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toafanI've been trying to bind Alt-Space to the window menu (or 'Operation Menu', as it seems KWin calls it), but I can't find any way to do so.  Help?01:50
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skreech_toafan: Let me take a look02:51
skreech_toafan: alt+F2-> global -> select Kwin -> filter for operations -> Change to Custom -> Alt+Space -> Hit apply02:58
ussher_im trying to use cmake-gui to build sumwars (a game) from source.  its telling me "Required library POCO not found"  How do I know what package to install to provide POCO?03:32
ussher_im assuming i have to apt-get something, but dont know what.03:33
tsimpsona good way to start is by searching for what it says, like "apt-cache search poco", but as it actually says "library", you can narrow that down by prefixing "lib": eg  "apt-cache search libpoco"03:34
tsimpsonand, as you've compiling software, you'll want the development version, those all end in -dev03:35
ussher_awesome tsimpson03:35
ussher_that works, there it is.  'libpoco-dev'03:35
ussher_ill try that03:35
ussher_nice.  configure worked smoothly.  got a 'generate done' message.  looks like it worked03:36
ussher_thank you03:37
tsimpsonyou're welcome03:37
drcodehi all06:00
drcodeI have found strange bug with ati amd 7750 , under kubuntu 12.04 I can't run opengl , it work on ubuntu with unity , any idea?06:00
skreech__you can't run opengl?06:01
thechefdrcode: how do you know opengl is not working?06:02
drcodeIt work only if I move the opengl window it self06:02
drcodeI tryied to run fglx_gear06:03
drcodeWhen I have switch to gnome , it worked perfect06:03
drcodealso I have tryied to use dolphine-emu with gamecubes06:03
drcodeI have also open ticket in ati amd , but I think it releted to kde or somthing06:04
skreech__drcode: might be Kwin? do you have desktop effects on?06:22
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drcodehi skfin06:34
drcodehi skreech__06:34
drcodewhat is kwin06:34
drcodeI just install kubuntu and installed catalyst driver06:35
skreech__drcode: kwin is the window manager.06:42
skreech__drcode: press alt+F2 -> effects  -> choose desktop effects06:43
skreech__Is that enabled or no?06:43
Moomooany chinese?06:44
ubottu如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw06:44
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drcodeI will have to reinstall kububntu again07:47
drcodethanx skreech__07:47
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nickycHow do I install KDE 4.9.2?07:53
tsimpsonsame answer as you got in #kde07:55
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qw[Russian]hello all08:23
qw[Russian]help me please now i install xampp but i am not see an search were i install08:23
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spexiHi! Anyone happen to know, why I'm getting a prompt box on startup, showing only white X on red background and saying "Invalid option: -session"09:31
spexiWhat is starting on system startup and why this error message happens?09:31
lordievaderGood morning10:05
lordievaderHey qw[Russian], how are you today?10:16
qw[Russian]lordievader: so so10:17
qw[Russian]and you ?10:17
lordievaderqw[Russian]: Oh I'm doing good. Not considering my homework...10:18
qw[Russian]and I prepare for house cleaning)10:19
qw[Russian]lordievader: ш рфму щту йгуыешщт ащк нщг,10:19
qw[Russian]lordievader: i have one question for you *10:20
lordievaderqw[Russian]: That are a lot of ?10:20
qw[Russian]lordievader: what is you name ?)10:20
lordievaderqw[Russian]: That is exactly the thing I like about IRC it is anonymous. So I rather not tell.10:20
qw[Russian]okey i am away clear my room10:22
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phoenix_firebrdhello everyone11:54
qw[Russian]help me please12:00
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: hi12:01
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: english?12:01
qw[Russian]i would like edit one document but after edit i click save and see error12:01
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: what error?12:02
qw[Russian]first - edit this file: https-xampp.conf12:02
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: where is the file ? location?12:03
qw[Russian]The document can't be kept, as it was not possible to write down in / opt/lampp/etc/extra/httpd-xampp.conf.12:03
qw[Russian] 12:03
qw[Russian]Check the rights to record in this file and existence of an available place on a disk.12:03
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: did you open the file for editing with root permissioms?12:04
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: did you open the file for editing with root permissions?12:04
qw[Russian]were open root permissions ?12:04
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: open terminal and run this command "sudo kate opt/lampp/etc/extra/httpd-xampp.conf"12:04
phoenix_firebrdit will ask for password,put the password and it will open the document12:05
qw[Russian]qw@ubuntu or root@ubuntu ?12:05
phoenix_firebrdnow you will be able to save the file12:05
phoenix_firebrddid you open the terminal?12:06
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: run this command sudo kate opt/lampp/etc/extra/httpd-xampp.conf12:06
qw[Russian]but after paste i have very very error12:06
phoenix_firebrdhow did you paste?12:07
qw[Russian]copy pate12:07
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: ignore that, did the file open in the editor?12:08
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: did you edit it?12:08
qw[Russian]file open but file is clear (12:08
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: right click the file and go to properties12:09
tsimpsonerm, it'd be "kdesudo kate /opt/lampp/etc/extra/httpd-xampp.conf"12:09
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tsimpsonkdesudo not sudo, and missing initial /12:09
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: then in the properties dialog , goto the permissions tab and the owner of the file12:09
phoenix_firebrdtsimpson: why not sudo?12:10
tsimpson!kdesudo | phoenix_firebrd12:10
ubottuphoenix_firebrd: In KDE use « kdesudo <program> »  to run graphical applications with root privileges when you have to. Never just use "sudo"! | See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to find out why.12:10
tsimpsonbasically, kdesudo fixes issues sudo has with GUI apps, so it's a good thing12:10
phoenix_firebrdtsimpson: But what if you want to debug?12:12
qw[Russian]tsimpson: phoenix_firebrd: thank you12:12
phoenix_firebrdWalzmyn: problem solved?12:12
tsimpsonphoenix_firebrd: debug what?12:12
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: problem solved?12:12
tsimpsonphoenix_firebrd: just output from the app? kdesudo doesn't interfere with it, exactly the same as sudo12:13
phoenix_firebrdtsimpson: eg kate12:13
tsimpsonjust run from a terminal12:13
qw[Russian]maybe i restart xampp12:13
phoenix_firebrdtsimpson: the blog says its a bug12:15
tsimpsonphoenix_firebrd: the bug is with gtksudo12:16
tsimpsonwe use, the far superior, KDESudo ;)12:16
phoenix_firebrdtsimpson: I like kdesudo , but still i am not convinced using sudo is a problem, i have to read the blog fully to understand the issue12:17
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: did you edit the file ?12:18
qw[Russian]yes but i write and see error (12:18
qw[Russian]phoenix_firebrd: and you maybe see this error
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: where do you see the error, in the terminal or as a message?12:20
tsimpsonphoenix_firebrd: run "sudo konsole", and type "echo $USER $HOME $PWD", compare that to running the same in "sudo konsole"12:20
tsimpson* "kdesudo konsole" for the second one12:21
phoenix_firebrdtsimpson: ok12:21
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qw[Russian]phoenix_firebrd: do you see this error?12:22
phoenix_firebrdtsimpson: got it12:24
phoenix_firebrdtsimpson: in that case the app uses a dir in root for configs?12:24
tsimpsonphoenix_firebrd: with kdesudo it uses /root, without it could overwrite files in the users $HOME, but as root12:25
tsimpsonif you're unlucky enough that the app write a new config file, the user can't store their settings without a sudo chown12:26
phoenix_firebrdtsimpson: ya12:26
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: i can't understand your problem , i will paste the snap of the error message you seny12:27
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: is this the error message you mean? http://imagebin.org/22960812:29
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: you get the error in the browser?12:30
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: you have to configure the permissions in the httpd-xampp.conf file and that can be done only from the local network as said by the error message12:33
qw[Russian]i am configure file12:33
qw[Russian]edit file *12:34
phoenix_firebrdI think you are having problem configuring a network server , am i right?12:34
qw[Russian]i would like install site but this problem dont have instsll site12:35
tsimpsontry accessing it from
qw[Russian]join in 127 but i see only "welcome xampp for Linux12:37
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phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]:  ask for help in this channel #httpd12:40
BluesKajHIyas all12:44
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: hi12:45
BluesKajhi phoenix_firebrd12:46
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: do you know how to configure a server?12:46
BluesKajthat's a pretty general question ..what kind of server , phoenix_firebrd ?12:47
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: needs help in configuring a xampp server12:47
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: ^12:47
BluesKajqw[Russian], http://freshtutorial.com/install-xamp-ubuntu/ , this should help you12:51
BluesKajphoenix_firebrd, ^12:54
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: he has installed xampp and the server is running, now doesnt know how to configure it13:02
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lordievaderGood afternoon13:07
phoenix_firebrdlordievader: good evening13:08
qw[Russian]good day13:08
lordievaderHey qw[Russian]13:09
lordievaderqw[Russian]: From where the sad smiley?13:10
qw[Russian]but i not understand why ?13:11
lordievaderqw[Russian]: I'm sorry, what?13:11
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: thats not the error log13:13
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: check if you have this file \xampp\apache\logs\error.log13:13
qw[Russian]in linux \xampp\apache\logs\error.log ?13:14
lordievaderBackslash is Windows?13:14
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: yes13:14
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: In that case , check if you have this file /xampp/apache/logs/error.log13:15
lordievaderSince when does xampp get it's own folder on root?13:15
qw[Russian]The file or the folder doesn't exist13:16
phoenix_firebrdlordievader:  opt/xampp/apache/logs/error.log ?13:17
qw[Russian]maybe lampp ?13:17
lordievaderphoenix_firebrd: That looks more like it... though it would be strange. Why wouldn't xampp keep it's logs in /var/log/?13:18
phoenix_firebrdlordievader: ya13:18
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]:  /opt/lampp/logs/error_log13:18
lordievaderqw[Russian]: There is a syntax error in /opt/lampp/etc/extra/httpd-xampp.conf13:20
qw[Russian]and ?13:20
lordievaderqw[Russian]: That is probably the cause of Apache failing to start...13:21
Smurphyyou have a: * somewhere in the middle of the file.13:21
Smurphyand it is noty valid.13:21
lordievaderqw[Russian]: Did you edit the httpd config file?13:22
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: you have some problem in the config file, you might have done some mistake while editing it13:22
lordievaderqw[Russian]: Well somewhere you made an error, so you need to go back and fix it.13:22
qw[Russian]root@ubuntu:~# sudo kate opt/lampp/etc/extra/httpd-xampp.conf13:26
qw[Russian]No protocol specified13:26
qw[Russian]kate: cannot connect to X server :0.013:26
qw[Russian] 13:26
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: try "kdesudo kate opt/lampp/etc/extra/httpd-xampp.conf"13:27
qw[Russian]root@ubuntu:~# kdesudo kate opt/lampp/etc/extra/httpd-xampp.conf13:28
qw[Russian]No protocol specified13:28
qw[Russian]kdesudo: cannot connect to X server :0.013:28
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: what?13:28
lordievaderqw[Russian]: First do "export DISPLAY=:0"13:28
lordievaderqw[Russian]: Or use nano.13:28
juliansor sudo kate opt/lampp/etc/extra/httpd-xampp.conf or nano13:29
phoenix_firebrdlordievader: you are in tty?13:29
lordievaderphoenix_firebrd: Ssh.13:29
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: ^13:29
qw[Russian]lordievader: what is does ?13:29
lordievaderqw[Russian]: What the export command do? It changes an enviroment variable. In this case where the Xserver is located.13:30
qw[Russian][16:28:42] <lordievader> qw[Russian]: First do "export DISPLAY=:0"13:30
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phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: are you using konsole?13:30
phoenix_firebrdlordievader: why is he getting this error first13:31
lordievaderqw[Russian]: Anyhow it is a good idea to use nano, then you don't have to meddle with X11.13:31
lordievaderphoenix_firebrd: What error exactly? The X server one?13:32
phoenix_firebrdlordievader: ya13:32
qw[Russian]i am not understand all13:32
lordievaderphoenix_firebrd: Because it cannot find the X server on :0.0 The enviroment variable tells it is there but appearently it isn't.13:33
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: try this "sudo nano opt/lampp/etc/extra/httpd-xampp.conf"13:33
lordievaderqw[Russian]: Nano is a cli text editor.13:33
qw[Russian]try  and ?13:33
phoenix_firebrdlordievader: just now he was working with the konsole and everthing was ok13:33
lordievaderqw[Russian]: If you want to get into Linux servers (web, samba, etc) it is usefull to know your way around with the terminal (cli = command line interface = terminal)13:34
lordievaderphoenix_firebrd: Hmm, odd. Perhaps he changed the variable somewhere?13:34
qw[Russian]how to me to open a notebook with the rights of root?13:35
lordievaderqw[Russian]: Use the command phoenix_firebrd showed you, sudo nano /opt/lampp/etc/extra/httpd-xampp.conf13:35
FloodBotK1qw[Russian]: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:37
lordievaderqw[Russian]: Now you need to find the error (syntax error) and fix it.13:37
qw[Russian]but i am go to phpmyadmin13:38
lordievaderqw[Russian]: Is the syntax error fixed? In other words is Apache running?13:39
qw[Russian]2 - running13:39
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: you have to learn about apache server and how to configure, if you skip that , you will find difficulty if something goes wrong13:40
lordievaderqw[Russian]: Hmm well ok, than you should be able to go to phpmyadmin, with your browser go to http://<ip-of-server>/phpmyadmin13:40
qw[Russian]and see:13:41
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qw[Russian]New XAMPP security concept:13:41
qw[Russian] 13:41
qw[Russian]Access to the requested object is only available from the local network.13:41
qw[Russian] 13:41
qw[Russian]This setting can be configured in the file "httpd-xampp.conf".13:41
FloodBotK1qw[Russian]: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:41
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: try this ""13:41
lordievaderqw[Russian]: Euhmm no thanks. It is set to only allow requests from inside the network, so try whay phoenix_firebrd suggests.13:42
qw[Russian]I SEE this error13:42
lordievaderqw[Russian]: No need to get angry.13:42
qw[Russian]sorry CapsLock )13:42
lordievaderqw[Russian]: Where is the Apache/Lampp/Xampp service running?13:43
lordievaderqw[Russian]: On your current machine?13:43
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: Is this your ip from where you trying to configure ?13:43
qw[Russian]lordievader: phoenix_firebrd:  yes yes13:44
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qw[Russian] is real ip13:44
lordievaderqw[Russian]: So use what phoenix_firebrd says then,
qw[Russian]lordievader: [16:42:11]13:45
nickycWhere does man search for manpages if MANPATH is unset?13:45
phoenix_firebrdlordievader: does the config file contain user credentials ?13:45
lordievaderphoenix_firebrd: Which config file?13:46
phoenix_firebrdlordievader: /opt/lampp/etc/extra/httpd-xampp.conf13:46
nickycIgnore my question.13:47
lordievaderphoenix_firebrd: I do not run a xampp server... but since it is the httpd (apache) config file I do not think so.13:47
phoenix_firebrdlordievader:  have you seen this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxwemr3IpmM  I feel i am in the same situation now13:48
lordievaderphoenix_firebrd: Hehehe, I haven't seen it. Funny clip though.13:49
phoenix_firebrdlordievader: its very funny :D13:50
lordievaderqw[Russian]: So what does phpmyadmin on localhost ( show?13:51
qw[Russian]lordievader: http://pastebin.com/0u6N6KmV13:52
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: i found solution13:53
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11999371/access-to-the-requested-object-is-only-available-from-the-local-network-phpmyadm13:54
qw[Russian]1 minute13:55
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: use kate instead of vim or if you get that xserver error  use nano13:55
lordievaderSomehow I'm starting to think downloading Apache + PHP + MySQL seperately is much easier...13:55
lordievaderqw[Russian]: Wasn't kate the one who threw the xserver error?13:55
lordievaderphoenix_firebrd: ^13:55
qw[Russian]start is good13:56
lordievaderqw[Russian]: My last message was for phoenix_firebrd, sorry.13:56
phoenix_firebrdlordievader: ya13:56
qw[Russian]but you you and i see one message =)13:56
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phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: did you paste the edited httpd-xampp.conf or unedited one?14:00
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: after editing did you restart the server?14:01
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: whats happening now?14:02
hanibanahi. I'm using Kubuntu with nearly latest updates. In my system, after about 1 day uptime, plasma-desktop and ksysgaurd processes start to consume 89-90 % of cpu usage, and things become slow. What can be wrong with this?14:06
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: goto this line in the config file "<Directory "/opt/lampp/phpmyadmin">"14:07
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: after this " Allow from all" add the line "Require all granted"14:08
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phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]:  like this http://pastebin.com/n0Bh93Fj14:09
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: finished editing?14:11
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: restart the server and check14:11
BluesKajhanibana, it could be the desktop search in system settings (file indexer) and akonadi file server , which you may not need14:12
BluesKajhanibana, desktop search aka nepomuk14:12
qw[Russian]phoenix_firebrd: i see: You have been problem connect from
hanibanaBluesKaj: but, thay have not separate processes? they executed under plasma-desktop and ksysgaurd?14:13
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: in browser?14:13
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]:  try this "http://localhost/phpmyadmin/"14:14
hanibanaBluesKaj: btw, I had disabled file indexer (nepomuk), but, always using Kontact then akonadi.14:15
BluesKajhanibana, I think they come under ksystem guard , since it's the system monitor14:15
hanibanaBluesKaj: it's somewhat weird for me that why this happens just after 1 day...14:15
BluesKajhanibana, have you updated and upgraded since your install ?14:16
hanibanaBluesKaj: yes. about a week ago.14:16
hanibanahanibana: any log file or something to see what plasma-desktop currently doing?14:17
hanibanasorry! BluesKaj14:18
qw[Russian]phoenix_firebrd: (14:21
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: I have no more ideas14:21
qw[Russian]okey thank14:21
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: I like putin14:22
BluesKajhanibana, you should update/upgrade every few days , suggest you try now , just to be sure14:22
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: you are welcome14:22
hanibanaBluesKaj: yes I am doing.14:22
qw[Russian]phoenix_firebrd: yu are speak russian ?14:22
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: no14:23
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: come to #kubuntu-offtopic14:23
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phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: instead of "Allow from all"   put "Allow from ::1"15:16
qw[Russian]phoenix_firebrd: this15:19
qw[Russian]phoenix_firebrd: Firefox can't establish connection with the server
lordievaderEuhmm you are both wrong localhost =
lordievaderUnless you are talking about IPv6 then it is something else...'15:21
qw[Russian]phoenix_firebrd: yes refresh15:21
qw[Russian]lordievader: i dont use IPv615:21
lordievaderqw[Russian]: it is then.15:22
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: also try instead of
qw[Russian]1 - join15:22
qw[Russian]but redirect from /xampp15:23
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: working?15:23
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: In that case the problem is solved15:23
lordievaderqw[Russian]: Still a good idea to run the security script.15:24
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: for me access is denied15:24
qw[Russian]lordievader: were the secirity script ?15:24
lordievaderqw[Russian]: No idea, long time ago that I used Xampp. I do know it is somewhere, check security in the control panel.15:25
qw[Russian]lordievader: phoenix_firebrd:  http://profile.at.ua/_ph/1/254626805.png15:26
lordievaderqw[Russian]: It says so right there! /opt/lampp/lampp security15:27
phoenix_firebrdlordievader: isnt the owncloud better than this?15:28
qw[Russian]lordievader:  http://profile.at.ua/_ph/1/933775176.png were ?15:28
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: run this command "/opt/lampp/lampp security"15:29
lordievaderqw[Russian]: Run the command from the terminal... (the first thing you need to think when you hear server is terminal)15:29
lordievaderphoenix_firebrd: What do you mean with owncload?15:29
lordievaderqw[Russian]: What?!?15:29
lordievaderqw[Russian]: Do you want my help or not?15:30
phoenix_firebrdlordievader: I mean for personal use15:31
lordievaderphoenix_firebrd: I'm not following.15:31
phoenix_firebrdlordievader: nothing15:31
lordievaderqw[Russian]: Do as it says...15:31
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: thats all, restart the server and check15:35
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: photo?15:36
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]:  new http://profile.at.ua/_ph/1/920494004.png15:36
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: sorry15:37
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]:  new http://profile.at.ua/_ph/1/254626805.png15:37
qw[Russian]but site say: write login and pass15:37
qw[Russian]question: what is login ?15:37
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: ya, put the username and password that you set now15:37
qw[Russian]phoenix_firebrd: but i am set only pass15:38
qw[Russian]user: lampp15:38
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: ya15:38
qw[Russian]but the task was not in protection and in redirect with xampp on index.php15:40
ikoniaxampp, and there is your mistake15:41
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: do you see this http://profile.at.ua/_ph/1/254626805.png15:41
ikoniawhy are you using xampp and not a standard lamp stack ?15:41
qw[Russian]phoenix_firebrd:  http://profile.at.ua/_ph/1/869579471.png15:43
lordievaderHmm does xampp no longer supply a mail server?15:43
ikoniawhy are you using xampp and not a standard lamp stack ?15:43
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: that all15:44
ana_i have a question. Will anything be done in 12.10 with font reset bug when changing wallpaper or other things in apperance?15:44
ikoniaana_: is there a bug logged ?15:45
ana_yea, since 201015:45
ikoniaana_: ok, so track the bug, if you see fix for 12.10, then "yes"15:45
phoenix_firebrdana_: bug number or link?15:45
ana_1sec ill look for the number of bug15:46
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qw[Russian]what set chnod 777 ?15:48
ana_http://www.kubuntuforums.net/showthread.php?56517-workaround-font-size-keeps-resetting its the forum thread about it and bug https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=256519 and sometimes it triggers even without reboot, just changing wallpaper or other thing in apperance15:49
ubottuKDE bug 256519 in general "Font settings reset after a reboot" [Normal,Unconfirmed]15:49
ana_i heard its related to kubuntu as in other distros it doesnt happen15:49
lordievaderqw[Russian]: With your webserver you shouldn't do that. Makes it rwx to each and everyone.15:49
qw[Russian]what ?15:49
lordievaderqw[Russian]: Read up on Linux permissions.15:50
phoenix_firebrdana_: what is your distro version and kde version15:50
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ana_kubuntu 12.04 with default kde its shipped with15:50
ana_on chakra it doesnt happen15:50
ana_of course to see that bug you must first change global kde fonts15:51
phoenix_firebrdana_: does this happen in a fresh install?15:51
ana_for example set it to sans 11, change wallpaper, reboot and bang you have ubuntu 9 everywhere15:51
qw[Russian]Fatal Error:Directory ../ can't writen in,please chmod to 077715:51
ana_well fresh install fully updated15:52
ana_nothing installed and tweaked basically15:52
ikoniaqw[Russian]: why are you not using a LAMP stack ?15:52
ikoniaqw[Russian]: why are you using xampp that is nothing to do with kubuntu15:52
ikoniaqw[Russian]: I asked "why" you are not using a normal supported lamp stack15:53
phoenix_firebrdana_: This didn't happen for me in 12.04 , i changed the ubuntu font to oxygen and it remained the same15:53
ana_did you change wallpaper after changing font?15:53
ana_it remains the same for me unless i change wallpaper15:53
qw[Russian]ikonia: because this my first install xampp abiut kubuntu15:54
lordievaderqw[Russian]: Maybe it is a good idea to read a lot about Linux and Servers before you start using/operating one.15:54
ikoniaqw[Russian]: ok - so don't use xampp15:54
ikoniaqw[Russian]: it's a self contained software package15:54
ikoniaqw[Russian]: there is a fully supported lamp stack on ubuntu15:54
ikonia!lamp | qw[Russian]15:54
ubottuqw[Russian]: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)15:54
phoenix_firebrdana_: I am using kubuntu 12.10 beta 1 with kde 4.1, i will check it now15:54
ana_okay thanks15:54
qw[Russian]ikonia: where you were (and) earlier?15:54
phoenix_firebrdana_: do i have to restart after changing the wallpaper?15:55
ikoniaqw[Russian]: pardon ?15:55
ana_just log out maybe15:55
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ikoniaqw[Russian]: I'd strongly suggest you use the lamp stack that ubuntu actually supports15:56
ikoniaxampp is nothing to do with ubuntu and outside ubuntu's control15:56
phoenix_firebrdana_: i better restart15:56
phoenix_firebrdana_: i changed the font for general to droid sans, it it ok?15:56
phoenix_firebrdana_: i changed the font for general to droid sans, is it ok?15:57
ana_and see if it still is droid sans after reboot15:57
phoenix_firebrdana_: changed the wallpaper and the font remains the same, i will restart now, will be back after that15:58
lordievaderana_: Just as a heads-up, I use a non standard font and I have none of the problems you are describing.15:59
ana_okay so i dont know whats the reason, maybe i will just install 12.10 beta15:59
lordievaderana_: Try a fresh install in a VM or something and test to see if it the problem persists.16:00
* lordievader time to get some food, bye.16:00
ana_ill wait for phoenix feedback though16:01
qw[Russian]phoenix_firebrd: please see
phoenix_firebrdana_: After the restart i checked and the font remains as droid sans , the one i set16:02
ana_okay so its something with my install i guess16:02
ana_ill do fresh install 12.10 beta16:02
ikoniaqw[Russian]: the correct channel for xampp support is #xampp16:02
ikoniaqw[Russian]: xampp is nothing to do with ubuntu, it's a self contained package, please take it to the #xampp channel16:02
phoenix_firebrdana_: possibly old config or config file permissions causing problems16:02
phoenix_firebrdana_: wait16:03
phoenix_firebrdana_: try with a new user16:03
ana_well it was install on freshly formatted hdd so no old config16:03
ana_okay i will16:03
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: seeing16:04
phoenix_firebrdqw[Russian]: as i told you earlier, i am not good at networking16:04
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Daskreech!info pinta16:44
ubottupinta (source: pinta): Simple drawing/painting program. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1-1 (precise), package size 659 kB, installed size 2311 kB16:44
Peace-pinta is qt?16:44
DaskreechPeace-: dunno16:46
Peace-is like paint in window16:46
DaskreechYeah I know16:47
Daskreechdotnet it looks like16:48
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lordievaderGood evening17:28
lordievaderHey Daskreech, how are you?17:30
DaskreechI'm sick :) How are you?17:30
lordievaderDaskreech: That doesn't sound good. I'm doing good.17:31
DaskreechIt's fine I'll live most likely. Unless I die17:32
lordievaderDaskreech: That are usually the options... unless you count zombie and what not.17:33
DaskreechWell zombie really doesn't sound good.17:33
Daskreechkill -9 and all that17:33
MailmanHello, I am a relatively new Ububtu user. I just added the Kubuntu desktop to my existing Ubuntu to try it out and I have a few questions. First, in gnome I was able to hold down the super key to get a list of helpful hotkeys. This does not seem to work in Kubuntu. Is there a list of hotkeys somewhere?18:10
genii-aroundMailman: System Settings...Shortcuts and Gestures...Standard Keyboard Shutcuts (in the left tab)   has a list.18:15
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valentin__HELLO C:18:32
lordievaderHey valentin__, how are you today?18:33
valentin__Hey lordievader, i'm fine and you ?18:33
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lordievadervalentin__: I'm doing all right, thank you for asking.18:40
MailmanOkay, second question. I can't seem to adjust the volume anymore. Neither using the volume keys nor adjusting the volume bar work at all. Is there any way to fix this?18:41
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lordievaderMailman: Is kmix running?18:41
valentin__lordievader : Do you know any programming language ?18:42
lordievadervalentin__: I have some experience, yes.18:43
valentin__Which language(s) ?18:43
lordievadervalentin__: Mostly web (html, php), bit of java, c. And I like bash scripting. Why?18:44
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Mailmanlordievader: It appears to be, yes.18:45
lordievaderMailman: Is rebooting an option, of have you done so already?18:46
valentin__lordievader : I see, I know both java/ JS and both C/C++ too18:47
MailmanI have already done so.18:47
valentin__I'd need to learn web ones :)18:47
lordievadervalentin__: Why are you asking anyhow?18:47
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ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit18:47
lordievaderLook at that fireworks!18:47
valentin__That was beautiful18:47
lordievaderMailman: Hmm, that is annoying. Does alsamixer still work?18:47
valentin__It seems that, some people left.18:47
lordievadervalentin__: Just a netsplit.18:48
valentin__I know18:48
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MailmanI don't know. How do I check?18:50
lordievaderMailman: Open a terminal (konsole) and run the command alsamixer.18:51
DrCodehi all18:52
lordievaderHey DrCode how are you?18:52
DrCodethank you18:52
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MailmanWell, that did something. I have a box labeled AlsaMixer v1.0.25 now.18:54
lordievaderMailman: Yes, but can you change the volume there?18:54
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ubottuTesting... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use #test )18:55
MailmanI cannot.18:56
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lordievaderIs BluesKaj around?18:57
darrenHello everyone.18:57
lordievaderMailman: Hmm, that is strange did you make any recent changes to your audio settings?18:58
BluesKajlordievader, yes , I'm here , got disconn'd for a min18:58
lordievaderBluesKaj: Ah I see, maybe you can help Mailman. He got a problem, he cannot change the volume, not in kmix or alsamixer.18:59
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DarthFrogMailman:  How many sound cards do you have in your system?  Do you have both a sound card and HDMI?  Is the correct output device set in pulseaudio?19:01
BluesKajMailman, the arrow keys , up down don't work in kmix or alsamixer?19:01
MailmanYes, I seem to have both a sound card and HDMI.19:04
DarthFrogI'll bet that the wrong output device is being used by Kmix.19:05
MailmanSwitching to the sound card as master channel in the mixer appears to have solved the problem.19:05
BluesKajmailman you can still use the HDMI to use the onboard audio to another dvice like a tv or audio receiver , if needed19:07
BluesKajMailman, you can set that up in pavucontrol , if you have it installed19:09
DarthFrogBluesKaj: That doesn't make sense. :-)19:09
DarthFrogUse HDMI to use onboard audio???19:09
DarthFrogPerhaps I'm just dense.19:09
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BluesKajyes DarthFrog , I have a dvi connection that can use my onboard soundcard to tranmit  audio to my tv hdmi along with the video of course19:11
DarthFrogAh, now I see.   that makes sense, to the dense. :-)19:12
BluesKajthne i can loop it back from the tv audio digital out to the audio receiver for better sound than my crappy tv speakers can provide19:14
DarthFrogBluesKaj: On my MythTV box, I'm using on-board HDMI to feed my DVI connection on my TV.  Sound goes via on-board optical SP/DIF to my stereo receiver.19:16
DarthFrogUsing Mythbuntu for that frontend machine.19:16
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DarthFrogIt's running off an 8 GB USB thumbdrive.19:17
BluesKajyeah , DarthFrog , I do the same with my main spdif audio connection, but it's nice to know I have a backup thru the hdmi whaich i actually discovered by accidenrt , seeing that most dvi connecters don't carry audio19:18
valentin__./kick lordievader19:20
lordievader valentin__ What?19:21
BluesKajInstalled a m-audio pci soundard for it's sound quality when I had speakers connected to this pc , but it's now a basic HTPC connected to a plasma tv and audio receiver19:21
lordievadervalentin__: Why do you wish me gone?19:23
BluesKajguess if i lived in a "metro area" with OTA signals I would install mythtv and a decent tuner card , DarthFrog19:23
DarthFrogBluesKaj: You don't need OTA for Myth.  I have 3 digital cable  boxes feeding 3 Hauppauge tuner cards in my Myth backend machine.19:25
BluesKajwe lost our CBC OTA signal here back in August , now we have one analog CTV channel and no digitals at all , so Sat and cable are the only options19:25
BluesKajwhy the tuner cards if you have cable boxes , DarthFrog ?19:28
DarthFrogThe digital boxes provide composite output (or S-Video or RF).  It needs to be converted to MPEG via the tuner card.19:29
BluesKajlimited inputs on the TV , i assume19:31
DarthFrogI'm thinking of replacing the tuner cards with Hauppauge HD-PVR boxes and the digital terminals with HD terminals so that I can record HD with Myth.  But that's around $400 per tuner.  Ouch.19:31
DarthFrogBluesKaj:  Nothing to do with the TV whatsoever.  AAMOF, that backend box isn't attached to a TV.  It feeds a frontend box in my living room via ethernet.19:32
BluesKajyup , there is one hauppage box can handle RGB and component HD video afaik , Im was considering it as a pvr backup , in case my sat pvr died19:34
valentin__lordievader:  I was kidding no worry :P19:39
valentin__well,  I need to go so cya everyone !19:39
MailmanIs there somewhere I can find more information on the Netbook workspace?19:50
joanHi, any news for the ugly bug that affects CUPS?19:53
ikoniajoan: check the bug report19:54
IdleOnejoan: on launchpad.net19:56
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marcdjay_What programs would people recommend for managing an iPod?20:15
genii-aroundHeh, rockbox comes to mind ( kidding )20:17
MailmanIs there somewhere I can find more information on the Netbook workspace?20:19
marcdjay_haha genii-around20:19
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genii-aroundMailman: Basically if you have plasma-netbook installed you can choose it (or plasma-desktop)  as your main interface from System Settings...Workspace Behavior ... Workspace20:22
genii-aroundMailman: There is an overview at http://www.kde.org/workspaces/plasmanetbook/20:23
ubottuFor information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod20:24
marcdjay_muchos gracias genii-around. Was looking at Rockbox, but my daughter likes my iPod. When she gets her own I might have to void the warranty :D20:26
lordievadermarcdjay_: Supposedly Clementine/Amarok should be able to write to a non-jailbroken iDevice.20:28
marcdjay_I don't think Kubuntu is recognising my iPod properly. It's showing up as "Portable Media Player" in devices, but none of my music players have picked it up. Am i missing something obvious here?20:30
joanthanks, IdleOne . BTW, I can't believe that CUPS is such a troublesome software that breaks at every upgrade of the distro.  Argh!20:33
genii-aroundIronically Apple owns CUPS now.20:34
marcdjay_That explains a lot really20:34
lordievadermarcdjay_: There are a few libraries it needs to communicate... But I forgot what library it was, sorry.20:35
marcdjay_no worries. 'm sure a Google hunt will turn something up20:36
OerHeksApple owns cups ? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CUPS20:36
lordievadermarcdjay_: Maybe this helps: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=177019920:36
genii-aroundOerHeks: They took it over a while ago now. If you go to their main page http://www.cups.org/ it even says "developed by Apple Inc. " which is slightly untrue.20:39
OerHeksah, i was asuming GNU General Public License, GNU Lesser General Public License, with proprietary exceptions = free ... they own a bit of that last part, i think20:42
marcdjay_unfortunately not lordievader20:43
marcdjay_shows up in my lsusb as an Apple device but thats about it20:43
genii-aroundmarcdjay_: When you unplug/replug it  and then check: dmesg | tail     is it recognising as some mass storage device and giving it a designation like sdc sdd or something similar?20:50
marcdjay_nope. This is all I get http://paste.ubuntu.com/1225370/20:52
marcdjay_Aww crap. Realised it's due to issues with iOS 5 :s20:55
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Pridethcan anybody help me?22:24
PridethI reinstalled kubuntu after several problems and now after I start it I can not do anything because it is so slow that even staring the shell takes about 10 minutes22:25
Pridethanybody here? jemand da?22:27
Pridethcan anybody help me?22:28
genii-aroundPrideth: Are your hardware specs beefy enough to run kubuntu comfortably?22:29
Pridethbevor I reinstalled it, it had run very fast22:30
Pridethso it can not be the hardware, maybe a bug, but I can not update22:31
PridethI had the same problem earlier and there it was akonadi that always needed 100% CPU, so I had do kill akonadi every reboot. After some updates this problem was fixed, but now after I reinstalled kubuntu 10.04 LTS, I have the same problem again22:33
vonkleistonce yo manage to open a terminal, can you run a "top" command?22:36
Pridethyeah but it is so slow that top do not update itself, so it says that nothing has more that 4% CPU usage22:37
vonkleistissue a "free -m" command and pastebin results22:40
vonkleistmaybe a "uptime; free -m" command is fine22:40
Pridethit was short after I reinstalled it22:41
Pridetheven at the first start22:41
vonkleistwhat was short?22:43
vonkleistcan u run the uptime; free -m commands?22:45
PridethI have to try but it can take minutes until I can start the terminal^^22:46
Pridethso I have to restart, because it is the same computer I am writing from now22:46
avihaymaybe it's the desktop effects? I think the default shortcut to disable them is ctrl+F12 or something like that22:47
PridethI do not think so, bevor I had activated more and now I only have the standart ( after installation)22:48
Prideth_I hope I get it to work again22:52
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PridethWhat should I do?23:12
vonkleistCan't you do what I suggested?23:22
vonkleistThat slow?23:22
vonkleistwhat if u press ctrl-alt-f1 and then try to login?23:22
vonkleiststill too slow?23:22
vonkleistif u press that, you must press ctrl-alt-f7 to get back to GUI23:23
PridethLogin works fast but after that everything is strange23:23
PridethThat works and fast...23:24
PridethOk what New?23:25
vonkleistwhat if you issue uptime and then free -m ?23:27
PridethI try wait23:28
PridethUp 35 minutes, 3 users, load average : 0.31, 0.28, 0.2723:29
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PridethMem total 3919 used 1423. Swao total 8582 used 023:31
PridethSo what now?23:34
PridethUp 35 minutes, 3 users, load average : 0.31, 0.28, 0.2723:41
PridethMem total 3919 used 1423. Swao total 8582 used 023:42
Scunizi_I had a snafu and ended up uninstalling LibreOffice (current from site) and reverting back to the older repo version.  Now the save dialogue is GTK based and ugly.  How do I get the pretty kde decorations back for it?23:44
vonkleistprideth, your system looks good...23:45
vonkleistno overload at all23:45
PridethYeah it worked bevor but where is the Problem?^^23:46
vonkleistif you go back to KDE, is it actually slow?23:46
PridethThe strange thing is i can not see what I am writing in the terminal because it will not update. It only updates every time I click in the kubuntu Start button. Strange?23:47
vonkleistWell, it looks like if there's something wrong with your graphic card23:48
Scunizi_Prideth: do you have the propriatary video driver installed (ie. nvidia)?23:48
vonkleistdid you disable graphical effects?23:48
Scunizi_that too.23:48
PridethI installed kubuntu and did not do anything else23:49
Scunizi_Prideth: do you have an nvidia card?23:49
PridethSay what I should do. I will do anything to geht it work again23:50
vonkleistWell, that's a good idea :P23:50
Scunizi_Have you done all the updates after the installation?23:50
vonkleistI got a question... why are you on 10.04?23:51
vonkleistPrideth is running 10.04LTS23:51
PridethI habe done nothing because after restart it was like this23:51
PridethNo 12.04 LTS23:52
vonkleistbefore you said you were on 10.0423:52
vonkleist12.04 is fine23:52
vonkleisttry disabling desktop effects23:52
vonkleistDefault shortcut for disabling desktop effects is Alt-Shift-f12.23:52
PridethYeah I tipped wrong^^23:52
vonkleistwell... actually that's the shortcut for switching between enable/disable23:52
PridethNow I have a Black screen23:53
PridethWith a cursor blinking but Nothing happens23:54
Scunizi_Sounds like he did a ctrl+alt+f1223:54
Scunizi_Prideth: try a ctrl+alt+F7 and see if the desktop returns23:55
PridethYeah but slow as bevor23:55
PridethNothing changed23:55
Scunizi_Ok.. now try ALT + SHIFT + F12 .. not ctrl+alt+f1223:56
PridethOk after pressing it 10 times something happend23:57
Scunizi_was that something good or bad23:57
PridethNow it is faster23:57
Scunizi_ok.. do you know what kind of video card you have?23:57
PridethBut how can I Make it fast and look gold linke bevore?23:58
PridethI think 620023:59

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