer, ^05:06
shadeslayermikhas: looking05:08
shadeslayermikhas: iirc Quintasan was looking into maliit05:11
mikhasbut I never know what the status is05:11
mikhasbecause 1. no one updates the bug report, 2. I have no time to do it myself05:11
mikhas(3. I lack the Plasma/KDE specific knowledge for proper integration anyway.)05:12
shadeslayerhm, afaik he did have some updates, but will be away this week because he is moving05:25
shadeslayerI'll remind him to update the bug report05:25
shadeslayermikhas: emailed him to update the bug report05:27
jussishadeslayer: oh shadeslayer, where art thou!!?05:43
* jussi coughs in shadeslayer's general direction with https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=30730205:44
ubottuKDE bug 307302 in contactlist "KTP crashed after attempting to edit a wrongly configured account" [Crash,Unconfirmed]05:44
jussishadeslayer: I m able to repeat that bug with no issues.05:44
jussihappens everytime05:45
shadeslayerjussi: heh, I was playing with my really old laptop and my TV :P06:02
jussishadeslayer: not acceptable, you need to respond to me withing 30 secconds :P :P06:02
shadeslayersaw your mail on the telly06:02
shadeslayerwas going through the bt, but the font is a wee bit small06:02
shadeslayerotoh reading planet.kde.org and planet.ubuntu.com is such a pleasure06:04
shadeslayerjussi: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9p32xopiqmzta5o/IMAG0330.jpg06:12
shadeslayertext is blurry in that pic though06:12
shadeslayermikhas: the onscreen keyboard on W7 is amazing :O06:14
jussishadeslayer: picture? 06:20
shadeslayerjussi: I can't reproduce your crash06:22
shadeslayeratleast not on 0.506:23
mikhasshadeslayer, it is06:23
jussishadeslayer: you fail06:23
jussishadeslayer: I can reproduce everytime06:23
shadeslayerjussi: https://www.dropbox.com/s/655z817nnzut1m4/IMAG0331.jpg06:23
jussihi soee06:24
soeesoftware-center ubuntu-desktop - can i remove safely this ?06:24
skreech__soee: I guess06:44
soeeshadeslayer, 06:59
soeeupgrade 12.04 => 12.1006:59
soeeCould not install 'libjbig0'06:59
soeeThe upgrade will continue but the 'libjbig0' package may not be in a working state. Please consider submitting a bug report about it.06:59
soeehow important is this package ?07:00
soeesame with libtiff507:08
Riddellsoee: how did you upgrade?09:20
soeeRiddell, followin the website instructions09:20
soeeabyway looks liek apt-get -f install after upgrade solved the problem09:21
soeeit install them with :i38609:21
Riddellthose libraries are being transitioned to new versions, I guess that's not complete yet09:25
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Riddellbut it'll need to be for this week's beta for sure09:25
Riddellmorning Mamarok 09:25
Mamarokmorning Riddell :)09:25
Mamarokgreets from Randa09:25
RiddellMamarok: legs good enough to travel on?09:26
Mamarokyes, since quite some time, this is 3 months now already09:26
Mamarokonly thing that will bother me for another year or so is going downstairs, can't do the movement right because of the nuts and bolts inside the leg09:27
Tm_TrMamarok: good to hear you're getting better (:09:27
MamarokTm_Tr: thanks :)09:28
Tm_TMamarok: going to UDS?09:51
MamarokTm_T: no, as I didn't get sponsored09:51
Tm_TMamarok: not even Kubuntu-sponsored?09:51
MamarokTm_T: I didn't make a request for that as I think the money is better spend on developers09:52
mah454Hello 10:25
mah454KDE have delay login sound !10:26
mah454i must wait for some second (10 - 15 S) for hear KDE login Sound ! 10:26
mah454How can fix this problem ?10:26
Riddellmah454: #kubuntu for questions generally10:32
mah454Riddell: do not answer to my Question ! :(10:33
valoriemah454: this channel isn't for user support, sorry10:39
BluesKajHIyas all12:44
* Darkwing waves12:50
RiddellDarkwing: I don't support you remember how to generate the .pot files for kubuntu-docs?12:51
=== Mamarok is now known as Guest16242
DarkwingI wrote a script for it...13:29
Darkwingit sould be in /scripts13:29
DarkwingRiddell: ^^13:30
Riddellyep, got it13:31
DarkwingSorry, I'm back on mobile for a couple weeks.13:34
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ScottKAnyone have an opinion if these symbol changes are problematic? https://launchpadlibrarian.net/116989540/buildlog_ubuntu-quantal-amd64.libdbusmenu-qt_0.9.2-0ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz13:41
debfxScottK: they are harmless13:50
ScottKdebfx: Thanks.13:50
debfxqt3 removal is only blocked by inguma and lsb :)13:51
ScottKlsb got uploaded though, right?13:51
ScottKAnd inguma's a removal?13:52
debfxnope, lsd-desktop still depends on qt313:53
debfxwe should probably file a RM bug for inguma in Debian13:53
Riddelldpm: here's the kubuntu docs as they stand including the .pot files starsky.19inch.net/~jr/tmp/kubuntu-docs_12.10.1.tar.gz13:57
Riddelldpm: are you able to take the .pot files and get them into launchpad?13:57
Riddellor is there another layout I should be giving them to you?13:57
dpmRiddell, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1224552/14:05
dpmcan't seem to be able to download it14:05
Riddelldpm: try now14:06
dpmRiddell, I can open it now, but I can't find the .pot files14:07
Riddelldpm: e.g. kubuntu-docs-12.10.1/docs/hardware/po/kubuntu-docs-hardware.pot ?14:07
dpmactually, I can find them, but I've got a question:14:07
Riddellwhat's that?14:09
dpmsorry, just a sec, I'm looking at the current 12.04 templates in LP14:10
dpmRiddell, so the templates in the tarball seem to match what's on https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/+source/kubuntu-docs (I haven't checked them all, though). So I think the layout is fine. So the questions I've got are only: why do we need to upload them manually (i.e. would an upload to precise-proposed not do?)? Why do we need a .1 update of the templates?14:12
Riddelldpm: kubuntu-docs is now in universe so I don't think it'll appear automatically in launchpad after an upload14:13
Riddelldpm: the .1 is just the version number for the first upload, it's not an update14:14
dpmRiddell, ah, sorry, I was reading 12.04.1, my fault14:14
dpmall clear now14:14
dpmRiddell, we've got a feature to enable universe translations for selected packages in LP. You can simply add the changes required to the package (scroll to the bottom of the page at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Translations/Universe_Translations_in_LP) and do the upload. Then LP will take care of importing the .pot files. You can have a look at banshee and gnome-panel for packages where we've enabled this feature14:17
Riddelldpm: oh interesting14:17
dpmRiddell, a caveat: bug 1048556 - but I don't think it affects the docs packages, as the translations need to be fetched manually from LP as usual, and are not shipped in the language packs14:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1048556 in Launchpad itself "Language pack translations export needs to add universe packages to domain map" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104855614:18
Riddelldpm: ok I'll just do that14:20
dpmRiddell, let me know when you've done the upload, so that I can accept the templates the first time round in the translations imports queue14:20
ScottKdebfx: Sorry.  I was confused.  I was mis-remembering the alsa-tools upload as lsb.14:28
xnoxScottK: alsa-tools accepted by cjwatson. No lsb upload as far as I can see.14:51
xnoxAnd please cherry-pick a patch from debian to drop qt3 depends in lsb, instead of removing it.14:52
* xnox is not familiar with lsb package at all... maybe ask on #ubuntu-devel ?!14:52
Riddellit's not an upstream source, it's mostly a meta package, not something that can be patched as such14:55
Riddelldpm_: uploaded14:55
dpm_Riddell, thanks, I'll keep an eye on the imports queue and accept them when I see them14:57
Riddelloh it'll be in unapproved so I don't know when that'll be14:58
ScottKdebfx: If you want to go ahead and fix the inguma Recommends in Ubuntu, please do so.  Waiting on Debian is probably pointless.15:11
ScottKRemoved scim-bridge.15:11
ScottKUpload done for libdbusmenu-qt FTBFS.15:37
debfxScottK: well the fix would be package removal15:58
ScottKdebfx: Oh.  I'll do that then, but I thought it just recommended Qt3.  Is that wrong?15:59
ScottKMeh.  Doing.16:05
debfxScottK: it could be fixed but the package is obviously unmaintained16:06
ScottKOK.  It's gone.16:06
debfxI guess we have to wait for lsb until after the beta release?16:09
txwikingerThis amazon ad thing.. is that only a unity thing, or does it have an effect on kubuntu?16:12
debfxno, that's just a unity dash feature (or anti-feature)16:19
txwikingerSo it is automatically on if you have unity installed? 16:19
txwikingerI mean does it affect anything when you are in kubuntu desktop?16:20
txwikingeroh and also.. I think since I upgraded my kubuntu netbook to quantal, I have a guest login... is that automatically added?16:22
ScottKtxwikinger: Yes.  We switched to light-dm and it came with that.16:23
txwikingerWell.. Not sure if I like that.. can you disable it?16:23
Riddelltxwikinger: yes you can change it in system settings16:26
Riddelltxwikinger: amazon feature doesn't touch kubuntu, it's part of unity16:26
txwikingerAh found it Riddell.. thanks 16:28
Riddelltxwikinger: how did you upgrade?16:30
Riddelltxwikinger: groovy, any problems?16:30
txwikingerInterestingly, I did it with both, my netbook and my laptop.. It seems only to be in the netbook16:31
txwikingerNope not really16:31
txwikingerI already had kde4.9 installed anyway16:31
txwikingerSo I did not really see a lot of differences16:31
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txwikingerOh. yeah.. the quassel issue came up again.. Everytime I upgrade, quassel seem to lose the configuration16:32
txwikingerbut that seem to be more a quassel than a kubuntu issue16:32
Riddelltxwikinger: what all configuration?16:33
shadeslayerScottK: re bug 1054084, who uploads it? me and then backporters approve? or someone from the backporters team?16:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1054084 in Precise Backports "Please backport kmymoney 4.6.3-1 (universe) from quantal" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/105408416:33
txwikingerthe information where to find the core etc16:33
txwikingerAh.. I see why my laptop is different.. I still run kdm, not lightdm apparently16:34
micahgshadeslayer: normally, the backporter uploads/accepts16:34
shadeslayerah ok16:34
* shadeslayer will wait for someone to upload then16:34
* micahg wonders why ScottK just marked it as approved vs doing something with it though16:35
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shadeslayer!find git-import-dsc19:16
ubottuFile git-import-dsc found in git-buildpackage19:16
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SaviqScottK, hey, if you have time, could you please take a look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-font-family/+bug/744812/comments/53 for a workaround for the Ubuntu Medium fonts and report back on the FFe bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-font-family-sources/+bug/104860020:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 744812 in ubuntu-font-family-sources (Ubuntu Quantal) "FontConfig/Qt stack choke on Ubuntu Medium font meta-data (No medium in Inkscape and too bold in Qt apps)" [High,Confirmed]20:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1048600 in ubuntu-font-family-sources (Ubuntu Quantal) "[FFe] Restore "Ubuntu Medium" weights in Ubuntu's binary .deb" [High,Triaged]20:05
Saviqdebfx_, you're probably interested, too20:09
highvoltageis there a policy when application don't have icons?20:23
highvoltageRocs doesn't have an icon and it looks pretty ugly in the Edubuntu menus20:23
highvoltagewould it be ok if we add something that looks more or less appropriate for 13.04 if the upstream authors don't have something yet?20:23
highvoltageor maybe we could at least do a call for submissions on their part and co-ordinate that with them.20:24
highvoltageI think I just answered my own question in part.20:24
highvoltagehighvoltage: self-^5!20:24
Riddellhighvoltage: add one for 12.10 if you can find one20:25
Riddellit's just like any other "patch", make sure to send it upstream20:25
highvoltageRiddell: it's too late for 12.10 though, isn't it?20:26
Riddellhighvoltage: it's a bug fix, I'd be all for it20:26
RiddellSaviq: ah excellent20:27
highvoltageRiddell: ok great, perhaps I could whip something together that looks almost like the one on the wikipedia page on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graph_theory20:27
highvoltagehmm, maybe I could even make the graph spell an "R"20:28
Riddellhighvoltage: I think graphics/icon.svg is intended to be the icon20:29
highvoltageah! it wasn't there when I looked a few months ago20:29
RiddellSaviq: I'm thinking report it upstream then just throw it in the ubuntu package20:32
SaviqRiddell, I think it's more or less reported upstream, but that patch won't get upstream20:32
RiddellSaviq: why not?20:33
SaviqRiddell, 'cause it's a workaround20:33
Saviqthe real issue is that Qt only has 5 weights, whereas the "industry standard" is 820:34
Saviqso the real fix would be to implement the 8 weights in QFont20:34
Saviqbut that requires digging in all the backends / platforms20:34
SaviqRiddell, unless you think that workaround could get upstream as a temporary measure20:36
highvoltageRiddell: so, adding "graphics/icon.svg usr/share/icons/Rocs.svg" will fix that, any objections against doing it like that?20:37
Riddellhighvoltage: yeah that's fine I guess, might be an idea to check if there's a bug upstream to do it properly20:38
sladenSaviq: it doesn't necessaryily require "digging in all the backends"  The enum is being used to generate a value 0..100 (in the case of Qt);  it's the granularity of that value into buckets on the backend that is sub-optimal (wrong) in the case of FC as the backend20:42
sladenThere's a few issue.  (a) a Typo x2.  (b) asking for MEDIUM from FC, not REGULAR.  (c) the bucket mapping to/from.  This patch tries to fix the first two, and workaround the third without breaking the API.  And in the other half of the #if/#else provides a more thorough end solution for (c)20:44
ScottKmicahg: What busy.20:49
ScottKSaviq: What's the upstream status of your Qt patch.  Did you ask to have it reviewed?20:50
Saviqsladen, yeah, that's true, backends could be fixed on a case-by-case basis20:50
* ScottK finished reading the backscroll.20:51
SaviqScottK, not really, no, never intended that to get upstream in that form20:51
ScottKNot in favor of distro unique 'work arounds' that have no hope of going away.20:51
sladenScottK: anyone in particular?  or just  git blame  the original author (even if we're only going to distro ship it for this cycle)20:51
ScottKsladen: Why just for this cycle?  20:52
ScottKUnless someone's volunteering to write the correct fix, there's no reason to think it won't be indefinite.20:52
sladenScottK: so that we can get the Enum expanded upstream for Qt 5.120:52
sladenScottK: the fix is already in that patch, behind  #if/#else  // Uncomment this after the API + Enum is fixed20:53
ScottKIt'll be a lot more than one cycle before Qt 5.1 is the default Qt for anything.20:53
sladenhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-font-family/+bug/744812/+attachment/3335804/+files/fix_medium_font.diff  <-- 20:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 744812 in ubuntu-font-family-sources (Ubuntu Quantal) "FontConfig/Qt stack choke on Ubuntu Medium font meta-data (No medium in Inkscape and too bold in Qt apps)" [High,Confirmed]20:54
sladenScottK: I can add more commentage to the patch if it's useful20:55
* ScottK has to go. Be back later.20:55
ScottKI think more about how we get out of this mess is more imporant.20:55
highvoltage### debian_qt_kde.mk can only be used with packages (originally) maintained by20:55
highvoltage### Debian Qt/KDE Maintainers, please read /usr/share/pkg-kde-tools/qt-kde-team/README20:55
highvoltagedoes that mean I should let one of you guys get this?20:55
Saviqsladen, I'll put that patch and more info on the QTBUG20:55
highvoltage(filed on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/rocs/+bug/1055769 , btw)20:56
Saviqhoping for someone to review it20:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1055769 in rocs (Ubuntu) "[UIFe] Rocs icon not installed by default" [Medium,Confirmed]20:56
Riddellhighvoltage: no we're not precious, go ahead21:00
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kubotu::qt-bugs:: [1024402] Text cursor in wrong cell in calligrawords @ https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1024402 (by Jonathan Riddell)21:19
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