|Anthony|what is happening regarding consolekit and udev having been merged into systemd?00:10
bjsnider|Anthony|, you might want to ask that in #ubuntu-devel01:03
|Anthony|i have01:03
bjsniderand not on a sunday when everybody is at the bars getting smashed01:04
bjsnideri mean home spending time with their families01:04
|Anthony|i've popped in a couple times to ask01:04
bjsniderwhatever floats your boat01:04
bjsnideryou could also post a question to a ml, or read a ml01:05
|Anthony|i see that the ck package is in quantal01:05
|Anthony|i've never really gotten familiar with the mailing lists01:05
|Anthony|suppose i ought to01:06
bjsniderthe developers summits are where those decisions are made01:07
|Anthony|writing udev rules atm in an attempt to get multiseat working01:07
|Anthony|only thing i haven't been able to do is get audio routed to the seats01:08
|Anthony|turns out that it is an ACL thing with consolekit01:08
|Anthony|following advice from #pulseaudio i'm writing the rules as described but it got me wondering about the future of ck and udev01:09
|Anthony|since they've both been depreciated and absorbed01:09
smjis anyone having problems with Make?05:40
xut_my asus screen goes black just before i can log in08:18
xut_anyone any ideas?08:18
BebopSteveHi there, which release is using the new display server, I think it was called Weyland?  I'm curious about what benefits it has over x09:29
graingert_ufoBebopSteve: 13.04 if not 13.1009:30
graingert_ufoanyone know where to see log files for indicator-messages I asked when I was on windows and can't find the log files09:31
BebopSteveAre there any articles out there with demos?  All I have seen so far it a page of text09:32
C-S-BDo you know of any issue with reboots just not happening? I dont have my laptop with me currently, but every reboot is failing.09:57
ActionParsnipC-S-B: tried:  sudo shutdown -r now09:59
brendandC-S-B, system isn't shutting down fully?10:20
brendandthat can definitely happen10:21
varikonniemihello, does the 12.10 beta installer have mdadm raid partitioning support?10:37
varikonniemior how am i supposed to set up a raid1 when alternate was removed10:37
varikonniemiwell, i could not even find that one out myself since the live usb hangs at boot right after the ubuntu logo is shown, full screen is covered in black and white bars with random rgb colored pixels lit11:00
varikonniemiwill download the daily build, if it also fails i will see if i can supply a bug report11:02
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varikonniemihttp://imgur.com/cdw3P this is what it looks like11:09
varikonniemiok, the problem is not ubuntu as it happens with kubuntu 12.10 beta also12:00
BluesKajHIyas all12:44
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sleepycatI'm running 12.10 and just noticed that the terminal shortcut (ctrl+alt+t) no longer works. Noticed it after updating last night. What package is responsible for that sort of thing?13:21
ActionParsnipsleepycat: compiz I believe13:22
ActionParsnipsleepycat: if you use terminal a lot I can suggest you install guake13:22
* ActionParsnip thinks guake should be in a default install13:23
philinuxAnyone know if myunity will re-appear anytime? It got deleted 10th sep.13:29
ActionParsnip!info myunity quantal13:30
ubottuPackage myunity does not exist in quantal13:30
jokerdinoit was removed from the repo a while ago13:31
jokerdinolet me check in a sec13:31
ActionParsnipDeleted in quantal-release on 2012-09-10 (Reason: does not work for current unity any more (gsettings), hol...)13:32
philinuxActionParsnip: yep I thought it would get fixed not removed seeing as its the official tweaker13:42
ActionParsnipphilinux: could use ubuntu-tweak13:43
philinuxActionParsnip: yes thats the alternative. I was just surprised at the removal rather that bug fix13:47
ActionParsnipphilinux: i guess, not something I've used13:48
jbichaif it gets fixed, I believe we'll gladly add it back13:50
jbichaneither of those two are "official"13:51
ActionParsnipdoes the job though13:51
AaronCampbellIs there something in 12.10 that is keeping icons from showing up in th etaskbar?13:52
AaronCampbellI'm on a fresh install, and neither XChat nor Skype seem to be able to put their icons up there.13:53
AaronCampbells/th etaskbar/the system tray/13:55
philinuxjbicha: cheers. It gets touted as official in some places13:57
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jmlI don't see any icons on my desktop any more (quantal), despite having files in ~/Desktop.14:36
jmlwhat's up with that?14:36
ActionParsnipjml: press ALT+F2 and run: nautilus -q14:37
jmlActionParsnip: no joy14:38
ActionParsnipjml: try:   nautilus on it's own14:38
jmlActionParsnip: just opens my home folder14:38
ActionParsnipjml: nautilus draws the icons on the desktop too14:39
jmlActionParsnip: Even so, the icons on my desktop are still not there.14:40
ActionParsnipjml: tried logging off and on?14:41
jmlActionParsnip: I've rebooted about a dozen times for other reasons.14:44
AaronCampbellI tried "gsettings set com.canonical.Unity.Panel systray-whitelist "['all']"" to allow icons in the panel (like Skype)15:29
AaronCampbellThat's all I remember having to do in 12.04.  Am I missing something or did it change in 12.10?15:30
AaronCampbellThe weird thing is, in dconf editor I don't have desktop->unity->panel15:40
AaronCampbellIt seems the icon is showing now, but only on the main screen (even though the panel is showing on all 4 screens)  Other icons like dropbox and clipit seem to work fine, so I assume it's a Skype and XChat issue?15:57
AaronCampbellI was able to get the Skype icon to show everywhere by removing the Skype package that I had downloaded, adding the partners repo, and installing from there.16:25
AaronCampbellHowever, the sound issue I was having seems to be with both.  The audio is so distorted (static sound) that it's almost indecipherable16:26
ActionParsnipAaronCampbell: try: killall pulseaudio; rm -r ~/.pulse*    wait 10 seconds then try some sonund stuffs16:53
AaronCampbellActionParsnip: still seems messed up16:57
AaronCampbellSkype froze when I did that too...not sure if it was related16:58
AaronCampbellI'm going to try again.16:58
AaronCampbellActionParsnip: Running that command seems to cause Skype to freeze up (looks fine still, but chat messages stop sending and receiving).17:01
AaronCampbellIf I kill skype (need to use kill -9) and start it back up the sound is still broke17:02
AaronCampbellSeveral places suggest it's an issue between Skype and pulseaudio and they suggest removing pulseaudio.  However, when I went to do that it says it'll remove "ubuntu-desktop" too.17:04
ActionParsnipSkypeis a mess, best avoided imho17:04
AaronCampbellWis I could17:04
ActionParsnipAaronCampbell: you can remove the ubuntu-desktop package, its just a metapackage17:04
AaronCampbellOk, I'll try it17:04
SnappoHello, I just installed the latest daily build of Ubuntu 12.10, and I cant't boot, I get an error that says "Unrecognized file system" and a grub prompt17:14
Snappocurrently running a live session from USB17:14
mortal 17:15
AaronCampbellRemoving Pulse audio fixed the Skype audio completely17:18
AaronCampbellHowever, it also removed by panel icon for adjusting volume.  Is there an alternative mixer that will give me my icon back?17:18
AaronCampbellHoly crap, removing pulseaudio has also fixed my laggy video on my 4 monitor setup.  Why would that be?17:21
AaronCampbellNevermind, it was the one other thing I did...still, I tracked it down!17:22
AaronCampbellIf I have the Launcher show on all desktops I get the lag17:23
genii-aroundSnappo:: Can you pastebin what sudo fdisk -l      says?17:23
AaronCampbellShow it on just 1 and I don't17:23
Snappogenii-around: let me check17:26
Snappogenii-around: http://pastebin.ca/220725717:32
Snapposorry that took so long my coworker just arrived so I got caught in a conversation17:32
genii-aroundSnappo: Looks like you're trying to boot off a non-primary partition.17:34
Snappogenii-around: I didn't change my partition scheme, I just installed on top of the old ubuntu install17:44
SnappoI've had this partition layout for like a year, with grub 217:44
genii-aroundSnappo: And it was installed previously on sda7 ?17:48
SnappoI guess, I dunno17:48
SnappoI just chose the "erase Quantal and reinstall" option17:48
SnappoI don't mind reinstalling again but I want to preserve my NTFS partition17:50
Snappogenii-around: any possible solutions?17:50
AlexPortablewill the amazon lense use data when not being used?17:50
ActionParsnipAlexPortable: i'd imagine not17:50
AlexPortableor when someone clicks on it17:50
AlexPortableon the lense i mean17:50
ActionParsnipAlexPortable: I believe it searches when you use the lense, otherwise I'd say not17:51
ubottuIf you wish not to see "More Suggestions" from places like Amazon in your Ubuntu 12.10, simply remove the package unity-lens-shopping.17:51
genii-aroundSnappo: My suggestion would be to remove sda3 through sda8, create a last primary partition to install onto instead.17:53
SnappoI'll give that a try in a bit17:53
genii-around( all those partitions currently seem to be the one old install and then three swap partitions for some reason)17:54
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Snappoyou know that whole don't install on production systems thing? I'm at work :V17:55
Snappogood thing I have a lot of riam17:55
ActionParsnipSnappo: how does RAM relate to your HDD partitions?18:12
bjsniderActionParsnip, ram is now a generic term meaning "stuff i thinks i needs"18:17
Snappo[18:12] <ActionParsnip> Snappo: how does RAM relate to your HDD partitions? - I can still get my work done from a live session18:22
Snappooh they left18:22
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BebopSteveIs anyone familiar with docky config files?  http://askubuntu.com/questions/192283/how-do-i-restore-previous-launcher-icons-in-docky20:04
BebopSteveoh, wrong channel, sorry!20:05
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MadEchidnaokay so how do I install the AMD video drivers correctly? I tried installing the package from their website the other day and it broke X20:49
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MadEchidnaarg wtf21:06
MadEchidnaI just added this ppa, and it just won't work21:07
MadEchidnaE: Unable to locate package fglrx-installer21:07
MadEchidnaI've added it twice now, no joy21:07
IdleOneDid you sudo apt-get update?21:08
bjsnidera newer fglrx-installer is already in restricted21:10
MadEchidnawhy can't i see it21:13
MadEchidna<IdleOne> Did you sudo apt-get update? <- several times21:13
MadEchidnaE: Unable to locate package fglrx-installer21:14
MadEchidnaeven with restricted and that ppa21:14
MadEchidnathis is amazingly frustrating21:15
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MadEchidnaoh for fucks sake21:27
MadEchidnais the Mobility Radeon HD 5800 not even supported anymore21:28
MadEchidnabecause that's what the Catylist installer is saying21:28
IdleOneMadEchidna: Please don't swear21:28
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