freedomrunhello .. I was told to ask here if possible so there is some confusion here at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI .. the problem that could make confusion is done when AMD divided it`s drivers and now radeon HD3000 series are called legancy which are not the same "legancy" cards the manual talks about .. please could someone fix that so the new users won`t be confused more than it is necesary04:50
jbichafreedomrun: it's a wiki so you could fix it if you like; I really don't know very much about ATI graphics cards04:55
freedomrunjbicha, umm my english is good cca: 98,7%04:57
freedomrunafter alot of coffee04:58
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bkerensajbicha: so the ssl is being addressed21:56
bkerensaalso apparently a privacy police is being worked on21:56
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