cloudi need help with something01:57
cloudi dl patch for pidgin01:57
cloudand i tryed to use it01:57
cloudso the accounts.xml wont save plain text01:58
cloudbut i always fail01:58
holsteincloud: what are you trying to do?02:04
cloudi try to install a pacth02:05
cloudthat is called master key02:05
cloudso i can protect pidgin passwords02:05
holsteinpasswords? from what?02:06
cloudi ll post a link so u'll see what i want02:07
cloudi wanted to do this02:08
holsteincloud: i'll read when i get time, otherwise, let me know what you'd like to accomplish02:10
cloudto install a patch that would give me option inpidgin named security02:11
cloudwhere i can setup master password02:11
cloudso nobody could read account.xml02:11
cloudi did like its said in tutorial on link02:11
cloudbut i just cant overcome the problem02:12
krytarikcloud, if you are using a Gnome/Unity session, you could just use this plugin: https://launchpad.net/~pidgin-gnome-keyring/+archive/ppa02:14
cloudi think i put that in repository...02:15
cloudso should i just upgrade?02:15
holsteincloud: i would confirm that you have added that PPA or not02:16
cloudi added t02:16
holsteinmy /home is encrypted anyways... but if someone has physical access to your machine, id say all bets are off02:17
cloudwell, thx02:17
cloudjust 1 more question02:17
holsteini would just have good unique passwords and make sure if someone gets your machine, you change them02:18
holsteini wouldnt expect someone to compromise your machine, and you just ingnore that fact...02:18
cloudwhat should i type in trerminal to see what repositories i added?02:18
cloudi just want to make sure..:D02:18
holsteincloud: i would look at the "history" or the sources list. or the "source" in synaptic or where ever you feel comfortable02:19
holsteincloud: sure that your password cant be compromised? i would assume if some one has your machine, that data has been compromised02:19
holsteincloud: or you want to make sure you added the ppa?.. you can just add it again i suppose02:19
cloudnoone has pfysical access exepi me02:20
holsteincloud: you are expecting someone to, otherwise, you dont need to bother with this plugin02:20
cloudok then....02:21
cloudthx anyway02:21
holsteinif someone booted my machine with a live CD or from the recovery console, my chat account passwords would be the least of my concerns..02:23
wilee-nileeholstein, Heh I have all the important stuff in truecrypt, the computer is as empty as my head. ;)02:25
holsteinwilee-nilee: true-crypt is nice!02:25
wilee-nileeI like it I just have a couple of folders that can be opened in any OS that can run truecrypt, passwords is all.02:26
cloudok guys02:30
cloudthx for help..see ya02:30
jdo_dkHow do i create a secure fileshare between to ubuntu servers ?09:10
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Sidewinder1Good mornin' duanedesign12:43
duanedesigngooood morning12:43
duanedesignhope you sre doing well this morning12:44
duanedesigni am havin my coffee and getting woke up :)12:44
Sidewinder1duanedesign, Yes, very well, thank you; just finishing my last cup, here.12:51
raubHow do I set apache to spew debug messages (as in http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1990272)?15:21
raubsudo apache2ctl -X -k start is doing nothing for me15:22
blazemoreraub: http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.2/mod/core.html#loglevel15:22
raubMuch better. Thanks blazemore!15:23
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Wilson2BRunning 12.04 , and somehow the refresh graphics got mucked with.. not sure if it's a video driver or what. the background disappears until I move a window around. even menu items dont show up.. have to move cursor over them a few times to see under neath.22:45
holsteinWilson2B: what graphics device?22:46
Wilson2Bgmu 315022:46
Wilson2Bits a netbook22:46
holsteinWilson2B: those typically work out of the box... have you tried any troubleshooting? vesa driver... unity2d?22:47
Wilson2BYes, it used to be fine22:47
holsteinWilson2B: what used to be "fine" ?22:48
Wilson2Bhave not tried troubleshooting.. tried22:48
Wilson2Bthe graphics22:48
holsteinWilson2B: i you have upgraded the kernel, just reboot with th older kernel and test22:48
Wilson2BI tried that22:50
Wilson2BHow would I reinstall newest video drivers?22:50
holsteinWilson2B: they are just in the kernel.. you tried what? booting an older kernel?22:50
holsteinWilson2B: boot the very first kernel in the list22:51
Wilson2Bbooting previous version of kernel from menu22:51
holsteinWilson2B: then, i would try the unity2d22:51
holsteinthough, it sounds graphics driver related22:52
Wilson2BHow would I reinstall newest video drivers?22:52
holsteinWilson2B: they are just in the kernel.. they meaning the drivers22:52
holsteinWilson2B: you dont need to install intel drivers. they are just there22:52
Wilson2Bintel released a newer version22:53
Wilson2Bthat is better supported22:53
holsteinWilson2B: it'll get integrated automatically... otherwise, you can ask intel for it22:53
holsteinWilson2B: that would be more trouble that its worth though22:54
holsteinWilson2B: and if it all used to work, booting an older kernel should take the drivers out of the equation22:55
holsteinanyways.. GTG22:55

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