jyc_hello, does anyone here use the fglrx (proprietary ATI radeon) driver, and if so, do you have problems with updates in lubuntu?03:23
holsteini have had problems03:23
holsteinnot in linux... not isolated to lubuntu03:23
holsteinsome hareware is problematic03:23
jyc_holstein: oh, I see. how hard is it normally to resolve fglrx problems in lubuntu?03:23
holsteinjyc_: nothing about ubuntu, linux or lubuntu is keeping ati from resolving those issues03:25
holsteinjyc_: im not a gamer, so i have more relaxed standards03:25
jyc_holstein: wait, that's not what I'm asking about, I'm just asking about how easy it's been for you, as an end-user03:25
jyc_I'm not a gamer either, but I want to know if it's difficult to resolve problems with fglrx when they arrive03:26
holsteinjyc_: they works how they work... i dont resolve anything03:26
jyc_in debian I've had to manually re-install fglrx with each kernel update, so I'm hoping ubuntu will be easier03:26
jyc_holstein: so you've never had problems?03:26
holsteinjyc_: yes.. lots03:26
ramprasadgk1can i know frm all legends here what is the best lightweight music player for my 128 MB ram installed lubunntu03:26
ramprasadgk1can i know frm all legends here what is the best lightweight music player for my 128 MB ram installed lubunntu03:27
jyc_holstein: what I mean by resolve, is when the problem happens, how hard is it normally to fix it? I'm sorry if I wasn't clear03:27
holsteinjyc_: but the proprietary blob gets reinstalled when you upgrade the knernel03:27
jyc_oh, that normally works well?03:27
holsteinjyc_: that works every time03:27
holsteinjyc_: i dont resolve.. i just deal, or move to the vesa driver... or change hardware03:27
holsteintheres really no way to resovle the performance issues03:28
jyc_I'm still not sure what you mean (I don't really care about the performance issues), but thanks for your help03:28
jyc_I'll just try install fglrx and see how it goes, thanks!03:28
holsteinsure.. it'll just roll up on the kernel upgraes03:28
holsteinsorry i havent been clear03:28
holsteinmaybe you want to know waht issues? like full screen video playback03:29
jyc_oh no, just stuff like upgrading and basic functionality03:29
holsteinscreen artifacts03:29
jyc_there are problems with those?03:29
holsteinresolution issues03:29
holsteinjyc_: depends on the hardware support03:29
ramprasadgk1can i know frm all legends here what is the best lightweight music player for my 128 MB ram installed lubunntu03:29
holsteinand we cant provide that support... we meaning linux in general03:29
jyc_hm, in that case I will still try and see how it goes :) I understand it's on ATI's part to fix their proprietary drivers. thanks once again03:30
holsteinhow do i deal? i usually try the open driver, the proprietary one, and vesa03:30
ramprasadgk1can i know frm all legends here what is the best lightweight music player for my 128 MB ram installed lubunntu03:30
holsteinsometimes, its just "out of the box" easy...03:30
ramprasadgk1can i know frm all legends here what is the best lightweight music player for my 128 MB ram installed lubunntu03:30
holsteinramprasadgk1: you can just post once03:30
jyc_ramprasadgk1: don't people just normally use vlc or mplayer?03:30
ramprasadgk1vlc i sheavyweight03:31
holsteinramprasadgk1: i like VLC03:31
ramprasadgk1i need simple lightweight03:31
holsteintheres a commandline version.. clvc03:31
ramprasadgk1i have vlc too but it is pretty low on my 128 ram lubuntu03:31
holsteinaudacious is lite03:31
ramprasadgk1audacious plays anything .. like vlc?03:31
holsteinramprasadgk1: i would expect a hit in functionality03:32
ramprasadgk1as long as it plays evrything like .avi vob files03:32
ramprasadgk1i am fine03:32
holsteinramprasadgk1: i dont know if it does... VLC does, and i use it.. im confortable with the use of sysytem resources compared to functionality03:33
ramprasadgk1and alos my firefox goes for a toss when i start playing video on Utube03:33
holsteinramprasadgk1: audacious is an audio player03:33
ramprasadgk1so vlc is best i believe03:33
holsteinramprasadgk1: i would look at troubleshooting flash for the youtube issues...03:33
ramprasadgk1i had vlc for 2 reasons 1) it plays everything 2) i can stram youtube videos and save in local03:34
ramprasadgk1oh yeah flash sucks03:34
ramprasadgk1what do i troubleshoot in flash i got it from ubuntu software center03:35
holsteinramprasadgk1: on a 32bit system, i usually suggest trying the chrome browser, since it ships its own flash included.. then you'll know if its flash or firefox...03:36
holsteini usually add the "stable" firefox ppa03:36
ramprasadgk1where can i find that ppa03:37
ramprasadgk1pls let me know03:37
ramprasadgk1i dont like chrome simply because i love ff03:37
ramprasadgk1and dont want to change03:37
holsteinramprasadgk1: im nost suggestion you change.. im suggesting chrome as a troubleshooting step.. you install, all is good, you learn something03:38
holsteinactually the firefox ppa's are abandonded.. you'll just get the latest upgrades is what i read03:39
bioterrorholstein, MOC!04:06
bioterrorholstein, it plays even SID's04:06
tareef_hi am form Arab country ... so am sorry for my English07:01
tareef_i have a problem with Lxkeymap07:01
tareef_am add the arabic layout with this command in terminal07:02
tareef_mkdir -p ~/.config/lxsession/LXDE/  echo '@setxkbmap us,ar -option "grp:alt_shift_toggle"' >> ~/.config/lxsession/LXDE/autostart  setxkbmap us,ar -option "grp:alt_shift_toggle"07:02
tareef_i have the arabic layout07:03
tareef_but i need every login to Lubuntu07:04
tareef_to run this command again : setxkbmap us,ar -option "grp:alt_shift_toggle"07:05
tareef_to enable : alt+shift key to change between them07:05
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Danno_are there any good on screen keyboards that work at the login screen? ive tried onboard but it doesnt work at login and it doesnt seem to have a lot of non alphabet characters12:30
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LuvLinuxOShi all13:47
holsteinbioterror: i should have suggested MOC, but i assumed a GUI was needed after clvc was not going to work14:05
bioterrorholstein, probably. but I trust in MOC ;)14:22
bioterrorderpson, hi14:22
bioterrorholstein, I always try some GUI stuff, but after all I end up back to MOC14:23
entity999Hello, my friend have lubuntu, but he don't have fmod, sound lib for many games, in his repos... I don't want to break his dependencies :) What should he add?14:36
derpsonis anyone of you using lubuntu on a lenovo x230?14:38
bioterrorderpson, too new hardware :-)14:38
bioterrorwe are mostly scraping from dumpster our hardware14:38
derpsoncan hardware ever be too new :-D14:38
bioterrorentity999, maybe this: http://wiki.debian.org/FMOD14:39
entity999ahh... it will be hard to help him get through this14:39
entity999he's kind of... newb, and we only have communication via broken english14:40
bioterrorthose are called "challenges" :-)14:40
entity999haha :)14:41
entity999well, I guess there's no debs14:41
entity999thank you...14:41
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mrjobsWOuld Lubuntu run well on 512 mB ram19:41
mrjobs2.1 ghz single core?19:41
bioterrorI've seen people it running on systems with lower specs19:42
mrjobsWOuld it run well?19:42
mrjobsIt has NVIIDA fx 520019:42
bioterrormore RAM would not hurt19:42
bioterrorbut it will run19:42
mrjobsWould Skype work fine?19:43
bioterrorit does not run fine, 20% of problems mentioned here are skype related :D19:44
bioterrorand why? becouse skype is propietary software19:44
tweaksterhi. I am doing an installation of Lubuntu from ISO on a desktop machine at home with two disks, one of which is empty and the other of which has Windows installed on sda1, a different Linux OS on sda2, sda3 and swap on sda4, and Grub is already installed on sda. I can see that it now wants to install its bootloader on sdb; however, I want it to put it on sda and overwrite the existing Grub if possible. Furthermore, I want t19:44
mrjobswhere's the start button for Lubuntu?19:45
mrjobsthe menu?19:45
bioterrortweakster, you can always install it on sda afterwards19:46
bioterrormrjobs, bottom left?19:46
mrjobsNot for me19:46
mrjobsI'm on a VM19:46
tweaksterhow does that all sound so far?19:47
tweaksterdid everything i sent show up?19:47
bioterrortweakster, no. your client do not understand the word limit of one line19:47
bioterrorand continue the story on another line19:47
mrjobsit works19:48
bioterror"erwrite the existing Grub if possible. Furthermore, I want t"19:48
tweaksterFurthermore, I want the other Linux overwritten and Lubuntu installed in its place with the same partitions and mount points. It seems to me that I should simply redefine sda2 and sda3 with mount points and formatting, leave sda4 swap as it is. If I tell the current installation program to put its bootloader on sda, not sdb, will it still recognize the separate Windows partition?19:48
tweaksterdoes that all sound right?19:52
bioterroryou take manual installation19:53
bioterrorand you just over write the partitions19:53
bioterrorit's not rocket science19:53
bioterroryou dont even have to touch the swap partition19:53
tweaksteras i said19:53
tweaksterthanks for the input, bioterror19:54
tweaksteri think19:54
tweaksterwell my installation of Lubuntu seems to have gone well enough. i'm glad of that.  is it normal for the cursor to appear continuously busy rotating afterwards? perhaps a reboot cures that?20:48
bioterrorno, it's not normal20:51
bioterrorbut give reboot a shot20:51
tweaksteri do like the LXDE interface for sure, and the response is crisp too, despite the older machine and limited RAM. I chose this OS for that reason primarily, and so far I am not disappointed.20:51
tweaksterI may put the 64-bit version of it into a small VM on my laptop,too, at least for a while so that I can have it handy for practice, etc.20:53
tweaksterwell, hey, cross your fingers on this reboot!20:54
tweaksterwell, crud. it appears to have failed with getting Grub loaded right because I am getting a message saying "Missing Operating System".20:58
bioterrortweakster, it's easy to fix20:59
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)20:59
tweaksterso this would have installed Grub 2 if anything?21:01
bioterroroh darn21:01
bioterrorhups :-)21:01
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tweaksterbioterror, are you saying that i need to create a Grub rescue floppy and boot it now?  Hopefully, it will see what is on the disk and install Grub correctly at this point. Is that what you are suggesting?21:02
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bioterroryou can use your installation media21:03
bioterrorinstall that21:03
bioterrorand hopefully it will fix it for you21:03
bioterrorotherwise I might have to guide you to chroot into your system and run grub-install :-)21:04
bioterrortweakster, better be good news!21:14
tweaksterbioterror: i am reading the information on Boot-Repair and creating a CD. the problem is on another machine, as you might have surmised.21:16
bioterrortweakster, you can use the same CD21:17
bioterroras you used for the installation21:17
bioterroryou just add PPA and you install it21:17
bioterrorunless you used alternate CD21:18
tweaksterbioterror, i used the x86 desktop CD download here:  http://lubuntu.net/21:21
tweaksterwhere do i now find the PPA to install, which you mentioned above, bioterror?21:22
bioterrorin that boot-repair guide21:22
tweaksterbioterror, it is downloading and installing now.21:26
tweaksterit appears to be scanning my system at this point21:33
tweaksteri am going to select Recommended Repair as the guide suggests now.21:34
tweaksterIt says it is purging and repairing Grub on sdb2.  That sure is not where I had told it to install initially.21:37
bioterrorI have to hit the bed21:37
bioterrorwith advanced you can force it sda?21:38
bioterror"place grub to sda221:38
bioterroror something that21:38
tweaksterit want me now to enable a repository containing the Linux packages in the sofware  sources of Ubutu 12.04 LTS (sdb2). Then try again.21:39
tweaksterwhat does that mean exactly?21:40
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tweaksteri sure hate when that happens.  :(22:02
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Danno_is there any way to make ubuntu treat a long press on the touchscreen as a right click?23:48

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