dholbachgood morning07:04
bkerensatop of the morning to you07:05
popeypip pip07:12
bkerensadholbach: I love this.... debianlp:packagename07:18
bkerensaimproved my workflow significantly07:19
elfygood morning07:49
czajkowskielfy: re your email bug, IS would be the best place to raise that issue if you've not done so already, #canonical-sysadmin08:05
elfyk - I'll pop in there today and see if I can find one08:06
elfythanks czajkowski08:06
czajkowskiif you look at the topic you'll see who is on vanguarg08:06
elfyok - cheers08:06
elfyczajkowski: thanks - got that ball rolling now08:23
czajkowskiyeah it's IS that deals with RT tickets and only if it needs to be escalated come to other people08:23
czajkowskiany issues shout08:23
elfyI see - it's all a bit new to me obviously, I did know about canonical-sysadmin - but it's one of those places I forget about08:24
czajkowskino worries08:24
czajkowskiwe all learn :)08:25
elfyindeed :)08:26
nigelbMorning elfy, czajkowski! Good weekend?08:37
elfyhi nigelb - was pretty good thanks :)08:38
czajkowskiyes fine thanks08:39
nigelbI got my raspberry pi working on saturday. Now I'm wondering what more to do with it :)08:39
bkerensagnight folks08:53
nigelbg'nite bkerensa08:56
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dakerdholbach: czajkowski i got a new appointment 10/10 :)11:08
dholbachgreat! :)11:08
* dholbach hugs daker11:08
czajkowskidaker: that's great news!11:09
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mhall119_daker: \o/12:44
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jcastro"What if Ubuntu locks into your Facebook or Google+ account, downloads your contacts, and starts sending them recommendations based on your searches? "13:56
jcastrothat is an /excellent/ idea!13:56
snap-ljcastro: I may not know where you live now, but I think the extra casualties would agree with my mission.13:57
jcastroyour Google account can be added in the online thing btw.13:57
snap-ljcastro: I figured. :13:58
jcastroI wasn't expecting all this drama though13:58
jcastroI live out of amazon so for me this is awesome13:59
jcastroI already met my UPS guy at the new place, we're going to be best pals13:59
snap-lYeah, but there's a fine line between awesome and creepy when it comes to recommendations13:59
snap-l"Hey, you'd like the new Rush album" is different than "Hey, I think you'd like this new leopard print underwear"13:59
jcastrosure sure13:59
jcastroobviously it needs some tweaking14:00
* jcastro saw the bug about the nsfw results14:00
snap-lYeah, that one is tricky14:00
snap-lon the one hand, if you're an adult: grow up. If you're a minor, you should have some time to grow up14:00
balloonsjcastro, enjoying the weather btw?14:02
balloonsit's fall now :)14:03
jcastroit's chilly14:03
jcastrobut the trees are nice14:03
mhall119balloons: speaking of weather, what happened to our state?14:03
mhall119it's....nice outside14:03
balloonsmhall119, ROFL14:03
snap-ljcastro: It's just Michigan winter giving you a little hug14:03
balloonsI was going to ask what you meant14:03
balloonsyes mhall119 it's going to be prefect until next May14:04
balloonsI <3 Florida14:04
balloonsthe screen porch is open this morning, pleasant outside breeze14:04
snap-l   Temperature: 46.9 F (8.3 C)14:05
mhall119wow snap-l, that's cold14:07
czajkowskimhall119: cold is 16 degress here and raining all day long :(14:09
snap-lNah, I have a short-sleeved shirt on.14:09
czajkowskimhall119: how you gonna cope in copenhagen :p14:09
snap-lHeck, after winter, people are out in shorts and t-shirts in 40F weather.14:09
jcastroI just ordered a set of air filters through the shopping lens14:10
snap-lI'm not saying they're sane, but people do it.14:10
snap-ljcastro: I need easy access to Amazon like I need another hole in my head that takes deliveries. ;)14:10
mhall119czajkowski: layers :)14:10
czajkowskimhall119: bring your winter coat if you even have one14:11
jcastroJoseeAntonioR, hey, Joey is going to join us on the hangout14:11
snap-ljcastro: Did I ever tell you about the time the FedEx and UPS drivers were having a conversation on my porch at the apartments?14:11
jcastrohahaha nice14:11
mhall119czajkowski: I'm a Floridian14:11
jcastrohey man, if I am going to pay amazon all this money might as well make some of it count for something14:11
mhall119my winter coat is a sweater14:11
czajkowskithere has definately been a lotta hooopla over the new lens, me I think it's great :D14:12
snap-ljcastro: Oh absolutely. Here's my affiliate link. ;)14:12
czajkowskimhall119: bless :p14:12
snap-l(and no, I'm not opposed to Canonical making money off of me, but I'm concerned at the number of turds in the punchbowl every release)14:13
czajkowskiwouldnt refer to them as turns14:13
czajkowskithat's a bit rude to the developers work tbh14:13
snap-lczajkowski: You're right, that is rude.14:14
jcastrowhat sucks about this release?14:14
snap-lFruit and vegetable jello14:14
jcastroI mean really it's just previews this time around on the desktop14:14
snap-ljcastro: No idea. I'm sticking with 12.0414:14
jcastroand lenses are generally just additions14:14
jcastronothing wrong with that14:15
jcastro12.04.1 is kick ass14:16
snap-lmy concern is the encroaching monetization14:16
jcastroshrug, as long as it's done well I don't care too much14:16
jcastroit's not like there's ads on your wallpaper14:16
snap-ljcastro: And when it isn't?14:16
czajkowskiif people don't like it they don't have to use it14:16
jcastrowell, I trust we won't do it horribly14:17
snap-lAnd that's the other thing, the "Grin and bear it" mentality.14:17
jcastroand for some comparison14:17
jcastrothe next time you have a friend who buys a new laptop14:17
mhall119snap-l: IMO, somebody making money by providing me things I want, is better than them making money by selling another company my time or attention14:17
jcastrowatch him/her do a first boot and set up on that thing14:17
snap-ljcastro: Yeah, I know. I'd like to think Ubuntu could have a higher standard than Windows14:17
jcastrowe're totally on a different scale than what most PCs put user's through14:17
jcastrowe do14:17
mhall119basically, by taking a cut ot the sale, instead of per-view or per-click advertising, it's in Canonical's interest to show me what I want, and not what I don't want14:18
snap-lAgain, I have no problem with Canonical making money14:18
snap-lbut at what point does it become more about pleasing Amazon, and not about pleasing the user?14:18
snap-lWe've seen that with PCs14:18
jcastroI just typed "Rush in cleveland" and I can buy the blu-ray. How is that not the awesomest thing ever.14:19
snap-lWe've seen that with carrier-provided phones14:19
czajkowskisnap-l: many users are very pleased with this14:19
czajkowskipeople seem to be forgetting a lot of people are happy14:19
JoseeAntonioRjcastro: which joey?14:19
czajkowskijus tthe unhappy ones are rather loud14:19
jcastroJoseeAntonioR, OMG joey14:19
JoseeAntonioRSneddon, then14:19
czajkowskiand so many blogs spreading cruft as well14:19
JoseeAntonioRjcastro: can you please add him to ubuntuonair.com?14:19
* JoseeAntonioR is leaving for his visa interview in 15, wish me luck14:19
mhall119snap-l: this way of gaining revenue makes Canonical dependent on the user's experience14:19
mhall119so it's in our best interest to make your personal experience better and more efficient14:20
czajkowskiJoseeAntonioR: good luck14:20
JoseeAntonioRthanks, czajkowski, hope to see you there14:20
jcastroJoseeAntonioR, yeah14:20
czajkowskime too sergio is still mid process14:20
czajkowskireally would like to meet Sergio also14:21
JoseeAntonioRyep, he's getting his passport today14:21
snap-lmhall119: Perhaps I'm concerned over nothing, but I've just witnessed another company killing an ecosystem I love over chasing a potential customer (Logitech Squeezebox became the crippled UE Smart Radio)14:21
JoseeAntonioRI mean,. the physical passport14:21
czajkowskihe's only getting his passport now...14:21
snap-lPeople may be happy, but I'm not particularly thrilled.14:21
jcastroalso never compare me to Logitech again craig.14:22
mhall119snap-l: in this case, we're not going after Amazon, we're not getting anything from them that they don't offer to everybody already14:22
snap-ljcastro: Just can see some disturbing parallels.14:22
mhall119Amazon was chosen because it was something we could easily integrate with, and it was something our existing users already used14:22
czajkowskimhall119: nods it's a good choice14:22
jokerdinopeople talking about Amazon.14:23
JoseeAntonioRjcastro: we're starting at 18, right?14:23
snap-lmhall119: Agreed. And I hope I'm just a fool for thinking Canonical could go that route.14:23
jcastroJoseeAntonioR, the page says 170014:23
jcastrowhich one is it again?14:23
JoseeAntonioRoops, 17 then14:23
* JoseeAntonioR is confused14:23
jcastrosnap-l, it's good to know you hold us in such esteemed company as logitech14:23
snap-ljcastro: I had high regard for Logitech before this UE nonsense14:24
snap-ljcastro: Really.14:24
jcastroI could feel something like this coming from them14:24
jcastrosort of abandoned thing ...14:24
jcastrothen I saw the UE stuff and thought "relaunch, cool."14:24
snap-ljcastro: Squeezebox was open, and had a longstanding record of supporting a community14:25
snap-ljcastro: When I saw the UE initially, I though "Cool cheaper Radio"14:25
snap-lthen the other shoe dropped.14:25
snap-lNo support for current Squeezebox stuff14:25
popey<snap-l> but at what point does it become more about pleasing Amazon, and not about pleasing the user?14:26
jcastrono linux support at all!14:26
popeyit has _nothing_ to do with pleasing amazon14:26
snap-lIt's like "Hey folks, you helped us keep this platform going, and we really appreciate it. That's why we're discontinuing it and telling you all to go for a toss"14:26
snap-ljcastro: There's still support.14:26
czajkowskipopey: that does seem to the fud that people are very confused about14:26
popeyits not just amazon14:27
popeyother stores are searched too14:27
snap-lpopey: I know it's not there currently14:27
popeyyes, it is14:27
snap-lpopey: The pleasing Amazon part14:27
snap-ljcastro: The biggest change in the SB stuff is having to use their big UE server14:28
mhall119snap-l: there isn't any special deal here with amazon14:28
snap-lmhall119: Understood14:28
mhall119everybody, even you, can get an affiliate code from them14:28
snap-lI understand that, and I have a code14:28
mhall119that's all we're using14:29
snap-lmy concern (however unfounded) is at some point it becomes more than a code, much like the software center became more than a repo of software. Software center is now a store. (which is not a bad thing).14:29
snap-lonce it hits that threshold of being more than a store, it becomes subject to Amazon's input.14:30
mhall119USC is still really just a frontend for repo packages14:30
popeypeople still seem to have it in their head that canonical are out to screw the users at every turn14:30
snap-lIt may never get to that point14:30
popeydespite no real evidence to back that up14:30
mhall119popey: clearing moving the window controls to the left was an attempt at world domination14:31
snap-lpopey: You're right, of course.14:31
mhall119you know who else moved things to the left? Stalin.14:31
snap-lpopey: But there is a sense of unease that I get with each of these that perhaps this is the maneuver to start dismantling the community.14:31
JoseeAntonioRjcastro: will be back 5-10 mins before we start, if I don't appear just start without me and I'll join14:31
jcastrosnap-l, I think you're being a bit cynical14:32
jcastroeven more than normal I mean14:32
snap-lpopey: Again, unfounded14:32
snap-ljcastro: It's a gift.14:32
czajkowskisnap-l: how on earth can this be seen as dismantling the community ?14:32
* popey runs around with his arms in the air14:33
popeythe sky is falling!14:33
snap-lczajkowski: When decisions that impact users negatively are made without their consent.14:34
snap-lpopey: Yeah, I know. I'm overreacting14:34
czajkowskisnap-l: it's not at all a negative impact14:34
czajkowskiand yes people are over reacting14:34
czajkowskiwhich also helps spread fud14:34
snap-lczajkowski: Truth.14:34
jcastroI don't see how this is negative, tbh I was surprised at all the drama14:34
jcastro(other than the bugs of course, transmitting in plaintext should be fixed, etc.)14:34
snap-ljcastro: It's because we are techies. We don't trust corporations to do the right thing by users.14:35
snap-lWe're a suspicious lot14:35
jcastrothat's fine. shrug.14:35
czajkowskisnap-l: dont lump me in that bracket14:37
czajkowskiI'm a techie and do trust canonical14:37
czajkowskialso they;ve not done anything to not have my trust14:37
snap-lczajkowski: And I too trust Canonical. They have root on my machine, y'know. ;)14:38
snap-lczajkowski: I'm just messing14:38
czajkowskiok am gonna do some work not gonna have circular conversations all day long14:38
jcastroit's ok14:38
jcastroI'll punch craig for you next time I see him14:38
snap-lczajkowski: I don't see this Amazon lens as that big of a deal. I just get concerned. That's all14:39
jcastrofair enough, and there are certainly bugs to fix there14:39
jcastrobkerensa, around?14:39
czajkowskihttp://blog.launchpad.net/performance/parallel-testing-is-live  <-- some good news for devs14:41
balloonsa healthy amount of skepticism is ok snap-l :-)14:44
snap-lballoons: Thank you. :)14:44
balloonswe wouldn't want less14:44
snap-lAnd I appreciate the work involved. It is pretty neat to see what's come about with Unity.14:44
snap-lI'm thankful we have a community that can talk about these things.14:44
czajkowskisnap-l: indeed14:45
czajkowskijust would be nicer if there was less fud going around is all14:46
jcastrothere's always going to be complaining14:46
snap-lczajkowski: definitely.14:46
jcastroif I gave craig 10 bucks he'd complain about the denomination.14:46
snap-ljcastro: I'd complain that it wasn't a crisp $10 bill.14:47
snap-ljcastro: SPeaking of which, I still owe you a 24 pack of beer for that bet I lost about marketshare.14:48
jcastroI have no furniture yet, as soon as I do I'll have you guys over14:49
jcastroyou know, so we can get drunk, watch Rush, I can inject my amazon affiliate code in your computer.14:50
snap-ljcastro: is that what the kids are calling it these days?14:50
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snap-lI should have gone with combined IOS / Mac. :)14:51
dholbachhey jono14:53
jono_dholbach, all set?14:58
jono_hey philballew14:58
dpm_mhall119, ready for the call?15:00
mhall119dpm_: give me 5 minutes?15:00
dpm_mhall119, sure, I'll start the hangout and you can join when ready15:01
jcastrohey dholbach, are you on this call?15:08
dholbachjcastro, in a call with jono15:09
jcastrohmm, does anyone else have access to OMG? to submit a story?15:09
philballewbkerensa, has written articles iirc.15:10
mhall119dpm_: did you start the hangout?15:10
popeyjcastro, just email joey?15:10
dpm_mhall119, https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/afbf16dd0b7ea432dbcfa958ad1805eddda140e3?authuser=0&hl=en15:10
jcastropopey, yeah no response yet15:11
philballewThe top link on r/linux today is a bug about amazon search in 12.10 showing adult products...15:11
ubot2Launchpad bug 1054282 in unity-lens-shopping "No obvious way to restrict shopping suggestions from displaying adult products" [Undecided,Confirmed]15:11
popeyi'd be more worried if the reddit link _didn't_ have a bug associated with it15:12
popeybut it does, so the team know, so all is good :)15:12
philballewgood point15:12
popeythe single person making most noise about this that I've seen happens to be  Red Hat employee. Fancy that.15:13
cprofittI would think the adult products is an issue that should be addressed -- having three kids using Ubuntu15:13
philballewWe want to avoid a "Mommy, whats that?"15:15
philballewSome people just like to be negative.15:17
jcastroJoseeAntonioR, hey can you add the disqus html part as a comment on the ubuntuonair page?15:18
jcastrothat way I can just uncomment it right before we go.15:18
jono_dpm_, will be two mins15:30
dpm_jono_, ok15:32
jono_dpm_, https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/880a0e84f8a93afc532ea47b2cf920237f0d3ba2?authuser=0&hl=en-US15:33
popeyjcastro, you doing an ubuntuonair today?15:46
jcastroin ~1:15ish15:46
popeyyour post says 20th sept15:47
jcastrowhich post?15:47
popeyon G+15:47
popeyi re-shared it.. now deleted15:47
popeyahh, its the site15:47
popeyMonday, 2012-09-20, 17:00 UTC.15:48
jcastrogot it15:48
jcastrorookie mistake castro!15:48
mhall119worst nickname ever15:49
dholbachhum, is it possible to have javascript in WP pages?16:00
dholbachthanks a bunch daker16:02
dakerhuh FYI dholbach some scenes of Game of thrones (S3) will be in Morocco :D16:05
dholbachthat doesn't surprise me16:05
dholbachthey shoot everything in Morocco and tell people afterwards that it was "the moon" or Tibet or whatever other part of the world the movie is supposed to play in16:06
dholbachhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_foreign_films_shot_in_Morocco looks much too short :)16:09
elfydholbach: you need  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_foreign_films_shot_secretly_in_Morocco16:11
dakerHAHAH elfy you made my day :D16:15
elfydaker: glad to be of service :)16:17
dholbachalright my friends - dinner time over here - see you tomorrow16:47
czajkowskijono_: cd email :) please before my mail box and irc pings go more insane18:07
jono_czajkowski, I am waiting on sg18:07
czajkowskicool thank you18:08
bkerensajcastro: yo?18:32
bkerensajcastro: I just pinged joey about the thing you e-mailed me on18:45
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JoseeAntonioRjcastro_: ping18:57
bkerensaJoseeAntonioR: when are we doing this18:57
JoseeAntonioRbkerensa: seems like jcastro_ started an hour before :S18:58
JoseeAntonioRand we're done now :S18:58
JoseeAntonioRgo to ubuntuonair.com, the hangout is done18:58
bkerensaJoseeAntonioR: ugh18:58
bkerensa<jcastro> [15:46:43] in ~1:15ish18:59
pleia2all the announcements said 17:00, which was 2 hours ago18:59
JoseeAntonioRyeah, I miscalculated the time19:00
czajkowskiJoseeAntonioR: you even checked before you left...19:00
bkerensaJoseeAntonioR: uh so not 19:00 UTC?19:00
JoseeAntonioRyeah, I know19:00
JoseeAntonioRnope, 17 utc19:00
bkerensaI was wondering why it was quiet19:00
JoseeAntonioRthis last one was confusing19:01
JoseeAntonioRwe changed times like 3 times19:01
jcastro_the site said 170019:03
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jcastroJoseeAntonioR, hey so I couldn't figure out how to turn comments back on so I just did the questions on OMG19:04
JoseeAntonioRoh, well19:11
JoseeAntonioRjcastro: can you please change the license to a creative commons license so I can put it in the ubuntuonair channel?19:12
jcastroJoseeAntonioR, sure19:13
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jcastroJoseeAntonioR, where do I set that?19:14
JoseeAntonioRjcastro: Video Manager>Edit>Licence and rights ownership19:15
JoseeAntonioRjcastro: great, video processing19:18
JoseeAntonioRjcastro: we'll get it in youtube.com/ubuntuonair after it's finished processing19:23
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popeyballoons, a qa user has questions of a qa nature in #ubuntu-unity...21:52
popeyballoons, ade_21:52
balloonsahh.. I was chatting with him earlier in #testing21:53
balloonslikely he went to find the source21:53
balloonshe was hopinh to check some of the behavoirs in the lens to the spec21:53
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jono_can someone post http://www.jonobacon.org/2012/09/25/more-information-about-online-dash-search-privacy/ on the Ubuntu reddit?23:03
mhall119I will23:10
mhall119jono_: ^^23:11
jono_thanks mhall11923:20
dakerour SFD https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.424968074228708.94652.210871352305049&type=1 :D23:29
dakerwe really need more goodies(stickers, flyers, etc...)23:30
bkerensadaker: I see you guys got plenty of Mozilla assets :) let me know if you ever need more stuff23:35
dakerthose are the guys from the mozilla LoCo here :)23:35
bkerensadaker: Mozilla Reps :)23:36
bkerensadaker: Do you know Mohammed Amarochan? I think he is our Rep for Morroco23:37
bkerensawe are designing a pretty cool new sticker soon23:38
dakerthey have a lot of goodies tshirts, stickers, flyers...23:38
dakerbkerensa: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=425787187480130&set=a.424968074228708.94652.210871352305049&type=1&theater23:40
bkerensadaker: hmm yes good crowd23:40
SergioMeneseshello guys!23:40
bkerensadaker: where are you in the crowd?23:41
dakerthe old man at middle, one of our old freedom fighters :D23:41
SergioMenesesdaker, awesome!23:41

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