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seismic__hey, are ubuntu-ports armhf binaries compiled for armv7+VFP?06:03
lilstevieseismic__, that is what hardfloat is :p06:03
seismic__lilstevie: cool, just to be sure ;)06:04
lilstevieseismic__, armhf is armv7 using vfp for floating points, the only major thing armhf doesn't cover is neon06:06
lilstevieand that is due to some armv7 cores out there not supporting neon06:06
seismic__lilstevie: ok, i see06:10
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ogra_rsalveti, do you know if https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/quantal/+source/xbmc/2:11.0~git20120510.82388d5-1ubuntu2 could also build for arm ? or is it missing patches ... ?09:26
ogra_rsalveti, oh, ignore me, i'm blind09:27
ogra_(somehow my brain was looking for armel in the archiers list)09:27
int_uaI'm constantly getting a couple of "Buffer I/O error on device loop1, logical block 494320" while mounting/working with 12.04 OMAP preinstalled image. Can anyone suggest what's the problem?10:24
ogra_int_ua, well, what did you loop mount ?10:25
int_uasudo mount -o "loop,offset=75497472" -t auto ubuntu-12.04-preinstalled-desktop-armhf+omap.img /mn10:30
int_uaogra_: ^10:30
ogra_ohm, i thought you meant when running it :)10:31
int_uaogra_: doesn't it mean that the image FS is broken?10:31
ogra_might be, it doesnt stay like that since on first boot the SD gets re-partitioned and the FS gets adjusted to the SD10:32
ogra_i havent loop mounted an image in quite a while i must admit10:33
int_uaWhere should I report it?10:33
ogra_(and preinstalled is dead from 12.10 on)10:33
ogra_you could report it against debian-cd i guess but dont expect it to be fixed, loop mounting the images is a corner case and arm wasnt even rebuilt for 12.04.110:34
ogra_and as said, this image type is dead10:34
int_uaorga_: What's the proposed replacement if it's dead? Ubuntu Core?10:35
ogra_well, for omap there is still ubuntu-server10:35
ogra_beyond trhat all images are now simple live/alternate images like on x8610:36
ogra_the preinstalled hackery is gone10:36
int_uaok, thanks10:37
ogra_ubuntu core isnt an image10:38
ogra_it is a base for building images10:38
ogra_(or a cheap way of getting a chroot)10:39
int_uaThe same thing for Kubuntu, just different logical blocks10:48
Heradongood morning10:49
HeradonI have a question and that is responsible for the uboot you can load a image from MMC or does boot.axf?11:02
LetoThe2ndsounds like armcc. bah.11:03
Heradonon my gooseberry (android) is an nanda/boot.axf i think this is the firmware11:04
Heradoni have build sucessfully a new u-boot.bin but boot from mmc is not possible11:06
Heradonbut the android boots without a problem ^^11:08
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ogra_damned ... i cant get the console up with more recent kernels on the zatab12:37
* ogra_ doesnt get that12:51
ogra_yay, at least i see 1G now13:21
ogra_(well, 900+M )13:21
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ogra_oha, we used the totally wrong kernel branch for allwinner it seems13:24
ogra_there is apparently a branch based on 3.0.4213:24
* ogra_ clones 13:25
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hrwogra_: allwinner? does it hurts badly?16:42
ogra_well, so so16:42
ogra_i have a kernel that has a working console now and that allocates the full 1G if i use mem=16:42
ogra_no success with the mmc ot touchscreen drivers yet16:43
* xnox ponders if the way I wrote lvm support in ubiquity increased memory usage16:44
xnoxand if it did, whether it was significant....16:44
ogra_who uses lvm anyway :)16:44
* xnox does16:45
xnoxwho uses arm anyway ;)16:45
ogra_xnox, everyone using a mobilephone ;)16:47
sauerbratenusing the precise ubuntu core rootfs on a pandaboard I can't use my keyboard. at no point is there any power (i.e. the lock leds never light up). known bug / not a bug?16:48
hrwogra_: there are !arm mobilephones ;)16:48
sauerbratenpandaboard A2 btw16:48
ogra_hrw, rarely :)16:48
* hrw -> off16:49
ogra_sauerbraten, kernel issue i would say, and no, not known (works fine here)16:49
ogra_sauerbraten, do you have a proper power supply attached (3A or bigger)16:50
sauerbratenmhm... I only untared the rootfs to the second partition and put MLO, u-boot.bin and uImage onto the boot partition from http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/dists/precise/main/installer-armhf/current/images/omap4/netboot/16:50
sauerbratenit worked with arch linux for arm, for example, so I guess. let me check though16:51
ogra_no usb disk ?16:51
sauerbratennothing but the keyboard16:51
ogra_then 2.5A should eb fine16:52
ogra_where did you get the required initrd ?16:52
sauerbratenI didn't get one. do I need one? ooops16:52
ogra_(or how did you produce it)16:52
ogra_ah, well, i think the HID stuff is modules :)16:53
sauerbratenI followed http://www.omappedia.com/wiki/OMAP_Ubuntu_Core and there was no mention of it16:53
ogra_do you have an ubuntu PC around ?16:53
sauerbratenI'm on xubuntu right now, installing xubuntu-desktop to the SD card, to see if xorg gets my keyboard16:54
ogra_nah, wait16:55
ogra_first install linux-omap416:55
ogra_so you get the modules16:55
sauerbratenmhm, you're too late, but I'll do that when xubuntu finishes :)16:56
ogra_any reason why you started off so compicated ?16:56
ogra_nothing will be in sync with the defaults of an ubuntu system that way16:56
sauerbratenI read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Core/InstallationExample where it says to install a kernel and the dependencies, but I couldn't find linux-image for arm so I left that out16:57
sauerbratenso it's named linux-omap4?16:57
ogra_why do you actually use core ... its not really designed for this16:57
sauerbratenI used ubuntu for arm but it was really slow16:58
sauerbratenI mean the UI16:59
ogra_ubuntu for arm ... what do you mean16:59
sauerbratenthe normal ubuntu build for omap416:59
ogra_well, still core is to build images on top of it16:59
ogra_all the required installer bits arent there17:00
ogra_and core is for use as a chroot17:00
ogra_you shouldnt try to roll a normel system based on it if you dont exactly knwo which bits and pieces need to be touched17:00
ogra_for xubuntu desktop installs just use the server image17:00
ogra_it offers you all installable tasks, ubuntu-dekstop or xubuntu-desktop are among them17:01
sauerbratensounds reasonable. well I'll see what I get now and if it fails again I'll try server17:01
ogra_and you end up with a properly set up system that doesnt fall over all the time on package upgrades17:01
sauerbratencore does?17:02
ogra_it will, i,.e. the kernel relies on a properly configured bootloader setup17:02
sauerbratenogra_: will the server image offer a login prompt on hdmi or only serial?17:36
ogra_it defaults to run the installer on serial, once installed it will show ttys on all consoles (so on hdmi too)17:37
sauerbratendo I have to interact with the installer?17:47
ogra_you can rebuild the boot.scr on the first SD partition and drop the console= arg as well as the debian-installer/framebiffer option17:48
ogra_that should give you the installer on HDMI by default17:49
ogra_(in 12.10 we actually ship a second bootloader config that you can just cp in place if needed)17:49
ogra_but 12.10 expects to install to a USB target device by default17:50
sauerbratenogra_: mhm that's bad, I don't have my serial cable with me atm :/ I booted it anyway and the screen got activated, I don't have any prompt though. sure there is an installer on there? it's already 630MB and it's named preinstalled, so...18:16
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GrueMastersauerbraten: The installer is oem-config.  It only prompts for localization (username/password, language, timezone, etc).  It is not the full installer.20:08
sauerbratenGrueMaster: ok, I had to let go though. I'm now using a minimal biuld from http://rcn-ee.net/deb/rootfs/precise/ which does it's job quite good until now20:10
GrueMasterOk.  I can also help with the preinstalled server image if you want.  The rcn-ee images are a bit customized, and asside from the apps, you won't get much help here.20:12
sauerbratenGrueMaster: well I would have to have my serial cable which is about 150km away from where I am :) the repos should be the same as for the original ubuntu though, right? so I will eventually be able to get the graphics to work?20:21
sauerbratenI was actually running ubuntu server before I think, but couldn't get X to work properly. I had a nifty little autoupdate config though which I plan on using again20:24
GrueMastersauerbraten: I can help you get around the serial console issue.  It is a simple edit of the boot.scr file.20:28
sauerbratenGrueMaster: oooh! well, it's kind of too late now. wanna tell me anyway so I can save a boot.script file in case I switch back to server?20:30
GrueMasterAre you using a Linux PC or a Windows system?  You will need to edit the boot.scr on the 1st partition.20:31
GrueMasterGive me a second.  looking up the alternate names for boot.scr.  There is a way to edit it and save it as plain text without the u-boot crc header.20:37
GrueMasterI actually had this documented on the ubuntu wiki at one point.  Now it is all gone.  sigh.20:41
GrueMasterOk, figured it out.  Edit the boot.scr, remove the binary crap at the beginning, and replace the bootargs with "bootargs=vram=40M mem=456M@0x80000000 mem=512M@0xA0000000 root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 fixrtc quiet splash"20:47
GrueMasterAnd that should work.20:47
GrueMasterSave the file as preEnv.txt (delete boot.scr).20:48
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sauerbratenok, wrote that down. thanks GrueMaster21:14
GrueMasterNo problem.  I just wish it had stayed on the wiki.21:14
sauerbratenso, after "apt-get install linux-omap4" rendered the system unusable again (no login prompt, no X, though that worked before) I'm now actually gonna use your method, GrueMaster :)21:21
GrueMasterOk.  Let me know how it goes.21:23
sauerbratencan you tell me what the bootargs mean? I've used so many different boot.src's now, would be good to know what I'm actually putting in there21:24
GrueMasterThese are the parameters that uboot passes to the kernel.  They are the kernel boot arguments.21:25
GrueMasterJust a different syntax than, say, grub or lilo.21:25
sauerbratenbut for example  mem=456M@0x80000000 mem=512M@0xA0000000 look like it tells the kernel where to allocate memory or something? why twice?21:27
sauerbratenalso fixrtc?21:27
GrueMasterThe mem= lines map memory holes in system memory.  These holes are used for the video decoder.  If you aren't running the omap4 powervr drivers (i.e. stock FB) then you don't need these lines.21:29
GrueMasterThe fixrtc runs a script that essentially sets the time to the last filesystem write time.21:29
GrueMasterSince there is no battery backed RTC in the system.21:29
GrueMasterQuiet tells the kernel to quit yapping, and splash will run Plymouth splash screen.21:32
GrueMasterNot sure on the vram, but it is omap specific.21:33
GrueMasterI think it is for Video Ram.21:33
GrueMasterto allocate shared memory as video memory.21:34
sauerbratenok, I will hopefully use the powervr driver :) when you said "remove that binary crap", you meant I can delete the whole file? cause there's nothing in there besides weird bytes21:34
GrueMasterIt should have had other stuff as well (like the bootargs).21:35
sauerbratendoesn't, not in a standard text editor at least21:36
GrueMasterWhat are you editing with?21:36
sauerbratennow checking with cat21:36
sauerbratenok cat shows more21:36
GrueMasterHmm.  Never used that one.21:36
sauerbratenI'll try nano21:36
sauerbratenyes that works21:37
GrueMasterThe first 72 bytes are the CRC.21:37
sauerbratenthis is what's in there besides the CRC bytes http://pastie.org/479369421:38
sauerbratenlooks good? now edit the bootargs how you said?21:38
sauerbratenactually, this is the whole bootargs line: bootargs vram=40M mem=456M@0x80000000 mem=512M@0xA0000000   root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 fixrtc quiet splash debian-installer/framebuffer=false console=ttyO2,115200n821:39
GrueMasteryes, only just edit the way it looks in the boot.scr (i.e. remove the console= and the debian-installer stuff).21:39
GrueMasterYea, so just remove everything after the splash.21:40
sauerbratenand the CRC, cause that will be wrong now?21:40
GrueMasterAre you on a linux system while editing?21:40
sauerbratenso, save that as boot.scr or preEnv.txt now?21:41
GrueMasterThen you can re-add the crc with mkimage.21:41
GrueMasterSave it as boot.script.21:41
sauerbratennow mkimage -A arm -O linux -T script -C none -a 0 -e 0 -n "ubuntu server boot script" -d boot.script boot.scr ?21:42
GrueMasterthen type "mkimage -A arm -O linux -T script -C none -n boot.scr boot.script"21:42
GrueMasterOr what you said.21:42
sauerbratenyours gave me segfault o.O21:43
GrueMaster(I had -n and -d confused).21:43
sauerbratenoh ok21:43
sauerbratenwell, let's try this!21:43
GrueMasterI haven't done this since April.21:43
GrueMasterNow that you have boot.scr, copy it back to the first partition of the SD and boot in a panda.21:44
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sauerbratenI always had it on the first partition, was too lazy to even copy it away from there :)21:45
GrueMasterThat works too.21:45
sauerbratenmhm, nothing happening yet, only both LEDs on21:45
GrueMasterI used to do this (and many other edits) on a more than daily basis, so I wrote a script.21:45
GrueMasterIt may be doing the first stage filesystem expansion.  Give it about 5 minutes.21:46
GrueMasterThe preinstalled images will boot once to expand the rootfs to fill the SD, then reboot into oem-config.21:47
GrueMasterAnd that stage is only visible without quiet & splash in the bootargs.21:47
GrueMasterBut iirc, one LED should shut off as soon as it loads the kernel.21:48
sauerbratenyeah I remember that. we'll see. I also think I remember the SD LED to blink once or twice while it booted ./21:49
GrueMasterHow did you write the image to the SD?21:49
sauerbratendd and bs=4M21:49
sauerbratenit said 1M, but hey21:49
sauerbratenplus sudo sync, so that shoul have worked21:50
GrueMasterIs this a precise image?  img.gz?21:51
sauerbratenyes. but wait, I just realized I left the empty preEnv.txt on there21:51
sauerbratenmaybe the bootloader is confused21:51
GrueMastercould be.21:51
GrueMasterI need to step out for ~15 minutes.  biab.21:52
sauerbratenmhm, I checked my boot.scr and boot.script again and it seems something got messed up (or I did) well, the boot.scr didn't contain anything but the CRC (probably from getting an empty preEnv.txt the first time?) and boot.script was completely erased. I'll copy the original boot.scr now and edit it again, this time making sure to not mess up21:56
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sauerbratenworks now, I even see the resizing splash on HDMI22:16
GrueMasterShould be fairly straight-forward from here.22:17
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